Miitomo Drop: How to win the Royal Elegance sets

Nintendo has released yet another batch of Miitomo Drop minigames! This time we have the chance to win Royal Elegance fashion.

Nintendo has released 3 new Miitomo Drop minigames: Fashion that totally rules! Royal Elegance. In these stages, you can win fashion befit for a prince or princess. Finally you can dress your Mii in the fine silks and jewels that they deserve. These stages are only available until May 29th, 2016, so jump on them quick.

Royal Elegance #1
  • Miitomo Drop Royal Elegance stage #1Magical princess tiara (4 colors)
  • Magical princess dress (4 colors)
  • Fantasy princess tiara (6 colors)
  • Fantasy princess dress (6 colors)

The Magical princess tiara is the most straightforward piece to get on this stage. Just time a centered drop so you hit the moving platform below you and slide to your prize.

The others are a tad trickier. You cant slide down a platform to claim your Magical princess dress, you'll have to bounce off of the large bumper across from it and pray you'll hit your mark. If you miss it, though, you'll have a shot at the Fantasy princess tiara and dress.

Royal Elegance #2
  • Miitomo Drop Royal Elegance stage #2Princely shoes (3 colors)
  • Princely crown (7 colors)
  • Fantasy prince outfit (7 colors)
  • Royal prince outfit (3 colors)

Royal Elegance stage 2 is far more straightforward. The Princely crown and both the Fantasy and Royal prince outfits are easily snagged with a timed drop to either side. The vertically moving platforms will ultimately dictate whether you win them or not.

The Princely shoes, however, are a nightmare to land on. You have to hope your character bounces off the bumper on the bottom at just the right angle to fit through the narrow gap between the triangle and the bouncy dots. Seriously, if you get these shoes, pat yourself on the back. You've earned them.

Royal Elegance #3
  • Miitomo Drop Royal Elegance stage #3Cat master (3 colors)
  • Princessy pearl slippers (3 colors)
  • Royal princess tiara (4 colors)
  • Royal princess dress (3 colors)

Welcome to the stage of bouncy dots! That's right, you have to use the bouncy dots to your advantage if your hope to win what you came here for.

Luckily, the Cat master is simple enough. Just time a centered drop so you miss the pink triangle completely. If you hit it, well, good luck! You have the chance still to win Princessy pearl slippers and a Royal princess tiara and dress. There's not a lot you can do to bolster your chances of winning any of the 3, so grab your rabbit's foot and four leaf clover and get dropping.

Check back next time for the skinny on Nintendo's ever-cycling Miitomo Drop minigames. How do you like the Royal Elegance set? Did you score? Chime in below!

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Published May. 21st 2016

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