DEEEER Simulator: How to Unlock Metal Deer

Metal Deer is a beastly mecha that will send your destruction level through the roof in DEEEER Simulator. Here's how to unlock it.

One of DEEEER Simulator's most obvious pop culture references appears when you unlock Metal Deer, a wild mecha contraption made of tigers, cows, and rhinoceros. It's hands-down one of the best weapons in this whacky simulator, and you can get it before you've even increased your Destruction Level a single letter grade. 

This quick guide will tell you how to unlock Metal Deer in DEEEER Simulator to wield the tools of mass destruction early and often, as well as how unlock the Kept You Waiting? trophy and achievement along the way. 

How to Get Metal Deer in DEEEER Simulator

When you spawn, go straight through the parking lot and turn left at the road. Follow the road all the way to the monorail track. Follow the track down to the small tan building that has a yellow police sign on it, and turn right. Look for the cows wearing VR goggles by the water.

Choose to ride one of the cows, and fly into the air. Look for the Heli Station (which is technically an airstrip). It can be found to the right of the Red Pagoda and the desert island where you fight Doggo.

Ride the cow all the way to Heli Station. Piloting the cow can be wonky: up and down raise or lower its altitude, while lateral inputs move it left or right. The best thing to do is have the left or right side of the cow face the Heli Station, and use those inputs to get it there

When you reach the red buttons at the Heli Station, land the cow on the cow button in the middle and get off of it. The cow only has to touch the button. Now, step on the deer button at the end of the island. A short cinematic will play and the Metal Deer will land on the airstrip. Walk over and ride it to wreak maximum destruction. 

Once you unlock Metal Deer, it is unlocked for the duration of your save file. You do not have to unlock it again, even if you beat the game, die to Future Self, start over, or turn off the game.

And that's how you unlock Metal Deer in DEEEER Simulator. The beastly mecha has a potent machine gun that can melt buildings in the city, sending your Destruction Level skyrocketing fast. It also has a jet back jump and dodge, making it the perfect weapon to beat Doggo

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Published Dec. 9th 2021

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