How to Save in Green Hell

Everything is out to get you in Green Hell, so you better save your progress. Here's how.

Survival game Green Hell has finally arrived on consoles, and as you tackle thirst, insanity, malnourishment, and parasites, you’ll want to know how to save as quickly and as much as possible. Why? Because you'll probably die — a lot. There are plenty of things in Green Hell that can kill you. 

Luckily, with one simple tool, it's relatively easy to do. Here's how to save in Green Hell

How to Save in Green Hell

When first starting Green Hell, choosing between story and survival mode will alter how many options you have for saving. Survival mode allows you to save through built structures. However, the story mode also provides savepoints via calendars, which can be found at abandoned outposts around the jungle.

How to Build a Save Point in Green Hell

If you search through the structure panel of your notebook, you can sift through several structures, which range from bamboo-based buildings to simple banana leaf beds. However, looking at the bottom of each page will inform you if this structure allows savepoints. Some do. Some don't. 

Since you're likely early on in the game when wondering how to save in Green Hell, you’ll want to go for the easiest to assemble Small Shelter, which will require the following crafting supplies:

  • 2x Log
  • 8x Long Stick
  • 9x Rope
  • 26x Palm Leaf

Collecting these crafting supplies is relatively easy, though it does require one tool: the bone knife. Luckily, finding a bone knife is also pretty simple. One can be found at the first abandoned village you encounter after the tutorial.

How to Find the Bone Knife

Among the ruined huts, you’ll spot a hammock that allows you to sleep. Beside the hammock lies your first bone knife, which is a surprisingly durable blade.

Now, at this point in the game, you cannot chop down any trees, but the bone knife will allow you to chop down thin trees, which are plentiful around this first village area.

Approaching and chopping down trees will provide the majority of your needed materials. After a few swipes, trees will break down into logs, long sticks, sticks, and small sticks. While sticks and small sticks aren’t needed for this structure, they are incredibly useful to have, as they are required for most other simple structures.

Rope can be found dangling down the side of larger trees. The vine-like rope is called Liana, and this too is handy to have beyond what is needed for the saving structure.

And finally, you’re palm leaves are found all around you, and are the sharper, jagged-looking leaves – not to be mixed up with the wider and greener banana leaves. You can only carry six at a time, so you’ll be carting your tropical cover back and forth for a little while. 

Once the Small Shelter is assembled, simply approach the structure, and the save option will pop up. You are allowed up to four separate saves, which will easily fill up with your various stages of near-death. Did we mention that Green Hell is pretty hard? 

Saving structures are particularly helpful when you begin to venture further afield in the jungle. If you sense danger ahead, you can quickly chop down some nearby trees and throw up a new save point.

And that's how to save in Green Hell. For more on Green Hell, consider heading over to our main jungle-survivel guides page for more tips and tricks. 


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Published Jun. 7th 2021

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