Should You Kill 5 Torg in High on Life?

If you're not sure whether you should kill 5-Torg boss or not in High on Life, then our quick guide will provide an answer.

There are seven bounties in High on Life related to the main story bosses. However, you will encounter secret optional bosses after the very first battle with 9-Torg, one of those happens to be 5-Torg. But what happens if you kill 5-Torg?

If you're wondering if you should kill 5-Torg in High on Life, read on. The answer may surprise you!

What Happens if You Kill 5 Torg?

During the very first bounty mission players will arrive at the 9-Torg's headquarters for your first proper boss fight. It shouldn't be too hard to defeat 9-Torg, but once players extract a DNA sample from the 9-Torg's corpse, something unexpected happens.

You will see 5-Torg descending from the ceiling and starting a conversation with you. At this point, players may either listen to her or shoot her. If you shoot her, you will notice a life gauge above 5-Torg, which indicates that it's possible to kill her.

So what should you do: Kill 5-Torg or not? The answer is: It doesn't matter!

If you kill 5-Torg, then it doesn't influence the story by any means, and if you keep her alive, the result would be the same. So it's up to you! But we do recommend starting a conversation with her, as there is some fun writing involved in this short dialogue. If you shoot her, she'll just angrily complain. But if you still want to kill 5-Torg, then don't pay attention and finish your job.

Hopefully, our guide helped you decide whether you should kill 5-Torg or not in High on Life, and be sure to stay tuned for more High on Life tips.


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Published Dec. 16th 2022

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