Does D&D: Dark Alliance Have Local Co Op, Split Screen?

Can you team up with a friend in D&D Dark Alliance local co op and split screen?

D&D: Dark Alliance can be played solo, but it's meant to be played with others. Instead of fighting the goblins and orcs of Icewind Dale alone, you can (and should) team up with two or three other companions. It makes combat easier and exploration more fun. But does D&D: Dark Alliance have local split screen co op?  

Unfortunately, D&D: Dark Alliance local co op and split screen aren't available on any platform at launch. You can't toss a controller to your pal, plop on a couch, and bandy about Icewind Dale slaying clueless vermin. 

Well, not yet, anyway. 

Developer Tuque games said back in May that local split screen co op would be coming to D&D: Dark Alliance after launch. There's no release date set for the addition of split screen, but Tuque said it hopes to implement the feature "this summer." That would put its ETA sometime between the game's June 22 launch and the end of summer on September 22. 

Until then, D&D: Dark Alliance does support online co op multiplayer. Of course, you and your friends will each need to own a copy of Dark Alliance to play together, but it's possible. You can create a custom game, and your friends can join in janky co op. 

The game also features matchmaking, so you can search for players currently online and hop into a lobby with your current character that way, as well. You'll be matched with random players in a random session. It's not the same as local co op or playing with friends, but it's an alternative. 

It's unfortunate that D&D: Dark Alliance doesn't support local split screen co op at launch, but it's good news that it's coming in a future patch. Hopefully, they'll also allow more than one class in a group at a time. Fingers crossed. 

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Published Jul. 1st 2021

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