Saints Row IV Achievement & Trophy Tips!

Stuck on a few pesky challenges? Here is a MAJOR tip to help you out!

So Saints Row 4 has been out for a few days, and I am ashamed proud to admit, that I already have 100% completion and gotten all the achievements. At the moment I am ranked 48th in the World with total number of kills. I may have no life.

So, as you bow down humbly before my power, you ask "Lui, how can I ever match your glory?"

Well the simple answer is you can't. Sorry I am just too awesome. BUT I have a handy trick that will help you beat some of those ridiculously hard challenges. Slight spoilers below however, so venture at your own risk.

Sadly, I can offer you no tips on creating such an awesome life-like recreation of myself.

This is the good stuff...

This is a tip that will help you with nearly all of the super power achievements (excluding BUFF). You should wait until you max out/have all your powers before you try this as well. That will require you to find all those clusters, which is not difficult once you have the perk that shows them on the map for you.

Anyway, go to the HARD Super Powered Fight Club which is in the middle of the city. Once there, beat the first wave. Once the second wave comes as a "king of the hill" match, jump to the ground floor and let the yellow shirt baddies spawn and swarm you. You now how have several minutes of grinding (using any power except Buff) to kill them, usually killing between 5-9 enemies per hit. These count as ALIEN/ ZIN kills so feel free to use them for any other pesky achievement or challenge as well.

Try to give yourself time to complete the entire match because the kills WILL NOT COUNT if you do not finish or have to restart. If you need help managing time to beat the last two waves, try claiming the hill before 2:30 minutes to go (on normal difficulty), and even that is very generous. If you have the Buff power, put it on and punch the rest of the enemies. The final wave minions should go down as they swarm you with your Buff on, then just focus on the boss.

It will take you a few times, but you should get around 100 kills per match.

I'll take my payment in Cache

That's it! Its pretty simple, and I sadly did not discover it until I was on my last achievement. So that should make me all the more impressive to you

Use this knowledge well! With great power comes....something....I swear I had something for this...


If you are reading this, I have been kidnapped. They are forcing me to play video games against my will. Send help

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Published Aug. 27th 2013

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