VR Gamer Gift Guide: HTC Vive games

Legend of Dungeon

Genre: Roguelike RPG

Rating: 74% positive (out of 1,236 reviews)

Base price: $9.99 USD / $10.99 CAD / £6.99 UK

Sale?: 65% off on Steam until December 1st!

VR support: Vive headset supported; Vive controllers not supported

Release date: Available now on Steam

This RPG by Robot Loves Kitty is for the hardcore indie crowd. It includes randomly generated dungeons and roguelike elements.

After you gift your family or friends this game, you can play classic multiplayer or the stream-based game called Legend of Dungeon: Masters where you can help (or hinder) their progress through your Twitch account.

Published Nov. 26th 2015

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