VR Gamer Gift Guide: HTC Vive games

Albino Lullaby

Genre: Horror

Rating: 89% positive (out of 149 reviews)

Base price: $9.99 USD / $10.99 CAD / £6.99 UK for Episode 1 (Season Pass for all three episodes also available)

Sale?: 25% off on Steam until December 1st!

VR support: Full Vive support

Release date: Available now on Steam

The developers of Albino Lullaby, Ape Law, are so confident that their game will mess with your head that they tell you right up front:

No blood. No gore. No jump scares.

Inspired by David Lynch films, the game leads players through settings both surreal and disturbing. If the person on your list would enjoy a VR haunted house experience, then look no further.

Published Nov. 26th 2015

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