God of War: How to Get the Gauntlet of Ages

The gauntlet of Ages in God of War is a versatile Talisman with much to offer. Here's how to get it and where to find its Enchantments.

The God of War Gauntlet of Ages is a handy Talisman that lets Kratos stack Enchantments for a number of bonus effects. Obtaining this item is easy enough, but you’ll have to put some effort in if you want the most out of it. Obtaining rare items to upgrade the glove and slot more Enchantments in is a bit more laborious.

This God of War guide will tell you everything you need to know about the Gauntlet of Ages in God of War, as well as shed some light on its Enchantments. 

How to Get the Gauntlet of Ages in God of War

How to get the Gauntlet of Ages is straightforward enough on its own. After you complete The Sickness main story quest, which is roughly halfway through the main plot, speak with Sindri and take on the Family Business side quest. You’ll face off against a Traveler at the end of the quest, and defeating it gets you the Gauntlet of Ages.

The thing is, the Gauntlet isn’t very useful on its own, aside from tossing enemies back a bit. You’ll need Enchantments to get the most out of the Gauntlet.

God of War Gauntlet of Ages Enchantments

There are six Enchantments for the Gauntlet of Ages, though the Talisman only has three slots at its maximum upgrade level. The Gauntlet of Ages starts with one, and you’ll need Brok or Sindri to upgrade it using Dragon Tears to unlock the other two. Here’s where to find each Enchantment and what it does.

Enchantment: Andvari’s Soul

  • How to get it: Complete Brok’s Favor Second Hand Soul in Volunder Mines.
  • What it does: The Gauntlet of Ages May restore health after a runic kill.

Enchantment: Eye of the Outer Realm

  • How to get it: Retrieve from the Hidden Chamber of Odin in Helheim.
  • What it does: The Gauntlet of Ages grants +7 stat boost to attack, defense, vitality, runic, luck, and cooldown.

Enchantment: Asgard’s Shard of Existence

  • How to get it: Defeat Valkyrie Rota in Helheim.
  • What it does: Hold L1 to generate Fortification, which causes an explosion the next time you pull off a block.

Enchantment: Ivaldi’s Corrupted Mind

  • How to get it: Defeat Valkyrie Olrun in Altheim.
  • What it does: The Gauntlet of Ages inflicts “Weakened” on enemies within 15 meters.

Enchantment: Muspelheim’s Eye of Power

  • How to get it: Purchase from the Dwarven shop in Muspelheim.
  • What it does: The Gauntlet of Ages increases burn resistance by 20% for a maximum of 60%.

Enchantment: Njord’s Temporal Stone

  • How to get it: Defeat the Valkyrie Queen at the Council of the valkyries.
  • What it does: The Gauntlet of Ages may inflict slow on enemies after you attack them.

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Published Jan. 14th 2022

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