How to Start the Maneater Truth Quest DLC

Here's how to start the Maneater Truth Quest DLC right away. Well, as long as you've beaten the base game first.

You might remember from the Maneater base game that there aren't any quest givers and that starting missions means going into the Log menu and tracking them. The same applies to the Truth Quest DLC, though you may be wondering how to start it. 

To begin the Maneater Truth Quest DLC, you'll first need to beat the base game and have the After Party mission active. If you've properly redeemed your DLC key, then you should see the quest Uncommon Scents in your Log. This will add a marker in The Gulf. Enter the glowing blue ring, and the Truth Quest Pilot will start. 

This section introduces you to some of the expansion's new subquest types and mechanics. You'll swim through rings for time trials, perform a hunt and investigation, and take down a comms beacon using your tail whip (which is a bit more frustrating than it sounds). 

A screenshot of the Maneater map showing the location of Plover Island. 

After completing three of the subquest, you'll get the Run for Plover mission. This is the one that introduces you to the DLC's new location, Plover Island.

Simply track the quest, and it will lead you to the new location (which is in the southeastern portion of the map in The Gulf). Enter the glowing blue ring with the island and sonar icon above it, and you'll be automatically transported to Plover Island. 

And that's really all you need to know about how to start the Maneater Truth Quest DLC. Beat the base game (and have After Party active), start the Uncommon Scents mission, finish the pilot, and voila -- you're terrorizing Plover Island. For more, consider checking out our complete Questers location guide, too!

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Published Sep. 1st 2021

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