Into the Dead 2 Guide: How to Find the Chainsaw

Into the Dead 2 teases the chainsaw weapon so much, but it never actually tells you where to find it.

There's nothing quite like killing hoards of mindless zombies in Into the Dead 2. But do you know what makes it even better? Killing hoards of mindless zombies with a freaking chainsaw, baby!

Heck yeah, you read me right. With a chainsaw at your disposal, you won't even have to worry about the undead infecting you with one of their nasty bites. That mechanical monster chews and sunders their rotting flesh like you were weed whackin' -- at least until it runs out of gas, that is.

What, you didn't expect it to last forever, did you? And in this sordid world, you're not likely to find yourself a refill, so may as well toss the hunk of metal when you're done with it. Just count your lucky stars when you find another. You do know how to find a chainsaw, don't you?

How to Find a Chainsaw in Into the Dead 2

Okay, let's get this out of the way right now: there is absolutely no way to acquire the chainsaw as a regular weapon, here. It's not going to take up the slot of your main or backup weapon, and it's not going to play the role of other equipment like the knife or the grenade, to be used when needed. Instead, it acts a lot like a mid-level power-up, kind of like a Super Star from Mario games.

There's no special icon for this chainsaw power-up, either. It's in the same ammo supply crates that everything else in the level is found in. Usually, they're in specific ammo crates found in select levels to help you get through difficult sections.

If you have trouble finding ammo crates or simply notice them too late, don't fret. I did, too, when I was getting started. Just keep your eyes peeled on the horizon and search for the green smoke. Ammo crates are normally surrounded by zombies, though, so be careful.

Once you get a chainsaw, use the gas in it sparingly. The best way to get the most kills out of it is to wait until you see a giant group of zombies and just unleash hell on them.

I would say not to run with your chainsaw out, but, well, you can't help it. Godspeed, to you. And check out our Into the Dead 2 guides for more tips on surviving the apocalypse.

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Published Oct. 21st 2017

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