Stellaris Best Perks Guide Through All Tiers

Make the best of your strategic build in Stellaris with the help of best perks list.

Once you've finished an entire Tradition tree or unlocked the Ascension Theory technology in Stellaris, you can start using perks of four different tiers. Naturally some perks are better than others.

In the early game players gain access to Tier 0 perks, then Tier 1 that requires one previously owned perk, Tier 2 that requires two previously owned perks, and so on.

The tier list below will set you on the path to the best parks in Stellaris according to your strategic builds.

Best Tier 0 Perks

Interstellar Dominion

  • −20% Claim Influence Cost
  • −20% Starbase Influence Cost

This could easily be your best early perk, if you're planning to go wide. Since you need a lot of Influence early on, this is exactly the type of perks that saves your Influence costs.

From then on you can expand as further as you wish in your conquest gameplan. Interstellar Dominion will truly help you build a real empire in space.

Of course, if wide expansion is not your plan, then skip this one, and opt for other perks that fit your gameplan better.

Technological Ascendancy

  • +10% Research Speed
  • Rare technologies are now 50% more common

Research speed that this perk provides may not be much, but in the early game it will give you a huge boost. You will find better ways to increase your research speed, but that comes much later.

For now, you can use this in your technological build to a great effect. If you can pair it with Enigmatic Engineering (Tier 1) perk, you can start a real tech dominance in space.

Imperial Prerogative

  • +20% Administrative Cap

If you don't have any plan yet, then this would be the best general strategy Tier 0 perk. The admin cap automatically increases your research speed, although not by as much as Technological Ascendancy.

But this perk has other advantages unless you're headed right in for technological dominion. It not only reduces your Tradition costs, but also Leader and upkeep costs, which is very useful in the early stages of the game.

Either of these perks will do a great job early on, so pick one up and see where it takes you.

Best Tier 1 Perks

Mastery of Nature

  • −33% Clear Blocker Cost
  • Mastery of Nature decision

Previously this was a Tier 0 perk, but it was moved to Tier 1 due to its slow effect in the early game. However, the more you progress through the game, the bigger of an impact it has.

One of its advantages is that it saves your energy, but its main point is to increase the number of max districts on your planets. Since these can get very expensive very quickly, Mastery of Nature will reduce the cost of their administration.

Grasp the Void

  • +5 Starbase Capacity

Starbases start playing an especially important role in the mid-game, when the number of them will get increasingly larger.

The increase in the capacity nets you overall better trade value, which plays an especially big role for upgraded starbases. Then, with the help of it you get trading posts, anchorages, bastions, and a shipyard to work with as well.

Best Tier 2 Perks

Arcology Project

  • Ecumenopolis perk

Once you've built up a pretty significant number of planets, you want to make them work for you at this point in the game.

Arcology Project enables Ecumenopolises on your planets that save your Alloy, which you can use on your starfleet instead.

It also creates jobs and hibatable districts, which is is of utmost importance when you try to really make your planets worthwhile.

Master Builders

  • +50% Megastructures build speed
  • +1 Megastructures build capacity

If you're doing well without Arcology, then you have the capacity to build megastructures already.

This comes in handy with Galactic Wonders perk that allows you to build mega structures, while Master Builders will build them much faster and also will be able to repair them.

Best Tier 3 Perks

Colossus Project

  • Colossus ship type

This late game perk allows you to build a Colossus type ship that can destroy entire planets.

Of course, it requires Apocalypse DLC and Titan technology research. If you really want one, then it's definitely worth the price and the time.

Galactic Wonders

  • Ring World research
  • Dyson Sphere research
  • Matter Decompressor research

This perk focuses on three mega structures, the best of which is the Dyson Sphere. This one sphere can generate enough power to sustain half of your empire.

If you're in the late game and want to start building mega structures, you simply ought to have Galactic Wonders and Master Builders perks.


These were the best perks in Stellaris. For more Stellaris guides, check out the list below:


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Published Mar. 20th 2020

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