Fallout 4 Guide: Perk Book Info and Locations

Check this guide for info and locations of perk books in Fallout 4!

Fallout 4 has a ton of perks you can choose from. There are more than the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. perks you get from leveling or bobble heads. There are also books you can find throughout the world.

These perks are completely separate, so there's no need to use your points on them! Some have a series that all do the same thing, others have a series that all do different things, and some are one of a kind.

I'll tell you all about the perk books and where to find them so you can better plan your character. Check out my Fallout 4 Beginner Tips and Tricks for more info and guides for the game.

This guide will go over perk books and their locations in Fallout 4 including:

  • Perk Book Info and Locations - What each book does and where you can find them.

Perk Book Info and Locations

All perk books are sorted in alphabetical order, and by series. You can check which perks you have at anytime by going to the perk section

Astoundingly Awesome - Series with different perks
  • Astoundingly Awesome 1 - Regenerate 1 point of health per minute.
    • Location - Boston Mayoral Shelter
  • Astoundingly Awesome 4 - Do +5% damage against Super Mutants.
    • Location - Trinity Plaza
  • Astoundingly Awesome 6 - Do +5% damage against Mirelurks.
    • Location - Skylanes Flight 1981

Fallout 4 perk book

  • Astoundingly Awesome 7 - Do +5% damage at night.
    • Location - Outpost Zimonja
  • Astoundingly Awesome 8 - Gain +5 action points.
    • Location - Vault 114
Barbarian - Series with same perks
  • Barbarian - Critical hits with unarmed and melee attacks do +5% damge.
    • Location - Your home from the beginning of the game
    • Location - Wicked Shipping Fleet Lockup
Covert Operations - Series with same perks
  • Covert Operations - You are more difficult to detect while sneaking.
    • Location - Fort Hagen
    • Location - Fort Strong
    • Location - Federation Ration Stockpile
Guns and Bullets - Series with same perks
  • Guns and Bullets - Ballistic weapons do +5% critical damage.
    • Location - The Castle(?)
Hot Rodder
  • Hot Rodder - Permanently unlocks the Hot Rod Flames paint job for your Power Armor. Painting all parts with this color increases Agility.
Massachusetts Surgical Journal - Series with same perks
  • Massachusetts Surgery - Permanently inflict +2% limb damage.
Tesla Science
  • Tesla Science - Energy Weapons permanently inflict +5% critical damage.
    • Location - Rocky Cave
Tumblers Today

Fallout 4 Tumblers Today perk

  • Tumblers Today - Gain a bonus to lockpicking.
    • Location - Easy City Downs
Wasteland Survival Guide - Series with different perks
  • Wasteland Survivor 8 - Permanently take 5% less damage from melee attacks.
    • Location - Ranger Cabin

That's all for now. Check back often as I will update this guide when I find more! Let me know of any you have found that aren't listed here.

Published Nov. 9th 2015

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