Bit Heroes: When to Use Skeleton Keys

Don't be too hasty with using your Skeleton Keys!

What's a Bit Heroes player to do once they get a Skeleton Key? Well, not really anything -- especially if you're new to the game. Hold onto that key you get after the tutorial, because you're going to need it later on.

Skeleton Keys are the only way for you to open the ever-rare red chests scattered throughout each zone, but you want to use some discretion in using them. It is possible to find them on your adventures, but they are incredibly rare -- and you're going to come across several more red chests than you are the keys you need to open them.

Making the most of the game as a free-to-player means being frugal with your Gems as well as your Skeleton Keys. So you don't want to use your Skeleton Keys until the time is right, and buying them with Gems is a waste of money. Pick them up as you progress through each zone, but hold onto them. 

When to Use your Skeleton Keys

This is the big question: When is it right to finally whip out a key and see what's inside a red chest?

If you haven't noticed yet, the equipment you find in each zone is progressively better than the last. An epic piece dropped in the first zone will be about as powerful as a rare piece dropped in zone two. With this in mind, you need to hold onto your Skeleton Keys for as long as possible.

You will ideally hold onto your Skeleton Keys until you are in zone 3 or finally able to raid. This way you get the best possible piece of equipment from the red chest, rather than something that will be obsolete come the next zone.

There is an exception to this soft rule: If you are completely unable to progress further and happen to come across a red chest, you might want to use a Skeleton Key for a prime piece of gear to keep you going. But if you don't have this issue, don't worry about it. Hold onto those keys.

That's it for this topic! If you're newish to Bit Heroes and want to up your game, check out our Bit Heroes helpful tips and tricks guide for a little extra help getting started.

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Published Jun. 15th 2017

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