Destiny 2 Lightfall: How to Beat Tormentors

Here's how to beat Tormentors in Destiny 2, a terrifying new enemy in the Lightfall expansion.

Destiny 2 Tormentors are the newest boss-level enemy in the Lightfall expansion. They’re deadly and intimidating, often traveling in packs of two. Worse, they’re masters of Void energy, have a grab attack that deals massive damage, and have the power to Suppress Guardians out of their Supers and abilities. 

This Destiny 2 guide covers their attacks and weaknesses, as well as the best strategy to employ if you want to know how to beat Tormentors, all tips you'll need whether you're playing on Classic or Legendary difficulty.

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How to Defeat Tormentors in Destiny 2 Lightfall

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No matter when or how you fight them, all of these enemies function essentially the same. Understanding them is the first step toward knowing how to beat Tormentors. 

Tormentor Attacks

  • Have a huge scythe, which they use to attack.
  • Send out Void-damage sword beams.
  • Summon a portal that sends out Void beams in a radius around them.
  • Have a slam attack that Suppresses.

Tormentors also have their grab, which is a 360-degree hitbox. If you see the animation for it, be anywhere except next to them.

After you deal enough damage to them, they become much more aggressive and will actively charge at you with no regard for their surroundings or the damage coming their way.

Tormentor Weakpoints: Aim for the Shoulders, Then the Chest

Dealing damage to a Tormentor is difficult. When they first appear, you’ll see that both their shoulders are large and glowing. These areas are their only weak points.

Their head, chest, and limbs are heavily resistant to any type of damage save your Super. Dealing enough damage to a weak point causes it to shatter, momentarily staggering the enemy.

Once you destroy both of their shoulders, the chest becomes its weak point, and the aggression increases.

Precision damage is the best option for dealing with them at this point. Despite their heavy damage resistance, Tormentors have a very small health pool for the threat they otherwise pose.

Best Way to Kill Tormentors

  • Stay mobile.
  • Stay at midrange.
  • Use Sniper Rifles or Linear Fusion Rifles.
  • Use your Super.
  • Avoid the Tormentor's slam attack.
  • Abuse the enemy's AI.

The best strategy for beating a Tormentor is to stay mobile and at midrange, using precision weapons like Sniper Rifles and Linear Fusion Rifles to deal continuous burst damage.

Your Super ability is also a great strategy while it’s up, but if the Tormentor grabs you or uses a slam attack, it will suppress you, knocking you out of your Super prematurely.

You can also abuse the enemy's AI, funneling it into a space where you can deal as much damage as possible with little danger to yourself. If you catch them spawning in and have your Super or other burst damage option, you can burn them down before they’re much of a threat.

That's how to beat Tormentors in Destiny 2. Your first fight will likely end with you needing to be revived or running for a few moments. Once you’ve taken down a few of them, it quickly becomes old hat. For more Destiny 2 Lightfall content, check out our guides hub for the game.

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Published Mar. 3rd 2023

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