Getting low FPS in LEGO Worlds? Try switching to DirectX 9

Getting better FPS in LEGO Worlds may be as easy as switching to DX9.

LEGO Worlds is fresh to Steam Early Access, and it's already got loads of content. Some are saying it could be the one game that could overthrow Minecraft -- who doesn't have fond memories of playing with LEGOs?

Since it's fresh on the Early Access scene, there are a few technical issues that can make it difficult to really have fun with it. One such problem is abysmally low FPS on some computers.

There doesn't seem to be a particular pattern among people experiencing unplayably low FPS, but there is one way that has worked for many: Changing from DirectX 11 to DirectX 9.

But before you wander into the LEGO Worlds settings and just push that 'DirectX version (requires restart)' button, consider adjusting some of the game's other video settings.

Changing the following settings may help your performance.

Video settings fix

There are only three settings you need to fiddle with in the video settings menu if you're having performance issues, specifically texture quality and DirectX version.

LEGO worlds low fps issue fix

You may also want to turn off Vertical Sync if you are getting screen tearing, or just want to see if turning it off gives you any benefit.

For the time being, many people can get by with just changing from DirectX 11 to 9.

Effect settings fix

This menu is harder for people who aren't amazing at computers to understand, but there's one surefire way to go about it if you're shooting for optimal FPS on an older computer: Turn off everything and set Shadow Quality to Low.

lego worlds turn off shadow quality option

These settings all affect how good the game looks. For instance, FSAA is anti-aliasing to smooth jagged edges, Depth of Field blurs and focuses based on where you're looking, etc.

I recommend testing these settings a bit. You may not need to have Shadow Quality set to Low, or you may be able to keep Bloom and Ambient Occlusion on -- it depends on your rig.

I can't guarantee adjusting these settings will help you. After all, the game has only been in Early Access for a day; but hopefully this information will help some of you have an easier time playing LEGO Worlds.

If the above doesn't help (and it may not), you may have better luck adjusting the game's settings manually via the pcconfig.txt file. One Steam Community guide tells you how to do just that, and what the options mean in the config file.

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Published Jun. 2nd 2015
    FAO Tobbpitt

    "who doesn't have fond memories of playing with LEGOs?"

    I'm guessing you are an American?

    If so, why are some Americans so ignorant when referring to LEGO?

    For the millionth time, you do not refer to multiple instances of LEGO as LEGOs.

    If you are referring to more than one LEGO brick, you say 'LEGO bricks'!

    If you are referring to more than one LEGO model, you say 'LEGO models'!

    Honestly, it's that simple.

    The word 'LEGO' is like the word 'Sheep' in that multiple instances are still referred to as 'Sheep'.

    For instance, you wouldn't say "the Sheeps jumped the gate", would you? ............or would you?

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