Yakuza 6 Food Combinations Guide

Every food combination you can eat in Yakuza 6.

Food is back and better than ever in Yakuza 6, and with the addition of the hunger gauge, Kiryu has become ravenous.

Though you can certainly go through the game eating random foods at nearby restaurants, there are a number of dish combinations at each establishment that grant additional EXP bonuses. It's in your best interest to order these combinations more often than otherwise because of the bonuses they offer, though really there is just too much food to keep Kiryu on a strictly combo-based diet.

This guide will list out all of the available food combinations Kiryu can chow down on in both Kamurocho and Onomichi in a pretty simple fashion. Kamurocho restaurant food combinations are listed first, and Onomichi restaurant combinations are listed after.

Do keep in mind that most of these combinations require a fair amount of stomach space to eat. 


Wild Jackson

Wild Combo: Wild Burger, Wild Fried Chicken


Blissfully Drinking Alone: Draft Beer, Beef Plate

Wette Kitchen

Delicious Sides: Onion Ring, Tomato Onion Soup

Quadra Garden

Full of Cake: Cheesecake, Chocolate Cake

Smile Burger

The Standard Smile Set: Smile Friends, Smile Burger, Smile Shake

Healthy Smile: Tuna Burger, Smile Salad

Ikinari Steak

A Solid Lineup: Tenderloin Steak 200g, Salad, Soup

Eating Wild: Wild Hamburg Steak 300g, Wild Steam 300g


A Yakinuki Staple: Salted Tongue, Kalbi, Sirloin

Nothing Grilled at Yakiniku!?: Spicy Beef Soup, Stone-cooked Bibimbap, Kimchi Combo


Depth of 30 Years: Hibiki 30 Years Old, The Macallan 30 Years Old, Balantine's 30 Years Old

Sushi Zanmai

Tunalicious: Tuna Zanmai, Special Bluefin Tuna Bowl

Ringer Hut

Veggie Lover: Vegetable Champon, Veggie-filled Soup, Vegetable Saraudon

Gindaco Highball Tavern

This is Gindaco Highball!: The Kaku Highball, Absolutely Tasty Takoyaki

Osaka King

Spicy Combination: Shichuan Dandan Noodles, Mapo Tofu, Shrimp in Chili Sauce

Griddle Trio: Mixed Fried Rice, Original Fried Gyoza, Ramen

M Side Cafe

bread over rice food combo in Yakuza 6

Bread Over Rice: Toast, Original Bread, Special bread

Fuji Soba

Harmony of Rice and Noodles: Katsudon, any soba

Rice Lover: Katsudon, Curry Rice

You can get Katsudon, Curry Rice, and any soba at once to trigger both combos.

Kyushu No. 1 Star

The Holy Trinity: Kyushu Tonkatsu Ramen, Fried Rice, Gyoza


I'll Have This to Start!: Draft Beer (Medium), Edamame

I've Gotta Order That!: Hand-selected Vinegar Mackerel, Juicy Mince Cutlet, Smelt Fish with Roe

Sushi Gin

The Ultimate Sushi Gin: Kiwami Chirashi, Kiwami Set, Kiwami Seafood Rice Bowl

Cafe Alps

An Elegant Time at Alps: Special Shortcake or Strawberry Parfait, Sandwich Set



The Yonetoku Standard!: Meat Nabe, Crunchy Shochu Highball, Stew

Oyster Shack

Testing Your Luck: Fisherman Soup, Octopus Sashimi, Squid Sashimi

Jumangoku Chinese Soba:

Large Chashu Onomichi Ramen, Large Onomichi Ramen

La Pente

Aspiring Somelier!?: White Wine, Red Wine

Snack New Gaudi:

Quick & Tasty: Edamame, Pickles

That's it for all the combinations of food you'll come across in Yakuza 6. Keep an eye out for other Yakuza 6 guides here on GameSkinny!

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Published Apr. 26th 2018

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