Just For Laughs: 5 of the Best Angry Birds Glitches

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With nearly two dozen games, spinoffs, and parodies, it's not hard to imagine that a franchise as big as Angry Birds is not going to be completely bug and glitch free. Toss in the fact that most of them are on multiple mobile and browser platforms, and you can bet some unintended wonkiness is bound to slip through the devs' fingers. 

The majority of these glitches are weird, silly, and occasionally off-the-wall frustrating, which mess with your bird-slinging strategies, and almost inevitably shut down on your play... but here and there you can find a few that'll actually work in your favor, or are just plain wacky enough to be worth the trouble.

Here are a few of the best!

Angry Birds 2: Extra Cards Glitch

Several users on the Angry Birds Nest forums were able to replicate this glitch multiple times to their advantage (although fair warning, this may have been patched, and it doesn't work every single time). 

Using it, you can get between 3-25 extra cards (birds only, although it's been speculated whether or not you can get also gain extra spell cards at the start of the level). Using them can snag you extra rewards, higher scores, and extra unlockable achievements (e.g. one user got the GC achievement “Epic Fail” without wasting any lives).

How it works:

The bug happens when you rapidly click the “Back” button of your Android device (iOS devices don’t have a “Back” button) after closing the spell screen until you eventually pause the game. The bug can not only happen on regular levels, it can happen in the Arena as well.

 (source: Angry Birds Nest users @mighty-red-1 and @josm)

Angry Birds Rio: Objective Multiplier Glitch

This particular glitch doesn't actually do anything to up your score, but it's pretty hilarious -- and a heck of a lot more explosive than the usual sort of minor glitches you get in most of the Angry Birds games. 

In this particular game (World 1, Stage 3), when played in the browser version on PC (it doesn't look like it can be replicated on either of the mobile versions), with a number of Red Angry Birds at your disposal, the mountain of crates and trapped Birds suddenly balloons to three times its original size. 

Check out the (rather adorable) demonstration in the above video to see how it works!


Bad Piggies: Spring Lightning Glitch

While not exactly part of the Angry Birds franchise, the spin-off Bad Piggies is still considered part of the family, and not immune to its fair share of silliness.

This spring lightning glitch can be duplicated in a number of ways throughout various levels of the game, although who knew it could nab that many objectives along the way? 

Take at the video above to check out how your Bad Piggy will go flying in its loud metal clunk-machine like it's Goat Simulator on crack. 

(YouTube channel Superfly Gaming featured above has a number of other awesome Angry Birds videos worth checking out as well!)

Angry Birds 2: Unlimited Lives Cheat

This is not a new workaround to anyone who's played mobile games, so it comes as a surprise that Rovio allowed this one to go on for a fairly long time, until it finally got fixed in a recent update. 

While it wasn't exactly a glitch, it was mad useful for those of us who just didn't feel like paying or waiting around for ages until we finished regenerating our lives.

This particular cheat allows you to manipulate your date and time settings in order to fool the app into thinking more time has passed than it actually has, thereby spitting out the lives you need to keep on grinding. 

It's somewhat of a shame actually, since this fell into the gray-area zone of getting a hand up in the game with no third-party installations or shady hack sites needed -- both which inevitably rushed in to fill the void now that this workaround no longer works. 


Angry Birds Transformers: 666,666,666 Gems Glitch

This particular glitch didn't last very long, but it was highly profitable while it was still working! With it, you had enough gems to upgrade every single Bird (as seen above). 

What it boiled down to was unlocking Heatwave in Transformers - it would drop 666,666,666 gems... which you could use to your own benefit. It wasn't all good things though -- it'd keep bringing you more gems until you hit max count, and then it would try to go beyond that. Once that happened, you'd end up losing your data as well. 

That's it for now!

There are hundreds and hundreds of weird and wacky glitches that didn't make this list. Some of them have been fixed, some of them are still floating around - invincible pigs, invisible barriers, messed up scoreboard ratings... but those are nearly as funny or as fun.

Think we've missed something really crazy? Tell us what you think below!

Published May. 27th 2016

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