PC Gaming: You've Got to Do It

Want to build a Gaming PC, but aren't sure if it's the right move? Read this post for some cold, hard facts.

Now before you go and bite my head off, think about it. Playstation, Xbox and N-64. Best groundbreaking consoles of all time, right? Well, yes, but think of the future! The public will only opt for the best console for so much longer. The newer, increasingly popular alternative is the fully customizable, joyfully fast and easily cheaper road to PC gaming. Don't agree? Read on and let's see if you change your mind.

Did You Say Fully Customizable?

With gaming PCs, the options for customization are endless!

Of course I did! With gaming PCs, the options for customization are endless! Literally, there are almost endless combinations. Any color, any size and any shape, gaming PCs are the most customizable platform on the market to date! Say you want a small PC; go with this case! A behemoth, monster PC? How about this!

I use the last one, so take my word for how great it is (I'm 6 feet tall and I can fit my torso in it). Want a super-fast PC; use this processor (again, the one I use). That baby cranks out 5 GHz when you overclock! Want a super-gamer; this is the graphics card for you! How about lights? You have to make it look cool, right? Does all this look WAY too expensive? Then simply downgrade or go with a different brand. That's the beauty of the PC; you have all the authority as far as the final performance; and look!

You Said "Joyfully Fast", Right?

From Octo-core Processors to Titan Black video cards to fans the size of your hand, your PC can truly be an absolute speed freak.

As a matter of fact I did! With the option for full customization, your PC could be as fast as you could ever want. From Octo-core Processors, to Titan Black video cards, to fans the size of your hand, your PC can truly be an absolute speed freak. Seriously, though. Check out this beast. Pushing multiple 2880 CUDA Cores with over 6Gbs of GDDR5 Memory, this graphics card is the absolute best you can buy. It's also interlaceable with another Titan, for nearly 2.5x the graphics processing power.

You aren't just looking for graphics options are you? Of course not, you want speed everywhere else. Let's look at my personal processor, the AMD FX-9590. This thing is an absolute beast of a processor. Pushing the limits of 4.7GHz, and 5GHz overclocked, it is the snappiest processor on the market today. Another form of super-speed in the modern world is RAM, or Random Access Memory. This, as long as you get 8Gbs or more, will drastically increase the speed and performance of your PC as a whole.

How is this Cheaper?!

You could look at the initial cost of these items and be blown away, this is because they really are expensive.

Reality will surprise you. You could look at the initial cost of these items and be blown away; this is because they really are expensive. The truth is that, though they are expensive now, they will only be expensive one time. Gaming PCs, if built properly, are nearly future-proof!

Besides, upgrades are mere change compared to the initial, all-together, cost of any PC. Even cheaper in the long-haul are the games! The most expensive are the legendary editions, at the same cost as one regular edition Xbox 360 game. Where can you get these cheap games? Steam! The best source for all of your PC games in this day and age.


Build a PC and you will not regret it. Ever.

Just get one already and stay ahead of the hype! You don't have a reason not to--face it. The only thing you will lose is a console, and only if you sell it. But in reality, how big of a loss is that? Build a PC and you will not regret it, ever.

Below I've included a video of NODE building a Gaming PC. It is actually extremely informative and concurs with a lot of my earlier statements. Give it a watch and be sure to keep gaming!

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Published Mar. 20th 2014
  • Fathoms_4209
    Featured Columnist
    No thanks.

    I'm not into games enough to care about every last pixel, and I'd never bother with customizing. I have neither the time nor the inclination. You DO have to know a lot more than this article implies, and you have to spend considerable time researching if you're just a novice.

    I want to press a button and play a game. I want a real big-screen; not what counts as a "big screen" for a monitor. I want a recliner or a sofa; not a desk chair.

    But that's just me. :)
  • Xavier's
    Featured Correspondent
    Great article! Still might stick with my console preference though!
  • Andreo_3384
    I've been both a PC and console gamer from the beginning. And I do mean the beginning.
    I've gamed on a Commodore PET, VIC-20, and C-64 as well as an Odessey 2, Channel F, 2600, and so on.
    They both have their pros and cons but I find that both have a place in the home of a gamer.

    While the initial cost (and frustration) of a gaming PC can be high in the beginning. The cost of games will more then make up for it. The sales that they have on games after they've been out for a while are insane.

    While consoles take the cake for simply taking it out of the box, hooking it up, and your off and running.

    Something to note when buying your parts for a PC: While the better equipment will cost a bit more, in the long run it will also have a better resale value. After a few upgrade cycles of a component, say a video card for example (2 years or so). There will still be some demand for a good card. You would be surprised at how much people will offer for good card that is even a few years old. This can help you fund the next upgrade.

    Consoles can fetch a good price also (as long as you stay away from corporate locations that buy and sell used equipment as their primary business model).
  • Amy White
    Former Editor in Chief
    I've been involved in both console and PC gaming, and I tend to go in phases when left to my own devices. I enjoyed having a crazy gaming rig that was custom built, but it also came with some frustrations ('why are you overheating again, I got you a case with more fans than a reclining sultan being fed grapes?!?') PC does tend to give you a wider variety of games to choose from, especially since self publishing is easier on PC. But there's a simplistic appeal to picking a console, knowing you don't have to deal with upgrades, and knowing your potential pool of games = X.

    Really depends on what you're going for, and how much time and money you have to spend on it. PC gaming can be quite cheap if you are playing games that don't require much oomph from your rig, or quite expensive if you want to build something cutting edge that will give you lightening fast frame rates for years.
  • catsniffer
    So you've got a sponsorship with this GameEgg website? 'Jesus Christ'. What a mess.
  • Programming Mind
    Featured Contributor
    I do not, I just use them for my purchases. They tend to have reasonable prices without the need to worry about quality when you get the product. I have no sponsorship with them. Thank's for reading though! Even though you seem to have taken issue with my article.

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