Rune Factory 4 Special Changes: What's Different?

Rune Factory 4 special changes a few things with its additions, but are they worth your time and what's different? It depends on what you're after.

Rune Factory 4 Special changes mostly apply to the mid- and late-game segments, after you’ve established yourself in Selphia and, ideally, found someone to share your fantasy farm life with. If you’re playing on PC, Xbox, or PlayStation, you get part of the new content Special brings, the Another Story DLC episode, for free. Switch owners have to purchase the DLC, however.

This Rune Factory 4 Special guide will lay out all of the changes between this version and the original version, telling you what's different.

Rune Factory 4 Special Changes

Updated Graphics

Rune Factory 4 Special enhances the graphics, particularly character models and major assets. Not all get glow-up changes, though. You’ll find some assets, such as those on shields and items that used to be significantly smaller in the original 3DS version, look blurry and stretched. This aspect is the least substantial change made, though.

Newlywed Mode

Newlywed Mode kicks in after you get married, obviously, and gives you a roughly hour-long segment focused on your married life with your partner of choice. You’ll find this option on the start menu, and you can pick any character you’ve married in any of your playthroughs. These segments are mostly narrative changes, but there are playable segments as well.

Another Episode DLC

Another Episode is a pack of 12 voiced dramas centered around you and your partner. Ventuswill and your partner narrate them, and they’re fully voiced with new illustrations. It’s not one of the heftier changes, but as mentioned, it’s included in the Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox releases.

Hell Mode

Hell Mode is a new difficulty mode that’s more challenging than Hard. It’s a significant spike in difficulty, so make sure you’re familiar with Rune Factory 4’s many systems before giving it a try.

Dual Audio

The final portion of the changes is dual audio, which is self-explanatory and lets you choose between English and Japanese for the voice acting.

That’s it for Rune Factory 4 Special changes. If you do decide to dive into the world of Selphia, we’ve got plenty of Rune Factory 4 Special guides to help you on your new journey, so be sure to check them out.


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Published Dec. 13th 2021

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