Yakuza: Like A Dragon Silver Safes: All Ijincho Locations

We've tracked down all the silver safes in Yakuza: Like a Dragon so that you can plunder armor, weapons, and valuables in peace!

Like any RPG worth its salt, Yakuza: Like A Dragon is full of treasure. But instead of chests, you'll be hunting for safes. Especially in the early game, you'll want to track these safes down, as they can contain high-level armor, weapons, and valuables that can be sold to pawn shops at a very high price!

To help make your grinding for gear and cash easier, we've put together a comprehensive list of where you can find silver safes in Yokohama!

Bar District Safes

There are two safes to find in the Bar District. The first safe is one street over from the Harbor Light Bar, in a covered parking area near an alley.

You'll find the second safe near the first, in an alley by the thrift shop and right next to the "honk-honk" girl.

Chinatown Safe

I've only been able to track down one safe in Chinatown, but it's pretty easy to locate. Approach the Club SEGA in Chinatown, but pass by the entrance and head southeast. There will be a small parking enclosure. Head into it, and look behind the southernmost pillar.

Commercial District Safes

I've found three safes in the Commercial District, and I highly recommend tracking them all down as early as you can. The gear inside will help you out a lot in the early game!

Simultaneously obvious and easy to miss, a silver safe can be found just past the entrance to Hello Work after you've climbed the steps.

This safe is a bit out of the way. Take a taxi (or walk) to Can Quest, and instead of heading into the parking garage, head to the top of the garage either by climbing a ladder or walking up the ramp. The safe is in the northeast corner.

The final safe in the Commercial District can be found in the alley directly across from the pawnshop.

East Jinnai Station Safes

This area has four safes, and three of them are in very close proximity to one another. 

The first, and most out-of-the-way safe, is located on the same balcony as Le Chatte Blanche. Follow the balcony, but be careful! If you're sprinting, you might accidentally vault over the side. You'll come across the safe a little bit further down.

The final three safes in East Jinnai Station can be found by the courthouse, in the parking area. You'll find two in the northwest corner...

...and one more in the northeast corner, hidden by a couple of trash bins.

Hamakita Park Safe

I've found two safes in Hamakita Park, and you'll be able to find them both in the same place.

These safes can be found to the northwest of Hamakita Park, behind the building near the picnic tables. Just head north and around it to the west, and you'll be all set.

Isezaki Road Safe

Just one safe here, but it's very easy to miss if you're not careful!

Near the highway, Isezaki Road contains multiple subway entrances. Head to one of the two easternmost entryways, and you'll find a safe there nestled between two cardboard boxes that make it very, very hard to see if you're not paying close attention!


Koreatown Safe

I've only found one safe here as well, and much like the safe in Jinnai Station, it's indoors and easy to miss.

This safe is located in the complex where the Sujimon Professor has set up shop. It's on the second floor, right near the stairs on the easternmost side of the complex.

North Jinnai Station Safe

Just two safes here, one easy to miss, and one easy to find.

You'll find North Jinnai Station's first silver safe across from Cafe Brave, in the Part-Time Hero building.

Head all the way to the north of the map, behind the soccer field. The safe can be found right behind the batting cages.

Red Light District Safes

The back alleys of Ijincho's Red Light District conceal two silver safes.

Love Magic is the closest shop to the alley that contains this safe. Head there, then southeast to find the alley.

The second and final safe in the Red Light District is found in the alley right behind the soapland.

Restaurant Row Safe

There's only one safe to be found here, but it is accessible from the first time you access the heart of Restaurant Row in Chapter 6.

After you descend the stairs, look for this safe under an overhang to the southeast of the map.

West Jinnai Station Safe

Four safes can be found here, though three of them are located right next to each other!

Look for the first safe right at the border between West Jinnai Station and Jinnai Station proper, right after crossing the highway. There is a small staircase at the corner here. Climb it, and find the safe on the balcony.

The last three safes can all be found lined up neatly in a row near the highway in the southern area of the region. From the first safe, head south, and then before crossing the second road, look for a way to head east along the south side of the brick building. Then all that's left to do is loot to your heart's content!

That's where you find all of the silver safes in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. Did we miss any safes that should be in this guide? Let us know in the comments below, and we'll add them! For more Yakuza: Like a Dragon, head over to our dedicated guides page!

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Published Nov. 23rd 2020

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