Where to Find Silver and Gold in Subnautica Below Zero

Silver and gold are necessary for certain items in Subnautica Below Zero, specifically the wiring kit. This guide shows you where you can find silver and gold.

To build certain tools and items in Subnautica Below Zero, you're going to need silver and gold. However, neither is readily lying about; as you would expect, you'll come across more copper and titanium than silver and gold. 

Luckily, there are a few spots in Below Zero that have the rare crafting materials. Before you go off looking for them, though, it's best that you craft the seaglide first (so you can travel faster) and the high-capacity oxygen tank next (so you can dive for longer periods). 

Silver and Gold Location 1: Emergency Supply Crate Cave

Once you've got those, head toward the emergency supply cache. If, for some reason, this hasn't appeared in the storyline by the time you start searching for silver and gold, the video at the top of this guide will show you where to look. Here are the steps, though:

  • Exit your pod and turn right
  • Continue for about 310 meters
  • You will travel through the safe shallows and through a small creepvine area, then a larger creepvine forest
  • After you exit the creepvine forest, you will come to a glacier that is almost touching the ocean floor
  • Go through the crack to find a seabase foundation piece next to a small creepvine forest
  • Go into the forest and look down; there will be a large cave system below you

Once inside, you'll find plenty of silver and gold outcroppings to mine. At this stage in early access, some of the outcroppings will give you titanium and copper instead of silver and gold, but there's enough here to get what you need for the wiring kit.

Silver and Gold Location 2: Bendy Bridges

As you progress through the story, you'll come to an area known as Bendy Bridges. In fact, Bendy Bridges is the deep valley area a few hundred meters in front of your pod door.

To find it, go to the area in which you found the rebreather, and dive deeper down. As you get closer to the sea floor, you will start to find silver and gold outcroppings on the cliffs, in caves, and on the seabed itself. 

This is a very large area, so it is advisable to have the seaglide, the high-capacity oxygen tank, and the rebreather before venturing deep into the valley. Be sure to also take advantage of the oxygen plants in this area to stay submerged longer. 

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Published Feb. 4th 2019

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