Vampire Survivors: How to Unlock Toastie

Wondering how to unlock the secret character Toastie in Vampire Survivors? Here's how.

Vampire Survivors' playable character list includes a handful of secret characters, whose unlock conditions are not detailed in-game. Toastie, the ghoul of the secret characters list, is a pink ghost sprite with a peachone as a starting weapon. If you're wondering how to unlock this him, this guide will detail the necessary steps.

How to Get Toastie in Vampire Survivors

Unlocking Toastie in Vampire Survivors isn't extraordinarily difficult. However, there is a small window of success that can make things a bit frustrating, so you need to pay very close attention while playing. As such, we would recommend reading the entirety of the guide in advance. 

How to Unlock Exdash Exiviiq

The first step is unlocking Toastie's blue counterpart, Exdash Exiviiq. Luckily, doing so is very straightforward and can be done in the main menu. To do so, you will need to very quickly type "x-x1viiq" while sitting in the menu. Alternatively, you have a 1/65535 chance of unlocking him every time you pick up a Little Clover. We'll leave it up to you which method you'd prefer.

Defeat a Drowner or Stalker

Once you have Exdash unlocked, things will start to get a bit trickier. Next, you need to defeat one of two kinds of enemies: either the Drowner or the Stalker. This can be done with any character you choose.

The Drowner is a special enemy that appears as a blue-robed skeleton with a staff and is found in Gallo Tower and The Bone Zone. In The Bone Zone, it will appear at 20:00 as a map event. In Gallo Tower, it is either summoned at 25:00 by a Giant Enemy Crab or spawns at 30:00 during the Death boss fight. Unfortunately, he is unbeatable during the boss fight.

The Stalker is another special enemy that looks similar to the Drowner, but sports a green robe and scythe. It appears at 10:00 in The Bone Zone, and can occasionally appear in the Dairy Plant, though not with 100% certainty.

Both are immune to knockback, freeze, and debuffs, and have very high health pools. Instant kill effects are a great way of taking them down (Rosary and Gorgeous Moon will work for both of them), but keep in mind that the Drowner is immune to the Pentagram. 

If you don't have instant kill items, focus the majority your attacks on these special enemies when they appear. Once you've taken one down, you'll have a chance to unlock Toastie. This is where you need to be quick.

Time Your Combo to Unlock Toastie

Immediately after the enemy is killed, Toastie will pop up from the corner of your screen and say "Panini!".

While he is on screen, you need to very quickly hit the down arrow key and EnterIf done properly, you should hear a short jingle, and you'll have unlocked Toastie. If you miss it, you will have to defeat another Drowner or Stalker and try again.

Toastie is a character designed specifically to impose a challenge on players, having both the lowest max health and projectile speed in the game. He also has the highest luck. Upon reaching Level 100, Toastie's max health increases from -99 to +9998, and at Level 200, his armor value surges from zero to 65520.

And that's how you unlock Toastie! If you're interested in learning more about Vampire Survivors, such as how to get Golden Eggs or unlock Leda, click those links or consider checking out more of our guides in the guides hub!


Published Jan. 11th 2023

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