5-Minute Guides: Character Perk Tips for Mini DayZ

This 5-minute read will show you the best perks for surviving longer in Mini DayZ

I find myself on the go more and more often lately and with frequent travel comes more mobile gaming. One of the games that I've come across recently in my quest for gaming on the go is Mini DayZ -- a 2D sprite spinoff of the popular ARMA II mod/standalone game.

I spent a number of hours on that version of DayZ -- gearing up for intense firefights in hot zones like Cherno and Elektro with my friends. Mini DayZ has a number of differences from the original game, however, and so I decided to write a few mini guides to help out my fellow mobile gamers survive just a little bit longer. So I present to you my 5-minute guide on perks in Mini DayZ*.

*This article is for the mobile version of the game and may differ slightly from the browser version.

The Perks of...Perks?

The perks in Mini DayZ are all geared toward survival in some way, but the bad thing about the perks is that they take a long time to get. Accruing enough points can be a slog because EXP is generated slowly over time as you survive and kill enemies. So, once you have your points, where should you put them to build up your character? 

Well, there is a total of 14 perks that you can put points into and out of those, there are really only three that I find useful -- Sprint, Scout, and Red+.


Sprint is a must pick as it increases your movement speed by 10%, allowing you to outrun most of the zombies, as well as cover the map faster. This is great for when you are striking out to find good loot and need to village hop in the race against your hunger and thirst bars.


Scout gives you a greater area of vision, allowing you to spot friends and foes much easier, and it is generally my second pick unless I've been getting into a lot of fights with zombies.



If I have been slugging it out with the zeds, then Red+ is my second pick followed by Scout. Red+ lowers blood loss when bleeding or when the player feels sick, allowing you to stay alive longer and in a game that's about survival, I say that's a great perk to have.

The Final Minute

While perks are helpful, they do take a long time to build up to, so you shouldn't see them as something to rely on but instead more as a bonus for surviving for prolonged periods of time.

Hopefully, this guide helps you to survive a bit longer so you can gear up and take the fight to the undead menace. Just don't forget to keep your ammo topped off and your tactical bacon at the ready.

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Published Jul. 20th 2017

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