New Pokemon Snap Jungle Waterfall Route: How to Unlock It

Wondering how to get behind the waterfall in New Pokemon Snap? Wonder no more.

New Pokemon Snap features dozens of hidden Pokemon interactions and separate routes to take, including the Founja Jungle waterfall route. Professor Mirror points the jungle waterfall out to you once you hit research Level 2 for Founja Jungle at night, but the way to get behind the waterfall is about as clear as the jungle’s muddy swamp.

Our New Pokemon Snap behind the waterfall guide walks you through each step, though note: there are spoilers for what's behind the waterfall.

New Pokemon Snap Jungle Waterfall Route

As mentioned, you’ll first need to raise your Founja Jungle night research level to 2. Otherwise, the necessary Pokemon interactions won’t trigger, and Professor Mirror won’t even point out the possible extra route.

If you thought the slumbering Liepard on the rock looked suspiciously smug, you were right. It’s the key to getting the New Pokemon Snap waterfall route.

As soon as you see Liepard jump onto the rock, play music (using the “R” button). This wakes up a bunch of Pikipek nearby.

The disturbance means Liepard won’t go to sleep. Instead, it leaves the rock, and you’re free to choose the alternate route. Just make sure you’re ready with the scanner since, as with the other alt routes, the window for choosing it is pretty short. 

Minor spoilers below.

Once you’re behind the waterfall, you’ll see Wooper, Morelull, and some sleeping Swampert. There’s not much you can do with these Swampert. They don’t react to music, and they wake up for just a brief time if you throw a Fluff Fruit at them.

Sleeping and alert reactions still make for decent photos, though your best chance for getting a fabulous Swampert photo is taking the swamp route.

That’s all you need to know about how to get behind New Pokemon Snap’s waterfall, but stay tuned for more New Pokemon Snap guides in the coming days.


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Published May. 26th 2021

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