Hearthstone Guide: Witchwood Monster Hunt (Levels 5-8)

Learn how to beat each boss in the Monster Hunt adventure levels 5-8 with the help of this guide to Hearthstone.

If you managed to beat the first four levels of the Monster Hunt adventure in Hearthstone, then you will be ready to encounter the other, more powerful bosses.

Some of the old bosses may come back and hit you again, but you will mostly meet new faces, some of which are quite difficult. But don't worry, and just follow our guide on how to beat the Monster Hunt bosses from level 5 to 8.

Level 5 Bosses

Brushwood Centurion

Centurion is an old Grim Patron Warrior with a new face and hero power that allows him to attack random enemy minions. This means that you need to play minions with at least 3 attack or more so that he doesn't create more Grim Patrons. If you stick to this rule, you will easily win.


Cragtorr is hard! His hero power reduces the cost of minions in his hand, which means that he will play a lot of big threats throughout the match. You need to be able to get the Potion of Vitality treasure and double up your health to be able to survive long enough.

Crooked Pete

Pete plays like a Rogue in the first half of the match, and then transforms into Beast Hunter after you put him below 20 HP. He will turn into Beastly Pete, gain 15 armor, and draw a lot of cards. However, the match is still easy, and if you manage to keep your board, there will be no problem beating him whatsoever.


This boss is very aggressive, and he will also steal your own minions. It's easy to beat Gnomenapper with Darius Crowley, but you may have trouble with other heroes. In any case, just let him put your minions in a sack, and don't touch those sacks. In time, he will have no space on board for his own minions, as it will be filled with 0/3 sacks. Then, you just go face!

Plaguemaster Rancel

Rancel's main advantage is Poisonous hero power. So unless he puts a Taunt on board, don't bother killing his minions. He will be busy killng yours instead, while you can focus on putting his HP down to zero.

Ratcatcher Hannigul

This boss is very similar to Beastly Pete -- he will play lots of beasts and buff them. You should opt for a control playstyle, and killing him will be no problem once all his minions are gone from the board.


Shudderwock may be a huge threat in Constructed, but in Monster Hunt, you can use his ability to trigger all Battlecries twice to your advantage. Just choose card bundles with minions that have Battlecries, and you should win in no time.

The Scarecrow

This will be a long match! Scarecrow will heal a lot, and you need to survive the fatigue. The best strategy against him is to go all in with the Jades. At one point, they will grow so big that his heals won't help him anymore.

Vitus the Exiled

Vitus is awfully aggressive, so if you can get the mana reduction before this match, you will be able to out-aggro him.

Level 6 Bosses

Azalina Soulthief

Azalina is dangerously aggressive, and you will need to use a lot of removal against her. That is why having a Double Time ability would be very useful. In this case, you will be able to cast your removals twice for the price of one, and that's how you basically win here.

Face Collector

The Collector plays like an Evolve Shaman. He will try to transform his minions, but as you know, the RNG may not be on his side. If you have enough minions with Entrenchment ability on board, then you will be able to kill all his threats and get him down to zero.

Forlorn Lovers

Lovers will take you on a joruney to fatigue. If you have no outs, then you will most likely lose. And your only out is to have Shadowstep/Gang Up card bundle for Tess with Jades. In this case, you will have no problem with fatigue, and your minions will only keep growing in size.

Gustave, the Gutripper

Gustave is the easiest boss to beat on this level. His deck isn't very good, and his hero power can only kill your weakest minions; at times, he will even kill some of his own.

Level 7 Bosses

Experiment 3C

Not a particularly hard boss to beat. He will usually have a lot of cards due to his hero power, but otherwise, it's a very straightforward match. He will use Amalgamation, so be sure to keep just enough minions on board, and don't overextend. Having Assassinate-like spells is also useful.

Lord Godfrey

Godfrey is the nemesis-boss of Daius Crowley. In order to beat him, you need to have two passive abilities: Dragonfire Ammo, which gives an additional point of damage to your cannon, and Tactical Reinforcements, which reduces the cost of cards in your hand every time you use a cannon.

Raeth Ghostsong

This could be an easy match if you have Entrenchment ability, which gives your minions an extra 2 HP. Raeth's hero power works like Defile, so even if you have a lot of 1-health minions with the Entrenchment ability, it will be practically impossible to lose to this boss.

Level 8 Bosses

Captain Shivers

Shivers will play Kingsbane as his main weapon and then keep drawing it from his deck. Additionally, he will play lots of big minions, including Fel Reaver. You need to use this opportunity to mill him. Just play lots of small cards, and don't kill his Fel Reaver untill it mills Captain's entire deck.

Glinda Crowskin

Shaw's nemesis boss must have no minions on board in order for you to be able to kill her. If she has at least one, she will be immune. This means that you obviously need to remove all of her minions before attacking her face. After some time, she just gives up and plays no minions at all -- that's when you can finish her off.

Infinite Toki

The best way to play aginst Infinite Toki is with your own Toki hero. You need to have two abilites: Khadgar's Scrying Orb, which makes your spells cost less, and Robe of the Magi, which gives all your spells +3 damage. If you have these two, you will kill Toki without a question.


That is all on how to defeat all the bosses in Monster Hunt adventure, and be sure to come back soon for more Hearthstone guides here at GameSkinny!


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Published May. 6th 2018

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