Grow RPG solution walkthrough guide (with pics)

A step by step walkthrough to defeat the demon lord in Grow RPG.

Of all the Grow games, Grow RPG may be the most fun to see unfold. You're in charge of building up an RPG world the hero character can make the most of to defeat the demon lord. 

It sounds more RPG-like than it really is, but with each successful item level up, the hero is able to gain more abilities and equipment to aid in his fight. It's hard to figure out the exact order of this one, especially compared to the other games from EYEMAZE, because you don't know what secrets you need to uncover to beat the demon.

With each properly leveled world component comes new strength for your hero, from new and powerful equipment to helpful items. Your hero needs all the help he can get if he's going to win this RPG fight!

This walkthrough guide is laid out like my other Grow game guides, with the item order specified with brief descriptions of what happens that turn. The difference here is I won't be telling you what the hero does and comes across once you've placed everything down. His adventure is part of the fun, which is what sets Grow RPG apart from the other Grow games.

Each step below includes an image showing what that turn should look like, but as mentioned the real meat in seeing what happens comes all the way at the end even if you don't solve the puzzle successfully.

Item 1. Village

The village has to be placed first so it grows from a single house into a bustling area. Don't worry, the demon's stomping won't destroy the house when it's placed on this turn. Here's what the first turn looks like.

Item 2. Tree

You plant a tree, and over the next few turns it grows into a sprawling forest! But for now all that happens is you put the trees down, the village expands, and the demon stomps the ground to crack the earth once again. Here's what this step should look like.

Item 3. Castle

Every kingdom needs a castle, right? Especially an RPG kingdom. Your forest grows this turn and the village is steadily growing. The demon stomps the ground one last time before you put down your water. Here's an image of this turn

Item 4. Water

It's time to bring the demon's destructive rampage to an end! When you place the water he stops destroying areas of the map, and it just so happens the way it's cracked on this turn is the perfect formation for your needs. Here's an image of this turn, with the forest, village, and castle leveled up once again.

Item 5. Tower

The tower doesn't take long to reach its maximum height, so it's time to put it down. Not much else happens this turn, though there is an odd blue tree growing in the middle of the largest body of water on the map. The demon spits out its first (purple) monster, here's an image before that happens.

Item 6. Rock

Pop down your rock and watch everything's progress. The kingdom is coming along nicely, but the demon has other plans. He puts down a new blue monster this turn and the purple monster levels up, here's what this turn looks like.

Item 7. Treasure Chest

Everything should be going swimmingly this turn. Everything levels up, including the chest you just put down and the demon's monsters. The purple monster will also the attack the castle this turn, which should go your way if you've followed these steps. Here's the end result of this turn.

Item 8. Hole

This is your last item and it is also one of the least bustling turns of them all -- mostly because it's time for your hero to set out and you've gotten everything important leveled up.

If you haven't seen the ending to the game before and are seeing it for the first time, be sure to watch to see all the differences from other playthroughs. The hero's adventure can change quite a bit just from different item orders. Here's what it looks like before the hero sets out.

That wraps up my Grow RPG walkthrough. If you love EYEMAZE's grow games as much as I do and you're stuck on one, check out my walkthrough guides for the other games in the series.

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Published Sep. 28th 2016

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