List of everything useful you can find in LEGO Worlds

A list of all weapons, creatures, vehicles, and characters along with their special features.

There's not a ton of content in LEGO Worlds yet, but there's definitely enough to have fun with -- and there's a good amount of stuff to find.

Some of the best fun I've had in LEGO Worlds outside of building has been exploring and finding new items and characters. I'm eagerly awaiting more content from TT Games, but until then there's still plenty of stuff to keep me interested. And if you're into sandboxes, there's probably enough to keep you going until the next content update as well.

For those of you who want to know what's out there but don't want to have to endlessly spawn new worlds to find out, I've compiled lists of all the characters, weapons, creatures, and vehicles currently in LEGO Worlds. Items that are meant to be used for building are not listed.


Characters are generally found in the biomes they're associated with. Pirates are found on beaches, the Farmer on farmland, the Climber in the mountains, and so on.

Generally characters aren't too hard to find, and some have special skills. Those with special skills are noted. Gender is noted with (M), (F), and (N/A).

Do note that any special skills a character has are not usable when creating your own character using their parts.

  • Boy (M)
  • Caveman (M)
  • Cavewoman (F)
  • Climber (M)
  • Cowboy (M) - Can summon a White Horse to ride.
  • Cowgirl (F) - Can summon a White Horse to ride.
  • Diver (M)
  • Explorer (M)
  • Farmer (M) - Can spawn a Goat to ride.
  • Fisherman (M)
  • Girl (F)
  • King (M)
  • Intergalactic Girl (F)
  • Motorcycle Mechanic (M)
  • Mummy (N/A)
  • Outlaw (M) - Can spawn a Black Horse to ride.
  • Paleontologist (F)
  • Pirate (M)
  • Pirate (F)
  • Police Officer (M)
  • Police Officer (F)
  • Robber (F)
  • Robber (F)
  • Scientist (F)
  • Skeleton (N/A)
  • Surfer Girl (F)
  • Vampire (M) - Can turn himself into a Bat.
  • Warlock (M) - Can shoot fireballs.
  • Warrior Woman (F)
  • Werewolf (M) - Has a longer jump than other characters.
  • Yeti (N/A)
  • Zombie (M)


You can ride every creature you find in LEGO Worlds, but it's not possible to find them all out in the wild. Some must be spawned by certain characters (like the Outlaw and his trusty Black Horse), but most can be found during your adventures.

Like characters, creatures can be found in their related biomes.

Flying creatures

  • Dragon - This is the only creature with a special skill at the time of writing. The Dragon can shoot explosive fireballs that destroy any type of blocks.
  • Eagle

Land creatures

  • Bat - Only available as a Vampire transformation.
  • Bear
  • Black Horse - Can only be spawned by the Outlaw.
  • Black & White Bull
  • Black & White Cow
  • Brown Bull
  • Brown Cow
  • Brown Horse
  • Camel
  • Goat
  • Husky
  • Ostrich
  • Pig
  • Polar Bear
  • Sheep
  • White Horse - Can only be spawned by the Cowboy and Cowgirl.


You can ride vehicles just as you would creatures, though some vehicles have distinct advantages over creatures. Vehicles can be found randomly throughout a seed.

Land vehicles

  • Bicycle
  • Buggy - A car.
  • Cole's Earth Driller - Allows you to drill through blocks.
  • Creator Car
  • Creator Lawnmower - Has a mowing ability that lets you "cut the grass" and flatten terrain.
  • Hot Rod - A car.
  • Major Steel's Hot Rod - A car.
  • Motorcycle
  • Skateboard
  • Small Digger - Has a dig terrain ability that removes blocks in front of the Small Digger as you drive.
  • Steamroller - Has a road laying ability that flattens blocks and paves a road as you drive.
  • Tractor

Air vehicles

  • Helicopter
  • Small Plane

Water vehicles

Neither of these vehicles can submerge.

  • Dinghy
  • Small Submarine


There aren't a ton of weapons in LEGO Worlds yet, but those that are in the game already are pretty fun. They can be found in chests scattered about in seeds.

  • Apple - Throws apples.
  • Banana - Throws bananas.
  • Bazooka - Explosive ranged weapon.
  • Binoculars - Cosmetic. The last weapon you used is still active, it just looks like binoculars.
  • Blunderbuss - Ranged weapon with recoil.
  • Bow & Arrow - Slow, low-damage ranged weapon.
  • Camera - Cosmetic. The last weapon you used is still active, it just looks like a camera.
  • Club - Melee weapon.
  • Cutlass - Melee weapon.
  • Dynamite - Explosive ranged weapon, but does less damage than the Bazooka.
  • Fish - Throws fish.
  • Ice Cream - Cosmetic. The last weapon you used is still active, it just looks like ice cream.
  • Pistol - Low-damage ranged weapon.
  • Rifle - Slow ranged weapon.
  • Shield - Can block attacks.
  • Sword - Melee weapon.
  • Telescope - Cosmetic. The last weapon you used is still active, it just looks like a telescope.

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