5 Pixel Starships Tips for Getting Ahead Early

Check out these tips to give you an advantage in Pixel Starships!

Pixel Starships is a unique online mobile game that is part spaceship sim, part strategy, part RPG. The basics of the game are easy enough to understand, but there are a lot of little details you may not notice as you begin your space odyssey.

I'm going to go over some helpful tips that will have you winning fight after fight and building the best ship you can.

Pixel Starships Tips

Aim for the Reactor and Shields

Your first instinct may be to aim for the guns to stop them from firing. While this is a good strategy in general, it can be much more effective to shoot down their reactor and/or shield generator.

The reactors give energy to ship, including the guns and shields. If you destroy their reactors, they can't use any weapons or put up shields. Early in the game, ships will usually only have one reactor, and it may be unguarded. If you take that out immediately, they will be completely defenseless.

Pixel Starships space combat

As you progress, enemies will have harder to destroy shields, and more reactors. You will want to concentrate fire on shield rooms as well, so you can spend more time taking out their rooms and less on trying to get through their shields.

Build and Upgrade Mineral and Gas Storage early

In order to upgrade your ship's level, and unlock pretty much anything, you need a lot of minerals and gas. You have a low maximum you can hold at the start, so you need to increase it.

As you increase the storage, you'll be able to make all your other ship upgrades.

Pixel Starships mining

Build and Upgrade Reactors Early

Remember how important reactors are to your ship? Well, you will want to upgrade early and get more than one when you can. Not only will this allow you to keep power to your weapons and shields, you will need higher level reactors so you have enough power to begin with.

Early on if you don't upgrade your reactor and you have multiple weapons, you won't have enough energy to power all your weapons, the shields, and the engine. All that fire power and defense means nothing if you can't use it!

Get Crew with High Skills in an Area and Assign them Correctly

If you tap on a crew member, then profile, you can see their stats. You will want people with high science, engineer, and weapon stats. You will want to get at least one for each category.

During a fight, make sure you assign them to the appropriate station.

  • If you assign someone to a weapon room, it will reload faster, even more if they have a high Weapon stat.
  • Assign someone with a high Science stat to the shield room, to put the shields back up faster.
  • If someone with a high Engineer stat is in the engine room, you will be more likely to dodge missiles that fire on your ship.

Pixel Starships crew stats

Remember, these rooms need to be powered up during battle for them to work.

Be Careful when Fighting while you Build and Upgrade Rooms

If you are building or upgrading a room, it cannot be used when you go into battle. You also cannot go into it or pass through it to another room.

So if you are upgrading your missile room for example, you can't fire any missiles until the upgrade is over.

If a room is in between you and other rooms, it effectively blocks those rooms off.

One way around this is to temporarily move the room under construction to an isolated location, so that you can move freely about the ship. 

Those are my 5 tips for getting ahead early in Pixel Starships. Pop in the comments below if you have any tips of your own for new spacefarers!

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Published Nov. 6th 2018

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