Apex Legends Character Tier List: From Best to Worst

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Here's arguably the worst legend in Apex Legends. Mirage has a whole bag of neat tricks, but he proves to be a rather useless character when you start to play him.

Of course, players who like to cause confusion on the battlefield will love Mirage, as he is capable of creating holographic images of himself. This ability can be used to a great degree, especially in its ultimate form, when Mirage deploys a whole bunch of holograms and disappears himself.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to attack anybody while staying invisible, so it's a questionable skill to have.


This tier list of the best characters in Apex Legends should help you make the decision which legend to choose for your next match-up. Also, be sure to come back for even more related guides here at GameSkinny.

Published Feb. 7th 2019

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