Hello Neighbor 2: Painting Combination Lock Code Answer

Wondering what the heck the answer to the painting combination lock puzzle is in Hello Neighbor 2? Here's the code.

As you make your way through Peterson's House in Hello Neighbor 2 Act 1, you'll encounter several head-scratching conundrums. Perhaps the most difficult is the painting combination lock code that's part of the dollhouse puzzle. The answer is surprisingly hard to find. 

This guide is part of our larger Hello Neighbor 2 Act 1 walkthrough. If you're looking for more puzzle solutions and tips for navigating Peterson's house and the surrounding areas on Day 1, we've got you covered up to Act 2 here

How to Solve the Painting Combination Lock Puzzle

You can find the doll locations for the dollhouse puzzle in any order, but it's likely that you'll locate the girl doll and the neighbor doll first, leaving the boy doll for last, which is locked behind a secret compartment in the wall to the right of the stairs leading to the second floor. 

Looking at that wall, you'll notice a painting of a rural round winding through the mountains. Interact with the painting to reveal a combination lock with three disks of seven letters each. Obviously, you'll need to set the letters in the proper order to open the secret room, but what is the painting combination lock answer? 

Go into the nearby room with the safe, and look for the television on the wall across from the couch. Turn the TV on, and you'll see a program called Nouds of Tanure. Turning that into an acronym creates N.O.T. Return to the combination lock and turn the disks (from left to right) to input the acronym NOT

With the correct code combination answered, a piece of the wall to your right will open, revealing a secret room, a crowbar, and the boy doll for the dollhouse puzzle on a shelf on the right. If you need more help with that puzzle from here, head over to our complete guide to its solution right here

And that's the code for the painting combination lock in Hello Neighbor 2. Head over to our guides hub for more puzzle solutions and how to get the scissors

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Published Dec. 12th 2022

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