Sea of Thieves: How to Get the Master Cartographer Title

The masters of burying treasure in Sea of Thieves wear the Master Cartographer title. You can be one of them, by following this guide.

The Master Cartographer title in Sea of Thieves takes some work to get, but it's well worth it if you want to show off and stand out from your fellow pirates. If you want to think of yourself as a bit of a master at hiding treasure, you may very well want to add this title to your collection.

A cartographer is a mapmaker, and having the title of Master Cartographer in Sea of Thieves, logically enough, requires you to make maps. A lot of maps. Your task is to create and post 25 maps to the quest board. It’s a multi-part process, but it has a few quirks that can make it either more, or less, difficult.

How to Get the Master Cartographer Title in Sea of Thieves

Step 1: Find Treasure


This part of the quest toward the Master Cartographer title is simple enough: find some loot! Find treasure however you like, be it maps, slaying skeleton captains, delving in shrines, or just dumb luck. Regardless, you need to find something valuable.

Step 2: Bury Treasure

You can bury treasure for the Master Cartographer title on any soft soil using the alternate function on your shovel (the guide linked in the step above tells you how to do that in more depth). This will create a treasure map on each island to stash loot. However, for the purposes of creating maps, there is one important caveat: Outposts don’t count.

It would be too easy to find maps at these starting areas, so Outposts maps can’t be posted and don't count for this step toward the Master Cartographer title.

Step 3: Post Your Map

The maps you have created for the Master Cartographer title initially exist on your map table as a bundle of maps. Your job now is to reach either a Seapost or an Outpost and post them to the quest board. But be careful, if you get sunk in the process, the maps will float to the surface, ready to be stolen by any enterprising crew.

Step 4: Repeat the Process to Get the Master Cartographer Title

In general, each island you visit and bury treasure on is good for one map. The most expedient option would be to bury a single piece of loot on several islands to create a large number of maps, then deliver them to the Quest Board in batches. Just keep repeating this process until you’ve reached 25 maps posted, and the Master Cartographer will be is yours.

And that's how to get the Master Cartographer title in Sea of Thieves. You’ve perfected the art of making maps for other crews. If that’s not enough to quench your thirst for pirate adventures, we have plenty more tips for your next voyage in our Sea of Thieves guides hub.  


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Published Jan. 3rd 2022

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