10 Best Staves in Baldur’s Gate 3 and How to Get Them

Looking for the best mage staff in BG3? Here are our top 10 best staves in Baldur's Gate 3.

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A staff is a powerful tool for casters. They provide extra spells to cast or boost your spell save DC. In this list, I wanted to outline the best staff options in BG3 accessible by all classes. Here are my top 10 best staves in Baldur’s Gate 3.

What is the Best Staff in Baldur’s Gate 3?

10. Melf’s First Staff

Melf’s First Staff is one of the best Act 1 quarterstaves. It boosts your spell save DC and spell attack rolls by +1, and it grants a free casting of Melf’s Acid Arrow. You can buy from Blurg in the Myconid Colony. If you want an even earlier version with a similar effect, then the Staff of Crones found in Auntie Ethel’s treasure room provides Ray of Sickness without the DC boost.

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9. Staff of Arcane Blessing

Where Melf’s First Staff excels in offensive capabilities in Act 1, the Staff of Arcane Blessing is a great support for any class. It has an empowered version of Bless that boosts your party’s attack rolls and saving throws by 2d4 instead of 1d4. It’s in the secret cellar room of the Arcane Tower in the Underdark. Have Bernard give you the light ring or drop it through combat.

8. Caitiff Staff

This staff is great for Warlocks because it boosts your spell save DC and attack rolls by 1 and restores your spell slots. The Caitiff’s Restoration ability restores one of your Warlock slots no matter what level it is. The staff also has a strong +2 weapon enchantment if you’re playing a Pact of the Blade warlock and want to bonk others with it. Buy it from Helsik in the Devil’s Fee.

7. Harper Sacredstriker

Want a bodyguard as a caster? Get the Harper Sacredstriker from Lorroakan Illusion at the Sorcerous Sundries in Act 3. It summons a Sacred Weapon to defend you. The best part is that it’s cast at Level 6, dealing a hefty 3d8 damage on a hit.

6. Staff of Interruption

This is a simple yet effective staff. It gives you a free casting of Counterspell at spell Level 5, providing you a “Nope” button to shut down enemy spells. Just make sure you’re close enough. You can get through the Help the Hag Survivors quest in Old Garlow’s Place.

5. Incandescent Staff

I adore this staff because of its powerful effect. It gives you the best early to mid-game damage spell in BG3: Fireball. You can cast it once per Long Rest for free. You also get a +1 to spell attacks and the Fire Ball cantrip, which I find useful on my Cleric for an alternative projectile cantrip next to Sacred Flame. Get it from Talli at the Last Light Inn.

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4. Woe

Now we’re getting into late-game territory with the vampire staff. Woe boosts your spell save DC and spell attack rolls by 1. Furthermore, you regain 1d4 hit points when creatures fail a saving throw against your spell. Best of all, you get a free cast of Blight, a powerful single-target Necromancy spell that deals tons of damage. Cazador Szarr drops Woe after you defeat him

3. Staff of Cherished Necromancy

One of my favorites. The staff all Wizard Necromancers and Spore Druids want but pretty much any class can use. It comes with two powerful effects. It imposes Disadvantage on saving throws against your Necromancy spells. And you can cast a free Necromancy spell of any level after killing a creature. The Staff of Cherished Necromancy is dropped by the Mystic Carrion in Philgrave’s Mansion in the Lower City.

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2. Staff of Spell Power

Overshadowed only by the Markoheshkir, the Staff of Spell Power is the second most powerful staff in BG3. I use it to boost my spell save DC and spell attack rolls. But the main draw is the Arcane Battery ability. Activate it, and the next spell you cast doesn’t consume a spell slot — no matter the level. Imagine playing a Sorcerer and casting Chain Lightning and then using Quicken Spell metamagic and this staff to cast another one for free. Find it with our guide.

1. Markoheshkir

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The flashiest and most powerful staff inBaldur’s Gate 3 is definitely the Markoheshkir. It offers the same abilities as the Staff of Spell Power, just with the added ability to cast Kereska’s Favour. You can channel any element you choose, making you resistant to that element, boosting spells of that element, and granting you free elemental spells per Short Rest.

I highly recommend picking up the Dual Wielder feat and carrying both the Staff of Spell Power and the Markoheshkir into battle becoming the most powerful spellcaster in the game. Find it by following this guide.

That’s my list of the top 10 best staves in Baldur’s Gate 3. For more BG3 guides check out our best spells for the early game and late game.

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