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It can be extremely difficult to keep track of new additions to The Binding of Isaac when updates are added, and that's especially true of large DLCs like Repentance. We're currently playing our way through the newest (and supposedly final) addition for The Binding of Isaac, and one element that could use some explaining is the inclusion of Tainted Characters.

Every playable character in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance has a "tainted" version. Even though they look like reskins of Cain, Isaac, Lilith, and the rest, most of them start with new items and abilities, effectively doubling the way you can begin a new run once they're unlocked. Here's how to unlock each tainted character and what makes them special.

How to Unlock Tainted Characters

Unlocking tainted characters is simple to explain, as the process is the same for each one. However, it is time consuming if you want to catch 'em all, and you need to string together a good run in order to reach the point where you can access them. Here's how you do it.

Defeat Mother

You'll need to defeat Mother at least once. This is a new boss added to the Repentance DLC, and you'll find her at the end of the Corpse II biome.

Find Dad's Note

You'll need to find Dad's Note on another run. This is a special item you'll be able to grab in the biome Depths II. To find it, you'll need to defeat the boss and then teleport out of the room. Look for a slightly different skull somewhere in the level and bomb it in order to find a Fool card if you don't have teleportation.

Return to the starting room after defeating the boss, and you'll find a door that can be opened with The PolaroidThe Negative or the Faded Polaroid. You'll find Dad's Note inside this room and you'll begin your ascension.

Reach Home

Go all the way through the Ascension and you'll reach a new area called Home. It isn't randomized like the other areas of The Binding of Isaac, so work your way through the few rooms and you'll get to Mom's Room. Open the chest here to find the Red Key item, unlocking it for future runs. You can now use this item to unlock Tainted Characters.

Use the Red Key

Go into the hall outside of Mom's Room and use the Red Key. It will open a hidden room with the tainted version of the character you are playing as inside. Touch that character to unlock them for future runs.

Find the Cracked Key

Unfortunately, you won't continue to find the Red Key in Mom's Room in later runs. You'll either need to carry it to the area or find the Cracked Key item, which is a consumable that has the same effect as the Red Key.

A good tip for finding the Cracked Key is to drop any trinket item inside a boss room after you've defeated your enemy. When you are going through the Ascent after finding Dad's Note, you'll take a trip through each boss room you previously visited, but any trinket you've left behind will be transformed into the Cracked Key.

It's certainly a process but, like many things in The Binding of Isaac, you'll find a rhythm as you start working your way through. Take each character through the Ascent to the Home area and use the Red/Cracked Key in the room before Mom's Room to get all the tainted characters.

Tainted Character Traits

Most of the tainted characters have similar traits to their regular counterparts, but they generally all have an extremely powerful ability balanced by a significant drawback.

They all have varying levels of starting stats and the like, but here are the main things that separate each tainted character from their regular versions.

  • Tainted Isaac: Every item pedestal cycles between two options, but you can only hold eight passive items at a time.

  • Tainted Magdalene: Has a powerful melee attack that triggers when an enemy touches her and leaves a trail behind her that damages enemies, but her health slowly drains down to two red hearts.

  • Tainted Cain: Starts with the Bag of Crafting item, which stores pickups and transforms them into a passive item when used. However, Tainted Cain can only obtain items through this method.

  • Tainted Judas: Starts with the Dark Arts active item instead of the Book of Belial. This active item gives him an invulnerable charge attack.

  • Tainted ???: Starts with the Hold active item and nearly every pickup is replaced by poop variations. Hold allows Tainted ??? to store his leftmost poop (he can hold up to nine) for later use.

  • Tainted Eve: Starts with the Sumptorium active item instead of Eve's regular items. When active, it drains Eve's health to summon Blood Clot familiars while she is shooting tears.

  • Tainted Samson: Has a similar Berserk effect to regular Samson, but it restricts him to a powerful melee weapon and also has a timer that refills as he kills enemies.

  • Tainted Azazel: Has a fullscreen beam attack that does low damage, and also has a high knockback, close range attack that leaves enemies vulnerable to his beam. Tainted Azazel cannot fly.

  • Tainted Lazarus: Swaps between his living and dead form after each room. Each form has different stats and abilities, making this a tricky character to master.

  • Tainted Eden: Starts with random stats and items, and they are all rerolled each time Tainted Eden takes damage.

  • Tainted Lost: Starts with the Holy Card consumable, which will shield you from a single damage source. The drop rate for Holy Cards is much higher when you play as Tainted Lost.

  • Tainted Lilith: Starts with the C Section passive item, which replaces Tainted Lilith's tears attack with a baby attached by an umbilical cord (!!!!). The babe deals damage and can also fire tears at enemies.

  • Tainted Keeper: Every item is acquired by coins, and Tainted Keeper also uses coins for health. Defeating enemies drops temporary coins that quickly vanish if they aren't picked up.

  • Tainted Apollyon: Begins with the Abyss item, which sucks in every item in the room and spawns an attack fly familiar for each item that you can fire at enemies.

  • Tainted Forgotten: Has a skeleton familiar that you can throw at foes, dealing heavy damage. Cannot obtain red hearts.

  • Tainted Bethany: Begins with the Lemegeton active item, which grants a random passive item. Tainted Bethany cannot obtain red heart health, instead using red hearts to power her active item usage if it isn't fully charged.

  • Tainted Jacob: Begins with the Anima Sola item, which restricts actions from the closest enemy for five seconds. You'll need it, as Tainted Jacob will start being chased down 30 seconds into each floor by Dark Esau. If Dark Esau catches Tainted Jacob, he transforms into a character similar to The Lost, and one more hit will kill him. If you make it to the next floor as this ghostly figure, Tainted Jacob will be returned to his "living" state.

All these tainted characters add unique spins on the game, and a few of them will dramatically change the way you have to play The Binding of Isaac in order to succeed. Good luck surviving the basement, and check out our game page for more on The Binding of Isaac: Repentance!

The Best Outriders Early-Game Titanium Farm Fri, 09 Apr 2021 12:43:47 -0400 John Schutt

To upgrade the best weapons in Outriders, you need a consumable material called titanium. You won’t find much of it early on, but as you increase your World Tiers and get into higher difficulties, the game will throw it at you. This is especially true if you’re using the best titanium farming methods. There are three, and we cover them in this guide.

The best ways to farm titanium before getting deep into endgame content and Expeditions are:

  • Kill specific Hunter questline monsters
  • Dismantle Epic and Legendary gear
  • Buy it from an NPC named Bailey 

One thing before we begin: these strategies are best used when you are at least in World Tier 7, preferably WT8 or WT9. Any lower and both the gear and titanium dropped by enemies will be lackluster.

How to Start the Hunter Questline

When you reach Trench Town in the campaign, visit Noah Dembele in the bar. Speaking to him will start the Hunter questline, which has you traveling to the game areas and killing miniboss monsters in special arenas in different destinations. 

If an area has a monster to kill, you will see a yellow paw icon on the map and a Hunt quest when you hover over an area. To start a hunt, proceed to the area with the paw and interact with the glowing carcass found nearby. Your character will say something like, “This should be interesting,” or “Might as well put my skills to good use.” 

Once you interact with the carcass, the hunt arena opens up. Be aware that until you clear all 10 hunts in the game, you can’t replay one after you complete it. However, once you turn in all the hunt trophies to Noah, you can replay them at your leisure. 

One final note: For optimal farming of both loot and titanium, kill the boss of the hunt then let the mobs kill you. The boss will respawn and still drop gear, allowing you to fight the hunted monster infinitely. Or until you’re bored.

Best Titanium Farming Quests

The two best hunts for titanium are Splitooth in the Forest Enclave and Wendigo in The Gate. 


Splitooth’s arena is in the Forest Enclave destination, right next to the Collapsed Arch Pass flag at the map's far-right.   

You’ll need to kill two waves of enemies before Splitooth appears, and they’re made up of weak melee perforos and poison-spitting venomous perforos. Use the waves to build up buffs, then summon Splittooth by clearing the area.

Since they're a crawler, watch out for their straight-line breath attacks, as they have deceptive range and insane tracking. Be careful too around their slam attacks, as it sends shockwaves along the ground that knock you down and deal a lot of damage.


Wendigo is even easier to find than Splittooth: both the carcass and Wendigo’s arena are on the edge of your Camp at The Gate. 

You’ll deal with two waves again as you make your way through some ruins. When you reach a wide-open area with a column in the middle, Wendigo spawns directly from where you enter its arena.

Take some time to clear the wave of weak mobs that spawn around it, then kite it into an open area. Wendigo has more health than Splittooth, but not as much as some of the other hunt targets, so come with good single-target damage. 

Watch out for Wendigo’s sweeping attacks. They deal a lot of damage, knock you back, and can be a bear to dodge properly. Wendigo will also dawn an Anomaly cloak, giving it some resistance to your abilities. Melt it quickly with shotguns or heavy DoT damage.

Alternative Ways to Farm Titanium: Dismantling Gear and Buying from Bailey

At higher World Tiers, you’ll have an easier time finding purple epic and gold legendary gear. Dismantling any of these rarer items rewards an amount of titanium based on the gear’s rarity. 

Whether you’re using the hunting methods above or going through endgame Expeditions, you’re going to earn a lot of gear that either doesn’t jive with your current build or is plain worse than the equipment you already have. You have two options to get rid of this trash loot: sell it or dismantle it.

Dismantling rewards three or four titanium for epic up to more than 10 or 15 for the rarest legendaries. You can also unlock new mods from dismantling and the base materials of iron for weapons and leather for armor. There's more about dismantling in our crafting and upgrade guide

Selling what you don’t use opens up the possibility to purchase titanium directly from Bailey, a camp merchant you unlock during the campaign. She sells the material in stacks of five units for 1,625 Scrap. This might seem like a lot, but when most Epic gear sells for at least a few hundred scrap and eventually a few thousand at a time, you’ll be rolling in dough after just a few hours of grinding.


Those are the best early methods for farming titanium before you get deep into Outriders’ endgame, where the game hands the stuff out like candy no matter what you do. Expeditions are also a good way to earn titanium, but because they take significantly longer even at lower difficulties, farming them is neither efficient nor expedient. Be sure to check out our other Outriders guides for more tips and tricks. 

Outriders Multiplayer Scaling Explained Fri, 09 Apr 2021 12:25:51 -0400 Justin Koreis

One of the great joys in Outriders is shredding hordes of enemies using your guns, altered powers, and wits. While fighting is fun solo, it pales in comparison to playing with a full squad; multiplayer scaling has a direct and significant impact on difficulty, in more ways than one.

Mowing down the bad guys with friends, each of you an unstoppable, anomaly-powered killing machine is pure joy, but it can be hard because of how multiplayer scaling works. Fortunately, we’ve put together this handy guide to help you understand Outriders MP difficulty curves.

Multiplayer Level Scaling Explained

The first thing to understand about Outriders' multiplayer difficulty is that enemy level is determined exclusively by the host. World Tier (explained in detail here) sets the enemy level relative to the level of the host, regardless of the other two members in the party. 

A large level disparity between the party leader and other players will do one of two things.

  1. If the party leader is at a higher level, then lower-level teammates will face much more challenging enemies and may find themselves overmatched.
  2. Conversely, if the party leader is lower level, then the other group mates will be fighting weaker enemies.

Outriders begins to suppress player-level advantage after two levels, preventing enemies from being too easy. This is a one-way street, however, as there is no limit to the level advantage of enemies. Put your over-leveled buddy in as the party leader at your own risk.

Enemy Numbers Based on Number of Players

When playing the main game, adding additional members to the party increases the number of enemies that spawn, the amount of health enemies possess, and the amount of damage your enemies dish out.

A group of two will face more, tougher enemies, and a group of three will face the most and the toughest baddies. It appears that there are roughly 3x as many enemies in a three-person combat encounter as there are in a solo encounter. 

Expeditions Scaling

Expeditions are Outriders' endgame content. They are unlocked after completing the campaign. Multiplayer scaling is slightly different here.

Larger teams still affect the health and damage-dealing potential of the enemies you’ll be facing. However, because these encounters are designed to be high-level challenges, Expeditions are always locked to the maximum enemy group size.

A party of one will face the same number of enemies as a full three-person squad. Soloing is possible, but not recommended.

Friends with (Potentially Limited) Benefits

There are loot implications to multiplayer, as well. The loot level will always be set by the World Tier (for the main game) and Challenge Tier (for the endgame), based on the level of the party leader.

Playing as an overpowered bodyguard with your beginner friend as party leader may be fun, but it will do little to advance your own equipment.

There is also a cap to the maximum rank of the gear you can receive based on the World Tier and your individual level. Don’t expect that you can hide out behind the bushes while your max-level squad showers you with riches.

Tip the Scales

Outriders multiplayer scaling is important, but not too complicated. Level differences between party members, enemy numbers, and enemy strength are all variable, but in predictable ways. Make sure to read the rest of our Outriders tips and tricks to make the most out of your gameplay. And remember, the apocalypse is always more fun with friends.

Outriders World Tier System Difficulty, Loot, and Scaling Explained Thu, 08 Apr 2021 13:02:13 -0400 Justin Koreis

The Outriders World Tier system dictates the game's dynamic difficulty. As you play through the looter-shooter RPG, you fight a variety of snarling beasts and bandits ready to send your Outrider packing. However, you may find the difficulty ramps up quickly if you're playing well or dipping if you get killed too often. That's the World Tier system at work. 

World Tiers are independent of your overall player level and fluctuate based on how well you play each area and encounter. Managing this directly not only impacts the difficulty of the game but the quality of loot you receive from normal enemies, elites, bosses, and chests.

Here's everything you need to know about the Outriders World Tier system and how to maximize your loot while minimizing your pain.

What is World Tier?

World Tier ranges from levels 1 to 15. The system acts as the difficulty setting in Outriders. Each tier increases the level and by extension, the difficulty of enemies relative to the player.

World Tier 1, dubbed “Story” in-game, gives every enemy a level two levels lower than the player. A Level 5 character, for example, will face Level 3 enemies. World Tier 3, called “Normal” in-game, spawns enemies at the same level as the player, and subsequent tiers add one level.

The highest world Tier is 15, dubbed "Madness,” and gives enemies a full 12 level advantage. Best of luck to those who take on that challenge, especially close to or in end-game content.

It’s not all about difficulty, however. Outriders rewards gear based on World Tier. Each escalation in level increases the chance for loot to drop at higher rarities and boosts the drop rate for legendary weapons and legendary armor. For example, 

In addition, items that drop will do so with the same level modifier as enemies. Tier 1 drops gear two levels below the player, Tier 5 drops two levels above the player and so on. 

How to Unlock Higher World Tiers

Outriders begins at World Tier 1. Earning XP killing enemies and not dying unlocks the next tier (there is a yellow progress bar directly below the blue player-level bar at the top of the screen). The game, by default, automatically raises you to the next level when the yellow bar fills. Dying removes a portion of the progress towards the next World Tier, but once a tier is unlocked, it cannot be lost. 

The difficulty increase from World Tier isn’t designed to be linear with player progression. Eventually, you may be better off disabling the automatic World Tier progression and manually selecting the highest tier that is comfortable for you. Just note that you will not progress towards unlocking higher tiers and loot drops will be lower-level unless you are playing at your current maximum.

World Tier and Multiplayer Scaling

World Tier affects the entire team when playing in multiplayer co op. In those situations, the level is determined by the party leader. If the party leader is Level 20 and World Tier 1, then everyone will face Level 18 enemies and receive Level 18 quality loot.  

It's worth noting that Outriders also scales multiplayer encounters based on the number of players in a group. For example, it appears that there are 3x as many enemies in a three-person co op group and 2x as many in duos as there are in solo play. Combining this with World Tiers can make some late-game encounters extremely tough. 

How to Change World Tier

Word Tier can be changed at any time in the Hero Menu under the Quest Map tab. In the Quest Map tab, look to the bottom left corner to see which input on your platform brings up the World Tier Menu. It should be, by default: 

  • Left D-pad on consoles
  • Z on PC

If you change level mid-battle, then existing enemies will maintain their current strength, and new enemies will spawn with the updated level. Keep in mind that chests will adjust loot to whatever the lowest world tier level is you used during an encounter.

World Tier is a very user-friendly way to manage the difficulty of enemies and the odds of good loot. Used properly it is a great way to tailor the Outriders to the experience you are interested in. You set the pace and enjoy the rewards. Don’t be afraid to adjust as needed. If you are interested in taking on the harder levels, be sure to check out all of our Outriders tips on being the best monster killer and bandit slayer you can be.   

Outriders Crafting Guide: How to Upgrade Weapons and Armor Tue, 06 Apr 2021 17:53:48 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Outriders has one of the more unique and compelling crafting systems in the looter-shooter subgenre. It's deep and diverse, offering plenty of options for mods, upgrades, and rarity improvements, among a few other interesting wrinkles. There are a ton of materials to collect, too, and whether it's leather or attribute Shards, each has a specific use. 

It's easy to get lost in all of the options at your fingertips, and a few of the systems are a tad obtuse. This guide will take a look at crafting from the ground up. 

How to Unlock Crafting

You unlock crafting after completing the First City destination, which is unlocked after finishing the main quest points in Rift Town. Here, you work with Doctor Abraham Zahedi, who ultimately provides his crafting services to you. 

Zahedi is always in your camp after this. Typically, he's to the left or right of Jakub, and he has a wrench and screwdriver icon over his head. 

How to Craft (Upgrade) Weapons and Armor

Crafting in Outriders isn't about creating items from scratch, as you would in something like Skyrim or No Man's Sky. For the sake of this guide, we'll call it crafting, but it's more of an upgrade and modification system than anything else. 

To initiate crafting, simply speak to Zahedi and choose the first option: "I need to upgrade my gear." When the crafting menu appears, you'll see items on the left, an empty box in the middle, and a greyed-out menu to the right. 

The items on the left are all of the items you have equipped (top section) and in your inventory (everything else). Select an item you wish to improve, and it will move to the box in the center of the screen. You'll then see options appear in the menu to the right. 

For some items, all of the options are available. For others, only a few options are available. 

Now, you'll simply want to choose the improvement/upgrade option that you want. 

  • Improve Rarity: Allows you to improve an item's rarity (such as upgrading an uncommon [green] rarity shotgun to an epic [purple] rarity shotgun). Epics cannot be made into Legendaries. 

  • Raise Attributes: Allows you to improve an item's attributes (such as weapon life leech and skill cooldown).

  • Mod Gear: Allows you to add Mods to various pieces of gear (such as adding bleeding bullets to a weapon or rejuvenation to a piece of armor).

  • Swap Variant: Allows you to change an item's variant (such as changing from a tactical weapon type with a larger magazine size to a sharpshooter weapon type with a higher crit multiplier).

  • Level Up: Allows you to increase an item's level (such as taking a weapon or piece of armor from Level 20 to Level 21, increasing its base stats but rerolling its attribute values; has max wearable level).

If you want to switch to a new piece of gear, simply choose it from the list on the left side of the screen, and it will automatically replace the equipment in the middle. 

Crafting Materials

Outriders does a really good job of telling you exactly where and how to get various crafting resources  except for one: Anomaly Shards. Either way, we'll cover them all below so you have them in one place. 


Leather can be found in loot chests, as drops from animals and beasts, and from dismantling armor. It can also be purchased from Noah Dembele in Trench Town. It is used to improve armor rarity. 


Iron comes from mining nodes and breaking down weapons. It can also be purchased from Noah Dembele in Trench Town. It is used to improve weapon rarity and swap weapon variants. 


Titanium comes from killing high-level enemies, such as mini-bosses and bosses, as well as from dismantling epic and legendary weapons. It is used to increase weapon and armor level. 

Anomaly Shards

Anomaly Shards are a bit more "complicated," so to speak. Shards tie directly into weapon and armor attributes under the "Raise Attributes" section of the crafting menu.

When you dismantle a weapon with a specific attribute, you get a certain number of Shards toward that attribute. Each weapon and armor piece will have a list of two to three attributes, and any with an Anomaly Shard symbol next to them will grant Shards for the attribute when broken down. 

For example, if you break down an assault rifle with Life Leech, you'll get a certain number of Shards towards upgrading the Life Leech attribute on another weapon.

You can see how much of each crafting material you have by looking under the resources section in the bottom right portion of the crafting menu. All of the materials except Shards will have a number next to them. Hover over Shards to see how many of each you have for all of the weapon attributes.  

Dismantling Weapons and Armor vs. Selling Them

There are two ways to get rid of unwanted weapons and armor in Outriders: selling them to a vendor or dismantling them in the crafting menu or your inventory.

You can sell excess weapons to Gregor Ram, the weapons vendor, and excess armor to Eva Lopez, the armor merchant in Rift Town. You can also sell weapons to Eryk Rib and Noah Dembele and armor to Rough Pavlo in Trench Town. Each will give you a certain amount of Scrap based on the item's rarity and level. 

However, dismantling weapons and armor is much better than selling them, at least for a while. For one, you get plenty of Scrap from killing enemies and looting crates in your early expeditions and hunts. Second, dismantling gives you materials for crafting, turning all of those green drops into more than just trash. 

Perhaps most importantly, though, dismantling weapons and armor lets you add mods to your mod catalog. If you see a square with four circles inside of it to the right of the mod icon on a certain weapon or armor piece, you already have that mod in your catalog and can put it on any other similar item. 

Understanding Mods

Common (white) and Uncommon (green) items do not have mods, nor can they have mods attached to them. Rare (blue) equipment comes with one mod and one slot. Epic (purple) and Legendary (gold) equipment come with two mods and two slots. 

There are dozens of Outriders mods. Some are general enhancements that can be found on any weapon or armor piece. These include mods such as Toxic Bullets, Storm Whip, Hidden and Dangerous, Savor the Feeble, and more. Others are tied directly to specific classes, such as Weakening Zone for the Trickster or Fortify for the Technomancer.  

Mod Tiers

Further, there are Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III mods. Some tiers decrease cooldown times; Ashen Bullets I has a cooldown of 8 seconds, while Ashen Bullets II has a cooldown time of 4 seconds. Others provide damage increases or health buffs, with Tier III mods having some incredible effects and worthy of end-game content. 

Changing Mods

You can switch out mods whenever you want by going to the Mod Gear option in the crafting menu. Here, you can choose from all of the mods you've received by breaking items down. They are both general and class-specific, and you can attach them to the weapon, headgear, upper armor, etc., that you want. 

When you're ready to switch out mods, you can choose which slot a new one goes into the first time around. This overwrites the mod currently attached to that slot. Note, however, whenever you attach a new mod to a piece of gear for the first time, it locks whichever slot you didn't choose. 

So, for example, if you have Vampire and Resistance Breaker on a bolt action rifle, and you want to add Ruler of Leeches to the gun, you can attach Ruler of Leeches to either mod slot one or mod slot two. If you choose to override Resistance Breaker with it, Vampire is locked to the rifle forever. 

You can still swap mods over Ruler of Leeches in slot two. 

What do Red Backgrounds and Red Boxes Mean for Mods? 

Mods cannot be stacked, and applying more than one of the same mod to an item does not increase a mod's effect. For example, you can only gain the effects of one Additional Mag Twisted Rounds mod equipped to any piece of your Trickster's armor at a time.

If you already have a mod applied, a small, bright red box will appear in the top right-hand corner of the mod description inside the Mod Gear menu. If you still try to equip that mod, the background of the mod description will turn red on items you've applied it to. 


That's basically everything you need to know about the Outriders crafting system. Its unique nature allows players to improve their favorite weapons and armor for often much longer than some other systems, and it keeps them from being forced into a build just because of an awesome mod. For more on Outriders, which is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Stadia, consider heading over to our growing guides hub

Outriders Weapon Leech Explained and How to Maximize it Tue, 06 Apr 2021 15:45:10 -0400 Justin Koreis

Are the enemies in Outriders getting you down? Is the big elite dressed like a rejected Mad Max villain, firing flaming tornadoes giving you trouble, when all you want to do is dismember his friends? Weapon Leech is here to help. 

Weapon Leech is a weapon attribute in Outriders that can have a dramatic impact on any combat scenario. Dishing out damage to your opponents can create a near-constant stream of healing for yourself, no matter your class or how your class normally regains health.  

As enemies become stronger in the mid- to late-game, absorbing and dealing more damage, Weapon Leech can often be the difference between staying in the fight or collapsing under a barrage of bullets, claws, and anomaly powers. 

Weapon Leech is expressed as a percentage. It converts the percentage of damage dealt into healing energy for the player.

Simply put, the Weapon Leech percentage is how many hit points the player is healed for every 100 points of damage dealt. If a weapon hits for 1000 points of damage, and has 10% Weapon Leech, for example, it would heal 100 points of health.

Keep in mind that a weapon with a higher life leech percentage won't automatically be an upgrade as a healing item. A higher damage value multiplied by a slightly smaller Weapon Leech Percentage will often result in more healing. It’s worth taking the time to test and/or do the math to determine the most effective combination.

How to Start Leeching

There is no fixed way to acquire a weapon with Weapon Leech. It is a random attribute and can be found on any weapon rarity level above common, including unusual, rare, epic, and legendary.

Completing missions, especially World Tier 4 and above, and opening chests often results in weapon drops. All you can do is keep grinding loot until you find a weapon with Leech that you like, and then using the in-game weapon leveling system to continue upgrading that weapon to keep it viable. 

With the amount of loot you get from each combat scenario and completed area, you should have a weapon leech gun in no time at all. 

Making your Leech Suck... More?  

Weapon Leech can be enhanced with the Rule of Leeches mod. This mod applies an additional 20% leeching effect for 20 seconds after a kill.

This is a powerful combination. A 10% Weapon Leech suddenly heals 300 points for every 100 points of damage given, making your outrider as durable as they are deadly.

The beauty of mods like Rule of Leeches is they can be reused. The first time you dismantle a weapon containing this mod, it permanently enters your inventory, and it can be added to any weapon with a mod slot. Higher rarity weapons can be fitted with additional mods, increasing damage and, by extension, potential healing.


The fundamental loop in Outriders is deal damage and heal. Weapon Leech is a powerful ability that can dramatically alter the latter half of that loop. The right weapon, with the correct mods, can be all you need to turn the tide in more difficult battles at higher World Tiers. For more tips, be sure to check out all of our Outriders guides. Happy hunting, Outrider.  

It Takes Two Guide: All Minigames Locations Tue, 06 Apr 2021 14:07:59 -0400 Sergey_3847

There are 25 minigames in It Takes Two, all of them are pure fun. The games are really simple, but finding them all can be a problem. This guide will provide you with all the minigame locations in It Takes Two.

Just follow our tips below, and you should hear a specific sound whenever you're on the right path. This will indicate that you're on the right track and you should be able to find all 25 minigames without any issues whatsoever.

It Takes Two: All Minigames Locations

1. Whack-a-Cody
  • Level: The Shed - The Depths

You will be automatically prompted to play this minigame in the middle of the level by Dr. Hakim.

2. Flip the Switch
  • Level: The Shed - The Depths

The second one can be played right after the first minigame. After solving the puzzle, turn right and you will see a huge metal circle in the distance.

3. Tug of War
  • Level: The Tree - Captured

Once you reach the area with the soccer ball, turn left from the soccer ball and reach the rope pulled over a hole in the ground.

4. Plunger Dunger
  • Level: The Tree - Deeply Rooted

Once you drop from the giant blue fish, you will land right in front of the tunnels, which are the starting point of the Plunger Dunger minigame.

5. Tank Brothers
  • Level: Rose's Room - Pillow Fort

This game can be seen on top of stacked pillows right in front of you at the beginning of the level. Just walk up to them and climb over.

6. Spacewalk
  • Level: Rose's Room - Spaced Out

Power up the first robot and go behind it into the vertical tunnel. Float to the top, but try to squeeze into the opening right beneath the very top level. There you can find a teleport to the next minigame.

7. Laser Tennis
  • Level: Rose's Room - Spaced Out

This minigame is hidden in the same float tunnel, but one level higher, right beneath the top in the opening.

8. Rodeo
  • Level: Rose's Room - Hopscotch

Go to the very end of the level, passing by the main path to your right. There is a stack of pillows at the end. Just go over them for the Rodeo minigame.

9. Feed the Reptile
  • Level: Rose's Room - Hopscotch

Right after you finish the first rail riding challenge, turn right and go along the green path to this minigame.

10. Batting Team
  • Level: Rose's Room - Hopscotch

Once you reach the path made of floating blocks, turn right to play the Batting Team minigame.

11. Birdstar
  • Level: Rose's Room - Once Upon a Time

Enter the courtyard of the giant castle and turn left. You should see a huge TV set, which is the Birdstar minigame.

12. Bomb Run
  • Level: Cuckoo Clock - Gates of Time

Once you reach the rails in the town, head down along these rails until you reach the opening to your left. Enter the opening and turn right for the Bomb Run minigame.

13. Horse Derby
  • Level: Cuckoo Clock - Gates of Time

If you turn right from the town square, you should reach the fisherman's dock. To the right of the docks there is the Horse Derby minigame.

14. Icicle Throwing
  • Level: Snow Globe - Winter Village

Once you enter the village, you will have to melt the three ice towers. This minigame is located in the left one.

15. Shuffle Board
  • Level: Snow Globe - Winter Village

This minigame is located inside a cave of the middle tower, which also needs to be melted first.

16. Snow Warfare
  • Level: Snow Globe - Winter Village

The final and third minigame of the Winter Village is located inside the third tower to the right.

17. Ice Race
  • Level: Snow Globe - Beneath the Ice

Follow the main mission to the underwater station, but before turning on the generator, swim outside to the top. You should see a platform on top with the racing line.

18. Garden Swings
  • Level: Garden - Weed Whacking

At the beginning of the level turn right and go over the stone stairs. There is the Garden Swings minigame.

19. Larva Basket
  • Level: Garden - Weed Whacking

When May finishes watering some plants, you need to jump on top of the mushrooms to your left. These will lead you to a stone pillar with the minigame.

20. Snail Race
  • Level: Garden - Frog Pond

After completing the vine rails challenge, you should arrive at a giant box. The Snail Race minigame is inside this box.

21. Slotcars
  • Level: The Attic - Setting the Stage

Follow the red carpet to the right of the start of the level, and it will lead you to the Slotcars minigame at the end.

22. Chess
  • Level: The Attic - Setting the Stage

Once you finish the rehearsal, a new red carpet will appear. Follow it and soon you will arrive at a gigantic chess area.

23. Musical Chairs
  • Level: The Attic - Setting the Stage

Left of the chess area there is a stack of books. Go over them and you'll see a small blue radio with the minigame.

24. Volleyball
  • Level: The Attic - Symphony

At the start of the level, look beneath the platform you're standing on. You should see a Volleyball minigame on the platform below.

25. Track Runner
  • Level: The Attic - Setting the Stage

Once you finish the Symphony level, you'll be back to the previous area. Follow a new red carpet to the right at the very start and enter the final minigame area.

Those are all minigame locations in It Takes Two. Also, check out the official GameSkinny review of the game right here.

Evil Genius 2: World Domination Best Henchmen Mon, 05 Apr 2021 11:27:29 -0400 Sergey_3847

Evil Genius 2 players can recruit and use five different henchmen at a time. But not all henchmen are created equal, so you need to choose wisely, as recruitment process beyond your first henchman is not an easy task. This guide will help you with that and provide you with a list of the five best henchmen in Evil Genius 2: World Domination.

If you're going to spend your time persuading the best crime lords of the world, then it should be worth it. Here you will find henchmen that will be doing their jobs better than the rest.

The Five Best Henchmen in Evil Genius 2

  • Health: 375
  • Smarts: 350
  • Morale: 350

Crime lord Jubei is undoubtedly the best of the best. If you decide to recruit just one henchman, it should be Jubei without a question.

His best ability is Windwalk, which allows him to teleport quickly like the wind. This can be useful in so many situations, including fights and incursions. This skill can be used both offensively and defensively.

Flow is another great skill that adds a significant punch to Jubei's hits. All you need to do is make sure that you can execute several consecutive hits that will stack your damage up with each one of them.

Jubei's only drawback is that he can't heal himself, so don't put him against too many enemies. Instead focus on a single target, such as a super agent.

Dr. Magnolia Ming
  • Health: 350
  • Smarts: 350
  • Morale: 350

Dr. Ming is not just an excellent supporter and healer, but also one of the most dangerous killers in Evil Genius 2.

Her Contagion ability is unbelievably good, especially against a small army of enemies. It emits a gas cloud that kills a whole bunch of enemies and even chases them, if they try to escape.

The Cure skill does the same, but instead of killing enemies it heals your allies. Try to keep your allies away from the poisonous cloud or it will kill them, too.

Dr. Ming would be an excellent companion to Jubei. These two can single-handedly help you win the whole game.

  • Health: 400
  • Smarts: 350
  • Morale: 350

This is an artificial intelligence and the finest ranged henchman in Evil Genius 2.

The best ability is Security Network Link, a kind of a surveillance camera that seeks out enemies, and after detecting them automatically summons guards. This is a great skill to have against rogues trying to steal your gold.

Reroute Power is a self-healing skill, which also reduces any damage taken. This makes I.R.I.S. a great tank supporter that can face even the strongest agents.

  • Health: 325
  • Smarts: 350
  • Morale: 350

Incendio is truly unique!

His skills allow him to secretly drain enemy stats without them even noticing it. On the other hand, his damage is so powerful that it can hurt both your allies and even destroy furniture, which is undesirable.

His Perform Trick ability lures agents and tourists dealing damage to them. The AoE effect is so powerful that it will instantly ignite things around him on fire. The best way to deal with this drawback is to set up a few fire extinguishers at the place of the operation.

Combine Jubei with Incendio and make super agents pray for mercy.

  • Health: 300
  • Smarts: 300
  • Morale: 350

At first glance, Fugu has nothing interesting to offer. Both of her abilities, Food Poisoning and Blowfish Explosion, are weaker versions of Dr. Ming's gas cloud that poisons enemies.

But she also has a secret skill that is absolutely worth checking out. It allows you to reduce the heat during certain missions by 75 points. This can help you prevent an entire region of going into lockdown.

Fugu can also be useful for your economics, since she can make some shops available to you that will bring in huge sums of money.

Those are the best henchmen in Evil Genius 2: World Domination, so now you know who to recruit for your global operations. Also, be sure to check out other Evil Genius 2 guides here at GameSkinny.

Monster Hunter Rise: Best Weapons Tier List Mon, 05 Apr 2021 11:09:55 -0400 Sergey_3847

Monster Hunter Rise has 14 types of weapons, and within each type are a plethora of individual weapons with their own strengths. Even if you know your playstyle, it can still be really hard to pick up the best weapon for your build.

This guide will make it easy for you and provide you with the tier list of the best weapons in Monster Hunter Rise. Choose one or a few and base your builds on the weapons of your choice. All options listed below are extremely powerful, but some are still better than the others, so choose wisely.

S-Tier Weapons

Hidden Harmonic II
  • Type: Hunting Horn
  • Attack: 160
  • Affinity: 40%

Hunting horns are universally acclaimed as the best weapons in Monster Hunter Rise. But they are all very different, so choosing the best one can be tough.

Hidden Harmonic II is a truly unique hunting horn that has a natural white sharpness, which is something one simply cannot miss. It also has some of the best melodies you could get in the game, such as Stamina Recovery Up, Attack Up, and Affinity Up.

This weapon can be upgraded from Hidden Harmonic I, which originally can be obtained from the Nargacuga monster in the Shrine Ruins and Flooded Forest.

The crafting recipe for Hidden Harmonic II is the following:

  • 2x Rakna-Kadaki Sharpclaw
  • 2x Nargacuga Marrow
  • 12x Nargacuga+ Points
  • 42,000 Zenny
Deepest Night
  • Type: Long Sword
  • Attack: 180
  • Affinity: 40%

This sword is not only powerful in terms of raw damage, but it also has some of the most useful rampage skills in the game, including Attack Boost II and III.

But most interesting skill of the Deepest Night is the Master Rider. This ramp-up ability allows you to deal much more damage when riding a Wyvern.

This weapon can be unlocked by upgrading Hidden Saber I and II that can also be obtained from the Nargacuga monster.

Then, it can be crafted using the following recipe:

  • 2x Rakna-Kadaki Spike
  • 3x Nargacuga Fang+
  • 1x Narga Medulla
  • 10x Nargacuga+ Points
  • 42,000 Zenny

A-Tier Weapons

Mountain Blizzarioths
  • Type: Dual Blades
  • Attack: 180 (+20 Ice)
  • Affinity: 20%

This weapon has a huge speed of attack, which makes it very useful for dealing elemental damage - in this case it's the ice damage.

It has two excellent rampage skills: Affinity Boost II and Atack Boost IV. it also has the Iceblight ramp-up skill, which increases your damage significantly on the enemies that are affected by the Iceblight status effect.

Mountain Blizzarioths can be upgraded from Blizzarioths I and II, which can be obtained from Barioth at the Frost Island.

It can be crafted using the following recipe:

  • 3x Goss Harag Fur
  • 3x Barioth Claw+
  • 1x Wyvern Gem
  • 12x Barioth+ Points
  • 39,000 Zenny
Undying Axe II
  • Type: Switch Axe
  • Attack: 210 (+20 Thunder)
  • Affinity: 15%

If you like your weapon to be a little more diverse in form, then switch axe is a perfect choice. It can be used as either a sword for faster attacks, or as an axe for a wider reach.

The raw damage on Undying Axe II is really high, especially when you add 20 points of thunder damage to the mix. This is also one of the few weapons that actually benefits from green sharpness, which increases its damage even further with the help of the Dulling Strike skill.

Undying Axe II can be upgraded from Undying Axe I obtained from Rajang at the Shrine Ruins.

It can be crafted with the help of this recipe:

  • 4x Rajang Claw+
  • 2x Rajang Tail
  • 1x High Commendation
  • 45,000 Zenny

B-Tier Weapons

Biting Edge II
  • Type: Charge Blade
  • Attack: 160 (+31 Fire)
  • Affinity: 25%

If the switch axe isn't complicated enough for you, then go for the charge blade weapon that in addition to sword and axe forms also provides you with a decent shield.

Biting Edge II has a very rare natural white sharpness and elemental fire damage. It also has Silkbind Boost skill that makes your Wirebug deal more damage.

This weapon is upgraded from Biting Edge I, which can be obtained by defeating the Rakna-Kadaki monster at Sandy Plains and Lava Caverns.

You can craft it with the help of the following recipe:

  • 2x Elder Dragon Blood
  • 4x Rakna-Kadaki Silk
  • 4x Rakna-Kadaki Carapace
  • 3x Monster Broth
  • 56,000 Zenny
Abominable Great Sword
  • Type: Great Sword
  • Attack: 230 (+20 Ice)
  • Affinity: -15%

Lastly, when it comes to sheer brutal raw power, then nothing comes close to the Abominable Great Sword that hits monsters like a truck.

This power weapon is imbued with ice damage and Brutal Strike ramp-up skill, which actually benefits from the negative affinity in this case. This seeming drawback makes this sword hit way harder than it should.

It can be unlocked by upgrading the Gossblade I and II swords, obtainable from the Goss Harag monster at Frost Islands.

The crafting recipe looks like this:

  • 2x Goss Harag Brace+
  • 2x Goss Harag Fur+
  • 1x Block of Ice+
  • 1x Goss Harag Bile
  • 42,000 Zenny

Those are the best weapons in Monster Hunter Rise. If you found this tier list useful, check out our other Monster Hunter Rise guides.

How to Find The Best Early and Mid-Game Weapons in Outriders Mon, 05 Apr 2021 09:59:26 -0400 John Schutt

There are a lot of weapons in Outriders, and because of their random rolls, finding the perfect one for your build takes time and grinding. The best starting weapon for the early game depends on a couple of factors: your class and your playstyle preference. You’ll also need to factor in weapon mods and how much you’re willing to invest in keeping the weapon properly leveled with the right crafting materials.

In this guide, we’ll cover the optimal weapons for grinding through the campaign, from type, mods, power, and upgradability. We’ll be using the Trickster for class consideration. We also won’t be considering legendary options, as those are harder to come by until much later.

The Best Early and Mid-Game Weapon in Outriders

Like most loot games, the overall best weapon for grinding through the campaign is whichever one has the highest attack power. Outriders constantly showers you with new gear, and not even the most ardent crafter will be able to keep up with the consistent power increases.

When it comes down to raw numbers, it doesn’t really matter what class you are, either. A sniper rifle with 200 more damage is simply a better baseline option than the less powerful automatic shotgun.

Your class does matter when it comes to building good habits, though. A Trickster is an up-close and personal class, and very few of its abilities function well at anything more than medium range. Therefore, it’s best to stick to guns suited for close quarters. That means submachine guns, shotguns, and auto-shotguns.

The other classes are as follows:

  • Technomancer: Sniper Rifle, Double Gun, LMG
  • Pyromancer: Submachine Gun, Assault Rifle, Shotgun
  • Devastator: LMG, Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle

Take every opportunity to focus on these weapon types whenever possible in the order presented. Feel free to dismantle or sell other types unless they are demonstrably better than everything else in your inventory.

The more you become accustomed to using a weapon that plays to your class’ strengths, the better off you’ll be in the endgame. It’s where Outriders demands mastery and punishes the smallest mistakes.

Best Weapon Example

Take this automatic shotgun as a good example of a powerful early to mid-game option. It has a 10-round drum magazine, a faster-than-average reload time, good damage and range, and most importantly, a weapon mod (Essence Thief) that syncs well with an in-your-face Trickster playstyle.

When I saw this gun for sale, its attack power was about 150 higher than any other weapon in my inventory. That on its own was enough to make it an insta-equip, but its passive attribute was also top-notch. Passives are less important than mods, but only just. As a Trickster, you want to focus on Weapon Leech to maximize health gain on damage. Depending on your class, you might consider a straight damage boost or critical chance increase as better options.

A weapon like this one is also valuable because it has a mod. As part of the crafting system, you’ll receive the equipped mod from any weapon you dismantle, provided you don’t already have a copy. We go into greater detail about equipping and optimizing mods in our upcoming crafting guide. For now, know that the best weapons in Outriders’ early game are useful even once you’ve found something to replace them.

When to Upgrade or When to Mod and Improve Stats

Every time you find a new weapon keyed to your class’ playstyle, quickly take stock of your current options. Is it easily better than what you’re using, or do you like what you have already? If it’s straight-up better, go ahead and use it regardless of its passive or mods. Odds are you’ll run across something even more powerful soon enough.

Even given a pure upgrade, you might have a gun that’s rolled exactly how you like it. At such a point, the best option is to keep using that weapon. Head to Dr. Zahedi and upgrade its level, rarity, and mods. You might not reach the dropped weapon’s power, but you’re likely to come close.

You’ll also want to mod and improve a weapon if the margin between it and the one with the highest attack is particularly thin, say 50 damage or so. Increasing the rarity or improving stats will likely remove the difference entirely.


One last note: the best weapon early in Outriders is ultimately the one you like using most. If you’re in a sniping mood, get yourself a good sniper, fiddle with the mods and the stats, and try out new combinations of abilities. The same goes for close range, mid-range, class-focused, anything. You might not be using the optimal setup, but you never know what could become your favorite way of obliterating every hostile on Enoch.

Outriders Tips and Tricks Guide: How to Survive Your First Hours on Enoch Sun, 04 Apr 2021 20:46:59 -0400 Jonathan Moore

You'll need some Outriders tips and tricks if you're going to survive your stay on Enoch and make the most of it. The third-person shooter from Square Enix and People Can Fly has more actionable in-game guides than most shooters and games in general, offering a large library inside in the pause menu.

We'll go over some of those things below because they're worth singling out and looking at in more depth. But there are also some things that the game glosses over that will help you live longer and improve your quality of life. 

As this guide's headline suggests, the tips below won't be for the Outriders late-game or its end-game expeditions. While they can be used across every portion of the game, they're very much meant to get you up and running on Enoch, helping you make the most of your first 8-10 hours. 

With that in mind, let's jump in. 

Read the In-Game Guides

Square and People Can Fly have taken a small bite out of our pie here with the number of in-game guides they've written up for Outriders. But while they may make our job a little harder, they'll make your life a whole lot easier. 

You can find the Guides section in the pause menu, just underneath the options sub-menu.

Guides go over everything from effect resistances like ash, freeze, and slow to general crafting tips and how shields work. There are some things they skip over or don't fully explain, but they're well worth reading when you first start. 

Try Every Class Early

There are four Outriders classes: the Technomancer, the Pyromancer, the Trickster, and the Devastator. Each has a unique skillset and requires a distinctive playstyle. 

  • Technomancer: Specializes in crowd-control and long-range attacks; can heal allies. 
  • Pyromancer: Specializes in medium-range attacks and fire
  • Trickster: Specializes in close-quarters attacks, traps, and time manipulation
  • Devastator: Specializes in close-quarters attacks and defense; the tank of the group

Once you create a character, you are asked to choose one of the above classes. Once you do so and begin a playthrough, that character is locked to that specific class. However, you can create up to six characters at a single time assigned to any of the classes. 

It's worth testing out all four classes early on to get a feel for each of them and see which one might fit your playstyle the best. 

Once you playthrough the prologue once, you can skip it with each subsequent character. Items stored in your stash are shared across characters, but story progression, character level, and World Tier level are not. 

Know How Your Class Heals

There are no health packs to pick up in Outriders. Neither does health regenerate to maximum like in Call of Duty (though it will regenerate some). Each class has its own healing mechanic, and you must know how each of them works. 

  • Trickster heals and gains shields through close-proximity kills 
  • Pyromancer heals by marking and then killing marked enemies
  • Devastator heals through close-proximity kills
  • Technomancer heals by dealing damage

Remember that some item mods and attributes will also allow you to generate health under various circumstances, such as when reloading or on each shot. 

Trickster is the only class that can organically generate shields. All other classes must receive it from other sources. 

Check Everywhere for Chests

Outriders is a linear game; there's no open world here. But that doesn't mean there isn't room for exploration.

For the most part, Enoch's destinations are self-contained areas on a larger world map. You can fast travel between each region, and each of those regions has smaller sub-areas within them that you can hop between. 

Most of these sub-areas and locations are connected by linear pathways. As you defeat enemies and move forward, you'll come across chests that glow in a faint blue hue. Wooden chests contain loot; steel chests contain ammo (denoted by a white ammo icon on the mini-map). 

Restock chests are always easy to find and can be found in three places: 

  • Next to an explorer banner (fast travel location)
  • Just before a combat encounter
  • Inside most combat encounters

Wooden chests can be found in combat encounters, too, but they're primarily found on the pathways leading up to combat encounters and in little nooks off to the sides of those paths. Look for sections of the map that branch off of the primary route: behind rocks, inside burned-down buildings, etc.

Explore as you make your way down these linear pathways to nab extra loot for scrap and crafting materials. Who knows, you may even snag an epic weapon or armor piece worth keeping. 

Look Everywhere for Mining Nodes

Just like chests, mining nodes can be found anywhere on Enoch. Most are, as you might expect, found on cliffs and alongside other rocky outcroppings. They are almost always found on the edges of an area or pathway, and they stand out with their bluish glittery coating.

Mine these for iron to supplement the iron received from weapon dismantling. You'll need that crafting material to upgrade weapons. 

Don't Be Afraid to Spam Your Skills

Each Outriders class can equip three unique skills at any given time. These fall into specific categories, such as Deception for the Trickster, and they all provide special benefits, allowing players to slow or weaken enemies, improve damage output, deflect bullets, and even teleport. 

Do. Not. Be. Afraid. To. Use. Them. Seriously. 

Outriders wants you to play aggressively. Unless you are playing a very specific build or using a very specific sniper/long rifle, Outriders punishes you for playing back and/or defensively 90% of the time. 

That means, among other things, spamming your skills and their associated abilities. Skills already have relatively short cooldowns (most are under 20 seconds at most), and some mods and attributes can shorten the default cooldowns even more. 

As you reach higher World Tiers, it's imperative to use skills as much as possible to not only deal damage but to debuff enemies, create traps, and heal. Skills will save your skin, whether you're playing solo or in multiplayer co op. 

Don't be Afraid to Retreat or Reposition

Sure, "Play Aggressive" is the unofficial subtitle of Outriders, but it's just as useful to know when to retreat and reposition, kiting enemies from a disadvantageous location to an advantageous one. 

Once a creature wave is triggered, enemies funnel to you no matter how far away you are from them. As long as they can get to you, they will. Kite adds into kill zones and set traps for slowing and weakening them. 

Human adversaries are a bit different and tend to hunker down while shooting at you. However, there are hyper-aggro melee humanoids that spawn in some areas that can easily overwhelm you; reposition to pull them away from the main force and make them easier to deal with. 

Always be aware of your surroundings, too. Position yourself so that captains can't easily get to you or pin you against the environment. Put obstacles between you and the enemy, and use elevation to get the drop on enemies below — or use it as indestructible cover from attacks from above. 

Pay Attention to Weapon and Armor Mods, Attributes

It's easy to pick up a new weapon or piece of armor, see it has a higher baseline damage or armor rating than your currently-equipped gear, and put it on. While it's important to look at those baseline ratings as you acquire new gear in Outriders, and some of the best early- to mid-game weapons have more powerful base stats, it's equally important to pay attention to the mods and attributes attached to each new item you pick up. 

Just because an item's baseline stat is "better" than the gear you currently have on, a certain mod or attribute may make it less useful for your build or playstyle.

For example, Essence Thief is a great mod that allows you to regenerate health for each shot you land on an enemy. I have it on an 1165 firepower assault rifle, but I picked up a 1333 firepower assault rifle with Striga, a mod that returns 30% of any crit damage inflicted back to me as health. It would seem that the 1333 rifle is better because of its increased raw firepower. 

But perhaps not. Maybe. 

While the Outriders crafting system mostly allows you to switch weapon and armor mods on the fly, there are instances where you can't do so; some slots lock after changing out a mod. Since I play very aggressively with the Trickster and suck at getting crits in general, the increased firepower doesn't mesh well with my playstyle. I may actually get killed more trying to get criticals for health regen than I would by simply getting body shots for a similar effect. 

This goes double for other weapon and armor attributes, such as weapon life leech, anomaly power, cooldown reduction, and more. If you use your skills a lot, a higher anomaly power level or cooldown reduction percentage is sometimes more useful than a higher armor rating or increased baseline firepower. 

Turn Off Camera Shake and Motion Blur (If You Want)

Outriders cutscenes and dialog sections feature a good amount of camera shake by default. Some players won't mind and will embrace the unique cinematographic method, but others will want to turn it off. The same goes for the motion blur that appears around your character in-game when running. 

You can turn both of these off in the options menu. 

For camera shake, go to Options -> Gameplay Options -> Cinematic Camera Smoothing. Turn the value to 1.00 to eliminate camera shake in cutscenes and dialog sections. 

For motion blur, go to Options -> Display -> Motion Blur. Set it to off, and motion blur is a thing of the past.  

Mass Sell and Mass Dismantle Weapons and Armor

When you first visit one of the vendors in Rift Town or Trench Town, you'll likely have a large inventory of items. Likewise when you first unlock crafting after playing through the First City destination. 

You could sell or dismantle all of your common (white), unusual (green), and rare (blue) weapons and armor pieces separately, but it's faster to do it in bulk. 

In the vendor sell menu, crafting menu, and inventory menu, highlight an item and press R3 (default on consoles) or right-click (default on PC). This marks each of the items with a recycle icon. 

Once you've marked everything you want to sell or dismantle, press Triangle (PS4), Y (Xbox), or Delete (PC) to mass sell or dismantle items. 

You can also mark all items of a specific rarity for dismantling in the inventory menu, but not in the crafting menu or sell menu. Click the colored rectangles in the bottom right of the menu to select all commons, rares, etc.  

Use Auto Loot 

Outriders' auto loot system doesn't automatically loot items when they drop from defeated enemies, pop out of a chest, or otherwise drop on the ground. Instead, it auto loots items when you die or leave an area if those items are already on the ground.

More usefully, though, it also lets you pick up items in an area at anytime once they've dropped  without having to run around to each of them and pick them up manually. 

This not only makes looting combat areas much easier, but it also means if you're playing multiplayer with friends, one player can mine an iron node while another loots a chest — and you can pick up all of the items without having to follow those players around. 

To auto loot manually, press down on the D-pad (consoles) or H (PC). You can go into Options -> Gameplay -> Auto Loot Minimum Rarity to choose the lowest rarity the auto loot function will allow you to pick up. Choose "Common" to loot everything that drops. If you don't want lower-rarity items, tweak it to only pick up epics and legendaries. 

Change Your World Tier If Things Get Too Hard

Outriders uses a dynamic difficulty system called World Tiers. As you progress through the game, the difficulty increases as you play better and kill more enemies. Get killed facing a particularly tough enemy, boss, or encounter, though, and the difficulty decreases slightly. 

You can tell what World Tier you're in and how far along you are to the next World Tier by looking at the yellow bar at the top of the in-game screen. It's found just underneath the blue bar for your current class level. 

The dark yellow portion of the bar indicates where you are in World Tier progression. The light yellow bar that may be extending from that indicates how far your World Tier will increase following an encounter/area. 

Some encounters may prove particularly difficult, even in multiplayer co op. If you want to decrease the difficulty and return to a lower World Tier, you can do so at any time. Most of the time, you'll get lower-grade weapons and armor at lower World Tiers, but don't worry; you can return to your current maximum World Tier whenever you want. 

To change your World Tier, open the Quest Map and press left on the D-pad (default on consoles) or Z (default on PC). This brings up the World Tier menu, allowing you to move up or down through the tiers you've already unlocked. 

Remember that the higher the World Tier, the better the loot. Don't be shy about lowering the difficulty, but remember to turn it back up if you want the best gear you can find.  

Lastly, remember that each new World Tier unlock comes with gear rewards, so be sure to visit this screen each time it increases to collect new loot. 


That's it for our Outriders beginner's tips and tricks guide. There's a ton of information in the game's in-game guides, so be sure to check those out. If you're looking for other advice not found there, such as which class is the best to start as when playing solo or how to use the fast travel system, consider taking a look at our other Outriders articles here

Outriders: How to Save Your Game Fri, 02 Apr 2021 18:04:41 -0400 Jonathan Moore

If you're wondering how to save in Outriders, you're not alone. The new third-person RPG shooter from Square Enix and People Can Fly isn't exactly clear about when it's saving your progress. When you try to quit the game, it will ask you if you're sure and tell you that any unsaved progress will be lost.

OK, but how do you know if your game is saved or not? 

It's mostly up to you to know and keep track of. Outriders doesn't have a system that tells you how much time has passed since your last save (like Subnautica, for example). Nor is there a way to check save file data for time stamps. 

There's also no way to save manually. Outriders saves your game and progress automatically at various points, including: 

  • After entering a new area
  • After fast traveling
  • After claiming an explorer flag/banner
  • After completing quests/side quests
  • After beating a boss/completing a combat encounter
  • After mining a resource node

So how do you know when Outriders is saving your game? A yellow, spinning circle will appear in the lower right corner of the screen, just above your weapons.

When this appears, you can rest easy knowing that all of the loot you just picked up or the quests you just completed have been logged. 

It's worth noting that Outriders does not save files locally. As an always-online game, all of your progress, including all of your epic armor sets and legendary weapons, is saved server-side. Even if it has a single-player component, there is no offline mode available in Outriders

Since there is no way to manually save progress in Outriders, it makes internet connection errors and server issues scary prospects, since losing gear and progression is never fun. 

That's all you need to know about saving and autosaving in Outriders. If you've just picked up the game, consider checking out our best starter solo class guide. And stay tuned for more tips and help articles in the coming days. 

Outriders Offline Mode: Does It Have One? Fri, 02 Apr 2021 16:42:52 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Outriders is an always-online game. While you can play the latest third-person RPG shooter from Square Enix and People Can Fly solo, you can't play it without being connected to the internet. Though it's not a live-service game like Fortnite, a persistent internet connection is required to play. 

So no, Outriders does not have an offline mode, even for lone-wolf players.  

That's a bummer for those who live in rural areas with spotty service or the plethora of players trying to log into the game just after launch. Servers have been overloaded by overwhelming demand, and many players on every platform are being met with internet connection errors (which also appears if you take yourself offline on purpose by disconnecting your router, for example). 

It's also worth noting that Outriders saves character progression server-side. If you go into save data management on PS5, for example, you won't find an Outriders save file. With that in mind, and considering the game requires a constant internet connection, getting booted can be particularly disastrous if progress hasn't been saved recently. It's quite possible to lose progression in boss fights or completely lose acquired gear and weapons if your connection lapses. 

Unfortunately, there isn't a manual save system in Outriders, either, which means it's worth paying attention to how and when the game records progress. A yellow circle will appear in the lower right corner of the screen, just above your weapons when the game is saving. 

Outside of hoping your internet connection doesn't drop and that servers remain online, it may be worth playing Outriders over a wired connection to make sure everything runs smoothly. 

While it does feel a bit strange, Outriders doesn't have an offline mode  especially since it can be completed solo without playing with friends in online co op and doesn't have any live-service features — it's not entirely surprising. Tons of recent games, like Godfall, are always-online or, like Hitman 3, require a connection for progression. 

Outriders Best Solo Class: Which Path is Better to Pick First? Fri, 02 Apr 2021 15:06:48 -0400 John Schutt

The first time you load up Outriders, you’ll play a brief prologue and tutorial. After about half an hour, you’ll gain access to one of the game's four classes: Devastator, Pyromancer, Trickster, and Technomancer. Each class has its own quirks, strengths, and playstyles.

  • The Devastator is a tank with a beefy health pool and plenty of defensive options, though its offense is lacking.
  • The Pyromancer is your DPS of choice, focused on maximizing its killing potential at the cost of survivability.
  • The Technomancer is focused on area denial and crowd control, inflicting status ailments and dividing enemies across the battlefield.
  • The Trickster is the assassin with time-bending powers, focused on moving behind enemy lines and dealing big damage before zipping out again.

Is there a best option? Yes.

The Best Solo Class in Outriders: Trickster

All of the Outriders classes have elements of offense, defense, and general survivability. None of them focus so heavily on any one trait to be a true specialist. There is one class that stands above the rest: the Trickster. There are a few reasons why.

First, mobility. Outriders masquerades as a cover shooter, but because of the close ranges you’ll fight in and enemy aggression, you’ll be forced to reposition far more often than you can hold down a sightline. The Trickster has best-in-class mobility, with abilities that allow for instant teleportation in and out of danger.

The movement abilities come with the added benefit of debuffing close-by enemies. As a Trickster, you’ll spend your time popping in and out of engagements, slowing enemies, or reducing their damage or resistances. The cooldown on the teleport is fairly short, as well, making quick escapes a necessary and satisfying step toward survival.

Second, the Tricker offers the most active survivability of the four classes. No other class gives you the ability to slow down time in a local area. Everything in the slowing AoE comes to a crawl. I mean everything: enemies, bosses, enemy abilities, even bullets and acid balls.

The Devastator might be able to tank a few hits without losing health, but if there’s a barrage of buckshot headed their way, they have no means of getting away. The Trickster does.

All classes have the ability to regain health on a kill, and the Pyromancer even has a lifesteal ability on a fast cooldown, but the Trickster has another ace in their sleeve: shields. A Tricker’s abilities grant it an overshield that absorbs damage before their health bar.

This shield decays over time but keep killing, and you’ll not only refill it but add more time and shield energy.

Probably the only place where the Trickster might struggle is in a one-on-one fight. Their abilities rely almost entirely on getting kills or outmaneuvering masses of enemies. Their raw damage output is near top tier, but speed and survivability are their true trump cards. The Trickster is first and foremost an assassin, not an up-front brawler.

Trickster Abilities

  • Temporal Blade
  • Slow Trap
  • Hunt the Prey
  • Twisted Rounds
  • Cyclone Slice
  • Borrowed Time
  • Venator's Knife
  • Time Rift

What Other Classes Offer

The Trickster might be the best all-around class in Outriders, but don’t count out the other classes for a bit of variety.


Battlefield control is the name of the Technomancer’s game. Turrets, mines, micro-missile launchers to clear trash mobs — expect all of these abilities and more.

The metagame for the Technomancer is getting a good feel for the flow of a fight and understanding the best locations to place your gear. You won’t be dealing the most damage or being the hero for your team too often, but you will consistently make everyone’s life easier, especially with your turret. 

Technomancer Abilities

  • Scrapnel
  • Cryo Turret
  • Pain Launcher
  • Blighted Rounds
  • Tool of Destruction
  • Fixing Wave
  • Cold Snap
  • Blighted Turret


The definition of glass cannon, Pyromancer is the closest Outriders classes get to a DPS specialist. There’s some defense here in health regen off kills, but you’ll be up in your enemy’s face more than any other option.

Pyro combines damage-over-time with AoE attacks to maximize the chaos caused. Solo players will need to keep their heads on a swivel and stay on the move. You’re probably better playing Pyro in a group, but high-level play here would be something to see.

Pyromancer Abilities

  • Heatwave
  • Feed the Flames
  • Thermal Bomb
  • Overheat
  • Volcanic Rounds
  • Ash Blast
  • F.A.S.E.R. Beam
  • Eruption


Probably the most accessible class in Outriders, the Devastator is all about soaking damage, however possible, and acting as the aggression magnet. Like Technomancer, it won’t deal huge amounts of damage or won’t nuke entire fields of mooks as a Pyro can. But played right, a Devastator can save the party from an ill-timed wipe with a single ability use. They’re also great for distracting high-value targets, as their role would suggest.

Devastator Abilities

  • Earthquake
  • Golem
  • Gravity Leap
  • Reflect Bullets
  • Impale
  • Tremor
  • Boulderdash
  • Endless Mass


Trickster is far and away the best class in Outriders, and it's also the most technical. There are easier classes to use, especially in solo play (Devastator), but none as effective. No other class is as stylish or offers as much creativity in kills and movement. Learn to teleport, love to teleport. Turn your enemies to blueberry skeletons. Wait, what?

Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Toxic Kumori Fri, 02 Apr 2021 13:48:58 -0400 Ashley Shankle

There are a handful of equipment materials in Monster Hunter Rise that you can't get out in the field, one of which is the Toxic Kumori. You'll have to rely on your Buddies to get your hands on this material.

The Toxic Kumori isn't used in a great deal of equipment, but it is used for the Cornupion Hunting Horns, as well as the Skalda/Spio set in the Low Rank armor pool. Much of the equipment made with the Toxic Kumori either improves Poison damage, or increases the amount of Poison damage you deal.

How to Get Toxic Kumori in Monster Hunter Rise

We mentioned that you'll need to rely on your Buddies to get this material. Rather than going out and smashing monsters or gathering the Toxic Kumori, you must use the Argosy and hope to get some of the item from your Buddies' trade efforts.

At the Argosy, you'll want to request plants or fish for a chance to acquire Toxic Kumori.

When you go to choose the item you want your Buddy to barter for, you can see any potential rare items your Buddy might bring back on the right side of the screen under the market details.

You can also see this at a glance in the listing itself, as icons for the sort of rare items the Buddy might bring back are shown under the 'Market' column.

As you progress, you'll find you also need to get some rare materials by sending your Buddies out on Meowceneries expeditions. Be sure to always have your Buddies working at the Argosy as well as doing Meowcenary work to ensure you don't miss out on some special materials.

That's all you need to know about getting Toxic Kumori. If you found this guide useful, check out our other Monster Hunter Rise guides.

Outriders Fast Travel: How to Unlock It and How It Works Fri, 02 Apr 2021 13:47:15 -0400 Jonathan Moore

The Outriders fast travel system can be a wee bit cumbersome when you first gain access to it. Since the game is broken up into a handful of self-contained regions on the larger world map, fast traveling isn't as easy as unlocking a node and going anywhere you please. 

Below, we'll go over the difference between regional travel and overworld travel, as well as when fast traveling works, when it doesn't, and what return points are. 

How to Unlock Fast Travel

There are two types of fast travel in Outriders: regional fast travel and overworld fast travel.

Regional allows you to go from point to point within specific local destinations, such as the sub-areas of Rift Town, like from your camp to Rift Passage or the Solar Tower Platform.

Overworld allows you to go from one local destination to another, such as going from Rift Town to First City or from Eagle Peaks to Trench Town. 

You unlock regional travel very early on in — after you finish the prologue, choose your class, and make it to Rift Town. You unlock overworld travel after finishing up the main quest line in Rift Town; you'll be asked to speak with Jakub and go to First City. 

How Fast Travel Works

Regional travel works through a system of explorer banners. When you enter a new sub-area within a destination, you'll quickly see the blue outline of an explorer banner and ammo restock crate. Walk up to the banner, and capture it. This saves your progress and sets the area as a fast travel node. 

You can see other explorer banner locations by opening either access the explorer banner or opening the quest map. If you've unlocked them, they are denoted by a white banner icon. If you haven't unlocked them, they are denoted by a grey lock icon on a black background. 

Overworld travel works a bit differently. The only way you can travel to unique destinations and locations on the world map is by speaking to Jakub at your camp, which can be found at the beginning of every destination. 

When you speak to Jakub, choose the dialog option, "Time to go. Prepare the truck," and you'll bring up the world map to be on your way.

A Few Notes on Fast Travel

It's worth noting that you cannot claim an explorer flag until you've cleared an area of enemies. In the first few locations in Outriders, this won't be an issue. But as you unlock more areas, such as the Quarry, you'll be met with waves of enemies around explorer flags. 

You also can't fast travel if you've initiated an encounter. Even if the enemies are far away from the explorer banner, fast travel is locked until all enemies are defeated. 

In multiplayer co op, all parties must agree to fast travel before it's initiated. Voting can be delayed or denied, but it must be accepted to move from one point to another. 

Some quests will also have return points. These are floating bronze icons in the shape of the Outriders logo. They mostly appear after completing side quests, historian quests, bounties, and hunts, and let you return to explorer banners within a region without having to leave the area and seek out a banner. 


That's all you need to know about the Outriders fast travel system. For more on Square Enix and People Can Fly's latest, consider heading over to our Outriders guide hub, where we'll be posting more tips and advice in the coming days. 

Evil Genius 2 Base Building Guide Fri, 02 Apr 2021 12:15:48 -0400 Luke Shaw

Evil Genius 2 is a game where you will spend most of your time mining chunks out of the interior of a mountain on a tropical island, fitting it with a network of corridors and rooms.

The game does a good job of teaching you the ropes, as its story will get you to build rooms one at a time, but there are plenty of things the game doesn't explain, and a handful of things we've learned during our time with the game that you might find useful.

Evil Genius 2 Base Building Tips Guide

Build Order Is Important


It might seem like a very obvious thing to start with, but the order in which you place things down really matters in Evil Genius. Minions will do their best to attempt to follow your orders in sequence. 

What his means for you, is that you'll need to consider the order you'll put down your items. If something is going to take you above your power level cap, it will shut down your base until you place a new generator. 

No power means no cameras and no traps, so if agents sneak in during your building process (which will take time) and you don't have the required power, you'll be in danger of losing a lot of response time.

As a side note, when you are setting out your rooms, you may find that you want to make changes to the room size, or fix the red errors that can occur when building rooms. To do this, it's as easy as selecting Rock from the build menu, and filling in those gaps.

Don't Forget to Check Your Decor

One neat trick tucked away in the building menu, is the Decor tab. It's primarily full of trees, lights, plants, and other random decor, but there are also a handful of stat-boosting items in there that are cheap to build.

Air-con units, water fountains, coffee machines, and other miscellaneous items will slow the drain of Smarts and Morale in an area, and other items like the Weights in the Training Room can buff vitality of minions. These are all really good, because they keep your minions healthier than usual, which means less rests, which means more things get done.

Build Useful Rooms in Clusters

This is a tougher one to achieve, unless you're willing to plan ahead or put in a lot of work remodeling, but certain things work best when they are clustered together. A simple example is keeping the Canteen close to the Labs, and your Genius's Sanctum, for the purposes of speeding up research. 

Scientists burn out faster than other minions, so they'll need the Canteen regularly. Keeping your Genius using 'Train Faster!' like we advise in our tips and tricks means Scientists will prioritize researching.

Building your Training Room nearby to your Canteen and Dormitory is also a great idea, because Minions tend to congregate around these rest rooms, which means they'll head straight to the Training Room when you bump up your guard numbers if you ask for more muscle. If you can get these near your entrance, even better, but it can be hard to achieve everything at once.

Finally, Armouries near Vaults and Generator Rooms is tried and tested combo, because you'll want your stationed guards to respond to the threats which aim to take out the vital areas of your base.

Dig Up (or Down) 

One of the new things that Evil Genius 2 has brought to the table is the ability to build over multiple floors. This is usually expensive, as the additional floors tend to be filled with higher density rock that you will need to complete research to remove and costs more to mine out.

The advantages are pretty simple clear cut however.

Firstly, it frees up space on your ground floor for Armouries, Traps Networks, Dormitories and Canteens.

Secondly, your additional floors are safer places to put your Generators, Communication Rooms, and Vaults, because it will take a long time for Agents to make their way there if they get past your guards. It will take a long time to move everything up there, but it's definitely worthwhile. 

If you do build across multiple floors, make sure you build multiple staircases, the last thing you want is a choke point for your main resource thoroughfare. A handful of agents or a few fires can then cause havoc.

Use All Your Real Estate

Every island that you can play, starts with a decent amount of floor designated as the Casino which operates as a front for you hideout.

As you progress through the game and hire deception minions, you'll be able to fit it out with a selection of items such as gambling tables and bars that can sap enemy agent's skill points (making them weaker in combat) or distract them so it takes longer for them to find their way to your base.

Evil Genius 2 is fairly generous with how much Casino space it gives you, and it also fills it with lots of clutter that you can sell for a quick cash injection early on. As the game progresses you'll definitely find that the Casino isn't super effective, and also presents an opportunity for remodeling.

A simple way to improve your response against Agent incursions is to remodel a chunk of your Casino as a labyrinth of traps, connected to an Armory or two full of muscle minions.

Our personal favorite setup was a T-junction, with an Armory at either side, as demonstrated above: a shark pit right behind the door is a way to sap eager agent's health too.

General Good Practice

To finish up, there are a few more tips here that will help keep your base ticking over between schemes and Super Agent invasions.

  • You can never build enough Fire Extinguishers: Saboteurs are able to blow up your bases with ease, and will attempt to focus your generators. You don't want to let fire go out of control (it'll spread to minions) so have at least three or four extinguishers by each room.

  • Build long: Whilst it makes sense to build a lot of rooms in squares, like Training Rooms and Canteens, there are certain rooms you'll want to build long. Vaults and Dorms are best built long, because you can easily fit lots of one width, three length security shelves and lockers in them respectively. Because space is a premium, this will help you squeeze the most out of each.

  • Make corridors four squares wide: Your base starts out with corridors that are four squares wide. This is the best size to stick with in general, because traps and doors are configured to fit this width. You can change to different sizes on additional floors, but only if you know they're secure.

  • Use movement traps: Whilst damage traps are brilliant for whittling down enemy agents, it's important not to sleep on the movement traps. Building Boxing Gloves, Freeze Rays, Bubble Blows, Magnets and Fans will all work to split agents apart, and waste their time - and as we know, lazy minions mean time is a premium.

With all of this advice you should be able to build a devious lair to hatch your nefarious schemes in. Take a look at our other Evil Genius 2 guides here on GameSkinny.

Evil Genius 2: World Domination Console Commands Fri, 02 Apr 2021 11:26:26 -0400 Sergey_3847

The first Evil Genius game had a very comprehensive list of console commands that gave players a lot of freedom. Evil Genius 2: World Domination has cuts down on the cheats in the game, although there are still some helpful things that you will be able to use.

This guide will provide you with a complete list of all available console commands in Evil Genius 2: World Domination. It is also a lot easier to enable the console in the sequel than before, so in this regard the developer helped players avoid all the trouble of editing the system files.

All Console Commands in Evil Genius 2

The command console in Evil Genius 2 can be opened by simply pressing the ~(tilde) key on your keyboard while in the game.

This will open up a command prompt, where you can type in the following console commands:

  • ListCmds: This command will list all the available console commands in the game.
  • Clear: If you want to clear all the entries in the command prompt, then use this command.
  • searchcmds: This command lists all available commands that include text strings.
  • listvars: You may see the list of all available variables in the game using this command. Unfortunately, you will not be able to edit them per the new anti-cheat policy by the developer.
  • searchvars: This is a very similar command to "listvars", but it only shows the variables that contain specific text strings.
  • Help: Type this in, if you want to know what each command does or means.
  • ?: This one is similar to "Help" command, but needs to be typed after one of the other commands for specific responses.
  • Mute: A simple command that turns off the game's soundtrack.
  • Quit: Turns off the game.
  • connect: There is no function behind this command in the game right now.

Those are all console commands in Evil Genius 2: World Domination. Check out our official Evil Genius 2 review, and come back soon for more dedicated tips and tricks articles.

Outriders Cannot Connect to Server, Internet Connection Error Tips Thu, 01 Apr 2021 16:51:20 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Much like any other game with online functionality, Outriders is experiencing some server and connection issues on launch day. Many players have reported not being able to connect to the game, while others have experienced elongated sign-in times. These issues are across all platforms, including PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. 

I've run into a few connection issues as well, and I've been booted from a session or two while in the heat of the fight because of servers being down. With such a large influx of players, especially for a game as hyped as Outriders, and one shipping across so many platforms with cross play, issues with servers are bound to happen.

It's worth noting that there's no one-size-fits-all fix for any of these issues. Many of these hiccups are server-side as well and are often influenced by the number of players trying to access Outriders at any given moment. 

With that in mind, here's what you can try if you can't connect.  

When you boot up Outriders, the game asks you to sign in. It first attempts to authenticate the game license and then attempts to sign you into the game. If the servers are down, overloaded, or having any other issues, you'll be met with authentication failed before the error message, "Internet Connection Error: Could Not Connect to Outriders Servers."

Unfortunately, there are only a few options that might "fix" the problem:

  1. Cancel the authentication/sign-in process and try again
  2. Quit and restart the game (and try the authentication/sign-in process again)
  3. Hard restart your system and restart the game
  4. Reset your router to make sure the problem is server-side
  5. On PC, update your network adapter driver
  6. On Steam, authenticate integrity of game files

Square has also mentioned that Easy Anti Cheat may be causing some issues for PC players. If you're having authentication problems and/or crashes using the software, Square says:

Should you crash on Steam, please do not use the "Send and restart" option. Instead, use "Send and close" instead and restart the game directly from Steam client. Otherwise, you may run into issues connecting to servers.

Outside of that, it's a waiting game. Since these errors are often intermittent and predominantly server-side, it's worth keeping an eye on the official Outriders Twitter profile and/or the official Outriders server and online status page down detector for more up to the minute updates. These places will also tell you if servers are down completely, what server issues are happening, and when servers will be fixed. 

Though the "Internet Connection Error: Could Not Connect to Outriders Servers" has reared its ugly head on launch day, it will very likely become less and less a hobgoblin as we get further from launch. 

Outriders A Bad Day Quest: Potential Crashing Fixes Thu, 01 Apr 2021 15:10:29 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Those playing Outriders on PC have been met with quite a few issues on launch day, with the game's Steam forum currently filling up with various bug reports. One pertains to the quest, A Bad Day, which crashes when players try to redeem their rewards. It appears to be a different problem than what bugged the quest in the game's demo and requires a different fix. 

The development team is currently aware of the problem and has issued guidance for the bug over on the Outriders' Reddit. It specifically seems to revolve around the pre-order DLC Hell's Rangers armor sets and weapons. 

How to Fix A Bad Day Crashing Bug

Square advises that any players experiencing this issue on PC remove all of the Hell's Rangers items they have may have equipped or in their inventories. As noted by the developers, they can easily be placed in the stash, which is located to the right of Eva, in the same location as Jakub, the matchmaking terminal, and the fast travel banner. 

Per Square: 

Place the Hells Rangers items in your stash until you have received the side quest rewards. You can bring them back into your inventory once the quest has been completed.

Some, including the developers, have mentioned that legendaries carried over from the demo could also be causing the problem. Try unequipping/removing them before visiting Eva and completing the quest. 

Unfortunately, it also appears that some players are running into the bug whether they have the Hell's Rangers equipment or not. And others have run into the issue without having any legendaries equipped or in their inventory. There is, as of this writing, no known workaround for those specific crashing issues. 

For now, those are the only two ways to "fix" the crashes associated with Outriders' A Bad Day side quest. If you've yet to finish the quest, try taking these measures before completing it to nab your rewards and XP (hopefully) without issue. We'll update this article with more information once it becomes available. 

Monster Hunter Rise Rock Rose Guide: Where to Find It Thu, 01 Apr 2021 14:03:06 -0400 Josh Broadwell

If you want to unlock more submarines in Monster Hunter Rise, you’ll need to gather some Rock Roses, and there’s only one place to do that.

Fortunately, Rock Roses are easy to find, and it’ll only take one Expedition Tour to get all you need for the Argosy quest. Our Monster Hunter Rise Rock Rose guide shows you exactly where to look for this unique item, which as you'll see below is in fact categorized as a unique item.

Monster Hunter Rise Rock Rose Locations

The Rock Rose is only found in Rise’s Sandy Plains map. Unlike other farmable items, Rock Rose is a unique find. That means it’s only found in specific locations, and interacting with it will always yield the same item. The outcropping says "Unique Item: Desert Rose," but it's the Rock Rose. Surprise!

Sandy Plains has multiple areas to find Rock Rose in both levels, but with as confusing as navigating the map between levels can be, focusing on the upper level is easiest and there are a few up there for the taking.

The image below shows where you can find Rock Rose.

You’ll need three Rock Roses for the Economic Stimulus Argosy quest to unlock another submarine. Any others you find are pretty much just good for selling. As yet, there’s no other use for Rock Rose we’ve found, though we’ll update if that changes.

Either way, it’s worth tracking Rise’s Rock Roses down. More submarine slots means more chances at getting exclusive, powerful weapons and armor. Plus it keeps those Buddies busy you don't have a combat use for.

That's everything you need to know about where to find Monster Hunter Rise's Rock Rose, but make sure to check out our other Monster Hunter Rise guides for more expert tips.

Monster Hunter Rise Gracium Ore Guide: How to Find It Wed, 31 Mar 2021 15:45:34 -0400 Josh Broadwell

Monster Hunter Rise’s Gracium ore is one of the game’s essential items, but you won’t find it from monsters. Gracium is only obtainable through harvesting one of Rise’s item gathering points, and that means lots of repetition depending on which armor sets you want.

Our Monster Hunter Rise Gracium guide shows you where to look and how many to aim for depending on what armor sets you want.

Monster Hunter Rise Gracium Locations

You’ll find Gracium in the Frost Islands. Since it’s an ore, you can only get Gracium from one of the Frost Islands’ mining outcrops. There are potentially multiple mining outcrops in Frost Isles, but like the item distribution itself, it’s random whether you’ll encounter them.

I’ve marked where one of the Frost Islands mining outcrops could appear on the upper level. You’ll potentially find some in the cave areas as well.

Once you do find one, just interact with it using “A” to obtain ores or crystals from it. It’s completely random what you get, however, so it might take multiple trips. Expedition quests are best for item gathering.

I’d also recommend checking what items your Buddies might bring back on Meowcenary missions. Having them collect items while you do other quests is much more convenient.

Monster Hunter Rise Gracium Uses

Here’s what you’ll use Gracium for and how many you’ll need for each. Most of it is for Ingot and Alloy armor, neither of which is terribly strong for later hunts. 

  • Ingot Helm (2)
  • Ingot Coil (1)
  • Ingot Greaves (2)
  • Ingot Vambraces (2)
  • Alloy Greaves (2)
  • Alloy Coil (2)
  • Alloy Helm (2)
  • Alloy Mail (2)
  • Alloy Vambraces (2)
  • Tetranadon Mail (2)
  • Tetranadon Vambraces (2)
  • Lagombi Vambraces (3)

That's everything you need to know about finding Gracium in Monster Hunter Rise. Be sure to check out our other Monster Hunter Rise guides for more tips and essential monster-hunting tricks.

Monster Hunter Rise Magnamalo Weakness: How to Beat Magnamalo Wed, 31 Mar 2021 15:42:01 -0400 Josh Broadwell

Magnamalo is the flagship monster in Monster Hunter Rise. Naturally, facing off against it is one of the game’s toughest challenges. That goes double for the first encounter that happens fairly early in the game. 

Our Monster Hunter Rise Magnamalo guide breaks down how to best the beast, including its weaknesses, strats for defeating it, and the materials it drops. 

Monster Hunter Rise Magnamalo Weaknesses

Magnamalo is equally weak to blunt and cut damage for the most part, but significantly more resistant to ammo.

Don’t take your bowguns into this battle. Magnamalo’s elemental weaknesses are few, so ditch the fire weapons for you and your Palamute. Water is the best choice, but if you’ve got Thunderbugs, make sure to take those as well.

Magnamalo’s weakest areas are its head and armblades. These are the two areas you least want to be given the beast’s attack patterns unless it’s stunned or knocked down, though targeting them has a higher chance of obtaining Magnamalo parts. The other one of Magnamalo’s weak points is its tail.

Magnamalo’s back is weaker to blunt damage, while sharp weapons damage its tail more.

The only other notable Magnamalo weaknesses is water. You’ll have access to the Royal Ludroth gear by the time your first Magnamalo fight rolls around, and that’s your best bet for exploiting Magnamalo’s elemental weaknesses.

Really, though, your best bet is just your strongest weapon.

Magnamalo Tips

Despite the crackling electricity surrounding Magnamalo, it’s not a thunder-element monster. It uses Hellfire instead, which is pretty difficult to defend against. Deodorant can help cure Hellfireblight if it hits you, so make sure to bring some of those along. Otherwise, the best Magnamalo armor is just whatever your strongest armor is at the time.

Magnamalo moves fast. Prioritize weapons with better mobility if you’re having trouble keeping up. The Dual Blades with their second Switch Skill boost your damage and evasion even more than the base Demon Mode. Sword and Shield have the added bonus of blocking in addition to easier movement.

You’ll find Rathian and Great Izuchi stalking around the Shrine Ruins during the Magnamalo fight, and if you read that as “giant monster ammo,” you read it right. Pitting one of them against Magnamalo triggers Wyvern Riding for one of the combatants. Ride Rathian or Izuchi and attack Magnamalo or make Magnamalo charge against walls repeatedly to help wear it down faster.

One other point worth remembering is to attack Magnamalo when its crackling energy appears. Attacking the energized body parts has a greater chance of knocking Magnamalo down. 

You can trap Magnamalo the same way you would any monster, though it does take a fair few Tranq Bombs to finally end the fight. Still, trapping ends battles much sooner than slaying the monster, so it’s a good idea for your first Magnamalo fight.

Magnamalo Parts

Here's what you'll get from fighting Magnamalo Low Rank, plus what part it can possibly break from when applicable.

  • Magnamalo Scale (armblade)
  • Magnamalo Shell
  • Magnamalo Blade (armblade)
  • Magnamalo Scute (back). This one can't be obtained through carving, though it has a small chance of being a capture drop.
  • Magnamalo Tail (carve reward, not a tail break item)
  • Magna Ghostprism (back)
  • Magnamalo Plate (very rare drop, 3% chance of it being a head break item, 1% chance of it being a body carve item)
  • Magnamalo Horn (head)
  • Wyvern Tear (dropped item only)

Magnamalo's High Rank drops are essentially the same and just add "+" to the name with a couple of exceptions.

  • Magna Soulprism (enhanced Ghostprism, still found as back break drop)
  • Purple Magna Orb (rare break reward or carve item)

That's everything you need to know about Magnamalo's weaknesses and how to beat it, but make sure to check out our other Monster Hunter Rise guides for more tips.

Monster Hunter Rise Sinister Cloth Guide Wed, 31 Mar 2021 10:21:07 -0400 George Yang

In Monster Hunter Rise, you’re able to equip a variety of weapons and armor for character, your Palamutes, and your Palicos. One rare material you need is Sinister Cloth, which is used to craft several different items, including the Felyne and Cayne Death Stench armor sets and the Cawscythe. Here’s how to get the crafting material from Meowcenaries expeditions. 

Go to Kamura Village's Buddy Plaza and talk to Felyne Chief Kogarashi, who’s in charge of the Meowcenaries. After speaking to them, you can send the Meowcenaries to various scout locations in the Monster Hunter Rise world:

  • Shrine Ruins
  • Frost Islands
  • Sandy Plains
  • Flooded Forest
  • Lava Caverns

Some of these locations, including Shrine Ruins, Frost Islands, Sandy Plains, and Flooded Forest, have a blue sparkle next to their location names. That means there is a chance for your Meowcenaries to pick up Sinister Cloth material from that location. 

If you have extra Palamutes and Palicos, you can send them on Meowcenaries trips to retrieve the Sinister Cloth material for you. To get more animal companions, be sure to visit Iori, who is in the stall to the left of Kogarashi. 

Meowcenaries expedition routes screen.

Within each area are several routes, and each route icon has a green or red outline around it. Additionally, some icons have blue sparkles in them. Pick the routes that have the blue sparkles for a chance to get rare materials. After picking the route, assign your four Meowcenaries to it, and send them off by confirming their departure by spending points. 

You can increase the chance of getting rare items like Sinister Cloth if you use a Lagniapple to entice the Meowcenaries to work harder. You can find Lagniapples by completing Optional sub-quests that list them as a reward, or you can find them out while foraging in the wild, though the chances of finding them foraging are lower.

After sending the Meowcenaries out, it will typically take a few hunts (even 4-5) for them to return, but it's good to go to Buddy Plaza after every hunt to check in. Since the chance to get Sinister Cloth is completely random, the Meowcenaries will sometimes come back empty-handed. 

That’s how you find Sinister Cloth in Monster Hunter Rise. Once you find 5x pieces of Sinister Cloth, you can craft the Cayne Death Stench armor, though you will also need a number of other materials as well. For more on the latest Monster Hunter, consider heading over to our growing tips page!

Subnautica Silver Ore Location Guide: How to Find It Tue, 30 Mar 2021 20:16:05 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Subnautica silver ore may not be used to construct as many individual items or upgrades as other crafting materials. Still, it is worth farming because it's a key component of the wiring kit. Like other ores and precious metals in the underwater survival game from Unknown Worlds Entertainment, silver is found in a cavalcade of biomes across the alien ocean world of 4546B. 

Although whether you get the material from specific outcroppings is heavily reliant on RNG, there are a few places you can explore that are easier to get to early on. The guide below tells you what you need silver for, as well as where to find it.

What is Silver Ore Used for in Subnautica? 

Silver ore is used to construct:

  • High-capacity O2 tank (fabricator)
  • Wiring kit (fabricator)
  • Medical kit fabricator (habitat builder)
  • Scanner room speed upgrade (scanner room)

Arguably, the most important craftable objects are the high-capacity O2 tank (x1 ore) and the wiring kit (x2 ore). The larger O2 tank is essential for performing deeper dives and exploring for the various parts of the prawnsuit and cyclops, while the wiring kit is used in a variety of other crafting recipes, such as those for the rebreather, propulsion cannon, battery charger, and more. 

The wiring kit is what you’ll need to farm silver ore for. 

Where is Silver Ore in Subnautica?

Sandstone on an underwater cliff.

This resource is found in basically every biome on Planet 4546B, from the Kelp Forest to the Bulb Zone and most everywhere in between.

Early in the game, you want to look for sandstone outcroppings on the seafloor and attached to the sides of underwater hills and mountains. They look like round, medium brown rocks (as opposed to the more oblong, tan/light brown limestone outcroppings). Each outcropping gives you 1x silver. 

These are most abundantly found in the early game in the grassy plateau biome, as well as at the edge of the kelp forest biome when it abuts the grassy plateau. 

Note that sandstone outcroppings are also sources of gold and lead, two other materials you’ll need. You can even get gold from the above areas, as I have several times.

How to Find the Grassy Plateau for Early-Game Ore

Looking northeast over the ocean with the seaglide.

From your lifepod, go northeast (the wreckage of the crash landed Aurora will be on your right). Keep going through the safe shallows until it drops down into the grassy plateau area. There will be red grass on the ocean floor of this area. 

Once the area drops down, turn left and go north, sticking along the cliff face. When you come to the large, green kelp forests (they’ll be on your left), you will start noticing caves in the cliff face. Look around and in these caves for sandstone. 

You can also venture out into the grassy plateau and look for sandstone attached to the pillars there and in the caves that drop down to the mushroom forest, but this area is deep and dangerous.

Not only will you need the high-capacity O2 tank to manage your oxygen supply and navigate this area efficiently (which you need silver ore to construct), you’ll also likely need the seaglide to make sure you can get to the surface faster. Be on the lookout for bonesharks, as well. 

You can also go to the grassy plateau/kelp forest area located south/southwest of the lifepod. Neither area is really more dangerous than the other, it seems, and I haven’t found either area to be more efficient than the other. Both grassy plateau areas also start at about the same distance from the lifepod (about 260 meters).  

Get Ore Material from Large Deposits

Large silver ore deposit on the seabed.

Silver ore can also be mined from large resource deposits, which are pyramidal material nodes found on the seabed in various biomes. Silver outcrops can be most easily found early in the game in the underwater islands biome and the dunes biome, though "easily" here is relative since you'll need the prawnsuit drill to mine them.

That's not to mention that you likely need the colossus to carry the prawnsuit to these areas unless you have a base built closeby. These areas are also some of the more dangerous biomes in Subnautica

Get Silver from Barnacles on Reefback Leviathans

Reefback Leviathan in deep water.

Reefback Leviathans are the large, whale-like creatures that can be found swimming above the grassy plateau areas. They can also be found in the mushroom forest, bulb zone, and dunes, as well as a handful of other areas. 

Various resource nodes can be found on their backs, including coral and acid mushroom. Teal barnacles inside dark greyish sacks can also be found on them. Breaking the barnacles can give you either copper or silver. 

This method works, but it is much less reliable than looking for sandstone or, later in the game, looking for large deposits.


That’s all there is to know about how to find silver ore in Subnautica’s early game, and after you know what to look for, you’ll be able to find the crafting resource in other biomes. For more on how to explore the vast ocean of Subnautica, consider checking out our other guides. Happy exploring. 

Evil Genius 2: World Domination Tips and Tricks Guide Tue, 30 Mar 2021 16:35:26 -0400 Luke Shaw

Evil Genius 2 is a simulation/management game that will have you spinning a lot of plates to keep your base running smoothly. Don't know how to manage your minions? Base building got you tying corridors in knots? Pesky special agents sabotaging your generators?

Never fear, there are ways to manage all of these different mechanisms, and like a loyal henchman, we're on hand to dole out advice. These tips and tricks will keep you looking like the best Mastermind in front of your adoring minions fans.

Keep an Eye on Minion Ratios

It might sound incredibly basic, but knowing how to manage your minions is very important. Minions have specific jobs within your base:

  • Muscle are bodyguards but can also man security stations.
  • Scientists perform research but man research station when off duty.
  • Valets keep your cover operation running but dispose of bodies.

You ideally want at least 30-40% of your force to be muscle, especially as Evil Genius 2 throws stronger agents at you. You'll likely want those to be general guards, but throw in a handful of Mercenaries, Martial Artists, and Hitmen when they become available.

Next, you should have at least 20% of your workforce dedicated to Deception and Science. Deception minions should be prioritized as Valets, as they do a lot of work. When it comes to Scientists, you want equal numbers. Off-duty scientists are useful for gathering intel in your communication centres, and if you have a surplus of them, they can be sent to the world map to tackle lucrative schemes, without you needing to expend guards and regular minions.

As for regular minions: always have a pool. They're a good meatshield, and many of the schemes you undertake require upwards of six at a time. If you're running short, remember you can buy two for $10,000 at any time.

Don't Ignore the World Map

Again, another fairly basic piece of advice, but an easy one to let fall to the wayside because the action in the base is far more interesting.

Keep checking in with the schemes on the world map. Always. If you need a short cash injection, sending three minions to grab $10,000 is usually worth it. Otherwise, focus on alternating between reducing heat and grabbing cash.

Make sure you are always checking the status of the various super agents around the world. If you're in a dull spot, feel free to send minions to taunt them to attack you; it's often better than waiting for them to arrive unannounced.

If Evil Genius 2 tells you that you have a new scheme on the map, check it out straight away. Often, it is a chance to slow down a super agent, buying you valuable time.

Otherwise, just keep running schemes. Be aware that any scheme will consume minions sent to it, so if you're running low after a raid, you might want to let cash tick up naturally.

Also never be afraid to cancel schemes. You don't get a full refund, but heat will always max out and lock a region down, so it's better to get cash injection in the meantime.

Make Sure Your Evil Genius is Always Busy

The Genius is the physical representation of you in the game; they are powerful characters with good stats and can be buffed via research. They're also easy for agents to gang up on, which will result in a game over.

Despite this, you'll want to keep them on the move in your base, always firing off their abilities where it matters.

Each Genius has an ability that uses Morale to prioritize jobs in an area around them and a second ability that costs smarts to trigger an instant effect. These are both incredibly powerful, and you should use them as much as you can. And recharge your Genius' resource pool in their sanctum in between.

As an example, Maximilian's "Train Faster!" is a wonderful ability to throw out after a base raid; it instantly completes any minion training near Maximillian, which can save you time in replenishing your forces.

Each Genius has a unique skill relating to a specific minion type, but their Prioritise Job ability makes sure your research gets done, and your intel gets grabbed.

When they're off cooldown, make sure you're finding somewhere to activate them. If your base is being invaded, don't leave them too far from the fray either; their ranged attacks are powerful, you can use them to reveal disguised rogues, and, if you're paying attention, you can even lead agents into nasty traps.

These are the abilities for each Genius. 

  • Work Harder! This orders minions to prioritize jobs in Maximilian's vicinity.
  • Train Faster! Instantly completes any minion training near Maximilian, very helpful when you need to quickly train up specialist minions to send to complete schemes or bolster the ranks of your muscle minions.  
  • Large Work Force: Max earns gold at a higher rate than other Geniuses, and he starts with a few additional minions to get you kick-started.
Red Ivan
  • Work Harder! This orders minions to prioritize jobs in Red Ivan's vicinity. This aura will also boost the combat ability of all minions nearby. 
  • Old School: Ivan fires a rocket launcher at his enemies. Incredibly powerful, but collateral damage is guaranteed
  • Might Makes Right: Red Ivan gets a discount on all muscle minions, and all of your regular workers will get a damage boost too.
  • Work Harder! Jobs in Emma's vicinity will be prioritized. Minions that are near Emma will have their spotting power increased, making them better at seeing through disguises.   
  • Plotter: Using this will all Henchmen nearby to receive a buff, and reset their abilities. Excellent when you get a few more Henchmen and have to battle multiple Super Agents later on.  
  • Spymaster: As a former Spymaster, Emma's Deception minions are more efficient, needing to rest and eat less. She also finds it easier to counter the raise Heat on the world map. 
  • Work Harder! Orders minions to prioritize jobs in Zalika's immediate area. Sceince minions will receive a better boost than others.
  • Repair: Immediately repairs all items and extinguishes all fires in an area. Excellent in the early game when you're running low on technicians, or in the aftermath of a Saboteur attack.
  • True Genius: Zalika's science minions are more efficient than others, and will complete research far quicker.

Take Out Agents Efficiently

Regardless of how well you play and how much you focus on taking down heat, you'll get invaded by various types of agents.

We'll be publishing a full base-building guide later on, which will give you an idea of how to construct a well-guarded base, but right now, here are some tips on how to take out agents.

Don't be afraid of layering lots of traps in the corridors your agents use. The most frequent points of ingress on the basic map are the door from the Casino and the supply door. Basic Minions and Valets use these the most, and they're each fairly expendable. Make sure cameras focus on these entrances, so that guards can be alerted to trespassers as fast as possible

Building armories near entrances is a good idea, too. The closer the armory is to these entrances, the faster your guards can react. Despite their muscle, they are as lazy as any other minion.

The best tactic is to let agents take the brunt of their damage from laser walls and dart traps, before tagging them for death.

Conversely, super agents need to be tagged ASAP as they will disable traps. If they use disguises, get a Genius or a Henchmen to break their masquerade as quickly as you can.

One final tip. Super Agents they will leave behind items that interfere with your base

  • Rogues leave cameras and evidence that must be destroyed, else heat will rise more quickly
  • Saboteurs leave explosives that must be removed, else they'll set off chain reactions of destructions in your base.

Those are our beginner/early-game tips and tricks for Evil Genius 2. Feel free to check back in the next few days, as we put together a few more guides, including one for base building, to help you with the ultimate goal of World Domination.

Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Massive Bone Tue, 30 Mar 2021 15:01:17 -0400 Ashley Shankle

To say the list of materials to farm for in Monster Hunter Rise is long would be an understatement, especially once you move into High Rank. The Massive Bone is one material that gives plenty of hunters trouble even before High Rank begins, particularly because the game is so stingy with them.

The Massive Bone is used for a slew of Low Rank weapons, making it sought after by hunters not quite at High Rank just yet. Let's go into how to get this particularly rare material.

How to Get Massive Bone in Monster Hunter Rise

Massive Bone only comes from one monster: Goss Harag. Goss Harag can be particularly annoying to fight, making the meager 8% chance for the bone to come up in quest rewards a real kick in the gut. It cannot be carved from the monster.

It is easier to farm Goss Harag via the Village Quest than it is to take it on in the two Low Rank Hub Quests for it, but if you can get a party together, it's probably easiest to farm the Hub Quests for it.

Honestly, is it worth it trying to farm for Massive Bone so close to moving onto High Rank? If you're dead set on getting one of the weapons you can craft or upgrade with the thing, sure; but if it takes too long to get your hands on one, you might be better off just skipping it and continuing into High Rank to work on equipment that will be relevant for longer. High Rank equipment is a whole different ballpark from Low Rank equipment.

That's it on how to get Massive Bone, a material exclusive to Goss Harag. If you found this guide useful, take a look at our other Monster Hunter Rise guides here on GameSkinny.

Monster Hunter Rise Quality Fin Guide: How to Get It Tue, 30 Mar 2021 14:23:23 -0400 Josh Broadwell

One of the big twists in Monster Hunter Rise is changing armor requirements once you reach High Rank quests, and one of the items you'll want to grab plenty of is the Quality Fin.

MH Rise's Quality Fin comes from a monster you've probably seen before in Village Quests, but as with other High Rank materials, you don't have a chance of obtaining Quality Fin before you reach 4-Star quests or higher.

Monster Hunter Rise Quality Fin Guide

Monster Hunter Rise's Quality Fin item only comes from Delex, and you'll find Delex in the Sandy Plains stage. They're swimming in the sandy areas of regions 10 and 12, the northwest and northeast corners respectively.

In my experience, you have a better chance of finding more Delex in region 10.

Delex are incredibly simple monsters to fight, but the trouble is actually engaging them. They swim through the sand like dolphins, periodically leaping out before diving under again. Delex occasionally stop near you for a stare-down, but your best chance of fighting a Delex is following it and timing your attack when it jumps out of the sand.

The easiest way to keep up is riding your Palamute. Delex aren't the hardiest of beasts, even at High Rank, and a few Palamute attacks are enough to take one down. Press "X" while atop your Palamute to attack using the Palamute's weapon.

As with most rare monster parts, your chances of getting a Quality Fin are fairly low. It might take a few High Rank hub missions to finally get what you're looking for. It will only be a Big Fin if you're in a Low Rank quest.

However, assuming you've kept up with your Buddies, you can also send them out on Meowcenary missions for a chance of obtaining Quality Fins without you having to slay dozens of Delex.

That's everything you need to know about getting Quality Fin in Monster Hunter Rise, but be sure to check out our other Monster Hunter Rise guides for more tips.

Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Quality Stomach Tue, 30 Mar 2021 14:13:17 -0400 Ashley Shankle

You don't just have to hunt down pesky flying Bnahabra to make their armor set, there's another Monster Hunter Rise critter you'll find yourself seeking out for craft materials. If you're trying to get your hands on Quality Stomach, you'll need to track down Altaroth.

The Quality Stomach is a High Rank material, and as such, it can only be obtained via High Rank hunts. Keep this in mind if you are fresh to High Rank, as you can neither obtain this nor other High Rank materials in Low Rank hunts.

How to Get Quality Stomach in Monster Hunter Rise

Quality Stomach only comes from one monster in Monster Hunter Rise, and it's quite the small one: Altaroth.

Like Bnahabra, Altaroth is an insect monster. Unlike Bnahabra, it's not tricky to hit with shorter-range weapons like Hammers. Farming them is quite easy.

While Altaroth can be found somewhere in each map, farming them in the Shrine Ruins is easy enough to recommend. There are two spots on the map in which these monsters spawn (there may be more, these are just the ones I've found), though they are not present all the time, and you may have to wait for them to come out.

The map to the side shows the two locations they spawn in the Shrine Ruins. The ones to the north make a beeline for the nearby honey, and the ones a bit more south head for a nearby mushroom.

How these itty bitty monsters spawn is unique from the rest of the roster in that they come out from their nest all at once to pick up food and carry it back (indicated by whether the bulbs on their butts are colored and enlarged). I do not believe that affects whether they leave a corpse to carve.

When they leave their nest, they do so in a line like in the image below.

The carve rate of Quality Stomachs from these little workers isn't terrible, and it's easy enough to swing between both spots in the Shrine Ruins to slay them three at a time at regular intervals.

That's it for how to get Quality Stomach! Check out our other Monster Hunter Rise guides here on GameSkinny.

Roblox Evelyn Complete Walkthrough Guide Tue, 30 Mar 2021 11:41:34 -0400 Sergey_3847

Evelyn is a new puzzle game in Roblox that has caught the attention of many players because of its immersive atmosphere and story. It puts you in the shoes of a detective who investigates the sudden death of Evelyn, a 13-year-old girl. 

This walkthrough guide will tell you everything you need to know about completing Roblox Evelyn, including what to do in each room and how to complete the game's (few) puzzles. Of course, major spoilers follow

Roblox Evelyn Complete Walkthrough

The Kitchen

After the initial dialogue with Evelyn's parents, you will spawn in an old house, the one in which Evelyn died. Once you are in the main hall:

  1. Go to your left and enter the first door to your right
  2. Take a pie under the gas stove
  3. Put it in Evelyn's place at the dinner table
  4. Take a sink plug from the cupboard next to the dinner table
  5. Plug the leaking sink
  6. Pick up a bathroom key from the broken glass on the floor
The Bathroom

If you've done everything right, you should have your first encounter with the ghost. Afterward:

  1. Leave the room and turn right
  2. Go upstairs
  3. Enter the first door to your right using your key
  4. Take a yellow toothbrush from the cupboard under the sink
  5. Drop the blue towel on the floor
  6. Pick up a blue toothbrush from the floor
  7. Open the toilet cover and pick up a pink toothbrush
  8. Place all three toothbrushes in the toothbrush holder at the sink
Main Bedroom

Now you can pick up the key to the main bedroom near the bathroom entrance. Now:

  1. Leave the bathroom and turn right
  2. Enter the first door to your left using the key
  3. Open the wardrobe (2nd ghost encounter)
  4. Pick up a small statue of an angel from the floor
  5. Put an angel into a box on the table opposite of the wardrobe
  6. Take the safe handle from the box
  7. Put the safe handle in the box at the mirror
The Bedroom

Take the bedroom key from the same box by the mirror and:

  1. Leave the main bedroom and turn left
  2. Open the bedroom door in front using the key
  3. Take a handle from the case in the corner
  4. Insert the handle into the door of the doll house
The Lounge

The key to the lounge is inside the dollhouse. Pick it up, and leave the bedroom. This will activate the third encounter with the ghost. Now:

  1. Go back downstairs
  2. Enter the first door to your right using the key
  3. Interact with the family portrait hanging on the wall
  4. It will drop revealing the button
  5. Press it
  6. Enter the secret passage inside the fireplace

Use the following sequnce to open the door: snowflake -> star -> plus sign -> dots

Interact with the doll inside the hidden chamber, and pick up the red jewel to finish the game.

Hopefully, this walkthrough guide helped you complete Roblox Evelyn. If so, please consider giving this article a share, and be sure to come back soon for more Roblox-related articles here at GameSkinny.

Call of Duty Mobile: How to Earn Gun Master Medal Tue, 30 Mar 2021 10:12:23 -0400 Sergey_3847

The scout class has a new uncommon skill called Ripped Camo, which can be earned after completing the Gun Master challenge in Call of Duty Mobile. This challenge can be quite hard to complete depending on your skill level, as players must kill eight enemies in a single match.

This guide will provide you with tips on how to earn the Gun Master Medal in Call of Duty Mobile. Note that this challenge can only be done in Battle Royal mode; it cannot be achieved in the Warzone mode.

How to Earn Gun Master Medal in COD Mobile

Follow these steps to start the Gun Master Challenge:

  1. Go to the main menu
  2. Select the "Events" tab
  3. Choose the "Seasonal" option
  4. Go to the "BR Buff" tab
  5. Press "GO" to start the challenge

Before starting the challenge, you need to prepare yourself with the right kind of weapon and strategy.

Since Alcatraz, one of the two possible Battle Royal maps, has been removed, you need to utilize the best locations available on the Isolated map to get the required eight kills.

The locations must be compact and have no easy routes out. You can easily hunt down players for your medal. There are several best places to get this challenge done.


The Sanitarium building is perfect for getting quick kills. The area is completely enclosed, and it's easy to get sneaky shots out of nowhere.

This location isn't too popular, so you can always find good loot here.

Nuclear Plant

This area is perfect for sniping, as there are lots of tall structures where you can set up your sniper rifle.

Also, this place is extremely popular and there are plenty of players constantly trying to loot the best weapons. It's a good opportunity to take them all out quickly for the Gun Master challenge.

Launch Base

The rocket base is very similar to the plant, but the area is much flatter there. This is a great location for players that like to play with assault rifles or SMGs.

Best Weapons

Regardless of the choice of your weapon, you absolutely must have a long barrel and laser sight for quick and precise kills in the distance.

When it comes to power level and an ability to one-shot players, here are the best weapon choices:

  • AK117
  • M4A1
  • AK-47
  • Type 25

As soon as you get your eight kills in a single match, you will be rewarded with the following items:

  • Scout-Ripped Camo
  • 2000 XP
  • Gun Master Medal

That's all you need to know on how to earn the Gun Master Medal in Call of Duty Mobile. For more Call of Duty Mobile guide articles, head over to our dedicated guides page for more.

Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Acute Fang Mon, 29 Mar 2021 15:41:58 -0400 Ashley Shankle

Oh, High Rank... what would we do without you? As with the rest of the series, Monster Hunter Rise High Rank means a whole new set of materials to hoard in order to make weapons and armor. There are more than we could possibly list here, but we can certainly point you in the direction of the Acute Fang material, which is used in a number of equipment recipes.

Acute Fang is used in a number of lower-end High Rank armors and just two weapons, meaning you (hopefully) won't need too many before you move on to farming for something else completely.

Monster Hunter Rise: Acute Fang Locations

As with other fang materials, pelts, sacs, and most of the other items you're going to need to make your equipment as you push through the game, the Acute Fang only comes from carving certain monsters or as quest rewards. Luckily this one's particularly easy to get.

The easiest source of getting an Acute Fang or two (or six) is slaying the smaller monsters in the Shrine Ruins. Particularly Jaggi, Wroggi, and Bullfango.

Bullfango and Wroggi tend to spawn in Region 9 of Shrine Ruins, while Jaggi tend to spawn around depending on which monsters are active. If there's a Great Jagras or Great Wroggi, you'll have better luck finding their lesser variants.

If you think you're going to need this material and don't want to necessarily actively hunt for it right now, look for the following monsters on your hunts to slay in hopes of getting an Acute Fang from your carves:

  • Bullfango
  • Baggi
  • Delex
  • Gajau
  • Jaggi
  • Wroggi
  • Zamite

As the Acute Fang is a High Rank material and used to craft High Rank equipment, you can only get it in High Rank hunts.

That's it for how to get your hands on this High Rank material. Check out our other Monster Hunter Rise guides here on GameSkinny.

Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get High Quality Pelt Mon, 29 Mar 2021 13:51:08 -0400 Ashley Shankle

The list of materials you need for Low Rank in Monster Hunter Rise ends up not being that long, but the list of High Rank materials you need is a different story. There are loads of High Rank materials you're going to have to go out of your way for if you want certain pieces of equipment, and one that can be a bit perplexing is the High Quality Pelt.

High Quality Pelt is used in a handful of equipment crafting recipes, but luckily, it's not too many since the item can be a bit of a pain to get. Only two monsters drop this material in Monster Hunter Rise, and you may not be included to slay them usually.

Monster Hunter Rise: High Quality Pelt Locations

Being a High Rank material, you are only going to be able to get High Quality Pelt from High Rank monsters. Luckily, you're hunting the easiest of the easy in terms of HR: Kelbi and Anteka.

High Quality Pelt only comes from slaying High Rank Kelbi or Anteka, with Kelbi being the more reliable source as the carve rate on the pelt with Anteka is under 20% — meaning you're better off farming Kelbi for it.

Kelbi are found in the Shrine Ruins in two specific areas: Regions 11 and 13. They are circled in green on the map to the right.

Like most other smaller herbivore monsters, Kelbi are skittish. Once you attack a single Kelbi, the others in your vicinity will attempt to flee. You can make farming them a little easier by waiting to carve until you slay all those in the area.

I prefer farming them in Region 11, as there is also a bonepile to dig through and a mining outcrop to whack on. It's also faster to get to, but that may just be personal preference.

The moose-looking Anteka are found in the Frost Islands, and are located in Region 1 and Region 6 of the map. They will also flee once you attack one of their kind, but the High Quality Pelt drop rate is much lower for them. Still, they're worth killing sometimes if you think you're going to need the pelt later and the Anteka just happen to be where you are.

Hopefully, this helps you get your mits on some High Quality Pelt for your next piece of equipment. Take a gander at Gameskinny's other Monster Hunter Rise guides as you grow into the hunter you want to be.

Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Piercing Claws Mon, 29 Mar 2021 13:45:57 -0400 Ashley Shankle

In Monster Hunter Rise, you get a claw, and you get a claw, and YOU get a claw! Okay, maybe not that many claws. Regardless, you'll want specific ones, and if you clicked on this article, you want to get your hands on some Piercing Claw for your troubles.

Piercing Claw is a High Rank material, so you're going to have to take on some High Rank monsters to get some — which is expected since you're making High Rank armor by this point and you just can't craft HR gear using Low Rank materials.

Monster Hunter Rise: Piercing Claw Locations

A pretty long list of armors and a smaller list of weapons require at least one Piercing Claw to craft, the Ludroth S gear, in particular, requiring a few to get it all made.

Luckily, getting Piercing Claws isn't that difficult. Five High-Rank monsters can give you a Piercing Claw at the end of the quest, these being:

  • Jagras
  • Izuchi
  • Ludroth
  • Uroktor
  • Rachnoid

Again: Piercing Claw is a High Rank material, meaning you need to slay these monsters at High-Rank. These monsters at Low Rank will not drop the claws, so do not bother farming them in hopes of getting them.

If, for some reason, you are having a difficult time getting Piercing Claws from the monsters listed above at High Rank, try capturing them instead of slaying. This is done easily enough using a Shock Trap on the monster when it is low, then spamming a few Tranq Bombs on its face to knock it out.

Piercing Claw is one of the earlier High Rank materials you'll need to get crafting HR gear. Do be aware that some materials must be obtained via Meowcenaries, so make sure you keep them busy as you continue on your hunts.

That's it for how to get Piercing Claws. Check out our other Monster Hunter Rise guides here on GameSkinny.

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town Best Crops for Each Season Mon, 29 Mar 2021 12:38:08 -0400 Josh Broadwell

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town crops are a bit different from most previous SoS/Harvest Moon games. There’s greater variety in each season, many crops can grow through multiple seasons, and Marvelous even adjusted the prices of some staples while altering how you increase value.

Our Pioneers of Olive Town crop guide steers you toward the best crops for each season to help get the most gold for your labor.

Pioneers of Olive Town Crop Basics

Pioneers of Olive Town moves away from fertilizer and ties crop quality to your fieldwork. There’s no need for fertilizer, hence why the shops don’t stock it. If you plant and care for even just a few batches of crops in your first spring, it should be enough to raise their value to three, which is a nice boost to your profit.

You can also grind your fieldwork level higher by tilling random squares you don’t plan on using and using the hoe in the mines.

A few of Pioneers of Olive Town’s more valuable crops grow in the wild on your farm. Make sure you harvest and sell them, since it unlocks their seeds for purchase at the General Store.

Finally, you’ll also unlock sprinklers incredibly early in the game. It’s worth using materials to craft sprinklers and save some stamina if you want to maximize your crop yield as early as possible.

Pioneers of Olive Town: Best Spring Crops

Crop Sell Price Grow Time Regrow Seasons
Turnip 192 G 4 days N/A Spring
Onion 286 G 6 days N/A Spring, Summer
Strawberry 125 G 8 days N/A Spring
Garlic 315 G 3 days 4 days Spring


Pioneers of Olive Town gives the humble turnip a hefty boost and makes some adjustments to a few others. You'll find onions in the first farm area soon after starting, and while they only give you one onion per harvest, the sell price makes investing worth it when you can.

Strawberries are in the second area of your farm, where your first barn is, but garlic can only be obtained from the store after you reach level nine in fieldwork.

Cucumbers aren't worth the stamina it takes to care for them, not when turnips exist. Potatoes werehave been nerfed slightly, so even when you get double or triple for your harvest, it's not that profitable.

Pioneers of Olive Town: Best Summer Crops 

Crop Sell Price Grow Time Regrow Seasons
 Pumpkin 270 G 5 days N/A Summer
Melon 525 G 7 days N/A Summer, Fall
Pineapple 630 G 8 days N/A Summer
Corn 242 G 8 days 4 days Summer


Pumpkins are summer's onions for the price of turnips, so devote a few fields to those. You'll find your first melon in the farm's second area once summer begins and need to ship it before the store will carry seeds.

Corn is fantastic and offers much more value for your effort than tomatoes, while pineapples are the season's biggest hitters outside watermelons. You'll get watermelons at fieldwork level nine, but the exorbitant seed cost makes the return less worthwhile than these.

Pioneers of Olive Town: Best Fall Crops 

Crop Sell Price Grow Time Regrow Seasons
Carrot 300 G 5 days N/A Fall
Sweet Potato 384 G 6 days 3 days Fall
Melon 525 G 8 days N/A Summer, Fall
Spinach 240 G 8 days 4 days Fall


Fall is devoid of high-value crops, but the sweet potato will treat you right. Carrots are great one-time crops, but if you're saving money, spinach is the way to go. Supplement these with a few melon fields, and you'll be well set for the winter.

Pioneers of Olive Town: Best Winter Crops

Crop Sell Price Grow Time Regrow Seasons
Broccoli 120 G 6 days 3 days   Winter, Spring
Cabbage 448 G 7 days N/A Winter, Spring
Leek 200 G 4 days N/A Winter
Daikon Radish 234  G 4 days N/A Winter, Spring


Cabbage is winter's best crop, but you need to scour your first farm area to find one and unlock seeds. You can potentially find one in spring, though I didn't run across any. Leeks are in the third farm area, and those plus daikon radishes are the best bets for steady income. 

That's everything you need to know about Pioneers of Olive Town's best crops, but be sure to check out our other Pioneers of Olive Town guides for more farm-grown tips.

Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Stargazer Flowers Mon, 29 Mar 2021 12:33:47 -0400 Ashley Shankle

Not all materials are created equal in Monster Hunter Rise. While most of the ones you need for your personal equipment can be found on hunts or expeditions, sometimes you need a little help from your Buddies to get special materials for crafting. One such item is the Skygazer Flower, which you won't find on your hunts at any point.

Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get a Stargazer Flower

Stargazer Flowers are most notably used for the Edel equipment set, which boasts a 3 in poison resistance, which can be a boon in particular fights. It's a bit more straightforward to get the other materials for the Edel set, while the flowers can be a bit of a noggin' scratcher.

Your Buddies are the key to getting your hands on a Stargazer Flower or two, specifically your Meowcenaries.

In the Buddy Plaza, you can send your Buddies out via the Meowcenaries feature to bring back items, a handful of which only being procurable via the Meowcenaries feature.

Stargazer Flowers can be picked up by your Meowcenaries when you send them on expeditions to the Frost Islands, but only with specific nodes. When choosing where to send your Buddies, you will want to go to locales with:

  • Small monsters
  • Rare herb nodes (you'll see the herb icon, but it will be sparkling)

If you're really gunning for these flowers, send multiple Buddies on the Meowcenaries expeditions trying to get them, and be sure to use a Lagniapple to really boost your chances. If you're lucky, your Buddies should come back with at least one Stargazer Flower for you to use in your crafting efforts.

That's all there is to say on how to get Stargazer Flowers — it's really not that hard, is it! Check out our other Monster Hunter Rise guides here.

Monster Hunter Rise: How to Find Machalite Ore Mon, 29 Mar 2021 11:01:49 -0400 George Yang

In Monster Hunter Rise, you're going to need plenty of materials in order to craft your equipment. One of these materials is Machalite Ore, and it is used in a variety of weapons and armors.

The guide below provides a quick rundown of where you can find Machalite Ore, as well as how to make it appear on your map and which mining nodes are more likely to drop the crafting material. 

Where to Find Machalite Ore in Monster Hunter Rise


One of the earliest places you can find Machalite Ore is in Sandy Plains, though it can also be found in the Flooded Forest and the Lava Caverns as well.

Note that with all of these locations, you can either find materials while you're out hunting for monsters, or you can schedule an Expedition trip in the hub if you just want to go out to gather materials.

To find Machalite Ore, look for the mining outcrops on your map.

Pull up the full map by holding down the "minus" button, and then press "X," which will bring up the icons list. Press "R" until you get to the Materials tab, and you should see the white and blue Mining Outcrops icons, between the Godbug and Bonepile icons. Select the icons to make them appear on the map.

While Machalite Ore can be found from blue-icon outcrops, it seems to drop more frequently from white-icon outcrops. These nodes provide "somewhat uncommon ore" as opposed to the "run-of-the-mill" ore found from farming blue nodes.

Since the outcrops now appear on your map, you simply have to go around the area and mine the nodes, hoping that they give you Machalite Ore! 

And that is how you find Machalite Ore in Monster Hunter Rise. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks guides in the coming days!

How to Find the Tiger in Dead Age 2 Mon, 29 Mar 2021 10:47:54 -0400 Sergey_3847

Dead Age 2 adds several new mechanics to the zombie survival formula over the original 2016 game. One of the best additions is the dog and tiger pets that accompany your team during battles.

Many players are wondering how to get the tiger, since it is much stronger than the dog and can do much more than just draw enemy fire. This guide will show you how to find the tiger in Dead Age 2.

How to Find the Tiger in Dead Age 2

The tiger is part of the main Dead Age 2 storyline, specifically "A Tiger for the Arena" main quest. The animal can be found in the Grand Wind Canyon part of the map.

Before getting there, though, you need to complete the following quests:

  • On the Trail of a Traitor
  • Coming Southward
  • Dynamite for the Tunnel
  • Pittance
  • A New Threat in Prison
  • Independent Spy
  • The Missing Friend
  • Buried
  • Valuable Cargo

Once these quests are completed in your main story log, you will be prompted to speak to the smuggler boss Jimmy at the Smuggler HQ. Find the prisoner named Mason and speak to him.

Mason will tell you to talk to Tracy, who can help you find the tiger. After speaking with Tracy, follow these directions to get to the tiger's location:

  1. Go to Subway
  2. Choose US Army HQ Station
  3. Move towards the bridge at the Farmwind Roads
  4. Cross the bridge

Just past the HQ, you can start "A Tiger for the Arena" quest using the marker shown on the map above.

There you will meet a gang leader, who will offer to sell the tiger for $100. Pay for the tiger and the animal is all yours.

That's all you need to know on how to find the tiger in Dead Age 2. For more on Dead Age 2, consider reading our official review of the game right here, where we said while the zombie survival game shines in places, it falters in others.

Mr. Prepper Bob's Glasses Location Guide Mon, 29 Mar 2021 10:41:22 -0400 Sergey_3847

Mr. Prepper is a new survival game on Steam that has a lot of tricky questlines. One such quest is "Glasses for Bob," which requires players to find a pair of glasses for one of the NPCs living in the mine. This guide will provide you with tips on how to find where Bob's glasses are in Mr. Prepper.

This small quest is part of the main storyline, in which you must discover the location of Fort Observer. In order to unlock this fort, you need to find several characters, speak to them, and get them what they want.

How to Find Bob's Glasses in Mr. Prepper

Bob is a miner, who lives in the Old Creek Mine. Strangely, Bob is also a plant, but that part comes later.

First, you must find Jenny the Herbalist, who will eventually give you the Stay Awake pill. But she also holds the secret of Bob's glasses.

Follow these steps to find Bob's glasses location in Mr. Prepper:

  1. Talk to Joe at the Junkyard
  2. Go to the Forest location
  3. Travel to Forest Level 2-3
  4. Speak to Jenny the Herbalist
  5. Right-click on the plant she holds in her hands
  6. Choose the "Talk" option

In this conversation, you will learn that Bob the Plant uses glasses for reading, but he's been growing so well that he doesn't need them anymore. After the conversation, Jenny will reward you with Bob's glasses.

When the conversation with Jenny and her plant is over, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Old Creek Mine location
  2. Travel to Mine Level 1
  3. Enter the cave left of the elevator
  4. Speak to Bob the Miner
  5. Give him the glasses

This will end the "Glasses for Bob" questline, letting you continue with the rest of the Fort Observer storyline.

That's all you need to know about how to find Bob's glasses location in Mr. Prepper. If you found this guide helpful, consider giving it a share!

Monster Hunter Rise Firelantern Locations Fri, 26 Mar 2021 13:08:59 -0400 Ashley Shankle

One of the first village quests you can take on in Monster Hunter Rise is Roly-Poly Lanterns, a quest sending you out into the Shrine Ruins to collect Firelanterns for decoration.

There's an important lesson to be learned from this quest if you didn't read the tutorials thoroughly enough: pay attention to the map.

Monster Hunter Rise Firelantern Locations

If this is your first quest, the map for the Shrine Ruins won't be filled out yet. You'll have to traverse the area to reveal the map, which you should do first just to get it done. The area is gorgeous, and there are plenty of materials to collect while you're out here.

I mentioned a lesson to be learned if you're not sure what to do here, and it's just a little bit more than "pay attention to the map." The Firelantern locations are already marked with green dots on your in-game map.

I had picked the one to the southeast up before taking the picture to the right, so the marker is a little different from the others.

You won't have to go to every spot to get all eight Firelanterns, as they give varying amounts of the item per node. That said, you will have to familiarize yourself with using the Wirebug to get up to certain spots to gather the plants. Don't be afraid to spam it as best you can, either. Sometimes it's just the easy, lazy, janky way to get where you're going.

Be sure to gather at any honey, bonepiles, and mining outcrops you find along the way to get yourself started stockpiling materials for equipment and potions.

That's it for how to find Firelanterns in Monster Hunter Rise, take this as a lesson to read the tutorials and to keep track of the minimap as this could honestly throw anyone off the first time around. Keep an eye on GameSkinny as we grow our Monster Hunter Rise guides!

Genshin Impact Invitation of Windblume: Festive Challenges Guide Fri, 26 Mar 2021 12:02:53 -0400 Sergey_3847

Genshin Impact players can now unlock an exclusive bow, called the Windblume Ode, which is part of the Invitation of Windblume event. This new weapon (and many other items) can be purchased using Festive Tour Tickets. These tickets can be earned by completing the three Festive Challenges during the Windblume Festival.

This guide will provide you with tips on how to successfully complete all three Festive Challenges in Genshin Impact. You can enter the challenges only after reaching Adventure Rank 20 and completing Prologue: Act III of the main story.

Note that Festive Tour Tickets can only be earned if you complete Festive Challenges in solo mode.

Windblume Festive Challenge: Bullseye Balloons

Complete the First Event Quest

Once you've entered the Windblume Festival in Mondstadt, you must complete the first event quest by following these steps:

  1. Speak to Sara
  2. Speak to Marjorie
  3. Speak to Katheryne
  4. Speak to Flora in the flower shop
  5. Travel to the Mondstadt Plaza
  6. Speak to Venti
  7. Listen to bypassers' problems
  8. Complete the Ode to Flower and Cloud quest

After you've solved the citizens' troubles, speak to Venti one last time.

Start the Challenge

Now you can talk to Lizzie, who will recommend you take part in the Bullseye Balloons bow shooting contest. Agree to start this challenge.

Markers appear on your map where you can take on the challenge. The balloons can be shot using either normal or charged/aimed attacks.

There are two types of balloons that you need to shoot:

  • Bloom Balloons are green and give you a modest number of points.
  • Bouquet Balloons are orange and give you a larger number of points.

There are also two types of balloons that you should probably avoid:

  • Celebration Balloons with hearts on them explode when hit, destroying balloons surrounding them.
  • Heartbreak Balloons with dark hearts on them remove points.
Challenge Rewards

There are three levels of difficulty in these challenges. Each gives different rewards when the maximum number of points have been collected:

  • Balloon Hunter (1,000-1,600 points)
    • 30x Primogem
    • 100x Festive Tour Ticket
  • Balloon Bane (1,800-2,800 points)
    • 2x Hero's Wit
    • 100x Festive Tour Ticket
  • Balloon Scourge (2,600-4,000 points)
    • 20,000 Mora

Windblume Festive Challenge: Floral Freefall

Start the Challenge

When you're done with the first challenge, go back and speak to Lizzie once again. This time she will offer you a second challenge: Floral Freefall.

Here you use a pair of wings to catch flowers floating in the sky. Each flower adds to your overall points. When the time is up (or you touch the ground), the challenge ends.

There are three types of flowers you need to collect:

  • Fluorescent Flowerball are shiny blue balls that grant 35 points.
  • Honey-Petal Crown are orange flowers that grant 200 points.
  • Finish Line Garland are a ring of flowers that grants 400 points.

The best way to get more points is to chase the flowers that are grouped together instead of chasing a single flower.

Challenge Rewards

The three levels of difficulty grant the same rewards as before:

  • Journeyman Drifter (1,000 points)
    • 30x Primogem
    • 100x Festive Tour Ticket
  • Master Glider (2,000 points)
    • 2x Hero's Wit
    • 100x Festive Tour Ticket
  • Favored of the Four Winds (3,000 points)
    • 20,000 Mora

Windblume Festive Challenge: Ballads of Breeze

Start the Challenge

Finally, talk to Lizzie once again for the final challenge: the Ballads of Breeze. This is basically a rhythm mini-game that requires you to tap certain keys when their corresponding prompts appear on the screen.

Each correct tap grants points, and each incorrect tap breaks the flow of your combo. The combo multipliers are:

  • 1-5 consecutive notes = 0.0x
  • 6-10 consecutive notes = 1.3x
  • 11-15 consecutive notes = 1.6x
  • 16+ = 2.0x

Sometimes you will have to press several keys at a time, including your mouse buttons. 

Challenge Rewards

You can earn a lot of points in this challenge, but you only need to get the required minimum to earn the rewards:

  • Musical Hobbyist (800-1,000 points)
    • 30x Primogem
    • 100x Festive Tour Ticket
  • Rising Star (1,200-1,400 points)
    • 2x Hero's Wit
    • 100x Festive Tour Ticket
  • Windblume Laureate (1,800-2,400 points)
    • 20,000 Mora

That's everything you need to know about Festive Challenges that take place during the Invitation of Windblume event in Genshin Impact version 1.4. Checking out other Genshin Impact guides on our dedicated hub page!

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town Marriage Guide Fri, 26 Mar 2021 11:32:51 -0400 Josh Broadwell

Farming is great, sure, but the other big goal in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town is marriage. Despite being a frontier town, Olive Town is packed with marriage candidates waiting to walk down the aisle with you.

Pioneers of Olive Town’s marriage works a bit differently from other games in the series, though. Our Pioneers of Olive Town guide has everything you need to build your life with that special someone and even tear it apart if it turns into a nightmare (it's up to you). 

Pioneers of Olive Town Marriage Candidates 

Pioneers of Olive Town distinguishes between marriageable and non-marriageable characters. A red heart on the friendship screen stands for eligible and an orange one for not eligible.

The trouble is that until you’ve started filling up the first heart meter, it’s a bit difficult to tell them apart. Here’s every marriage candidate in Pioneers of Olive Town. Note that gender doesn’t matter. You can woo any of them.


  • Iori
  • Emilio
  • Damon
  • Jack
  • Ralph


  • Linh
  • Blaire
  • Bridget
  • Reina
  • Laura

There’s no Harvest Goddess, Witch, or Kappa in Olive Town, so these are all of your choices unless you purchase the game’s DLC.

How to Get Married in Pioneers of Olive Town

Like most other SoS/Harvest Moon games, you need to max out your beloved’s affection meter before you have a chance of your proposal succeeding. You also need to see all nine of their character events, which start at the second heart and then trigger each time you rank up your friendship. 

These events trigger automatically, so it’s nothing you have to go out of the way to do. Answering questions the right way during the events boosts your friendship even more, and it’s always plain which one is the “right” answer.

Outside of heart events, you chat with the character and give them presents to raise their affection. Pioneers of Olive Town handles gift giving differently, and there’s not much indication what items characters don’t like.

The dialogue only changes when you give them a favorite item, and while gifting favorites is obviously the fastest way to grow closer, giving items such as produce, crops, or flowers does the trick just fine. Keep it up daily, and you should have the first three or four hearts filled by the end of the initial spring.

What is the Pioneers of Olive Town Confession Pendant?

The Confession Pendant is a new step in the marriage process introduced by Pioneers of Olive Town. “Step” is a slight exaggeration, though. All you have to do is raise your partner-to-be’s affection to level six, buy the Confession Pendant for 10,000 G at the General Store, and give it to them.

Blue Feather eligibility only requires upgrading to your first house, which costs 20 logs and 2,000 G. No double bed or extra rooms are necessary for marriage in Pioneers of Olive Town.

Once you’ve got your house and 10 hearts in order, buy the Blue Feather for 20,000 G at the General Store, and offer it as a gift.

Married Life in Pioneers of Olive Town

If accepted — which it will be by following the steps above — you’ll be asked to choose a wedding date. The chosen date has no effect on the ceremony and is only important if you have plans for the rest of that day, since you can’t do anything except get married.

Married life in Pioneers of Olive Town is much the same as single life, with a few new cutscenes thrown in and a child as a new character to befriend. Your spouse will have five new hearts added to their affection meter as well.

Pioneers of Olive Town Divorce

Should you want to annul your marriage, go to the shrine in the woods north of town and offer a special prayer. It asks if you want to “reset” your marriage and if you say yes, your spouse goes back to being single, and your child disappears.

There’s no consequence and no recognition a marriage ever took place, so you’re free to pursue another candidate. Your former spouse’s affection remains at 10, so if you regret that you regretted getting married, you can still propose to them. Again.

That's everything you need to know about Pioneers of Olive Town's marriage, but be sure to check out our other Pioneers of Olive Town guides for more tips.

How to Get Dodge Demon in Forza Horizon 4 PC Thu, 25 Mar 2021 12:43:44 -0400 Sergey_3847

One of the best drag racing cars in Forza Horizon 4 is Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. This muscle car can be unlocked by completing all ten chapters of the Stunt Driver challenge. Each chapter can be completed within three tiers, but in order to get Dodge Demon you need to get the highest tier on all ten races.

This guide will provide you with tips on how to get all three stars on each of the Stunt Driver races and get Dodge Demon in Forza Horizon 4 PC. Once you complete this massive challenge, the car will become available absolutely for free.

How to Get Dodge Demon in Forza Horizon 4 PC

In the game's main story menu you will find four options:

  • World’s Fastest Rentals
  • Drift Racer
  • La Racer
  • Stunt Driver

Choose the Stunt Driver option to start the first chapter of the races.

Stunt Driver: Chapter 1
  • Vehicle: Bugatti Chiron
  • 3-star goal: 300 ft (92 m)

In the first chapter, you will be given a task to drive through the village and jump over the windmill. In order to complete the challenge you need to last 300 feet in the air and land safely.

There are no special tricks here. Start accelerating your car no later than 5 seconds before hitting the windmill ramp. You should manage to get 250 miles per hour this way and make the top tier goal.

Stunt Driver: Chapter 2
  • Vehicle: Auto Union Type D
  • 3-star goal: 2 minutes 5 seconds

Here you will be given a vintage sports car to ride along the coastline. This is another simple task that shouldn't take you longer than 2 minutes to complete.

The only caveat is that you should drive relatively carefully and not hit anything on your way. Auto Union Type D loses a ton of acceleration, if you hit anything on your way.

Stunt Driver: Chapter 3
  • Vehicle: Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera
  • 3-star goal: 475 ft (145 m)

This challenge is very similar to the first one, but this time you need to jump over a river.

As before, start accelerating about 5 seconds before you hit the ramp and if you get to about 200 mph, you should cover about 480 feet to complete this task.

Stunt Driver: Chapter 4
  • Vehicle: Hoonigan Gymkhana 9 Ford Focus RS RX
  • 3-star goal: 80,000 points

This time you have a limited time of 2 minutes and 30 seconds to do all sorts of jumps, turns, drifts, as well as hitting as many props as you can, such as trash cans, lamp posts, etc.

Each of these will add up points to your final estimate. The only way to win this challenge is not to stop. With the car you are given this is very much possible, as it handles brakes and turns extremely well.

Stunt Driver: Chapter 5
  • Vehicle: Mercedes-Benz G 65 AMG
  • 3-star goal: 50 s

The next challenge gives you an offroad Mercedes-Benz SUV. The point is to go down from the top of the mountain to its base as quickly as possible.

Since G 65 is an extremely heavy vehicle, you need to start accelerating it as soon as possible. In this way you will have a strong start, which will add more speed to your downward velocity.

Stunt Driver: Chapter 6
  • Vehicle: Renault Alpine A110 1600s
  • 3-star goal: 1 min 40 s

This is another vintage car challenge, where you have to race around Edinburgh.

You will be given the route of your race, but you have to ignore it if you want to earn all three stars. Win this challenge by making a shortcut right after the bridge, which is not shown on the map, but you will definitely see it once on the road.

Stunt Driver: Chapter 7
  • Vehicle: Dodge Challenger SRT Demon
  • 3-star goal: 46 s

Here is a challenge that allows you to experience the speed of the Dodge Demon.

It's a simple race through a number of tunnels with ramps, but you must not use them or you will lose your high speed. You might be inclined to take onr or two, but you should just avoid each and every one of the ramps in order to win this race.

Stunt Driver: Chapter 8
  • Vehicle: MINI John Cooper Works
  • 3-star goal: 22 s

This challenge requires you to park the car on top of the shipping container. It's an easy challenge and requires almost no effort. All you need to do is drive up a series of containers and full stop on the very top one.

You may need a few tries before you get the right time for the three stars finish, so just keep replaying this chapter until you get it right.

Stunt Driver: Chapter 9
  • Vehicle: Peugeot 205 T16
  • 3-star goal: 65,000 points

On chapter 9 you will be required to combine a simple race with the point accumulation system from chapter 4.

The best way to earn points is to drift a lot, and the quickest way to finish the race is to shortcut through the frozen lake and the forest.

Stunt Driver: Chapter 10
  • Vehicle: Aston Martin DB11
  • 3-star goal: 1 min 15 s

The final race has penalties on leaving the highway, which means that you are not allowed to make shortcuts.

However, the penalty won't count if you spend less than 10 seconds away from the highway. Use the fields at the very start of the challenge as shortcuts. These can be easily crossed before you hit the 10 second penalty.

That's all you need to know on how to get Dodge Demon in Forza Horizon 4 PC. Be sure to come back soon for more Forza Horizon 4 tips and tricks articles.

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town Bucket Guide Thu, 25 Mar 2021 11:20:32 -0400 Josh Broadwell

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town adds several new tools and ways to tame your farmland. One of those is the bucket. Pioneers of Olive Town’s bucket is a key item you get early on, but its real importance only becomes plain as your first year progresses.

Our Pioneers of Olive Town bucket guide has everything you need to know about this new tool and when to tackle your farm's water problem.

What's the Bucket for in Pioneers of Olive Town?

Mayor Victor gives you the bucket in your first week. There’s nothing you have to do to get it other than play the game

The bucket drains the puddles scattered around your farm after rain, and you’ll get clay for your troubles. Clay is an important crafting material in Pioneers of Olive Town that you’ll use in projects ranging from making other crafting materials to constructing key farm buildings.

However, you won’t be doing much of that anytime soon. Upgrading the bucket to Level 3 unlocks the brick maker, though you’ll need to reach the farm’s third area before you need bricks. Mortar obtained from clay helps expand your farm, though again, that’s not for a little while later.

For now, just drain puddles and sell your clay, or store it if you have empty item boxes around. 

Draining Levels, Puddles, and Pumps

Emptying puddles raises your draining level, which can reduce the stamina used in draining puddles and ponds. Upgrading the bucket itself reduces required stamina even more and helps deal with larger bodies of water.

After upgrading your bucket once, you can tackle the smaller ponds that sometimes appear without wrecking your stamina. The game tells you these ponds hide valuable treasure. However, it’s just items for donating to the museum. Whether that’s worth the stamina it takes to drain the ponds is up to you.

Raising your draining level to five unlocks water pumps. Use coal from the mines to power these and empty the larger bodies of brown-ish water in the farm’s second and third areas.

You could theoretically use your bucket for these, but that would take ages and far too much stamina.

Pioneers of Olive Town Bucket Upgrades

Here’s each bucket upgrade in Pioneers of Olive Town and what it costs.


  • The standard bucket Mayor Victor gives you

Iron Bucket

  • 1,000 G
  • 3 iron ingots

Silver Bucket

  • 3,000 G
  • 5 silver ingots

Gold Bucket

  • 20,000 G
  • 10 gold ingots

That's it for our Pioneers of Olive Town bucket guide, but be on the lookout for more Pioneers of Olive Town guides in the coming days.

Yakuza 6 Clan Creator Codes Complete List Wed, 24 Mar 2021 15:04:59 -0400 Ashley Shankle

The Clan Creator minigame is one of the most popular in Yakuza 6: The Song of Life, but you can't get all the characters for it just by playing the game. Instead, you have to find Clan Creator codes to enter and add new powerful characters to your ranks.

SEGA released Clan Creator codes for characters in the months after the game's initial release, which allow you to add a variety of characters to your Clan Creator roster that you wouldn't be able to get otherwise. The rarities range from Common to Super Rare, and each one has its own unique skill.

All of the Clan Creator codes for Yakuza 6 are listed below in alphabetical order, along with the rarity of the character the code provides. There are multiple codes for some characters, and each one has its own unique skill to bring to the brawl.

Yakuza 6 Clan Creator Codes

  • 00ishiidriller00 - Tomohiro Ishii (Rare)

  • 0banshee0muzzle0 - Evil (Rare)

  • 0herculescutter0 - Nakanashi (Rare)

  • 0intheredakiyama - Akiyama (Super Rare)

  • 3qxi6yigsh03detx - Ono Michio (Common)

  • 7r30m9zduh0mjia1 - Amon (Common)

  • adreamingakiyama - Akiyama (Rare)

  • amasterbartender - Bartender (Rare)

  • atpercentdragon - Kazuma Kiryu (Super Rare)

  • bestcoachsodachi - Sodachi (Rare)

  • binwanproducer00 - Toru Yano (Rare)

  • blackpantskoumei - Komei (Rare)

  • datewithmako2018 - Makoto Date (Super Rare)

  • detectivemandate - Makoto Date (Rare)

  • elingobernable00 - Tetsuya Naito (Rare)

  • firebirdsplasher - Bushi (Rare)

  • heaintnojoeshmoe - Joe (Rare)

  • itsthegedoclutch - Gedo (Rare)

  • kiryusavemepleaz - Daigo Dojima (Super Rare)

  • kojimacozycutter - Satoshi Koijima (Super Rare)

  • m5bxokqrsielv19d - Daigo Dojima (Common)

  • maddoggoromajima - Goro Majima (Rare)

  • masterofdropkick - Ryusuka Taguchi (Rare)

  • mistertokyodome0 - Hiroshi Tanahashi (Rare)

  • mystrymansatsuki - Satsuki (Rare)

  • nagatalocknagata - Yuji Nagata (Rare)

  • napqwi7otvm124ha - Komei (Common)

  • norestforkazumak - Kazuma Kiryu (Rare)

  • ohnoonomichiokun - Ono Michio (Rare)

  • pnjtef9stvonk4u9 - Satsuki (Common)

  • puroresunewjapan - Captain New Japan (Rare)

  • rainmakermrokada - Kazuchika Okada (Rare)

  • rainmakerokada0 - Kazuchika Okada (Super Rare)

  • s66x7baqn4ecaee9 - Kazuma Kiryu (C)

  • shibatagotosleep - Katsuyori Shibata (Rare)

  • shouldertoleanon - Masao (Rare)

  • strongmachineddt - Super Strong Machine (Rare)

  • t2omq7fm5kbjpour - Goro Majima (Common)

  • the6thheadoftojo - Daigo Dojima (Rare)

  • theanacondacross - Hiroyoshi Tenzan (Super Rare)

  • thedragonsleeper - Hiroshi Tanahashi (Super Rare)

  • thesecretjoamon - Amon (Rare)

  • thestardustpress - Tetsuya Naito (Super Rare)

  • thesupernovarana - Kushida (Rare)

  • uvhvd2h7wi95ghnl - Makoto Date (Common)

  • vrjr9a7sx9z6mmtv - Taiga Saejima (Common)

  • yanoonikoroshi00 - Toru Yano (Super Rare)

Those are all of the Clan Creator codes you can use in Yakuza 6. If you found this guide useful, consider checking out our other Yakuza 6 guides.

Yakuza 6 RIZAP Meal Plan Food Guide Wed, 24 Mar 2021 09:00:01 -0400 Ashley Shankle

The personal trainer at RIZAP fitness center wants you to do a bit more than just work out in Yakuza 6: The Song of Life. You'll need to follow his meal plan to make the most of your efforts, specifically to increase your Charm and Technique as the workouts themselves do not give EXP toward those stats.

After each workout, trainer Makuta will assign you a food to eat for today's meal to boost your gains in the gym. Problem is, his guidelines can be a little vague. That's where this guide comes in.

Below are all of personal trainer Makuta's meal plan suggestions, along with the foods you should eat and where you can eat them. The meal plans he gives you are random, and so the dialogues below are in alphabetical order with the most pertinent parts highlighted so you can pick them out more easily.

Yakuza 6 RIZAP Meal Plan Foods

  • Let's focus on nutrition! How about a dish that contains a lot of scallions? You'll be tempted to drink alcohol, but please try your best to resist it.
    • Kotchori Salad (at Yoronotaki)
  • Let's try an unusual dish this time! I suggest some bite-sized grilled fish. It's chock-full of calcium and protein! The flavorful roe will have you hooked!
    • Smelt Fish with Roe (at Yoronotaki)
  • Now for a go-to training dish! You should eat high quality meat with a good balance of fat and red meat. Eat plenty of it!
    • Sirloin Steak 200g (at Ikinari Steak)
  • Now, let's go for a bulk-up meal. Hmm... I suggest a rice dish topped with lots of thin pork slices! These pork slices are often used in some noodle dishes too!
    • Chashu Rice Bowl (at Kyushu No. 1 Star)
  • Now, let's go for a bulk-up menu! Let's see... I suggest you go to a fast food chain and order something that offers double the average amount of meat. That'll put a smile on your face!
    • King Smile Burger (at Smile Burger)
  • Now, let's go with a dish that contains both pork and veggies! Make sure it's something that'll fill you up! Cabbage would be good for the vegetable!
    • Twice-cooked Pork (at Osaka King)
  • Now, we'll focus heavily on protein! Let's see... You should eat an entire, delicious chicken thigh! They're great to eat after training, but keep it mild!
    • Wild Fried Chicken (at Wild Jackson)
  • This time, let's avoid carbs. You should go for that one dish consisting of just beef. Oh, you're free to eat pickled red ginger with it too!
    • Beef Plate (at Akaushimaru)
  • This time, let's cut calories and focus on nutrient intake! Let's see... You should go to a fast food chain and only have vegetables. It's one of their standard dishes.
    • Smile Salad (at Smile Burger)
  • This time, let's go for a bulk-up meal. Let's see... I suggest a dish where you can consume rice, pork, and egg all together!
    • Katsudon (at Fuji Soba)
  • This time, let's go for a dish low in sugar and high in protein. Oh yeah... I suggest a nutritious dish that's packed with lobster!
    • Lobster Miso Soup (at Sushi Gin)
  • This time, let's go for a dish that's a big hit with the kids. Let's see... Maybe something that's packed with juicy meat and cooked on a hot iron plate! I suggest you eat 300 grams of it!
    • Wild Hamburg Steak 300g (at Ikinari Steak)
  • This time, let's go for a well-balanced meal. Okay... I suggest a quick meal that has carbs, eggs and veggies! It's at a place you'd stop by when you just need a light meal! Their homemade soup has a great flavor!
    • Egg Tempura Soba (at Fuji Soba)
  • This time, let's go meat only! Meat is the best for building muscle! I'm suggesting something that's relatively low in fat! It's best when cooked on a grill!
    • Standard Grade Sirloin (at Kanrai)
  • This time, let's go with a bulk-up menu that'll have you consume plenty of carbs! It's the national dish that everyone loves! Please get the one with beef!
    • Original Beef Curry (at Cafe Alps)
  • This time, let's maintain a good balance of vitamins and protein! I suggest going for vegetables and chicken! Steamed chicken breasts would be ideal!
    • Banbanji Chicken Salad (at Osaka King)
  • This time, let's try something out of the ordinary. Let's see... How about a round food that comes with cheese on top? It's apparently most popular with women. You can eat it at a counter!
    • Cheese and Spicy Fish Roe (at Gindaco Highball Tavern)
  • This time, protein will be our main focus! I suggest a meal that offers a lot of vegetable protein! It might be good for the appetite if it's on the spicier side.
    • Mapo Tofu (at Osaka King)
  • This time, we'll aim for a dish that will bulk you up, but is also easy to eat! A standard light meal that includes eggs, meat, and vegetables would be good! A meal like that is usually offered in the morning.
    • Sandwich Pack (at Cafe Alps)
  • This time, we'll focus on veggies! Did you know ginger also has tons of digestive health benefits? I want you to combine a ton of veggies with ginger! There's a popular chain that's been in town for years that serves up some great veggie dishes.
    • Veggie-filled Soup (at Ringer Hut)
  • This time, you should consume carbs and vegetables. Make sure it's heavy on the vegetables. This meal is famous as a Nagasaki specialty!
    • Vegetable Champon (at Ringer Hut)
  • You can't go wrong with meat after a workout! Just this one time, I'll let you have some popular yakiniku!
    • Harami (at Kanrai)
  • You should eat some fish once in a awhile! Let's have that one fish Japanese people just love! How about a dish that allows you to enjoy various parts of it?
    • Tuna Zanmai (at Sushi Zanmai)
  • You should eat some junk food once in a while to bulk up! Let's see... How about a fast food place where you can eat a good, old-fashioned, sunny-side up egg?
    • Wette Egg Burger (at Wette Kitchen)

That's it for our guide to the RIZAP meal plan in Yakuza 6. Check out our Yakuza 6 review, and keep an eye open for more guides for the game here on GameSkinny.

Bravely Default 2 Jobs Guide Tue, 23 Mar 2021 16:23:12 -0400 Thomas Wilde

In Bravely Default 2, your characters can gain and equip magical Asterisks to learn talents from up to 24 widely varying jobs. You can use these to customize your party, specialize it for specific fights, set yourself up for more efficient farming, or simply give every character a different funny hat. There are a lot of options here, and some let you configure your party in ways that can potentially break the game over your knee. 

Of the 24 jobs in the game, 21 are obtained over the course of a typical run. Two more are found through optional challenges in Chapters 1 and 3, and a third is tied to incredibly spoiler-laden endgame activities.

Here’s what to look for on your way through the game, as well as some tips to make your trip through BD2 a little easier. Note that there are small spoilers throughout this guide, mostly dealing with the sources of any given Asterisk. 

Working Jobs for a Living

Each of your four main party members can equip a Main Job, which changes their character model, and a Sub-Job. The Main Job is the only one that can earn Job Points towards its next skill, while the Sub-Job gives you access to its job’s particular skill menu.

For example, if a character is currently running Monk/Freelancer, they use the Monk character model and earn JP towards Monk abilities. Their two fixed commands will be Martial Arts, from the Monk, and Miscellany, from the Freelancer.

This sets you up for the real meat of the system: using one job’s abilities with another job’s specialties to unleash new attacks. There are hundreds of potentially lethal combinations, and you’ll want to experiment to find them all.

It’s also worth noting that despite how the rest of the system works, passive abilities learned from various careers are not linked to those jobs. You don’t have to be running White Mage in either job slot to equip Solar-Powered.

Each job also has two Specialties, trademark passive abilities, that are granted at levels 1 and 12 of the job. They're only active when a character has that as their Main Job.


JP grinding is undeniably a part of Bravely Default 2, but it’s not quite as bad as you might expect. We even have some early game tips for farming.

The starting “generic” job, Freelancer, gains passive abilities that boost JP at level 9 and 12. While that first run up to job mastery can take a bit, you can equip both abilities after that point for a 170% multiplier to all earned JP. The game isn’t particularly stingy with JP to begin with, so the double bonus from Freelancer mastery can carry you a long way by the time you’re in Chapter 2 or 3.

As noted in our tips and tricks guide, you should also get into the habit of sending a boat out at the Exploration shop in every major town.

Whenever your Switch is in sleep mode, your boat will be on the prowl, looking for treasure, and can bring back Experience and JP Orbs that smooth out the course of leveling. For best results, leave your Switch in sleep mode for at least 12 hours between play sessions. (Use this time to sleep and eat. Health is important.)

The game also features a mechanic where you can fight successive battles, by herding overworld mobs together before you attack one or using Bait items to summon waves of monsters.

If you do that, you receive increasingly attractive multipliers to your final JP score for the fight. It can be particularly useful once you’ve out-leveled a given dungeon, since monsters that run straight away from you can be easy to herd into blind corners.

Weapon Proficiency

You’ve seen the graded ranks that each job has with every weapon type in the game, but aside from heavily influencing what you do and don’t equip, BD2 never tells you what they mean.

At time of writing, the best guess fans have is this: a character who equips a weapon gets that weapon’s bonus stats in an amount determined by the character’s current weapon proficiency.

  • S: 135%
  • A: 120%
  • B: 100%
  • C: 90%
  • D: 80%
  • E: 70%

While there are a couple of other mild incentives scattered throughout the skill list for certain jobs to use certain weapons — Vanguards want to have shields equipped, Beastmasters have an ability that doesn’t work without a spear — the proficiency bonus is a major factor.

General Notes on Jobs

Effects that work by adding a temporary modifier to a target’s stats, such as Protect, Shell, or Bards’ Singing, stack but cannot increase a stat beyond 200% of its base level. A single casting of one buff spell has a negligible effect, but a few in a row can change the tide of a fight.

Similarly, any debuffs that decrease a specific stat, such as Defang, cannot reduce a stat below 65% of its base value.

The first five Job levels get an Underdog Bonus to any earned JP in an appropriately challenging fight, i.e. any random encounter where the monsters didn’t run away from you. It’s not a bad idea to use a new dungeon as a job leveling field.

Every job in the game is initially capped at Level 12, but there’s a special challenge in Chapter 6 (massive spoilers) that raises it to Level 15.


Jack of all trades, master of none. While a low-level Freelancer is a weak combatant with a few useful utility skills, you eventually learn some of the most practical active abilities in the game.

Body Slam is a hard hitter that can drop a lot of same-level monsters in one shot, and Square One is an offensive dispel that makes many fights much easier. Early on, a Freelancer’s Treat ability is a good way to keep MP topped off for Black Mages and other fast-burning offensive casters.

Most importantly, at Level 12, a Freelancer provides a character with passive abilities worth a handy 1.7x boost to all JP earned. It takes up a total of 3 ability slots, so you’ll want to do some juggling before boss fights, but the extra JP adds up quickly.

It’s worth spending the extra time and/or JP Orbs in the first couple of chapters to make sure all of your characters have the Freelancer job up to at least Level 9. 

  • How to Get: Automatically given at the start of the game.
  • Fixed Commands: Miscellany
  • Specialty (Lv. 1): Stand Ground
    • The Freelancer has a 50% chance of surviving a fatal injury with 1 HP, although it won’t kick in if they have 1 HP already.
  • Specialty (Lv. 12): Late Bloomer
    • The Freelancer receives +100 HP, +10 MP, +15 physical attack/physical defense/magical attack/magical defense, +4 restorative power, +2 speed, +3 aim, +2 evasion, and +1 critical strike for every other job the character has at Level 12 or higher.
  • Weapon Proficiency: B with shields, C with everything else.
Abilities Acquired
  • Lv. 1: Examine. Reveals a single target’s HP, weaknesses, and monster family. It’s free, but Magnifying Glasses exist and are cheap at item shops.

  • Lv. 2: Treat. For 20 MP, restore 20% of a target’s HP and 10% MP.  At points, it’s also possible for a character who Treats him- or herself to get more than 20 MP for the exchange. 

  • Lv. 3: Divining Rod. Displays the number of unopened treasure chests in an area in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

  • Lv. 4: Forage. A free active command that makes a character scrounge for items mid-fight. It usually gives a free consumable item, from Antidotes or Echo Herbs, but can give Experience or JP Orbs at high job levels.

  • Lv. 5: Dungeon Master. Equip this to nullify all terrain-inflicted damage for one character.

  • Lv. 6: Lucky Charm. For 15 MP, boost the target character’s luck stat for five turns.

  • Lv. 7: Self-Healing. Automatically cures poison, blindness, and silence when a fight ends.

  • Lv. 8: Purge. For 20 MP, remove berserk, confusion, dread, charm, and doom from one target. This is one of the only methods in the game to remove doom, which can be a real pain in the neck in a few places.

  • Lv. 9: JP Up. Equip this ability to multiply all earned JP by 1.2, including points from Orbs.

  • Lv. 10: Square One. For 28 MP, remove status effects from a target. While this removes everything, including any inflicted status ailments, there are certain fights where it’s a must-have.

  • Lv. 11: Body Slam. For 1 Brave Point, deal physical damage to a target based on the user’s encumbrance and delay the target’s turn. The higher the user’s Weight, the more damage this does, but keep a character’s aim stat up to avoid wasting turns.

  • Lv. 12: JP Up and Up. For two ability slots, this multiplies all earned JP by 1.5, including points from Orbs. This stacks additively with JP Up.

  • Lv. 13: ???
  • Lv. 14: ???
  • Lv. 15: ???
Job Combinations

A heavily-armored Vanguard or Shieldmaster can do a lot of damage with Body Slam. It’s one of the strongest single-target physical attacks in the early game, and isn’t outshone until you unlock a Monk’s Pressure Point.

Because of how difficult it is to remove doom/dread otherwise, having Freelancer as a sub-job is useful for your designated healer.

Black Mage

Your basic, no-frills offensive caster, the Black Mage is your first and best bet for exploiting fire, thunder, or water weaknesses. Its other benefit is its suite of useful regenerative abilities. Aspir Attack is a boon to many classes.

Unlike many other RPGs, Bravely Default 2 governs attack and healing magic with separate stats. A White Mage using Black Magic, or vice versa, won’t be particularly effective unless you compensate with appropriate gear.

While there are benefits to combining Black and White Magic on one character, like huge amounts of passive MP regeneration, a caster in BD2 is generally better off staying in their lane.

  • How to Get: Felix has this equipped when he joins the party.
  • Fixed Commands: Black Magic
  • Specialty (Lv. 1): Regenerative Default.
    • A Black Mage recovers a little MP whenever they use the Default command. 
  • Specialty (Lv. 12): High-Velocity Spells.
    • The Black Mage’s attack spells can’t be nullified or absorbed. They can still deal half damage or get reflected.
  • Weapon Proficiency: S with staves, B with daggers, C with shields, D or lower with anything else. 
Abilities Acquired
  • Lv. 1: Fire. A weak fire-based attack spell for 15 MP.

  • Lv. 2: Blizzard. A weak water-based attack spell for 15 MP.

  • Lv. 3: Thunder. A weak lightning-based attack spell for 15 MP.

  • Lv. 4: Poison. Inflicts poison status on a single target. Like most other status ailments, this has a reasonably high base chance to not affect any target.

  • Lv. 5: Lunar-Powered. When equipped, while adventuring at night, the character regenerates 4% MP on each turn at the end of their last action, unless that action ended the fight. They also receive bonuses to magical attack, evasion, and luck stats.

  • Lv. 6: Fira. A medium-strength fire-based attack spell for 38 MP.

  • Lv. 7: Blizzara. A medium-strength water-based attack spell for 38 MP.

  • Lv. 8: Thundara. A medium-strength lightning-based attack spell for 38 MP.

  • Lv. 9: Aspir Attack. When equipped, the Black Mage’s standard attack restores a small amount of MP, determined by the damage inflicted.

  • Lv. 10: Firaga. A maximum-strength fire-based attack spell for 66 MP.

  • Lv. 11: Blizzaga. A maximum-strength water-based attack spell for 66 MP.

  • Lv. 12: Thundaga. A maximum-strength lightning-based attack spell for 66 MP.

  • Lv. 13: ???
  • Lv. 14: ???
  • Lv. 15: ???
Job Combinations

Lunar-Powered and Aspir Attack are both worth learning for jobs that burn a lot of MP, such as Rangers or Vanguards. Many dungeons seem to be set in nighttime regardless of when you entered, which makes Lunar-Powered a slam pick.

White Mage

The opposite of Black Mages, White Mages have no offensive punch to speak of. They’re here to restore HP, remove status ailments, and cast buffs like Protect and Shell. Thanks to Angelic Ward, they’re also tankier than they might initially appear.

As noted above, Bravely Default 2 is one of the rare games that treats magical attack and restorative power as separate stats. A White Mage will never be a great offensive caster, even with Black or Red Mage as their Sub-Job.

BD2 also uses the old-school Final Fantasy undead rules. Spells that restore, steal, or regenerate health have the opposite effect on enemies with the Undead classification, so your designated healer turns into a murder machine when undead are on the field. Conversely, this also means that hitting an undead enemy with Drain Attack equipped can be counterproductive.

Better Than Ever is a weird ability that, with a little babysitting, can be incredibly effective. It only works if it heals a target to full; you can’t spam Cure spells on a healthy target to inflate a character’s health pool. You can do something like remove and equip accessories that boost HP before a fight, though, then open with a Benediction-boosted Curaga or a White Mage’s Special Attack and effectively double a target’s HP.

  • How to Get: Defeat Selene in the Prologue.
  • Fixed Commands: White Magic
  • Specialty (Lv. 1): Angelic Ward.
    • Any incoming damage has a 30% chance of being reduced by half.
  • Specialty (Lv. 12): Holistic Medicine.
    • Any helpful spell the White Mage casts automatically affects the entire party. This is the only method, outside of Special Attacks, to cure more than one target of status ailments at once.
  • Weapon Proficencies: A with staffs, B with spears, bows, and shields, D or lower with everything else. A White Mage makes a decent designated archer until you can find the Ranger Asterisk.
Abilities Acquired
  • Lv. 1: Cure. For 8 MP, restore a little HP to one target/the party.

  • Lv. 2: Protect. For 11 MP, increase a target’s physical defense by 15% for three turns.

  • Lv. 3: Shell. For 13 MP, increase a target’s magical defense by 15% for three turns.

  • Lv. 4: Raise. Revive a KO’d party member and restore minimal HP.

  • Lv. 5: Solar-Powered. The White Mage is empowered during the day, receiving boosts to aim, luck, and restorative power. They also regenerate 4% MP at the end of their combat turn, unless their action ends the fight.

  • Lv. 6: Cura. For 28 MP, restore some HP to one target/the party.

  • Lv. 7: Benediction. Take 15% of the caster’s max HP in damage to raise restorative power by 30% for three turns. A solid use of BP when you’re in a jam.

  • Lv. 8: Basuna. For 22 MP, cure most status ailments on a single target.

  • Lv. 9: Drain Attack. The White Mage’s basic Attack command heals the user for a small percentage of the damage inflicted.

  • Lv. 10: Arise. For 95 MP(!), revive a KO’d party member with full HP.

  • Lv. 11: Better Than Ever. A character who the White Mage heals to full HP gains the remainder of the restored amount as temporary HP. “Overheals” can come in very handy.

  • Lv. 12: Curaga. For 60 MP, restore a significant number of HP to one target/the party.

  • Lv. 13: ???
  • Lv. 14: ???
  • Lv. 15: ???
Job Combinations

Drain Attack can help physical-damage “glass cannons” like the Ranger and Berserker stay alive in the field.

Using Curaga with Better Than Ever can defray the high HP costs of some powerful skills, such as Flames of War, Flying Heel Drop, and Level Slash.

Solar-Powered is a boon to any class that depends on MP, and many dungeons seem to count as being set in the daytime.


You may not appreciate the Vanguard immediately, but the job comes into its own quickly in Chapter 1. Early on, it’s a tanky physical damage dealer with a couple of useful Earth-based skills, but Aggravate and Enrage make it shine. 

It’s incredibly useful, particularly in boss fights, to control or at least strongly influence who’s getting attacked. It takes some of the randomness out of fights, and prevents your defensive casters from getting shellacked. It gets less useful in the late game as other jobs improve on its model, but the Vanguard will get you through to mid-game.

The Vanguard is relatively slow, although not as slow as the Shieldmaster, and burns MP quickly. Shield Bash and Stun can push off a target’s turns, but both skills’ HP cost can be a problem.

  • How to Get: Defeat Dag in the prologue.
  • Fixed Commands: Heroics
  • Specialty (Lv. 1): Shield-Bearer.
    • Equipping a shield doesn’t inflict speed, aim, or evasion penalties.
  • Specialty (Lv. 2): Attention Seeker.
    • Physical attack power and critical chance receive a bonus based upon the user’s chance of being targeted. 
  • Weapon Proficiency: S with axes, A with sword and shield, B with spears.
Abilities Acquired
  • Lv. 1: Cross Cut. For 18 MP, hit a target with two attacks in a row.

  • Lv. 2: Shield Bash. For 10% max HP, hit a single target with an Earth-type attack that delays their next combat turn.

  • Lv. 3: Defang. For 12 MP, damage a target and reduce its physical attack by 7% for the next three turns.

  • Lv. 4: Skull Bash. For 12 MP, damage a target and reduce its magical attack by 7% for the next three turns.

  • Lv. 5: Pain into Gain. Any damage inflicted against the Vanguard while they aren’t Defaulting has a 30% chance of enhancing their physical attack by 1-3% for the rest of the current battle.

  • Lv. 6: Aggravate. For the next three turns, the Vanguard’s chance of being targeted by enemy attacks goes up by 25%.

  • Lv. 7: Sword of Stone. This is mostly useful for being one of the first Earth attacks you learn.

  • Lv. 8: Shield Stun. For 25% max. HP, hit a target with your shield to greatly delay their next turn.

  • Lv. 9: Defensive Offense. A character who uses the Attack command will receive 30% less damage from all incoming attacks until their next turn.

  • Lv. 10: Enrage. For 24 MP, a single target’s next two attacks must be against the Vanguard. This always works, but doesn’t keep an opponent from doing something besides offense, such as Defaulting.

  • Lv. 11: The Gift of Courage. The Vanguard gives a BP to another character. Note that you can go into BP hock to do this, but you can’t use Gift of Courage to bring a character out of BP debt early.

  • Lv. 12: Neo Cross Slash. An expensive but effective two-hit physical attack, like Cross Cut but better. The 54 MP starting cost is steep, but it’s usually worth it.

  • Lv. 13: ???
  • Lv. 14: ???
  • Lv. 15: ???
Job Combinations

Defensive Offense is useful for turning glass cannons into normal cannons. Otherwise-fragile damage dealers like the Ranger get a big survivability boost from this; conversely, jobs like the White Mage often won’t get much out of it.

The Vanguard/Shieldmaster combination takes a few turns to set up but creates a heavily-armored tank that intercepts incoming attacks and reflects half the damage to the enemy responsible. With Reprisal, Defender of the People, Pain and Gain, Enrage, and Aggravate, you’re a (slow-moving) death porcupine.


The Monk has some of the best HP progression in the game, and Bare-Knuckle Brawler boosts their attack power and free aim rating when fighting bare-handed. 

The drawback is that a lot of the Monk’s best attacks, such as Flames of War, cost an increasingly significant fraction of max. HP, so it’s easy for a Monk to die. On the other hand, with Inner Alchemy and Mindfulness, the Monk is surprisingly self-sufficient.

Pressure Point is one of the best attacks in the game; it bypasses both high defense stats and the Default status. Focal Blast is expensive, and its stat debuff is random, but has similar utility. There are several fights, like Galahad’s demonic sidekick in Chapter 2, where Monks are your only realistic offensive option.

  • How to Get: Defeat Prime Minister Horten in the Prologue.
  • Fixed Commands: Martial Arts
  • Specialty (Lv. 1): Concentration.
    • Casting Invigorate, Inner Alchemy, or Mindfulness gives the Monk a stacking bonus to critical strike chance that lasts for the entirety of the current battle.
  • Specialty (Lv. 2): Single-Minded.
    • The Monk is immune to berserk, confusion, and charm, and using Martial Arts commands or Default speeds up the Monk’s next turn.
  • Weapon Proficiencies: While it's usually most effective to roll with Bare-Knuckle Brawler and fight unarmed, monks are A with staves and B with spears.
Abilities Acquired
  • Lv. 1: Strong Strike. For 18% max HP, perform a high-damage physical attack.

  • Lv. 2: Inner Alchemy. For 20 MP, restore 20% of the user’s HP and cure poison, blindness, and slow.

  • Lv. 3: Bare-Knuckle Brawler. Boost the Monk’s physical attack by 80% and aim by 30% when both hands are empty.

  • Lv. 4: Firebird. For 15% max HP, hit a single target with a fire-based attack which also reduces their fire resistance for the next two turns.

  • Lv. 5: Qigong Wave. For 20% HP, launch an attack that ignores Default.

  • Lv. 6: Mindfulness. For 1 BP, restore 15% MP and cure silence, dread, and contagion.

  • Lv. 7: Flying Heel Drop. For 30% HP, perform a single-target physical attack.

  • Lv. 8: Invigorate. For 20 MP, boost the Monk’s physical attack by 15% for the next three turns.

  • Lv. 9: Tortoise Kick. For 10% HP, damage a target and delay its next turn.

  • Lv. 10: Flames of War. For 35% HP, nuke a single target with fire-based damage until they glow.

  • Lv. 11: Pressure Point. For 1 BP, hit a single target with a powerful physical strike that ignores physical defense/Default status. A really good way to deal with some otherwise annoying enemies.

  • Lv. 12: Focal Blast. For 99 MP, nuke a single target with a physical attack and debuff it with a 20% loss to a random stat for the next four turns.

  • Lv. 13: ???
  • Lv. 14: ???
  • Lv. 15: ???
Job Combinations

The 1-BP cost is killer, but Mindfulness is an easy way to give inefficient jobs like the Ranger some MP regeneration.

Firebird pairs well with a Black Mage’s attack spells.

A White Mage with Better Than Ever can defray the HP cost of the Monk’s better skills.


Indisputably the best “buff bot”, the Bard’s assortment of stat-boosting songs are a genuine asset in longer fights. It’s never a bad idea to have one when you’re about to take on a boss.

The unfortunate trade-off is that the Bard also has a high chance of being attacked. It’s best to pair them with a Shieldmaster or Vanguard for bodyguard purposes. The Bard also doesn’t have any offensive utility to speak of until Scream It Out.

  • How to Get: Defeat Orpheus in Chapter 1.
  • Fixed Commands: Singing
  • Specialty (Lv. 1): Extended Outro.
    • All Singing abilities last one round longer.
  • Specialty (Lv. 12): Encore.
    • Whenever the Bard sings, there’s a 25% chance that an additional song’s effect will kick in.
  • Weapon Proficiency: B with bows, daggers, or staffs; C with shields.
Abilities Acquired
  • Lv. 1: Don’t Let ‘Em Get to You. Spend 20 MP to reduce physical damage inflicted to the party by 15% for three turns.

  • Lv. 2: Don’t Let ‘Em Trick You. Spend 20 MP to reduce magical damage inflicted to the party by 15% for three turns.

  • Lv. 3: Step into the Spotlight. Spend 20 MP to increase a single target’s enemy attack chance by 20% for three turns. Use on your first turn to decoy enemies onto the tank.

  • Lv. 4: Close Those Tired Eyes. For 12 MP, tries to inflict sleep on a single target.

  • Lv. 5: Born Entertainer. Both Singing and Artistry abilities’ effects are increased by a percentage equal to the user’s level x15.

  • Lv. 6: (Won’t) Be Missing You. Spend 18 MP to increase multiple targets’ aim rating by 5% for three turns.

  • Lv. 7: Right Through Your Fingers. Spend 18 MP to increase the party’s evasion by 5% for three turns.

  • Lv. 8: Hurts So Bad. For 38 MP, increase physical damage inflicted by multiple targets by 15% for three turns.

  • Lv. 9: Work Your Magic. For 38 MP, increase magical damage inflicted by multiple targets by 15% for three turns.

  • Lv. 10: All Killer No Filler. For 60 MP, increase the party’s critical hit chance by 15% for two turns.

  • Lv. 11: Screamin’ It Out. For 54 MP, blast the entire enemy party with a typeless magical attack.

  • Lv. 12: Shut Up and Dance. For 194 MP, force a target to act immediately after the user. This can’t force a character at negative BP to take an action, but it can speed up the rate at which they’re ready to act again.

  • Lv. 13: ???
  • Lv. 14: ???
  • Lv. 15: ???
Job Combinations

The big thing holding a Bard back is its high enemy attack chance, so its utility is cut by its tendency to draw fire. Since Singing doesn’t draw on a specific stat, you can throw it on a heavily-armored character like a Shieldmaster to create the ultimate defensive fortress. Losing Extended Outro is a problem, but you can equip Born Entertainer to shore that up.

Jobs with high magical attack can do a lot of damage with Screamin’ It Out, which is useful for clearing out the riff-raff in random encounters.


The “blue mage” of Bravely Default 2, the Beastmaster’s gimmick is ostensibly building a massive arsenal of captured monsters that can be unleashed in combat for a single move. This is a much easier proposition at higher levels with Beast Whisperer, when you can set-and-forget a talent rather than having to systematically capture enemies in every random encounter.

The real purpose of the Beastmaster, however, is breaking the game over your knee. Its second Specialty allows you to generate increasingly ridiculous stat bonuses for your character as you accumulate more monsters. In the endgame, the stat gains from Creature Comforts outshine much of what’s otherwise available to you.

Until that point, however, it's worth noting that individual monsters' abilities can be tactically significant or just hit like a freight train, which makes the Beastmaster a limited but potentially devastating member of the party.

Two particularly useful monsters to watch out for are Slepnir, which uses Acid Breath to inflict massive damage and a big defensive reduction on the entire enemy party, and Plague, which lets you attack a target's MP directly with Soul Crush. The latter can be a game-changer against bosses, allowing you to wreck somebody who'd otherwise be an offensive powerhouse by crippling their ability rotation.

The Beastmaster also has high defense/magical defense growth, which makes it a solid pick for a tank.

  • How to Get: Defeat Anihal.
  • Fixed Commands: Taming
  • Specialty (Lv. 1): Animal Rescue.
    • When your HP falls to 20% or less, one of your captured monsters at random is deployed against the enemy.
  • Specialty (Lv. 12): Creature Comforts.
    • All stats are increased by the current number of monsters your party has captured.
  • Weapon Proficiency: A with spears and bows, B with shields, and C or D with everything else.
Abilities Acquired
  • Lv. 1: Capture. Try to add a target monster to your collection. It works best against enemies with low HP, but it may take a couple of tries. Bosses and humans are immune.

  • Lv. 2: Off the Leash. Use one of your monsters as if it were an item. The effect varies by monster.

  • Lv. 3: Staggering Swipe. For 19 MP, damage a target and delay its next action. One of the few examples of a skill of its kind that doesn’t cost HP.

  • Lv. 4: Muzzle. Spend 12 MP to try and silence the entire enemy party.

  • Lv. 5: Mow Down. For 21 MP, hit the entire enemy party with a medium-strength physical attack.

  • Lv. 6: Mercy Strike. Spend 11 MP and hit a target with a physical attack. This cannot reduce a target’s HP below 1, setting them up for easy capture.

  • Lv. 7: Raw Power. Every use of the Brave command increases the character’s physical attack by 10% until the end of the turn.

  • Lv. 8: Spearhead. The user will act first in battle when they have a spear equipped. Doesn’t work if you’re caught off-guard by an enemy mob.

  • Lv. 9: Mercy Smash. Like Mercy Strike, but moreso; costs 35 MP, does more damage, cannot inflict a lethal blow.

  • Lv. 10: MP Saver. A one-slot ability that reduces all MP costs by 20%.

  • Lv. 11: Beast Whisperer. Get a 30% chance of capturing any monster you get the killing blow on.

  • Lv. 12: Off the Chain. Dispatch a monster to “brutally savage” a single target. Costs 2 BP.

  • Lv. 13: ???
  • Lv. 14: ???
  • Lv. 15: ???

Job Combinations

It’s a little low-key, but other spear-using jobs like the Vanguard can get some use out of Spearhead. Starting the fight by acting first means they can set up their defensive measures much faster. Every caster gets some mileage out of MP Saver, particularly the Ranger, Bard, and White Mage.

Raw Power is immensely dangerous in the hands of a Berserker, Monk, or other physical-damage specialist.

Muzzle is incredibly useful in the hands of a Phantom or other job that raises the chance that you can successfully inflict a status. Due to how BD2 handles enemy AI, a silenced opponent will waste actions on spells they can't cast.


By itself, the Thief is useful for item farming and remarkably self-sustaining, but it struggles to hold up its end of a fight. With a healthy supply of damaging consumables (i.e. Bomb Fragments, Zeus’ Wrath, etc.) and the Attack Item Amp ability, a Thief can get some work done, but you’ll generally want to switch jobs if raw damage output is what you need.

Like a lot of jobs, however, Level 12 changes the game. Up to No Good gives a Thief a lot of potential damage output by relying on strong BP-cost skills like Pressure Point.

  • How to Get: Defeat Bernard.
  • Fixed Commands: Thievery
  • Specialty (Lv. 1): Sleight of Hand.
    • Any of your Stealing abilities that take stats, i.e. Spirit or Breath, can also strip a target of a beneficial effect and apply it to the Thief.
  • Specialty (Lv. 12): Up to No Good.
    • All Steal abilities’ costs are halved. Defaulting no longer generates BP, but all abilities that cost BP can be used by spending MP instead.
  • Weapon Proficiency: A with daggers, B with swords, axes, bows, and staves. E with shields.
Abilities Acquired
  • Lv. 1: Steal. Take your action to try and take an item from an enemy. Its success or failure seems to largely dependent on a character’s luck stat.

  • Lv. 2: Steal Breath. Spend 27 MP to deal physical damage and heal the user by the same amount. Unlike similar effects from enemies, this can’t seem to steal more health than a target has.

  • Lv. 3: Flee. Spend 20 MP to guarantee an escape, except for bosses.

  • Lv. 4: Steal Spirit. Spend 15% HP to steal MP from a target.

  • Lv. 5: Sky Slicer. Spend 1 BP to attack a target with a wind-imbued physical strike. 

  • Lv. 6: Steal Courage. Spend 2 BP to try and steal 1 BP from a target with a 50% success rate. Won't reduce a target to less than zero BP.

  • Lv. 7: Attack Item Amp. Damaging items inflict 50% more damage.

  • Lv. 8: Mug. Attack command can steal items from a target.

  • Lv. 9: Godspeed Strike. Spend 95 MP and attack a single target, with a bonus to attack power determined by the user’s speed. The target will take a little extra damage in a couple of turns.

  • Lv. 10: Magpie. Gain a 25% chance of acquiring rare items when stealing.

  • Lv. 11: You Snooze, You Lose. Spend 2 BP for a powerful physical attack that hits even harder against a sleeping target.

  • Lv. 12: Rob Blind. Chance to get 2 items at once whenever you Steal.

  • Lv. 13: ???
  • Lv. 14: ???
  • Lv. 15: ???
Job Combinations

A Berserker’s Indiscriminate Rage can be used in conjunction with Mug to let you Steal from entire enemy parties at once. Use Counter-Savvy and Magpie to improve your chances of survival and rare items, respectively.

Use a Freelancer’s Lucky Charm buff to amp the chance that Steal will succeed.

Since Steal Breath’s effectiveness is determined by the damage of an attack, you can use it with higher-damage jobs than the Thief to get a nice burst of self-healing. Just don’t use it on undead.

A Phantom’s Results Guaranteed specialty can raise the chance of a successful Steal to 100%, including a Steal Courage.

Combining Up to No Good with an ability with a BP cost, such as Pressure Point, turns a Thief into a damage powerhouse.


This is one of three optional jobs in the game, and can easily be missed if you never revisit Bernard’s gambling house in Savalon. It does require you to get into the B&D card game for a bit, as well as a tricky boss fight.

The job itself is a solid offensive magic-user with a number of abilities that cost money in exchange for admittedly impressive effects. You can burn stray BP on Spin the Wheel to gain regular infusions of pg, then cash out with High Roller to destroy an unwary target.

  • How to Get: Complete side quest #24, Taking a Gamble, in Savalon.
  • Fixed Commands: Gaming
  • Specialty (Lv. 1): All or Nothing.
    • Experience, JP, or pg earned after a fight will drop to zero, but every so often one of those currencies will be multiplied by 15.
  • Ability (Lv. 12): Born Lucky.
    • Roulette-based abilities get an extra slot, and abilities that can trigger extra effects (i.e. Shield Stun) are more likely to do so.
  • Weapon Proficiency: A with bows, B with staves; not much else of use.
Abilities Acquired
  • Lv. 1: Odds or Evens. Spend 200 pg to launch a physical attack against a single target that can randomly deal double damage.

  • Lv. 2: Life or Death. Spend 666 pg to revive all KO’d party members and restore an amount of health based upon the wheel’s result. If you get a skull, the user gets KO’d instead.

  • Lv. 3: Flash the Cash. Spend 50x user’s level pg to deal 130% that damage to a target. This bypasses defense and Default.

  • Lv. 4: More Money. A one-slot passive ability that increases after-battle pg by 10% by every party member who has this equipped.

  • Lv. 5: Spin the Wheel. Spend 1 BP to spin, and receive 77x the result in pg.

  • Lv. 6: Elemental Wheel. Spend 300 pg to randomly attack a random number of targets with a random assortment of elemental effects.

  • Lv. 7: Triples. Spend 500 pg to perform a single-target physical attack. This may inflict triple damage.

  • Lv. 8: Night Shift. Non-roulette abilities can trigger extra effects are more likely to do so at night.

  • Lv. 9: Bold Gambit. Spend 777 pg and spin the wheel. If it comes up 10, all allies or enemies may earn 3 BP.

  • Lv. 10: Rare Talent. Receive a 10% increase of your chance for rare item drops for every party member who has Rare Talent equipped.

  • Lv. 11: High Roller. Spend 10,000 pg to break somebody’s legs. This inflicts high physical damage to a single target.

  • Lv. 12: Dealer’s Choice. Spend 1 BP to trigger an assortment of random effects.

  • Lv. 13: ???
  • Lv. 14: ???
  • Lv. 15:???
Job Combinations

Equip a Berserker’s Free-for-All ability and send a Gambler Berserk for free attacks. This can waste a turn if the Berserk Gambler casts Flash the Cash, but you might also get a free High Roller.


The Berserker comes along right when it starts to feel like the party could use a strong physical damage dealer. With an axe in hand, the Berserker can speed you through a lot of random encounters.

The real draw here is Unshakable Will, a one-slot ability that renders the user immune to any status ailment that causes a loss of player control, such as paralysis, confusion, sleep, and charm. (It doesn’t prevent anything that just makes life harder, though, such as blindness or silence.) It’s worth grinding every character up to Berserker level 9 as quickly as possible.

The Berserker’s physical attack stat goes up by 50% while berserk, but their physical defense drops by 30%. It’s worth noting, however, that Unshakable Will works just as well against Vent Fury’s berserk state as it does against an enemy’s attempt to inflict the status. If you try casting Vent Fury with Unshakeable Will equipped, you just waste the turn and the MP.

Obtain: Defeat Prince Castor.
Fixed Commands: Savagery
Specialty (Lv. 1): Pierce Default. The Berserker deals full damage to Defaulting targets.
Specialty (Lv. 12): Rage and Reason. The Berserker can pick actions freely half the time while berserk.
Weapon Proficiency: Axes at S, which means it’s not worth using anything else.

Abilities Acquired:
Lv. 1: Crescent Moon. For 1 BP, land a physical attack on the entire enemy party at once.
Lv. 2: Vent Fury. For 18 MP, the Berserker goes, well, berserk for three rounds, automatically attacking a random target for extra damage. Unshakable Will renders you immune to this.
Lv. 3: Double Damage. Spend 55 MP for a single big physical hit.
Lv. 4: Water Damage. Spend 32 MP for a single water-imbued physical attack.
Lv. 5: Bloody-Minded. A one-slot ability that makes it impossible for the user’s physical attacks to be dodged, but the Berserker takes damage from each attack. That backlash damage cannot reduce the Berserker’s HP below one.
Lv. 6: Free-for-All. Equip this ability and any abilities used while a character is berserk have no cost.
Lv. 7: Shell Split. For 16 MP, reduce a target’s physical defense by 5% for four turns.
Lv. 8: Scale Strip. For 18 MP, reduce a target’s magical defense by 5% for four turns.
Lv. 9: Unshakable Will. Equip this ability to grant a character immunity to sleep, paralysis, dread, berserk, confusion, charm, and freezing.
Lv. 10: Level Slash. Spend 30% of the Berserker’s maximum HP to deliver a powerful physical attack on all enemy targets.
Lv. 11: Indiscriminate Rage. Equip this ability and the user’s regular attacks hit the entire enemy team, but at the cost of a significant speed penalty.
Lv. 12: Amped Strike. Spend 120 MP to deliver a powerful physical single-target attack.
Lv. 13: ???
Lv. 14: ???
Lv. 15: ???

Job Combinations:

Basically everybody wants Unshakable Will. Starting in Chapter 2 when every rando in the overworld has an AoE that can cause paralysis, being able to set a one-point ability to ignore it is worth every second you spend on this.

Indiscriminate Rage has a few interesting possibilities. Thieves can use it with Mug to steal from entire enemy parties at once.

Red Mage

Being a jack-of-all-trades doesn’t tend to pay off for its own sake in Bravely Default II, and the Red Mage is no real exception. While the Red Mage gets a few genuinely useful spells, like easy ways to deal magical wind and earth damage, their low magical attack and MP growth hampers them from the jump. They do have some nice magic defense, though, and the fixed output of Heal spells makes them useful against undead opponents.

A designated caster will still want to spend some time as a Red Mage to pick up Magic Critical, and tanks may get some use out of Revenge, but all in all, this is one of the least interesting jobs in the game by itself.

The Nuisance Specialty lets the Red Mage tack on status ailments to elemental attack spells. Which ailments correspond to which element is determined by the following chart:

  • Fire: berserk, doom
  • Ice/water: freeze, poison
  • Thunder: paralysis, confusion
  • Wind: sleep, silence
  • Earth: slow, stop
  • Holy/light: blind, charm
  • Dark: dread, contagion

Obviously, this isn’t anything you can depend upon. By default, status ailments have a very low chance to work when you use them, so on its own, Nuisance tends to be a footnote rather than a tactic.

If you employ the right combo abilities, though, things can get interesting. A lot of bosses in BD2 aren’t outright immune to status ailments, so if you use Results Guaranteed to raise the chance of paralyzing or silencing them, you can get away with murder.

Obtain: Defeat Roddy.
Fixed Commands: Red Magic
Specialty (Lv. 1): Nuisance. All attack spells cast by the Red Mage can also inflict a status ailment on their targets. See above.
Specialty (Lv. 12): Chainspell. All spells cast by the Red Mage are automatically cast twice at no additional cost.
Weapon Proficiency: Keep a sword (A) in a Red Mage’s hand. Failing that, they’ve got daggers, bows, and staves at B.

Abilities Acquired:
Lv. 1: Stone. For 15 MP, cast an earth-aligned spell against one or all targets.
Lv. 2: Aero. For 15 MP, cast a wind-aligned spell against one or all targets.
Lv. 3: Heal. Spend 14 MP to restore a flat 1000 HP to a single target.
Lv. 4: Stonera. For 38 MP, cast a powerful earth-aligned spell against one or all targets.
Lv. 5: Aerora. For 38 MP, cast a powerful wind-aligned spell against one or all targets.
Lv. 6: Healara. Spend 36 MP to restore 2000 HP to a single target.
Lv. 7: Magic Critical. A one-slot ability that enables magical attacks to have the chance to inflict critical hits.
Lv. 8: Revenge. Equip this 1-slot ability and the user has a 25% chance to gain 1 BP whenever they’re attacked.
Lv. 9: Healaga. Spend 49 MP to restore 3000 HP to a single target.
Lv. 10: Stonega. Spend 66 MP to cast a massive earth-aligned spell against one or all targets.
Lv. 11: Aeroga. Spend 66 MP to cast a massive wind-aligned spell against one or all targets.
Lv. 12: Disaster. Spend 100 MP to launch a powerful single-target earth/wind spell.
Lv. 13: ???
Lv. 14: ???
Lv. 15: ???

Job Combinations:

The Salve-Maker’s Status Conscious ability increases the chance for Nuisance to kick in. A surprising number of enemies, including bosses, are still vulnerable to paralysis, so this can give you a leg up in a tough spot.

Revenge is a useful ability for tank characters to have in their back pocket, particularly the Shieldmaster.


A rare glass cannon that isn’t an offensive caster, the Ranger is an MP sponge that brings a lot of single-target damage to the table. Its arsenal of Slayer attacks lets you dish out heavy and consistent, if expensive, damage against a single target at a time. Since most of the bosses in the early game are human, having a Ranger along for the ride can help chew through a lot of HP pools.

The Ranger’s drawbacks include being a single-target specialist, low defense, no way to generate MP short of shotgunning Ethers, and low HP growth.

Obtain: Defeat Lily in Chapter 2. You’ll feel great about it.
Fixed Commands: Hunting
Specialty (Lv. 1): Barrage. The more successive actions performed in a turn, the more damage the Ranger inflicts.
Specialty (Lv. 12): Apex Predator. You gain one BP every time you inflict a critical hit or a killing blow with one of your Slayer abilities.
Weapon Proficiency: As most of the job’s abilities suggest, you’re “supposed” to use a bow (S) with the Ranger. They aren’t half bad with daggers, though.

Abilities Acquired:
Lv. 1: Bug Slayer. Spend 28 MP to perform a physical attack on a target, which will do extra damage against Insects.
Lv. 2: Plant Slayer. Spend 28 MP to perform a physical attack on a target, which will do extra damage against Plants.
Lv. 3: Shadowbind. Spend 14 MP to attempt to paralyze a single target.
Lv. 4: Beast Slayer. Spend 28 MP to perform a physical attack on a target, which will do extra damage against Beasts.
Lv. 5: Aquatic Slayer. Spend 28 MP to perform a physical attack on a target, which will do extra damage against Aquatic monsters.
Lv. 6: Counter-Savvy. Equip this ability and the character automatically evades physically-based counterattacks.
Lv. 7: Quickfire Flurry. Spend 7% of the character’s maximum HP to perform 5-8 physical attacks in a row. Paralyzed targets take extra damage.
Lv. 8: Humanoid Slayer. Spend 28 MP to perform a physical attack on a target, which will do extra damage against human opponents.
Lv. 9: Who Dares Wins. With this ability equipped, the character becomes immune to blindness and gains increased critical strike chance when they have 1 BP or higher.
Lv. 10: Sloth Hunter. Double-tap a single target with physical attacks. A slowed target takes significantly increased damage.
Lv. 11: Undead Slayer. Spend 28 MP to perform a physical attack on a target, which will do extra damage against Undead enemies.
Lv. 12: Demon Slayer. Spend 28 MP to perform a physical attack on a target, which will do extra damage against Demons.
Lv. 13: ???
Lv. 14: ???
Lv. 15: ???

Job Combinations:

A Black Mage’s Aspir Attack helps remedy the Ranger’s high MP consumption in the field.

Apex Predator works well with BP-hungry sub-jobs like the Monk, who can convert the free BP from Slayer kills into big Pressure Point damage.

None of the Slayer skills require a bow, so Ranger is a useful sub-job for any physical damage-dealer.


The Vanguard’s even slower older sibling. The Shieldmaster becomes very handy in the mid- to late game, replacing the Vanguard’s manipulation of enemy attacks with just straight-up leaping in front of people to take hits.

Obtain: Defeat Horatio.
Fixed Commands: Shieldcraft
Specialty (Lv. 1): Protect Ally. If a critically-injured party member comes under attack, the Shieldmaster automatically takes the hit for them, and suffers the damage as if they were Defaulting at the time. This doesn’t work if the Shieldmaster is paralyzed, asleep, stopped, or otherwise prevented from taking actions.
Specialty (Lv. 12): Chivalrous Spirit. The Shieldmaster regains a small amount of MP and generates 1 BP whenever they cast Protect Ally, Bodyguard, or Defender of the People.
Weapon Proficiency: S-rank with Shields, B with spears and axes.

Abilities Acquired:
Lv. 1: Bodyguard. When used, the Shieldmaster will automatically jump in front of the target ally to take incoming enemy attacks for them, suffering the damage as if the Shieldmaster was Defaulting.
Lv. 2: Dual Shields. With this ability active, a character can equip a shield in each hand, and gains a 100% bonus to their aim rating.
Lv. 3: Blinding Flash. Just like Horatio, spend 14 MP to try to inflict blindness on the entire enemy party.
Lv. 4: The Courage to Resist. With this ability equipped, Defaulting doesn’t generate BP, but removes all status ailments besides slow, stop, and doom.
Lv. 5: Crushed Ice. Spend 44 MP to deal a single-target physical attack. It does bonus damage against frozen targets.
Lv. 6: Reprisal. Spend 40 MP. For the next five turns, any opponent who attacks the character in any way will automatically suffer 50% of the damage they inflict.
Lv. 7: Defender of the People. Until the character’s next turn, they intercept up to three single-target attacks launched against the party.
Lv. 8: Heavy Hitter. Spend 1 BP to perform a single-target physical attack that deals damage according to whatever’s equipped in the character’s left hand. If it’s a shield, this can hurt.
Lv. 9: Bumblewhacker. Spend 44 MP to deal a single-target physical attack that deals bonus damage against a confused target.
Lv. 10: Fast Hands. This useful ability converts speed penalties from weapons or shields into speed bonuses.
Lv. 11: No Guts, No Glory. With this equipped, your physical/magical defense goes up as you accumulate BP, but lower if you go below zero BP.
Lv. 12: The Gift of Wisdom. Donate 33% of your maximum MP to a single target. If you’re at or below 33% MP and try to cast this, you’ll give away all the MP you have left.
Lv. 13: ???
Lv. 14: ???
Lv. 15: ???

Job Combinations:

As noted above with the Vanguard, the combination of it and the Shieldmaster can create a spiky death porcupine effect.

Reprisal’s backlash damage is typeless and goes right through enemy vulnerabilities. You can exploit it with high-HP, low-defense characters like the Monk to become a masochistic damage sponge.


That's it for our Bravely Default 2 jobs guide for now. We'll be updating this article with more information in the coming weeks, so be sure to bookmark it for easy use! 

Cartel Tycoon: How to Raise Loyalty Mon, 22 Mar 2021 16:57:18 -0400 Jordan Baranowski

You've been growing your crops, laundering your money, and keeping all your lieutenants in line. Living the life of a kingpin in Cartel Tycoon can be tough, but one aspect of this Early Access management title has been giving players fits: raising loyalty.

Fairly early on, you receive a quest that requires you to raise your loyalty in order to take control of a city. Raising your loyalty in Cartel Tycoon is actually fairly simple; the game just does a poor job of explaining what you need to do. This little hiccup will likely be fixed as the game moves forward in development, but here's how to raise your loyalty meter now (as of March 22, 2021).

How to Increase Loyalty

You'll find your Loyalty Meter at the top of the screen on the right-hand side, next to your terror meter.

There are four different levels of loyalty, each indicating how the general population views you in world of Cartel Tycoon. The game makes it seem as if loyalty is separate for every city or region, but that is not the case (at least at this point in the game's development).

You have one loyalty meter, and actions you take in any region affect it for all areas on the map. The way to think of your loyalty meter in Cartel Tycoon is how the general public views you. The way to increase that meter is by doing things the people would enjoy or appreciate.

Armed with that knowledge, here are the main ways to boost your loyalty.

Build Specific Buildings

You start with one city under your control and, if you followed the early game quests, you should already have a Taxi Company there. However, there are a few more slots to construct buildings in that city, and several of them will increase your loyalty.

When looking at the buildings to create there, look for a Specification that reads Loyalty One-Time Increase. Buildings that include this boost include the Amusement ParkSalsa Club, and Church. Once any of those buildings are constructed, your loyalty meter will increase.

Throw Special Events

Once you have built one of those buildings, you can also donate a large chunk of cash to a special event at that building to get another loyalty boost.

Look for the Give loyalty on Action Specification. These events are expensive but provide a significant loyalty boost, like throwing a Salsa Festival at the Salsa Club. You can throw as many of these events as you like; they just each have a cooldown to keep an eye on. Click on the building and look for the Execute button to throw one of these events.

Buy from a Village

Across the Cartel Tycoon map, you'll find villages that are under the control of rival gangs. You can take over these villages just like you would any other building. Taking over a village gives you the ability to buy goods or resources there, and doing so will provide a small increase to your loyalty meter.

That's all there is to it! Now you know how to increase and raise loyalty in Cartel Tycoon, making you a formidable boss. For more on Cartel Tycoon, check out our game page!

Roblox Anime Mania Guide: Best Characters Tier List Mon, 22 Mar 2021 12:18:19 -0400 Sergey_3847

Anime Mania is a big hit on Roblox platform, offering players 38 famous characters from various anime titles to fight in PvE raids. Players get to make up teams with three characters in each one and go out on an adventure into the dungeons, fighting against waves of enemies coming at them.

This guide will provide you with a tier list of the best characters in Roblox Anime Mania, including their best moves and AoE attacks. If you can roll at least one of them during your gaming session, then consider yourself a sure winner.

SS-Tier Characters


The character with the best AoEs and cooldown times is definitely Nojo, who is based on Gojo character from Jujutsu Kaisen anime.

His two best attacks are Hollow Purple and Reversal Red. The first one serves like a gravitational well that sucks in all enemies around it and deals explosive damage this way. The second one is more of a traditional explosive charge that can reach enemies standing really far away.

Another one of Nojo's interesting skills is the Reversal Guard, which deflects all the damage received from the enemies back at them, serving both as a shield and a weapon.


This is another overpowered character, this one straight out of Naruto, who can easily teleport all across the map. This effect can be achieved in two ways:

  • Thunder Clap: An ability that teleports Minato right to the enemy's face and deals damage to them.
  • Kunai Thow: Minato can throw a kunai weapon at a distance and instantly teleport where it lands.

Besides the most excellent teleportation skills, Minato also carries a Reshingun. This weapon allows you to receive absolutely no damage while using it on enemies, which is very similar in effect to Nojo's Reversal Guard.

S-Tier Characters


This is basically Broly from Dragon Ball, and he could easily be regarded as one of the best in the game due to his Oozaru Rage AoE attack that allows him to jump into the air and send multiple shockwaves all around hitting enemies with powerful energy.

It is also important to point at his other extremely powerful move called Green Blaster that sends out projectiles of high damage. What is special about it is the low cooldown time of only 12 seconds.

Although Trolly has no cool deflective tricks like Nojo or Minato, he can easily be your main character and damage dealer.


Masta is Asta from Black Clover, and he is the best ranged character in Roblox Anime Mania. All of his AoEs are also ranged, which makes him super useful for dealing damage from far away.

His most remarkable attack is Black Divider, which puts a gigantic sword in the hands of Masta that can reach all across the screen and break the entire group of enemies.

His best AoE attack is Black Tornado that creates an ever increasing tornado around Masta smashing everything on its way.

A-Tier Characters


Mudra, or Madara from Naruto, is another excellent AoE attacker, but his cooldown times are a bit higher than the rest of the characters.

Still, if you're looking for a powerful damage dealer that can be virtually invincible when using his Great Flame Thrower attack, then definitely check him out.


In his base form, Hitachi is not very good. If you can evolve him into an awakened form, then you can put him in the same row as Mudra.

The awakened Hitachi has several overpowered AoEs, such as Genjutsu and Susanoo Assault. But his most reliable attack is Black Flames, which looks like black cloud that melts enemies.

The best part about the Black Flames ability is an incredibly low cooldown of only 5 seconds.


Hawkme (Mihawk from One Piece) has some of the most ridiculously strong attacks of all characters, but his relatively high cooldown times make him only an A-tier.

Hawkme carries a green sword and does all of his moves with it. The best one is undoubtedly Ravine, a long slash that deals 75 points of damage to all enemies within its striking distance.

His other best attack is Gash, which has a lower cooldown than Ravine, but also deals less damage. In either case your enemies will be seriously concerned about their positions against Hawkme.

These are the best characters in Roblox Anime Mania, and be sure to come back soon for more Roblox related articles here at GameSkinny.

How to Get the Drake Helmet in Valheim Mon, 22 Mar 2021 11:25:07 -0400 Justin Michael

Hands down the Drake Helmet is one of the best-looking helms in Valheim. Maybe it's the swept-back horns or maybe the regal silver coloring. Whatever it may be for you, you're going to have to jump a few hurdles before you can craft one of these epic helmets and that's what we're going to cover in this guide. 

Valheim: How to Get the Drake Helm

In order to craft the Drake Helmet, you're going to have to do some serious resource gathering. The Drake Helmet requires:

  • 20 Silver
  • 2 Wolf Pelts
  • 2 Drake Trophies

Being a mid-to-late game piece of gear, you're going to need an Iron Pickaxe as well as the Wishbone to detect the silver ore. Meaning you'll need to have beaten Bonemass, the third boss of the game, in order to even have a chance.

Speaking of having a chance, you're also going to need 2 Drake Trophies which means you're going to need to do a little hunting in the mountains biome. 

Even before worrying about the Drakes you'll need to worry about the mountain biome itself; sapping your health away with the freezing cold. This can be combated with Frost Resistance Mead until you can craft a Wolf Fur Cape or Wolf Armor Chest

Valheim Drake Hunting Tips

Drakes are fairly formidable foes, choosing to fight you from the skies where the advantage is theirs. You're going to want to make sure that you've brought a strong bow as well as strong arrows to drop these foes quickly. I'd recommend at least ironhead arrows, I used poison arrows found in the sunken crypts of the swamp biome to pretty good effect; killing drakes within two or three hits.

A good strategy for fighting them is to dodge their icy breath attack in a left or right strafing manner. If you're playing co-op with some friends hunting Drakes can be made easier by having someone use the harpoon on the Drake to keep it from flying off; easing your speed in dispatching them.

No matter how you take them down, you're likely to have to slay your fair share as the drop rate for the Drake Trophy is quite low: 15% to be exact.

Once you've gathered all the needed materials you'll craft the Drake Helmet at the forge. The drake helmet has a base armor of 20, which is the same armor level as a maxed-out iron helmet, but six points less armor than the base padded helmet.

The Drake Helmet looks best with the wolf armor set and can easily be worn as end-game armor with everything fully upgraded, which you won't need any more Drake Trophies to do; just silver ingots.

Hopefully, this information helps you to better obtain this awesome helmet to complete your armor as well as show your mastery over the mountains and the Drakes that call them home. If you’re new to Iron Gate's survival game, consider checking out some of our other guides and helpful tips articles.

Loop Hero Guide: How to Get More Item Slots Mon, 22 Mar 2021 11:04:53 -0400 Sergey_3847

By default, players get four gear item slots in Loop Hero but there is a way to increase this amount by one or more, giving each hero class an advantage in a loop. This guide will provide you with tips on how to get more item slots in Loop Hero.

The secret to increasing the amount of item slots is hidden in a single card: the Arsenal. This card can be stacked, if you're lucky to find more than one in a single loop. This allows you to increase your item slots by more than just one, although that happens extremely rarely.

How to Get More Item Slots in Loop Hero

In order to unlock the Arsenal card you must have two buildings: Smelter and Intel Center. But first you need to craft a Smithy, which requires a campfire available at the start of the game.

The Smithy can be crafted using the following resources:

  • 2 Stable Wood
  • 4 Preserved Rock
  • 7 Stable Metal
  • 2 Food Supply

When the Smithy is ready, you can start building the Herbalist's Hut:

  • 2 Stable Wood
  • 3 Preserved Rock
  • 4 Food Supply

After the Herbalist's Hut build the Field Kitchen at the campfire using:

  • 3 Stable Wood
  • 2 Preserved Rock
  • 1 Food Supply

When the Herbalist's Hut and the Field Kitchen are ready, build the Gymnasium:

  • 5 Stable Wood
  • 3 Preserved Rock
  • 6 Stable Metal
  • 1 Metamorphosis

Once you have both the Gymnasium and the Smithy, you can build the Supply Depot:

  • 9 Stable Wood
  • 17 Stable Metal
  • 9 Food Supply
  • 3 Metamorphosis

After the Supply Depot you can start building the Intel Center using:

  • 12 Stable Wood
  • 15 Stable Metal
  • 17 Food Supply
  • 3 Metamorphosis

Finally, you need to build the Smelter using this recipe:

  • 5 Preserved Rock
  • 18 Stable Metal
  • 3 Food Supply
  • 1 Metamorphosis

Once the Smelter and the Intel Center are done, the Smelter unlocks Arsenal and Temple Storm cards, as well as additional 30 points to your base HP.

The Arsenal card unlocks an additional item slot for each of the three hero classes:

  • Warrior gets the extra slot for Helmet
  • Rogue geta the extra slot for Amulet
  • Necromancer gets the extra slot for Shield

Arsenal cards can also drop randomly from the chests. In that case you can stack them and have another extra slot for one of your heroes.

That's all you need to know on how to get more item slots in Loop Hero. If you're looking for more Loop Hero tips and tricks articles, then consider checking out our dedicated hub page!

Where to Find Chains in Valheim Mon, 22 Mar 2021 10:33:21 -0400 Justin Michael

Crafting is a central part of Valheim with dozens of resources used to craft everything from the humble torch to the mighty Stagbreaker. In this guide, we're going to go over where to find chains in Valheim, as well as what you can do with them. 

Valheim: Where to Find Chains

A chain is a resource item that you’ll find in the swamp biome. That means you’re going to want to have dealt with the second game boss, The Elder, so that you can obtain the swamp keyin order to enter the sunken crypts in the swamps.

You have a roughly 10% chance to find chains in the various muddy scrap piles in the sunken crypts, which you mine with a pickaxe. 

While the 10% drop chance isn’t terrible there is a 100% drop rate way to get chain by fighting Wraiths.

Wraiths are a hostile mob in the swamp biome and generally spawning in/near abandoned houses. Boasting high defense, the best way to take out a Wraith is to score a backstab hit from range — as it has no ranged attack — then finish it off as quickly as possible if it closes into melee range. 

Valheim: What to Do with Chains

So, you’ve gathered some chains, but now what? Chains are featured in both crafting recipes and in building, being used for the following items:

Crafting Recipes Using Chains

  • Black metal shield: 10 fine wood, 8 black metal, 5 chain
  • Black metal tower shield: 15 fine wood, 10 black metal, 7 chain
  • Wolf armor chest: 20 silver, 5 wolf pelt, 1 chain

Building Recipes Using Chains

  • Forge bellows: 5 wood, 5 deer hide, 4 chain
  • Hanging brazier: 5 bronze, 2 coal, 1 chain

The forge bellows would be the first item I’d put any chain towards as it increases the crafting level of the forge it’s placed beside, which lets you level up all crafted gear associated with the forge.

It’s also worth noting that the hanging brazier runs on coal as a fuel source and will require ventilation for the smoke it produces. As for armor, that comes down to your personal play style.

Hopefully, this quick guide on the chain resource helps you to gear up for the many adventures Valheim has to offer. If you’re new to Iron Gate's survival game, consider checking out some of our other guides and helpful tips articles.

Genshin Impact Hangout Events: Noelle, Chongyun, and Bennett Endings Fri, 19 Mar 2021 15:07:32 -0400 Josh Broadwell

Genshin Impact Hangout Events are part of the big 1.4 update, offering a chance to spend time with select characters — and earn rewards in the process.

We’ve got everything you need to know about Noelle’s hangout event, Chongyun’s hangout event, and Bennett’s hangout event, including how to earn the secret, related achievements.

Why no Barbara event, you ask? Simple: we’ve given the Barbara hangout event its own guide.

How to Start Genshin Impact Hangout Events

Genshin’s hangout events are part of the Invitation of Windblume event, which means you’ll need an Adventure Rank of 26 and have the “Song of Dragon and Freedom” quest under your belt. Unlike other update-specific events, Genshin Impact’s hangout events are here to stay. In fact, this is just the first series of hangout events. miHoYo has others planned for future updates.

Once you’ve met the start requirements, you’ll receive an in-game invitation from one of the eligible characters.

Starting a hangout event costs two Story Keys, and you can only obtain Story Keys by completing eight daily commissions and claiming a Key as your reward. That’s also available once you hit Adventurer Rank 26.

How Do Genshin Impact’s Hangout Events Work?

Hangout events revolve around learning more about that character. You’ll pick a conversation option during key moments. If you keep picking the wrong ones, their heart meter drops and the event ends. 

Each event has six endings, and they all come with rewards ranging from Primogems to Ascension materials. You can replay any hangout event without spending additional Story Keys, and you can also skip to important dialogue branches without repeating everything you’ve already heard.

Note the rewards are based on the number of memories you’ve viewed. They aren’t tied to specific endings, so this is just the order we obtained them in. Choices in any branches you run across that aren’t mentioned here don’t affect how the event unfolds, so pick whatever you want.

Genshin Impact Noelle Hangout

Noelle’s hangout event is about her desire to join the Knights of Favonius. Here’s each ending and the key dialogue options that get you there. 

Noelle Hangout Ending 1: Goodbye Miss Maid!


  • 100 Adventurer EXP
  • 5 Hero’s Wit
  • 5 Lighter-Than-Air Pancake

Dialogue choices

  • “It’s okay not to be a knight”
  • “Noelle’s way of showing hospitality”
  • Choose the “hospitality” option again
  • And again
Ending 2: A Cold Reception


  • 100 Adventure EXP
  • 20 Primogems
  • 3 Guide to Resistance

Dialogue choices

  • “It’s okay not to be a knight”
  • “Made especially for you”
  • Choose the first dialogue choice for the remaining Alois dialogue
Ending 3: A Conundrum Called Love


  • 100 Adventure EXP
  • 5 Hero’s Wit
  • 3 Prithiva Topaz Fragments

Dialogue choices

  • “Of course!” when Noelle asks for help with training
  • “What you lack is rest”
  • “Stopping for occasional rest…”
  • “I’ll certainly do my best”
  • “It’s the thought that counts”
Ending 4: A Defender’s Will is Their Strength


  • 100 Adventure EXP
  • 20 Primogems
  • 5 Lighter-than-Air Pancakes

Dialogue choices

  • “Of course!” when Noelle asks for help with her training
  • “What you lack is strength”
  • “Is it because you lack real-world fighting experience?”
Ending 5: Whisper of the Paper Rose


  • 100 Adventure EXP
  • 5 Hero’s Wit
  • 3 Prithiva Topaz Fragments

Dialogue choices

  • “Of course!” when Noelle asks for help with her training
  • “What you lack is rest”
  • “We should choose carefully” when Noelle asks about what gift to pick
  • Pick the Frostening Bottle
  • Choose the Cape Oath location
Ending 6: A Maid Above Ground


  • 100 Adventure EXP
  • 20 Primogems
  • 3 Guide to Resistance

Dialogue choices

  • “Of course!” when Noelle asks for help with her training
  • “What you lack is strength”
  • “You need more strength”
  • Defeat the slimes, Mitachurl, and Lawachurl

Genshin Impact Chongyun Hangout 

Chongyun’s hangout event is all about popsicles, demons, and philosophy. There's also a secret achievement to be had if you humor some of his more outlandish ideas.

Chongyun Hangout Ending 1: Blessing in Disguise


  • 100 Adventurer EXP
  • 5 Hero’s Wit
  • 5 Cold Noodles with Mountain Delicacies

Dialogue choices

  • Tell him they sound farfetched
  • “What if I gave him one of my popsicles?”
  • “There’s a ghostly shadow”
  • “Deep in the Sea of Clouds”
  • “There is a vigilant demon”

Choose those answers also unlocks an achievement, which grants additional Primogems.

Ending 2: Nothing Gained


  • 100 Adventurer’s EXP
  • 20 Primogems
  • 3 Guide to Diligence

Dialogue choices

  • “I’d better not tell him that”
  • “Let’s both drink it”
  • “Just have a rest”
Ending 3: Goodbyes


  • 100 Adventurer’s EXP
  • 5 Hero’s Wit
  • 3 Shivada Jade Fragment

Dialogue choices

  • Follow the previous outline and say “Let’s both drink it” again
  • This time, say “let me help you find a place to rest” or choose to drink alone
  • “Remember that strange mist”
Ending 4: Small Regrets


  • 100 Adventurer’s EXP
  • 20 Primogems
  • 5 Cold Noodles with Mountain Delicacies

Dialogue choices

  • Follow the outline for Goodbyes, but choose “Right, let’s head back”
Ending 5: Idle Amusements


  • 100 Adventurer’s EXP
  • 5 Hero’s Wit
  • 3 Shivada Jade Fragment

Dialogue choices

  • “They all sound pretty farfetched”
  • “Since he has a sister…”
  • Either Mist Flower & Qingxin or Sunsettia & Valberry leads to the ending
Ending 6: Can’t Beat This Heat


  • 100 Adventurer’s EXP
  • 20 Primogems
  • 3 Guide to Diligence

Dialogue choices

  • Everything from Idle Amusements, but pick Jueyun Chili & Slime Condensate

Genshin Impact Bennett Hangout 

Bennett’s hangout event is more involved and actually has you take on quests alongside him.

Bennett Hangout Ending 1: Fruitless Anticipation


  • 100 Adventurer’s EXP
  • 5 Hero’s Wit
  • 5 Teyvat Charred Egg

Dialogue choices

  • “We could do something else”
  • “As long as you don’t cause too much trouble”
  • “How about we hang around town”

Don’t say you ran out of patience when you’re waiting for Bennett to come back.

Ending 2: Hasty Farewell


  • 100 Adventurer’s EXP
  • 20 Primogems
  • 3 Guide to Resistance

Dialogue choices

  • “We could do something else”
  • “How about a walk in the wild?”
  • “It’s not what I expected”
  • Don’t gripe at him about wasting time
  • “No wonder there were no monsters”
  • Don’t tell him about his bad luck
Ending 3: Taste Tester Royce


  • 100 Adventurer’s EXP
  • 5 Hero’s Wit
  • 3 Agnidus Agate Fragment

Dialogue choices

  • Go on an adventure again
  • Say yes when Bennett asks if you want to make food 
  • “You cooked it, you can do whatever you want with it”
Ending 4: Ready to Make Sacrifices


  • 100 Adventurer’s EXP
  • 20 Primogems
  • 5 Teyvat Charred Egg

Dialogue options

  • Go on an adventure again
  • Agree to cook food
  • “No way, you don’t owe him anything”
Ending 5: No Wonder It’s a Top-Class Commission


  • 100 Adventurer’s EXP
  • 5 Hero’s Wit
  • 3 Agnidus Agate Fragment

Dialogue choices

  • Go on an adventure
  • “No, I usually leave straight away”
  • “Go ahead!”
  • Doesn’t matter if you pick the left or right mechanism
Ending 6: Fortunate Outcome


  • 100 Adventurer’s EXP
  • 20 Primogems
  • 3 guide to Resistance

Dialogue choices

  • Go on an adventure, and say you usually leave right away
  • “How can I let you face the danger alone?”
  • Don’t say they’re traitors

You’ll earn a secret achievement if you complete the puzzle without messing up. Here’s the order to activate the mechanisms in Bennett’s hangout event

  • Device with three torches
  • Device with one torch
  • Device with two torches

That's all you need to know about Genshin Impact's hangout events, but make sure to check out our other Genshin Impact guides for more tips.

Genshin Impact Windwheel Aster Locations Guide Fri, 19 Mar 2021 14:09:53 -0400 Ashley Shankle

You're going to have to seek out a whole heap of Windwheel Aster over your time in Genshin Impact to ascend your Traveler, as each Ascension requires an increasing amount of this elusive plant. The squeeze for them just gets worse if you've got Bennett or Sucrose, who both also require Windwheel Asters for their Ascensions.

There are two primary ways to get your hands on some Windwheel Aster, the first is obviously seeking them out and plucking them by your own hand, and the other is the same way as a handful of other plants you need for Ascension and recipes: buying a small amount from one of the botanist sisters.

Genshin Impact: How to Get Windwheel Aster

The first, easiest, and least sustainable method is to buy the flowers from Flora the botanist girl, who can be found in Mondstadt in the area circled below. She only sells five every three days, at 1,000 Mora each.

Getting the flowers from Flora can be convenient once, but it's not really a reliable method to get the amount of Windwheel Aster you're going to need for all those Traveler Ascensions. You're going to have to pick the flowers yourself.

Genshin Impact: Windwheel Aster Locations

Windwheel Aster spawns in a few locations around the Mondstadt region, some of which being easier to get early on than others.

In the map below, we've circled areas where you can find Windwheel Aster.

The flowers are the most plentiful in the areas marked in the northwest and the areas marked in the southeast, with the northwest locations having the most. The southeast area is easier to get to early on, however.

You are going to need a lot Windwheel Aster to push Traveler through all those Ascensions, not to mention if you've got to do it for Bennett and Sucrose as well. Grab as many when you can when you do decide to farm them to make your life easier down the line.

That's it for where to get Windwheel Aster in Genshin Impact. If you found this guide useful, take a gander at our other Genshin Impact guides.

Forza Horizon 4 PC Doesn't Start Launch Fix Guide Fri, 19 Mar 2021 13:40:30 -0400 Sergey_3847

Forza Horizon 4 has been out on Steam, but many players who bought the game were unable to launch it on their PCs. This is quite a common problem, but there are many solutions depending on your individual situation. Let's go into some possible options for how to fix Forza Horizon 4 that doesn't launch on PC.

Before attempting to fix your game launch issues, please make sure that you're running the game on Windows 10. Any other OS won't be able to launch the Forza Horizon 4 on PC. Also, make sure that you have at least 8GB of RAM, Intel Core i3-4170 processor or higher, and Nvidia GTX 650Ti or AMD R7 250X graphics cards or higher.

Turn Off Incompatible Software

One of the biggest issues that PC players encounter is that they run other programs while trying to launch Forza Horizon 4. Here is a list of all incompatible software that should be turned off during the game's launch:

  • EVGA Precision XOC
  • MSI Afterburner
  • RTSS
  • Logitech G Hub
  • OBS
  • Xsplit
  • Discord
  • MacType
  • Warsaw Banking App
  • Wallpaper Engine
  • A-Volute Sound studio
  • Nahimic Audio
  • Sonic Audio
  • MSI DragonCenter
  • RyzenMaster
  • Gamefast from Dells Killer Control Center

Also, make sure that you don't use any of the following anti-virus programs:

  • Trend Micro Maximum Security
  • Comodo Antivirus
  • Sophos
  • Emisoft
  • Avira
  • Avast
  • Bitdefender Firewall

Lastly, deactivate Windows Defender by following these steps:

  1. Press the "Start" button.
  2. Go to "Settings" option
  3. Click on "Update & Security" tab
  4. Select "Windows Security" option
  5. Go to "Virus & threat protection"
  6. Choose "Settings"
  7. Disable Windows Defender's real-time scanning

Windows 10 Administration

If your game still doesn't launch, then following a few essential Windows 10 administration rules should fix the problem:

  • Restart your PC after each launch of the game
  • Log-in to your Windows 10 system as Administrator
  • Update your Windows 10 using the official update assistant
  • Update your graphics card drivers

Another important detail that you shouldn't overlook is to make sure that your time and date settings are correct:

  1. Right-click on the clock in the start menu
  2. Select "Adjust Date/Time" option
  3. Uncheck and check again the "Set time zone automatically" feature
  4. Restart your PC

Microsoft Visual C++ Fix

The problem may also appear due to the errors in the Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable programs. Here's how you can fix it:

  1. Press Win+R key combination
  2. Type in "appwiz.cpl" in the search field
  3. Press Ok to open "Programs and Features" window
  4. Type in "Visual C++" in the search field
  5. Uninstall all versions found in the list (Execute and press "Uninstall")
  6. Download new Microsoft Visual C++ programs here.
  7. Unzip the downloaded archive
  8. Right-click on the "install_all.bat" file
  9. Choose "Run as Administrator" option
  10. Wait for the installation to complete
  11. Restart your PC

With a fresh set of Microsoft Visual C++ programs your game should launch without any issues.

All these solutions should fix the Forza Horizon 4 launch issues on Steam. Share this article with your firends, if it helped your problem.

How to Get a Maypole in Valheim Fri, 19 Mar 2021 11:34:25 -0400 Justin Michael

Throughout your travels in Valheim, it’s likely you’ve stumbled across the Maypole in an abandoned settlement in the Meadows and would like one for yourself to spruce up your own settlement or mead hall only to not find it on any of the building or crafting tabs.

In this quick guide, we’ll cover what the Maypole is, why you want one, and how to get it in the current state of the game.

Valheim: What Is a Maypole?

The Maypole is a decorative item used in the celebration of May Day and the summer solstice in some European cultures. While different cultures had different traditions for the Maypole most all of them had various dances and songs based around them which is a nice nod to history in the Viking-themed world of Valheim. 

So, we have some real-world history but why would we want it in the game? Well, the Maypole gives the player an added point of comfort towards their rested XP buff, increasing the XP buff timer by a minute. It also is a nice-looking decoration and a good centerpiece to your base settlement, especially if you’re roleplaying with friends. So how can you get a Maypole in Valheim?

Valheim: How to Get a Maypole

Well, you can’t, technically. As of the current state of Valheim there are only two ways to get a Maypole; finding one in an abandoned settlement in the Meadows biome or using console commands to cheat one into the game.

If you’re not feeling like “cheating” then you can expect to be hunting out abandoned settlements until you find one. However, if you have no qualms cracking open the command console then read on.

To open the console simply hit the F5 key on your keyboard, then type in imacheater and hit enter. It’s worth noting that using console commands can affect the integrity of your save file so always backup your saves first! Once console commands are activated type in debugmode and if the output reads “Debugmode True”, you’re ready to go. 

In order to build one you’re going to need to be within the radius of an upgraded workbench as well as having 4x dandelion, 4x thistle, and 10x wood in your inventory. You’ll find the Maypole in the furniture tab of your hammer and you’ll be all set to slap it down anywhere within your workbench area.

Hopefully, this quick guide on Maypoles helps you to spruce up your settlement in Valheim. If you’re new to Iron Gate's survival game, consider checking out some of our other guides and helpful tips articles

Genshin Impact Barbara Hangout Event Endings Guide Thu, 18 Mar 2021 12:37:34 -0400 Sergey_3847

The latest Version 1.4 update for Genshin Impact introduced a new Barbara Hangout Event story quest, starting with "Wellspring of Healing". The event has  five different endings, each one with its own rewards.

This guide will provide you with all the answers in the Barbara Hangout Event that will unlock all the possible endings in Genshin Impact. Simply follow all the steps listed below and soon you will have a complete set of this event's rewards.

Barbara Hangout Event All Endings in Genshin Impact

Start the Event

Before being able to enter the event players must complete a few prerequisites:

  • 2x Story Key
  • Complete Act 3 of the Prologue chapter of the main story
  • Reach Adventure Rank 26

Players can obtain Story Keys by completing daily commissions. Once you complete 8 daily commissions you will earn one Story Key.

Daily commissions are unlocked after you reach Adventure Rank 12.

Once you have all the prerequisites, follow these steps to start the Barbara Hangout Event:

  1. Go the game's menu
  2. Enter the "Story Quests" tab
  3. Select "Hangout Events" option
  4. Confirm by paying 2x Story Key
Barbara Hangout Event Ending 1

The event includes a series of quests that are quite easy to complete. But the way you complete them influences which of the five endings you get.

In order to get the first Barbara Hangout Event ending follow these steps:

  1. Reach Wolvendom in Mondstadt
  2. Speak to Barbara
  3. Speak to Albert and make these choices:
    • “A lot of monsters here.”
    • “Searched all the nearby areas.”
    • “Must have been wolves.”
  4. Follow Albert to the end

The final dialogue with Albert will complete the event and give you the first ending with the following rewards:

  • 100 Adventure XP
  • 20x Primogem
  • 3x Guide to Freedom
Barbara Hangout Event Ending 2

The first two steps are the same, but once you start the dialogue with Albert, you need to answer differently to get the second ending:

  1. Speak to Albert and make these choices:
    • “Gather more people.”
    • “How can you be certain?”
    • “Do you still hear her?”
  2. Go back to Barbara
  3. Leave Wolvendom with Barbara
  4. Speak to Sister Victoria
  5. Agree to clean the cathedral
  6. Choose Cat’s Tail Drink
  7. Speak to Sister Victoria once again
  8. Go to Cat's Tail near Adventurers’ Guild
  9. Speak to Barbara
  10. Interact with three NPCs and make these choices:
    • Herman's daughter
    • Schulz's work
    • Susie being considerate

Lastly, speak to Barbara one last time in order leave the town with her to get the second ending and the following rewards:

  • 100 Adventure XP
  • 5x Hero's Wit
  • 3x Varunada Lazurite Fragment
Barbara Hangout Event Ending 3

The alteration for the third ending starts at the previous step 6, where you choose the drink:

  1. Choose the Chilibrew drink
  2. Make a choice to split up
  3. Speak to Sister Victoria
  4. Go to Stone Gate
  5. Pick up some chili plants
  6. Go to Whispering Woods
  7. Follow the lead to Barbara
  8. Choose to fight the Treasure Hoarders to save the merchant
  9. Talk to the merchant
  10. Choose the Liyue Chilibrew reward

This will bring up the third ending to the event with the following rewards:

  • 100 Adventure XP
  • 20x Primogem
  • 5x Spicy Stew
Barbara Hangout Event Ending 4

Repeat the first step of the previous section and choose the Chilibrew drink, but follow these steps afterwards:

  1. Make a choice to stay together
  2. Go to the Whispering Woods
  3. Fight the Hilichurl
  4. Speak to an NPC and choose Knights of Favonius
  5. Win the fight against the NPC

When the foe leaves you with Barbara, you will unlock the fourth ending and the following rewards:

  • 100 Adventure XP
  • 5x Hero's Wit
  • 3x Varunada Lazurite Fragment
Barbara Hangout Event Ending 5

For the final ending you need to follow the scenario of the third ending until you reach the last battle with the Treasure Hoarders. Once you save the merchant, follow these steps:

  1. Speak to the merchant
  2. Choose the Sweet Flowers
  3. Go to Adventurers’ Guild
  4. Speak to Barbara in the garden

This will trigger the fifth and the final ending of the Barbara Hangout Event and the following rewards:

  • 100 Adventure XP
  • 20x Primogem
  • 3x Guide to Freedom

That's all you need to know on how to unlock all five endings of the Barbara Hangout Event in Genshin Impact. If you found this guide helpful, consider checking out our other Genshin Impact guides!

Loop Hero Guide: In Time For Lunch Achievement Walkthrough Thu, 18 Mar 2021 12:21:09 -0400 Jordan Baranowski

The very nature of Loop Hero makes it one of those games where you just want to accomplish and see everything. Many of the game's Achievements will trickle in naturally as you learn Loop Hero's systems and unlock more material, but a few of them require very deliberate action on your part. One of the most obvious is the In Time for Lunch achievement.

Loop Hero being a roguelike, this achievement requires a lot of lucky turns for everything to fall into place. Luckily, it's simple to try again if the cards don't fall your way. Here's how to get started with In Time for Lunch.

Loop Hero In Time for Lunch Achievement

To pop the In Time for Lunch achievement, you have to "Defeat the boss in the first expedition." That does NOT mean you just have to take down the Lich. It means you have to start a new game and defeat the Lich on your very first run.

This certainly isn't easy, since you won't have a lot of the bonuses and extras that you build up throughout Loop Hero. You'll want to have played the game a bit so you have an understanding of the cards and systems at your disposal, so choose a new save slot and get rolling.

This achievement takes a lot of help from the gods of RNG. But there are a few ways you can tilt the scales in your favor. The first is your card selection before you get started. This layout seems to be the general best bet for unlocking this achievement:

You'll want to turn off both the Beacon and Treasury cards for sure. Some recommend swapping off the Vampire Mansion as well, but that tends to be a matter of personal preference. I like leaving it because it gives you more options for blocking Lich Palaces from spawning.

As your run begins, you'll want to prioritize Max HP and Regen/sec. You'll also want to spring the Lich battle as early as possible (within reason), since the boss gets stronger with each loop. Use rock and mountain cards to build your HP, and use Oblivion to take out Goblin Camps as they spawn. Goblins can overwhelm you in a hurry if they get out of hand, so you want to avoid them at all costs!

Place Battlefield cards selectively so you can get as many treasure chests as possible without having to square off with too many of the tough enemies that can spawn here. Avoid placing any Cemetery cards unless you need one or two to fill out a space near camp — skeletons hit like a truck and are tough to take down in later loops.

As you start building up your Max HP, you'll also want to start placing Meadow cards strategically to get Blooming Meadows. Place them so they are directly touching a rock or mountain to get a little extra HP/day bonus.

As you start laying the above down, you'll also want to start transitioning away from Regen to Evasion. The Lich deals a ton of damage, so your goal is to avoid as many attacks as you can while ending the battle as fast as possible.

When you're ready to take on the Lich, make sure every tile surrounding your campfire is filled with something to prevent any palaces from spawning. Place your cards down to max out your stats and put on your best gear, focusing on Evasion and Damage.

The sweet spot seems to be triggering the battle around Loop 6 or Loop 7. Chances are, if you take it much further than that, the Lich's powerful attacks will overwhelm you before you can defeat it.

When you hit the final battle, there isn't much you can do but sit back and hope the RNG is in your favor. Prioritizing evasion is always fickle; as a percentage roll, bad luck is just going to hit you sometimes. Even if your evasion is somewhere between 30-40 percent, there's still a decent chance the Lich will hit you with every attack.

But there's also that chance it will miss you more often than you'd expect.

If you take out the Lich on this first expedition, the achievement will pop. If you fall, just head back to the Loop Hero title screen, delete the save slot you just started and try again. It'll probably take you a few tries. Good luck achievement hunters!

Can't get enough Loop Hero? Check out our game page for more on this compelling roguelike!

Genshin Impact The Stringless: Stats, Elemental Buffs, Ascension Wed, 17 Mar 2021 13:30:05 -0400 Josh Broadwell

Genshin Impact’s The Stringless bow is one of the best weapons you can outfit your archers with. Obtaining it isn't quite so easy, though, and if you're playing Genshin Impact's 1.4 update, there is another, more Primogem-friendly option.

Our Genshin Impact Stringless guide has everything you need to know about one of the game's best bows and when you should try to aim for it.

How to Get The Stringless

Unlike some weapons, The Stringless is only available as a random pull through Genshin Impact’s gacha system. The Stringless isn’t part of the Epitome Invocation in the 1.4 update, so for now, you’ll need to spend Acquaint Fates in the Wanderlust Invocation, the general gacha banner.

It means drop rates are slightly lower, but still at 5%.

Since The Stringless is a four-star weapon, your chances of getting it go up just a bit thanks to the Genshin Impact pity system. You’re guaranteed a four-star weapon or character after 10 pulls of not getting one, though of course, it doesn’t mean you’ll actually get The Stringless.

The Stringless Stats, Secondary, and Passives

The Stringless has a base attack of 42, making it one of the stronger four-star bows and just slightly weaker than the game's five-star bows.

  • Level 20 — 109
  • Level 30 — 170
  • Level 40 — 205
  • Level 50 — 266
  • Level 60 — 327
  • Level 70 — 388
  • Level 80 — 449
  • Level 90 — 510

Arrowless Song, The Stringless’ passive ability strengthened through refinement, increases Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst damage by 24% at level one and 48% at level five.

That combined with The Stringless’ fantastic Elemental Mastery stat makes it a powerful force in the right hands, turning already-strong DPS characters into potent Elemental Reaction supporters.

  • Level 1 — 36
  • Level 20 — 64
  • Level 30 — 78
  • Level 40 —93
  • Level 50 — 107
  • Level 60 — 122
  • Level 70 — 136
  • Level 80 — 151
  • Level 90 — 165

Venti is the obvious choice for The Stringless, but it can give any bow-wielder with offensive Elemental abilities a significant boost, whether it's one of the best characters or even Amber.

The Stringless Ascension Materials

The Stringless Ascension materials are almost identical to The Alley Flash’s. It uses items in the Decarabia series, which come from the Cecilia Garden Domain on Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays.

You’ll also need Horn items from Mitachurls, the big Hilichurls with shields and dash attacks, Arrowhead items dropped by any of the Hilichurl Shooters, including the elemental archers.

As always with Genshin’s Ascension materials, the higher ranks of each item come from higher level Domains and enemies of the same type.

Here’s everything you’ll need for The Stringless’ Ascension.

First Ascension

  • 3 Tile of Decarabian’s Tower
  • 3 Heavy Horn
  • 2 Firm Arrowhead
  • 5,000 Mora

Second Ascension

  • 3 Debris of Decarabian’s City
  • 12 Heavy Horn
  • 8 Firm Arrowhead
  • 15,000 Mora

Third Ascension

  • 6 Debris of Decarabian’s City
  • 6 Black Bronze Horn
  • 6 Sharp Arrowhead
  • 20,000 Mora

Fourth Ascension

  • 3 Fragment of Decarabian’s Epic
  • 12 Black Bronze Horn
  • 9 Sharp Arrowhead
  • 30,000 Mora

Fifth Ascension

  • 6 Fragment’s of Decarabian’s Epic
  • 9 Black Crystal Horn
  • 6 Weathered Arrowhead
  • 35,000 Mora

Sixth Ascension

  • 4 Piece of Decarabian’s Dream
  • 18 Black Crystal Horn
  • 12 Weathered Arrowhead
  • 45,000 Mora

Is The Stringless Worth It?

The Stringless is a great bow, but whether it’s worth the Fates depends on your goals. If you’re reading this during Genshin’s 1.4 update, you can obtain The Windblume Ode by taking part in the Windblume Festival. The Windblume Ode doesn’t have the same Elemental potency in its passive, but it does have stronger attack and a useful passive ability. 

If you’re saving Primogems for a banner character, it’s worth just getting the free bow instead. If not, it’s definitely worth trying to get The Stringless.

That's everything you need to know about The Stringless, but be sure to check out our other Genshin Impact guides for more tips. 

Loop Hero Tips & Tricks Guide For Conquering The Loop Tue, 16 Mar 2021 17:19:55 -0400 Anthony McGlynn

Loop Hero is a great roguelike, but between all the cards, RPG stats, and auto-battling, FourQuarters' old school adventure can be a lot to handle. Indeed, finding your way in the post-apocalypse can be tricky, minding the various chain reactions from your card combos and tile combos while keeping your hero alive.

Rest easy, though, because we've learned a thing or three in our time working to defeat the Lich and put the world to rights. Whether it be a class' fundamentals, managing the stream of ghouls and goblins in your path, or some smart landscaping, we have some wisdom to impart.

Here are some tips, tricks, and good beginner's information from our tenure as the Loop Hero.

Certain Tile Combos Create Specific Monsters

One of the great pleasures of Loop Hero is seeing what reacts with what among all the cards. But if you aren't careful, you can end up flooding your path with creatures you never meant to put there, making survival that much trickier.

Nine mountains and rocks together creates a mountain range that spawns harpies, and every tenth of those cards gets you a goblin camp that creates goblins at what is, frankly, an obscenely fast rate.

Every second village brings with it an outpost for bandits, and if you put a vampire mansion beside a village, you get ghouls for three turns.

The list of every possible pairing would be long, but rest assured, this is far from an exhaustive list. The point is to always track what's happening on your map and make sure you're always prepared.

Tailor Your Approach to Your Class

The first class, warrior, is straight-forward. Speed, HP, and strength are easy stats to juice up, and they pick up equipment after each loot-dropping kill. The rogue is significantly different, favoring speed and tipping the odds of big hits in your favor, and the necromancer is all about spawning those skeletons as much as possible.

You need to adjust your play-style for each, and to do that, you need to understand what stats matter to whom.

These are the general ways I built each:

  • Max HP
  • Attack Speed
  • Health Regen
  • Strength
  • Damage to All

Keeping the warrior's healthbar at a high number is crucial for later laps, and health regeneration pays off massively in battles with three or four enemies. Damage to All is a good ability to use in the laps preceding the boss before replacing it ahead of that encounter.

Attack speed is helpful there too, and when combined with good strength bonuses, it will have you killing anything that dares challenge you.

  • Evasion
  • Counter
  • Attack Speed
  • Critical Hit
  • Damage to All

The rogue is all about hitting fast and making those hits count. Pumping up evasion, counter, and attack speed helps you slice through most enemies. Higher critical hit percentage becomes more helpful in later laps when you need to take chunks out of basic enemies, and damage to all is another crucial asset.

A lot of rogue armor offers a high HP boost without any other stat increase don't fall for the allure. Health won't help you when you can't get those hits in.

  • Evasion
  • Regeneration
  • Summon Quality
  • Summon Speed

The necromancer is the hardest class to use, and most of its stats are unique to its skeleton-summoning abilities. Evasion and regeneration help keep attacks spry, and summon quality and summon speed directly affect how fast you're summoning and how good those summons are.

Skeletons have five tiers, and to get the best  archers and mages  you need four others already on the field. The best way to do that is to be quick and make sure what's coming out of the ground is strong.

Oblivion Cards are Your Greatest Power — and Good for Farming

There is nothing in Loop Hero as powerful as the Oblivion card, which erases everything on a given tile. You can eliminate enemies if you're too low on health and near the campfire, get rid of those dratted goblins, or have another go at a supplies bonus.

Wiping out a horde of goblins is always a good choice, but for certain placements, like the mountain range, using Oblivion on one of the tiles, then replacing said tile, gives you the same supply bonus as you got the first time. You can do this as many times as you like, as long as you feel capable enough without needing Oblivion for anything else.

Bunch Tiles in the Loop, Spread Them Out on the Landscape

As you get confident in laying down tiles and shaping your loops, a good rule of thumb can be to place certain enemies together for your hero and then doing the opposite elsewhere. This helps for farming resources and pacing encounters.

Putting anything beside a meadow gives you a blooming meadow, and zig-zagging rivers helps spread their double effects on more tiles. Mountain-ranges aside, you should place tiles one-by-one to maximize bonuses across meadows and rivers.

On your loop, then, putting graveyards in one section, groves in another, and swamps in another lets you clearly map what's coming for your brave wanderer. It then lets you manage what's going to happen. If you find your rogue is just mowing down skeletons in your corner of graveyards, you can speed up the spawning rate without affecting any other monsters.

The same goes for mosquitoes: putting a run of swamps in a line gives you space to decrease how many spawn without doing anything to your ratwolves, spiders, bandits, or what have you. This is definitely one for when you have all the basics down, but when you do, give it a try.

Know When to Quit  and do so at the Campfire If You Can

You will die many times in Loop Hero, and you'll know the disappointment of losing 70% of your supplies all too well. Work on understanding when your hero is going to die. Sometimes it's obvious; other times, you'll need to do a quick read on what's ahead.

Leaving of your own accord gives you 60% of your supplies, and doing that just before the boss is common practice. All the spoils of a good hearty run, without suffering a heinous death.

But the game doesn't tell you this: if you retreat while on the campfire tile, you can keep 100% of your supplies. All of it. The campfire can be passed by in a jiffy, especially if you're running at double speed, but if you know you're not up for much more, getting out then and there is the way to go.


And those are some of our best Loop Hero beginner's tips and tricks to keep in mind. Of course, there are plenty of other useful things to know and secrets to unlock, so if you're looking for more, consider heading over to our Loop Hero guides hub

Loop Hero Frog King: How to Summon and Beat the Hidden Boss Tue, 16 Mar 2021 14:04:20 -0400 Jordan Baranowski

The world of Loop Hero is a mysterious one indeed, and there are a ton of secrets to be found through experimentation. Many of them you'll find by accident, but some of these secrets require a bit more deliberate action, such as what you have to do to fight the four developer bosses. Fitting into that category is a hidden boss against the Frog King.

This enemy is not terribly difficult to defeat, but getting him to appear takes some luck and a strong build. Here's how to discover and defeat this secret Loop Hero enemy.

Use the Swamp Card Liberally

The key to revealing the Frog King lies in making him feel at home. To do this, you need to use the Swamp card. A lot. 

You unlock the Swamp after building the Herbalist's Hut in your camp, and it's a tricky tile to use. It spawns a mosquito every three days, quick enemies that attack frequently and dodge a lot of attacks. Luckily, they have low HP. What really makes the Swamp precarious is that it reverses any healing effect (other than potions) while you're on the tile.

Suddenly, Regeneration is a slowly ticking time bomb. Vampirism means you take a chunk of your own health with every successful hit. And if morning arrives a few times while you're on a Swamp, you lose big chunks of HP.

To use Swamps to make the Frog King appear, you must cover every single tile in your loop with a Swamp card. That makes your expedition a war of attrition; you have to survive long enough to even find 30+ Swamp cards. 

This makes evasion and attack speed key to success if you want to win a Frog King run. You'll also want some damage sponge helpers: skeletons, a wolf companion, etc. Avoid taking hits and end battles in a hurry.

Once you've covered every tile of the loop with Swamps, the Frog King will appear on a random tile. So, how do you make this dastardly foe croak?

Defeating the Frog King

You'll notice right away that the Frog King has some strange tendencies. First, he only has 2 HP. However, he also has an ability that reduces any damage he suffers to 1 HP. You only have to hit him twice to win, but that's easier said than done. 

The Frog King also has an evasion stat of 99%.

He doesn't hit very hard, but your resources could already be fairly low from making your way through all those loops of Swamp tiles. Luckily, the same stats that helped you reach this boss will be the key to taking him out.

Since any damage to the Frog King knocks off half his health, so it's essential you have:

  • high attack speed
  • allies fighting alongside you

A rogue with high attack speed and a wolf will have a lot of chances to hit this boss twice before succumbing to his attacks.

Boss Rewards

The Frog King drops a ton of cards when you beat him, likely replacing your entire hand. However, you won't get any powerful equipment or impressive trait. Defeating this secret boss is more a pride thing than anything else. There aren't any major rewards to be had. 

Now that you've defeated the secret Frog King boss, it's probably time to see what else Loop Hero has to offer. Check out our game page for more on this charming roguelike, and happy hunting!

Genshin Impact Alley Flash: Stats, Elemental Mastery, and Ascension Tue, 16 Mar 2021 13:45:00 -0400 Josh Broadwell

The Alley Flash is part of the Genshin Impact 1.4 update, the headline item in the new Alley weapon series. It’s a versatile four-star sword with a secondary stat geared towards support, though it's still capable of dealing significant physical damage.

This Geshin Impact Alley Flash guide has everything you need to know about the new weapon and whether it's worth your Fates.

How to Get the Alley Flash

Alley Flash is part of a new Epitome Invocation that will be going live during Genshin’s 1.4 update. Genshin’s gacha system is the only way to obtain Alley Flash, but since it's a four-star weapon, your chances of getting it are higher than some others.

The game’s pity system guarantees one four-star weapon or character (weapon always, if it’s the Epitome Invocation) for every 10 pulls where you don’t obtain a four-star weapon or character. During the Epitome Invocation, Alley Flash’s drop chances are also higher than usual for four-star weapons.

Alley Flash Stats, Secondary, and Passives

Alley Flash has a base attack of 45. While it’s naturally not as impressive as its five-star counterparts, Alley Flash’s stats are higher than other four-star swords

  • Level 20 — 134
  • Level 30 — 210
  • Level 40 — 261
  • Level 50 — 340
  • Level 60 — 419
  • Level 70 — 499
  • Level 80 — 579
  • Level 90 — 660

It also has the Itinerant Hero passive ability, which increases attack by 28% for six seconds if you sprint for one second or longer. The bonus doesn’t stack, however.

Alley Flash’s secondary stat, Elemental Mastery, is what makes it more useful, though. Elemental Mastery increases damage from Elemental Reactions, making it ideal for support characters setting up or pulling off Reactions. (If you need a nudge in the right direction for which character might be ideal for you, our best characters list is here to help.) 

  • Level 1 — 12
  • Level 20 — 21
  • Level 40 — 31
  • Level 50 — 36
  • Level 60 — 41
  • Level 70 — 45
  • Level 80 — 50
  • Level 90 — 55

Finally is Alley Flash’s special ability obtained only through refining the weapon. Refining Alley Flash increases physical damage by a set amount — 12% at level one, 24% at level five — though taking damage disables this buff for five seconds.

Alley Flash Ascension

You’ll be visiting the Garden of Cecilia a lot and taking down Hilichurl-type enemies for Alley Flash’s Ascension materials. It uses Decarabian-series items, Heavy Horn-series items, and Divining Scroll-series items for Ascension. 

Tile of Decarabian’s Tower comes from the Garden of Cecilia Domain west of Mondstadt on Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays. The higher-ranking items in the series have a drop chance on the same days, but only at the Domain’s higher levels.

Mitachurls, the big, charging Hilichurl-type enemies, drop Heavy Horns, Black Bronze Horns, and Black Crystal Horns, while the magic-wielding Samachurls drop Divining Scrolls, Sealed Scrolls, and Forbidden Curse Scrolls.

Here’s everything you’ll need for Alley Flash's Ascension.

First Ascension

  • 3 Tile of Decarabian’s Tower
  • 3 Heavy Horn
  • 2 Divining Scroll
  • 5,000 Mora

Second Ascension

  • 3 Debris of Decarabian’s City
  • 12 Heavy Horn
  • 8 Divining Scroll
  • 15,000 Mora

Third Ascension

  • 6 Debris of Decarabian’s City
  • 6 Black Bronze Horn
  • 6 Sealed Scroll
  • 20,000 Mora 

Fourth Ascension

  • 3 Fragment of Decarabian’s Epic
  • 12 Black Bronze Horn
  • 9 Sealed Scroll
  • 30,000 Mora

Fifth Ascension

  • 6 Fragment of Decarabian’s Epic
  • 9 Black Crystal Horn
  • 6 Forbidden Curse Scroll
  • 35,000 Mora

Sixth Ascension

  • 4 Piece of Decarabian’s Dream
  • 18 Black Crystal Horn
  • 12 Forbidden Curse Scroll
  • 45,000 Mora

Is Alley Flash Worth It?

It depends.

Rosaria and a second chance of obtaining Venti are Genshin 1.4’s main attractions, and you can obtain Elemental Mastery bonuses through certain Artifacts. Unless you have an abundance of Intertwined Fates, you may be better off saving them for 1.4’s character banners instead.

If Venti, Tartaglia (Childe), and Rosaria are of no interest, though, you could certainly do worse than Alley Flash. It’s a strong sword, and stacking its Elemental Mastery bonus with the buff from Artifacts would make for a potent combination.

That's everything you need to know about Genshin Impact's Alley Flash sword, but be sure to check out our other Genshin Impact guides for more tips. 

Forza Horizon 4 PC Guide: How to Transfer, Back Up Save Files Mon, 15 Mar 2021 11:51:47 -0400 Sergey_3847

Forza Horizon 4 is now out on Steam. Since many of those PC players have already purchased the game for their Xbox One and Xbox Series X consoles, many are wondering if there is a way to transfer save files from one platform to another.

Currently, it is only possible to transfer Forza Horizon 4 save files from Xbox console to Microsoft Store version of the game, but not to the Steam version or vice versa. This guide will provide you with tips on how to transfer Forza Horizon 4 files where applicable, including save file locations for both Steam and Microsoft Store versions in case this transfer option becomes available in the future. It will also highlight a few ways you can play Forza Horizon 4 on PC without technically transferring files. 

Xbox Play Anywhere

The fastest way to transfer save files from Xbox to PC is to use the Xbox Play Anywhere service.

Follow these steps to access Xbox save files on your PC:

  1. Go to Xbox Play Anywhere website
  2. Log in using your existing Xbox account
  3. Type in "Forza Horizon 4" in the search bar
  4. Select the game from the list and press "Install"
  5. Wait for the download and file syncing to complete

You don't need to re-purchase the game you already own, but you need to download it to your PC, including the save files from the Xbox store. When that's done, you can play Forza Horizon 4 on your PC using your old save files.

Stream Forza Horizon 4 on PC

If you don't want to re-download the game to your PC, you can stream it instead from your Xbox console to your PC using the following method:

  1. Make sure that your Xbox console and your PC are connected to the same WiFi network
  2. Type in "Xbox" in your Microsoft 10 search window
  3. Select "Xbox Console Companion" from the list
  4. Click on the "Xbox Connected" tab in the left menu
  5. Select "Add a device" option in the top right corner
  6. Choose your Xbox console from the list and press "Connect"
  7. Log in using your Xbox gamertag
  8. Select "Forza Horizon 4" from the list
  9. Click on "Stream" option at the top

Now you can play Forza Horizon 4 on your PC without downloading the game again and waiting for the save files syncing to complete.

Back Up Save Files

If you don't want your save files to be lost because of network errors or other malfunctions, then you can use Xbox Live Cloud Storage to store your Forza Horizon 4 save files independently from your console or PC.

Follow these steps to back up your save files on Xbox console:

  1. Select "Settings" option in the Xbox menu
  2. Go to "System" tab
  3. Select "Storage" feature
  4. Press on "Cloud Saved Games" option
  5. Confirm by selecting "Enable Cloud Saved Games"

Now your save files will be saved to both your device and Xbox cloud storage. In case your original files get corrupted, you will always be able to retrieve them.

Forza Horizon 4 PC Save File Locations

Microsoft Store Save File Location

If you're looking for your Forza Horizon 4 save files on your PC to be able to back them up manually, here's where you can find them:

  1. Press Win+R key combination
  2. Type in the following line into the command window: %localappdata%\Packages\Microsoft.SunriseBaseGame_8wekyb3d8bbwe\SystemAppData\wgs
  3. Press OK to confirm

A new window with the game's save folder will open up, and you can back it up quickly.

Steam Save File Location

If you've purchased Forza Horizon 4 at Steam, then follow these steps to access the game's save folder:

  1. Press Win+R key combination
  2. Type in the following line: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\
  3. Press OK to confirm
  4. Sort the folder view by "Date Modifed"
  5. Open the most recent folder

There you should find the game's save folder, which is titled "1293830". This is Forza Horizon 4 application identification number for Steam.

Although you can't transfer save files between the Microsoft Store and Steam versions of the game right now, this feature may become a possibility in the near future.

However, all players, regardless of platform, will still share the following game data:

  • Leaderboards are staying the same for all gamertags.
  • Clubs also stay the same for all.
  • Share codes can be used on all platforms as well.

That's everything you need to know on how to transfer and back up Forza Horizon 4 save files on PC. If this article was helpful to you, then consider giving it a share.

Loop Hero Guide: How to Unlock and Beat the Secret Boss Mon, 15 Mar 2021 10:20:35 -0400 Sergey_3847

To get the standard ending of the game, you must beat the four main Loop Hero bosses. However, developer Four Quarters a went one step further and included a secret boss, which can be summoned in the middle of the game, not the end. If you can beat this secret boss, you will get the true ending in Loop Hero.

This guide will tell you how to unlock and beat this secret Loop Hero boss. It a bit of preparation, so read on to find out what you need to do.

How to Unlock Secret Boss in Loop Hero

Defeat The Priestess

Before attempting to beat the secret boss, you must complete the entire second chapter of the game. This includes beating the Priestess.

The Necromancer is the best class for the Priestess boss fight because of its ability to summon skeletons. These skeletons can easily break through the stained-glass windows that the Priestess summons to protect herself, making this fight a bit easier.

Be sure to also place Forest tiles to increase your hero's attack speed by 1%, and Thicket tiles to increase it by 2% per tile.

Once you beat the Priestess, you will receive the following rewards:

  • Living Fabric
  • Orb of Immortality

Overlap Five Roadside Tiles

After the fight, you must collect five specific, wide area of effect roadside tiles:

  • Abandoned Bookery (Library)
  • Battlefield (Chests)
  • Blood Grove (Field Kitchen)
  • Bookery (Library)
  • Chrono Crystals (First Lich Battle)

If you can't find some of these tiles, can also get by using these cards instead: Beacon, Hungry Grove, Lamp Post, or Vampire Mansion.

Once you have all five tiles (or the cards mentioned above), you must place them so they overlap each other. You can place them anywhere. As soon as you do so, you wil notice a new tile with blue flickering lights appear next to them.

Apply the Oblivion card to this new tile, which summons a dimensional rift. Go through it to start the secret boss fight. 

Beat the Secret Boss

This fight is actually against four bosses, each of which represents one of the four Loop Hero developers. Here are their stats:

Boss Name
Damage Attack Speed
Deceiver 17000-18000 80-90 0.7
Finlal 800-900 90-100 1.14
Blinch 2000-2100 40-50 0.7
1 380-400 0.0


Each of the boss' stats can be randomized each time you attempt this battle. However, they'll always be very powerful, so taking them out is never a walk in the park. You have to be well prepared before fighting the four bosses, so don't summon them too early in the game.

For the fight you will need the following tiles:

  • Ancestral Crypt: This field tile not only increases your HP but also gives you a chance for revival after death.
  • Thicket: This tile increases your attack speed, so bring as many with you as you can. 
  • Burned Forest. Place this tile next to common forest tiles and turn your physical damage into magic damage, which ignores enemy defenses.
  • Desert and Sand Dunes: Both of these tiles reduce enemy HP. Spam these as many as you can.
  • Oasis: This tile has a similar function to Desert and Sand Dune tiles, but instead of reducing HP, it reduces the attack speed.

Once you have these tiles ready, you can summon the four bosses and follow this strategy to beat them all:

  1. Focus on Therandom first, as this boss usually has the least life, and his damage output is the highest.
  2. Switch to Finlal, while sending your summoned mobs at the other two bosses, distracting them.
  3. Fight Blinch and use evasion as often as you can.
  4. Finish off Deceiver, keeping in mind his immense HP pool and devastating, but dodgeable, lightning attacks. 

Of course, the strategy above is one of many, but it's one that consistently works. Once you have beaten all four bosses, you will be rewarded with the true ending of the game.

That's all you need to know on how to unlock and beat the secret boss for the true Loop Hero ending. If you're looking for more Loop Hero tips and tricks articles, then consider checking out our dedicated hub page!

Harvest Moon: One World — How to Sell Animals Fri, 12 Mar 2021 18:11:39 -0500 Sergey_3847

Growing and harvesting crops is not the only activity players can pursue in Harvest Moon: One World. Growing livestock is another huge part of the game, and it has a few challenges of its own. For example, players can have only a limited number of animals on their farms.

This means that you need to find a way to get rid of the ones you don't need or want and try to sell them. Currently, there is no way of actually selling animals in Harvest Moon: One World. However, this guide will provide you with tips on how to let go of animals in Harvest Moon: One World and free up space in your barn.

How to Sell Animals in Harvest Moon: One World

There is an animal dealer in Harvest Moon: One World, who can be found in Calisson. You can unlock his animal shop by simply giving him four potatoes, and he will gladly open his doors for you.

You can easily buy animals from the animal dealer, but you cannot sell them back. This means that you will not be able to return money invested into animals this way.

But how do you get rid of the animals that you don't want to keep on your farm? Follow the steps below to learn how to get rid of unwanted animals:

  1. Open your DocPad
  2. Select "Making Friends" tab
  3. Press "Confirm" button
  4. Select "Animals" tab
  5. Tap on the animal you want to let go
  6. Press "Let Go" button
  7. Press "Confirm" button

The chosen animal will be released from the barn, and you will be able to put another animal on its free spot.

If you want to purchase another animal from the animal dealer in Calisson, then here is a complete list with prices:

  • Chicken (1500G)
  • Border Collie (4000G)
  • Gray Border Collie (4000G)
  • Cow (5000G)
  • Sheltie (5000G)
  • Gray Sheltie (5000G)
  • Black and Tan Sheltie (5000G)
  • Merle Sheltie (5000G)
  • Sheep (6000G)
  • Brown Horse (15000G)
  • Seal Brown Horse (20000G)
  • Gray Horse (20000G)
  • Chestnut Horse (20000G)

That's all you need to know on how to let go of animals in Harvest Moon: One World. For more Harvest Moon: One World tips and tricks articles, visit our dedicated hub page via the link above.

Harvest Moon: One World — How to Get Cashmere Fri, 12 Mar 2021 18:09:44 -0500 Sergey_3847

Cashmere is one of the most valuable materials in Harvest Moon: One World and can be used in the production of cloaks. However, getting cashmere is not easy and to be made, it requires a special type of animal. This guide will provide you with tips on how to get cashmere in Harvest Moon: One World.

Cashmere is a special type of wool that is produced by the cashmere goat, a very rare animal that can be unlocked after completing a series of short quests. Follow all the steps below to unlock this unusual farm animal.

How to Get Cashmere in Harvest Moon: One World

Talk to Jamil

After the opening scene, you will meet Jamil and his mother at Pastilla. They own an animal shop, which has only a few animals at the beginning of the game.

If you talk to Jamil, he will ask you to do short quests that will unlock new animals in his shop. These are four levels of quests called "Protecting Animals."

Each of the four completed quests unlocks the next level, and after each one you need to talk to Jamil to unlock the next one.

The cashmere goat appears in his shop after you complete all four "Protecting Animals" quests.

Complete Jamil's Quests

Below you will find the table with the list of all quests, required items, and their locations for completing Jamil's quests:

Jamil's Quest
Required Items
Protecting Animals 1 6x Chickpeas The Mine (Pastilla)
North of Farm (Lebkuchen)
Protecting Animals 2 8x Barley The Volcano (Lebkuchen)
Protecting Animals 3 4x Broccoli Small Pond (Salmiakki)
Protecting Animals 4 4x Pointy Cabbage The Goddess Spring (Halo)


Note that Barley seeds can be spotted at the volcano only in the afternoon. The Broccoli seeds appear only in the morning, which is also true for Pointy Cabbage seeds.

Get the Cashmere

Right after you bring the Pointy Cabbage to Jamil, you will be rewarded with a cashmere goat.

Add this animal to your barn and watch it produce one piece of cashmere every single day.

That's all you need to know on how to complete Jamil's quests and get cashmere in Harvest Moon: One World. For more Harvest Moon: One World tips and tricks articles, visit our dedicated hub page via the link.

Bravely Default 2 Rare Monster Guide: All Locations, Drops Fri, 12 Mar 2021 18:08:06 -0500 Josh Broadwell

Bravely Default 2’s rare monsters offer some of the toughest combat challenges in the game outside the job level 15 challenges. They’re entirely optional and take some preparation to ensure victory, but challenging Bravely Default 2’s rare monsters is well worth your time.

If you seek out rare monsters as you move through the story, you probably won’t be able to handle the fights the first time around. These are incredibly difficult bosses that can deal 1k+ damage in a single blow if you’re not prepared, so there’s no harm waiting until you’re better equipped and at a higher level.

Aside from the challenge, Bravely Default 2’s rare monsters have a chance of dropping rare equipment, including weapons and armor. It’s only a small chance, but fortunately, you can farm rare monsters as many times as you want.

Bravely Default 2 Coral Emperor Location and Drops

  • Location — Island south of Halcyonia 
  • Rare drop — Ice Brand (sword)

Coral Emperor is probably the first rare monster you’ll encounter since it’s so close to the beach where your first quests take place. It absorbs magic attacks of all kinds, so use lightning-based physical attacks or lightning-imbued weapons if you want to exploit that weakness.

Otherwise, just whittle its health down with your strongest physical characters, and bolster your magic defenses with a Bard.

  • Weaknesses — Lightning, daggers, swords
  • Absorbs — All magic
  • Half damage — Earth

Bravely Default 2 Leannan Sith Location and Drops

  • Location — Northern Halcyonia, west of the flower field
  • Rare Drop — Main-Gauche (dagger)

Leannan Sith is a slight exception to the rare monster rule, as it’s weak enough to tackle even before you leave Halcyonia behind. Leannan Sith’s weaknesses are easy to exploit, and its only noteworthy feature is inflicting charm.

  • Weaknesses — Lightning, Daggers, Bows
  • Resistances — Dark
  • Half damage — Earth
  • Absorbs — Wind

Bravely Default 2 Treant Location and Drops

  • Location — Northeast Halcyonia
  • Rare drop — Rhongomiant (spear)

Treant blends in a bit more with its surroundings, so just keep an eye out for the off-shade green. It’s got plenty of common weaknesses and no resistances to worry about. The biggest challenge is just staying alive, but regular defense and magic defense buffs should make this a fairly simple fight.

  • Weaknesses — Dark, lightning, axes
  • Resistances — None
  • Half damage — none
  • Absorbs — Earth, water, light

Bravely Default 2 Nightmare Location and Drops

  • Location — South of Savalon
  • Rare drop — Dark Robes (armor)

Nightmare was a big deal in the demo but should pose no problem now. Healing magic deals damage to it, since Nightmare is an undead monster, so just avoid Fire and Dark, and you’ll be finished in no time.

  • Weaknesses — Light, water, lightning, bows, swords
  • Resistances — None
  • Half damage — Fire
  • Absorbs — Dark

Bravely Default 2 Mushussu Location and Drops

  • Location — Island outside Savalon tunnels
  • Rare Drop — Defender (sword)

The map isn’t much help showing Mushussu’s location. Head into Savalon’s tunnels, and at the first save point, keep going north. You’ll exit the tunnels on Mushussu’s little island. Note you don’t have to trigger the Mushussu side quest to start the battle, but be prepared for multiple water-based foes to join the fight.

  • Weaknesses — Earth, water, spears, swords
  • Resistances — None
  • Half damage — Wind, fire
  • Absorbs — None

Bravely Default 2 Skullcap Location and Drops

  • Location — East of Wiswald
  • Rare drop — Spiked Helm (helmet, unsurprisingly)

This Bravely Default 2 rare monster lurks in the woods east of Wiswald. It’s hard to spot, so just mind how you go if you’re exploring the woods unprepared for battle. Once you do engage Skullcap, it’s a standard plant-based fight. Hammer it with fire spells and abilities, and keep your buffs up because Skullcap will summon reinforcements. 

  • Weaknesses — Fire, daggers, axes
  • Resistances — Lightning
  • Half damage — None
  • Absorbs — Light, water, earth

Bravely Default 2 Orc King Location and Drops

  • Location — West of Wiswald
  • Rare drop — Genji Helm (helmet again)

There’s not much to say about the Orc King. It’s another orc, and it wears a crown.

  • Weaknesses — Fire, spears, bows
  • Resistances — None
  • Half damage — Earth, water, staff, daggers
  • Absorbs — None

Bravely Default 2 Baal Location and Drops

  • Location — North of Wiswald
  • Rare drop — Carnwenhan (dagger)

Baal might steal your weapons if you attack it directly, so don’t do that. Strong Monks who aren’t wielding weapons are a good idea, as are powerful magic users. Just make sure you’re ready for a long fight because Baal has an obnoxious amount of HP.

  • Weaknesses — Water, light, swords
  • Resistances — Dark
  • Half damage — Earth
  • Absorbs — None

Bravely Default 2 Baba Yaga Location and Drops

  • Location — Northwest of Rimedhal
  • Rare drop — Sage’s Staff (two guesses what this is)

Baba Yaga is essentially Leannan Sith 2.0. Charm is its only big surprise, and a ranger or two could make quick work of Baba Yaga. It's one of Bravely Default 2's rare monsters, but only just.

  • Weaknesses — Wind, daggers, bows
  • Resistances — None
  • Half damage — Earth, dark, staffs
  • Absorbs — Lightning

Bravely Default 2 Jormungandr Location and Drops

  • Location — Rimedhal Cemetery
  • Rare drop — Monstrous Medley (monster lure)

Jormungandr hides in the Rimedhal Cemetery sand pit, which is pretty hard to miss. Attack the sand to start the fight. The Jormungandr fight is notable mainly because the worm has just one weakness. Hit it hard, and you’ll win the day.

  • Weakness — Axes
  • Resistances — Water, Dark
  • Half damage — None
  • Absorbs — Earth

Bravely Default 2 Astaroth Location and Drops

  • Location — Easternmost part of Rimedhal
  • Rare drop — Tristan’s Bow (It’s a bow)

Astaroth is where things start getting even more difficult. Like most bosses at this point in the game, it can counter most of your actions, and it deals some mighty blows to your party. Fortunately, it’s got plenty of weaknesses to exploit. Just have the buffs handy.

  • Weaknesses — Lightning, light, spears, daggers
  • Resistances — Water
  • Half damage — Wind
  • Absorbs — Dark

Bravely Default 2 Cyclops Location and Drops

  • Location — South of Holograd
  • Rare drop — Sensei’s Belt (accessory)

Don’t expect the fights to get any easier from here on. Cyclops doesn’t have any special gimmicks, but it is much more powerful than the rare monsters up to this point. As always, have a competent healer and buff giver handy, and hone in on Cyclops’ weaknesses. 

  • Weaknesses — Lightning, light, axes
  • Resistances — None
  • Half damage — Fire, earth, dark
  • Absorbs — None

Bravely Default 2 Susanoo Location and Drops

  • Location — West of Holograd. It’s on fire, and that’s kind of hard to miss.
  • Rare drop — Mal Meadworth (sword)

In true Bravely fashion, Susanoo is a massive pain to deal with. Its weaknesses are few and uncommon, and it can deal massive damage. Dig your heels in, and boost your fire defenses. Consider taking out the next boss first, since it drops a fantastic new staff.

  • Weaknesses — Light, staffs
  • Resistances — Dark
  • Half damage — Water, wind, swords
  • Absorbs — None

Bravely Default 2 Zeus Location and Drops

  • Location — North of Holograd
  • Rare drop — Asclepius (staff)

Zeus is like Susanoo, only made of lightning and with easier weaknesses. Boost your lightning defenses and go all out with your strongest swords and spears alongside the usual buff-and-heal strategy.

  • Weaknesses — Dark, swords, spears
  • Resistances — None
  • Half damage — None
  • Absorbs — Lightning, light

That's everything you need to know about Bravely Default 2's rare monsters, but check out our other Bravely Default 2 guides for more tips.

Monster Hunter Rise Controls Guide Fri, 12 Mar 2021 15:43:30 -0500 Ashley Shankle

Even in its demo form, Monster Hunter Rise has some new tricks up its sleeve to surprise even the most experienced hunters. There's a lot to take in between the addition of the Palamute, Wirebug, and the new Wyvern Ride features and their controls.

All three of the aforementioned new features are enhancements over Monster Hunter World and its Iceborne expansion's similar functions.

Wirebugs allow you to grapple anywhere, not just in dedicated spots.The Palamute allows for flexible movement and exploration (even manual drifting!), also proving to be a big improvement over World's Raider Ride feature. And Wyvern Ride? Let's just say mounting monsters is totally worthwhile now.

The new level of maneuverability is a much-welcomed addition to the game's sprawling maps. It's very apparent the bells and whistles in Monster Hunter World paved the way for these incredible improvements to the mainline series.

Below are the controls for Monster Hunter Rise, separated by whether they are general use or for use with one of the new features mentioned above. Weapon controls are not included but are coming soon.

Monster Hunter Rise General Controls

Button Effect
A button
General interactions (Carving, talking, etc.)
Wyvern Ride (next to staggered monster)
B button
Crouch (when still)
Roll (while moving)
Jump (while sliding)
A button
Heavy attack
B button
X button
Draw weapon
X button
Light attack
Y button
Use item
Y button
Sheathe weapon
R button (held) Sprint or slide
L button Reset camera
L button (held) Open item bar, ammo bar, and radial menu
(Y and A to cycle through items)
(X and B to cycle through ammo and coating)
(D-pad to choose radial)
(Right analog stick to choose shortcut)
Right analog press Lock on
D-pad Left and right to scroll through action bar
Up and down to perform selection
 + button Open start menu
- button Open chat menu
 - button (held) Open map


Monster Hunter Rise Wirebug Controls

Button Effect
ZL + X buttons Upward Wiredash
(Sends forward when airborne)
ZL + A buttons Forward Wiredash
(Sends downward when airborne)
ZL + ZR buttons Targeted Wiredash
(Launches you toward targeted location)
ZL + B buttons
(when knocked back or upward)
(Allows you to quickly recover)
A button (midair) Suspends you midair during Wiredash.
(Cancelled with B button)
Left stick + B button
Evade midair in the direction the stick is tilted.


Monster Hunter Rise Palamute Controls

Button Effect
A button (held, unmounted) Mount Palamute
B button Dismount Palamute
X button Have Palamute attack
 ZR Have Palamute jump
R button (held) Have Palamute dash
(ZL while dashing to drift)
Y button Use item


Monster Hunter Rise Wyvern Ride Controls

Button Effect
Left stick + R button (held) Move monster
A button Have monster attack
X button Have monster attack
B button Have monster evade
(Also cancel attacks and flinches)
Y button Dismount and launch monster forward
X + A buttons Perform Mounted Punisher when gauge is full.


That's it for Monster Hunter Rise's controls, that we've seen so far at least. Keep an eye on GameSkinny for more Monster Hunter Rise guides!

Loop Hero Chrono Crystals Guide: How to Use This Powerful Card Fri, 12 Mar 2021 14:20:16 -0500 Jordan Baranowski

Part of the charm of a game like Loop Hero is figuring out how all the interlocking pieces work together. The roguelite RPG takes great pride in its difficulty, so it's only fitting that you'll need every advantage you can get in order to respond in kind. One aspect of Loop Hero that can be used to your advantage in a few different ways is the Chrono Crystals card.

Chrono Crystals "doubles the effect of a day's passing on adjacent tiles."  Here's a brief rundown of what that means and how you can use it to your advantage to take down the toughest foes in Loop Hero.

Chrono Crystals Explained

To use the Chrono Crystals card, you have to progress a bit through the game. It is unlocked by defeating the Lich boss in Act 1. Once you've taken this enemy out, Chrono Crystals will be a selectable card, which you can take on your next expedition. It's located in the second row of your Deck Building Menu.

Chrono Crystals, like the other cards in its row, can only be placed adjacent to a road tile. On longer expeditions, that means you'll want to plan ahead and know what you're going to be doing with it. At best, placing it in the wrong spot will have no effect. At worst, it could wind up being a deadly mistake!

The best way to think about Chrono Crystals is that any card that triggers on a day passing triggers twice instead. The easiest way to make sense of this is using a card like the Spider Cocoon. It normally spawns one spider per day. However, if there is a Spider Cocoon next to Chrono Crystals, it will spawn two spiders per day.

One of the best ways to use Chrono Crystals is this method: using it to build up loot and experience with enemies' per-day spawns. The Cemetery, Grove, Spider Cocoon, Ruins, etc., will all spawn more enemies than normal if placed next to Chrono Crystals. Use this to farm specific resources much quicker and to build up your equipment before taking on a boss.

The Chrono Crystals aura only extends to the immediate tiles surrounding it, so Chrono Crystals can, at most, affect eight other placed cards. The effects of the card don't stack with duplicates, either. Sorry, but you can't get exponential days passing with overlapping Chrono Crystals auras!

You can also use Chrono Crystals in a few ways with Meadow cards. Since Meadows give you healing per day, having them within the aura of Chrono Crystals will double that output.

Another benefit that takes a bit of fortuitous timing comes if your character is within the Chrono Crystals aura when a day passes. This will double the total healing per day, so having a lot of Meadows will make for a huge influx in HP. It's not something you'll always be able to make happen, but it's a major boost if you can!

Mastering interactions like this is what will push you to the later acts of Loop Hero. Now that you know how Chrono Crystals work, you can start using them to max effect. If you're looking for more on Loop Hero, check out our game page!

Are Loop Hero Boss Rewards Permanent? Thu, 11 Mar 2021 18:42:00 -0500 Jordan Baranowski

Like any good roguelike, Loop Hero has a lot of secrets to uncover and tricky tasks at hand. One powerful boon players can access is obtained from defeating the bosses of each of Loop Hero's four acts. But are those Loop Hero boss rewards permanent? 

When you take down a boss in Loop Hero, you are given a few options for rewards.

You can pick a cache of resources, many of them valuable. Since boss battles occur on the same square as your campfire, you'll have the option to retreat to camp immediately after the boss fight and keep all your resources in doing so. These resources can then be spent on camp improvements, crafting and the like, and will remain in your camp inventory until used.

Your other option when taking down a boss is to pick a trait reward. You are given three traits to choose from without much explanation. So, are those traits permanent bonuses? Or something else?

After building the Gymnasium in your camp, you'll see a new yellow bar just underneath your health meter. This bar fills up a bit every time you kill a monster and, when it reaches the top, you can pick a trait that will boost your hero for the rest of the run.

This is where those boss traits come into play. If you pick one after defeating a boss, it will be added to the pool of traits that might appear as selections.

Since you only get the option to choose from three traits each time you fill your experience meter, that means you won't always see the traits you want to see. That's the nature of a roguelike.

That also means you'll want to think carefully about whether a boss trait option is one you'd want to see on a later run. If all three trait options you see after defeating a boss are traits you never see yourself selecting on a run, you're probably better off taking the resources.

You'll get three new options each time you take down a boss, and different options are available depending on which boss you defeat. Just a few boss traits you can find include:

  • Awakened Fragment: 2% chance to get a whole resource sphere instead of a chunk.
  • Omicron's Technique: +1 resurrection charge
  • Treasure Hunter: 5% chance for chest to spawn on top of killed enemy.

A full list of traits can be found over on the game's Wiki

After boss traits are unlocked, they have a chance to appear in any future runs. So yes, they are permanent, but you don't automatically begin each run with them. That would make things a little too easy, and Loop Hero isn't about to make things simple for you. That's part of its magic.

Looking for other info on Loop Hero? Check out our game page for more guides, news, and our full review.

Bavely Default 2 Halls of Tribulation Locations: How to Unlock Job Level 15 Thu, 11 Mar 2021 15:12:33 -0500 George Yang

The initial max Jobs level you can achieve in Bravely Default 2 is Level 12. However, once you reach Chapter 6, you receive a notice that portals have opened up throughout various areas of the game. After receiving the notice, a new Level 15 cap becomes available for the Freelancer class, and you find that each of these portals leads to a Halls of Tribulation location.

There are seven portals/Halls of Tribulation in the game. To help you reach the new Level 15 cap, these locations contain difficult fights against bosses you’ve previously faced in the game.

Beating each big-bad the Halls of Tribulation will not only raise your respective Job level cap from 12 to 15 but also provide you with access to even stronger skills and abilities. Each Hall is numbered, but you’re welcome to do them in any order you like. Here are their locations and some general tips for each fight, numbered simply for the sake of consistency. 

Every Halls of Tribulation Portal Location in Bravely Default 2

Halls of Tribulation Portal 1

This portal is located outside of Halcyonia. Go through the back exit towards Holograd. You will find it amongst some rocks and trees to the right of the path. For the portal to activate, you will need to have unlocked the Bravebearer Job.

In this Halls of Tribulation location, you’ll be fighting:

  • Sloan (Bravebearer)
  • Emma (Black Mage)
  • Lonsdale (Bastion)

As one of the harder fights in the game, you’re welcome to save this battle for later if you’d like. But whenever you take it on, you can approach it in two ways: taking on Sloan first (the harder strat) or taking on Emma and Lonsdale first (the easier strat).

Sloan is by far the hardest boss to beat here. He can decimate your party with his attacks while raising the BP of his teammates. On top of that, Sloan has no weaknesses, which makes this fight even tougher if you focus on him first. 

I suggest ignoring Sloan until Emma and Lonsdale are defeated. 

Emma is the most physically weak of the three and can be taken down relatively easily. She is weak to Earth, Light, and Wind, as well as Bows. Take her down and then focus on Lonsdale, who is weak to dark elemental/dark magic attacks like the Arcanist's Darkga and Doomsday.

After that, dish out as much damage as you can to beat Sloan now that his teammates are out of the picture.

Halls of Tribulation Portal 2

Another portal leading to a Halls of Tribulation location can be found near Halcyonia, as well. It is towards the east, in a cliff face near some water.

Here, you’ll be fighting:

  • Anihal (Beastmaster)
  • Orpheus (Bard)
  • Shirley (Gambler)
  • Bernard (Thief)

Orpheus can buff his teammates, so take him out ASAP. He’s also the frailest, making the job easier. Bernard can be problematic because he can steal MP and BP from you. He is weak to Light and axes.

You can take him on next if you'd like. However, Shirley and Anihal have lower HP values than Bernard, so it may be beneficial to take those two out first so they don’t bother you.

Shirley is weak to lightning elemental attacks, while Anihal is weak to Earth elemental attacks and Sword attacks.

Halls of Tribulation Portal 3

This portal/Halls of Tribulation location is near Savalon, towards the northeast reaching out into the ocean.

Here, you’ll be fighting:

  • Glenn (Salvemaker)
  • Galahad (Shieldmaster)
  • Gladys (Swordmaster)

Prioritize getting rid of Glenn and Galahad first. Galahad has an ability that allows him to take hits meant for his teammates when their HP is low, while Glenn can revive Galahad and Gladys if they go down. 

To beat them, make sure that both Glenn and Galahad are low on HP. Then knock Galahad out first, followed by Glenn in quick succession so he doesn’t try to revive Galahad. After Glenn is down, focus on Gladys.

Glenn is weak to lightning elemental and spear attacks, while Galahad is weak to Holy and rods attacks. Gladys is weak to earth elemental and bow attacks.

Halls of Tribulation Portal 4

The portal and entrance to this Hall of Tribulation is located near Wiswald, to the northeast along the coast. South of the bay, you'll find it along a cliff face. 

Here, you’ll fight:

  • Martha (Dragoon)
  • Helio (Spiritmaster)
  • Domenic (Oracle)

Focus on Helio first since he can heal his teammates.

Both Helio and Domenic are weak to dark elemental attacks, so use that to your advantage. You want to take both of them out first because it's best to focus your full attention on Martha, who is weak to fire and elemental attacks.

Since Martha starts the battle already in the air, she’ll frequently come down to assault your entire party with devastating attacks. As the battle progresses, she'll start jumping more often, and you'll want to be rid of Dominic and Helio to dodge her attacks.

Halls of Tribulation Portal 5

This one is near Rimedhal, towards the east. Like many of the others, it is also along the coastline.

Here, you’ll fight:

  • Castor (Berserker)
  • Folie (Pictomancer)
  • Viginitio (Arcanist)

This fight is strange because it includes Castor (arguably the hardest boss in Bravely Default 2) paired with Folie, who is the game's biggest pushover. 

Though you may be tempted to go after Folie first, I recommend taking out Viginitio first since he can still hit your party with a wide array of elemental attacks. He’s weak to Holy attacks and spears, but any physical attacks will do the job. Moves like the Freelancer’s Body Slam and the Thief’s Godspeed Strike are very good against him. 

You should focus on Folie second. She is weak to water elemental attacks and daggers. She doesn't do much damage, even if she inflicts Daub on your party, so she should fall relatively easily.

After those two are gone, focus on Castor. Just like in the main game, he’s a physical-attack monster. Make sure to heal your party to full HP every chance you get. He is weak to lightning elemental and bow attacks.

Halls of Tribulation Portal 6

This portal is also located near Rimedhal. However, it is to the west, also along the coastline.

Here you’ll fight:

  • Adam (Hellblade)
  • Marla (Phantom)
  • Morton (Monk)

Focus on taking out Morton first, who is weak to darkness elemental and sword attacks. Then focus on Marla, who has a high evasion. Have a Bard use the “Won’t Be Missing You” buff to increase your party’s accuracy and land hits on her. She’s weak to holy elemental and spear attacks.

Adam is the biggest problem here but should be manageable once Morton and Marla are down. His weaknesses include wind elemental and axe attacks.

Halls of Tribulation Portal 7

This one is the only one located near Holograd. It is located on the western coast.

In this Halls location, you’ll fight:

  • Roddy (Red Mage)
  • Dag (Vanguard)
  • Selene (White Mage)
  • Lily (Ranger).

Personally, I found this fight to be the most difficult of them all.

Both Roddy and Selene can heal their teammates, so it’s imperative that you take them out first, with Selene being the priority of the two.

However, a big issue is that Dag can enrage your party members, forcing your attacks to focus on him instead of his teammates, thus dragging out the battle. Another problem is that Lily can hit fairly hard. If she counters or stacks her BP, she can wipe your party. Additionally, she can use Shadowbind and ensnare your party members, making their turns come around slower.

Selene is weak to dark elemental and sword attacks, while Roddy is weak to spears. Lily is weak to holy elemental, rod, and sword attacks, while Dag is weak to lightning elemental and rod attacks.


And those are all seven Halls of Tribulation portals in Bravely Default 2. After defeating them, you'll unlock the Level 15 cap for your Jobs. For more tips articles and walkthroughs on Square's latest in the Bravely Default series, consider heading over to our primary BD2 guides page!

Harvest Moon: One World — How to Get Strawberry Jam Thu, 11 Mar 2021 12:04:54 -0500 Sergey_3847

Strawberry jam is an essential component of the Harvest Goddess offering ritual in Harvest Moon: One World. However, like some other fruit and vegetable recipes in this Story of Seasons-like farming sim, jam is not exactly easy to get. It requires you to not only grow strawberries from seeds but also unlock the jam's recipe before cooking it in your kitchen. 

The guide below has everything you need to get started and complete the Harvest Goddess ritual. From growing strawberries to finishing a quest for Ahina in Halo, it provides you with all the steps for getting homemade strawberry jam in Harvest Moon: One World. If you already have strawberries, then you can skip to steps two and three. 

How to Get Strawberry Jam in Harvest Moon: One World

Step 1: Grow Strawberries

Strawberries are grown from strawberry seeds, which can be found in Lebkuchen in two locations:

  • The Mine
  • Netherland Dwarf Rabbit’s Spawner

To unlock the Harvest Moon: One World strawberry jam recipe, you must progress through the game and grow at least one strawberry. Luckily, you only need one seed, since one seed yields three strawberries. The growing cycle for strawberries is six days. 

Step 2: Talk to Ahina and Complete the "Fix the Car" Quest

Once you have a strawberry, you must talk to Ahina. While Samantha the shop owner can be found in any town that you visit, she won't sell you anything unless you complete the "Fix the Cart" quest given by Ahina at Cafe Mahalo in Halo.

To complete this quest, you must chop down two palm trees with an axe from the gorgeous beaches of Halo. Then you must bring four pieces of palm lumber back to Ahina. 

Step 3: Cook Strawberry Jam

You can now speak to Samantha, who will gladly open her mobile shop. There you will find the strawberry jam recipe for 3,000G. Once you've purchased the recipe, follow these steps to cook the jam:

  1. Go to your kitchen
  2. Select "Cooking" tab
  3. Pick "strawberry jam" option
  4. Confirm by pressing the "Cook" button

You will get one jar of the strawberry jam from the above recipe, which you can now offer to the Harvest Goddess.

That's all you need to know about plating strawberries, completing the quest for Ahina, and getting the strawberry jam in Harvest Moon: One World on Nintendo Switch. If you found this article helpful, consider giving it a share!

Bravely Default 2 Growth Eggs Locations Guide Wed, 10 Mar 2021 12:28:19 -0500 George Yang

Grinding for levels is an important gameplay aspect of the Bravely Default series. In Bravely Default 2, there are many tools that can make the grind faster and easier, even more so than the previous entries. The Growth Egg is one such tool that doubles the amount of EXP and JP you gain. 

In previous games, the Growth Egg's effects spread evenly throughout the entire party when one character has it equipped. In BD2, there are four separate Growth Eggs that each character must equip in order to reap the benefits.

How to Get Growth Eggs in Bravely Default 2

Bravely Default 2 Growth Eggs are earned through side quests. Below are the locations for each of them, including the quests you must complete to acquire them. 

Chapter 6: Mag Mell and "The Collector" Quest

Mag Mell on a bridge.

In Chapter 6, go to Mag Mell. You should see a fairy on the bridge with a blue cloud over her head, signifying a quest. She will give you “The Collector” quest, where you must collect 20 Oberon Gems.

You may have a few already, but there’s a quick way to get more.

How to Get Oberon Gems from Leannan Sith

Travel to Halcyonia, and go north of the area. You’ll find a stationary monster named Leannan Sith (location shown below), who frequently drops Oberon Gems one at a time upon defeat. At this point in the game, you should be able to take this rare monster on with no problem. 

You can also steal two Oberon Gems from it with your Thief Job steal abilities, but it seems to be a one-time thing. I was able to steal two of them, but never more, no matter how many times I faced it.

Leannan Sith respawns every time you leave the area and come back. Luckily, there’s an area you can travel between that’s close to it.

After getting 20 Oberon Gems, go back to the fairy in Mag Mell, and she’ll reward you with two Growth Eggs. 

Leannan Sith map location.

Chapter 6: Martha and the "Doctor's Orders" Quest

Go to the Serpent’s Grotto near the Rimedhal area. In the deepest part of the grotto, speak with Martha to receive the “Doctor’s Orders” quest. You will need to find some Calmagrass to help Gwylim heal his wings.

Follow the quest marker, and it should lead you to the Frosty Forest. Continue along, and it should lead you all the way to the end, where you’ll have to fight a boss named the Xolotl.

Xolotl is vulnerable to quite a few weapons and elements, namely:

  • Fire
  • Light
  • Axes
  • Daggers

Utilize those to maximize the amount of damage you inflict. The boss also takes half damage from water and lightning moves, and it absorbs dark elemental attacks. So avoid using those.

Party of four heroes fighting the Xolotl boss.

Upon defeating it, you’ll find your Calmagrass. Return to Martha in Serpent’s Grotto, and she’ll give you the remaining two Growth Eggs.

And that's how you get the four Bravely Default 2 Growth Eggs. Remember to equip the Growth Eggs for each of your characters. Combine them with the tactics found in our JP farming guide, and you’ll earn even more JP than before! If you're looking for other tips and tricks to Square's turn-based RPG, consider heading over to our Bravely Default 2 guides hub for articles on the quest log, endings, and more. 

Curse of the Dead Gods: Eagle Temple Champion Weapons Unlock Guide Tue, 09 Mar 2021 14:13:10 -0500 Jordan Baranowski

Like any good temple of doom, there are plenty of secrets hidden away in Curse of the Dead Gods. One of the best ways to make your way through this roguelike's deadly traps is by unlocking Forsaken Weaponry. If you're here, you're wondering how to unlock the champion weapons in the Eagle Temple. 

Our Curse of the Dead Gods guide below tells you how to unlock them all. Keep in mind that each weapon only has a 20% drop rate when you complete its requirement, so you'll probably need to make multiple runs to snag them.

Before we jump in, it's worth noting that most Forsaken Weaponry is unlocked by spending Jade Rings in the entryway of the temple before starting a new run. You can view your unlocked weapons by standing on the central circle in front of the temple entrance and tabbing over one menu from the Blessings tab.

Not every weapon can be unlocked with Jade Rings, however. Some have special requirements to unlock them, usually involving accomplishing a certain action during a boss fight. 

How to Get Each Eagle Temple Champion Weapon 

Effulgence, Harbinger of Yaatz

You'll have your chance to unlock this powerful bow during battles with K'ax Taca, High Lord of the Storm, one of the bosses of the Eagle Temple. To get this elemental weapon, you must time your killing blow perfectly.

The unlock requirement for Effulgence is that you must finish off the boss while it is performing a channeled lightning beam attack. Wait until it is firing the lightning at you, dodge around it, and hit K'ax Taca while the attack is still happening.

If you do it right, there's a 20% chance the boss will drop the bow when it is defeated. If it doesn't, you'll have to repeat the same tactic on your next run through the Eagle Temple.

Effulgence, Harbinger of Yaatz is a two-handed weapon that deals base 13 damage and has lightning attacks. Use your Special Dodge ability after firing a shot for an additional shot at the same enemy.

Sunderer, Fist of Doom

This weapon can be unlocked when you battle Malok Paal, the Flesh Monstrosity. To get your hands on this shield, you must goad Malok Paal into using its dash attack.

The unlock requirement for Sunderer, Fist of Doom is that you must perform five perfect dodges against Malok Paal's charge attack in a single battle

The easiest way to do this is to maintain a medium distance from the boss (about the same distance you'd need to hit it with a whip or throwing knife attack). When the boss winds up to execute its dash attack, execute a perfect dodge, dodging into the boss just as it would hit you. Perfect dodges restore a bit of stamina, so you should be able to recognize if you've executed one properly.

If you do this correctly, there's a 20% chance the shield will drop. If it doesn't, you'll have to do another run through the Eagle Temple.

Sunderer, Fist of Doom can be one of the most effective weapons in the game with the correct build. It has base 30 damage, and both simple attacks and off-hand combo attacks summon a stone fist out of a portal, dealing huge damage to enemies. To compensate for the weapon's power, these attacks drain one stamina each. 


And that's how you unlock all of the Eagle Temple champion weapons in Curse of the Dead Gods. After few runs (hopefully), and you'll be able to take these weapons on subsequent excursions, making the path to the temple's riches much easier than it would have been otherwise. If you're looking for more tips, consider heading over to our guides hub for this indie roguelike

Curse of the Dead Gods Best Blessings Guide Tue, 09 Mar 2021 13:41:54 -0500 Jordan Baranowski

Blessings are one of the best ways to improve your chances for a successful run in Curse of the Dead Gods. Before beginning a playthrough, you can choose up to three blessings to make things easier. It's only two at the beginning of the game, but you'll be able to add a third before long with an upgrade.

Most blessings are unlocked by spending crystal skulls, though a select few require you to spend blood emblems. Every blessing can be useful in the right build or with the right playstyle, so experimentation is key for synergy. This guide highlights a few of the overall best options, so read on if you want to master those late runs in Curse of the Dead Gods.

Curse of the Dead Gods Blood Emblem Blessings 

Let's start with the three blessings you can unlock with blood emblems. This currency is much rarer than crystal skulls, so it's fitting that these three blessings add a little more power than many of the others.

T'amok's Breath

Your physical attacks (non-elemental) have a 50% chance to turn into fire attacks. This is probably the weakest of the three, only because it's so easily replaced.

You'll find several weapons throughout your journey with elemental attacks, making this a wasted spot. It is an extremely powerful effect if you're using non-elemental weapons, but you're probably better off filling your blessing spots with other things.

Grace of the Tempest

This one allows you to gain +1 Dexterity each time you complete a room without taking damage. It's a monster and overall, probably the best blessing in the game.

Every point of Dexterity in Curse of the Dead Gods increases your damage by 2%, so longer runs will give you plenty of opportunities to raise your base stats significantly and turn into a DPS machine. Once you unlock this blessing, you'll be hard-pressed to find one that is more effective.

Reptilian Hunger

Your Greed Kill counter never runs out when you are out of combat. Neither does it reset between rooms. Your damage increases by 1% per active Greed Kill Count (up to 50%).

Not only is this effect incredibly powerful, but it works extremely well in conjunction with the Grace of the Tempest blessing. If you can reach a boss with a full Greed Kill counter and get some licks in before you lose it, you'll get a huge damage boost.

Curse of the Dead Gods Crystal Skull Blessings

There are a few really strong blessings in Curse of the Dead Gods that can only be unlocked with crystal skulls. We'll start by naming a few strong, early options that only cost a few skulls to unlock and will help you progress quickly when you're first starting out. 

Furious Skin 

Furious Skin grants you a short-term damage boost after you take damage. This will probably help you squeak by tough fights in the early game, but you'll likely want to focus on not getting hit in later runs, making Furious Skin obsolete.

Favor of Sich'al

Favor of Sich'al gives you 1,000 gold and 5 Perception (increasing your ability to find rewards) at the start of each run. This is huge in short runs, as you often won't have long enough to see benefits from some of the other blessings. This one doesn't scale as well for longer runs, however.

There are also a few other extremely strong blessings, which scale later into the game. 

Gust of Agility

Gust of Agility gives you 5 Dexterity and 5-seconds of increased movement speed after a perfect dodge. This is a very strong blessing that gives you more damage in the early game without sacrificing late-game utility. The movement speed bonus is excellent, especially since perfect dodges are so key to successful late runs.

Storm's Focus

Storm's Focus fully restores your stamina after a successful parry. Even parrying experts can mess up the timing, which can reset a lot of other bonuses. That makes this a risky pick. If your parrying is spot on, though, you'll essentially be able to forget about managing stamina.

Unquenchable Thirst

Unquenchable Thirst restores an extra stamina point after a greed kill. This blessing pairs perfectly with Reptilian Hunger, giving you much better stamina recovery. This gives you more options in combat and is one of the strongest and most universal picks in the game.

Serpent's Bounty

Serpent's Bounty makes bosses and champions drop 5 pieces of gear instead of 2 on defeat. This is a boon in long runs, as you'll encounter many of these foes and want weapons with synergistic abilities when you hit the final few rooms. You can always sacrifice the extra gear to the gods, granting you small health, corruption, or stat boosts.

Skillful Adaptation

Skillful Adaptation gives your two-handed weapon a damage boost after defeating an enemy with either your main or secondary weapon, and vice versa. This blessing can be extremely powerful if you find the right gear, but it can also be underwhelming if you aren't skilled at switching between weapons in the middle of a fight or if you can't find strong weapons. It's temperamental but can be devastating in the right build.

The Best Blessing Combination

When it's all said and done, picking your blessings in Curse of the Dead Gods comes down to personal preference, either to accent your strengths or plug holes in your game. The three I find myself using most often are Grace of the TempestReptilian Hunger, and Unquenchable Thirst.

This gives enough of a damage boost (if you can avoid taking hits) to ease the difficulty of later fights, while also providing a little extra help managing stamina in chaotic brawls.


What's your favorite Curse of the Dead Gods blessing combination? Let us know in the comments below, and consider check out our game page for more on Curse of the Dead Gods.

Roblox Pet Swarm Simulator: How to Enter the Secret Cave Mon, 08 Mar 2021 11:36:49 -0500 Sergey_3847

There are four maps in the new Roblox game Pet Swarm Simulator. Each map has a secret area, which is simply called "The Cave". It can be seen at the end of each location, but the caves are locked and require a special currency to be opened. This guide will provide you with tips on how to enter the secret cave regardless of the map you're on in Roblox Pet Swarm Simulator.

Before entering the secret cave you need to make some preparations, so follow each step listed below and soon you will be able to explore the new area in the game.

How to Enter the Secret Cave

Reach Rebirth Level

In order to enter the secret area you need to get the Rebirth Level. This can be done at the Rebirth circle located right next to the cave (you can't miss it).

This also means that you need to be ready to spend 1600 coins in order to make the exchange. If you have any zones and backpacks, those will have to go, too. But you will keep all your pets.

You can easily make coins by using the code: 3kLIKES.

Once you have enough coins, you can reach Rebirth level by following these steps:

  1. Enter the Rebirth circle with all your pets
  2. Press the Rebirth button
  3. Collect 300 Rebirth dollars

When the Rebirth cycle is over, you will reach the Rebirth level required for entering the secret cave.

Enter the Cave

After the Rebirth is over you will respawn at the nest, which means that you need to go back to the entrance of the cave once again. Use your 300 dollars to enter the cave.

Inside the cave you will have to deal with Crazy Squirrel mobs Levels 7-15. In order to kill a Crazy Squirrel you need to have at least three pets of the common rarity.

Dead squirrels drop special Forest Eggs with 120 HP that contain the following pets:

  • Squirrel (common)
  • Cold Mushroom (common)
  • Horned Dog (uncommon)
  • King Big Foot (rare)

All four pets are very strong and giving up your zones, backpacks, and coins is totally worth it. You can later re-buy them back.

That's all you need to know on how to enter the secret cave in Roblox Pet Swarm Simulator. For more Roblox tips and tricks articles, be sure to visit our dedicated hub page.

Eroica Guide: Best Characters Tier List Mon, 08 Mar 2021 11:20:45 -0500 Sergey_3847

Eroica, the brand-new Japanese mobile RPG, introduces an exciting and innovative team-building mechanic called the Team Chemistry. It allows players to build their teams in better ways using the basic types and elements of the vast number of heroes available in the game.

This guide will provide you with a tier list of the best characters in Eroica, and explain which of their skills are most effective in battles against powerful bosses and their mobs. If you can't open the given heroes right away, then consider re-rolling until you get what you're looking for.

SS-Tier Characters


  • Type: Shadow
  • Element: Fire

This is the best physical and burn DPS character in the game with all her attacks being incredibly well balanced.

Her Dragon Breath ability is an AoE that deals double the damage to an enemy with the highest HP, then burns everybody with 75% accuracy.

She also has the Dragon Ascension skill, which is excellent against bosses, as it deals 160% damage to a boss and hits his mobs for another 80% of base damage. That is a lot of damage!


  • Type: Shadow
  • Element: Dark

The main selling point of Wraith is that all of her abilities focus on making your enemies unable to recover from damage with the help of healing effects or even use any kinds of buffs.

The best strategy here would be to use two combos with her Ferocious Scythe attack and Transcendence ability, or Ferocious Scythe and Sentence of Reaper.

The first one makes all debuffs last for three turns longer, and the second one deals 180% damage to a single target and applies the unrecoverable status effect for two turns.

S-Tier Characters


  • Type: Shadow
  • Element: Light

Shock damage is most unforgiving in Eroica, and Orslaha is the ultimate shock dealer.

This character can use a very powerful combo that consists of her Thrust attack and Rolling Thunder ability that allow her to stack up a lot of shock damage.

Then, you can use her ultimate Robust Lightning skill that multiplies AoE damage depending on the amount of stacked shock states, thus potentially dealing excruciating amounts of damage to all enemies.


  • Type: Mage
  • Element: Dark

Kipkirui likes to steal buffs from her enemies, which she can use to increase her own damage.

Her Kip Skill 3 ability deals AoE damage to all enemies and steals two buffs at random. Then, you can use her Key Ring Strike attack, which boosts her damage depending on the number of buffs she has.

This simple combo can quickly help you stack up a lot of damage and remove buffs from the foes, which just kills them a lot quicker.

A-Tier Characters


  • Type: Mage
  • Element: Light

Airi is an excellent supporter that carries a lantern with two kinds of lights. The red one influences her allies by increasing their attack power, and the blue light increases debuff hit rate of her enemies.

Her best ability is Rain Siren that utilizes both red and blue lights simultaneously, which is great in case you face multiple strong enemies.

Airi also has an ability to reduce enemy damage output, her Train Call active skill. This can be useful against a single strong enemy, such as a boss.


  • Type: Slasher
  • Element: Water

This slasher is a real force of nature when it comes to offense. She not only strikes with increased power, but also reduces all the enemy's defenses while attacking.

Her two best skills are Signet of Emperor and Merciless Bombardment that focus on both damage dealing and defense reduction. The difference is that Signet of Emperor hits a single target, while Merciless Bombardment strikes all enemies at once.

Keep in mind that all of Saore's damage will be doubled with a shield equipped as well.


  • Type: Slasher
  • Element: Fire

Here is a pure DPS character that has a number of powerful physical attacks. However, his most precious gift is the Black Myth state, which boosts his attacks and reduces the defenses of his enemies.

Black Myth state can be activated by using his Red Sand's Wolf active skill, which grants you a 30% chance of obtaining the Black Myth state. It's not much, but once you get it, there is no way that you lose your battle.

Those are the best characters in Eroica. If you enjoyed reading this guide, then consider giving it a share.

Bravely Default 2 Tips and Tricks Guide Fri, 05 Mar 2021 15:52:00 -0500 Josh Broadwell

Bravely Default 2 is a huge game with intricate parts and an often brutal combat system. There’s a lot to get to grips with, from what the collectable resources do to whether boat exploration is worth it, and that’s before even getting to some of the tough Bravely Default 2 bosses.

In this Bravely Default 2 gameplay tips guide, I'll touch on some of these subjects, as well as other important ones, to give you everything you need to get started, whether you've played the previous games or fresh to the series.

Is Forage Worth It?

Forage is one of the first skills you’ll unlock as a Freelancer. It’s worth using for a little while and often nets you some EXP or JP orbs, plus some other handy items.

Cutting grass beats Forage nearly every time, however, because you’ll frequently get large amounts of money, restorative items, and even some good equipment for cutting grass. In chapter one, for example, I found an expensive axe for my Vanguard before even making it to Savalon.

What are Collectable Resources For?

Bravely Default 2’s collectable resources — those random monster parts you often get from battles — are primarily for selling. Some quests require specific resources periodically. They’re easy enough to find, though, so instead of hoarding, do your wallet a favor and sell, sell, sell.

Boat Exploration Not Working?

Your first sidequest in Bravely Default 2 unlocks boat exploration, the sequel’s version of town building from the original. It’s impossible to miss the quest, and once you’re finished, the old lady sets up shop in whatever city you’re in at the time.

You’ll gain rewards from boat exploration while your Nintendo Switch is in sleep mode — and only while it’s in sleep mode. If you speak to the boat lady, start exploration, and then keep playing, the timer stays at zero.

After you choose to start exploration, put your system in sleep mode, and you’ll keep exploring automatically for up to 12 hours.

If you’re starting boat exploration with wireless off, you can expect anywhere from two to four modest rewards, such as JP orbs or stat-increasing items. Connecting to the internet first means you’ll “encounter” other players while exploring and increases the chance of finding better items.

Bravely Default 2’s Overworld

It’s easy getting from one point to another in Bravely Default 2, but straying from the path has its own rewards. Each overworld area has at least a dozen treasure chests to find. You’ll see how many are left if you’ve got Divining Rod equipped as a passive skill (which you should), though you can’t always access them right away. 

Some maps have optional side areas perfect for leveling up characters and jobs, and they’re usually full of good gear and items.

Bravely Default 2 Rare Monsters

Exploring also means you’ll run across Bravely Default 2’s rare monsters. These are unique beasts you can find at any time, but the safest bet is usually waiting a chapter or two after you've come across them before challenging them. You'll know it's a rare monster because they won't give chase when they see you.

These rare monsters are extremely powerful, as you’d expect, and can easily decimate your party if you aren’t prepared. Once you’re strong enough to take them on and succeed, rare monsters respawn when you leave the area, making them an effective way for later-game job grinding.

If you're looking for other JP grinding methods, check out our Job Points farming guide.

Job Assignments

We’ll have a more detailed jobs guide soon, but here’s some general advice to get started with.

Bravely Default 2 opens customization options much more than the original games with changes to job enhancements and character stats. Pay close attention to each character’s stats as a Freelancer and how other jobs affect them, plus what each job’s weapon proficiencies are. The obvious build isn’t always the best.

Take Gloria as an example. White Mage is a good job for her, something the game isn’t shy about telling you. However, she’s innately stronger than you’d expect for a White Mage, and unlike the previous games, White Mage is fairly proficient in melee weapons.

Equipping Gloria with a bow makes her a viable attack unit when she’s not healing. Since White Mage naturally gets a boost to the magical restoration stat, you still have higher restorative power than Black Mage with a staff. 

The same goes for other characters, with just a handful — Black Mage, for instance — that are very obviously suited for only one thing in the game's battle system.

Bravely Default 2 Combat Tips

The most important battle tip is to keep a stock of Magnifying Glasses on hand or always have a Freelancer sub-job to use Examine. Survival in Bravely Default 2 is all about exploiting weaknesses. Either of these options details every weakness an enemy has right away, meaning you can end battles faster — and alive.

It might go without saying, but always make sure to have at least one character with access to more than one elemental skill in your party. Enemies with specific resistances or that negate all but one type of damage are the norm here. If there’s no room for Black or Red Mage in your party, though, at least make sure to stock up on elemental attack items.

Likewise, don’t be too hasty to sell off old or unused weapons you find during exploration. The Bravely Default 2 battle system lets you change a character’s weapon without using a turn. Should you run into foes with weaknesses your current weapons don’t cover, a simple switch can make the difference between life and death.

And, of course, be mindful of how you use the Brave and Default systems. Never go into negatives with more than one character unless you know you can win the battle right away.

Enemy parties tend to be bigger and have a wider variety of skills, so it’s easy to get overwhelmed if you make a mistake. Defaulting is always a valid option, though. Getting a defense boost plus an extra turn is a win-win every time.

Tips on Beating Bosses

Bravely Default 2’s bosses are on another level compared to your standard monsters. Fortunately, there are some solid methods you can use to power through each fight.

The obvious one is to be prepared. Have a potent healer on hand, the best equipment you can find, and plenty of ethers. It’s also a good idea to have a Bard or Bard sub-job in your party after defeating Orpheus in chapter one. Their first two abilities grant party-wide, stackable defense and magic defense buffs, making them more useful than the White Mage’s Protect and Shell.

Never go into negative BP during boss fights unless the boss also won’t be acting in the next turn or two. A boss storing BP is your sign to Default. It gives weaker characters a chance to survive if the boss targets them, plus it means you’re well-positioned for a counterattack or for healing afterward.

Bosses are prone to status effects. Don’t be shy about hurling Poison, Sleep, or Daub their way.

All big bads are subject to the same rules you are. They’ll eventually run out of MP, just like you do. If you’re having a lot of trouble, playing a defensive game until they run out of MP is viable, as is turning down the difficulty for boss fights.

A Note on Galahad

The big, armored elephant in the room is Bravely Default 2’s Galahad fights. Shieldmasters are designed to withstand every assault and redirect attacks against allies to themselves. Galahad's allies inflict status effects on your team, and things can quickly get out of hand if you don't defeat them fast. 

Galahad is susceptible to Sleep and Poison, so waste no time inflicting those. Sleep is ideal since it means Galahad can’t intercept your attacks on his healer. Then gradually wear Galahad down once his supports are gone, and the battle is yours.


All these Bravely Default 2 tips should put you well on the way to victory whatever the situation. If you still need some help, though, check out our other Bravely Default 2 guides while you're here. 

Valheim Stone Building Guide: How to Unlock Stronger Structures Fri, 05 Mar 2021 15:10:10 -0500 Justin Michael

To progress in Valheim and get new workbenches and crafting recipes, you have to build a shelter. You can't even interact with the likes of the workbench or forge until you do so. While wood is readily available in most Valheim biomes, the real meat of constructing a hall fit for a Viking is set in building with stone.

In this building guide, I’ll cover what you need to know to start constructing your stone hall. I'll also include tips and other bits of knowledge you’ll want in your toolbelt. 

Valheim: Building with Stone

When building, you have to account for a few different variables, many of which I covered in our building basics guide.

As a quick refresher, though, the more your structure grows vertically, the more the structural integrity of that structure decreases. Thus, buildings are often limited in size, unless you get creative with supports. 

Once you progress into the iron age of Valheim, however, it all changes. Iron leads to constructing stone structures, and stone is strong.

How to Get the Stonecutting Table

Once you’ve smelted iron into an iron ingot — a crafting resource found in the swamps rather abundantly in sunken crypts — you’ll be able to build the stonecutter table. Here's the recipe:

  • 10x wood
  • 2x iron
  • 4x stone

The stonecutter table gives you access to a number of stone building parts, including: 

  • Three types of stone wall
  • >Stone arch
  • Stone floor
  • Stone pillar
  • Stone stair
  • Paved road
  • Hearth

Now, all that’s holding you back is having the stone on hand to make your vision a reality. For that, I’d suggest crafting a cart, equipping the bronze or iron pickaxe, and going harvesting. 

Harvesting Stone

You’ll find plenty of boulders to break down with your pickaxe in the Meadows biome, but of course, you can also find stone in the Black Forest, Swamp, and Plains. Aside from resource nodes, there are generally plenty of rocks lying on the ground that you can pick up and collect as well.

With a 2x2 stone floor requiring 6x stone, it’s safe to say you’re going to be gathering for a while for even a modest hall.

Structural Integrity

Stone is obviously stronger than wood, and it counts for full structural integrity, even if built to its max height.

For example, if you put down a stone floor and then build stone walls stacked three units high, then add a layer of wooden walls on top of that, the wood will be blue, its max integrity strength. The stone acts similarly to the ground in this instance. 

With stone, you can more than double the height of your structures, meaning more room for hoarding all your gathered resources, as well as strong walls to help repel invaders. 

It’s worth noting that stone floors can only be placed on the ground level and cannot connect to other stone floors in the way that wooden floors connect. Think individual slabs butted up to each other but not bonded together.

This means that, unless individually supported by either pillars or arches, floors are foundational only. Additional floors in your buildings will need to be wooden. And in my opinion, wooden floors are going to be the more cost-effective choice anyway. 

From here, it’s really up to you how you want to go about incorporating stone when designing your structures. Hopefully, this quick guide helps you better understand the limitations of stone and just how useful it is to build a hall fit for a Viking in Valheim. If you’re new to Iron Gate's survival game, consider checking out some of our other guides and helpful tips articles

Cold War Outbreak: Best Weapons Tier List Fri, 05 Mar 2021 12:51:59 -0500 Sergey_3847

Outbreak is a new zombies mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War, which includes three new multiplayer maps and a much harder gameplay. Although the second season has brought a few good weapons to the game's roster, the best ones are still wonder weapons.

Getting wonder weapons in Outbreak is a lot harder due to the random nature of how they spawn in the chests. That's why our best weapons tier list guide for Outbreak mode will focus on the weapons you can get from the start, and with a few good attachments you can become a real menace to the zombie horde.

S-Tier Weapons

Hauer 77
  • Type: Shotgun
  • Magazine: 5 rounds

This shotgun has all you need to break through hordes of zombies in the Outbreak mode. It's got power, it's got range, and if you upgrade it, then you'll get bigger magazine and firing rate, too.

Hauer is so effective in that it even outperforms standard assault rifles and LMGs. But you can make it much better, particularly its range, by using the following attachments:

  • Muzzle: Duckbill Choke
  • Barrel: 25.2" Task Force
  • Body: SWAT 5mw Laser Sight
  • Magazine: STANAG 8 Rnd Tube
  • Handle: Serpent Wrap
Gallo SA12
  • Type: Shotgun
  • Magazine: 7 rounds

Unlike Hauer, which is a pump-action shotgun, Gallo is a semi-automatic shotgun, which makes its firing rate a bit faster. Also, if you upgrade it in the Pack-a-Punch machine, you will get a fully automatic H-NGM-N version of it.

The biggest difference between the two is the damage. Gallo is slightly weaker, but with a few well-chosen attachments it will turn you into a real force of nature:

  • Muzzle: Duckbill Choke
  • Barrel: 24.8" Task Force
  • Body: SWAT 5mw Laser Sight
  • Magazine: STANAG 12 Rnd Tube
  • Handle: Airborne Elastic Wrap

A-Tier Weapons

Stoner 63
  • Type: Light Machine Gun
  • Magazine: 75 rounds

Stoner is currently the best LMG in Cold War and it fits the Outbreak mode really well due to its large magazine size. You'll really need it when zombies start swarming all around you.

This excellent weapon can be improved even further, if you can upgrade it and add a few attachments, such as:

  • Muzzle: Muzzle Brake 5.56
  • Barrel: 21.8" Task Force
  • Underbarrel: Field Agent Grip
  • Magazine: Salvo 125 Rnd Fast Mag
  • Handle: Airborne Elastic Wrap
  • Type: Assault Rifle
  • Magazine: 30 rounds

Many players would argue that M-16 is better than AK-47, and that would be the case in almost any other mode except Outbreak. In this case AK-47 is a clear winner due to higher damage power.

It may not have the highest range or accuracy, but its sheer brutal force is what makes a huge difference in the new zombies mode.

Here are a few attachments you can try using on AK-47:

  • Muzzle: Muzzle Brake 7.62
  • Barrel: 20" Liberator
  • Underbarrel: Spetsnaz Grip
  • Magazine: Taped Mags
  • Handle: GRU Elastic Wrap

B-Tier Weapons

Krig 6
  • Type: Assault Rifle
  • Magazine: 30 rounds

This is a brand-new assault rifle that has been introduced in Cold War and turned out to be a real powerhouse in the zombies mode due to its high accuracy.

Krig has almost a non-existent recoil, which can be reduced to a total zero with the help of the following attachments:

  • Muzzle: Muzzle Brake 5.56
  • Barrel: 19.7" Takedown
  • Underbarrel: Field Agent Grip
  • Magazine: STANAG 50 Rnd
  • Handle: Airborne Elastic Wrap
Fara 83
  • Type: Assault Rifle
  • Magazine: 30 rounds

The second season has introduced another innovative assault rifle with high accuracy and solid damage.

The main distinctive feature of Fara is high firing rate combined with long range, which is definitely unusual. Here are a few attachments that you can use with it:

  • Muzzle: Muzzle Brake 5.56
  • Barrel: 18.1" Takedown
  • Underbarrel: Spetsnaz Grip
  • Magazine: Taped Mags
  • Handle: GRU Elastic Wrap
  • Type: Melee

Machete has been introduced in the second season of Cold War as an alternative to the knife, which had its moments during the first season of the game.

Machete is essential for early gameplay in the Outbreak mode, as you need to preserve as much ammo as possible. That's where melee weapon comes in very handy and can basically insta-kill any zombie.

This new weapon can be unlocked by earning the Back Stabber medal in 15 different matches, which requires you to melee kill enemies from behind.

Those are the best weapons for the Oubreak mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War. If this article helped you, be sure to spread it around.

Bravely Default 2 JP Farming Guide: Early Game Methods Fri, 05 Mar 2021 11:23:17 -0500 George Yang

In Bravely Default 2, you’ll be constantly switching jobs and unlocking skills and abilities to figure out which sets up are the best for you in any given situation. Each job has abilities that can be equipped outside of that path and unlocking as many as you can is incredibly useful. Fortunately, farming for Job Points (JP) is much much easier in Bravely Default 2 compared to previous entries in the series. 

Though you can start farming early in the game, one thing to note is that JP doesn’t scale that much between early-game and late-game areas, so it’s much more efficient to farm early-game enemies since they will be much weaker. Here’s an easy way to maximize your JP gains.

Bravely Default 2 JP Farming

First off, you’ll want to prioritize reaching Level 12 with the Freelancer Job with the farming method before you decide to level up any other Job.

The Freelancer Job has the JP Up (Level 9) and JP Up and Up (Level 12) abilities that increase the amount of points you earn after battle. The former increases JP gained by 1.2x, and the latter by 1.5x. They can also be stacked together for 1.7x boost, and are also equippable outside of the Freelancer path.

Where to Farm JP

As for the actual farming method, go to the beach area outside of the first town in the game, Halcyonia. You should see some fish and gel-looking enemies called Sahagin and Flannacotta, respectively.

Next, you’ll want to go into your menu, select the Bait section, and make sure you have Fresh Fish. These are dropped by aquatic enemies like those mentioned above.

Consuming Fresh Fish ensures that you’ll be fighting consecutive waves of these aquatic enemies; doing so adds a multiplier to the amount of JP earned after battle.

The multiplier threshold is as follows:

  • 2 waves: JP 1.2x multiplier
  • 3 waves: JP 1.3x multiplier
  • 4 waves: JP 1.6x multiplier
  • 5 waves: JP 2x multiplier

When you use Fresh Fish, your party leader in the field will sparkle and attract aquatic-type enemies. You’ll see a heart icon above them, and they’ll come towards you to initiate battle.

Now simply defeat them! The number of waves you get is random, and you’ll most likely fight 2-3 waves, with the occasional 4-wave battle and the rare 5-wave battle.

One last thing to note: try to fight at night time as much as you can, because more enemies show up at night during battle, thus granting more JP when defeated.

Since Fresh Fish has a chance to drop from these aquatic enemies, the more enemies there are per battle, the higher chance you have for it to drop. Consequently, the longer you can keep continuing this cycle. After all, the Fresh Fish bait is only temporary.

After each battle, you’ll usually get around 150-250 JP. Combine that with both the consecutive battle multiplier, as well as the Freelancer abilities, and you’ll get huge amounts of JP very early on in the game with relatively low effort.

And that's how you farm JP early on in Bravely Default 2! For more tips and tricks, consider heading over to our Bravely Default 2 guides hub, where we have articles on the quest log and each of the game's endings. 

Bravely Default 2 Endings: How to Get the True, Bad, and Secret Conclusions Wed, 03 Mar 2021 18:42:26 -0500 Josh Broadwell

In keeping with its namesake, there's more than one Bravely Default 2 ending. In fact, there's a bad ending, a secret ending, and a true ending. Getting to the latter is no easy task as the game has you dig into nearly everything it has to offer before pitting you against a string of vicious bosses.

Our Bravely Default 2 ending guide lays out all the requirements you need to make it through to each of the game's conclusions. Beware, some spoilers follow. 

Prep Work to Unlock All Bravely Default 2 Endings

You’ve got some work to do before even thinking about the bad ending. Unlocking the true ending requires every Asterisk, including the game’s three optional jobs: Gambler, Salve-Maker, and Bravebearer.

Gambler becomes available roughly mid-way through chapter one in Savalon. It’s a side quest at the gaming hall where you have to clear out a series of opponents in Bravely Default 2’s card game, which is tedious but worth it for the true ending.

The quest is still available later, so no need to worry if you missed it the first time.

Salve-Maker is also part of a quest chain, and you can access this one in the early stages of chapter three when you reach Enderno.

Bravebearer is more complicated, and we’ll get to that in due course. 

Bravely Default 2’s Bad Ending

Bravely Default 2’s bad ending is very ... not good. It’s also the default conclusion (no pun intended), so there’s nothing you can do to avoid it. Without straying into spoilers, here’s how it goes down.

The first final boss is The Evil One. It’s weak to fire and has 150,000 HP, so make sure you’re well equipped to deal with a long fight. A Black Mage for strong fire magic and a Bard for buffs wouldn’t go amiss, and a Spiritmaster main or sub-job is literally a lifesaver.

Unless you’re short on Pg, you can be fairly free with your healing items except for elixirs. You’ll have a chance to travel around Excillant again after the bad ending to restock on most healing items, though elixirs should be saved for the true final boss.

The Evil One changes form when its HP drops to a certain level, so be prepared for a tougher fight towards the end.

Once the battle ends, watch the tragic scene play out, dry your eyes, and save your completed data. Then re-load that cleared data.

Bravely Default 2’s Secret Ending

You’ll begin the game before the Chamber of Sealing. Interact with the purple-ish save point to begin the next chapter.

When a certain character asks you whether you’re ready to face your final challenge (spoiler: it’s not the real final challenge), say no, and hightail it back to the mountains between Savalon and Halcyonia. 

Visit the grave where the prologue ended, and you’ll start another fight. Victory earns you the Bravebearar Asterisk.

Bravebearer takes a unique approach for its powers, tweaking the BP system and even drawing power from your total playtime for some attacks. It’s game-breaking, utterly fantastic, and totally necessary for the real final battle.

But first, you’ve got another tough fight ahead. Return to the character who asked you if you were ready for the final fight, and say yes this time. Victory earns you Bravely Default 2's secret ending. Save, load the clear file, and you’ll appear at the Font of Knowledge.

Bravely Default 2 True Ending

The only thing to do for Bravely Default 2’s true ending at this point is to leap down into the abyss and take on the true final boss. As you’d expect, Bravely Default 2’s true final boss is the toughest fight in the game. 

Having one party member as a Bravebearer and a White Mage with Spiritmaster abilities is highly recommended. The White Mage’s Sacred Light special move buffs the entire party and heals a significant chunk of HP, so it’s worth making White Mage the primary job for your healer instead of Spiritmaster.

As with the other final not-final bosses, the true last boss has two forms. The first form has three targets: two hands and the core. The hands are immune to most elements and halve light magic damage, so focus on non-elemental physical attacks. Skills that affect more than one target are a good idea here.

The core is weak to swords and light magic. However, it can also counter basically everything you do, including Defaulting and using items. It won’t always counter, but be prepared anyway.

The second form is more brutal and has no weaknesses, plus it’s immune to Earth. This form can inflict party-wide debuffs across all stats in one move, and it also has a move that reduces the party’s BP by one. This BP-reducing move sometimes gets used as a counter, hence the recommendation of having a Bravebearer in the party.

Dish out your strongest attacks, strike a balance between healing and offense, and use elixirs as needed to restore MP. Persevere, and you’ll see Bravely Default 2’s real conclusion.

That’s everything you need to know about Bravely Default 2’s true ending and other endings, but stick around for more guides in the coming days.

Bravely Default 2 Quest Log: Is There a Way to Track Completed Quests? Wed, 03 Mar 2021 18:32:59 -0500 Josh Broadwell

Bravely Default 2 throws a wagonload of quests at you from the start, and the natural question is whether Bravely Default 2 has a quest log to keep track of it all, especially completed quests.

The answer isn’t quite so straightforward, as there’s no clear way to tell when you’ve missed a quest. There is one way to manage your existing quests, though, and we’ve got some tips to help make sure you never miss a one.

Bravely Default 2 Quest Log

Bravely Default 2’s quest log lives under the Travelogue in the main menu. Open that, and you’ll see brief quest descriptions for each active quest plus map markers pointing you in the right direction.

You can also toggle the view to list the quests out instead, sans the map markers.

The Travelogue provides an event theater to view quest events. However, they aren’t numbered, which means there’s no way of telling when you miss a quest unless you keep track of every quest number when you first begin it.

Tips for Finding All Bravely Default 2 Quests 

Bravely Default 2 adds new quests almost all the time, but there are some simple ways to make sure you don’t miss any.

You’ll typically get new quests after a plot event occurs, so it’s worth taking a panoramic view of the town you’re in (stand still and press the right stick in) to display any new quest markers that popped up. These story events happen frequently, but Bravely Default 2’s towns are few and small enough where checking won’t take up much time.

Some quests appear on the world map from other NPC travelers, and while hunting these down is a bit more time-consuming, it’s usually worth your while.

Many of Bravely Default 2’s quests are exclusive to either in-game day or night, so make sure to check back at different times of day as well. The same goes for the world map.

Finally, don’t forget to re-visit regions and towns you’ve already cleared because new quests regularly appear there as well when the story progresses. For that, using the free caravan at the entrance of each town to fast travel back to areas you’ve already visited is a must.

Are Bravely Default2’s Quests Worth It?

Bravely Default 2’s quests are definitely worth the time for the most part, though not always because they’re vital to the story. Like its predecessor, this RPG doesn’t exactly dish out Pg (money) left and right. Earning extra cash or obtaining attack and recovery items you don’t have to buy yourself is always a bonus.

You’ll also run into a few quests that pit you against stronger monsters. It’s a handy way of gaining extra JP without grinding, especially if you get the Underdog bonus for under-leveled jobs.

Whether 100%-ing the game and completing every quest is worth it is really just a matter of preference. The only two quests that offer rewards you don't want to miss are the Gambler job quest in Savalon (chapter one) and the Salve-Maker quest in Enderno (chapter three).

That’s all you need to know about Bravely Default 2’s quest log, but stay tuned for more guides in the coming days.

Curse of the Dead Gods: Best Weapons Tier List Tue, 02 Mar 2021 15:55:26 -0500 Sergey_3847

There are three main fighting styles in Curse of the Dead Gods, which correspond to the three weapon categories available in the game. Each weapon has its own characteristic ability, which does make the choice of weaponry quite an important task.

Our guide will provide you with a tier list of the best weapons in Curse of the Dead Gods. Some of them are champion's weapons, which are rare types of weapons that drop from bosses under special circumstances. Read on to below and choose the best weapons for your character.

S-Tier Weapons

Primal Hammer

  • Type: Two-Handed Weapon
  • Category: Heavy
  • Locations: Ground, Chests, Sanctuaries

Primal Hammer is a crude weapon, but incredibly effective at smashing enemies to bits.

Each move consumes 1 point of stamina, but each move also deals more damage than any other weapon in the game. Its charged attacks are especially powerful, as Primal Hammer has a weakening effect on enemies, making this already extremely powerful weapon even stronger.

Primal Hammer has five tiers of upgrades. If you manage to upgrade it to its fullest potential, then it will deal twice as much damage than in its raw form.

Witch's Crook

  • Type: Two-Handed Weapon
  • Category: Heavy
  • Locations: Champion's Weapon

Witch's Crook, also known as "K'etyaam yaan", is another powerful hammer. It can be obtained by killing Xucat', the Witch boss. Note that Witch's Crook will drop only if Xucat' dies while being on fire.

Xucat' will attack you with skulls that serve both as mines and projectiles. Destroy the mines and dodge the projectiles, while chaining two combos to kill her.

Once she drops the Witch's Crook, you can use its charged attacks to send out similar dark projectiles at your enemies.

A-Tier Weapons

T'amok's Fury

  • Type: Off-Hand Weapon
  • Category: Whip
  • Locations: Champion's Weapon

While hammers are still the most powerful weapons in Curse of the Dead Gods, they are mainly good against a single enemy at a time. Whips, on the other hand, are great for dealing damage to multiple enemies at once due to their spinning attacks.

T'amok's Fury is not a usual whip, but the one made of fire that can be charged and then summon fire jewels that keep burning enemies that come in contact with them.

The only way this cool weapon can be obtained is by parrying the Sun Twin boss three times in a row. Then, once the boss is killed, there is a 20% chance that you will get T'amok's Fury.

Bloodstake, Hunter's Torment

  • Type: Two-Handed Weapon
  • Category: Spear
  • Locations: Champion's Weapon

The most unique feature of this fierce-looking spear is its combo attack that allows you to throw a spear and let it pierce through all the enemies on its path.

However, obtaining this weapon is quite hard. It can be looted from Blood Hunter Champion after killing all of his Infernal Jaguars. Once this is done, the weapon will become available in the Forsaken Weaponry for 50 Jade Rings.

B-Tier Weapons

Duelist's Shiv

  • Type: Off-Hand Weapon
  • Category: Dagger
  • Locations: Ground, Chests, Sanctuaries

Duelist's Shiv may not be the strongest weapon, but it has a unique ability that gives you full stamina gauge.

Of course, you need to be able to evade attacks using the off-hand combo. Once you master this move, you will never have to wait for your stamina to restore.

Colt .45 Rainmaker

  • Type: Off-Hand Weapon
  • Category: Pistol
  • Locations: Ground, Chests, Sanctuaries

If you're choosing a ranged weapon, then between bows and pistols, the Colt revolver would be the better choice.

The best feature of any ranged weapon in Curse of the Dead Gods is their ability to deal perfect shots. With most ranged weapons you sometimes deal them and sometimes not.

But with the Rainmaker, your charged attacks will always deliver perfect shots hitting enemies in their weakest spots.

Moonblade, Night's Sword

  • Type: Main Weapon
  • Category: Sword
  • Locations: Ground, Chests, Sanctuaries

If the choice of your main weapon sits between maces and swords, then the answer is obviously swords, as they are much faster.

Moonblade is a terrific sword that can be found in regular spots and deals the most damage of all swords in the game.

Its charged attack is especially powerful and deals not only with a single target, but also damages all crossed enemies.

Those are the best weapons in Curse of the Dead Gods. You can check out our review of the game, and be sure to come back soon for more Curse of the Dead Gods guides.

Valheim Farming Guide: How to Plant Seeds, Use the Cultivator Mon, 01 Mar 2021 15:33:21 -0500 Justin Michael

Food is a central mechanic in Valheim. A varied diet determines your stamina pool and hitpoints. Aside from hunting wild game, such as deer, neck, and fish, you can farm and grow crops to make more potent recipes and meal combinations.

In this quick Valheim farming guide, we’re going to take a look at the survival title's farming mechanics and why you should be equally as happy tending the field as you are spilling the blood of your enemies in it.

Valheim Farming Guide: Getting Started

Before you can start working the earth, you must progress to the Black Forest biome and smelt bronze in the smelter. You'll be able to do this after defeating Eikthyr.

Once you've constructed the smelter with 20x stone and 5x surtling cores, you make bronze by combining 2x copper ore and 1x tin ore in the smelter. Here's how to mine copper and how to find tin. You can find surtling cores in burial chambers throughout the Black Forest. 

After you've got that taken care of, you'll need to forge a cultivator tool:

  • 5x Core wood
  • 5x Bronze

Much like the hoe tool, the cultivator is a terraforming tool. However, it allows you to till workable earth for planting seeds instead of flattening terrain.

How to Use the Cultivator Tool

To use the cultivator, equip it to your hotbar, look at the ground, and press the left mouse button. 

Make sure to give yourself a good patch of worked earth to plant in since planting seeds too close to each other can crowd them. If they're crowded, they won't fully mature — or even go bad  wasting all of your work.

How to Plant Seeds

In order to plat seeds, you’ll need them in your inventory. You access them for planting by equipping the cultivator, right-clicking, and selecting them from the menu that pops up. 

This menu also lets you replant grass for areas you've already cultivated but want to change back. 

How to Get Seeds

Presently, there are only three seed types that produce food in Valheim:

  1. Carrot seeds
  2. Turnip seeds
  3. Barley seeds

There are additional tree seeds you'll get randomly that can be used to replenish the forest after building your base area. These are: 

  1. Fir (fir cone)
  2. Beech (beech seed)
  3. Pine (pine cone)

Carrot Seeds

The first seeds you’re likely to come across are going to be carrot seeds, which you’ll find in the Black Forest while mining for tin and copper.

A carrot seed plant will drop three carrot seeds when cultivated, but you can plant a fully grown carrot as well to make more carrot seeds. So really, you only have to find a single seed or carrot to get the ball rolling. 

Turnip Seeds

Turnip seeds are found in the Swamp biome regions of Valheim, making them a sort of a mid-to-late-game food item. Since the swamps are full of difficult enemies, like draugr, blobs, and skeletons, you'll need to have bronze weapons before exploring these areas. 

Like carrots, turnips get planted in worked soil, and full-grown turnips can be used as seed turnips. Turnips can't be eaten raw, nor can they be grown in the mountain biome.

Turnips, as well as carrots, are also a favorite food of wild boars, so make sure to protect your garden patch with some fencing, lest your harvest be devoured (unless you're taming them, of course).

Barley Seeds

Lastly, we have barley. Barley is used in a number of late-game food recipes and will be the most challenging crop to grow. That's because it will only grow in worked soil in the plains biome, which is home to many powerful mid-to-late-game enemies.

You'll also have to convert the barley into barley flower using a windmill, which you can build with 30x iron nails, 30x wood, and 20x stone. 

Why farm

Farming isn't necessarily a must in Valheim and comes with its own pros and cons. For example, it's a bit time-consuming. Carrots, turnips, and barley take around four in-game days to grow to maturity.

You are also restricted from growing certain seeds in certain biomes. Barley can only be grown in the plains biome, for example, and you won't be able to grow turnips in the cold of the mountain biome. On top of that, you'll have to contend with boars trying to eat your carrots and turnips.

But the plus side to farming is the large food bonuses you can get from upgraded food items. Cooked fish for example grants you 45 hit points and 25 stamina for 20 minutes; all for 1x fish. But for 2x fish and 4x barley flour, you can make a fish wrap that gives you 60 hit points and 90 stamina for 40 minutes. 

It really comes down to your playstyle and whether or not you feel like you need to maximize your hit point and stamina pools

Hopefully, these nuggets of Valheim farming knowledge help get you an advantage over the many enemies the game has to offer, or at least the stamina pool to flee from them when things go south. If you're new to the Viking survival experience, consider checking out some of our other great guides here on GameSkinny! And may your crops be bountiful.

Persona 5 Strikers Jails: How Many Are There? Fri, 26 Feb 2021 16:41:11 -0500 Sergey_3847

Jails are combat areas in Persona 5 Strikers, where players can fight bosses and collect items. Each jail has the main boss represented by the monarch and a number of mini-bosses supporting them. This guide will answer the question of how many jails are there in Persona 5 Strikers and what they can offer you.

Each jail can be accessed only during certain infiltration periods that at times constitute just a single day. Once you've accessed each corresponding area, you will get the chance to fight bosses and earn their rewards.  

How Many Jails in Persona 5 Strikers?

There are eight jails in Persona 5 Strikers. Below you'll find the complete list of all jails, including infiltration periods, names of the bosses and personas, and the items you can get in each jail.

Shibuya Jail

Available through July 25th to July 29th.

Shibuya Jail Bosses

  • Shibuya Jail Monarch
  • Shibuya Jail Lock Keeper
  • Killer Teddybear Bugbear
  • Fallen Snowman Black Frost

Shibuya Jail Personas

  • Pixie
  • Jack-o-Lantern
  • Bicorn
  • Silky
  • Mokoi
  • Andras
  • Succubus
  • Archangel

Shibuya Jail Items

  • Skill Cards
  • Breath Sash
  • HP Incense
  • Chipped Microchip
  • Revival Bread
  • Magic Incense
  • Silk Scarf
  • Shiny Mini Bag
  • Cute Wallet
  • Rusty Necklace
  • Magic Amulet
  • Blizz Dagger
  • Alluring Sticker
  • Hacker Gear Mk. 1
  • Life Stone
  • Power Incense
Persona 5 Strikers Sendai Jail

Available from July 31st to August 4th.

Sendai Jail Bosses

  • Sendai Jail Monarch
  • Sendai Jail Lock Keeper
  • Snake King Raja Naga
  • Fratricidal Destroyer Seth

Sendai Jail Personas

  • High Pixie
  • Jack-o-Lantern
  • Lamia
  • Orthrus
  • Slime
  • Eligor
  • Pisacal

Sendai Jail Items

  • Luck Incense
  • Patience Belt
  • Artistic Crane
  • Orchid Pattern
  • Sandy Stuffed Toy
  • Sledge Hammer
  • Brain Shake
  • Beautiful Piece
  • Soul Drop
  • Degunda
  • Beautiful Book
  • Beautiful Sky
  • Beautiful Destination
  • Portrait
  • Skin Ribber
  • Bhuula
  • Power Anklet
Persona 5 Strikers Sapporo Jail

Available from August 10th to August 12.

Sapporo Jail Bosses

  • Sapporo Jail Monarch
  • Sapporo Jail Lock Keeper
  • Harlot of Desire Lilith
  • Monarch of Snow King Frost

Sapporo Jail Personas

  • Lilim
  • Setanta
  • Principality
  • Jack Frost
  • Mothman
  • Mithras
  • Kaiwan

Sapporo Jail Items

  • Recarm
  • Mudo Chance Up
  • Burn Boost
  • Thermal Suit
  • Endurance Incense
Persona 5 Strikers Okinawa Jail

Available on August 17th.

Okinawa Jail Bosses

  • Wandering Reviver Nebiros
  • Okinawa Jail Lock Keeper
  • Throbbing King of Desire Mara
  • Reaper Secret Boss

Okinawa Jail Personas

  • Black Ooze
  • Arahabaki
  • Legion
  • Shiisaa
  • Hecatoncheires

Okinawa Jail Items

  • Pro Hackerware
  • Nuclear Heat Resistance
  • Swift Strike
  • Life Stone
  • Speed Incense
Persona 5 Strikers Kyoto Jail

Available on August 23rd.

Kyoto Jail Bosses

  • Kyoto Jail Monarch
  • Sun’s Emissary Yatagarasu
  • Brilliant Dragonslayer Siegfried

Kyoto Jail Personas

  • Okuninushi
  • Koppa Tengu
  • Kikuri-Hime
  • Neko Shogun
  • Kurama Tengu

Kyoto Jail Items

  • Soul Drop
  • Chief’s Cutlass
Persona 5 Strikers Osaka Jail

Available from August 24th to 26th.

Osaka Jail Bosses

  • Osaka Jail Monarch
  • Osaka Jail Lock Keeper
  • War-Hungry Horseman Eligor
  • Guard Dog of Hades Cerberus

Osaka Jail Personas

  • Naga
  • Fortuna
  • Valkyrie
  • Ganesha
  • Sarasvati
  • Thor

Osaka Jail Bosses

  • Amrita Soda
  • Masukukaja
  • Physical Resistance Up
  • Incense
  • Gold-plated Cat Statue
  • Pearl Bracelet
  • Idol Symbol
  • Amrita Drop
  • Bead
  • Jewel
Jail of the Abyss

Available on August 28.

Jail of the Abyss Bosses

  • Jail of the Abyss Accomplice
  • Dark Sun Mithras

Jail of the Abyss Personas

  • Lilith
  • Nebiros
  • Bugbear
  • Mot
  • Abaddon
  • Hecatoncheires

Jail of the Abyss Item

  • Snuff Soul
Persona 5 Strikers Tree of Knowledge Jail

Available from August 18th to 29th.

Tree of Knowledge Jail Bosses

  • False God Demiurge
  • Shadow of God Metatron
  • Heavenly Punisher Archangel

Tree of Knowledge Personas

  • Yatagarasu
  • Forneus

That's all you need to know on how many jails are there in Persona 5 Strikers. Be sure to check out our other Persona 5 Strikers guides for more tips and tricks articles.

Valheim Won't Launch or Start: Fix Crashing on Startup Fri, 26 Feb 2021 12:02:52 -0500 Sergey_3847

Since Valheim is still in Early Access, there are still quite a few bugs and glitches for developer Iron Gate Studios to work out. While many players have been able to download the Viking survival game and explore its various biomes, some can't even play the game due to myriad reasons for crashing. Some common launch issues on startup include a black screen, while others include servers not appearing. This guide will help you fix another problem, where Valheim won't launch or start.

Before trying out all the methods listed below, be sure to update Windows and your graphics card/video card drivers. It's also worth making sure your anti virus software isn't blocking the game. These simple steps are essential before launching any game, not just Valheim. If the problem persists, then follow the steps below.

Valheim Won't Launch or Start Fix

Method 1: Force Windowed Mode

Valheim is very sensitive to the display resolution settings. If Valheim won't start, you may have a non-native resolution set in the game, which is different from your display's resolution.

If you can't run the game, you should try to force windowed mode and change the resolution by doing the following:

  1. Go to the Steam app
  2. Go to your game library
  3. Right-click on Valheim
  4. Select "Properties"
  5. Click on the "General" tab
  6. In the "Set Launch Options" field type in: -windowed -noborder
  7. Save and exit

After changing the resolution in the game, you can go back to full screen mode by deleting the -windowed -noborder line from the launch options from the Steam control panel.

Method 2: Repair Corrupt Files

The verify integrity of game files option in Steam's local files tab.

If the previous method didn't fix Valheim, then your game files may be corrupt. Instead of re-installing, you can try and repair them by verifying the integrity of game files.

Note: this can also help you fix the error "Failed to Start Game: Missing Executable" that sometimes keeps Valheim from starting up.

Here's how to do that:

  1. Go to the Steam app
  2. Go to your game library
  3. Right-click on Valheim
  4. Select "Properties"
  5. Select the "Local Files" tab
  6. Click on "Verify Integrity of Game Files"
  7. Wait for it to finish

If some of the game system files have been damaged, this should fix the problem.

Method 3: Disable Steam Overlay

The checkbox for disabling the Steam Overlay in Valheim's properties tab.

If it loads but the game crashes at the opening screen, then you could be having issues with the Steam overlay. Here's how to disable it:

  1. Go to the Steam app
  2. Go to your game library
  3. Right-click on Valheim
  4. Select "Properties"
  5. Uncheck "Enable the Steam Overlay"

Method 4: Run as Administrator

The run as administrator option in system files.

If all else fails, you can simply run the game as an administrator to get around launch issues and crashing problems. Here's how to easily find the Valheim executable file. 

  • Go to the Steam app
  • Go to your game library
  • Right-click on Valheim
  • Select "Properties"
  • Go to "Local Files"
  • Click "Browse" in the top right
  • This takes you to the Valheim.exe file location on your computer
  • Right click on the file
  • Choose "Run as Administrator"
  • Click "Yes" when asked in the pop up window

Whether you're playing on a dedicated server or not, the methods in this guide should help you get past Valheim crashing at startup. If a black screen is why the game won't launch or start, then use this guide for several potential fixes, as it's a completely different issue. Visit our dedicated Valheim guides page for more tips and tricks articles on Iron Gate Studio's smash hit, which has already surpassed 4 million downloads since launch.

Stardew Valley: How to Catch Midnight Carp Thu, 25 Feb 2021 15:56:04 -0500 Ashley Shankle

One of Stardew Valley's more elusive fish, the Midnight Carp, can come up sometimes as a request at the Help Wanted board. But most players simply seek this purple finned friend for completionist reasons. Either way, you may be wondering how to catch it. 

Stardew Valley: How to Catch Midnight Carp

The Midnight Carp is a Fall through Winter fish that is only available late at night. Though it is possible to catch it using the Fiberglass Rod, using the Iridium Rod makes catching it easier. Because of that it may be better sought by players who have increased their Fishing proficiency to at least Level 6.

The general specifics to catch the Midnight Carp are as follows:

  • Available through Fall and Winter
  • Can be caught from 10 PM to 2 AM
  • An all-weather fish
  • Found in the forest pond, mountain lake, in the pond or river on Ginger Island, or even in the water on your farm if you're using a farm layout with freshwater

These locations are outlined in the following maps, but the Midnight Carp can be caught in the river on the north side of Ginger Island as well.

You can place Midnight Carp in your farm's Fish Pond to get Midnight Carp Roe, though it doesn't boast any particular benefits or command an especially high price. That said, the fish itself is used in the recipe for Seafoam Pudding, which is received at Fishing proficiency level 9.

This is about all you need to know about the Midnight Carp, which has a bit of an odd time of day to catch but doesn't provide a huge challenge once it's on the line. If this guide helped you out, consider checking out our other Stardew Valley guides here on GameSkinny!

How to Increase Low FPS in Valheim Thu, 25 Feb 2021 13:09:22 -0500 Sergey_3847

Valheim's sprawling and randomized Viking open world looks great, but it can be rough on some rigs. Low or frequently dipping framerates are a problem for many players. But hopefully, this guide will help increase low FPS in Valheim, or at least provide an FPS boost for the popular Early Access survival game.

It should go without saying that you should always ensure your video card drivers are up to date before doing anything drastic. Be sure you do that before tinkering with the most basic option to increase your FPS in Valheim.

How to Increase Low FPS in Valheim

Method 1: Adjust Graphics Settings

Valheim's settings menu and graphics settings.

Before going into the deep end of increasing your FPS, it's a good idea to simply adjust your in-game graphics settings.

First, make sure that your game is set to fullscreen mode and at your monitor's native resolution (it should not be in any window modes). Then make sure your refresh rate matches that of your monitor.

Next, set go to your advanced settings details tab and set the options to these levels:

  • Vegetation Quality: Medium
  • Particle Lights: Medium
  • Draw Distance: Low
  • Shadow Quality: Low

These settings will not take away from the gameplay and may boost your frame rate.

Lastly, turn off all extra features except Anti-Aliasing. This will free up a lot of video memory on your PC and will not influence the quality of the picture.

Method 2: Optimize Graphics Performance

Although in-game graphics settings can be effective to a certain degree, there are further steps you can take to optimize your experience for a Valheim FPS boost.

In addition to the above settings, you can optimize your video card performance a bit further by following these steps:

  1. Click on Windows 10 search bar
  2. Type in: Graphics Settings
  3. Open the link provided by the search
  4. In the Graphics Settings window enable the “Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling” option
  5. Restart your PC

Once you've done this, you can go to your video card control panel, whether it's Nvidia Control Panel or Radeon Catalyst:

  1. Click on the “Manage 3D settings” option
  2. Choose “Add program
  3. Find Valheim and select it
  4. In the game's settings, enable the following options:
    • Prefer Maximum Performance
    • Anisotropic Sample Options: On
    • Quality: Performance
    • Trilinear Optimization: On
    • Vertical Sync: Fast

These settings alone could give you at least another extra 10-20 FPS.

Method 3: Optimize Boot Configuration

For this Valheim FPS fix, you need to edit a system file with launch options that start the game with a number of select properties. By adding a couple of extra lines, you can significantly boost the performance of Valheim.

Follow these steps to optimize boot configuration in Valheim:

  1. Go to "/Steam/steamapps/common/Valheim/valheim_Data" folder on your PC
  2. Locate the "boot.cfg" file
  3. Open it in the Notepad
  4. At the very top of the boot file, type in this line: gfx-enable-gfx-jobs=1
  5. Add this line right after it: gfx-enable-native-gfx-jobs=1

Save and close the file. Now you can open the game in Steam. With luck, you immediately notice that your FPS has been increased.

Those are just some of the potential ways to increase low FPS in Valheim. Visit our dedicated Valheim guides page for more tips and tricks articles on Iron Gate AB's smash hit.

Persona 5 Strikers Bond Skills: The Best and Worst Thu, 25 Feb 2021 12:06:09 -0500 Josh Broadwell

Persona 5 Strikers Bond Skills are new to the sequel and give your party a series of bonuses with big effects. You’ll need Bond Points earned from raising Bond Levels, another new addition, to unlock and level up each of these.

There’s no shortage of skills to focus on in this bond system, though there is a shortage of Bond Points. This Persona 5 Strikers guide is here to help you invest your points wisely.

How to Raise Bond Level 

Bond level tutorial card.

Strikers gives you plenty of ways to raise your BL and earn BP in the process.  The most common and easiest way is just fighting. You’ll earn a small amount of Bond Points from every combat engagement, though the emphasis is on “small.”

The story gives you BP during certain events, though these aren’t very common.

Completing friend requests and hanging out with friends also grants a Bond Point boost. While the requests can get tedious, there’s never a reason not to hang out with friends since Persona 5 Strikers doesn’t have a time limit.

Finally, you can also earn these by cooking new recipes, and what d’you know — we have a guide just for that.

The Best Persona 5 Strikers Bond Skills

Harisen Help bond description card and point cost.

The game groups its Skills in specific categories, though you can’t see them all at first. The blocked-out ones unlock as you progress through the story. You can level up each of them several times, though some higher levels require certain side quests to unlock.

We’ll list each Bond Skill by group and recommend which ones are worth prioritizing in each group.

Stat Bond Skills

The first row boosts specific stat parameters. En is defense in Persona terms, while Agility affects evasion, and Luck is for critical hit rates

  • HP Boost — Increases all party members’ HP
  • SP Boost — Increases all party members’ SP
  • Strength Boost — Increases all party members’ St stat
  • Magic Boost — Increases all party members’ Ma stat
  • Endurance Boost — Increases all party members’ En stat
  • Agility Boost — Increases all party members’ Ag stat
  • Luck boost — Increases all party members’ Lu stat

You shouldn’t spend many Bond Points on any of these, at least not early on. Gear and leveling up increase all of these anyway, without costing anything. SP Boost is more helpful, though the benefits gained from the skill’s first few levels aren’t worth what they cost.

Persona Bond Skills

The next set is more interesting and mostly revolves around Persona abilities.

  • Pass Appeal — Showtime gauge fills faster after a Baton Pass
  • Harisen Helper — Higher chance of Harisen Recovery
  • Oracle Recovery — Party recovers HP and SP after completing a battle
  • Martial Arts — Increases damage for physical Persona skills
  • Spiritual Arts — Increases damage for magical Persona skills
  • Tactical Arts — Increases status affliction chance
  • Supportive Arts — Lengthens time Persona buffs/debuffs last

Oracle Recovery is a must-have, so level it up as soon as you can. The same goes for Pass Appeal, as we can’t overstate the importance of Showtime attacks during mini-boss and boss fights.

Enemies inflict status ailments more frequently in Strikers than the other two Persona 5 games, so investing in a few levels of Harisen Recovery is a good idea.

Enhancement Bond Skills

This category is a general catch-all, with abilities that affect a number of different gameplay aspects.

  • Joker’s Wild — Increases mask drop rate
  • Ambusher — Restores some party HP after performing an ambush
  • Phantom Striker — Increases Phantom Dash damage
  • Avenger — Stronger counter attacks after evading enemy attacks
  • Ammo Hoarder — Increases every party members’ ammo capacity
  • Proper Showman — Increases Showtime attack damage
  • Spirit Striker — 1 More attacks restore user’s SP; All-Out Attacks restore Party SP

Joker’s Wild should be your priority here. You’re only as strong as your Persona, and having more of them means more fusion options. Increasing damage is always a good thing, but we recommend Ambusher and Spirit Striker.

Any way to restore health and stamina without using items (or stamina) is a good thing. You can exit Jails to restore SP, but restoring it in combat is much more convenient.

Sophia’s Shop Bond Skills

Some of these aren’t skills so much as perks. As the name suggests, they’re mostly about improving your shopping experience with Sophia’s shop with a couple of wild cards thrown in.

  • Smart Shopper — Get better bargains at Sophia’s shop
  • Metaverse Medic — Increases efficacy of restorative items
  • Bondmaker — Bond Level rises faster
  • Extortionist — Increases money earned in combat

Bondmaker is the best in this set for probably obvious reasons. Metaverse Medic is a close second and can be a literal lifesaver during intense boss fights. If you’re constantly short on cash, though, toss some BP into Extortionist.

Jail Bond Skills

The last bundle affects key aspects of your experience in Jails

  • Safecracker — Unlock chests with advanced locks
  • Master Chef — Stronger effects for food
  • Treasure Hunter — Higher chance of finding Treasure Domains
  • Packrat — Find more junk items
  • Highwayman — Higher chance of finding items after battle

These last few aren’t quite as essential, though Master Chef is worth pouring some points into early on.

That's it for our Persona 5 Strikers Bond Skills guide, but make sure to check out our other Persona 5 Strikers guides for more tips and tricks for the Phantom Thieves' road trip.

The Valheim Backstab: How to Master This Critical Attack Wed, 24 Feb 2021 17:16:59 -0500 Justin Michael

The combat in Valheim can be challenging at times. From getting ganged up on by greydwarf brutes to getting mobbed by draugr in a sunken crypt, there are many ways to get injured and die in the Viking survival game from Iron Gate AB. There are also varied ways to deal with all of these enemies. One is the parry. The other is the backstab.

In this quick tips article, we’re going to talk about something you might not know about — and that’s critical damage in the form of backstabbing.

How to Backstab in Valheim

The inventory stat box for bronze axe showing multipliers.

Nearly all of the weapons in Valheim have a stat block for backstabbing damage, including the best ones. The majority have a 3x backstab multiplier — even the bow — while knives have a 10x multiplier. In order to land a backstab, you’re going to have to meet a few requirements. The first is the sneak attack.


First, you need to be sneaking. The default key for sneak on the keyboard is left-ctrl.

You'll notice that sneaking uses up a lot of stamina, so make sure that you eat some high stamina boosting foods like carrot soup and honey. 

Get Behind Your Enemy

Second, you need to be outside of your enemy's line of sight, preferably behind them. You can tell if an enemy can see you by looking at the reticle on the screen while sneaking.

  • A flat line means you’re unnoticed.
  • A slightly peaked line means your presence is noted but the enemy hasn’t seen you yet.
  • A reticle that looks like an eye means you’re spotted. The enemy may also have a red exclamation mark over their head as well.

The little bar under the reticle tells you how hidden you are, with a darker bar being better than a lighter one. If you’re wearing a full set of Troll armor, you’ll automatically be 25% hidden at all times, making it harder to be spotted, even if sneaking through a sun-drenched clearing.

A player crouching in a forest, sneaking up on a deer.

I prefer to take a page out of the book of Skyrim, forgoing melee weapons to stealth archer my enemies from a distance. Even a Troll with 600HP can lose a third of that with the right bow and arrow combo.

Backstabbing Exceptions

While it appears that nearly every creature can be backstabbed, there is an exception for the Boss fights; they actively track the player and therefore can’t be caught unawares.

You also cannot score a backstab critical on an enemy that isn't already at full health.

And that's all there is to the Valheim backstab; boost your stamina, stay out of direct line of sight, and strike true from a distance or up close and personal. For more on the Steam Early Access title from Coffee Stain Studios and Iron Gate AB, consider checking out our other great guide content here on GameSkinny!

Persona 5 Strikers Master Arts Guide Wed, 24 Feb 2021 17:05:24 -0500 Josh Broadwell

Persona 5 Strikers Master Arts are a vital part of building a strong party. They function similar to expanded combo movesets in other Warriors-style games, with some important twists befitting each character's unique style and elemental affinities.

Despite having just one unlock requirement, they're also not that easy to unlock, so it's worth planning ahead to make sure you get the ones you want the most. Lucky for your, our Persona 5 Strikers Master Arts guide is here to take the guessing out of your party planning.

Note: this guide contains what could be considered mild spoilers for movesets and the new party members.

How to Unlock Master Arts 

You'll unlock these by using a given character in battle repeatedly. The catch is that you have to actually be controlling that character. They'll gain nothing towards Master Arts when the AI controls them, so figuring out who you want to level up the most is a good idea when you start your infiltrations.

Fortunately, unlocking these moves doesn't take too terribly long. Joker's first one unlocks as a tutorial after a few battles in the Shibuya Jail, and you can expect it to take roughly 15-20 or more to unlock the next one or another character's first one.

And there's no harm in turning the difficulty down to mow through mobs to unlock them faster if you want to.

For this guide, normal attacks refer to your "Square" attack on PlayStation or "Y" attack on Switch, while special attack is for the "Triangle" attacks on PlayStation and "X" attack on Switch.

If you're playing on Steam, then it's, of course, whatever key you've mapped those attacks to or the same button on any controller you're using.

Joker Master Arts

Joker's revolve almost entirely around his special gun attacks, except the initial one. Make sure to use Marked Shot whenever possible, as follow-up strikes are handy for wearing down stronger foes.

Master Art Input Effect
Marking Shot  Press "A" or "Circle" after a special attack or mid-air special attack  Perform a follow-up strike
Wild Rush  Five normal attacks, two special attacks  Extra Persona strike
Phantom Barrage  Special attacks won't use ammunition  Triggers 3-shot attack after certain moves
Dead Shot  Hold L to aim gun, and hold R to fire  Consumes multiple ammo rounds for a powerful shot


Skull/Ryuji Master Arts

Ryuji's make him a more viable damage dealer by shortening charge attack times and reducing some damage.

Master Art Input Effect
In My Sights Two normal attacks and a special attack  Perform a follow-up strike
Good Measure One normal attack followed by one special attack Deals increased damage. Charge to summon Captain Kidd for additional damage
Sprinter Passive art Decreases charge time
Rebel Yell Passive art Increases Skull's Toughness longevity and may reduce damage.


Mona/Morgana Master Arts

Morgana's aren't quite as impressive but significantly improve his usability.

Master Art Input Effect
Animal Instinct Four normal attacks and one special attack  Perform a follow-up strike
Cat's Paw One normal and one special attack or three normal attacks and one special attack Pulls enemies closer
Miracle Punch Two normal attacks and one special attack Attack could become Miracle Punch (critical hit)
Cyclone Charge Passive skill Bus Morgana rams enemies and produces Wind wave.


Panther/Ann Master Arts

Ann's best make use of her plain special attack Enchant (press the special attack button once), which adds a fire element to all her attacks.

Master Art Input Effect
No Escape Five normal attacks  Perform a follow-up strike
Feel the Heat With Enchant active, press the special attack button at the end of a combo Performs a swinging whip attack
Crocodile Tears One normal attack and one special attack Carmen casts Tarunda (lowers enemy attack) without using SP 
Wildfire Passive skill Increases fire attack power and chance of burn


Fox/Yusuke Master Arts

Yusuke's are a versatile mixed bag that make the starving artist a force to be reckoned with.

Master Art Input Effect
Gleaming Blade Two normal attacks and one special attack  Perform a follow-up strike
High Counter One special attack or three normal attacks plus one special attack Briefly increases hit count when pressing the special attack button multiple times
Legendary Thief One normal attack and one special attack Goemon casts Sukukaha (increases agility) without using SP 
Ice Counter One special attack Increases chance of Freeze. Press multiple times to raise the chance higher.


Queen/Makoto Master Arts

Unsurprisingly, Makoto's are all about making the queen of fists hit even harder with her special Burst move, which adds Nuclear to Makoto's moves.

Master Art Input Effect
Wheelie Rush Two normal attacks and one special attack  Perform a follow-up strike
Phantom Star Rider Passive skill Using Burst increases damage for all Makoto's special attacks
Fortified Moxy Passive skill Using Burst increases Makoto's melee Triangle/X attacks
Nuclear Reaction Perform a Follow-Up Activates Burst


Noir/Haru Master Arts

Haru's improve every aspect of the mistress of murder's moveset.

Master Art Input Effect
Axe Waltz Four normal attacks  Perform a follow-up strike
Vertigo Slash One normal attack and one special attack May cause Dizzy
Ballroom Blitzer Press and hold special attack button  Increases damage and range of Haru's special attack (press once and hold down) without consuming ammo.
Etoile Press and hold special attack button Increases fire rate and decreases chance of flinching


Sophie/Sophia Master Arts

Sophie's are a bit trickier to pull off just because they're tied with her yo-yo throw-and-catch attacks, but getting the hang of it gives her a bit of a power boost.

Master Art Input Effect
Drive Spinner Four normal attacks and one special attack  Perform a follow-up strike
Data Synch Perform a normal or midair normal attack with good timing Upgrades Sophia's attack power by one
Blast Processing Passive skill. After perfect catch, perform a normal and special attack or two normal and one special attacks, then press the special button repeatedly for higher hit count Upgrades special attack after perfect catch. 
Mega Blaster Aim with L, then hold R to fire. Launches Gravity Bullet. Perfect Catch restores ammo


Wolf/Zenkichi Master Arts

Zenkichi's work a bit differently. These are almost all Fury (one press of the special button) related, and he won't get a Follow-Up skill until later. His Alpha's Fangs is a three-part skill that affects multiple combos. We've listed them separately, but they all unlock at the same time Alpha's Fangs does.

Master Art Input Effect
Wolf's Maw Activate Fury Adds Almighty to all Zenkichi's attacks
Master of the Hunt Don't activate Fury Increases HP absorption
Wolf's Howl Activate Fury Increased critical rate, reduced HP consumption
Alpha's Fangs (1) Normal attack and special attack Perform a follow-up strike 
Alpha's Fangs (2) Two normal attacks and a special attack, then hold special button Extends the combo
Alpha's Fangs (3) Three normal attacks and one special attack, then hold the special button Increases hit count

That's everything you need to know about Persona 5 Strikers Master Arts, but be sure to check out our other Persona 5 Strikers guides for more tips and tricks on this awesome road trip.

Stardew Valley: How to Make Truffle Oil Wed, 24 Feb 2021 16:59:08 -0500 Ashley Shankle

There aren't a ton of uses for Truffle Oil in Stardew Valley, the two most obvious being the quest Mayor Lewis gives you in Summer of the second year and the oil being a potential turn-in for the Artisan Bundle. Whichever purpose you need it for, you'll have to learn how to make Truffle Oil yourself.

Stardew Valley: How to Make Truffle Oil

As with other Artisan Goods, you'll need to first craft a station to make Truffle Oil. That's the Oil Maker.

The recipe for Truffle Oil is really just the item itself: One Truffle Oil only requires one Truffle to be made. Making it is really quite easy, but getting the Truffle might be more of a problem.

Stardew Valley: How to Craft an Oil Maker

Once you reach farming Level 8, you will be able to craft your own Oil Maker in the crafting menu. For that, you'll need:

  • 50 Slime
  • 20 Hardwood
  • 1 Gold Bar

After you've made it, place it on your farm and get ready to make some oil! Well, if you've got a Truffle anyway.

How to Get Truffles

It might come as a surprise, but Truffles are spawned from Pigs when they're let outside. Pigs cost 16,000 gold and require you have the Deluxe Barn built, which is a considerable investment as it is the second upgrade to the Barn.

It takes 10 days for a Pig to mature, after which it will start to sniff out Truffles on your property as long as it's fed and has clean areas to walk.

Getting Pigs, and ultimately Truffles, is not necessarily an early-game goal which is presumably why Mayor Lewis doesn't ask for the Truffle Oil until the middle of Year 2.

That's it for all you need to know about making Truffle Oil in Stardew Valley. Check out our other Stardew Valley guides here on GameSkinny.

Valheim Black Screen on Startup Fix Guide Wed, 24 Feb 2021 12:52:19 -0500 Sergey_3847

Valheim is a great PC survival game set in a vast open-world full of wonders and vicious enemies, such as trolls, draugr, and wolves. Though four million players have already taken to their mighty longships in search of new biomes to build bases in, Valheim is still in Early Access and has its share of issues. Outside of the occasional game crashes, one of the biggest issues players have experienced is a black screen when launching the game.

This guide will (hopefully) provide you with a couple of methods on how to fix a black screen on startup in Valheim.

The main reason for a black screen at startup is that the game's graphics settings may be interfering with and causing some problems for certain video cards or graphics drivers. The two methods below have worked well for many Valheim players, so they may work for you as well!

How to Fix Black Screen on Startup in Valheim

Method 1: Switch to Windowed Mode

Most players prefer to play their games in full screen mode, but Valheim doesn't have a genuine full screen mode and runs in either "windowed full screen" or simply "windowed." This is the main setting that causes black screen issues for many players.

Try the following:

  1. Start the game
  2. Press Alt+Enter when the black screen appears
  3. Wait for windowed mode to activate

To avoid this problem in the future, switch to permanent full screen mode by following these steps:

  1. Go to Steam
  2. Right-click on Valheim in your game library
  3. Select the "Properties" option
  4. Go to the "General" tab
  5. Add the following line to the launch options: -screen-fullscreen 1

Close the Properties tab and launch the game. This setting should now always launch your game in full screen mode.

Valheim properties general options tab in the Steam app.

Method 2: Switch Between Windows

If the previous method didn't work, you'll need to switch between windows when launchingValheim. Here's how:

  1. Open any window (e.g. the Steam app)
  2. Launch Valheim
  3. Press Alt+Tab during the black screen
  4. Press Alt+Tab again to go back to the game's window

This simple switch between windows should help eliminate the black screen effect. But you will have to repeat this process during each startup, before playing Valheim.

That's all you need to know on how to fix Valheim's black screen on startup. For more on this Viking survival world from Iron Gate AB and Coffee Stain Studios, consider heading over to our guides on deflecting attacks, mining copper ore, and how to get rid of unwanted items

Destiny 2 No Longer Available Error Fix Wed, 24 Feb 2021 09:13:35 -0500 Justin Koreis

Destiny 2 players have found themselves unable to load the game, and instead are being greeted with a message declaring “this version of Destiny 2 is no longer available.” Here's how to fix the issue if you run into it. 

Expected Interruptions 

Destiny 2 typically goes offline on Tuesday right before the game's weekly reset, and it usually concludes after about an hour of downtime. The most recent maintenance was intended to roll out Hotfix, an update designed to fix a series of small issues and solve a few bugs (full patch notes here). 

The downtime, however, became unexpectantly extended due to an unexplained issue. As a result, players who anticipated being able to log in at 1pm PST were unable to do so. According to Bungie, as of 2pm PST the maintenance is complete, and the issue is resolved.  

Fixing The Issue 

If you are still encountering issues, Bungie has laid out the following steps. First, restart your console/PC. Launch Destiny 2, which should automatically start an update most users, allowing access.  

If that doesn’t work the next step is to manually update. This process varies depending on your platform of choice.  

On Xbox press the Xbox button, and open “my games and apps." From here navigate to Destiny 2 in the games tab and press the Menu button (aka the start button, to the right of the Xbox button.)

This will pop up a menu, select Manage Game from the available options. New windows will pop up, select updates from the window to the left, and you should be set.  

PlayStation is similar. From the PlayStation dashboard, navigate to your games library. Select Destiny 2, and press the Option button (again, to the right of center on the controller). A menu will pop up to the right, select Check for Updates.  

On Steam, open the Library tab. From the list of games hover your mouse cursor over Destiny 2. Right click and select properties. From the popup window, select updates, and in the automatic updates category, make sure the “Always Keep This Game Updated” option is selected. 

If that doesn’t force an update, you can also select the local files tab from this same popup window. Click on the verify integrity of game files option, and steam will begin checking the entire games filesystem.  

You can ensure you are running the current version of Destiny by loading into the character selection screen. The version number is displayed in the bottom right corner. 

Once you are fully updated, then any "version of Destiny is no longer available" errors should be a thing of the past. You are now free to explore and slay the forces of darkness to your hearts content. Or at least until the next update. As always, check back here for the more Destiny 2 coverage and guides 

HuniePop 2: How to Give Date Gifts Tue, 23 Feb 2021 10:48:20 -0500 Ashley Shankle

Whether you're trying to brave the hardest difficulty or just don't want to try all that hard in any case, date gifts can be a huge boon in HuniePop 2 and are well-worth using.

The game doesn't really explain how to to use date gifts, though, so you're on your own there unless you're reading a guide like this one.

You can buy date gifts from the store using seeds, and you can tell which are specifically these sorts of gifts at the top of the item description, as you can see below.

HuniePop 2: How to Give Date Gifts

Now that you've got some on hand, it's time to make sure you can use them. Before you initiate a date with the two lovely ladies you're talking to, click on 'Gifts."

In this screen, you're able to equip both girls with gifts you can use over the course of your date. Their potential inventory is the column directly below their icons.

All you have to do is drag a date gift to a free slot and it will be available for use over the course of your date.

At the start of your relationship with a girl, you'll only be able to equip one gift. As you improve your relationship, you'll be able to equip up to four at a time.

Almost of these gifts have a Sentiment cost, which are the teardrop-looking orbs when playing the main match-three portion of the game. You'll want to focus on them from time to time if you intend to use date gifts in action.

Once a girl has enough Sentiment, you can swap to her and use one of the date gifts you've equipped her with. Easy peasy!

That's all you need to know about giving date gifts in HuniePop 2. If you haven't grabbed those special outfit codes up yet, you can get HuniePop 2 outfit codes here.

Valheim Bosses: How to Beat Every Boss Mon, 22 Feb 2021 16:02:49 -0500 Sergey_3847

Survival is not the only goal of Valheim. You will need to kill the game's five bosses to progress to the end-game and get more crafting recipes for tools, weapons, and armor. These difficult enemies are summoned in very specific biomes, though their individual locations will vary based on your seed. 

Before you can summon a boss in Valheim, you must discover its complementary runestone hidden somewhere in its biome. After you do so, the boss' mystical altar location will be marked on your map, and then you must sacrifice certain items at the altar for the boss to appear. 

It is highly recommended to be well-rested before each encounter and bring along as many health items as possible. In the early game, this means eating berries, cooked meat, and cooked fish before each encounter, all of which will max out your health and stamina bars. Later, you can craft potions with the fermenter. 

How to Beat Eikthyr 

How to Summon Eikthyr

When you first spawn into Valheim, you will see a stone circle. Each stone represents one of the game's bosses. Eikthyr's is the square one with red glowing runes. Interact with it and register Eikthyr's altar location on your map.

You can summon this stag by offering 2x Deer Trophy at the mystical altar. Deer Trophies drop from deer hunting and killing deer in the Meadows and Black Forest biomes.

Since you can be attacked by other creatures, such as greylings, at night, summon Eikthyr in the daytime to make this battle easier. 

Best Strategy

Eikthyr has targeted and AoE attacks, both of which come from the lightning energy in their antlers. They can also melee you with their antlers using a charged attack.

The two best weapons to craft this early in the game are:

  • Flint Spear (5x Wood, 10x Flint, 2x Leather Scraps)
  • Crude Bow (10x Wood, 8x Leather Scraps)

Both of these weapons put distance between you and the boss, giving you opportunities for ranged attacks while dodging lightning strikes.

The best arrows for your bow right now are Flint Arrows, which can be crafted with:

  • 8x Wood
  • 4x Flint
  • 2x Feathers

Flint can be found on the banks of ponds and rivers in the Meadows biome, as well as along the ocean shore. Feathers can be scavenged from chests, found on the ground, or gather from killing birds. 


Once Eikthyr is defeated, he will drop the following items:

  • Eikthyr Trophy
  • 3x Hard Antler

If you hang the trophy on the sacrificial stone where you spawned into your world seed, you will be rewarded with Eikthyr's forsaken power, which reduces your jump and run stamina by 60%.

The three hard antlers can be used to craft the antler pickaxe (10x Wood, 1x Hard Antler), which can mine for resources such as stone, copper, tin, and iron.

How to Beat The Elder

How to Summon The Elder

The second boss of the game can be summoned after locating his rune stone on one of the Burial Chambers. These are dungeon structures that can be found in random locations in the Black Forest and Meadows biomes.

Once you locate The Elder's rune stone, it will reveal the location of the summoning altar on the map.

In order to summon The Elder you must offer 3x Ancient Seeds at the altar. Ancient Seeds drop from Greydwarf Brutes and Greydwarf Shamans that roam the Black Forest biomes.

You can also find them inside random loot chests and by destroying Greydwarf Nests that spawn creatures.

Best Strategy

The Elder is a tree-like boss that has a massive health pool. Their stomping and root attacks are very dangerous, with the latter being very unpredictable. Unless you're using console commands, that means you should use a ranged weapon, such as a bow.

You will also need to make good use of the rocks and trees scattered around the arena. Hide behind them when The Elder attacks, and then pop out to get in a few shots. Stay on the move, however, as The Elder can destroy these trees and rocks, and their root attack can get around them. 

At this stage of the game, you should be able to craft the Finewood Bow:

  • 10x Fine Wood
  • 10x Core Wood
  • 2x Deer Hide

The best arrows against The Elder are Fire Arrows, which can be crafted with 8x Wood, 8x Resin, and 2x Feathers. You will need around 50-100 arrows to beat this boss. 

The battle can also be further complicated by the appearance of trolls and greydwarves, so like Eikthyr, try to summon The Elder during the daytime.


After beating The Elder, you will be rewarded with:

  • Swamp Key
  • The Elder Trophy

The Swamp Key is important for the next boss fight, Bonesmass, as it unlocks all of the Sunken Crypts found in the swamp biome.

The Elder Trophy can be hanged at the sacrificial stone at your world seed spawn point, which appears at spawn, and you will receive The Elder's forsaken power, which allows you to cut trees much faster.

How to Beat Bonemass in Valheim

How to Summon Bonemass

Sunken Crypts are dungeons that spawn randomly in the Swamp biome. Some areas on the map will have only one of these burial chambers, while others can have five or more. Use the Swamp Key from The Elder boss to unlock them (one key works for them all). 

Inside one of the dungeons, you will find a rune stone, which will mark the Bonemass altar's exact location on the map. Finding this rune stone can take a long time, as you have to mine through muddy scrap piles and fight through many Draugr. 

We looked through seven Sunken Crypts before finding the rune stone. It's helpful to mark each crypt location after it's been searched so you don't waste time. 

While searching, gather any Withered Bones you come across. You will need 10x Withered Bones to summon Bonemass. 

Best Strategy

Since Bonemass is resistant to piercing and slashing damage, you can't use swords, axes, or bows against him. You could use Frost Arrows, although they are very hard to get at this point in the game and require venturing into the Mountain biome.

However, they are weak to blunt damage, which leaves you with the following weapon options:

  • Iron Mace (4x Wood, 20x Iron, 3x Leather Scraps)
  • Bronze Mace (4x Wood, 8x Bronze, 3x Leather Scraps)
  • Iron Sledge (10x Ancient Bark, 30x Iron, 4x Ymir Flesh, 1x Draugr Elite Trophy)

This fight is very grindy, as you need to learn their cycle of attacks and act accordingly.

First, they will perform a swiping attack, which must be dodged. Once Bonemass slows down, you can approach for a series of blunt attacks. Second, they will summon a horde of skeletons and blobs that must be dealt with. You can use other weapons against them if you want to preserve your blunt weapon for Bonemass (though the AoE of the Iron Sledge is very effective).

Lastly, they will emit a poisonous gas, which must be avoided at all costs, as it will give you poison damage. It is recommended to bring along a few Poison Resistance potions for this part of the fight.


Bonemass will drop the following items after being defeated:

  • Wishbone
  • Bonemass Trophy

The wishbone is important because it reveals the locations of muddy scrap piles, silver veins, and buried treasure. 

The Bonemass trophy will grant you the Bonemass forsaken power after being hanged at the sacrificial stone at spawn. This power makes you resistant to blunt, slash, and pierce damage.

How to Beat Moder

How to Summon Moder

To summon Moder, you need 3x Dragon Eggs, which can be found inside nests that spawn randomly in the Mountain biome.

To find the location of the summoning altar, you must find Stone Towers on the Mountain biome that may contain a signal stone. Once you find the signal stone and interact with it, Moder's altar location will be marked on your map.

It is strongly recommended to locate the altar before bringing the eggs, as they are extremely heavy. You will not be able to carry all three eggs at the same time, even if you increase your carrying weight by purchasing Megingjord from Haldor.

It's best to find the altar first and then look for eggs around it. 

Best Strategy

Moder is a wyvern that can deal devastating melee damage while on the ground and drop ice crystals from the air to deal frost damage. Bringing Frost Resistance potions is a good idea.

Being ice-based, Moder is mostly weak to fire damage. Bring the best bow you can get at this point in the game and a lot of Fire Arrows (8x Wood, 8x Resin, 2x Feathers). If you can't craft Fire Arrows, you can opt for Poison Arrows (8x Wood, 4x Obsidian, 2x Feather, 2x Ooze).

The best way to kill Moder is to get on top of a Stone Tower and shoot arrows while taking cover inside the tower. Beware, though: they are strong enough to destroy stone walls after a fashion. 


Once Moder is defeated, you will be rewarded with:

  • 10x Dragon Tears
  • Moder Trophy

Dragon Tears can be used to craft the Artisan Table (2x Dragon Tear, 10x Wood), an important tool for crafting the Spinning Wheel, Windmill, and Blast Furnace. 

The Moder Trophy will give you the Moder's forsaken power, which allows you to always have tailwind when sailing.

How to Beat Yagluth

How to Summon Yagluth

Head to the Plains biome and attack Fuling camps for Fuling Totems, which are drops from Fuling Berserkers. You need 5x Fuling Totems to summon the Yagluth.

Locate stone structures that look like Stonehenge in the Plains biome. One of them will have a stone tablet that will show you the location of the Yagluth's altar. Bring the Fuling Totems to the altar and put them in each of the five niches.

Best Strategy

Yagluth is the undead boss of the fire element, which makes them weak to frost and spirit damage. The best weapon against Yagluth is a bow with Silver Arrows, which can be crafted using this recipe:

  • 8x Wood
  • 1x Silver
  • 2x Feather

Yagluth has three main attack patterns.

The first one is their slamming attack, which creates small, explosive AoE. This attack can be easily dodged. The second one is more dangerous, where Yagluth summons meteors from the sky. This attack covers a wider area, so it is wise to keep a healthy distance from the boss as soon as the stonefall starts.

The last attack is a fire-breathing one, which can be either dodged or blocked by a Silver Shield (10x Wood, 8x Silver).

Bring along some Fire Resistance: Barley Wine ( 10x Barley, 10x Cloudberries) and at least 100x Silver Arrows, and you should defeat the final boss without any problems.


After you kill Yagluth, they will drop:

  • 3x Yagluth Thing
  • Yagluth Trophy

As of now, Yagluth Thing has no application in the game. But their trophy gives you some important resistances against fire, poison, and frost damage.

That's all you need to know on how to find, summon, and beat every boss in Valheim. For more on this Viking survival world, consider heading over to our guides on deflecting attacks, mining copper ore, and how to get rid of unwanted items

Persona 5 Strikers Dire Shadows Locations Guide Mon, 22 Feb 2021 14:04:30 -0500 George Yang

Persona 5 Strikers has a handful of super-powerful enemies called Dire Shadows. Defeating one nets you the "Who Dares Wins" trophy/achievement, and defeating all of them rewards you with "The Most Daring of All" trophy/achievement.

Dire Shadows are easily recognizable because they sparkle with electricity, and your fellow Phantom Thieves will comment on their presence. Though it's advised that you take these enemies on at the end of the game when you're at your most powerful, you can get near them beforehand. It's only when you actually strike them that a battle initiates. 

Dire Shadows Locations

Shibuya Jail:

The first one up is Killer Teddy Bear. Go to the Bunkamachi checkpoint and take the zipline to the next area (the yellow line on the map below). Go all the way down to the bottom, and you'll see the Dire Shadow right outside.

Sendai Jail:

Take the West Garden checkpoint, and go down to the lower area. Snake King will be waiting for you in the open area.

Sapporo Jail:

Go to the Sapporo Clocktower checkpoint, and go to the northwest corner of the map. Harlot of Desire will be there.

Okinawa Jail:

Go to the second checkpoint listed in the menu. In the next room over, the Wandering Reviver Dire Shadow will be waiting for you.

Koyoto Jail:

This one is probably the most difficult to find since the area has different portals. Here's the correct path to follow:

From the Fox Couple checkpoint (looking at the map), go left to Daughter Fox Shrine. Use the portal there to go to the Path of Fortune. Then take the portal at the small shrine to the Mother Fox Shrine. There, you will find Sun's Emissary.

Osaka Jail:

Go to the Mt. Chashiro checkpoint, and you'll be right outside a big building. Go past the first shadow you see, and the War Hungry Horseman should be behind it.

Jail of the Abyss:

Start at the very beginning of the jail area, and you should see Dark Sun right in front of you.

Tree of Life:

Go to the Path of Yearning checkpoint, and the Heavenly Punisher should be right around the corner.

Those are all of the Dire Shadows and their locations in Persona 5 Strikers! Defeating all of them will get you the "The Most Daring of All" trophy/achievement. If you're looking for more how-tos and walkthroughs, consider checking out our recipe guide and friend requests guide

Destiny 2 Cabal Gold: How to Get It in Season of the Chosen Mon, 22 Feb 2021 13:22:30 -0500 Justin Koreis

One of the most important items in Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen is the Hammer of Proving. This tool is the key to controlling umbral engrams and collecting extra loot at the end of Battleground missions. However, the Hammer runs on cabal gold, and the search for this resource can be time-consuming if you don’t know what you are doing. 

This Destiny 2 guide will tell you which activities give you cabal gold and how much you can expect to get from each of them. If you'd like to know more about how the Hammer of Proving works, we've got a separate guide on that here

How to Get that Gold

Sources for fall roughly into four activity categories:

  • Matchmade PvE
  • World Events
  • PvP activities
  • Endgame content

Keep in mind that the exact amount you receive from each of these does have some variation, so most of the numbers provided below are approximations based on results gathered by repeating activities.

Also, you have a limited capacity for this currency in your inventory. Initially, you can store 42 pieces. Eventually, you can increase that to as high as 84. If you are seeing little to no gold awarded after completing missions or matches, then you may be at or near your capacity

Matchmade PvE

Matchmade activities include:

  • Strikes
  • Nightfall Strikes
  • Nightmare Hunts

Gold drops upon completion, and the amount depends on the activity.

Nightmare Hunts drop around three pieces. Strikes and Nightfall strikes drop 14 if you have the capacity. How quickly you accumulate the currency is largely dependent on the quality of your fireteam and which strike you load into, but one strike will net enough to load your Hammer of Proving for your next Battleground.  

World Events

World events can yield gold as well. These take place in open public spaces and can be either Public Events or the Blind Well in the Dreaming City.

Public events are often fast, but not always available; they drop around seven pieces. The EDZ and Cosmodrome on Earth is a great place to chain fast public events.

The Blind Well has the advantage of being available any time you want to launch it, provided you have Blind Well Charges to start the activity. If there are other guardians to join you, a full round can be as fast as five minutes, but that is solely dependent on other random players in your instance.

Completing a Blind Well only drops around two to three units, making this at best a mediocre activity for farming.

PvP Activities

PvP activities are Crucible and Gambit, and drops aren't dependent on victory, just finishing matches. Both modes yield around eight pieces.

Gambit matches usually take around 10 minutes, as do some crucible game types. Mayhem, however, can be over in as few as four minutes. That game type isn’t always available, but when it is, it is by far the fastest PvP option, and possibly the fastest gold farming route overall.  

Getting certain weapons, of course, like Bottom Dollar and Dead Man's Tale, may speed up the process. 

Endgame Content

Dungeons and Raids are endgame activities, and typically require you to assemble your own fireteam to take on the most challenging PvE content in the game.

Cabal currency will be awarded after each encounter, giving you multiple drops for each full run. There may be some variation depending on the encounter, but each section seems to drop around from five to 10 units.  

A typical raid or Dungeon will take most teams roughly an hour.  At a rate of 15-30 gold per hour, these tend to be among the least efficient farming methods.

Alternate Sources

There are two other limited sources for this precious resource.

A quest will award you 28 gold at the start of the season. There are also a pair of Hammer of Proving Enhancements you can unlock that will reward you with a small amount anytime you smash one of the Tribute Chests at the end of a Battleground mission in the Vanguard Playlist.  

There you have it. Cabal Gold is the currency you need to progress in the Season of the Chosen. Follow this guide, and you will have no trouble keeping it flowing  and your Hammer of Proving primed and ready for chest-smashing joy. 

How to Parry Attacks Like a Boss in Valheim Sat, 20 Feb 2021 13:59:03 -0500 Justin Michael

The combat system of Valheim offers a good bit of variety depending on how you like to do things, with some people likening it to a Dark Souls adjacent experience. With so many good weapons to choose from, each with its own styles and attacks, there’s a little something for everyone. But where there is offense, there is also defense, and the most satisfying defense is knowing how to parry your foe's blows.

In this quick tips guide, we’re going to talk about parrying in Valheim and how it’s an essential technique to master.

Parry on My Wayward Son

Parrying can be done with any weapon that you can block with; from the lowly wooden club to a mighty iron axe and the stout Stagbreaker. Your default blocking key for keyboard and mouse is bound to the right mouse click.

The advantage of a parry over a block is that it not only will block incoming damage, but it will also cause your enemies to stagger and give you a small window to do critical damage.

So, if it’s the same key as your block, then how do you do it? Timing. It’s all in the timing. 

Parry Timing

Similar to games like Dark Souls, the parrying mechanic in Valheim is all about timing. A well-timed right-click, as soon as an enemy is about to land their attack, will register as a parry.

It's easy to tell if the parry was successful, as it will make a noise similar to the one made when you gain a skill level. The enemy will also stagger backward,  drooping slightly and remaining motionless for a second or so. 

Parrying with a Shield

Now, while you can pull the move off with a weapon, doing so with a shield is the better route to go.

A shield is going to block more damage, and you’re going to be quicker on the counterattack since you don’t have to wait for your weapon to go back to a neutral position.

It is also very important for you to remember that blocking and parrying will require stamina, with that stamina requirement getting lower as your block skill increases with each successful attack block/parry. You could eat a bit of fish to up your stamina before battle to make things a bit easier. 

Lastly, larger enemies like bosses and trolls are going to be much harder to parry, if at all, and very difficult to stagger, so don’t put yourself in their direct line of attack if at all possible. 

And there you have it, parrying in Valheim comes down to timing, practice, and knowing your foe. Hopefully, you found this quick tip guide helpful and, if you’re new to Valheim, consider checking out some of our other articles like our starter help guidebase construction guide, or merchant finder methods