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Rockstar Games has just released their first of many series of new racing mode updates for GTA Online, beginning with the Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series. It includes five new cars, two of which are supercars.

You can buy all five new cars in your GTA Online shop and test them out immediately. If you want to know which car is the best in this latest update, then follow our guide for all five new cars below.

Överflöd Entity XXR

Överflöd Entity XXR in GTA Online

  • Price: $2,305,000

The XXR is a true sports car based on Koenigsegg One, the star of the Geneva Motor Show. It can be fully customized in the mod shop, where you can change all of its body kits, spoilers, wings, etc.

The biggest upside of XXR is its light weight, which helps its acceleration and overall speed. You can easily push this car to the limit and watch it fly over every other racing vehicle.

The only downside is the price. You could buy Vagner with similar performance for only $1,535,000. But if you have the extra money, and you want something fresh to try, then definitely pick up the Entity XXR.

Cheval Taipan

a yellow Cheval Taipan

  • Price: $1,980,000

For all its glorious customizability, the Taipan is a very average sports car. It's not as fast as you would like it to be, and it's definitely not very good in terms of handling.

The problem here is that the Taipan is heavy, and you can't accelerate too much or you are in danger of turning over or simply hitting something in your way. For all its clunkiness and extremely high price, the Taipan is simply not recommended.

Declasse Hotring Sabre

Declasse Hotring Sabre kicking up some dust

  • Price: $830,000

This Hotring Sabre, just like the name suggests, is a Hotring racing car based on the NASCAR legend of the 90s -- the Chevrolet Lumina.

It has decent speed but average acceleration, and it has tons of customizable features. Of course, it's not as fast as the famous Pariah, but if you have the money, then be sure to buy the Hotring Sabre.

Vapid GB200

a tricked-out Vapid GB200

  • Price: $940,000

Here is a little speedster that is extremely sensitive on the road. It has awesome acceleration, but you really need to pay attention to what you're doing on the road or it'll get you into trouble.

If you want to take it on the track, then be sure to avoid those with lots of turns -- it just won't hold up. Also, considering it doesn't boast the highest speed, the GB200 turns into a peculiar choice. Try it out for yourself and see if you want this in your garage, as it is most likely designed for an acquired taste.

Vulcar Fagaloa

a Vulcar Fagaloa with a surfboard on the roof

  • Price: $335,000

This two-door station wagon is based on the Volvo Amazon from the 60s. It's a typical beach car and is not intended for racing.

It's a very slow and clunky car, but you buy a car like this for the fun it offers and its cool, customizable features. For example, you can turn it into rusty garbage and drive the streets of San Andreas, making everybody point their fingers.


The Super Sport Series kicks off new car releases every week from now on, so be sure to check every single car before making the decision to purchase anything.

Out of the first five cars, the best one is definitely the Entity XXR. Although it's a bit costly, it is a solid investment. Skip the Taipan and take into consideration either the Sabre or GB200 -- although the Sabre is the definite winner among these two.

So really, only two cars are worthy of your money here: the XXR and the Sabre. The rest simply can't compete. But we'll see what the next week will bring to the table.


Now you can safely purchase any of the new cars presented in the Super Sport Series update, and for other GTA Online guides at GameSkinny, just follow these links:

FFXIV Eureka Anemos Weapon Guide Wed, 21 Mar 2018 11:31:12 -0400 Sergey_3847

The whole point of Eureka Anemos dungeon content, the latest addition to Final Fantasy XIV patch 4.25, is the new set of Anemos gear, which includes the new relic weapon.

In order to get this new powerful weapon, you need to unlock a few other things beforehand and also earn some Protean and Anemos crystals by killing elemental monsters. Follow our step-by-step guide below for more details.

How to Unlock the Eureka Anemos Weapon

Purchase screen for the anemos crystal in FFXIV

Step 1: Obtain Antiquated Weapon

You can obtain an Antiquated weapon or any other Antiquated item in two ways: either by getting it from your coffer of the level 70 final job quest, or by purchasing it from Calamity Salvager.

Calamity Salvager can be found in the following areas:

  • The Aftcastle, Limsa
  • Mih Khetto's Amphitheatre, Gridania
  • Weaver's Guild, Ul'dah
Step 2: Upgrade Your Weapon

After you've purchased an Antiquated weapon from Calamity Salvager, you can take it to Gerolt, a blacksmith, who resides in Port Surgate on Eureka. He will be able to upgrade your weapon to a regular version, and then to +1 and +2 versions, which are necessary for your Anemos weapon.

You also need to have enough Protean crystals to be able to pay for the upgrades. Protean crystals can be obtained by killing elemental monsters on Eureka.

  • regular weapon upgrade will cost you 100 Protean crystals
  • +1 upgrade will cost you 400 Portean crystals
  • +2 upgrade will cost you 800 Protean crystals
Step 3: Unlock Anemos Weapon

In order to upgrade any of the +2 items, you will also need 150 Anemos crystals, which can be exchanged for your Protean crystals.

However, in order to unlock the Anemos weapon, you will also need 3 Pazuzu feathers, which can only be obtained by killing the Pazuzu Bird, which spawns in the Newvoid, west of Eureka, after you defeat Shadow Wraith.

Take the feathers back to Gerolt and upgrade your +2 weapon to Anemos weapon.


That's how you can unlock the Anemos weapon or any other upgradable item on Eureka, and for other Final Fantasy XIV guides at GameSkinny, please follow the links below:

An Updated Beginner's Guide to Planetary Conquest in The Old Republic Wed, 21 Mar 2018 11:23:28 -0400 Anthony Merklinger

On Tuesday, March 20, BioWare introduced game update 5.8: Command Authority for Star Wars: The Old Republic and brought massive changes to its Planetary Conquest system that was first introduced with 2.9: Galactic Strongholds in 2014. Among a new interface design, players can enjoy increased challenges, opportunities, and rewards for their participation.

New interface for SWTOR 5.8 patch

Getting Started

Planetary Conquest is an in-game event that allows guilds to compete for control over sectors, or planets, by acquiring points through objective completion. The event resets weekly on Tuesday afternoon. Players can participate by opening their Mission Log (hotkey “L”), selecting the Conquest tab from the menu, and completing the objectives on the left. While some can be performed individually, others require group settings. Objectives have been rebalanced to yield points appropriate to their respective difficulty and now offer credits, experience, and Command Experience upon completion.

There are 13 unique Planetary Conquest events with 19 conquerable planets. Prior to 5.8, cycles operated on a fixed schedule, which gave players and guilds the opportunity to strategize and take proactive measures to build significant points at the start of the event; however, Command Authority has made the Planetary Conquest schedule obsolete, and cycles are now chosen at random (unless one coincides with another recurring in-game event, such as Relics of the Gree or Rakghoul Resurgence).

Meeting Personal Goals

Planetary Conquest’s new interface design separates personal contribution from guild invasions. To be eligible for the personal rewards, players must accumulate enough points to meet the event’s designated goal, which is usually 20,000. While the planetary bonuses for objectives have been removed, update 5.8 introduces daily objectives to supplement the one-time and repeatable tasks. One-time objective completion is now indicated by a “complete” or “incomplete" status, whereas the lemniscate that accompanied repeatable missions has been replaced with a variant of the universal recycling symbol. For additional clarity, players can filter objectives by points, name, repeatable eligibility, and percent complete.

Note: War Supplies: Invasion Force, which previously served as the “toxic waste” of Planetary Conquest, can be combined into ten stacks and donated to the guild for conquest points. Crafting War Supplies now requires additional materials.

a well-decorated stronghold in SWTOR

Applying a Stronghold Bonus

A well-received change with Command Authority is how stronghold bonuses affect player scores. Prior to update 5.8, a player could achieve a 150% stronghold bonus by unlocking several strongholds and filling their rooms with decorations. Strongholds retained a 100% decoration completion that could be satisfied by filling out the maximum allotment of decoration hooks, which contributed a 25% stronghold bonus toward the overall 150%. Players took advantage of this feature by purchasing cheap decorations, such as Basic Metal Chairs and Basic Junker’s Lights, from the decoration merchants; however, update 5.8 has removed decoration hook requirements and instead bases a player’s stronghold bonus on the number of strongholds and rooms unlocked. The Coruscant Apartment, Kaas City Apartment, and Umbaran Mobile Base are the cheapest and easiest to fully unlock (granting a 75% stronghold bonus).

A 150% stronghold bonus makes achieving personal conquest goals relatively easy. For instance, completing an operation through Group Finder, prior to 5.8, would typically yield 3,000 points. With the bonus applied, a player could earn 7,500 points for completing the same objective. Stronghold bonuses are now reflected in the Conquest interface.

Conquest interface in Star Wars The Old Republic

Guild Invasions

A new panel has been introduced to reflect a guild’s progress in Planetary Conquest called “guild invasions.” Update 5.8 categorized conquerable planets into three planetary invasion targets, each with unique reward yields: planets with the highest invasion target require the most participation points and offer the strongest rewards, whereas planets with the weakest invasion target offer the smallest rewards.

Guild leaders or officers with invasion privileges can commit a guild’s flagship to a planet, which will lock the guild into that planet’s leaderboard for the duration of the event; however, guild rewards are no longer tied to placing on the leaderboards’ top ten. Instead, guilds that meet their point goal, which corresponds to the sum of the guild’s members’ scores, will be eligible for receiving the invaded planet’s yield. Guilds that take first place still acquire the achievement: “Conqueror of...,” which can be found under Strongholds in a player’s legacy (hotkey “Y”).

More new features introduced with Command Authority are the top five guild member participation panel, where guild members can see who their highest contributors are, and the Current Conquerors panel, which shows planets that have been last conquered by an invading guild.

the current conquerors panel


Players who complete their personal conquest goal will receive the following rewards:

  • Gathering Lockbox (Universal): “Contains [three] material gathering decorations for your stronghold, which can be harvested for crafting materials.”
  • 25k Credit Certificate
  • 2x Superior Resource Matrix
  • 10x Scrap: Assorted Droid Parts
  • 15x Scrap: Scavenged Scrap

Guilds that meet their planetary invasion target will receive the following rewards:

Small Yield:
  • Gathering Lockbox (Universal)
  • 50k Credit Certificate
  • 2x Superior Resource Matrix
  • 10x Scrap: Jawa Junk
  • 1x Command, Engineering, or Logistical Encryption
Medium Yield:
  • Gathering Lockbox (Universal)
  • 2x 50k Credit Certificate
  • 3x Superior Resource Matrix
  • 15x Scrap: Jawa Junk
  • 1x Command, Engineering, or Logistical Encryption
Large Yield:
  • 2x Gathering Lockbox (Universal)
  • 3x 50k Credit Certificate
  • 4x Superior Resource Matrix
  • 20x Scrap: Jawa Junk
  • 1x Command, Engineering, or Logistical Encryption

lots of items available from a vendor in SWTOR

Note: When a player meets their planetary conquest goal, a new vendor will appear in the Strongholds and Crew Skills section of the Republic and Imperial Fleets. Players can exchange five War Supplies: Invasion Force and 100,000 credits for new stronghold decorations. Additionally, players can purchase the new Commander’s Compendium for three Dark Projects and 4.5 million credits -- an item that instantly brings a companion’s influence level to 50 (with the exception of temporary companions).


Following these strategies can help you and your guild obtain more favorable and substantial results in Planetary Conquest with the SWTOR 5.8 update. Be sure to check back with GameSkinny for more on Star Wars: The Old Republic!

Sea of Thieves Beginner's Guide Wed, 21 Mar 2018 11:01:40 -0400 Anthony Merklinger

Looking to start your voyage in Rare’s Sea of Thieves? We’ve gathered the best tips and tricks to help feeble pirates get their sea legs as they embark on an unforgettable journey beyond the horizon. Whether you sail in the company of nefarious scallywags or brave the tide by your lonesome, our beginner’s guide will help you navigate the starting outpost, launch your vessel, and complete quests to earn some much-needed coin.

A pirate ship docked by a shore

Character Creation

Rare’s approach to character creation is atypical from traditional online games. The importance of player identity hearkens back to the notoriety of pirate legends who once plagued the sea, such as Blackbeard or Davy Jones, so modification tools to adjust hair, facial structure, weight, height, and other body appearance options are nonexistent to prevent two similar models from engaging in the same lore-based adventure. Recognition is king.

Players are introduced to eight unique, albeit randomly generated, character models via the character creation panel. Here, the “bare bones” of a character are chosen, as numerous customization features can be purchased using in-game currency from Outpost vendors or accessed using the vanity chest later.

Players can favorite particular styles and regenerate models to narrow their search and compare; however, it is worth noting that once a character has been made, it is bound to the Microsoft account’s gamertag and cannot be changed unless deleted.

Tip: Need to delete your pirate? Open the settings from the main menu and select “pirate settings.” A single option will be available, so you can restart with a clean slate. No more grogginess! 

Models hold shovels, cutlasses, grenades, hurdy-gurdies, pints of grog, and other pirate paraphernalia, though this is not indicative of the model’s role. Additionally, hitboxes are normalized, so larger and smaller pirates will have equal performance during combat.

ship selection screen in sea of thieves

Selecting Your Crew

In the absence of a central storyline, Sea of Thieves strictly relies on player engagement and cooperation for its open-world setting. From the starting screen, pirates can choose their ship class -- galleon or sloop -- and preset their group configurations:

  • Full galleon crew (four players)
  • Small galleon crew (three players)
  • Small sloop crew (two players)
  • Solo sloop crew (one player)

If you choose a full galleon crew as a solo player, you may be paired with other pirates from cross-platform play. Be ready to use the in-game chat and/or voice functions to coordinate voyages. 

Choosing Your Ship

There are two vessel types pirates can utilize to navigate: galleons and sloops. Sloops have a competitive advantage with respect to speed and tacking and are perfect for smaller crews, as the proximity of the ship’s wheel, anchor, sails, and cannons are within jumping distance. Though it provides less protection and cargo space than the galleon, the sloop is a viable option to make quick escapes or for sailing solo.

Conversely, the galleon is more open and requires more hands to prepare and defend the ship. Galleon crews can enjoy faster speeds when sailing with the wind but will be outmatched against sloops moving against the wind.

Navigating the Starting Outpost

When a player enters Sea of Thieves, they will emerge from a drunken stupor in the Outpost’s Tavern. The first objective is to become familiar with the basic hotkeys, prompted by the in-game tutorial demonstrating inventories, quest logs, and weapon cycling that can be adjusted in the keyboard and mouse or controller settings. When you have found a comfortable setup, explore the town to gather your bearings. Try sprinting, aiming, or charging up your cutlass' plunge attack before venturing into uncharted waters.

There’s a myriad of supplies stored in barrels throughout the Outpost. Stock up on bananas to replenish your health, planks of wood to repair your ship, and cannonballs to defend yourself in case of attack. You can also visit the armory box to swap your pistol and cutlass for a blunderbuss or rifle.

As a pirate newcomer, you'll be pretty strapped for coin, but you can visit the Outpost’s shops to browse a vendor’s wares or engage in conversation for some plundering incentives. Each shop -- weaponsmith, clothing, equipment, and shipwright -- sells alternate cosmetic items players can purchase to enhance the appearance of their character, equipment, or vessel.

Voyages available for purchase

Purchase a “Voyage”

In Sea of Thieves, quests, or "voyages," can be purchased for gold from one of the three reputation factions located in the Outposts. Players can retain a combination of up to three quests at a time for the Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls, and Merchant Alliance -- the first quests, or starter voyages, are free. Completing voyages earns a player gold and reputation points for that association, which are marked by milestones that will unlock hidden areas and more significant equipment; however, the higher the reputation, the more complex and difficult the voyages become.

Players, in their quest to become "pirate legends," can plunder armaments to tackle more significant challenges, such as Skull Forts -- Sea of Thieves’ raid equivalent. You can also find hidden treasure maps along island coastlines, stashed away in green bottles. 

Steering a pirate ship in nighttime waters

Launching Your Vessel

Head to the Outpost dock when you're ready to launch, and interact with the ladder to climb aboard. From here, you’ll want to plot your course. Select the voyage you and your crew want to undertake (indicated by the voyage table below deck), and determine your heading by consulting the map table. Raise the anchor, drop the sails, and man the wheel as your ship carries you to your destination. Move the sail angle to catch the wind for increased speed.

Be extremely careful to avoid crashing into other objects, as your ship can sink -- along with any valuable treasures on board -- if repairs are not made immediately. If your vessel takes on water, grab your bucket and dump it overboard.

Tip: Consider reducing your speed and be ready to drop the anchor as your vessel approaches land. Also, be aware of approaching storms -- your ship and your character can be struck by lightning.

light blue smoke emerging from a flare at sea

In the event your pirate ship sinks, a mermaid will be positioned nearby holding a flare with a great plume of smoke that you can interact with to return to an Outpost (or your ship if you’ve become separated).

Completing Voyages

Voyages can be exceedingly vague or blatantly obvious, though the trick to completing them is using the resources provided, and perhaps a little bit of luck. Quests for the Gold Hoarders association involve hunting down and recovering treasure, whereas quests for the Order of Souls requires, well, skulls of the undead. The Merchant Alliance is a bit more elaborate, as pirates may not only be responsible for delivering cargo but may also have to catch wild animals, which requires securing a cage from the representative prior to launch (and after the voyage has been selected).

Use your equipment wisely. Activate your lantern during the evening, maintain strong supplies of wooden planks and bananas, and ensure your pistol has sufficient ammo. You can even load your ship’s cannons prior to setting sail. There is no doubt you will encounter ill-intentioned characters along your travels, whether they be other players or enemy NPCs. Sea of Thieves excels at removing a player’s sense of security, so be prepared for intensive combat and note your quickest escape route.

During combat, especially as a solo player, felling enemies is much easier when a considerable distance is kept, as aimed shots can result in a kill. If you run out of ammo, take advantage of the cutlass’ charged ability.

Tip: Pirates who encounter snakes can sustain damage over time if hit by their venom. Additionally, skeletons wielding blunderbusses can deplete a player's health significantly at close range. Take advantage of your ship's stockpile of bananas. 

a treasure chest in Sea of Thieves

Once you’ve completed a voyage, bring the contents to your ship and secure them below deck. Crews only get paid by selling the quest item to the association representative, who will divide the shares.

Larger crews should consider leaving a member behind to guard the ship, as vessels can be hijacked by other pirates. You can also douse the lamps for heightened secrecy. 

fog enshrouding the deck of a ship


The pirate life is not for everyone, and unfortunately, you may enter an encounter that takes a turn for the worse. Don't worry. If you're defeated, you travel to the Ferry of the Damned: an eerie ship captained by a pirate ghost (plus, you don't have to pay to get off!). Merely enter the portal located beneath the helm to return to your ship.

Defeating the Kraken

If your vessel comes under attack by the dreaded Kraken, specified by a dark mass underneath the ship, it is important for crews to remain calm and focused -- don’t dive in the water! Load the cannons and fire at the base of the Kraken’s tentacles. If an arm manages to capture a crew member and lift them from the deck, players should equip their cutlass and swipe at the tentacle as it closes.


Following these tips will help secure your advantage on the open sea and make you a seasoned, swashbuckling pirate. Be sure to check back with GameSkinny for more on Sea of Thieves, and if you haven't already, be sure to check out our other Sea of Thieves guides.

Surviving Mars: Waste Rock & Dealing with The Problem Wed, 21 Mar 2018 10:38:42 -0400 Ashley Gill

Waste Rock is the bane of the careful Surviving Mars player during most missions, not because it's a huge nuisance but because it keeps their Drones busy and their base messy.

One of the first things you learn in the game past the bare basics is in fact how to deal with Waste Rock.

In order to keep Waste Rock from being scattered all around your extractors, place Dumping Sites nearby for your Drones to stack the waste into one convenient spot. Dumping Sites themselves can be found under the 'Storage' option of the menu, to the far right.

As your extractors continue to pull out Mars' sweet, sweet usable resources, they continue to accumulate Waste Rock. Your storage needs continue to climb as you expand, and in short time your base will be flooded with far more Waste Rock and Dumping Sites than any other material or storage. That's just how it is.

Choosing to salvage your Dump Sites does not get rid of Waste Rock. Instead, the waste will be dumped all on the ground, which does take up far more space than the Sites themselves and is thoroughly not recommended -- until you have another Dumping Site area to store them or unlock a certain technology to get rid of those pesky rocks once and for all.

Keeping Waste Rock at Dump Sites.This is the worst.

How to get rid of Waste Rocks

Yes, my friend. There is a way to get rid of Waste Rock in Surviving Mars. Unfortunately, luck is the determining factor in how long it will take for you to be able to do it.

There's a certain technology that gives your Drones the ability to break Waste Rock down into Concrete. That tech? Waste Rock Liquefaction.

The tech tree is randomized each mission, so there is no telling when you will be able to research Waste Rock Liquefaction, but it is found within the Engineering branch. The amount of Research it costs depends on how deep the tech is in the tree. If you're lucky, it will only cost a few thousand. If not, well ... it'll cost a lot more than that.

Once you've completed the Waste Rock Liquefaction research, your Drones will take it upon themselves to whittle all that pesky rock into usable Concrete, which should allow you to relax on the Concrete production for a while.

Make sure you have sufficient Concrete storage and that you have enough Drones working in the same area as your Dumping Sites before completing this technology. You don't want your regular maintenance to suffer while they're busy with their new task, and you will need a place to put all the Concrete they produce.

With all this in mind, you now have hope that Waste Rock won't be polluting your colony forever. That's something, right? Feel free to check out our other Surviving Mars guides if you're in need of some more space-learnin'.

Ni No Kuni 2 Beginner's Guide: Tips and Tricks for Getting Started Tue, 20 Mar 2018 14:06:01 -0400 Littoface

Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom is a vast game with tons of content and things to explore. As gameplay elements are unlocked slowly as you progress through the game, you might find yourself wondering what actions you can take now to improve your gameplay later on in the game.

You've come to the right place! This beginner's guide covers the first ten or so hours, and covers combat, exploration, and some more general tips up to (but not including) kingdom management.

(Stay tuned to GameSkinny for a comprehensive guide on kingdom management soon!)

Ni No Kuni 2 Combat Tips

Character wielding a fire-based weapon during combat in Ni no Kuni II Revenant Kingdom

Battles are one of the most important aspects of Ni No Kuni 2, and the system is pretty robust. The game will lead you through the basics of fighting, but here are some more tips for efficient combat:

Switch characters mid-fight by pressing up or down on the D-Pad.

You can alternate between characters or just stick to one -- there's no clear advantage to either, so play according to your own preferences.

Use the auto-equip option, but sparingly.

You can auto-equip the strongest equipment available by pressing square in the weapons or equipment tab of each character's equipment information screen. While this is a useful trick for basic battles, it's worth taking the time to hand-pick the right equipment for each character.

Picking weapons yourself can give you a strategic advantage by choosing the right elements, the right accessories for the fighting style, and so on. Something else to keep in mind: Since Roland and Evan both use swords, the auto-equip gives whichever one of them you have selected the strongest set of weapons, leaving the other at a disadvantage.

Remember to customize the Tactics Tweaker to suit your location.

The fantastic thing about the Tactics Tweaker (once Lofty unlocks this for you) is that it's fully customizable and adjustable. Start with the full-party buffs (since these have no disadvantages), and use the sliders to buff your party.

Once you unlock other options within the Tweaker, make sure to switch the settings up depending on where you are and what you're fighting (like increasing damage against slimy monsters in the earlier areas, where you encounter many creatures of a gooey consistency).

Check your characters' skills after they level up.

There's no clear indication when a character learns a new skill, so until you reach the kingdom management aspect of the game, remember to check periodically for new skills.

Use combos, charges, and aerial attacks.

The game doesn't explicitly explain combos or aerials (though it does mention them), so be sure to experiment for some powerful attacks. Tani, for instance, bursts into a flurry of rotating hits with her spears when you attack in rapid succession. Alternating between light and heavy hits also leads to different types of attacks. Holding down the ranged attack button will charge it using MP (and automatically lock onto an enemy you're facing). Try different things!

Don't forget those Higgledies!

The Higgledies can make or break a fight, especially with bosses. Use them! Once you start a kingdom, you'll be able to upgrade and create new Higgledies, but for now, make use of the ones you have. Higgledies typically have a few supporting attacks and one major skill which must be activated by getting inside the blue circle surrounding them and pressing X. The circle disappears after a bit, so don't miss your chance! The little elemental critters let you know when they're ready to attack by letting out a cute cry. Listen out for it.

Exploration Tips

Two characters traversing the open overworld in Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom

You'll be doing a lot of exploring on your quest to create a unified kingdom. Here are a few things to keep in mind on your travels:

Use Trap Door waypoints to quickly go between places.

Exploring the overworld is fun, but if you just want to cut to the chase, press "Options" twice to see all the points to which you can teleport. You can warp from anywhere in the world, including inside dungeons, making this an easy way to complete quests and revisit locations. Whenever you encounter a glowing blue spot, make sure to press X inside it so you can easily return to the location at a later time.

Revisit dungeons when you get new skills.

Some dungeons have areas you can only access once you've unlocked specific skills. Make note of any suspicious areas on your first run-through, and return to explore further once you unlock the skill you were missing.

Don't worry about collecting all the items.

Scattered throughout the world and within towns and dungeons are sparkles that indicate items. While it's a good idea to pick up items in new areas (and especially in the Dreamer's Maze dungeons), don't worry about collecting them all: They replenish over time, and you'll be able to collect items from your kingdom later on anyway.

General Ni No Kuni 2 Tips

Four characters, two in conversation, from Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

And finally, here are a few more things to keep in mind when you're first starting out in Ni No Kuni 2:

Don't bother buying any weapons or armor until you get a kingdom.

Once you have access to kingdom management, you'll also unlock the ability to craft and upgrade your own equipment. Until then, save your guilders -- crafting and upgrading can be expensive, so you'll be glad that you did.

Check the Leafbook for updates and gossip.

The game's fantasy-world version of Facebook is a good place to see a quick summary of the story thus far (paired with amusing comments), but it's also great for finding hidden items and monster information. Use the Leafbook to check for tips and gossip, and save potentially interesting posts by "liking" them (you'll be able to easily filter by liked posts when you need to).


With these tips, you're ready to take on the world of Ni No Kuni 2! And be on the lookout for more Ni No Kuni 2 info right here on GameSkinny.

Sea of Thieves Guide to All Error Codes, Bugs, and Glitches Tue, 20 Mar 2018 13:48:25 -0400 Ty Arthur

New Sea Of Thieves players are in for some rough waters as the game leaves port for official launch, with a storm of "matchmaking has failed," "launch issues," "services unavailable," and "stuck on loading screen" errors ready and waiting to sink your hopes of a bug-free experience.

At least Rare uses more interesting error codes and bug names than your average game, with Sea Of Thieves glitches like Cinnamon Beard and Fishbeard scrolling across your screen instead of just a string of numbers and letters.

   I definitely don't want avocado in my beard, so the error name checks out

Sea of Thieves Error Codes and Glitches

Having trouble with these Sea Of Thieves matchmaking errors? We've got a full rundown of how to resolve all known issues so far, along with a list of which ones will have to wait for a patch to be resolved.


This particular Sea Of Thieves bug seems to be a server problem that is happening often as large numbers of players log in just after launch. Turns out they weren't prepared for so many people all at once! A patch is currently being worked on to resolve the issue, but for now your only real options to resolve the Fishbeard error code are to play solo or log out and wait awhile before trying to connect again.

Checking Pirate Roster

Similar to Fishbeard, this glitch occurs when you try to join a game, and it simply means the servers are full and there's no room for another player to join in. This should be resolved in the coming days, but in the meantime, you may also see an associated error message like Kiwibeard, Trimmedbeard, or FluffyBeard. They all mean the same thing.  


This error code appears to involve getting stuck while trying to wait for matchmaking, and unfortunately there isn't a clear resolution at the moment. According to the developers, a fix is in the works. A few players have reported that a full system shutdown occasionally resolves the problem, but this seems to be luck and not anything that works consistently.

Cinnamon Beard / Bronze Beard

These two errors typically include a "matchmaking has failed" message, and this is usually a problem with your Xbox being unable to connect to the server. Thankfully, there's an easy fix here. You just have to fully close the program and then restart it.

Simply exiting out doesn't cut it, though, as the Xbox One keeps games running in the background. Highlight the Sea Of Thieves pin on the dashboard and hit the Menu button, then select Quit to fully close it down. From there just re-open the program, and you should be good to go.

Opening Journal Error

This insidious problem involves getting stuck on the loading screen or welcome title screen. Here's the thing -- it's not eternally stuck, just temporarily. If you wait six to seven minutes, whatever is causing the loop gets resolved, and it will eventually load, but if waiting isn't your strong suit, there is an official resolution to this problem on the PC edition.

To fix the opening journal/stuck on loading screen bug, tap the "Windows" and "I" keys simultaneously to pull up the Settings menu. Click the "Time And Language" option, and then navigate to the "Region & language" tab. Change the default language to English (United States) and the location to United States, then restart your computer.

It isn't clear why this particular time and language issue is causing the problem, but at least there's an easy fix!

 Changing Language And Region Options

Have you come across any other Sea Of Thieves launch issues or gotten hit with "matchmaking has failed" or "services unavailable" error messages? Let us know what loading screen issues you are experiencing, and we'll find a fix for you!

Does PUBG Mobile Have Controller Support? Tue, 20 Mar 2018 12:38:38 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Does PUBG Mobile have controller support? Yes ... kind of. Using a gamepad for the mobile battle royale hit is complicated.

The official word from Tencent and Bluehole is that controllers and mobile gamepads aren't officially supported by PUBG Mobile on any device, whether that device be Android- or iOS-based. You can connect a controller and move around using the analog sticks, but that's about it. So you won't be able to shoot or pick up items. 

However, some resourceful Android users have found a way around the issue by using rooted devices. As of this writing, the method seems to work just fine for some controllers, but it could be patched out, so keep that in mind. 

Note: If you're playing PUBG Mobile on an iOS device, the method below won't work as of this writing ... mainly because we all know that Apple products can be difficult. 

PUBG Mobile Controller Support for Android 

First, you'll need to take screenshots of PUBG Mobile's controls so you can properly map them later on. This can literally be any screen that shows all of PUBG Mobile's controls, such as the screenshot below: 

PUBG Mobile in-game Controls Screen

Once you've done that, make sure your Android device is rooted and that you've got a USB to OTG adapter and a Dualshock 3 or Dualshock 4 controller. Finally, you'll need to buy the Sixaxis Controller App for $2.49 from the Google Play Store

After you've downloaded the Sixaxis Controller App and connected your Dualshock to your Android device via the OTG adapter, pair the controller to the device by clicking "Pair Controller." 

Once you've done that, you'll need to disconnect the Dualshock from the device and press the PS button to turn the controller on. Your device should now recognize the controller. Next, go into the Sixaxis App's settings and follow this path: Settings > Touch Emulator > Edit Profile. 

When you're presented with the white screen that says "Double Tap for Menu," double tap to open your device's menu and select the photo of PUBG Mobile's controls you took when we started. 

Make sure the picture is right-side up and choose "Add Button" to open a menu of all assignable buttons. Choose the button you want to assign, and when the menu closes, drag that button to the control point you want to assign. 

Save, and you're done. Unfortunately, you'll have to open the "Add Button" menu every time you want to assign a new control point, so keep in mind what buttons you've already used. 


This method of using a controller with an Android device should also work for a lot of other games on the Google Play Store -- so experiment and see what works!  

Thanks to Youtuber Kimmy's Portal for the tips on how to play PUBG Mobile with a controller. And stay tuned to GameSkinny for more PUBG Mobile guides.

7 Tips & Tricks for The Sims Mobile Tue, 20 Mar 2018 11:47:25 -0400 Will Phillips

Overall, The Sims Mobile is a pretty simple game. However, that doesn't mean there aren't some tips and tricks that will make your time playing the game all the more enjoyable. So here are seven things that I found made my time with the game easier.

1. You Can Get Free Stamina

Cupcakes aren't the only way to replenish your stamina. Sleeping in your bed, hopping in the shower, or even taking a wee in The Sims Mobile will give you some much-needed stamina points. However, they do take time to charge unless you cough up some SimCash.

A Sim considers taking a nap to restore stamina in The Sims Mobile

Side Note: While you may have to wait to use these methods of replenishing stamina to your current Sim, all of your other Sims can still do them. But of course, they will have to wait to use them again as well.

2. Do Two Stamina Tasks Instead of Just One

When trying to use your stamina up as quickly as possible, always go for the options that use more stamina and grant more points. Usually 1- or 2-stamina options are what's available. Using the 2-stamina option gets twice the amount of work done in the same amount of time, so there is no real reason to use a 1-stamina option unless it’s the only option available.

An option to perform an activity that requires two stamina in The Sims Mobile

I do recommend checking out the different character animations for the different options, but if you're trying to get things done as quickly as possible, this is the way to go.

3. Do Not Cook or Make Coffee

It might seem counterintuitive, but doing the cooking options at career events like the coffee shop and the restaurant is an inefficient use of stamina too. You have to first make the dish and then present it to customers. This is doing two separate tasks for 20 points. It doesn't necessarily hurt you, but it's just not the fastest choice when there are options to just use 2 stamina to get 20 points. Though once again, sometime's it's your only option.


4. Kill Two Jobs with One Phone

In certain locations, it's possible to zoom out and do two career events at once, such as with the restaurant and fashion buildings. Doing so allows you to start a task with one, and while one Sim takes the time to complete the task, you can simply start a task with your other Sim. So instead of wasting time watching your Sim do its animation, you are using that time to do double the amount of work!

Buildings in which you can perform multiple tasks in The Sims Mobile

5. Sleep Is for the Rich

Always make sure that all of your Sims are doing an event before you log off. They can complete events on their own, so letting them loiter around is simply a waste. Ideally, you would also want to use all of your stamina before you go, but this is not as significant as the last point.

A Sim working behind the counter in The Sims Mobile

6. Wait Before Taking Risky Actions

While the game may present you with the opportunity to take a risky action early in your shift, you may want to wait a little while before taking it. The more actions your Sims perform, the more confident they become. You'll know when they're ready to take actions after seeing one or two of these pop up.

A Sim letting you know that his confidence is boosted

And they'll let you know when they're ready to take a risky action when you see this pop up.

A really confident Sim

Now, of course, you're your own person and can play as risky as you would like, but waiting to gain some confidence can make a difference.

Risk and reward meters in The Sims Mobile

7. More Customization in the Character Creation

It's easy to miss, but there is a pen icon that pops up when changing your Sim's appearance. Clicking it will give you a tool to give you better control over changing your Sim's different body features. 

A Sim getting her hair customized

A Sim having her head width and length altered in The Sims Mobile

That pretty much covers it. These were some of the things that I thought would be useful nuggets of knowledge to carry with you next time you play The Sims Mobile. I hope you find these as helpful as I did, and be sure to check out our other guides to The Sims Mobile!

FFXIV Eureka Complete Gear Guide Tue, 20 Mar 2018 11:18:00 -0400 Sergey_3847

The latest patch 4.25 for Final Fantasy XIV has introduced a new dungeon, "Eureka Anemos." Eureka is basically a large island located in the deep ocean off the Far East that is designed to accommodate up to 144 players at once.

Players now have the chance to gather up and fight through hordes of elemental monsters and get some amazing new gear. If you want to know what type of gear is available on Eureka and how to unlock it, then follow our quick guide below.

Eureka Anemos Gear in Final Fantasy XIV

Yellow-clad FFXIV character wielding Eureka Anemos gear

In order to get the Anemos gear in FF14, you need to have in possession a piece of Antiqued gear and a certain number of Protean and Anemos crystals. This means that Anemos gear is basically the same Antiqued gear but dyable and with an additional glow to it.

If you don't have the Antiqued gear yet, then you need to reach level 70 and take it from the coffer obtained from your job quest.

Gear Requirement
Weapon (ilvl 335) Antiqued Weapon + 100 Protean Crystals
Weapon +1 (ilvl 340) Weapon (ilvl 335) + 400 Protean Crystals
Weapon +2 (ilvl 345) Weapon +1 (ilvl 340) + 800 Protean Crystals
Anemos Weapon (ilvl 355) Weapon +2 (ilvl 345) + 300 Anemos Crystals
Head (ilvl 335) Antiqued Head + 50 Protean Crystals
Head +1 (ilvl 340) Head (ilvl 335) + 150 Protean Crystals
Head +2 (ilvl 345) Head +1 (ilvl 340) + 400 Protean Crystals
Anemos Head (ilvl 350) Head +2 (ilvl 345) + 150 Anemos Crystals
Body (ilvl 335) Antiqued Body + 50 Protean Crystals
Body +1 (ilvl 340) Body (ilvl 335) + 150 Protean Crystals
Body +2 (ilvl 345) Body +1 (ilvl 340) + 400 Protean Crystals
Anemos Body (ilvl 350) Body +2 (ilvl 345) + 150 Anemos Crystals
Gloves (ilvl 335) Antiqued Gloves + 50 Protean Crystals
Gloves +1 (ilvl 340) Gloves (ilvl 335) + 150 Protean Crystals
Gloves +2 (ilvl 345) Gloves +1 (ilvl 340) + 400 Protean Crystals
Anemos Gloves (ilvl 350) Gloves +2 (ilvl 345) + 150 Anemos Crystals
Pants (ilvl 335) Antiqued Pants + 50 Protean Crystals
Pants +1 (ilvl 340) Pants (ilvl 335) + 150 Protean Crystals
Pants +2 (ilvl 345) Pants +1 (ilvl 340) + 400 Protean Crystals
Anemos Pants (ilvl 350) Pants +2 (ilvl 345) + 150 Anemos Crystals
Shoes (ilvl 335) Antiqued Shoes + 50 Protean Crystals
Shoes +1 (ilvl 340) Shoes (ilvl 335) + 150 Protean Crystals
Shoes +2 (ilvl 345) Shoes +1 (ilvl 340) + 400 Protean Crystals
Anemos Shoes (ilvl 350) Shoes +2 (ilvl 345) + 150 Anemos Crystals



That is all you need to know about the Eureka Anemos gear, and for more Final Fantasy 14 guides at GameSkinny, check out the links below:

Kirby Star Allies: Tips for Beating The Ultimate Choice on Soul Melter Tue, 20 Mar 2018 11:09:41 -0400 Felicia Miranda

Beating The Ultimate Choice on Soul Melter is quite the feat, considering it’s the most challenging level of difficulty in Kirby Star Allies. Bosses are more difficult, health is reduced by half, and the healing items in the rest area aren’t as restorative as they are in previous difficulties. That said, there are plenty of ways to approach this mode. What might work for someone else might not work for you, and vice versa, but we’ll be providing a list of tips that are popular among the Kirby Star Allies community and have worked really well for us.

Ability Tips for Soul Melter

Whether you’re playing with CPUs or alone, chances are you’re going to be dealing out the majority of the damage. This is why choosing the right copy ability for Kirby makes all the difference. You’ll typically have better results when you fight with abilities that you’re comfortable with, but there are a few among the community that are popular to use.

Stone is often used due to its high defense, Staff/Hammer for great damage output, and Water/Spark for their range. Whatever ability you choose, make sure you have someone on your team that can heal because chances are, you won’t get too far without it.

King Dedede in Kirby Star Allies

Tips for Choosing the Best Team

Speaking of teams, Allies are super important (duh) in Kirby Star Allies. This is particularly so when playing on Soul Melter. Playing alongside CPUs is a popular choice, and the most commonly seen seem to be a combination of King Dedede, Vividria, Chef Kawasaki, Driblee, Meta Knight, Plugg, and Bonkers.

Kawasaki and Vividria can provide healing to your team, however small of an amount it may be. King Dedede, Plugg, Bonkers, Driblee, and Meta Knight are great offensive allies due to their incredibly useful abilities.

Additional Tips

Always consider your strengths and weaknesses and how they might play into your battles. If you’re not so great at defense, opt for a team that focuses on healing, and choose an ability that deals damage from afar. Contrarily, If you’re great at defense, close-range abilities with heavy damage output might be a good fit for you. Try different things and see what works best!

We hope these tips help you along your journey to beat The Ultimate Choice on Soul Melter. Make sure to check out more of our Kirby Star Allies guides, and if you have any additional tips, feel free to leave a comment below.

Kirby Star Allies: All Secret HAL Rooms Guide Tue, 20 Mar 2018 10:52:53 -0400 Felicia Miranda

Kirby Star Allies has three secret HAL rooms which, for those who are unfamiliar, are hidden Easter eggs commonly found in many of the Kirby games. These locations are incredibly hard to find, and it’s quite possible to have played plenty of Kirby titles without having ever seen one. Despite their elusive nature, you will know you’ve found one by the giant HAL letters composed of Star Blocks in the middle of the room. These rooms contain anything from Stars and 1-Ups to puzzle pieces and special powers not found throughout the normal areas of the game, and we’re here to show you just where to find them in Kirby Star Allies.

HAL Room Location 1

The first HAL room can be found in Fruity Forest in Dream Land. You’ll find it right around the end of the level, before the boss battle with Whispy Woods. The last room before the fight has two wooden platforms connected by two ladders. Drop down and walk until you reach the three-step hill that precurses the area where the boss battle starts. Walk up to but not past the third tree after the hill. There’s an invisible switch here that opens the doorway to the HAL room. Take care not to walk past the tree or you will initiate the boss fight. Head back to the platform where the beginning of the room is, and a doorway will be there. This will take you to your first HAL room.

HAL Room Location 2

The second HAL room resides in Heavenly Hall in Jambastion. This is the last level in Jambastion, and it contains a boss battle, so make sure you’re prepared for that. After the fight, you’ll team up with your allies and use various Friend abilities to escape. The last ability is the Friend Star, and this will be the one you use to find the HAL room. After a mini-boss battle towards the end of the level, Kirby and his friends will fly upwards through a series of falling rubble. Remain on this screen until you see a small, dark doorway appear on the screen. This will take some time, so be patient! Enter through the doorway, and it will lead into the secret HAL room.

HAL Room Location 3

The third HAL room is located in the Jambandra Base in Far-Flung Starlight Heroes. This is the last world in Kirby Star Allies so if you haven’t reached this point yet, no worries. At least you’ll be prepared to find the room ahead of time. The entrance to the secret HAL room is near the end of the level, in the same area that you’ll find the golden goal post. Instead of heading inside the post, float all the way up until you see a small, yellow star shining in the middle of a purple X-shaped opening in the background. Press up on the star, and it’ll take you to the secret HAL room.

For some visual context, the video above from AbdallahSmash026 does a great job of showing where all the different HAL room locations are. This also concludes our guide for finding all three of the secret HAL rooms. Make sure to check back for more how-tos, tips, and guides on Kirby Star Allies.
Fortnite Blitz Mode (Limited Time Event) Mon, 19 Mar 2018 15:05:37 -0400 Ty Arthur

Now that the frenzied Battle Royale segment of Fortnite has made it to mobile (well, for iOS users anyway), a celebration is underway with a whole new limited-time mode that feels tailor-made for quick sessions on the phone.

The freshly released Fortnite Blitz mode ups the stakes and decreases the time of these already quick matches, forcing a hard cap of 15 minutes and changing up some of the mechanics to force faster confrontations.

If you love the feel of a Battle Royale match but want to pick up better loot faster and rack up the kills at lightning speed, this is the Season 3 mode you want to try out this week!

Update screen indicating that blitz mode is now available in Fortnite Season 3 gets even faster with Blitz Mode!

Blitz Squads in Fortnite's Limited Time Mode

You've got to switch to squads in the Battle Royale mode selector to take advantage of the Blitz limited time event, which isn't available in solo or duo modes.

The biggest difference with Blitz is that the storm immediately starts shrinking and doesn't stop throughout the course of the game, rather than closing in at regular intervals like in a standard match. There's much less time to explore areas on the edge of the map, and trying to pick up any of the weekly challenges will be a lot more difficult in Blitz.

Because you will be herded in closer together at a much faster rate, there is a much higher loot spawn rate, with chests appearing much more frequently in all the usual locations. Rare and higher equipment also spawn more often in those chests, so you will get better gear right away. Likewise, supply drops land much more quickly so you are always well outfitted.

Furthermore, all players harvest at twice the normal speed during a Fortnite Blitz squads match, so it won't take nearly as long to gather the resources to build structures. At the same time, building and camping isn't nearly as viable an option, since the storm shrinks at such a rate that you won't be able to stick around for long. Finally, launch pads spawn more often, so be on the lookout for players in the air!

Essentially, everything is in fast forward here with a Blitz match. All the standard ideas for victory apply, except that the focus will be less on stealth and more on getting an awesome weapon quickly and then taking down everyone fleeing the storm.

The typical psychological games like closing building doors behind you become less important in Blitz mode ... unless you are using the remote explosive C4 that was just added to the game. Since there's so much good loot to be found in Blitz mode, dropping some remote explosives next to a chest -- and then leaving the chest untouched -- is a sneaky and devious new way to get a kill.

Just hang out nearby (from above, if possible, for a good sniping vantage point) and wait for someone to walk in, then hit detonate. They might survive the remote explosive blast, but they will at least be weakened and easy to take out with a few shots as they run out of the building.

Screen showing selecting Blitz! (Squads) mode in Fortnite 

Selecting Fortnite Blitz Squads Mode

How are you liking the limited time Blitz squads mode, and do you have any tips and tricks for quick victory in this ultra-fast match type to share? Let us know your strategy for a quick win below!

Need help completing any other Fortnite Season 3 content? Check out our other latest Fortnite guides below, and stay tuned for more Week 4 guides coming soon!

Ghost of a Tale Footlocker Key Location Mon, 19 Mar 2018 14:58:13 -0400 Ty Arthur

Stealthy (and adorable) mouse hijinks abound in Ghost of a Tale, taking the Thief or Hitman style of gameplay and adding in a Redwall-esque graphical style with mice and rats.

A clever mouse will get his hands on keys to reach new areas or open locked chests while doing all that skulking around in shadows, but some of those keys are more successfully hidden than others.

The key to Silas' footlocker is one such helpful object that seems to be consistently overlooked by new players, but once you know where to look, you absolutely can't miss it (and will wonder how you didn't see it in the first place).

Looking for the sewer key and can't figure out how to open the sewer gate instead? Check out our full guide on accessing the Ghost of a Tale prison sewer system right here.

Ghost of a Tale - Silas' Footlocker Key Location

This particular key is used to open the footlocker owned by Silas in his home at the top of Dwindling Heights Keep during the Secrets of a Signal Guard quest.

If you have been exploring, you can actually see the key before you need to use it when this particular quest line is active after being given by the thieves in the cell. If you grab the key without the quest being turned on first, it will activate the quest for you automatically when you go to open the footlocker.

Where players are getting tripped up is that, for some reason, the quest will include the note "you took the key to Silas' footlocker," and oddly enough, the objective labeled "take the key to Silas' footlocker" is marked as completed, even though it hasn't been yet and you don't even have the key in your inventory.

The key that leads to Silas' footlocker 

The key to Silas' Footlocker

Strangely enough, the key is actually in Silas' room on the second floor (I guess Silas must not be worried about thieves?). You can see it hanging on the wall by the bed, but it's just out of reach. Either use a chair or bucket to reach the key, or you can jump off the furniture to hit it as well.

If you don't see it on the wall, that means you are in the wrong room. Just explore the rest of the house and you'll see it when you arrive at the room with the bed (you have to climb up the ladder and go through the trap door).

A message saying a lock can't be picked in Ghost of a Tale Trying to open Silas' footlocker without the key

There you have it -- the key to Silas' footlocker is now in your cute paws, and you can find out what's hidden inside! Looking for other keys or unsure how to complete other Ghost of a Tale quests? Check out our full collection of Ghost of a Tale guides here.

Ghost of a Tale - Thief Tunic Guide Mon, 19 Mar 2018 14:57:49 -0400 Ty Arthur

Every good thief needs a proper set of equipment, and in Ghost of a Tale, that means finding new costume sets to increase your stats and make it harder for rat guards to spot you!

Guard costumes, pirate costumes, and more are ready and waiting to be discovered if you fully explore the game world. One of the best in terms of pure stats is easily the thief costume, which consists of five components scattered around the keep.

Stats screen in Ghost of a Tale Checking the stats on the Thief Mask (special thanks to Brascus for the screenshot)

Ghost of a Tale Thief Costume

The thief's tunic once belonged to the legendary burglar Tulong, and finding all the parts to this costume will be required to complete the Dwindling Height's Keep quest named A Thief's Renown.

Disguising yourself as the famous thief hero of folklore will modify your stamina, health, resistance, and powers of perception for as long as the costume is worn. Below we cover all five locations of the thief costume components.

Thief's Boots Location

To find the boots of this ultra-stealthy thief outfit, head to the courtyard area of Dwindling Heights Keep and look for the cell where you talk to the prisoner mouse Gusto and his sister Fatale. Head over to the cell next to theirs and look for a conspicuous barrel next to a wall.

Move the barrel over to discover a hidden passageway into a new area. Head inside the passage and take a left, then run all the way to the back to discover the boots inside a chest near the wall.

A chest is softly illuminated by a burning candle in Ghost of a Tale Finding the Thief Boots (thanks to FlukeRogi for the screenshot)

Thief's Tunic Location

The main chest segment of the thief costume is found on a high ledge in the harbour area, but before you can get here, you first need to clear the rocks at the top of the armory stairwell. If you haven't gotten that far in the story yet, then the tunic will have to wait.

You can find the tunic by jumping off the bridge onto a ledge where the chest is hidden (this is easy to spot if you come down the stairs from the far tower). If you go through the building with the bed and a trap door, turn right as you exit onto the bridge, and you should see the ledge path you can jump on.

A dimly lit chamber that houses the thief tunic Finding the Thief Tunic

Thief's Mask Location

The mask piece of this costume isn't far from the boots location. From Gusto and Fatale's cell, head across the courtyard to the steps leading up. Climb up the stairs to find a room with a chest where the mask is hiding.

 Finding The Thief Mask

Thief's Hat Location

The hat portion of this costume is located in the catacombs area. You are looking for a tight ledge with a blue, burning light and a skeleton. The hat is right there between them.

A mouse finding the thief hat in Ghost of a Tale Finding the Thief Hat

Thief's Belt Location

To find the final piece of the Ghost of a Tale thief costume, head back into the courtyard area of Dwindling Height's Keep and look for the war room with the fireplace and the large table. The thief belt is in the chest in the small recessed area in the back of the room. The keys for the room are found on top of the cupboard near the balcony steps.

a recessed area in Ghost of a Tale that houses the thief belt Finding The Thief Belt

You've now got the full thief costume and are ready to sneak quiet as a shadow across the keep without getting spotted by those nefarious rat guards! Need help with any other part of this stealth-action RPG? Check out our other Ghost of a Tale walkthroughs below:

Ni No Kuni 2: The Kingmaker Knowledge Trial Guide (Including All Orbs) Mon, 19 Mar 2018 10:15:01 -0400 Littoface

Young Evan Pettiwhisker Tildrum has some pretty lofty aspirations in Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom. He wants to rule the entire world! (But in a kind way, not an evil way.) Before he can do that, however, there's just the small matter of forging a Kingmaker: a task that must be completed before he can rule over so much as a rock.

And to get a Kingmaker, Evan has to prove his worth in the Trials of Knowledge and Power. The Trial of Power is, as you might imagine, a battle. The Trial of Knowledge, on the other hand, is a puzzle.

The puzzle is simple but difficult to master. You're placed on a game board made up of squares. To complete each section, you have to activate statues around the board in the correct order, sometimes rotating them according to story clues. Glowing orbs are scattered around the board; these are optional, but collecting them all gets you extra loot on completion. The catch? As you pass each block, it falls away behind you.

The trick is to plan out a path that will take you around to all the orbs and all the statues in the correct order.

Having some trouble? We've got you covered! Below are the paths you'll need to follow in the Kingmaker's Knowledge Trial in order to complete each section and collect all the orbs along the way.

Ni No Kuni 2 Kingmaker Knowledge Trials Solutions

Part 1:

The story begins with a little boy who finds a magic wand and awakens a fairy. Hmm ...

Starting from left-most block:

  • up x2, left x3, up x2 (boy statue)
  • right x2, up (orb), up, right x4 (wand)
  • right, down x2, left, down (turn statue x2)
  • up, left x3 (orb), down, right, down x2, right x2 (fairy)
  • right, up, right, up x5, right (orb)
  • left (end)
Part 2:

The boy goes around gathering companions in the forms of a harpist, a pistolier, and a wizard. Together, the friends defeat monsters. Hey, players of the first Ni No Kuni, is this story starting to sound a bit familiar?

Starting from left-most block:

  • up, left, up (orb)
  • left (harpist)
  • left x3, up, left, up x5, left (orb)
  • left, down (pistolier)
  • right, down, right x2 (wizard)
  • up x2, right x2, down, right (turn statue x2)
  • down x3, right x4, up x2 (orb)
  • up (turn statue x2)
  • up, left x2, down (boy and monsters)
  • down x2 (end)
Part 3:

Four gates and a giant dragon must be destroyed to save the world. Each companion fells a gate, then the boy and his friends unite for an epic boss battle! The boy finally casts Mornstar, which defeats the evil dragon. The world is saved!

Starting from right-most block:

  • up x2, right x5, down x2, left x2 (wizard)
  • left, up x2, left (turn statue x2)
  • left, up, left x2, down x2, left x2 (turn statue x3)
  • up, left (pistolier)
  • up x2 (turn statue)
  • right x2, up x2, left x3, up x2, left, up x2, right (turn statue x3)
  • right x2, up x2, left x2 (harpist)
  • left x2, down x4, left, down (orb)
  • down, right, down x4, right, down (orb)
  • up x7, right x4 (turn statue)
  • right, down, right x2, up, right x2, down, right, down, right, down x2, right (orb)
  • up, right, up (turn statue x2)
  • left, up (fairy)
  • up, left x2, up x2, left x3, down (turn statue x2)
  • left (boy)
  • left, up x3, right (end)


Once you complete the Trial of Knowledge, you'll be met with the Trial of Power. Evan is on his own here, but it's a fairly easy battle.

Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of a Kingmaker … even if it isn't quite what you expected. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for all things Ni No Kuni 2!

Fortnite Supply Llama Locations Guide Sat, 17 Mar 2018 21:23:58 -0400 Sergey_3847

The latest weekly patch 3.3 for Fortnite has brought a new type of supply drops -- the Supply Llamas. These cute things are very similar to treasure chests, but contain a slightly different type of loot, which will appear at three random spots in each match in Battle Royale mode out of 15 possible locations in total.

This means that you will have to check the ones that coincide with the path of your choice, as these 15 locations are scattered all over the map. Even if you find just one such Llama, you will be greatly rewarded.

If you want to know how to locate all Supply Llama locations in Fortnite, then follow our quick guide below.

How to Find All Supply Llamas in Fortnite

Here is the complete list of all 15 Supply Llama locations in Fortnite:

  • C4 -- Southwest from Pleasant Park
  • C7 -- South from Greasy Grove
  • D6 -- Southeast from Titled Towers
  • E4 -- Northwest from Loot Lake
  • F7 -- Southwest from Salty Springs
  • F7 -- Southeast from Salty Springs
  • F8 -- West from Fatal Fields
  • G3 -- Northwest from Tomato Town
  • G7 -- Far eastern corner from Salty Springs
  • H5 -- Southeast from the Prison
  • I6 -- East from Retail Row
  • I8 -- Northwest from Moisty Mire
  • I9 -- Southeast from Moisty Mire

The best idea is to look out for Llamas as soon as you drop down. As you see on the map above, the most concentrated locations are Retail Row, Salty Springs, and Moisty Mire.

There is a bigger chance of finding at least one Supply Llama at one of these locations, so try to land somewhere at those spots.

The loot inside the Llamas is really good, and usually contains a lot of building materials, ammo, traps, and some consumables, as well.


Now you will be able to locate all Supply Llamas in Battle Royale mode, and for other Fortnite guides at GameSkinny, please visit the links below:

The Sims Mobile Aging, Retirement, and Heirlooms Guide Sat, 17 Mar 2018 11:14:55 -0400 Will Phillips

While it's definitely possible to get attached to Sims you spend so much time dressing up and completing event with, after a while you may grow bored of seeing the Sims day after day. Well luckily that's why they put the ability for your sims to retire in this game. Retiring is a way to "level up" your account by getting Heirlooms while also making room for you create more Sims. This makes for an interesting game play loop that ensures there are always incentives to keep you engaged.

How to Retire in The Sims Mobile

So how exactly do you retire? First things first, you have to be level 16 in order to unlock this feature. After that, you simply just play the game. Your character naturally ages over time from completing events, participating in hobbies, and going to work. So if you want to retire your Sims sooner, just make sure your Sims are always at work or in some type of event. Eventually, your Sim will let you know that they are ready to retire.

Note that you don’t have to retire your Sims if you don’t want to. You can choose to do so later. 

If you chose the option Not Right Now, you can then retire your Sim at any time by clicking this icon in the lower left corner next to your Sim's face.

Then pressing the traits button on the following screen.

After that you will see the option to retire your Sim next to your traits.

So now that you know how to retire your Sims, your next question might be why you should even consider doing that.

Getting Heirlooms in The Sims Mobile

Once your Sims retires, they give you something called Heirlooms. You might have already seen Heirlooms in the shop, but since you get very little Heirloom Tickets, you probably haven’t gotten one yet.


 That is unless you want to shell out some real money for them.


Heirlooms allow your next generation of Sims to gain access to new and leveled up traits. Other than your Lifestyle Score, this is the one other method to “level up” your account.


And if you end up getting duplicates, you can sell them for Heirloom tickets, which of course allow you to buy new Heirlooms from the shop.


In case you're scared that retiring your Sims will mean they're gone forever, don’t worry. Your Sims will still be around, they just won’t be playable. However, they are useful for your future generations of Sims. These retired Sims will occasionally prompt you with a mentor event. These events are opportunities for you current Sims to gain career or hobby EXP.


That's it. To summarize, your Sims will naturally age as you play. At point they will want to retire. Upon retirement, you will be gifted with a Heirloom that will make you future generation of Sims better!

Check out our other The Sims Mobile guides:

Fortnite: Where to Search Between Vehicle Towers Fri, 16 Mar 2018 15:00:10 -0400 Ty Arthur

Didn't manage to get your hands on a Fortnite Mobile friend code yet? Yeah, me neither, but that's alright because plenty of people are still logging into the 100 player death matches on PC, Xbox, and PS4.

As Season 3 grinds on, there are now seven new weekly challenges available for the Battle Pass crowd, including the usual mix of dealing damage in certain ways, getting kills in specific locations, and of course, finding hidden spots that test your knowledge of the map.

These new weekly challenges are now ongoing for Season 3, Week 4 of Fortnite Battle Royale:

  • Deal 500 damage with a sniper rifle to opponents (5 Battle Stars)
  • Search 7 chests in Flush Factory (5 Battle Stars)
  • Search 3 supply drops (5 Battle Stars)
  • Visit 5 different ice cream trucks (5 Battle Stars)
  • Hard challenge: search between a vehicle tower, rock sculpture, and a circle of hedges (10 Battle Stars)
  • Hard challenge: complete 1 trap elimination (10 Battle Stars)
  • Hard challenge: eliminate 3 opponents in Tomato Town (10 Battle Stars)

As usual, you only need to do four of the challenges each week instead of all seven. Below we explain exactly where to go to nab that first hard challenge (it's actually pretty easy) of finding a secret Battle Star treasure nestled between three unnamed landmarks.

collecting a battle star while halfway submerged in Fortnite Grabbing the hidden Battle Star treasure in Fortnite Week 4 (thanks to DooM Clan for the screenshot)

Vehicle Tower, Rock Sculpture, Circle Of Hedges Treasure Location

This week's hidden Battle Star treasure is actually found in a pond, and it won't be visible from a distance (although the landmarks will be). It doesn't wink into existence until you walk very close to its spawn location, so jump around in the water if you don't see it appear at first.

To get to this location, jump off the Battle Bus at the southwest corner of the map if possible so you don't have to spend the whole match running to the other side. This one is at the far southwest corner of the Battle Royale map, so if you don't land fairly close right at the beginning of the match, it's a good bet the storm will have covered the location before you can get there.

That's bad because it means you may have to play multiple matches to finish this challenge without getting killed by the storm, but it's also good because there will probably be fewer well-equipped snipers there waiting to kill you (maybe).

The exact coordinates are at the edge of grid H9, at the southwestern end of Moisty Mire. You will be able to see the edge of the map from the pond where the Battle Star spawns, and the rock sculpture will be to your north on a hill.

There's also more than one watery area here, so you may have to walk around a bit. You are looking for the pond near a shack with a tree on the water's edge. The specific Battle Star location is also marked on the map below. As with the other challenges, remember you have to finish the match or it won't register as completed.

Fortnite map displaying the location of the battle star for week 4 Fortnite Vehicle Tower - Rock Sculpture - Circle Of Hedges Search Location

There you have it -- one "hard" challenge done in just a few seconds of searching around Moisty Mire's ponds. Sure hope you didn't get sniped by the guy lying in wait at the rock sculpture trying to get an easy kill!

Need help completing any other Fortnite Season 3 content? Check out our other latest Fortnite guides below, and stay tuned for more Week 4 guides coming soon!

Fortnite Ice Cream Trucks Locations Guide Fri, 16 Mar 2018 13:12:58 -0400 Ty Arthur

Everybody is so excited to jump on the newly unveiled iOS edition of this Battle Royale champ that now the biggest problem in the game is having to constantly deal with Fortnite Mobile crashing!

If you can get the game working on your phone, that's great, but otherwise just jump back on the PC or console version for awhile as Epic gets the kinks worked out.

Whether you are playing Fortnite Mobile or are sticking with the standard old regular edition, there's still some Season 3 Week 4 Battle Pass challenges to mop up before the weekend ends, like hitting five different ice cream truck locations scattered across the map.

Battle Pass Challenges screen with ice cream trucks challenge highlighted Battle Pass holders have a wide array of challenges this week!

Fortnite Week 4 Ice Cream Trucks

You can nab yourself five shiny, new battle stars by visiting five separate ice cream trucks across all corners of the Battle Royale map.

This challenge is quite similar to the previous quest to visit all the "No Dancing" signs, except you don't have to do any sort of emote when you reach the ice cream truck. Just walking up close to a truck will complete the requirement, and you don't have to hit all five trucks in a single match.

While you can find ice cream trucks across multiple matches to hit the five requirement, keep in mind you do have to actually finish the match completely for the visit to count. In other words, you can't just run up to five trucks and then log out without dying (or surviving to the #1 spot).

Ice Cream Truck Locations

Most of the ice cream trucks are found where you'd expect -- in urban areas where other vehicles are around -- but some are more out in the open or even on top of mountains.

They aren't always visible from the air or while just running around, and they frequently pop into existence when you get close to them, so search around each area if you don't immediately see the truck.

By this point, most of the weekly challenge locations are starting to get familiar, as many of the same spots are recycled between challenges. The map below shows each specific grid coordinate, or you can find the Fortnite ice cream trucks at these spots:

  • Near the middle of Junk Junction
  • The north end of the Tilted Towers area
  • On the coast in-between Snobby Shores and Haunted Hills
  • At the northeast side of Pleasant Park
  • At the border of grid D2 between Junk Junction and Anarchy Acres
  • On top of a hill at grid F8 (between Salty Springs, Fatal Fields, and Shifty Shafts)
  • At the north end of Tomato Town
  • Near the northwest side of Greasy Grove
  • At the very far northeast end of the entire map (north of Waiing Woods)
  • Inside Retail Row
  • Inside the Flush Factory area
  • Underneath the bridge east of Flush Factory
  • At the southwest end of the map (southeast of Moisty Mire)

As with the other challenges that force you to take time out of combat to find specific locations, be on the lookout for sniping players, and be wary of someone setting remote C4 explosives near the ice cream trucks! These are two sneaky ways of racking up kills at places where other players will congregate to complete the weekly challenges.

Ice cream truck locations indicated on the Fortnite Battle Royale map Fortnite Season 3 Week 4 Ice Cream Truck Locations

That's all you need to know to finish this ice cream truck challenge! Need help completing any other Fortnite Season 3 content? Check out our other latest Fortnite guides here:

How to Get Into the FortCraft Beta Fri, 16 Mar 2018 12:18:39 -0400 Stephanie Tang

It's undeniable that while PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds may have been the game to really ignite the Battle Royale game fever, Epic Games's Fortnite has pretty much managed to edge PUBG out of the top spot.

So while there are plenty that still argue that Fortnite is a clone of PUBG in and of itself, it's really not surprising that a Fortnite clone, FortCraft, has also hit the mobile market -- and has even managed to come out on beta even earlier (it opened March 12).

Currently, to get into the Fortnite Mobile beta you need to have an invite from either Epic Games or a friend, but FortCraft allows pretty much anyone to sign up and play.

Using a flamethrower in FortCraft

It also shouldn't surprise anyone that FortCraft was developed by none other than NetEase Games -- the massive Chinese publisher behind four different mobile PUBG copycats (including its most popular, Rules of Survival and Knives Out). 

If you didn't make it into Fortnite Mobile's beta and you're really gunning to bring the fun of building stuff, smashing 100% breakable environments, and participating in massive PVP shootouts to your phone, here's what you need to know about getting started in FortCraft instead!

Sign Up for the Beta

First thing's first! Not only do you need to install the game through the appropriate app store, you will also need to sign up for the beta through the FortCraft TestFlight website here.

(Update: Please be aware that currently the iOS beta is full. You can still sign up on Android.)

(Update 2: Unfortunately for Android users, they've disabled the game on a bunch of devices in order to streamline the beta test.)

If you're on iOS and didn't get signed up for FortCraft in time, it can't hurt to try and sign up for the Fortnite Mobile beta here, which is still open for sign-ups, although they're currently done with this round of keys too.

Check Your Device Compatibility

While anyone can sign up, not every device can handle the game. Here's what FortCraft will currently play on:


  • Requires iOS 9.0 or later 
  • Requires iPhone 6 or later / iPad mini 4 or later / iPad Air 2 or later / iPod 6 or later 


  • Requires Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 or later / Snapdragon 810 or later / Samsung Exynos 7420 or later / Huawei Kirin 930 or later / Huawei Kirin 650 or later / MediaTek Helio X25 or later 


  • At least 600 MB available space

This is particularly important because there's no point in downloading a game that you can't actually play -- and while the Play Store is normally pretty good at hiding the apps that aren't compatible with your device, this isn't the case with the FortCraft beta.

Error: Phone Not Supported


A phone not supported error message in FortCraft

If your device doesn't meet the specs above, chances are you can probably still download the game -- you just won't be able to play it. There are no current fixes for this error yet.

Get In Game at the Right Time

Since FortCraft is still in beta, it unfortunately won't be playable at all times of day and night; in the interests of improving player match-ups, the daily login time is from 9:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. EST

Furthermore, the number of new players on any one day is limited to 20,000, and after this is reached, game access is closed and you will be required to try again the next day.

If you want in, you need to get set up (including character creation, which honestly just requires you to choose a gender and a name) early in the day to ensure that you actually get to play!

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more information on FortCraft as it develops.

Ghost Of A Tale -- How to Get into the Sewer Fri, 16 Mar 2018 11:18:05 -0400 Ty Arthur

While we wait to see if that upcoming Redwall video game is going to be any good, for now we've got plenty of cute mouse adventures with Ghost of a Tale to keep us busy! 

This stealth-based action RPG will see your minstrel mouse having to outwit rats and other assorted enemies as you hide in baskets and sneak around areas like an adorable tiny rodent version of Thief.

Accessing one location in particular has been vexing new players now that the game is out of early access, as there doesn't seem to be any way to open the sewer gates.

That elusive sewer key is found in the jailer's office where you'd expect it to be, but it's sort of hidden and difficult to find even when you know exactly where to look.

Finding the Sewer Key 

Sadly, you've probably walked right past the key several times and not even realized it while searching every object.

From the room with the blacksmith hammering by the forge, go down the stairs and then hang a right, followed by another immediate right, to enter a bedroom (the jailer's room). You should see a desk with a book and a small dresser drawer sitting next to a bed and a chamber pot.

The Ghost of a Tale sewer key is actually in the dresser, but a lot of people miss it entirely because there are two drawers -- top and bottom -- and you only notice the bottom one if you align yourself just perfectly to see it pop up as an option to access.

When you just point forward towards the dresser, only the top drawer will appear as an option to open (which you've probably already raided in your search for the key).

You have to sort of wiggle back and forth repeatedly to rotate the camera to the correct angle and access the bottom drawer where the sewer key is located. You will know you are close when the chamber pot pops up as an option to open. From there, just turn slightly left to get the bottom drawer.

The drawer you open to get the sewer key in Ghost of a Tale Opening the jailer's drawer to find the sewer key (thanks to Goncalo Costa for the screenshot)

With the sewer key in paw, it's time to actually open the sewer gate, but the key isn't the only prerequisite. You also need a source of illumination in your inventory.

From the room where you find the key, turn right and run down the stairs. Hang a left at the wall lever, and then immediately turn right to enter a new room. Go past the bridge and through the big wall opening to travel down more stairs and access the jail area. Sneak past the rat guards through the jail to the room where Kerold is being held in the stocks.

Right by that room is the final staircase leading down to an area where the light goes out. Like with the pitch-black pirate cell earlier in the game, you first need to shine a source of light on the gate -- such as a candle or lantern -- before you can use the key to unlock the sewers.

Once the light turns on, you can finally use the key and leave the jail behind to enter the Ghost of a Tale sewer system!

Using light and a key to open the sewer gate Opening the sewer gate with a source of light and the sewer key

That's all you need to know to access the sewers and move on to the next part of the game. Stay tuned for more guides coming soon on the rest of the Ghost of a Tale quests, and be sure to leave a comment and let us know if you had trouble finding that lower drawer as well!

Surviving Mars Guide: Mission Sponsor & Commander Overview Thu, 15 Mar 2018 19:39:07 -0400 Ashley Gill

The starting settings make all the difference in the world in Surviving Mars. Sure, they matter in most other city builders -- but for most, the starting settings boil down to terrain adjustment.

Here on Mars, your mission settings affect just about everything: the goods to bring with you on your first touchdown on Mars, the way your Colony is going to grow in its infancy to full-on human settlement, and what you're able to do at a given time.

Getting started with a new mission (not an Easy Start) requires that you choose your mission sponsor, the commander to head your new Colony, and the coordinates your very first rocket is to make its home. All three are important, but the first two are especially so.

This guide covers each of the mission sponsors and commanders you are able to choose from and details their benefits and detractors. It's pretty clear not every option is equal, and that's part of the fun. The differences between these options make each mission play in a unique manner, and there is certainly a sponsor + commander combination for you.

Choosing a Mission Sponsor

The sponsor you choose can make or break a mission, depending on your personal playstyle. Each sponsor caters to a particular way to play, aside from the International Mars Mission and USA sponsors. These two are as middle-of-the-road as it gets.

We're going to take a look at each of the sponsors you have to choose from, as each one's individual facets have significant impacts on gameplay at all stages.

International Mars Mission

This sponsor is recommended to new players for a reason. You will be able to bring a vast amount of items with you to start, and will be able to place huge cargo rocket orders once the time comes. The downside? There is no downside.

The International Mars Mission is labeled as "very easy" for a reason. It has minimal rocket management, your Colonists won't have any Food shortages early on if you plan a bit, and you have a very large funding pool.

I would absolutely recommend this sponsor for your first few missions while you're learning to play, but experienced city builder players will quickly find this sponsor makes the game a cakewalk.


I'd consider this to be a more moderate variation of the (frankly) overpowered International Mars Mission. You don't get the big chunk of money, four rockets, and other benefits you'd get with the previous sponsor; but you do still get that sweet 70,000kg payload.

USA is a good choice if you absolutely want to start with a few prefabs and all three RC varieties, or you just want some wriggle room to start off with. The additional funding down the line is also a pretty nice bonus, as you may get a little carried away with the big payloads.

Essentially, going with USA is similar to the International Mars Mission in that it's safe and easy, but it's not so easy that you don't have to prioritize Fuel and/or Food early on.

Blue Sun Corporation

Another easy sponsor, the Blue Sun Corporation has even fewer starting rockets than USA, and its payloads are a bit smaller (sitting at the standard 50,000kg). It also only grants 100 research per Sol.

The real draw to this sponsor is the potential for longterm profits off Rare Metals, and being able to invest in rapid but controlled growth later down the line via the purchase of applicants and rockets. You can also make up for its lack of base research via outsourcing.

The Blue Sun Corporation is still labelled as easy, but its true benefits are seen further down the line than the two previously shown sponsors.


China isn't too far off from USA in terms of benefits. It offers the same number of starting rockets and a middling amount of research between USA and Blue Sun Corporation.

The big difference between this sponsor and the aforementioned ones is the unbridled Colony growth that comes with it, from the very first Colonist rocket you order. You'll essentially have to build even your first dome to accommodate double the amount of Colonists you'd get with anyone else.

The plus side to having China as a sponsor is you can get those extractors and other buildings that require workers up and running faster than you can with other sponsors, provided you plan accordingly.


Finally, we're in the "normal" difficulty range. India fits it perfectly.

The India sponsor has a reasonable funding pool, and its building cost benefit is hard to ignore. Its one real drawback lies in the meager 100 research per Sol.

There isn't much to say about this sponsor, but you should learn to be chummy with outsourcing research if you do choose to go with India. It's easier to outsource with the Blue Sun Corporation at the start due to its high funding amount, but it's something you have to budget early with this sponsor.


If you like to rush technologies in 4X games, Europe will probably be the sponsor for you.

Europe only gives you two rockets to start, and its funding is on the lower side, but it rakes in the research and gives you double the technology choices to start.

If the above wasn't enough, the additional funding upon research completion is just the icing on the cake. All of these factors combined give you a strong tech-based sponsor with some real longevity.


You start with five rockets here? Is this a typo? Answer: No! Unfortunately your starting funding is rather low.

The trade-off for the low funding lies in the cheaper advanced resources. Paired with the additional rockets, you can ship in those pesky Polymers, Machine Parts, and Electronics early on rather than focusing on getting their production started.

This sponsor is great for slow-starting players who want to take it easy. You can just order advanced resources for quite some time, and starting with five rockets means you don't need to start producing Fuel as soon as you would for missions with other sponsors.

If you do choose to go with SpaceY as your sponsor, you may want to prioritize getting Rare Metal extraction up and running to get some income rolling in.

Church of the New Ark

You start with one rocket, and you don't gain any research. The Church of the New Ark kind of sucks -- which is why it's classified as hard.

This is a good sponsor if you want to start a mission with some real challenge. You'll have to rely entirely on outsourcing for your research, but you don't have much money to work with, and the selling price for Rare Metals is quite low. And let's not even get into your Colonists giving birth at an accelerated rate along with the stilted Food production.

All you need to know about this sponsor is that it appears to purely be for gimmicky challenge purposes. If you want a traditionally difficult sponsor, go with Russia.


The last mission sponsor is certainly not least, as the Church of the New Ark has the very "worst" position hogged all to itself. Russia is difficult, but manageable.

The initial two rockets, meager $5,000M funding, and longer rocket travel time are drawbacks -- but the reasonable 200 research per Sol, $22M Rare Metal price, and Fuel-oriented changes make this a sturdy but hard to use sponsor.

Using Russia makes the game far more Fuel-oriented than otherwise, which requires a strong system of water extraction in order to snowball into further strengthened extraction of other resources.

Choosing a Commander

Your commander decision isn't quite as important as the mission sponsor one, but it's still not one to be made lightly. You may find that some commanders will benefit the way you personally play, while the effects of some others may not help you at all.

Be sure to read these and choose wisely.


This is a very reasonable commander for most missions since drones do all the heavy lifting for your Colonies. The reductions in Drone Hub Power and maintenance costs are a big benefit as well and reduce the need for direct Power management.


This one seems underwhelming at a glance, but the high value of Fuel makes the Oligarch one of the better commander options.

The Argology spire can house up to 32 Colonists and boasts a high comfort level, but consumes 20 Power and has a 4 Polymer maintenance cost.

Hydro Engineer

Water has a number of uses, whether for the good of your Domes or processing Fuel. The Hydro Engineer's benefits end up indirectly benefiting both, as the struggle for Water is far less trying with this commander.

The Water Reclamation System this commander brings to the table recycles up to 70% of the Water a Dome consumes, with a 3 Machine Part maintenance.


The Doctor commander is a good choice if you know you're going to want a heavier population of Mars-born colonists or the sponsor you've chosen isn't exactly rolling in free rockets.

Pairing this with the Church of the New Ark sponsor is an interesting challenge.


If you're worried about your Colonists losing their minds or demanding they go back to Earth, this isn't a bad commander option. This is a decent choice if you specifically want to start mass-migrating Colonists to Mars at some point.

The Sanatorium consumes 20 Power and requires 2 Polymers for maintenance.


This is simply a great commander when paired with one of the sponsors that grants little funding, especially with Europe, as that is the one sponsor that grants additional funding on completed research.

The Politician is a very middling commander. Extra funding is always nice, but there may be other aspects of running a Colony that worry you more.


My personal opinion of this commander is that it is one of the worst. Breakthrough techs are not common, and Sensor Towers only require 2 Power to run and 1 Metal for maintenance. Nearly any other option is more useful than this one.


Another commander with its focus on your Colonists rather than infrastructure.

The Ecologist paired with the Hanging Gardens grants +40 Comfort to every residence in the Dome. Just be aware it requires 2 Water to run.


This is more of a mid- to late-game commander, but its biggest benefit is clear: the 10% increase on extraction.

The worth of the Astrogeologist really depends on your playstyle, much like most of the others.

Rocket Scientist

If you're worried about your sponsor's starter rocket amount, the Rocket Scientist may be a good commander choice for your Colony.

The Shuttle Hub itself can house Shuttles between sections of your Colonies. It also conveniently refuels them. This isn't the most useful building early in a mission, especially with its high costs and Fuel consumption.

Don't be afraid to try different combinations of mission sponsors and commanders to find what fits your needs best. One of the best aspects of Surviving Mars is the flexibility it provides, so make good use of it.

How to Use C4 Remote Explosives in Fortnite Thu, 15 Mar 2018 19:31:52 -0400 Ty Arthur

While the big news on the block might be that Fortnite is getting a mobile iOS edition soon (with Android planned down the line), Battle Royale Season 3 is still going strong as the updates continue at breakneck speed.

While you twiddle your thumbs wondering when Fortnite Mobile is coming out, there's no reason not to jump back into some 100-player Battle Royale matches on PC or console -- especially since new weapons have arrived!

The smoke bomb has now been replaced with remote explosive C4 units that can be thrown at a distance and then safely detonated while you hide out of sight. Building a wall or ceiling unit for protection is no longer a guarantee of safety when people have explosives ready and waiting to be blown!

The C4 icon in the Fortnite menu Where we're going, there's no need for doors!

How To Detonate C4 In Fortnite

Remote explosives are a rare drop found in chests like any other Battle Royale Season 3 weapon variety. When you switch to C4 in your inventory, there's a two part detonation process, so plenty of players are throwing out a bunch of remote explosives and waiting for something to happen, but they don't ever actually blow up.

Like with a standard gun, you just hit left click to fire off some C4 (sort of in an arc like a grenade). You have to then actually press the right click button on the mouse to detonate those explosives. If you switched to a different weapon after throwing the C4, right click won't do anything to set off the explosion chain.

Note that they will also explode if they take any damage, so they can go off prematurely if people are firing wildly in the area, so take that into account when planting C4.

C4 attached to a board in Fortnite 
You really don't want to find this underneath your base's floor!

Throwing multiple explosives before pressing right click will result in each stick of C4 exploding in the order that it was thrown, with a slight delay in between blasts. 

This can completely change whether you get a kill or not as it gives other players time to change positions and get out of the blast radius. You have to time these properly or they are basically useless. Unless you have planned out the explosion change precisely and have immobile targets, it's better to just use one at a time against other players.

Weirdly, the new Fortnite remote explosives don't actually do that much damage to players (usually 70 damage), so they are more useful as a surprise attack or a means of taking out the base segment of a player-built ladder than actually for killing someone in a close up firefight. Maybe the damage will get tweaked in an update down the line?

They do a pretty solid job of destroying doors and walls though, so if you need to get inside a building quickly (and unexpectedly) instead of heading through the main entrance, these explosives give you an edge on people who think they are safe.

For a squad that focuses on building and defending a base instead of moving out in the open across the map, remote explosives will be a game changer. Camping and sniping until the expanding storm forces you to move may no longer be a viable strategy.

A player wearing a skeleton costume throws C4 at another player in Forninte Blowing up a player's wood ceiling with C4
(thanks to Koala Tea Gaming for the screenshot)

That's all you need to know on how to use remote explosives in Fortnite! Need help completing any other Fortnite Season 3 content? Check out our other latest Fortnite guides here:

Hearthstone: Why Now Is a Great Time to Start Playing Thu, 15 Mar 2018 12:13:32 -0400 Edgar Wulf

With approximately a month left until the release of a new expansion and an exciting transition into the Year of the Raven, now would be an excellent time to join the Hearthstone community.

What the flock is the Year of the Raven? Well, each year has a particular theme. Currently, for instance, we're in the Year of the Mammoth, and within each year are three unique expansions released across, roughly, four-month intervals. At the end of each thematic year, several of the older expansions rotate out, meaning that the available card pool for standard play is at its lowest point, and decks would consist of three to four sets of cards at most. New players can greatly benefit from this transition since they don't have to purchase older expansions or worry about not having enough cards. This is as fresh of a start as it can get.

So you've downloaded the game; Hearthstone is free to play, might as well. Where do you begin? You have no idea what the differences are between the nine unique heroes, you barely have any cards to play with, and, to top it off, you have zero gold. You should probably start by completing the tutorials, which will net you some gold and additional cards, as well as teach you the basics of the game.

Your main income, at least initially, will come from daily quests. Each day you will receive a quest and, upon completion, it will reward you with a set amount of gold. There are several: 40, 50, 60, 80, and 100 gold quests, each with varying requirements. However, after the transition, 40 gold quests will reward 50 gold instead, and many of the requirements will be lowered. This is welcome news and demonstrates Blizzard's willingness to accommodate a fresh player base. For now, a 40 gold quest might require you to "Win an X amount of games with class Y." On the other hand, a 100 gold quest would often require you to win a larger amount of games but would not restrict your class choice. And by the way, the 80 gold quest is by far the best, as it only requires you to play (not necessarily win) against a friend. And you both earn the reward, regardless of who has the quest.

Lastly, you can re-roll any quest you have once per day, and you can have up to a maximum of three at any given time. So make sure you always have a slot free for a new quest by completing the older ones. But I've bored you enough with the details. You simply want to know how to earn more of that cash-money, right? I got you covered.

Typical daily quests in Hearthstone

Ever since I started playing over three years ago, I've diligently followed the same, simple method of completing my dailies. This won't be anything new to the game's veterans, but if you're a rookie in the world of Hearthstone, then you might want to consider the following. Say you're on a clean slate, and your first quest is a 40 gold one. You re-roll it, and you get another 40 gold quest. If that is the case, leave it. If it requires you to win with a certain class, simply play with another. You're looking for 60+ gold quests; you want to maximize profit. And if 20-40 additional gold doesn't sound like much, then trust me, it adds up. If all three of your quests end up being 40 gold (and this can definitely happen), then just complete one to free up a slot for a new one.  If you get a quest requiring you to play a deck you're not comfortable with, then play in casual mode. That way, any potential losses won't affect your rank in the current month.

Is that it?! Sounds like a lot of work for an insignificant reward. No, there is also the infamous Arena mode, and I strongly suggest that you take the time to learn it. With enough practice and persistence, you could pay for card packs and any new expansions by only using in-game currency.

Hero selection screen in Hearthstone

In Arena, upon paying a 150 gold entry fee (your first entry is free), you are presented with a choice of three out of the nine heroes, randomly. Once you pick your champion, you will enter the draft stage, during which you will be offered 30 consecutive sets of 3 random cards, but you can only pick 1 out of each set until you've built a deck of 30 cards. Afterwards, you will play against other players who've built their deck in a similar fashion, up to a maximum of either 12 wins or 3 losses. Once you inevitably reach one of those numbers, you will be presented with rewards based on the final amount of wins.

Rewards are randomized and can consist of a combination of gold, dust (from which you can craft new cards), card packs (a value of 100 gold), and cards, either regular or golden. By the way, always disenchant golden cards for dust; they don't offer any gameplay benefits and only differentiate themselves with animated card art. Here's the kicker: If you can consistently average seven wins, then you may continue to play Arena indefinitely. That amount will always reward you with at least 150 gold, which already covers the entry fee, and additional rewards, one of which is always a pack from the most recent expansion, leading to a grand total value of 250+ gold.

Don't get too excited, though. That level of consistency requires a substantial time investment and practice. Begin by watching some of the more proficient Hearthstone Arena players who regularly reach high win counts, like Grinning Goat, Kripparian, or Shadybunny. Follow their draft choices and the decisions they make during each match, and then, eventually, you will become a much better player. You can also download the Hearth Arena Companion App, which will support your draft by suggesting cards of high power level, or a significant amount of synergies. I found this app extremely valuable when I started out. In addition, you can refer to the Lightforge tier list brought to you by the jolly guys at Grinning Goat. Many players have gone infinite (7+ wins) thanks to their hard work and input. It took time, but I got there; so can you!

How to Start a Career in The Sims Mobile Thu, 15 Mar 2018 11:21:16 -0400 TMSingle

The Sims Mobile has career opportunities so that Sims may experience a life of employment. Like in its predecessors, Sims have the opportunity to level up in each of their careers.

In this mobile adventure, it is easy to level up in careers because there are no necessary skills like Creativity, Logic, Fitness, etc., to worry about. With a little energy and real-time commitment, reaching the top of the job food chain will be a snap.

Choose a Career

With The Sims Mobile, there are specific careers to choose from in this setting. In choosing a career, the Sim begins a work story, as each career has a small story to go along with it. There are seven career stories to complete. However, not all are available at once. 

an alterations associate in the sims mobile

The only available career in the beginning is the Barista. Head to the map to find a location where a job may be available. Parkside is the only option in the beginning, and the café is the work location available there. There is a lock on the café, but unlike later locations, it is free to unlock the café. This is where the career experience will begin.

After playing for some time, the ability to unlock other careers will become an option.  

Working the Job

To begin work, you click on the workstation and start an event.

Working a culinary career in the Sims mobile

As the Sim has no experience in the job, the only option is to Work a Shift. When more experience is gained and levels are reached, there will be several different shift options. Once the event begins, all the Sim will be able to do are work-related tasks.

There are arrows pointing to specific items or people. This is where you can find your job tasks. Each task requires a certain amount of energy and will take a specific amount of time to finish. When the task is complete, a green check mark will appear, and the sim is free to move on to the next task.

Each normal task allows your Sim to build up confidence. When the Sim becomes confident while working, risky tasks open up, and those arrows pop up with a cool smiley face inside. These tasks have a chance of success and a chance of failure. If the task is successful, the Sim will receive greater experience and grow more confident, and a large amount of time will be subtracted from the shift. If the task is a failure, the Sim will only receive partial experience and will lose their confidence.

If you choose to walk away and let the Sim work on his or her own, then if a shift is 30 minutes or longer, that is how much real-time it’ll take for the event to end.

The time required for the Sim to finish a task in The Sims Mobile

You can still complete the event with one star, even if you let the Sim finish on his or her own.

After leveling up a few times, you can then choose the option to Work a Standard Shift. It is longer, but you gain more career points when completing it. After the Standard Shift, there is the option to Work a Long Shift. Again, the amount of career points increases and brings you closer to finishing the career story.

Leveling Up

To level up, the Sim must complete work events. At the end of each event, experience is rewarded. The first shift you take and complete as a Barista will result in moving up a level.

As you continue to work, you will unlock items to help you gain experience points faster. The first item to unlock in the Barista career is the Mismatched Mug Rack. It is the first Barista Career Item, and with it in the café, you’ll receive bonus experience points.

Another option to level up faster would be to carefully choose your traits. 

For the Barista or Culinary career, choose the Foodie trait. The Foodie trait will allow you to gain bonus experience points in the Barista and Culinary career every so often. 

For a boost in any career, choose the Ambitious trait. The trait will allow bonus points as well. 

Once you reach the cap level of the career and complete the story, your Sim can go and begin another career story. Leveling up not only brings the opportunity to complete the chosen career story, but it also fattens a Sim’s pocket with simoleons.

Have you gotten a promotion in The Sims Mobile? Tell us all about it in the comments, and continue to check out GameSkinny for more helpful guides! 

Black Desert Online -- Black Spirit's Adventure 2 Guide Thu, 15 Mar 2018 09:54:29 -0400 Kengaskhan

Many players referred to Black Desert Online’s original Black Spirit’s Adventure as “the board game,” but in reality, it was anything but -- all you did was roll a die to get a random item drop once an hour. But recently the devs decided to overhaul the Black Spirit’s Adventure and turned it into an actual board game!

The BDO mini-game Black Spirit Adventure 2

While Black Spirit’s Adventure 2 is still pretty simple for a board game (it is just a mini-game, after all), in classic BDO fashion, few of the mechanics are explained, and many are even obfuscated by RNG.

There’s a pretty helpful starter guide that you can access by clicking on the question mark on the left edge of the window, but if that's not enough for you, then keep on reading!

The Black Spirit’s Actions

Every day, you’ll be able to spend up to 10 of your Black Spirit’s movement points to perform various actions to collect items from all around Balenos for you. The Black Spirit can only store a maximum of three movement points, and they recharge at the rate of one per hour. (Note that the BSA2 reset is 5 hours after the daily reset!)

Gather is more or less the “default” action, and picking this option will have the game spin up a random item for you. Gathering’s loot table is likely the worst, given that it’s the simplest and easiest action.

Combat is a more advanced version of Gather in that your Black Spirit will have to defeat a monster in order for you to roll an item. It’s pretty safe to assume that Combat offers better rewards than Gathering, though I’m not sure whether each monster has their own unique loot table or they just use a better version of their Node’s drop table.

Explore randomly picks one of three options for you: Obtain Item, Combat, or Special Event. From my experience, Exploration seems weighted towards Special Events.

Three options for the Black Spirit Adventure 2 mini-game in Black Desert Online

Special Event isn’t an action you can take, and you’ll only be able to perform it through Exploration. Special Events typically reward you with either a Combat card or an EXP Potion for your Black Spirit. Sometimes, Special Events can also fully recharge your Black Spirit’s movement points! (If there are any other Special Events you’ve had, let us know about them in the comments!)

Obtain Item isn’t an action you can take, and you’ll only be able to perform it through Exploration. Like Gather, Obtain Item gives you a random item drop, though it uses a separate table from Gathering.

Rest doubles the speed at which the Black Spirit recovers its movement points. (Though you'll still be capped at three movement points, which really limits the usefulness of Resting.)

Excavate functions identically to Gather, and the difference in names just seems like a way for the mini-game to signal that the Node offers better rewards than the others.

Black Spirit's Adventure 2 Combat Guide

Combat in BSA2 is pretty straightforward -- the Black Spirit encounters a random enemy, and you roll two 6-sided dice to determine the victor. Most enemies simply require your roll to beat a certain number (a Grass Beetle requires a 3 or higher, for example), but a few of them might require you to roll for a more specific set of numbers (like even numbers only or doubles).

Goblin combat card collected with the Black Spirit in BDO

However, before you roll the dice, you can use up to two of the Combat cards you’ve collected while Exploring with the Black Spirit. The two types of cards I’ve found either reduce the difficulty of the dice roll's victory condition or improve the RNG for the item drop you get for winning. There are two things to keep in mind before you roll those dice, though:

  • You can’t use duplicate Combat cards. For example, you can use Tachro’s Textbook and Spot Weakness together, but you can’t use two Tachro’s Textbook or two Spot Weakness cards (even though they do the exact same thing).
  • Cards with “Lower Difficulty by X” do not mean “Reduce the dice result needed by X.” Be sure to always read the victory conditions carefully both before and after you pick your Combat cards!

Black Spirit’s Level

Most actions taken in BSA2 will raise the Black Spirit’s level -- however, it doesn't seem to have any meaningful effect. Most theorize that higher levels will weight your dice rolls and/or item drops for better results, but given the nature of RNG, that isn’t easily verifiable so soon after the mini-game’s release.

We’ll update this section if we learn anything new about how the Black Spirit’s level works.

Boss Fights

Once per day, the Black Spirit will have the opportunity to fight a boss monster. Just bring your little friend to the marked Node and initiate combat! The biggest difference between a boss fight and regular Combat is the difficulty of the Victory Condition -- you’re either going to need a lot of luck on your dice roll or two powerful Combat cards (and a little bit of luck).

I wouldn't bother wasting a movement point on tackling a boss if you don't have a Kzarka Weapon Box or Mortal Blow card and at least one other Combat card.

Treasure Hunting

The Black Spirit will be able to collect Treasure Map fragments from Special Events or from Gathering. Once you collect all four fragments, the mini-game will mark your destination Node with a treasure chest icon.

The Nodes you can find Treasure Map fragments from are: Velia, Coastal Cave, Balenos Forest, Olvia, Coastal Cliff, Imp Cave, Altar of Agris, Goblin Cave, Cron Castle Site, and Cron Castle.

Nodes where treasure map fragments can be found

Note that the Map Fragment notifications are mistranslated -- if you’re told that you’ve “found 4 map pieces,” you’ve actually found the 4th map fragment. It's also possible to get the same Map Fragment repeatedly, though it's unclear as to whether or not that's a bug or BDO just being BDO.


Hopefully this guide will help the Black Spirit find better items for you! However, if all of this sounds like too much hassle for you, you can always just use the Auto-Gather option!

If you're interested in our other Black Desert Online guide content, you can find it all here!

How to Kill Omega Weapon (Naglfar) in Final Fantasy 15 Thu, 15 Mar 2018 09:39:46 -0400 Sergey_3847

Naglfar is the hardest, most ruthless boss in Final Fantasy 15. It is often compared to Omega Weapon boss from Final Fantasy 8 both for its looks and fierceness. This boss appears during the endgame after you finish the main campaign.

But before fighting Naglfar, you will fight four other bosses. Each battle will grant you a new legendary weapon, which can be used in the fight with Omega Weapon/Naglfar. If you want to know which weapon and tactics are the best for this final boss fight, then follow our quick guide below.

How to Fight Naglfar in Final Fantasy 15

Coming upon Randolph the blacksmith in Lestallum in FFXV

First, you must speak to Randolph -- a legendary blacksmith who resides in Lestallum. He will offer you five quests, the last of which is the fight with Omega Weapon/Naglfar.

Here is the full list of quests, bosses, and weapons you will get from Randolph:

  • Quest: A Legend Is Born
    • Boss: Bennu
    • Reward: Iron Duke (Greatsword)
  • Quest: Dreadful Legend
    • Boss: Malbadoom
    • Reward: Dragoon Lance (Polearm)
  • Quest: A Legend Wrapped in an Enigma
    • Boss: Sir Tonberry
    • Reward: Ziedrich (Shield)
  • Quest: Cursed Legend
    • Boss: Phalaris
    • Reward: Soul Saber (Sword)

When you're done with all four bosses, you will now be able to fight Naglfar as a part of the Wondrous Weapon quest.

How to Defeat Naglfar in Final Fantasy 15

Attempting to beat Naglfar the Omega Weapon in Final Fantasy XV

This night monster appears to be covered with some sort of protective shielding, which makes him completely immune to physical attacks. However, he is weak to all kinds of elements.

You need to utilize this weakness and enchant your weaponry with such elements as Flare, Freeze, and Electon. Also, you need a weapon that can be easily thrown at Naglfar from a distance, as you don't want to be anywhere near this powerful foe.

The best weapon for this purpose is the Star of the Rogue -- a shuriken capable of dealing multiple hits in rapid succession. This weapon can be found in Myrlwood.

Lastly, since the auto-evasion feature doesn't work with Naglfar, you will have to rely completely on manual dodging. So get as good at it as possible.

When you're done fighting Omega Weapon/Naglfar, you will return to Randolph, who will reward you with Zwill Crossblades (Daggers).


Hopefully, this guide helped you deal with Omega Weapon/Naglfar boss, and for other Final Fantasy 15 guides at GameSkinny, please visit the links below:

Monster Hunter World A Simple Task Guide Wed, 14 Mar 2018 15:41:01 -0400 Ty Arthur

Besides hunting down those rare creature types and completing the main storyline quests, Monster Hunter: World is now receiving regular quest updates in the form of limited time events released on a weekly schedule.

Monster Hunter World's A Simple Task event is a fungus-focused delivery quest with an oddly high-rank prerequisite that might lead you to believe amazing rewards or strange creatures will be found. Sadly, the event's name has turned out to be exactly correct. 

Want to give this underwhelming task a shot anyway? Let's get started hunting down mushrooms and wrap up this quick quest!

Completing the Monster Hunter: World Simple Task Event

Your character has to be HR 30 to even start the A Simple Task event, so be sure to increase that hunter rank if you aren't quite there yet!

The high prerequisite prompted a good deal of speculation that the name was a purposeful misdirect and that it would, in fact, be a very complex task with high chances for better spawns, but that's not the case.

Unfortunately, this isn't the Deviljho monster reveal event as we all had hoped, which is odd considering the quest description specifically mentions "rare tracks," indicating some kind of uncommon monster should be involved in the investigation. You'll have to wait a few weeks still before facing off against that returning monster favorite.

While you can encounter Aptonoth, Jagras, Mernos, and Gajalaka during the event, they aren't the focus of this quest at all (and aren't exactly big game to bring down anyway).

Ancient Forest map in Monster Hunter World Starting the A Simple Task delivery quest (thanks to MrScuto for the screenshot)

A Simple Task is just a string of farming tempered threat level 1 and 2 investigations. You are literally just harvesting mushrooms at various locations spread across the map.

There's a time limit, and the investigation points don't respawn after first grabbing them all, so you may need to finish the quest and then start over. You can find the required mushroom variety all around the area, and the time limit is set at a leisurely 50 minutes, so it's not difficult to finish by any stretch of the imagination. You also lose the event if you faint three times, which is unlikely to occur since you won't be doing much battling.

To finish A Simple Task, just harvest 10 Gourmet Shroomcaps in the Ancient Forest for the Meowscular Chef. Harvesting the unique mushroom colonies around the Ancient Forest will give you either Exquisite Shroomcaps or the needed Gourmet Shroomcaps instead.

Once you grab all 10 Shroomcaps by harvesting mushroom colonies, you can automatically end the quest without having to return anywhere and immediately nab your 3,600 zenny reward. It's nothing too stunning, but at least you got to do something different with an event instead of keeping to the same grind, I guess?

Getting the gourmet shroomcaps is basically all you do in Monster Hunter World's A Simple Task limited time quest Harvesting Gourmet Shroomcaps

That's all you need to know to complete this aptly named event! Have any tips on the best mushroom harvesting spots, or did you manage to find any rare creatures mentioned in the event description? Let us know in the comments below!

For those wondering, the highly anticipated Deviljho monster will appear later this month in a free, post-launch update slated to drop for consoles on March 22nd.

Still need help with the rest of this addictive monster-hunting grind fest? Be sure to check out our Monster Hunter: World guides below:

The Council Coin Locations Guide Wed, 14 Mar 2018 15:18:18 -0400 Jonathan Moore

To say that The Council has a lot of coins to collect would be an understatement. The game's first episode has at least 23 to find across its four chapters. Some are right out in the open and easy to find, while others are hidden in obtuse locations throughout Lord Mortimer's mansion. 

Unlike Amber Fragments, which give you one Effort Point for every four you collect, coins don't have any specific value in The Council. However, it's a well-known fact that we all have a collector living somewhere inside us -- and the game knows that. So when you inevitably start looking for coins, keep an eye out for small, shimmering objects on tables, floors, chairs, and couches. When exploring the world of The Council, it pays to be meticulous since coins are hidden everywhere. 

But if you'd rather not spend hours looking for collectibles as you go throughout the mansion -- or just can't seem to find a coin despite having turned over every stone -- this guide will help you find them all.

Let's dive in and start collecting. 

The Council -- Episode 1 Coin Locations 

Coin 1

You can find the first coin of the game when you go to the mailbox when searching for clues about your mother at the wharf. With the mailbox to your left, look at the luggage in front of you. The first coin of the game can be found between it and the torch. 

Coin 2

After going upstairs for the first time, everyone disperses to their rooms for the night. When you're finally alone in the vestibule, turn right and head past Emily's room. Quickly afterward, you'll turn left as you go into the hall that leads to your room. But before you continue, stop and grab the second coin off the table against the left-hand wall. 

Coin 3

Continue down the hall to your room. When you get there, turn your back to the door and look directly across the hall at the window. Coin 3 is on the ground behind the curtain. 

Coin 4

Don't go in your room yet. Instead, keep going down the hall toward Piaggi's room. Pass his door and turn around. In the right-hand corner, you'll see a couch. Next to the couch, on the floor, you'll find your third coin. 

Coin 5

Further down the hall, you'll round a corner and Washington's room will be straight in front of you. However, you'll want to look behind you to find the next coin. It will be along the back wall between a chair and a column. 

Coin 6

Pass Washington's room and go into the next big open room. There will be four couches along the right wall. The coin is on the first couch -- the one closest to you.

Coin 7 

Go through the large open room (where you found Coin 6) and venture to the end of the room. Once there, turn left. You'll see a table on the left wall with a painting hanging over it. Coin 7 is on the table. 

Coin 8

Continuing around, you'll come into another open space down the hall (there will be stairs leading down on your right). Walk ahead but stop before you enter the next narrow section of the hall. Look right. Coin 8 will be near the couch in the alcove. If you've reached von Wollner's room, you've gone too far. 

Coin 9

Eventually, you'll end up where you started. However, just as you exit the hall into the vestibule in front of Emily's room, look right into the alcove. The eighth coin will be on the couch there. 

Coin 10

Ok. Now you can finally enter your room. Once you do so, you'll find the next coin to the right of the table in front of you -- between the couch and the chair. 

Coin 11

Go into the bedroom. As you enter, you'll be forced into a cutscene, but don't worry: you'll still be able to grab this coin once it's over. When you regain control of Louis, look at the french doors across from the bed. Behind the curtain on the right side, you'll find your tenth coin. 

Coin 12

Note: I grabbed this coin at the beginning of Episode One's second chapter -- after you're allowed to go back downstairs into the main hall. You can pick this coin up when you first enter the mansion by immediately turning to the right. 

Once you go back downstairs and re-enter the main hall, look along the wall with the main door. In the back left-hand corner, you'll see a table with a set of chairs. You'll find the next coin on the ground behind the highlighted chair. 

Coin 13

This coin is easy to find. Just face the fireplace in the main hall. Look at the ground to the left -- just next to the chair -- and you'll find this collectible. 

Coin 14 and Coin 15

When you wake up in your room at the beginning of Episode One's third chapter, go straight across the room and out the french doors in front of you. Turn right. Ahead you'll see at the far end a table pushed against the backs of two chairs. On the table, you'll find Coin 14, and on the chair across from it, you'll find Coin 15. 

Coin 16

After entering Napoleon's room, this coin will be on the floor along the right-hand wall -- just behind the table and chairs. 

Coin 17

For this coin, go into Napoleon's bedroom. Just as you enter the doors, stop and look at the desk in the corner behind you. This collectible will be on top of the desk between the box and the candelabra. 

Coin 18

In Elizabeth's room, you'll find Coin 18 in front of the copper bathtub in a pile of books. It's just to the left of the totally inconspicuous pentagram drawn on the floor. 

Coin 19

After the long cutscene around the table in the Red Salon at the beginning of chapter four, you'll regain control of Louis near the precarious precipice that has no business being part of Lord Mortimer's mansion.

Before moving, look at the column to your right. Coin 19 will be on the ground in front of it. 

Coin 20

From the last collectible, continue right and enter the short hallway at the back of the room. For reference, Piaggi will be at your back as shown above. Just inside the doors, you'll find Coin 19 on the floor behind the curtain. 

Coin 21

From Coin 20, go straight ahead and through the doors at the end of the short hall. You'll come into a large library. Make your way around the gangway until you come to the stack of books along the right side. Between the books and the ladder there, you'll find this collectible. 

Coin 22

Once you enter the portrait gallery, move forward until you come to the fireplace on the right-hand side of the room. This coin is on the floor behind the green curtain on the left. 

Coin 23

After you've solved the puzzle with the Medusa and found the secret room, go down the left side of the room until you reach the last display case (the one with the flintlock pistol in it). Coin 23 will be on top of the case. 


And that's it! If we missed any coins in The Council's first episode, please let us know in the comments below and we'll add them to this guide! Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more guides and tips for The Council as more episodes release.  

Grim Dawn -- The Lost Elder Quest Guide Wed, 14 Mar 2018 14:41:58 -0400 Ty Arthur

It's hard to believe that the full version of crowdfunding success story Grim Dawn has been out for more than two years now (and much longer than that if you count early access).

This classic ARPG experience is still going strong, with the Forgotten Gods DLC now announced and slated to land near the end of the year, which follows 2017's Ashes Of Malmouth expansion.

There's still plenty to do in the base game and first expansion, though, from finally wrapping up those optional Skeleton Key dungeons to snagging a few remaining quests that only appear when you reach higher reputation levels with Cairn's factions. Below we cover how to find and finish the Lost Elder quest given out by the Rover faction.

Grim Dawn Lost Elder Quest

There's more than one Rover camp, so make sure you go to the right place to begin this quest. You want to take the Arkovian Foothills rift (not the Old Arkovia rift leading to the main Rover area with the faction bounty table) and run just to the southwest to find the right camp.

Talk to Greven (the guy standing on the eastern side of the camp) to kick off this quest. If he doesn't immediately offer it, finish a few other Rover quests first and then come back, and eventually it will pop up.

Finding Greven at the Arkovian Foothills Rover camp Finding Greven at the Arkovian Foothills Rover camp

This is actually a really short Fedex quest that just has you grab an item and bring it back to Greven. After getting the quest, head to the northwest corner of this area of the Arkovian Foothills past the Staunton Mine entrance to find the dying elder Mathias lying inside a broken tower. 

There's a possible bug here where you can't pick up the talisman off the body. In most cases, this means you already have an instance of that item in your inventory (since you can only have one of this particular quest item). Check your inventory to see if it's already there, or just restart the game and then grab the talisman.

Finding the lost elder in Grim Dawn Finding the lost elder

From there, return to Greven by walking back or just by opening a personal rift, and return to the Arkovian Foothills main rift.

Now you have a choice to complete the quest: lie and keep the talisman, or choose to give it back. Either way finishes the quest and nets you the 2,500 experience (on Normal difficulty).

As a quest item, the talisman doesn't reveal its stats until you choose to lie and keep it. On Normal difficulty, you get the Bone Talisman, which gives a 5% boost to the three main Cunning/Physique/Spirit stats and also has a unique ability to increase damage and energy regeneration for a short time.

On Elite difficulty you get the Ivory Talisman instead that is just an upgraded version of the same item, while on Ultimate, you get the Sacred Talisman. That one gives a 20% bonus to ALL damage and should absolutely be kept!

Taking either option is valid, depending on what you need at the time. If you keep it, you won't gain any Rover faction reputation for completing the quest, but it's not hard to make up the reputation points just by killing undead or finishing bounties. 

On the other hand, you will find much better items as random drops later on in Normal difficulty (and you can get boosts of this same nature using components), but if you need an increase to your attributes at this point in the game, there's not much downside to keeping the talisman rather than returning it to Greven.

Information related to the Sacred Talisman The Sacred Talisman is worth it, though (thanks to the Grim Dawn wiki for the stats)

Need help picking a build or finding the devotion shrines to enhance your character? Check out our other Grim Dawn guides below:

Warhammer Vermintide 2: How to Get Cosmetics Wed, 14 Mar 2018 13:55:33 -0400 Ty Arthur

At its core, this bloody, four-player, Skaven-killing, co-op extravaganza is all about the loot. With our cosmetics guide, you can even get loot that sets you apart from the other players and provides an aesthetic flair in these drab maps full of destroyed buildings.

Yeah, yeah, you want to save the Reikland from furry annihilation if you can, but the end goal of any Warhammer: Vermintide 2 match is getting the best possible commendation chest to upgrade your character.

While various weapons and trinkets with special set traits or variable percentage properties are to be found in abundance to help raise your overall power level, there's one item type that seems to be missing in action for many players: the cosmetics!

Like many, you may be wondering: How do I get cosmetics in Vermintide 2? There are two possible ways that are currently known, with more expected to arrive in later patches or DLC.

How to Get Vermintide 2 Cosmetics

If you own the original Vermintide (on the same platform as you bought the sequel), then you automatically get a cosmetic item for your first character in the wardrobe. Likewise, if you bought the collector's edition of Vermintide 2, then you also get a special cosmetic item already available as soon as the game starts.

For those who don't have the original game or didn't shell out the cash for the collector's edition, you've got to find Vermintide 2 cosmetic items the old fashioned way: by grinding.

They arrive in commendation chests at the end of a match, but are currently the rarest of all possible items to receive.

While the developers have confirmed they appear in loot chest drops, they haven't given any specifics on where cosmetics are more likely to appear, which is where the community guessing comes in. 

While some get lucky and receive a cosmetic item here and there on the easiest setting in a quick match, it appears you are more likely to find Vermintide 2 cosmetic items in commendation chests on the hardest difficulty, or when completing Heroic Deed matches that have special objectives.

Heroic Deeds are some of the hardest match types to complete, as they frequently give you handicaps or increase the health of the boss while forcing you to play a map you know well in a different way than expected.

Equipping Vermintide 2 Cosmetic Items

When you do finally get your hands on them, keep in mind that cosmetics are character and class dependent; so, for instance, Mercenary Markus Kruber can't use the Hunstman's Fugitive Hood cosmetic item.

Equipping cosmetics in Warhammer Vermintide 2

You can change your cosmetic items in the keep by turning right at the starting point and going into the equipment room (opposite the forge room), then turning right again and accessing the wardrobe. 

If you'd prefer not to do all that, you can just bring up the cosmetics screen by accessing the inventory and navigating to the cosmetics tab near the bottom (just above the Spoils Of War button).

Note that Vermintide 2 cosmetics are a completely different concept from weapon illusions! Cosmetics change clothing features -- at the moment, primarily your coat or hat skins -- while illusions change the style of a weapon, so you can keep a weapon skin that you like even as you upgrade to new and better offense options.

Illusions are also applied completely differently and aren't accessible at the wardrobe or the regular equipment screen. For a full explanation on weapon illusions and how they work, head over here.

Opening the cosmetics wardrobe in Warhammer Vermintide 2 Accessing the Vermintide 2 cosmetics wardrobe

Still need help staying alive in the various Skaven-infested levels or finding tomes and grimoires to get better loot in the rest of Vermintide 2? Check out our other guides here:

Darwin Project Beginner's Guide: How to Beat the Odds Wed, 14 Mar 2018 13:42:17 -0400 Stephanie Tang

In a dystopian, post-apocalyptic future where the world is stuck on the brink of another ice age, a new project -- half science experiment, half live entertainment -- is launched: the Darwin Project. Forcing participants to survive the cold and a fight to the death, surviving the cold will be the least of your worries. 

Scavengers Studio's Darwin Project -- which just made its way to Steam Early Access last week -- is an ambitiously fun take on the Battle Royale formula. Equal parts Tomb Raider and Fortnite, this rendition is liberally spiked with lively Twitch streamer commentary. 

While the ability to play in doubles still remains locked, you are given the option to jump into quick matches as a combatant (normal play), or once you've got a handful of matches under your belt, as a game director. 

With a much smaller map and a limited number of players, games are quick, and the chance of making it into the top three much higher. This guide to the Darwin Project will tell you the things you'll want to know to ensure your place in the top spot. 

Trust me, there's more than chance and skill at work here!

Crafting wheel in Darwin Project

Optimize Your Gear and Gather Items to Survive

While you might get lucky and get a kill right at the get-go by spawning close enough to someone else and braining them a few times with your axe (or shovel), there's a much greater likelihood that you're going to want to gain the upper hand on your opponents -- and largely without relying on the fickle whims of your (occasionally) all-seeing Show Director. 

With this in mind, be aware that everyone has their own basic play style. Take these suggestions as you will!

Customize Your Crafting Wheel

All players should customize their crafting wheel while still in the main menu. This way you won't be under serious time constraints while trying to figure out what gear you want to make.

Specialize Your Arrows

Take a look through some of the specialized arrows (I am a fan of the Hunter arrows myself). Be aware that if you do choose these, you won't spawn with any and you'll need the materials to craft them. 

Use Traps Liberally

Your traps are all about gaining the upper hand on your opponents -- try and ensure that you can see them but that they can't see you. To that effect, smoke bombs are a good bet which allow you to hide from their radar (yes, this still counts as a trap). I also recommend the tripwire and bear trap for showing up on radar (to everyone) and immobilizing them for a few free shots.

Pick Up Electronics

Push for electronics hard and early. These will give you the biggest advantages on all other players, but be warned that if you want them, other players certainly will too! Electronics will allow you to craft items needed for abilities (and these are permanent once you've made them). I like pushing for Teleport first (mobility is key, particularly early on, when any edge is of enormous consequence), Radar (obvious), and Energy Shield (invincibility while it's active, so excellent for one-on-one scrambles).

More Health, Less Dying

Push for more health, always. You could rely on the Director to spend their Health ability on you, but what are the chances, really? Killing other players will give you back some Health, but be aware that you can also find medkits in loot boxes and by harvesting deer (there are lots of them).

Wood is Your Backup Plan

Contingencies! Try to keep at least one block of wood at the ready for a quick fire in a pinch. Warmth goes up super quick, and there's nothing like freezing to death in the middle of a fight or right at the edge of a zone close. 

Search Cabins

Look through the cabins -- lots of these will have hidden radars in the corners that allow you to track the movements of all the players on the map. (You'll often find stuff to harvest materials from too.) 

Stop Jumping Around

Juke on land, not in the air. Jumping around might feel like you're dodging around more, but you move a lot slower while jumping, which makes it a lot easier for the other person to track you with their arrows.

Specialize, Specialize, Specialize

Other gear (boots and cloak, for example) should be specialized per your play style, whether you want to get away with being less noticeable with a Fur Cloak (less need for fire) or a Runner Cloak (good for escaping out of closing zones, racing for electronics, etc.). 

A character holding an ax with bow on her back looks at a fortification in snowy, wooded area of Darwin Project

Work Around the Black Screen Glitch

New as it is, the game has been running fairly well for most people ... barring a few issues on startup. As has been reported, many users are seeing a black screen after the initial loading screen disappears. 

Some users reported that it was the fact the game was installed on and running off of a separate hard drive that caused the extra long load times during this black screen (sometimes to the tune of 5-7 minutes!). For these users, it would eventually load, but the best option was (if possible) to re-install the game off the OS drive

I experienced this bug as well, and being the impatient person I am, abandoned the waiting game after about two minutes of looking at nothing. My personal go-to is always to make sure that my graphics drivers are up to date. That done, I keep a close eye on my antivirus/malware program in case it tries to block any suspicious (read: any) new startup item. 

Whether the one, the other, or a combination of the two, my game booted up just fine and in less than 30 seconds. Before making the jump to reinstall, give this a try!

A character holding an axe and looking at some futuristic technology

Be as Charming as You Know How to Be

... It feels weird just writing the above. And yet know this: Your voice is on, and someone is/may be listening to you. I may or may not have inadvertently found this out while talking dirty on a Skype call and then realizing some random was calling me out on it. Whoops.

This is not exactly how I would suggest setting out to charm your audience.

But be aware that you have one, and if the Director starts talking to you, talk back. If you're engaged in a fight, you can talk to the other player as well. Keep things interesting. This streamer-type engagement is what elevates the mostly solo task of playing into something that's, in most cases, highly entertaining if not out and out hilarious. 

People being what they are and the job description of the Director being what it is, this can come out in the form of extra hints on other enemy locations or power-ups (e.g., a shot of health, speed boost, warmth, invincibility, etc.), or on the flip side, the Director can also declare a manhunt on you. This means extra loot for all the other players if they kill you, plus they can see where you are. Note that in this situation, you do gain more arrows and resources to try and outlive the chaos. 

This Goes for Directors Too!

As the Director, you are able to affect the Darwin Project (closing off zones, dropping nukes, causing gravity storms) and the players (through the power-ups mentioned above). In order to perform one of these actions, you have to wait until you gain an Ability Point. Don't play favorites too hard -- make this an interesting game for everyone, and try to be a little fair in how hard you troll each of your little puppets. Make 'em dance!

(There is no real dance button. You could manage to finagle them into singing you a song.)

At player death, others have the opportunity to rate you as a Director. The more engaging you are, the likelier they are to score you higher (or at all). 

Be aware that if your Director rating falls below a certain point, you'll be limited in your Director abilities to those that affect the game only. 


Do you have any other tips for Darwin Project that should make the list? Let us know in the comments below, and stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Darwin Project tips and information!

Squid Strategy: How to Use the Slosher Weapons in Splatoon 2 Wed, 14 Mar 2018 11:46:16 -0400 RobotsFightingDinosaurs

With all of the exciting changes and updates coming to Splatoon 2 this spring and summer, it's the perfect time to jump back into the game and hone your skills to a fine, razor-sharp point. With that in mind, we're launching Squid Strategy, a series of competitive Splatoon 2 guides tailor-made to keep you looking super fresh.

We're kicking off with that most frustrating, baffling, and unique class of weapons: the sloshers. In a hyper-futuristic and fashionable world full of ink shotguns, sniper rifles, and gatling guns, there are few feelings more satisfying than laying the splat on an entire team with nothing more than a cute lil' bucket. We'll begin our Splatoon 2 slosher guide with the vanilla slosher weapon and its deco-branded variant.

An inkling for the yellow team using a slosher

Slosher Guide

The slosher is an incredibly unique weapon in Splatoon 2, offering advantages and disadvantages that no other weapon has, so you'll really need to change your playstyle heavily when you pick this weapon.

Having said that, the slosher itself is most effective when you remember the basics of good Splatoon 2 play: Work as a team, don't get bunched up, and keep moving.

The best thing about the slosher in all of its iterations is that it deals the same amount of damage no matter how far away your opponent is from you. This makes it different from shooter weapons like the N-ZAP that decrease in damage the further the target is from you. And since the slosher is generally a pretty high-damage weapon, this means that as long as you're within range and hitting your mark, you'll be able to splat opponents in only two hits.

The downside of this is you are outranged by most other weapons in the game, save for rollers, brushes, and certain blasters and shooters made for short-range combat. This means that effective use of the slosher (no matter whether you're using the slosher deco, the vanilla slosher, or the tri-slosher) hinges on your spacing with your opponent. Keep your distance against opponents using close-range weapons, and flank opponents using squelchers and chargers. If all else fails, throw out your secondary weapon and retreat. Both suction bombs and sprinklers are pretty great for a tactical retreat.

Your priority when using a slosher should be attacking enemies camping from high ground using the arc of the weapon, or in protecting high ground that you yourself have secured. In tight maps with a lot of verticality, like Arowana Mall and Moray Towers, this strategy is incredibly effective given all of the flanking routes you can take. It's especially helpful to your team when your opponents have a charger-using inkling taking cover behind a wall. If you can close the distance safely and splash some ink over the wall, you'll either splat your target or at the very least force them out of hiding and into the waiting maw of the rest of your team. Even on wider maps like the Kelp Dome and Sturgeon Shipyard, the slosher can be incredibly dangerous in picking unaware foes off through the grates, either from below or from above. 

The slosher is a weapon that excels at pushing forward, but struggles in protecting objectives, simply because the splash doesn't have a wide arc. Being effective with the slosher in close quarters requires fine-tuned aim.

In terms of specific battle types, the slosher is most effective in tower control mode, given how much it excels as a weapon when you know that an enemy will be attacking you from below. If you're using the slosher, hop on the tower and trust your team to funnel enemies to you as you splat them one by one. And if somebody comes at you with tenta missiles or another attack that forces you to move, drop a sprinkler or a suction bomb to splat anybody unfortunate enough to think that you'd give up the objective that easily.

Though it's most effective in tower control mode, the slosher is a formidable weapon in any situation just as long as you're able to surprise opponents. Since it only takes two hits to finish an opposing inkling off, it's really hard for your enemies to react fast enough to retaliate if you're able to get the drop on 'em.

We recommend a build focusing on sub power-up abilities for the slosher so that you can compensate for a relative lack of range with the ability to hurl your sub weapons farther. 

In terms of specific weapon counters, the slosher is most effective against rollers, brellas, inkbrushes, chargers, and short-range shooters and blasters like the Luna Blaster and Sploosh-o-matic. 

Avoid direct contact with longer-range blasters, squelchers, and inklings wielding the Splattershot Pro, as their power over distance limits your options pretty severely.

An inkling preparing to use the Sloshing Machine in Splatoon 2

Sloshing Machine Guide

So you gave the slosher a shot, and it's not for you. You're having trouble aiming, and you're getting torn up by blasters and dualie squelchers. Well, may I interest you in the Sloshing Machine?

Even in the unique class of slosher weapons, the Sloshing Machine is an outlier. It fires a high-arcing, long-range glob of ink that follows a mortar-like trajectory and deals splash damage once it hits the ground (or an inkling). This means that it's kind of a mix between a slosher, a blaster, and a squelcher. 

The downside of all this is that the Sloshing Machine is not a weapon anybody would call versatile. 

Two direct hits with the Sloshing Machine's glob will be enough to splat an opponent, while four indirect hits will do the job as well. While the slosher likes to live on (or near) the front lines, Sloshing Machine users will want to hang back. The severe arc of the ink glob means that it is most comfortable in long-range situations (for example, splatting enemies atop the tower control tower from below, or using the arc to flush out a charger user at the top of the pillar in Blackbelly Skatepark). 

Using the Sloshing Machine to the best of its abilities will require more movement than using the normal slosher since you're pretty much hosed if anybody gets close. The arc of the weapon makes it pretty hard to aim at somebody getting up in your face, so always have an escape route, and don't hesitate to use an Autobomb to force your opponent to retreat for a second. 

Generally, you'll want to be using the Sloshing Machine to pick off opponents to allow your teammates to push forward.

We recommend gear with swim speed up abilities for Sloshing Machine users, as the ability will really help move quickly from one vantage point to the next.

The Sloshing Machine excels against blaster users, squelchers, mid-range shooters like the N-ZAP, and chargers. It's countered by rollers, other sloshers, and pretty much any other weapon that excels at close range. Just don't let anyone get close, though, and you should be okay.

A tri-slosher in Splatoon 2 set against a green backdrop

Tri-Slosher Guide

Does hanging back and picking off opponents like that sound boring? Yeah, I thought so. Allow me to introduce the Tri-Slosher. 

The Tri-Slosher is kind of like a shotgun version of the vanilla slosher, sacrificing range for a wider attack arc. This means that whereas other sloshers excel most in pushing forward with a team, Tri-Slosher users are much more comfortable protecting turf and letting opponents come to them, which gets really frustrating when the opposing team has secured the splat zones, forcing your team to go into attack mode.

Since the range of the Tri-Slosher is so short, you're going to want to spend the majority of your time with the weapon hiding, lying in wait for people to surprise, or if that seems too passive, flanking opponents who are going after other teammates. 

Like other sloshers, the Tri-Slosher will chew through opponents in two hits, meaning that aiming is a lot less important if you can get up into your enemy's face. At point-blank range, the only weapons that rival the Tri-Slosher are the Luna Blaster, rollers, and inkbrushes, but even in these scenarios, if you play smart and keep a bit of distance, the Tri-Alosher will still have an advantage, especially if you can get above your opponent. 

The really nice thing about the Tri-Slosher set is that the relative lack of range is offset greatly by the burst bomb subweapon. When you're up against a squelcher or blaster user, keep your distance and guide them into danger using your subweapon before flanking them (or leading them directly into a trap). 

In frantic situations, the Tri-Slosher is one of the scariest weapons in the game. It doesn't have a long startup like rollers do, it has a wider range than the Sploosh-o-matic, and it has a relatively fast fire speed, so don't be afraid to jump into the fray.

Speaking of jumping, we recommend a gear build with Drop Roller so that you can get into the action quickly and take super jump campers by surprise!

The Tri-Slosher excels against other slosher types, inkbrushes, most rollers, close-range blasters, and chargers. It's countered by Dynamo and Flingza rollers as well as mid-range blasters.

Thanks for reading the first installment of Squid Strategy! Let us know what you'd like us to focus on for the next installment down in the comments!

Warhammer Vermintide 2 -- Halescourge Level Guide Mon, 12 Mar 2018 14:49:20 -0400 Ty Arthur

Now that the full version of Warhammer: Vermintide 2 has launched after the extensive beta testing period, there are significantly more maps to explore with your adventuring companions.

One of those new maps is the deceptive Halescourge, which seems like an absolute cakewalk of typical Skaven hordes ... until you hit the fat spellcasting boss. Resist the urge to slam your keyboard into the wall or throw your controller at the TV, and follow our guide below to finish this Vermintide 2 map!

Halescourge Tome/Grimoire Locations

As with most of the levels, there are two possible grimoires and three tomes to pick up if you are willing to trade off health and healing potion slots for better loot and experience gains.

Halescourge Grimoire #1

This one is found after the second tome (see below), typically during the "Search For Burblespue Halescourge" objective. When you drop down a stone ledge onto a wood bridge with a bunch of crows, you will see a building start to fall over.

Run down the path beneath the falling building, and hop down to the lower level. Turn around and go back the way you came to see a broken wall where you can jump across into a building. The grimoire is in the bookshelf in that room.

 Halescourge Grimoire 1 Location (thanks to YouTuber General McBadass for the screenshots)

Halescourge Grimoire #2

Following the third tome (see below) when you head through a tunnel with a bunch of bodies hanging from the ceiling, go forward through the street where there's a cart and a bunch more bodies on the ground. There will be tall buildings on your right and left (the building on the right should have a flag hanging off it).

Point your ranged weapon up at the ladder visible on the side of the building on your left, and fire to knock the ladder down. Climb up the ladder and you will see the grimoire sitting on the wood platform in front of a door.

Looking up at a ladder in Vermintide 2 Halescourge Shooting down the ladder to reach Halescourge Grimoire 2

Halescourge Tome #1

When coming down a set of stone stairs during the "Find Your Way Down The Terraces" objective, jump down off the left side to a lower area and look for a small hole in the wall at your feet. Crouch down and head inside to find this tome in the back of the hidden room inside a crate.

Location of the first Vermintide 2 Halescourge tome Halescourge Tome 1 Location

Halescourge Tome #2

When you jump across a wood platform to a new area with a big green banner on the wall, stay up on the rooftop section and turn left at the tunnel (instead of jumping down). Immediately hang a right and go down the stairs to see this tome sitting on a boat.

Where to find tome 2 in Halescourge Halescourge Tome 2 Location

Halescourge Tome #3

After the first grimoire (see above), look for the only visible standing tower next to a destroyed wall. Head inside and climb up the ladder to find the third tome sitting on a shelf.

The location of Vermintide 2's third Halecourge tome Halescourge Tome 3 Location

Halescourge Boss Guide

This bloated sorcerer is easily one of the hardest bosses from a tactical standpoint, and you can expect to try this run several times before getting the kill. Halescourge is difficult even on the easiest setting, and if you have a heroic deed to battle him with increased health or damage, all I can say is "good luck."

Melee is very risky, so protect your ranged combatants from the hordes of summoned enemies while they hit the boss from afar. Move out of the way and reposition when the boss teleports near you or starts firing off those projectiles, as they are difficult to dodge when you are close. Standing behind the wooden beams at the proper angle can let you avoid the acid attacks.

While dodging all the special enemies that spawn, keep a careful watch for the spell casting animations with his book and staff. If you see it begin, dodge repeatedly in the same direction to avoid the attack, then you can run in for a few melee swings and get out if you time it properly. Getting behind him to attack before he teleports away is a good tactic, although it's sort of luck of the draw as to whether you will get there in time.

When you run out of ammo (and you probably will because this battle is brutal), it's actually possible to hit the boss from underneath when he teleports up onto the platforms.

As with all bosses, strength potions and bombs are helpful in increasing the damage, but be wary of the teleporting! He may just blink away from the bomb before it goes off.

A very difficult boss in the Halescourge level of Vermintide 2 Seriously, screw this guy.

That's all you need to know to have a solid chance at beating the Halescourge level and taking out this insane boss. Need help staying alive or finding tomes to get better loot in the rest of Vermintide 2? Check out our other guides here:

How Do You Delete Sims in The Sims Mobile? You Kinda Don't Mon, 12 Mar 2018 14:32:32 -0400 Tobbpitt

Having a few Sims sounds pretty great in concept. You get to play The Sims Mobile for longer than you would with just one character and rack up more money to buy things, which is a definite plus. But what if you're tired of a Sim and just want to make a new one?

Of all the features in the game, this is the most perplexing. The game prompts you to create new Sims as soon as you can, and you can't back out once you tap on the big icon at the bottom to create a new one. You are stuck in the creation process whether you like it or not.

The above doesn't sound too bad if you are comfortable with deleting your Sims, but ... the game won't let you delete sims. That's the real answer if you're looking for how to delete a Sim, because EA is refusing to address it directly on the forums.

There is no actual way to delete Sims you've created. Even if you made your second Sim in haste because the game prompted you to, you're still stuck with that Sim for a while.

There is one way to toss a Sim from your playable family, and that is via retirement.

How to retire a Sim

Your Sim must reach level 16 before they will bring up retirement. Level 16 is a lot of time with that one Sim you probably are tired of looking at.

When a Sim reaches retirement age, you can choose to let it retire and receive an heirloom for your home. Heirlooms have a number of benefits to help bolster your future generations, ranging from granting new traits to helping with career progression.

A Sim doesn't disappear once retired, but it does stop living in your home. It will still be in the neighborhood and can mentor younger Sims; you just won't have to control it or deal with it if you don't feel like it.

The answer to the question is this: You don't delete Sims in The Sims Mobile. You play them until you're tired of them, then you push them out of your house for rewards. That's not too bad!

Take a look at our other guides for The Sims Mobile if you found this one useful!

How to Get Married in The Sims Mobile Sun, 11 Mar 2018 14:15:22 -0400 Tobbpitt

The Sims Mobile just wouldn't fit in with the rest of the series without the ability to befriend and marry other sims. This time around it's pretty easy, aside from the in-game Energy or real-life time investments.

Getting hitched is a step-by-step process here, so we're going to go into the process of how to get married in The Sims Mobile step by step. It's not hard, but it does take some time.

Step 1. Get yourself to level 10

This is a prerequisite to purchasing some items before you get married. It's best to know this before you get this whole process started. No surprises here!

Step 2. Get your relationship with a sim up to level 10

This can take some time (and interaction spamming, much like a regular game of The Sims).

You can't just get someone to agree to marrying your sim by spamming it with friendly interactions, though. Make sure to build up the relationship with your sim's future spouse using romantic interactions.

At a level 10 relationship, your sim and its romantic interest will hit Soulmates. From there you two are ready to get hitched.

Step 3. Make at least three level 2 friends

It's best to work on this while you're wooing your sim of choice so that you don't have to wait when you're finally ready. You need three sims sitting at level 2 or more friendship to get married.

Step 4. Propose to your sim's soulmate

Easy enough! Just interact with the sim and propose. You'll receive the wedding quest after you propose.

Step 5. Purchase the wedding decorations

A Sims veteran will be familiar with the process of buying a wedding arch to get hitched, and it's basically the same here in The Sims Mobile. Well, almost.

Remember the first step, which was just "get to level 10?" This is where it comes in. You can't buy the required items unless you are level 10.

If you followed the steps, you will be able to buy your wedding items: a Wedding Arch, a Floral Pillar, and a Windowed Rose Lattice. The store will indicate these are the items required to get married, so don't stress if you can't remember them.

Step 6. Fulfill the other wedding quest requirements

Making those three friends is one part of the quest, but there are two other things you must to do fulfill its requirements:

  1. Choose to interact with your sim's partner and reassure their cold feet over the wedding
  2. Interact with a table and choose the option to work on your wedding vows

Step 7. Get married!

The time has finally come! Once all of the above steps are complete, you can select the Wedding Arch and choose to get married with your sim's soulmate. 

It takes a while to get married, but who can stand in the way of true love? Not I, says the Sims fan.


Have you tied the knot in The Sims Mobile? Let us know all about it in the comments, and be sure to stick with GameSkinny for more helpful guides and tips.

Warhammer Vermintide 2 Illusion Guide Fri, 09 Mar 2018 16:00:14 -0500 Ty Arthur

The loot and crafting systems received an overhaul in Fatshark's end times co-op adventure Warhammer: Vermintide 2, with a few new additions that returning players may not fully understand.

Illusions in particular seem to be confusing the player base, as their utility isn't immediately apparent when this randomized ability appears on a weapon.

An illusion is essentially a removable weapon skin, allowing you to keep the same look of a weapon you like even when upgrading to new versions or switching to a new weapon entirely after opening a loot crate.

Extracting and Applying Vermintide 2 Illusions

Illusions are moved between items at the forge, but sadly the game's forge/crafting section is not super intuitive. In fact, you might not have even found the forge if you weren't going around exploring the keep in-between matches!

From the start point, go down the door to your left (next to the guy with the maps near the mission select area) and then interact with the forge. From there, navigate to the Crafting tab. By default you will be on the Salvage screen on this tab, which doesn't help you utilize illusions at all.

In the middle of the screen, you will see some astoundingly small text reading 1/7 in-between two teeny, tiny little buttons labeled Next and Previous that you use to tab through seven different crafting options (yeah, it's not a great UI design at all).

Use Next to tab over to the sixth screen, which is labeled Extract Illusions. From here you can extract the illusion from an item for 20 scrap (if you don't have any scrap, you need to destroy unwanted items on the Salvage screen).

Hit Next again to get to the seventh screen, named Apply Weapon Illusion. From there you can apply the illusion to any weapon you have in your inventory and change its base appearance.

A Vermintide 2 crafting screen Extracting a weapon illusion on the sixth crafting screen

That's all you need to know to utilize Vermintide 2 weapon illusion skins! Need help staying alive or finding tomes to get better loot? Check out our other guides here:

Warhammer Vermintide 2 - Skipping the Prologue Tutorial Scene Fri, 09 Mar 2018 13:29:13 -0500 Ty Arthur

Beta is finally over, and the full launch version of Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is here, which is very good for the players but very bad for the Reikland, which is about to be swimming in evil rat men!

If you went from the beta to the full version, thankfully, you didn't get your character progress wiped (which, obviously, new players aren't crazy about but had existing players pretty stoked), but there was an annoying catch -- you have to replay the Vermintide 2 tutorial scene yet again.

If that doesn't sound like a fun way to jump back into the game, we've got you covered with a little tip on how to skip the intro entirely.

Skipping the Vermintide 2 Prologue

Want to bypass the prologue segment at the Skittergate instead of playing through the escape sequence again? Just hit F2 twice in a row, then press Escape while you are in the cage being lifted along the rope track.

From there, you can exit the intro and go to the main menu to enter Taal's Horn Keep and jump into a quick match.

It's really only a minor annoyance to replay the tutorial, though, which is about 10 minutes long and gives you some solid lore background on what's happening in the game. This isn't Metal Gear Survive, where there's two and a half hours of tutorials to play through before getting into the main gameplay.

 Tap the key combo while in the cage being moved by the Skittergate

Vermintide 2 Prologue Bugs

You may want to skip the intro if you experience an early bug where you get stuck forever during the pit fight if you changed a particular key binding.

Changing the dodge key binding before then teaches you how to use dodge will make the entire game freeze up. You can either skip the prologue to bypass this issue, or just change the key binding back to default until the pit fight is over.

A fight that you can't win if you altered the key binding for dodging This fight is impossible if you changed the dodge key binding

Now that you are past the annoying prologue section, it's time to jump into all those new maps with the full launch! Need help staying alive or finding tomes to get better loot? Check out our other guides here:

Warhammer Vermintide 2 Beginner's Tips and Tricks to Survival Fri, 09 Mar 2018 12:34:20 -0500 Ty Arthur

How can a mere four heroes possibly take on the endless Skaven and Rotblood hordes in Warhammer: Vermintide 2 without being dragged down by sheer numbers and being slaughtered? That's a problem many new players are coming to grips with in this challenging co-op experience.

Since the launch of the official retail version (and the subsequent Vermintide 2 1.0.1 update), there has been some major character nerfing of all classes  from what players were used to in the beta. Most classes do less damage to enemies and heal less health now with their abilities, making teamwork even more essential.

Whether you played during pre-launch extensively or are just jumping into the game now, there are a host of Vermintide 2 tips and strategies you need to learn if you want your group to survive a map and make off with that sweet, sweet loot box.

Combat Basics

Because you will so often face very large numbers of enemies, learning to effectively block, push, dodge, and position is critical to staying alive. Pay attention to enemy attack patterns and hold up your guard with RMB, then counterattack when the coast is clear. You may need to guard for longer periods when surrounded, but pay attention to your guard stamina, as you can only block so many attacks.

Holding RMB and LMB while moving lets you push an enemy out of the way, which is essential for moving out of a horde or drawing a monster away from an ally. Holding space while tapping a movement direction dodges in that direction, which is useful when you can't guard any longer or when a heavy attack is incoming. It can always quickly evade special enemy attacks that hold you down or drag you away.

Being out in the open when a horde appears is a bad idea unless your team can quickly chew through it as a group. Always work to gain better positioning whenever possible in these three ways:

  • Moving into a building where the horde has to funnel through a door or hallway
  • Putting your back to a wall so you can't be surrounded and moving towards a better position
  • Escaping up to a higher point, where you can cleave enemies easily as they jump up to follow you, forcing them to slow down for the climb animation

While fighting the Skaven and Chaos Barbarians, take note of the various special enemy types, as they require different tactics.

The Rat Ogre, for instance, can easily leap from floor to floor, so hitting him at range before closing to melee is a necessity. The Skaven with the flamethrower also pushes characters back with his primary attack, so he needs to be attacked from behind, killed at range, or flanked by two players at the same time. The fat Plague Priest launches area gas attacks, but if you stay out of that range and hit him from the side, he's no problem, and so on.

While battling the hordes, keep in mind that strength potions affect all damage -- even bombs -- and let you penetrate armor, so those are useful to hold onto until a big boss creature shows up.

Attacking Vermintide 2 enemies from a high vantage point Fighting from the high ground lets you take on fewer enemies at a time to thin their numbers

Cooperation Is Everything

Due to the makeup of the enemy forces, the biggest reason for a match to be lost is that players didn't stay together and someone ran off ahead before the rest of the group was ready. Teamwork is survival in Vermintide 2.

Every map features multiple drop-off points where you can't go back to the previous area. Be sure the whole team is ready to drop off, or you can quickly find yourself alone and cut off from help if they are still battling enemies above you.

Reviving downed allies should be a priority, but not if they are surrounded by enemies or are being slaughtered by the tank that will just immediately kill you. Taking out close enemies first is key, but if you are in a bind and need another player, don't forget you can block while reviving!

Any player can be downed and revived up to three times on Recruit difficulty.  Unless you use a healing item to reset the process, the fourth time you go down, you will automatically die. This isn't the end of your time in the match, though.

Always rescue the dead players who appear as tied-up new characters later in the level. The rescue spots are the same every time (such as behind the wagon with the tome in Against The Grain), so memorize them as you go through a map.

A tied-up player waiting to be rescued Rescuing a dead player who appears as a new tied-up character

Tomes And Grimoires Are A Gamble

By now, most players have figured out the secrets of the Vermintide 2 grimoire/tome locations, so the question remains: What do these do, and should you pick them up?

Tomes and grimoires give you better loot at the end of a match, but they come at a high cost. Holding a tome takes up your healing potion slot, so if you have a healing potion on you when you find a tome, either use it on yourself or hand it off to another player first.

Since you are going to lose health at some point, holding a tome can be problematic. Tomes can be dropped temporarily if you need to grab a healing potion or some bandages to increase your health, then picked back up to fill the potion slot again.

Grimoires, on the other hand, can't be dropped (unless you die) and also reduce overall team health, making them even more of a gamble. Yes, you will get better loot if you survive, but if you get a total player wipe just short of the level's end, then what's the point?

If you are wearing an item with Curse Resistance, it lowers the health drop and makes the level a bit easier while holding a gimoire.

One of Warhammer Vermintide 2's loot chests Tomes give you better chests but make the levels harder to beat

Opening Loot Boxes

Besides grabbing tomes or grimoires, you also get bonus loot for doing a quick match instead of a custom game. Loot is randomized but will usually give you a weapon and some trinkets that include various traits and properties. 

Traits are fixed -- always giving the same result every time -- while properties have a variable scale, such as 5% - 15%.

Choosing when to open your loot boxes can change the quality of your gear. Saving these till later, when you are at a higher character level, gives you much better gear, although of course it means playing through earlier maps repeatedly with shoddy equipment.

Weapons and equipment affect your Vermintide 2 character's power level, which is a concept that isn't fully explained in the game. Besides being a gateway to the higher difficulty levels, hero power controls these aspects of combat:

  • How may enemies you can cleave through at a time with a single hit
  • How much you stagger opponents when they are hit
  • Total damage per hit

Upgrading your character's power level in Vermintide 2 Increasing Markus' power level with new gear from a commendation chest

Those are all the basic Vermintide 2 tips and tricks you need to know to jump into the game and get started! The rest will have to be learned along the way as you figure out how to cooperate with different team makeups to conquer each map.

Have any other strategies for this co-op Warhammer title we didn't mention? Let us know your essential tips in the comments section!

Final Fantasy 15 Finesse Guide Fri, 09 Mar 2018 11:30:15 -0500 Kengaskhan

It seems like a common trend for JRPGs is to grade the player based on their performance in combat, and Final Fantasy XV is no different. There are different report cards for different types of content, but the ones that have been giving most FFXV players trouble are the report cards for timed hunts. Read on to learn how to boost your FFXV finesse rank.

Final Fantasy XV finesse rank as laid out in the report card

While the Offense and Time grades are about as straightforward as they get (kill them all and kill them fast), the Finesse rank is pretty obfuscated; however, it makes sense if you think about it. “Finesse” means “skill” or “flair,” which means that if you want a high Finesse grade, you can’t just go on a killing rampage during every hunt -- you need to do the killing in style.

So, to raise your Finesse score, you need to start executing more parries and Blindside attacks (4 and 6 of each, respectively, should be enough) rather than just blindly mashing buttons if you want to get that A+ in Finesse.


If you're looking for more FFXV-related content, be sure to check out our other Final Fantasy XV guides

Into the Breach Mechs Guide Fri, 09 Mar 2018 11:06:02 -0500 Sergey_3847

Mechs are an integral part of Into the Breach. Without mechs, you can't fight Veks and protect the pods. You also need pilots who will control the mechs, but there are some mechs that don't need pilots -- they are called Cyborgs.

Currently, there are 27 mechs in the game, which are classified into 9 squads. Different squads provide different strategies for fighting the Veks. If you want to know the best mechs in the game and how to choose the best custom squad for your missions, then follow our guide below.

Best Mechs and Loadouts in Into the Breach

Squad selection screen in Into the Breach

Default squads are good, and they need to be unlocked with the help of coins if you want to get new mechs. However, the most efficient squads are custom ones. But before making up the most OP custom squad, first let's take a look at the most powerful mechs available in the game.

Ice Mech

This is a ranged mech that belongs to the Frozen Titans squad, and besides having flying, which allows it to move over any type of tile in the game, it also has one of the best weapons in the game -- Cryo-Launcher.

This weapon freezes any enemy in the distance, but it also freezes the mech itself. For this reason, you need a good pilot, such as Mafan, who can provide it with protective shield and thus make it immune to self-freezing -- a truly winning combo.

Laser Mech

The prime Zenith Guard mech is another great choice for offensive strategy. It carries a powerful Burst Beam that can reach distant targets. However, you also need to upgrade it to make your allies immune to the beam. Any good pilot will fit this mech.

Combat Mech

This is your default Rift Walkers mech, but it has also proven to be one of the best in the game. Its Titan Fist ability, which isn't particularly strong in its initial form, can be upgraded to Dash, which will be able to punch through any target in the distance.

The best pilot for Combat Mech is Gana. He can deploy the mech anywhere on the map and deal damage to adjacent enemies.

Judo Mech

Every squad needs a tank, and Judo Mech is the best tank available. It has a lot of HP, which you can also increase, and it has the Vice Fist ability, which allows him to disrupt and throw enemies behind him. Pilot him with the help of Henry Kwan for better positioning.

Boulder Mech

Another great strategy is to disrupt the enemies from spawning at the beginning. For this, you need an artillery, which is the main purpose of the Boulder Mech, which throws rocks. Pilot it with either Silica or Archimedes.

Charge Mech

Bullying is not the most elegant strategy, but it's definitely efficient. The Charge Mech can run into any target, heavily damaging the target and itself in the process. So give it Abe Isamu as a pilot, and reduce the self-damage with the help of his Armored ability.

Rocket Mech

The last one is the ranged Rocket Mech, with artillery and smoke effect. It sends the missiles with smoke and completely disorients the Veks. Camila Vera is the best pilot for this mech due to her anti-smoke ability, which will protect the mech from hurting itself.

Best Custom Squad in Into the Breach

Deploying the best squad and best mechs in Into the Breach

The best squad you can build is the one you can get as early in the game as possible. This means that you need powerful mechs that cost very little. Here are three mechs that should do it for you early in the game:

  • Combat Mech
  • Rocket Mech
  • Boulder Mech

This squad will cost you only 5 coins and will give you a massive advantage early in the game. Every mech in this squad is a demolition machine designed to deal a lot of damage.

Combat Mech is the bread and butter of this squad, so throw it right into the thick of the battle, preferably right near the Veks. The other two serve as artillery mechs, so place them on the two opposite edges of the map.

Obviously, your Combat Mech should have a large health pool, so upgrade that first. Then, upgrade reactors on your two artillery mechs for even more damage output.

Focus on killing Veks and removing obstacles in your path, and you should do really well.


With the help of this guide, you will now be able to choose the best mechs for your pilots and squads, and for other Into the Breach guides at GameSkinny, please visit the links below:

Monster Hunter World Phantom Bird Guide Thu, 08 Mar 2018 22:13:34 -0500 Nicolas Entrabartolo

There are many things to hunt and catch in Monster Hunter World, and the Phantom Bird is no different. Though elusive and hard to find if you don't know where to look, We'll go through the steps to find it and then the best way to capture it.

First off, these creatures aren't something you can easily track. The bird lives in tandem with two other creatures:

                         Apceros                                                                  Aptonoth





You will have to look on the back of these gentle giants, that is where they like to nest.

You will need patience because the spawn rate of the Phantom Bird is not a 100%. You will need to switch between two locations, the Ancient Forest and the Wildspire Waste. You will want to check the backs of these creatures in Sector 1 of both of these zones. If you don't find them on the first go, just switch to the other zone. Keep switching between sectors until you find them on the creature's backs.

Once you find them, put on your Ghillie Mantle and approach with caution. From here, aim toward the middle of the group with your capture net. This will give you the highest chance of catching the Phantom Bird. If you are successful, Downy Crake should be now yours to own.

If you are unsuccessful, don't fret. Just repeat the process until you find them on the back of one of the two creatures once again.

Good luck on your hunting, hunters. Want more tips and don't know where to start? Check out more of our Monster Hunter: World guides. Here are some to start with:

Fortnite Bullseye Locations and Tips Guide Thu, 08 Mar 2018 15:21:01 -0500 Ty Arthur

Week 3 of Fortnite's Season 3 is off to an explosive start as new limited-time modes and updated challenges arrive to test your 99 vs 1 Battle Royale skills! Seven new challenges are slated to arrive each week this season that give you something to do besides hiding as a bush or hunting down other players in every match.

Some of these odd objectives add a pretty high degree of difficulty since it can be hard to complete a challenge while outrunning the storm or avoiding players who are camping around an objective's location.

This week's challenges include finding the Snobby Shores treasure map location and landing on ground bullseyes after jumping off the battle bus (among other new entries that aren't as difficult, like getting kills in Salty Springs or opening chests in Junk Junction).

Below we list out how to find every Fortnite bullseye location, which appear as a glowing red bullseye image from the air. Keep in mind that all players can see them, so you will probably be in for an immediate fight when you hit the ground!

Just one of the Fortnite Bullseye locations Coming in for a hot landing on a Fortnite Bullseye (thanks to MitchGames247 for the screenshot)

How to Find the Season 3 Bullseye Locations

While there are a bunch of bullseye landing locations across the map, you only have to land on seven bullseyes during this season to complete the weekly challenge.

So far, 25 different bullseye locations have been discovered, and they are all pretty easy to see from the air, so hitting them isn't too difficult. All you really need to know is a general area for where to jump off the bus and start hang gliding. Obviously, you have to play seven different matches to complete the challenge since you can only land once per match.

All 25 bullseye locations currently discovered can be seen in the map below, circled in red. The only areas that don't really have any bullseyes at the moment are Snobby Shores, Greasy Grove, and Shifty Shafts. The rest of the map is peppered with them, and you'll probably find a few just by jumping randomly and looking down while you glide.

For ease of reference, here we've also listed out some of the easier ones to land on to quickly complete the seven bullseye locations landing challenge:

  • Of course there's one directly on the roof of the Loot Lake house
  • One is found on the hill just to the south of Tilted Towers
  • The tower in Wailing Woods has a bullseye
  • A landing spot is found on the soccer field near the middle of Pleasant Park
  • The main lodge at Lonely Lodge is an easy spot to land on
  • West of Anarchy Acres (nearly the same location as the Umbrella, Pool, Windmill challenge)
  • A bullseye is positioned on the hill west of Retail Row (near the road running from Dusty Depot to Retail Row)
  • The center of Dusty Depot houses a bullseye landing location
  • Another is found at the south end of Flush Factory
  • North of Flush Factory, on the path that leads to the village (look for the burned-out building)
  • The bridge east of Flush Factory
  • The bridge east of Anarchy Acres
  • South of Moisty Mire
  • The spiraling path at map marker J6 has a landing spot (south of Lonely Lodge and northeast of Moisty Mire)

The locations of each Fortnite landing bullseye 

All Fortnite Season 3 Bullseye Landing Locations

Let us know when you land on your seven bullseyes, and if you find any other locations we missed, be sure to leave a comment so we can update the map!

Need help completing any other Fortnite season 3 content? Check out our other Fortnite guides here:

Fortnite Snobby Shores Map Location Guide Thu, 08 Mar 2018 14:25:06 -0500 Ty Arthur

We're now well into Fortnite's Season 3, and the Epic Games shenanigans keep on coming! This morning we just got a ludicrous 20 v 20 v 20 v 20 v 20 mode (yes, that's 5 teams of 20, and it's mayhem) along with a new Snobby Shores treasure map challenge. For those who play Save The World mode instead, there have been some tweaks, including hoverboards and changes to a few weapon types.

Haven't managed to find the Snobby Shores treasure map yet or figure out where the map leads? We've got you covered with a full guide below!

Keep in mind that the weekly challenges throughout the season stack (and you only need to do four out of seven to get an experience boost each week), so you can build off previous challenges like dancing in front of the no-dance signs, finding the secret pool-windmill-umbrella location, or landing on the llama, crab, and fox buildings

This week's Fortnite challenges consist of:

  • Eliminate opponents in Salty Springs
  • Harvest building resources with a pickaxe
  • Deal damage with Suppressed Weapons to opponents
  • Search Chests in Junk Junction
  • Land on different Bullseyes
  • Crossbow Eliminations
  • Follow the treasure map found in Snobby Shores (explained below)

The Fortnite Snobby Shores Treasure Map Fortnite Season 3 Snobby Shores Treasure Map

Snobby Shores Map Location

To find this weekly challenge treasure map, head over to the far west side of the map to Snobby Shores (area A5). This is a lot easier if you can jump off the bus right by there at the start of the match so that you don't end up trying to outrace the closing storm. If you land on the other side, probably just try a different challenge instead and give this one a shot in the next match. 

The treasure map is actually on a wall of an outbuilding just above a treasure chest (see the first red circle in the map below for the location). You don't have to grab the map or anything (but definitely loot the chest!) -- it just gives you a general idea of where to go.

Finding the map itself is just the first half of the problem, though -- next you need to figure out just where in the heck that map challenge is trying to get you to go! The map shows an X between two trees in a valley, which gives a general idea but not really an exact location. 

From the Snobby Shores wall map, run northeast like you are headed to Pleasant Park or Loot Lake. The exact location is just above the corner of where grid coordinates C and 4 meet on the Battle Royale map (basically between Snobby Shores and Pleasant Park, and far to the west of Loot Lake).

When you get there (see exact location in the second red circle below), a Battle Star will spawn. Grab it to complete the challenge, but watch out for snipers, as many players will be hanging around here looking for people who haven't completed the challenge yet.

Note that you don't technically have to travel to the Snobby Shores map location at all to fully complete the challenge. You can finish this Season 3 challenge just by grabbing the Battle Star at the location the map reveals, skipping the first half of finding the map entirely.

The route to the Snobby Shores treasure map

The Snobby Shores treasure map route to the Battle Star

Let us know when you manage to grab the Battle Star, and stay tuned as we cover the other week 3 challenges of this ongoing season! Need help completing any other Fortnite season 3 content? Check out our other Fortnite Battle Royale guides here:

Into the Breach Pilots Guide Thu, 08 Mar 2018 11:38:20 -0500 Sergey_3847

Pilots and mechs in Into the Breach make up the necessary duo to resist Veks, protect pods, and ultimately control the islands. Proper pilot/mech combinations in squads can easily lead you to a guaranteed victory even on the hardest difficulty.

Currently, there are 24 pilots available in the game, including the AI pilot and cyborgs -- pilot/mech hybrids. If you want to know how to unlock all of the pilots in Into the Breach and combine them with the best mechs, then follow our guide below.

How to Unlock Pilots in Into the Breach

Unlocking the Into the Breach secret pilots

Artificial Pilot

You don't need to unlock an AI pilot. You get it automatically in case your main pilot gets killed, so every mech has a default AI pilot just to keep it going.

Generic Pilots
  • Archive Inc Pilot
  • Detritus Pilot
  • Pinnacle Pilot
  • RST Pilot

You will get one of these four generic pilots every time you start a new timeline. They usually replace your AI pilot untill you get a better one.

Default Pilot
  • Ralph Karlsson

Ralph is the game's main protagonist and your default pilot. He gains you a +2 bonus XP per kill, which makes him great for leveling up in the beginning.

Time Pod Pilots

When you successfully protect a time pod, you can open it and get one of these pilots at random:

  • Abe Isamu

All of Abe's mechs automatically gain Armored ability, which protects them from damage.

  • Archimedes

Here's an excellent offensive pilot that can move again after shooting.

  • Bethany Jones

This pilot gives your mechs a protective shield at the start of each mission.

  • Camila Vera

This pilot protects mechs from such effects as Webbing and Smoke.

  • Chen Rong

Chen gains +1 Move after each attack, making him an extremely valuable offensive pilot.

  • Gana

This non-human pilot can damage adjacent enemies and can be deployed anywhere on the map.

  • Harold Schmidt

Harold is a mechanic that is good for repairing mechs, and thus, outfitting other mechs.

  • Henry Kwan

Henry has the ability to move through enemy tiles, which gives him a great advantage over other pilots.

  • Isaac Jones

This would be a great beginner's pilot since he lets you reset one turn every battle.

  • Lily Reed

Lily should work with really slow mechs since she adds +3 Move on the first turn of every mission.

  • Prospero

If you want to make any mech fly, then this should be your pilot.

  • Silica

This pilot allows your mech do two things a turn, if you don't move.

Distant Friends Pilots

In order to unlock these three pilots, you need to get the Distant Friends achievement (read how to get Distant Friends here):

  • Ariadne

This special pilot is completely immune to Fire and adds +3 Health to your mech.

  • Kazaaakpleth

Highly offensive pilot with +2 Damage attack, which replaces Repair.

  • Mafan

Although Mafan reduces a mech's HP to 1, it also gains protective shield every turn.

Cyborg Pilots
  • Kxlatl
  • Taaxetizl
  • Xakran

Cyborgs are pilot/mech hybrids that can be unlocked by completing all achievements and unlocking all other squads.

Best Pilot/Mech Combos in Into the Breach

Squad Selection screen in Into the Breach

Steel Judoka

This squad of mechs will benefit the most from such pilots as: Henry Kwan, Harold Schmidt, Chen Rong, and Archimedes.

Henry Kwan can move into the enemy's position and attack them first-hand. Harold Schmidt can quickly repair any damage. Chen Rong and Archimedes can save your mechs in a dangerous situation with their additional moves.

Rusting Hulks

Since Rusting Hulks are mainly weather manipulators, they need protection from Smoke to avoid getting caught in their own traps. The best pilot for this squad is obviously Camila Vera since she is the only pilot that provides protection from Smoke.

Zenith Guard

Charge Mech has an excellent ramming ability, but unfortunately, it damages itself in the process. That's why Abe Isamu will fit perfectly here, as he gives his mechs protection from damage.


This squad uses electric charges and grappling hooks, which means that it will benefit the most from pilots who can move a lot in one turn, such as Chen Rong and Archimedes.


Hopefully, this guide helped you understand how to get the pilot you need for your mech, and for other Into the Breach guides at GameSkinny, please visit the links below:

Final Fantasy 15: How to Manually Drive & Unlock Regalia Type D Thu, 08 Mar 2018 11:01:00 -0500 Ashley Gill

Not much is as cruel as a game giving you a feature and then snatching it from your hands like some sort of two-faced uncle.

That's exactly what happens with Final Fantasy 15, specifically in the game allowing you to manually drive the Regalia for a time and then making you sit in the passenger seat for a while. Ignis is an all right driver, but it's much more fun to take the wheel as Noctis yourself.

You get a brief taste of driving on your own, and once you have that taste, you've got to have it again. Forever. Luckily, it doesn't take too long for Ignis to let you take the helm again.

You only have to let Ignis drive the Regalia until the end of Chapter 3. Even if you're a hardcore sidequester like myself, it's worth rushing to the end of Chapter 3 just to sit in the driver's seat again.

This all may sound unnecessary, but being able to manually drive the Regalia at the end of Chapter 3 is a lot sooner than players could at launch.

How to unlock the Regalia Type D

Okay, you can take manual control of your car now. What about taking it off the road and into the wild? For that you need the Regalia Type D, a modification for the car that was added to Final Fantasy 15 in a patch post-launch.

You can change to Type D by going to Hammerhead and talking to Cindy, then choosing the 'Change to Regalia Type D' option.

It really is as simple as that. There are no prerequisites for unlocking the Type D, so you can do it as soon as you are free to talk to Cindy and modify the Regalia.

Switching to the Regalia Type D is almost mandatory, as it makes traveling easier, even if it's not as pretty as the standard model. You still may find yourself using Chocobos more often off-road, though. Getting stuck on bushes is a real bummer.

If you found this guide useful, check out our other Final Fantasy XV guides here on GameSkinny!

Hunt: Showdown Controls Guide Thu, 08 Mar 2018 10:42:56 -0500 Sjaak den Heijer

Hunt: Showdown is Crytek’s newest creation. Currently in early access, it's a first-person bounty hunting game that blends PVE with PVP in a match-based system whereby five teams try to hunt down a big enemy to collect its bounty. If one team collects the bounty, they are instantly a target for all other players. Due to this system, the game makes you go up against other players, AI enemies, and big, scary bosses all to collect yourself a sweet bounty.

What makes Hunt: Showdown even more exciting is its perma-death system: Your character and gear will be lost when you die. And even though the game doesn’t call itself one, it’s definitely a unique battle royale game (and being made with CryEngine, it’s also a really good-looking one). Hunt: Showdown really seems to be aiming for a unique and intense experience that you can’t find anywhere else.

Before you can start collecting all those bounties, you'll need to know the controls.

Getting ready for an ambush in Hunt Showdown

Hunt: Showdown Controls


  • WASD: Walk
  • Space: Jump
  • Ctrl: Crouch
  • Shift: Sprint/Aim Down Sight


  • Left Click: Melee/Shoot
  • Right Click: Aim
  • R: Reload
  • F: Interact
  • E: Dark Sight
  • Caps Lock: Push to Talk


  • 1-9: Equipment select
  • Q: Primary/Secondary Weapon Switch
  • Tab: Map

Keep in mind that all controls can be customized within the in-game settings. You should definitely try and play around with the controls, as they are not the most standard from a battle royale perspective. Aiming down sights especially will need some getting used to. As of now, the game has no controller/gamepad support. If you're looking for more guides or other awesome gaming content, don't forget to stay tuned to GameSkinny.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Grimoire/Tome Locations Guide Wed, 07 Mar 2018 15:51:01 -0500 Ty Arthur

If you plan on rolling back the Skaven hordes in Warhammer: Vermintide 2, your team of rat slayers will need the best possible equipment, with plenty of awesome traits and bonus properties.

To get better loot at the end of the level, you want to find all the hidden tomes and grimoires in each area, although this comes at a cost since these items occupy potion slots. Below we cover every single Vermintide 2 secret tome location in the game.

Keep in mind that these tome locations are based off the closed beta just before official release -- the locations may change at the Vermintide 2 full release date! If you see anything incorrect, be sure to let us know, and we'll get the locations updated. Looking for the Vermintide 2 weapon and equipment traits instead? We've got 'em all listed right over here.

Righteous Stand Tome Locations

This first level of the game only features three tomes, but all are easy to find due to the structured street layout and large landmarks.

Tome #1

During the "Find A Way To The Temple" objective, you will walk by a giant flaming cart. Hang a left at the cart and walk down the alley to see a regular old non-flaming cart. Jump up the open back end of the cart to nab your very first tome.

Location of first righteous stand tome in Warmhammer Vermintide 2 Righteous Stand Tome #1 (thanks to ProfessorButts for the screenshots)

Tome #2

During the "Get Past The Gate" objective, you will walk up wood walkways inside a tower. After walking up a short ramp, move to the edge of the walkway in the corner to look down and see the second tome slightly below you on a platform.

Location of second righteous stand tome in Warmhammer Vermintide 2 Righteous Stand Tome #2

Tome #3

During the "Enter The Temple" objective, you will come across an open area with some stone landmarks and a bunch of bushes. You need to actually walk into the bushes and through them to a hidden area. The tome is in the back corner next the wall.

Location of righteous stand tome 3 in Warmhammer Vermintide 2 Righteous Stand Tome #3

Athel Yenlui Grimoire/Tome Locations

This one's a bit tough because there aren't a ton of landmarks to follow out in the forest until you hit the ruins, but you can find the grimoires and tomes by checking specific areas when the map objectives change.

Grimoire #1

When you pass through Howling Creek and the objective becomes "Proceed Through The Wilds," drop down the ledge and follow the wall on the left until you see a large tree and a cliff section above. The grimoire is up on a ledge that you have to jump to reach.

The first Athel Yenlui grimoire location Athel Yenlui Grimoire #1

Grimoire #2

The second grimoire can be found during the "Find The Source Of The Disturbance" objective when exploring the elven ruins. You need to push three objects labeled as Suspicious Bricks that are located around the area near your feet in out-of-the-way locations. After pressing the third brick, head down the stairs to access a new underground location with the grimoire.

A suspicious brick that needs pushing in Vermintide 2 Pushing a suspicious brick

Tome #1

After grabbing the first grimoire (during the "Proceed Through The Wilds" objective), head across the map, traveling through a hollowed-out log, until you see two large trees flanking a broken box on the ground. The tome is inside the box.

Location of the first Athel Yenlui tome in Warhammer Vermintide 2 Athel Yenlui Tome #1

Tome #2

When you get the first tome in the box, head south towards the map checkpoint. On your right, before dropping down to the lower area, is another tome inside a box.

The location of athel yenlui tome 2 in Vermintide 2 Athel Yenlui Tome #2

Tome #3

After grabbing the secret second grimoire from the underground area (see above), head up a ramp of broken brick nearby and then turn right. Walk past the hanging vines and jump up on the rocks to find the third and final tome for this level.

The spot where you'll find the third athel yenlui tome in Warhammer: Vermintide II Athel Yenlui Tome #3

Against The Grain Grimoire/Tome Locations

The tomes in this farm-focused level are all cleverly hidden in inconspicuous locations, so you'll need to look around quite a bit to find them all!

Grimoire #1

After grabbing the first tome (see below), you will reach an area where you can go inside a home with a bunch of barrels that can be picked up. Head down into the basement with a barrel, and stack it in front of the closed-off area. Blow up the barrel to access a new hallway, then go up the ladder and out the back to find the first grimoire sitting on a barrel.

The location of the first grimoire in the against the grain objective Against The Grain Grimoire #1

Grimoire #2

Shortly after the first grimoire during the "Unlock And Go Through The Barn" objective, there's an area where you can go up two ladders and onto a wood structure. After the second ladder, turn right and jump across the ledges to reach the tower. Keep jumping up the ledges on the side of the tower to find the second grimoire.

Where you can find the second against the grain grimoire Against The Grain Grimoire #2

Tome #1

When you come across the first farm during the "Reach The Orchard" objective, you need to jump on a hay bale to walk along a fence (that doesn't seem like you can walk on) and then use that position to jump on the wood awning. Facing the roof -- a cart will be visible off to your right -- look for a small hole in the roof to grab the tome.

Finding the first against the grain tome in warhammer vermintide 2 Against The Grain Tome #1

Tome #2

Inside the barn, look for a large, open window on the back side where you can jump down onto a barely visible platform to grab this tome. If you have trouble landing it, you can also go down to the ground level and jump up on the hay bales to grab the tome, even though it's blocked by the wood platform.

Where to go to find the second against the grain tome Against The Grain Tome #2

Tome #3

After the barn and during the "Reach The Farm" objective, you can jump down into a river on your left. Follow that river to find the third tome in a box.

Finding the third tome in a box for the against the grain objective Against The Grain Tome #3

Empire In Flames Grimoire/Tome Locations

Most of these grimoires and tomes are simple to find, but a few require some odd jumping puzzle skills to actually reach.

Grimoire #1

Shortly after the first tome (see below), you can go inside a dilapidated building and look out the side window to see the grimoire sitting next to a barrel. Shoot the barrel to blow up a secret passage entrance, then run around the side of the house to grab the grimoire.

after blowing up the house, here's where you'll find the empire in flames first grimoire Empire In Flames Grimoire #1

Grimoire #2

After grabbing the second tome, eventually you will see the giant manor on your right. Go down the left to see another building on your right, and the grimoire will be visible up in the air on a ledge. Getting there is a challenge. Across from the building, jump up onto a cart, and then from there, leap from ledge to ledge across to the main building to finally get the grimoire.

the location of the second empire in flames grimoire in vermintide 2 Empire In Flames Grimoire #2

Tome #1

After dropping down a ledge in the "Reach The Baron's Manor" objective, you will see a chaos symbol (the seven-pointed star) jutting out of the ground. Turn right and jump up on the broken bricks and then over the wood railing to find the first tome.

The spot where you can find the first tome in vermintide's empire in flames objective Empire In Flames Tome #1

Tome #2

When you go through the wine cellar, you can exit up a ramp to your right or turn left and go down a hallway. Take the left and jump up to see through a hole in the wall on your right, where this tome sits next to a skeleton.

location of tome #2 for empire in flames in warhammer vermintide 2 Empire In Flames Tome #2

Tome #3

At the end of the level during the "Escape From Ussingen" objective, you will enter a burning building and go up a ramp. You can go forward to jump through the giant hole in the wall, but don't. Instead, turn around just at the edge and you will see directly to your right another section of the building you can jump in that wasn't visible before. Go inside and then jump down the hole to find the final tome of this level on the ground behind some boxes.

The third location in Empire in Flames for the tome Empire In Flames Tome #3

Festering Ground Grimoire/Tome Locations

Here you finally enter an underground map to face the warrens of the evil rat men directly. You'll need to sharpen your jumping skills once again to grab these tomes.

Grimoire #1

During the early part of the level, travel down to the bottom floor and grab the ring of keys off the skeleton next to a rock pillar. Later, after grabbing the first tome (see below), you will exit the regular cave area and come across a more open section with some foliage and water. Turn right and jump down to see a locked chest on a ledge. Use the key to open the chest and grab the grimoire.

Here's the location of the festering ground grimoire number one Festering Ground Grimoire #1

Grimoire #2

This one is pretty annoying to find. After the second tome (see below) and during the "Follow Nurgle Trail" objective, you will be walking up a wood ramp. Halfway up the ramp, look over the right side to find a tiny ledge you can jump down to. Walk on the ledge, then turn around and jump down into the stream. Follow this cave area to find another chest with the second grimoire.

A tough one to spot, this is the location of the second grimoire in festering ground Festering Ground Grimoire #2

Tome #1

After grabbing the key (but before reaching the first grimoire), you will come across a wooden rope bridge. Instead of crossing, turn right just before the bridge and go up a ladder. Turn left and jump across the chasm to the other side, where you can find the grimoire. The jump is pretty difficult, and you'll probably have to do this more than once. 

Where you can find festering ground tome one Festering Ground Tome #1

Tome #2

After the first grimoire, you will walk across a rickety wooden bridge where you can either turn right or left. Turn right and jump down to a ledge, and then turn left to see the tome on the ground.

Location of the second tome in the festering ground portion of warhammer vermintide 2 Festering Ground Tome #2

Tome #3

During the "Locate Old Ruins" objective, you will see a stone overpass. Instead of going through it, jump up the wood ramp to the left. Go forward and jump across the broken stone ledges to the other side, then turn right to find the third tome on the ground near a tree.

Third tome location for Festering Ground in Warhammer: Vermintide II Festering Ground Tome #3

The War Camp Grimoire/Tome Locations

This swamp level doesn't offer much challenge in finding the various collectibles, with the exception of the last grimoire, which requires finding a bunch of candles that aren't easily visible.

Grimoire #1

After the first tome (see below), you will walk up a stone ramp where you can turn right. Next to a destroyed house you will see a series of wood posts. Jump up on the posts, then turn right and jump into the house. Go down the ledge to reach a lower area where you can grab the first grimoire underneath some broken boards.

Location of War Camp Grimoire one in vermintide 2 War Camp Grimoire #1

Grimoire #2

After the third tome (see below) and during the "Find The Rotblood Camp" objective, you will drop down some rocks into a swampy area. You need to look for three candles hidden in rock alcoves and interact with them to make the grimoire appear. These are scattered all across the map and are on the ground in areas that you usually have to turn at an odd angle to see. Head towards the center of the map after lighting the third candle, and the second grimoire will appear on a rock pedestal in a watery area.

You'll use the hidden candle to find the first tome  Using a hidden candle

Tome #1

During the "Head Into The Swamp" objective, jump down into the broken swamp house and look to your left to see this tome clearly sitting up on a shelf.

The first tome in war camp in warhammer: vermintide 2 War Camp Tome #1

Tome #2

When you exit the village into the swamp, immediately turn left to see a submerged building. The tome is clearly visible at the back of the watery building.

Second tome in War Camp in Warhammer Vermintide 2 War Camp Tome #2

Tome #3

After the second tome, you will walk by another chaos symbol. Off to your right, the tome is clearly on a small wood shelf sticking out of the water.

the third tome in war camp sits atop a shelf coming out of the water War Camp Tome #3

Those are all the Vermintide 2 tome and grimoire locations we've found so far! Did you notice any others or see any locations change as the beta gave way to official launch? Let us know in the comments!

Final Fantasy 15 Television or Home Theater Guide Wed, 07 Mar 2018 15:22:23 -0500 Jonathan Moore

Both Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition and Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition are finally out -- and both pose the question to new players: "Display or Home Theater?".

One edition brings brand-new content to console players, while the other finally brings the lauded JRPG to PC players. However, both editions of the game ask the same question at startup. Here's what it means and what you should pick. 

Which Sound Option Should I Choose? 

Ultimately, this question in Final Fantasy 15 comes down to your sound setup -- not the type of display you're using. Essentially, it's asking if you're using your T.V. or monitor speakers, budget computer speakers, or a home surround sound system

In this case, the T.V. option means you're using stereo sound, while the home theater option means you're probably using surround sound. Here's a quick breakdown: 

  • Television or Monitor: This is the option you'll choose for a two-channel stereo setup. Choose this if you're using your screen's built-in speakers or low-end computer speakers. 

  • Home Theater: This is a DTS or Dolby 5.1/7.1 surround sound setup. Choose this if you're using a high-end arrangement with satellite speakers or a quality soundbar. 

Also of note, your choice could also impact the sound quality of your favorite gaming headset. If you're using a headset like the Logitech G533 for FFXV Windows Edition, you're going to want to choose the home theater option since that headset is set up for surround sound. However, if you're playing FFXV Royal Edition on console and using a lower-end headset or one built for stereo, you're going to want to choose display for the best audio quality. 


And that's all you need to know about getting your sound right in Final Fantasy 15. If you're looking for more tips and strategies for this popular JRPG, make sure to check out our other FFXV guides! Here are a few to get you started: 

Final Fantasy 15 First-Person Mode Guide Wed, 07 Mar 2018 14:45:25 -0500 Jonathan Moore

With the release of its Royal Edition on console and Windows Edition on PC, Final Fantasy 15 is the first game in the series to include a first-person mode. Much like GTA 5's first-person mode, FFXV's game-altering perspective will let you explore the world of Eos directly through the eyes of the game's main characters. 

To activate this mode on console (PS4, PS4 Pro, and Xbox One), simultaneously press in both of the control sticks on either the Dualshock 4 (L3+R3) or Xbox One controller (LS+RS). 

To activate it on PC, simply press the "N" key on your keyboard. 

If you want to switch back to third-person view in either the Royal Edition or the Windows Edition of the game, simply depress the control sticks or "N" key again -- and you're back seeing things in over-the-shoulder mode. 


There's no doubt the first-person perspective can get a little hectic in FFXV, but being able to ride a Chocobo around Eos while seeing everything from the saddle makes it all worth it.   

For more tips and strategies on this popular JRPG, make sure to click here for other FFXV guides! Here are some to get you started: 

How to Increase Your Hunter Rank in Monster Hunter World Wed, 07 Mar 2018 14:18:41 -0500 Alberto C.

If you've been playing Monster Hunter World, you've probably already noticed that your character has an assigned rank in the game called "Hunter Rank." It is the game's way of illustrating how far you've made it into the game and its challenges.

This progress, however, is capped at rank 16 until you have beaten the final boss. Only once you have done so can it continue to increase. The main reason you might be interested in increasing your hunter rank is to access end-game level content that progressively requires you to have a higher rank to unlock tougher quests -- quests that will allow you to obtain better gear.

Hunter Rank in Monster Hunter World displayed on the pause screen

You can view your Hunter Rank on the Start/Pause screen.

How to Increase Hunter Rank

You gotta kill and/or capture large monsters. That really is all there is to it.

This can be done solo or alongside fellow hunters. Different monsters will award a different amount of XP based on their difficulty, though you should take into account the time invested to defeat them. It might be more efficient to defeat easier bosses that award less XP per kill but not per minute or whatever time unit you might consider.

It's also worth reinforcing the illustrative purpose of the rank. That is, it doesn't affect your stats in any way. A player with Hunter Rank 124 will have the same stats as a player with Hunter Rank 20 if they're both wearing the same gear.


Have any suggestions on the best ways to increase hunter rank in Monster Hunter World? We'd love to hear them in the comments below. Be sure to stick with GameSkinny and check out all of our great Monster Hunter World content for even more tips and guides.

How to Get Distant Friends in Into the Breach Wed, 07 Mar 2018 13:31:51 -0500 Sergey_3847

If you are an achievement hunter, you probably can't wrap your head around the Distant Friends achievement in Into the Breach. No wonder, it is really hard to get if you're not paying attention to small details.

But don't worry, we've got you covered in this case, too. Just follow the quick guide below for all the info you need to be able to retrieve the special pod with the Distant Friends achievement.

Distant Friends Achievement Tips and Tricks

You earn the Distant Friends achievement by opening the special FTL pod in Into The Breach. FTL (Faster Than Light) is the previous game developed by Subset Games -- the creator of Into The Breach.

All you need to do is to carefully check every mountain on different zones, including water and ice ones. Specifically look out for mounts with cracks in them. There should be a very slight yellow glow inside of them (see the screenshot above).

This glow indicates that there is a beacon inside, which must be protected. When you see such a glow, you need to use your mechs to destroy the mountain.

This also means that you ought to bring some really powerful mechs with a lot of damage. Mounts are not easy to break, especially if you're playing on hard difficulty. Mechs with AOE are probably the best in this case.

When you finally manage to break a mount, you will notice a beacon on the same square as the mount -- go ahead and move towards it. Very soon an FTL pod will arrive, and it will be ready to be recovered.

As soon as you open the pod, you will earn your long-awaited Distant Friends achievement.


That is all on how to get the Distant Friends achievement, and for other Into the Breach articles at GameSkinny, just follow the links below:

Warhammer Vermintide 2 - Weapon Traits Guide Tue, 06 Mar 2018 14:23:55 -0500 Ty Arthur

Turns out there are yet more endless hordes of Skaven emerging from beneath the city streets, and your band of desperate heroes will again have to attempt to stem the tide in Warhammer: Vermintide 2.

You can't kill a million evil rat men without some proper equipment, though, and that's where the newly revamped weapon trait system comes into play. Below we've listed out all the possible traits and properties that can be added to your arsenal.  

Important note: these traits are based on the closed beta version of Warhammer: Vermintide 2 from before the game's official launch date! They may have been tweaked, changed, or entirely removed from the full release version coming later this week. When the full game lands, we will get this article updated with newly updated info. If you see any traits with incorrect names or effects, let us know!

Many thanks are due to the fine folks over at the Vermintide subreddit for their hard work compiling all these traits and properties from across the beta releases!

Trinket (Bomb) Traits 

Bomb Trait Effect
Explosive Ordnance  Increases explosion radius by +50%
Shrapnel  Enemies hit by a bomb (but not killed) take 20% more damage for 10 additional seconds
 Grenadier 25% chance to not consume a used bomb
 Unknown Trait Unknown Effect


Melee Weapon Traits

Melee Weapon Trait Effect
Heroic Intervention  Assisting an ally under attack grants both of you a temporary damage absorption shield
Parry  All timed blocks cost 100% less stamina
 Off Blance Blocking an attack increases the amount of damage the attacker takes by 50% for 3 seconds
 Opportunist Increases push strength by +50% against an attacking enemy
Resourceful Combatant  Melee crits reduce your ultimate ability's cooldown wait by 1%
 Swift Slaying Crits increase attack speed by 20% for 5 seconds


Ranged Weapon Traits

Ranged Weapon Trait Effect
Barrage  Consecutive attacks against the same target increase attack power by 5% for 5 seconds
 Conservative Shooter All successful headshots restore 1 ammo to the weapon
 Inspirational Shot Successful headshots give nearby allies additional stamina
 Resourceful Sharpshooter Ranged critical hits decrease ultimate ability's cooldown wait by 1%
 Scrounger Critical hits restore 3 ammo


Charm (Potion) Traits

Potion Trait Effect
Concentrated Brew  Drinking a potion deals damage to yourself instead of consuming the potion
Concoction Drinking a potion grants the benefits of all possible potions (effects only last half as long)
Decanter Increases the duration of potion effects by +50%
Home Brewer Grants base 25% chance to not consume potion when drinking
Proxy  Consuming a potion spreads that potion's effect to your nearest ally


Additional Weapon Properties

Besides these possible randomized traits for bombs and melee/ranged weapons, you can also get additional blue or green properties on trinkets and weapons to increase their abilities.

These properties give your Vermintide 2 character a randomized bonus amount within a specific range, such as:

  • +0.5-2 base Stamina
  • +10-30% Block & Push Angle
  • - 10-30% Less Block Stamina Cost
  • +(%?) Curse Resistance
  • +10-20 Crit Power
  • +2-10% Crit Chance
  • - 5-20% Ability cool down reduction
  • +(%?) Stamina regeneration rate
  • +10-25% Player health
  • +5-20% Power vs Chaos OR Skaven OR Armored OR Monsters OR Infantry
  • +10-30% Damage reduction from Chaos OR Skaven OR AoE attacks
  • +10-30% Revive speed
  • +(%?) Respawn speed
  • +2-10% Movement speed
  • +2-10% Attack Speed

Equipping trinkets from the Warhammer Vermintide 2 menu screen A trinket offering +17% power vs. chaos and +9% attack speed (thanks to Halvars90 for the screenshot)

Those are all the traits and properties we've discovered for weapons and trinkets so far! Have you come across any others? Let us know and we'll get them added to the list, and be sure to leave a comment with the best equipment combo you've picked up so far!

Monster Hunter World: What Is Endemic Life? Tue, 06 Mar 2018 14:07:44 -0500 Sjaak den Heijer

Endemic life is something not a lot of Monster Hunter World players spend much time thinking about. However, endemic life is a unique feature that can provide you with a lot of extra content, knowledge of the world, and rewards. But what exactly is endemic life in Monster Hunter World? Let’s dive into it and find out!

So what is it?

Simply stated, endemic life is all non-hostile wildlife in Monster Hunter World that can be caught. Endemic life consists of a wide variety of creatures in all shapes and forms that can be caught by using a hunter's net or a fishing pole. Catching endemic life rewards you with research points, bounties, and the creatures themselves to place in your house.

To keep things ordered, all endemic life is classified under one of four categories: terrestrial life, aquatic life, airborne life, or treetop life. You can find creatures according to the category they are in, so toads and geckos belong to terrestrial life and live on the ground and in low vegetation, while Flutterflies and Coral Birds belong to airborne life and live in the skies. All creatures can be caught by the hunter's net except for creatures that belong to aquatic life, which need to be caught by a fishing pole.

Fishing for aquatic endemic life in Monster Hunter World

Why care about endemic life?

Maybe you’re wondering what the point of endemic life is, as it doesn’t seem to have any major impact on the game. Well, endemic life definitely has its purpose, and catching endemic life always rewards you with research points that can later be used for some Palico armor pieces and Botanical research, which is very useful in the late game. Additionally, most endemic life can be put in your house, and some creatures will even give you a sweet bounty once caught.

All that is nice, but the biggest reason why you should care about endemic life is the extra content it provides; it can be a lot of fun trying to find and track down some of the rarer creatures, let alone capturing them. It’s just another aspect of Monster Hunter World that demonstrates the quality of the game and makes the world feel even more lively.


I wish you the best of luck with capturing some endemic life yourself. If you know something we may not, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments! As always, don’t forget to stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Monster Hunter World and other gaming content.

Space Snake Tips Guide - How to Slither Your Way to the Top Tue, 06 Mar 2018 11:00:26 -0500 Felicia Miranda

Space Snake is a mobile game from Ketchapp that challenges you to continuously move through levels chasing orbs called pieces and avoiding obstacles called blocks. While the premise sounds simple, surviving the turbulent waves of neon obstacles and the ever-changing landscape is much tougher than it looks. After putting in a few hours of frustrating yet incredibly addictive game time, we’ve put together these tips to help you reach that high score in Space Snake you’ve always wanted.

Tip 1: Use your head

Placing your finger on any part of the snake will move it in the direction you choose, but moving the snake from its head gives you more time to react. Having more time to respond will help keep your movements smoother and more accurate since you’ll be less likely to wildly dodge each obstacle as it comes up.

Tip 2: Stay ahead of the game

Upcoming pieces can help you predict where blocks and openings will appear. Whenever there’s a piece occupying a space, you can know with certainty that this a safe opening. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t proceed with caution since it’s not uncommon for a block to appear right behind it, so always stay on your toes!

Tip 3: Move with purpose

Keep your movements short and quick. It helps to return to the center of the screen when you can and to remain as controlled with your movements as possible. This is one of those tips that’s easier said than done, especially when obstacles are popping up quicker than you can avoid them, but keeping your cool is a tactic that will definitely help you get that high score.

Tip 4: Uncover patterns and techniques

If you look closely, you’ll notice that the levels in Space Snake tend to use many of the same patterns and techniques to trick you. For example, a common tactic you’ll find uses three blocks with spaces in between them. One of the blocks will move from side to side to try and catch your snake as you pass through. If you memorize how these blocks move and the right ways to respond to them, you’ll be able to avoid making the same mistakes and last longer.

Tip 5: Find your winning Snake

If you take a look at the bottom of the menu of Space Snake, you’ll see a gift box and a play button next to a gem. Pressing here lets you watch ads in exchange for gems that you can use to unlock different snakes. Granted, anything that involves watching ads can be a little annoying, but at the very least, you won’t have to spend your hard-earned money. You might find that changing the shape and color of the snake can positively impact your gameplay. I know it did for me!

Hopefully, these Snake Pass tips help you get to the top of the scoreboard. If you have any suggestions to add to this guide, let us know in the comments, and we’ll be sure to add them in. For more on addictive mobile games, check these articles out.

Deep Rock Galactic Beginner's Guide Mon, 05 Mar 2018 13:14:38 -0500 Stephanie Tang

Dig big holes, shoot big bugs, get a little (okay, maybe completely) lost, and ... profit!

The four tenets of dwarven ethos ring true in the brand-new Early Access release Deep Rock Galactic from Denmark-based Ghost Ship Games. There's nothing like getting further down through the deep places than anybody else, especially if there's treasure down there for the taking.

While it's not exactly brimming with storied campaign, there's some solid, super fun gameplay in here that about makes up for the lack of spit and polish. On the surface, the first-person mining elements might superficially resemble the pickaxe action of Minecraft, but that's largely where the similarities end.

First-person mining in Deep Rock Galactic

Blending mining for different kinds of sparkly treasure with high-energy bug shooting, Deep Rock Galactic puts all of its efforts into making co-op priority number one. Sure, you could run off into the darkness to hunt for stuff (and there will be plenty of games where you're going to find yourself doing just that), but you're also just as likely to get overrun and downed that way too.

If you want to make sure every game is a Mission Complete, here's what you need to know!

Choose your classes wisely. 

There are four classes that you can choose from (all are available right away through the Select Character terminal):

  • Engineer 
    • armed with a platform gun that shoots climbable platforms on any surface
    • can lay down sentry turrets for support fire
    • carries combat shotgun and grenade launcher
  • Gunner
    • armed with a minigun and heavy-duty revolver for front-line spider duty
    • carries zipline launcher that allows the entire team to zipline across large chasms/obstacles
  • Driller
    • equipped with titanium power drills that allow you to drill through blocked tunnels and obstacles to get to your objective (whether it's getting in or out); you also mine faster
    • carries a flamethrower
  • Scout
    • carries a flare gun for greater area of light 
    • equipped with a grappling hook which allows for faster mobility and greater maneuverability
    • carries assault rifle and sawed-off shotgun

It stands to reason that normally it's a pretty good idea to bring one of each -- and when you're just getting started, it's definitely an excellent idea to bring a balanced team while you're learning all the game modes. 

However, because there are different mission types with different objectives, you can also change up the numbers of each class you want to bring.

For example, if you're running a Collection mission where you know you'll be doing a lot of digging, it might be a better idea to bring two Drillers and forget the Scout (all classes can throw flares, so you won't be wandering around completely in the dark). This way you have more digging power, and, as an upside, it's easier to see your minerals and gems glittering in the dark!

(Be sure to check out our guide on how to find gems in Deep Rock Galactic.)

Know your mission!

This may sound a little odd, but it's not exactly something that's discussed too deeply when you're in the middle of jumping into a game.

There are currently five different mission types in the game:

Classic digging experience: mine x amount of Morkite plus an optional number of collectibles (caps out at about 250 Morkite).

  • What you mine sits in your own personal inventory -- what actually brings the counter down is calling over the M.U.L.E. and depositing your hard-earned minerals.
  • This game mode is procedurally generated to be full of different (generally tight) chambers and areas accessible by digging through walls of common dirt.

There isn't really a huge amount of difference between the Mining Expedition and the Search & Extract mission. You will be required to bring back 325 Morkite plus an optional number of collectibles

  • This game mode has a higher objective count and will require more hunting, gathering, and digging. 
  • The cave is generated randomly but always in a relatively large single chamber. You'll find that a lot of the minerals you're trying to get to are located up in walls higher than you are, which will often require some ziplining or platforming to get to.

While still a mine and dump kind of mining mission, the biggest difference is that you are hunting for 10 Aquarq plus an optional number of collectibles but without the benefit of the M.U.L.E., so your miners will have to return to the static rocket site to make your deposits.

  • The Aquarq is not out in the open like the Morkite in other mission types; you will need to look for small, blue crystals embedded in the walls and start digging through them to find the large chunk of Aquarq to be deposited. These can't be added to inventory; you're going to have to carry it to the rocket in order to deposit it -- and it'll take both hands to do.
  • If you're alone, feel free to drop it and take care of the spiders that are likely to swarm. It'll stay on the ground and roll around some, so keep an eye on where you've left it while you're busy kiting and killing!
  • The cave is procedurally generated to be a large, single cavern with the items deep in walls or high up in pillars.

Similar to the above mission type, the difference lies in the layout of the caves again -- plus, this time, the M.U.L.E. is back in play. To succeed, you need to bring back 10 Eggs and an optional number of collectibles.

  • As with Aquarq, the Eggs are rarely out in the open -- you will need to dig into panels of dirt with squishy-looking red bubbles on the wall to dig out the large eggs buried within. 
  • This mode makes it a little easier because you are able to call the  M.U.L.E. to you for the deposit. 
  • The caves are randomly generated to be small, multiple chambers accessible to each other by walls of common dirt. 

Slightly different from the others (but let's be honest, there will still be plenty of digging to do), Elimination missions require you to take on some big bosses -- so heavy firepower is encouraged. You need to kill 3 targets, plus bring back an optional number of collectibles.

  • Hunt down the large, pulsing Glyphid Cocoons, which will pop under enough firepower and release a large boss-level alien spider to kill. 
  • The caves are randomly generated to be in tighter, multiple chambers, with some open (just not enormously open) areas for the Cocoons.

Know your exits.

Or, at the very least, how to make your own. After you've completed your objectives, there's still the task of getting out -- and it doesn't always mean going back the way you came in.

  • Once you activate the escape, a five-minute timer will count down. Follow the M.U.L.E. to get to it -- it's best if you're in a group in order to do this because the caves get confusing.
  • If you get lost or left behind, it will leave a trail of green lights to lead the way, but these also can get a little difficult to follow depending on the cave layout. 
  • Only one person needs to make it to the exit for the mission to complete. 
  • If you have Diggers, sometimes it's just easier to just drill your way through everything. Especially helpful if you get left behind a little.

Other things to keep in mind.

  • Don't hog the M.U.L.E., especially if you split off to go explore different areas -- other people probably have objective items to drop into it, and it's really no fun lugging around giant alien eggs that take up a third of your screen forever.
  • There is fall damage. You will fall, and it will hurt. (At the moment, there is an interesting Scout bug that will help you survive this -- if you're falling from a long distance, just as you're about to hit, use the grappling hook. Your health and armor go down to zero. None of it will regenerate until you find more health, but while it's like that, you won't take any additional damage from enemies. Once you grab some health, everything will regenerate as normal.)
  • There is friendly fire damage. When engaging in big spider wave battles, be careful where you're throwing your grenades/where you're pointing your flamethrower!
  • Just because you aren't a particular class doesn't mean you can't pull your weight. Everyone has a pickaxe, everyone has flares, everyone can dig and explore and shoot things. 
  • Keep your eye out for Cave Leeches, particularly in the large cavernous areas -- these are long, snake-like creatures that don't really damage you much but will snatch you up in the air and drop you down to kill you with fall damage. One skinny, little cave worm can down your entire party if they're not paying attention while trying to revive you. 
  • Don't be afraid to put your cash to good use -- make sure you upgrade your gear between missions at the Upgrade console! If you've found rare gems during your adventures, these can be put towards purchasing cosmetic items for your dwarves.
  • Put your Nitra to good use -- use it to call down ammo supply drops when you're running low on supplies.


That's all for now! If you have any other tips to the Deep Rock experience, let us know!

Fear Effect Sedna: Beginner's Guide Mon, 05 Mar 2018 10:44:33 -0500 Shawn Farner

Whether you’re new to the Fear Effect franchise or a seasoned veteran, there’s a bit you’ll have to learn when you pick up Fear Effect Sedna. This latest entry is a departure from the previous two titles, opting for stealth-action gameplay with a real-time-strategy bent rather than the third-person shooting of its predecessors. Below, our guide will take a look at new additions to the game and give you some tips and tricks to get you ready for your first foray in the world of Fear Effect Sedna.

The Fear Meter

The fear meter and the health bar in Fear Effect Sedna

Found in the top-left corner of the screen, the Fear Meter is the meter from which Fear Effect gets its name. When your heart rate goes up, you’re more afraid and more prone to take damage, but you’re also more powerful. You’re likely to have a higher heart rate when you’re in danger.

Directly below the Fear Meter is your health bar. This, quite frankly, is the one you should be more concerned about, as it doesn’t take much to kill you. If your health is low, use a health pack, or find one if you don’t have one.

Weapons & Abilities

Abilities and weapons are displayed at the bottom of the screen

At the bottom of the screen is a section that displays your weapons and abilities. In Zeke’s case here, you’ll see he has twin pistols, a flamethrower, and rockets. Each is mapped to a different d-pad direction, which you press to equip that weapon. The “plus” sign in the last slot is for health packs, which are shared across all characters. You can use a health pack by holding down the button mapped to it (which, in this case, is the Y button on the Xbox One).

Using your weapons is fairly straightforward. On the Xbox One, you’ll shoot with your right trigger button, reload with the X button, and choose the target you wish to aim at with the right stick. Should you need to evade gunfire from enemies, you can use the B button to roll.

Stealth Mode

Crouching into stealth mode in Fear Effect Sedna

On Xbox One, pressing the left stick down puts you into stealth mode. Activating stealth mode, which puts you in a crouched position, does one of two things. First, it makes you quieter, which in turn makes it easier for you to sneak up on enemies. Second, it shows you the field of vision for your enemies, indicated by the green shading. When enemies turn their heads or change directions, this field of view will shift as well.

On occasion, you’ll see this field of view broken up by lines when it passes over an object, such as a crate or a desk. This means that your character can duck behind the object for cover and remain hidden from an enemy, but that enemy will look at that spot a little harder and may turn back around to it unexpectedly.

Tactical Mode

Fear Effect Sedna's tactical mode

Using Tactical Mode is a bit tricky, and as we stated in our Sedna review, there’s not always a lot of incentive to do so. Entering this mode will pause all enemies and allow you to set paths and actions for your team members to follow.

On the Xbox One, you’ll activate Tactical Mode by pressing the “view” button (the one with the boxes on it). From there, you can swap between the character you’re controlling by pressing the right bumper button, draw a path for the character with the left stick, and give instructions by pressing the button that corresponds to a particular action.

To set your plan in motion, you’ll press the same button you used to activate Tactical Mode, which again, is the “view” button on the Xbox One. Should you wish to back out of this mode with a certain character, you can swap to them using the right bumper button and simply move your left stick to manually take control.


With the information in this guide, you should have no trouble getting started in Fear Effect Sedna. Be sure to stay tuned to GameSkinny for more information and guides to this latest entry in the Fear Effect series.

Monster Hunter World -- Hunter King Coin Guide Sun, 04 Mar 2018 14:00:53 -0500 Alberto C.

Some of Monster Hunter: World's highest rated weapons are going to have you farming for materials that are rarer and harder to find than most things you've encountered until now. One of these are Hunter King Coins.

Hunter King Coins are a crafting material that can only be obtained through the Arena and the completion of Arena Quests. Arena Quests can be obtained at the Gathering Hub and by talking to Arena Lass, the character in the blue outfit at the Arena Counter.

Arena Lass will provide you with the quest.

There is some disparity as to which monster is the easiest to beat in order to farm the coins, but the consensus seems to shift between Dodogama and Barroth, so take that into account when picking the quest.

The quest for slaying Dodogama.

The quests have timers that determine your performance, but as long as you don't die, you have a high chance of obtaining Hunter Kings Coins; however, the better you perform, the better your odds will be of obtaining more coins.

Because the quests take place in the Arena, you must choose from a set of weapons that are available to you (i.e., you can't use your own), so make sure you pick what best suits you.

Here are some other Monster Hunter: World guides you might find useful:

Black Desert Online -- DIY Time With Lavientia Event Guide Sat, 03 Mar 2018 23:31:49 -0500 Kengaskhan

As with most MMOs, there’s always some sort of event running in Black Desert Online that rewards players with money and items just for playing the game. However, as the name suggests, DIY Time with Lavientia is a little more involved than some of BDO’s other events (like the one with Lauren's Family Coins) as it involves managing and even grinding for the event materials.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know. 

How to Get Lavientia’s Materials

For the duration of the event -- and once per daily reset -- the game will reward you with a small number of Lavientia’s materials after an hour of playtime.

The amount of materials you’ll wind up with from the daily rewards ultimately depends on how long the event will last, but this most recent event lasts from 3/1 to 3/20 -- so, in this case you’ll, receive up to 20 days' worth of rewards. That means you’ll receive 400 Lavientia's Rings, 200 Silver Powder, 100 Gold Powder, 40 Big Diamonds, and 40 Ancient Pearls.

You’ll also be able to obtain some of these materials through grinding, fishing, and gathering, though you shouldn’t count on getting many Ancient Pearls this way (you’ll probably get at most two or three by the event’s end).

How to Craft Lavientia’s Items

There are two consumable items and five event “boxes” you can craft with Lavientia’s Materials -- all you have to do is collect the required ingredients and toss them into the Simple Alchemy tab in the Processing menu.

Here's a list of all the recipes:

The crafting recipes for Lavientia’s Splendid, Fancy, and Shiny Boxes are a little convoluted, so here's a list of the raw materials needed to make them:

What to Craft with Lavientia’s Materials

Because many of the components for the Lavientia Boxes are other Lavientia items, we recommend saving all your materials until the end of the event before deciding what to craft. We’ll also be starting from the top to give you a better idea of how you should be managing your materials.

Lavientia’s Shiny Box has the exact same drop table as a Fine Accessory Box, giving it the highest average silver value of all the boxes -- you’re probably going to want make one of these.

However, for this particular Lavientia event, you’ll need all 40 of the Ancient Pearls you get from your daily rewards to craft it, so if you're not a fan of putting all your eggs in one basket (or in this case, pearls in a box), you may want to pass on it this time around. Still, even the cheapest item, the Ring of Crescent Guardian (currently valued at about 45 million silver on the market) gives this box a minimum return of about 1 million silver per Ancient Pearl.

The Fancy Box is probably the worst out of all the event boxes, as the raw silver worth of the Mark of Shadow and the Necklace of Shultz the Gladiator (they’re also probably the two most common drops) really brings down the box’s average value -- you could receive as little as 300 or 500 thousand silver per Pearl with this box.

Furthermore, if you do spend a whopping 10 Ancient Pearls to craft even just one of these, there’s almost no way you’ll have enough leftover for Lavientia’s Shiny Box.

Lavientia’s Splendid Box is a little worse than your standard event box, which is a shame, because you won’t even be able to craft one per day with the materials you’re given.

That being said, it’s not actually a bad idea to try to craft and open as many of these as you can, as 13 (or possibly even 14) Splendid Boxes could very well provide you with the same value that a Shiny Box could. However, if you are shooting for a Shiny Box, you’re probably not going to have any Splendid Boxes left over to open for yourself.

Lavientia’s Silver and Gold Diamond Rings are the base-level event boxes, and they’re also components used for crafting the more valuable Fancy, Splendid, and Shiny boxes. Given that these are the only event boxes that don’t require Ancient Pearls to craft, you’ll probably be able to crack open a decent number of them.

The two Lavientia’s Diamond Rings have fairly similar drop lists, but it’s pretty safe to say that the Gold Diamond Rings have a higher average value with the inclusion of the 5-million silver Golden items, and the Soiled items give you a shot at opening a jackpot accessory. The Silver Diamond Rings have… Organic Feed.

The two basic event items are Lavientia’s Silver Ring and Lavientia's Gold Ring. Not only are they consumables (one for combat, one for lifeskilling), they’re also used to craft everything else listed above.

Because they're all the way at the bottom of the crafting food chain, there’s no reason not to craft as many Silver and Gold Rings as you can -- however, if you have too much Silver and Gold Powder and not enough Lavientia’s Rings, you’ll have to figure out which one you value more.


For most players, we recommend first crafting Lavientia's Shiny Box, making as many Gold Diamond Rings as possible, and then using whatever's left to make Silver Diamond Rings. However, in the end, what you do with Lavientia's materials is up to you, and hopefully this guide gave you some insight into how you should use them!

How to Find Gems in Deep Rock Galactic Sat, 03 Mar 2018 03:58:09 -0500 Sergey_3847

Developed by Ghost Ship Games, Deep Rock Galactic is quickly becoming one of the most popular cooperative exploration shooters on Steam. In DRG, you play as a dwarf sent on a mission to gather valuable resources from the caves of alien planets -- all in order to supply your mining company with precious coin.

Among the more usual resources you can find are rare crystal formations, such as gems. If you want to know how to identify these obscure resources and mine them effectively, then follow our quick guide below.

How to Locate and Discern Gems in Deep Rock Galactic

A player holding a shotgun looks at a gem on a red rock wall in Deep Rock Galactic

This may sound a bit extreme, but the best way to find gems in Deep Rock Galactic is to dwell the caves in darkness. It is very easy to miss these types of crystals on the walls with a light on.

Gems glow in the darkness, which makes them easy to identify and also discern from other types of crystals. For example, the glowing green one is Jadiz, but there are also other colors you will find.

When you see glowing gems in the darkness, walk up to them and simply start mining by using your pickaxe. Soon enough, the gem will fall off and you will be able to pick it up.

In order to move safely in the darkness, always use your scanner to identify the right direction. Try to look at every corner and crevice -- you never know where you might find a gem.

Also, don't ignore your Mule, which can help you mine gems in hard-to-get spots. Sometimes the crystals appear on the ceiling, too, which you cannot reach using your pickaxe alone.

Lastly, you can pick them up, deposit them in your Mule, and finish your mission. That is how you claim your gems!


That is all you need to know about locating and discerning gems in caves in DRG, and for more Deep Rock Galactic articles at GameSkinny, just follow the links below:

Deep Rock Galactic Guide: How to Call Ammo Resupply Drops Fri, 02 Mar 2018 15:30:13 -0500 Ty Arthur

Cooperative space dwarf mining simulator Deep Rock Galactic has crashed into early access, offering a whole new kind of multiplayer experience that combines a little bit of Minecraft, a little bit of Left 4 Dead, a little bit of Fortnite, and a little bit of Warhammer.

While mining for precious ores and fossilized alien eggs, eventually your four- dwarf team is going to end up shooting down creepy crawly creatures, and ammo will run out quickly.

The number one question asked by every new player seems to be: How do I get more ammo in Deep Rock Galactic? Don't worry, you aren't alone -- it took us forever to figure it out as well. There's a way to resupply the whole team at once, though, so long as you keep an eye out for the right kind of ore.

Calling In Deep Rock Galactic Ammo Resupply Drops 

When you run low on ammo and come across a certain type of ore in a cave, a voiceover segment will tell you to mine Nitra to resupply ammo. The problem is that just mining it doesn't do anything like the game implies.

If you haven't seen it before, Nitra is the red ore on the walls. It looks similar to the red candy health crystals but is found on wall veins instead of in stalagmite formations.

You can confirm the type of ore by bringing out your laser pointer by hitting CTRL, and then easily mine it with your pickaxe by using right click. If you can't reach a Nitra vein, have the engineer create a platform, or dig your own tunnel upwards.

You need to slot 80 Nitra in the MULE before calling an ammo drop, which means most of your team will need to be mining, as one character can't carry that much all at once.

If the MULE isn't around, just point towards the ground and hit C to call it in. It can cross any terrain, so it only takes a few seconds to show up.

The MULE into which you'll place your mined ore so that you can call in a supply drop Slotting mined ore into the MULE

After 80 Nitra has been deposited, any member of the team can call in a supply drop by pointing at the ground and hitting the 5 key.

Unlike with the MULE, the ammo resupply drop can't land anywhere and needs an open, flat surface. If your pointer says "too steep," usually the supply drop can't land there.

Now that you know the secret, longer missions should be much less frustrating as more waves of alien insects threaten to overrun your mining team! Have any other tips for working together as a team in Deep Rock Galactic? Let us know your best strategy below, and stay tuned for more guides to arrive soon!

How to Unlock the Forest Edge Door in Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Fri, 02 Mar 2018 11:18:28 -0500 lynneice

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet introduces players, both new and familiar with the popular anime series, to the world of Gun Gale with a variety of weapons, fun characters, and multiplayer action galore. But when attempting to find the last needed key cards, some have ended up stuck at Forest Edge, unable to progress.

A glaring red light signifies that you'll need a key card to get past this door in Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet

Though it is simple enough to get around, the developers have outdone themselves with what feels like a cheap gimmick only psychic and incredibly lucky players have been able to get past. To reach the next area, you'll need to trigger a warp trap in the room just north of the boss.

A community-made Steam map to players find the forest edge door in SAO:FB

It may look like a landmine, but don't worry -- its poor design simply hides its true purpose.

You can only reach the platform where the teleporter is located by using your Ultimate Fiber Gun (UFG), and it will be near the lone treasure chest sitting there. You'll be teleported to the room with the other switch, and should be able to progress from there.

Some of the dungeons in SAO: Fatal Bullet are inaccessible until later updates come out, as this installment is still fairly new, so if you come across a similar problem, you may need to bypass these and return when more of the game is made available.


For more tips on Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, check out some of our other guides:

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Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Weapons Guide

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Affinity Guide

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet -- True Ending Guide

Black Desert Online Absolute Skills Guide Fri, 02 Mar 2018 10:54:30 -0500 Sergey_3847

Black Desert Online now offers absolute skills for the main weapons of your heroes. You can activate them in your account and make your weapons a lot more powerful than they've ever been.

However, there are certain requirements you must first meet in order to be able to activate these absolute skills. If you want to know how to do that and what types of skills can be turned into absolute ones, then follow our guide below.

How to Activate Absolute Skills in BDO

A BDO Warrior ready to upgrade some skills

  1. First, you must complete the Awakening Weapon quests at level 56.
  2. Then go to your Skill window in the Main tab, and there you can start learning absolute skills.
  3. You cannot upgrade any skill to its absolute level. First, you must upgrade it to its maximum.
  4. Weapons with absolute skills will now inflict greater damage and an increased number of hits compared to their previous versions.

Below you will find a complete list of skills that can be upgraded to an absolute status for each class:

  • Slash
  • Heavy Strike
  • Chopping Kick
  • Shield Strike
  • Forward Slash
  • Sideways Cut
  • Counter
  • Spinning Slash
  • Take Down
  • Shield Counter
  • Shield Charge
  • Charging Slash
  • Deep Thrust
  • Charging Thrust
  • Ground Roar
  • Ground Smash
  • Ground Slash
  • Deep Ground Slash
  • Bow Skill
  • Dagger of Protection
  • Extreme Charging Wind
  • Charging Wind
  • Crescent Kick
  • Razor Wind
  • Pinpoint
  • Dash Kick
  • Evasive Shot
  • Evasive Explosion Shot
  • Round Kick
  • Tearing Arrow
  • Blasting Gust
  • Will of the Wind
  • Penetrating Wind
  • Descending Current
  • Signs of Agony
  • Shadow Eruption
  • Mark of the Shadow
  • Dream of Doom
  • Sinister Energy
  • Abyssal Flame
  • Claws of Darkness
  • Dark Flame
  • Dark Split
  • Sharp Nails
  • Darkness Released
  • Shadow Kick
  • Crow Flare
  • Beak Kick
  • Scattering Shadow
  • Midnight Stinger
  • Bloody Calamity
  • Rushing Crow
  • Absolute Darkness
  • Black Wave
  • Fearsome Tyrant
  • Storming Beast
  • Smack Down
  • Undertaker
  • Headbutt
  • Tackling Rock
  • Fierce Strike
  • Frenzied Destroyer
  • Predatory Hunt
  • Raging Thunder
  • Elastic Force
  • Falling Rock
  • Weakling Hunt
  • Corpse Storm
  • Beastly Wind Slash
  • Wrath of Beast
  • Ire of Beast
  • Beast Roar

Tamer taking a rest from the fight in BDO

  • Leaf Slash
  • Bolt Wave
  • Jolt Wave
  • Flurry of Kicks
  • Evasive Attack
  • Tree Climb
  • Soaring Kick
  • Flash
  • Flash Pole Thrust
  • Flash Stance Shift
  • Void Lightning
  • Trample
  • Scratch
  • Throat-Burn
  • Roaring
  • Surging Tide
  • Whiplash
  • Upward Claw
  • Lightning of Earth
  • Fearful Trembling
  • Stretch Kick
  • Valkyrie Slash
  • Forward Slash
  • Charging Slash
  • Sideways Cut
  • Severing Light
  • Breath of Elion
  • Sword of Judgment
  • Shield Strike
  • Shield Throw
  • Just Counter
  • Skyward Strike
  • Judgment of Light
  • Counter
  • Sharp Light
  • Flurry of Kicks
  • Flying Kick
  • Double Flying Kick
  • Punishment
  • Divine Power
  • Heaven’s Echo
  • Glaring Slash
  • Celestial Spear
  • Shining Dash
  • Ultimate Righteous Charge
Witch & Wizard
  • Earthquake
  • Meteor Shower
  • Fireball
  • Lightning
  • Residual Lightning
  • Lightning Chain
  • Lightning Storm
  • Freeze
  • Frigid Fog
  • Blizzard
  • Multiple Magic Arrows
  • Concentrated Magic Arrow
  • Fireball Explosion
  • Dagger Stab
  • Earth’s Response
  • Staff Attack
  • Slice
  • Whirlwind Cut
  • Retaliation
  • Upper Kick
  • Blunt Kick
  • Sweep Kick
  • Roundhouse Kick
  • Carver
  • Stub Arrow
  • Divider
  • Dragon Bite
  • Dragon Claw
  • Blind Thrust
  • Nemesis Slash
  • Blooming
  • Lunar Slash
  • Rising Storm
  • Cyclone Slash
  • Blind Slash
  • Gale
  • Musa Spirit
  • Backstep Slash
  • Charged Stub Arrow

Maehwa in her traditional ready-for-battle stance

  • Slice
  • Whirlwind Cut
  • Retaliation
  • Upper Kick
  • Blunt Kick
  • Sweep Kick
  • Roundhouse Kick
  • Carver
  • Stub Arrow
  • Divider
  • Dragon Bite
  • Dragon Claw
  • Blind Thrust
  • Nemesis Slash
  • Blooming
  • Lunar Slash
  • Red Moon
  • Cyclone Slash
  • Blind Slash
  • Decapitation
  • Backstep Slash
  • Maehwa’s Will
  • Charged Stub Arrow
  • Wind Slash
  • Fatal Blow
  • Crescent Slash
  • Brace
  • Throwing Kick
  • Floor Sweeping
  • Kunai Throw
  • Shuriken Throw
  • Shuriken Malice
  • Shuriken Flight
  • Shadow Slash
  • Heart Aiming
  • Suicide Fall
  • Ankle Cutter
  • Ghost Greeting
  • Fox Claw
  • Shadow Stomp
  • Shadow Clone
  • Boss Slaughter
  • Shackles
  • Ground Thrust
  • Blade Spin
  • Black Moonlight
  • Beheading the Dead
  • Wind Slash
  • Fatal Blow
  • Crescent Slash
  • Brace
  • Throwing Kick
  • Floor Sweeping
  • Kunai Throw
  • Shuriken Throw
  • Shadow Slash
  • Heart Aiming
  • Suicide Fall
  • Ankle Cutter
  • Ghost Greeting
  • Fox Claw
  • Shadow Stomp
  • Shadow Clone
  • Flash Slash
  • Shackles
  • Tragic Blade
  • Ground Thrust
  • Tendon Cutter
  • Black Moonlight
  • Shadow Explosion
Dark Knight
  • Kriegsmesser Training
  • Scarring Slash
  • Sudden Attack
  • Unveiled Dagger
  • Hidden Strike
  • Shadow Bullet
  • Darkness Burst
  • Air Strike
  • Lunacy of Vedir
  • Slanted Balance
  • Pervasive Darkness
  • Ravage Rake
  • Flow Ravage Rake
  • Repeated Annihilation
  • Enforcement
  • Split Second
  • Kamasylvia Slash
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Obsidian Ashes
  • Corrupt Ground
  • Nocturne

Striker sitting contemplatively in BDO

  • Heavy Fist
  • Fist of True Strength
  • Triple Flying Kick
  • Adamantine
  • Mass Destruction
  • Ankle Hook
  • Deva King
  • Taeback Kick
  • Hidden Claw
  • Rage Hammer
  • Wolf’s Fang
  • Somersault
  • Massive Suppression
  • Twisted Collision
  • Knee Hammer
  • Rock Smash
  • Tornado Kick
  • Sweeping Kick
  • Roaring Tiger
  • Fist Fury
  • Wolf’s Hunger
  • Crimson Fang
  • Explosive Blow
  • Stalking Wolf
  • Heavy Fist
  • Fist of True Strength
  • Triple Flying Kick
  • Adamantine
  • Sweeping Kick
  • Soul Basher
  • Ankle Hook
  • Deva Queen
  • Hidden Claw
  • Thunder Pound
  • Death Clout
  • Elbow Edge
  • Rib Crusher
  • Tornado Kick
  • Somersault
  • Twisted Collision
  • Roaring Tiger
  • Rage Hammer
  • Mass Destruction
  • Binding


That is all you need to know on how to activate the absolute skills for your main weapons, and for other Black Desert Online guides at GameSkinny, you can follow the links below:

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet King of the Wastes Guide Fri, 02 Mar 2018 10:46:09 -0500 Autumn Fish

There are a plethora of sidequests to complete in Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet. Some of them ask you to defeat a certain number of a specific enemy, while others may ask you to kill a boss instead for your reward.

Bosses aren't always easy to find, however, considering how they tend to spawn in highly specific locations. It doesn't help that side quests won't give you a quest marker, either, making finding those bosses a chore on its own.

One such boss is Waste Gang, the main target of the King of the Wastes sidequest. In this guide, we'll walk you through how to find Waste Gang and even provide a couple of tips to help you defeat it.

Let's dive in!

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet King of the Wastes Guide

The King of the Wastes sidequest mentions that you'll find the monster you seek somewhere in the Remnant Wasteland, but that can be a little misleading. It's not actually out on the main map but instead inside one of its dungeons.

The Cave, to be precise -- a dungeon found in the northwestern corner of the Remnant Wasteland map. You can actually fast travel directly to the boss room if you happen to have the Cave Midpoint unlocked. If not, then just navigate deeper into the Cave until you reach a rather large room with a side exit. On the map, you should notice a dead end of sorts to the east. This is your destination.

A community-made map to help with Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet King of the Wastes

Check out this amazing community Steam Guide for more maps.

The boss fight with Waste Gang and the boss arena itself are both rather simple. The main threat that this boss possesses is a low-sitting machine gun that'll simply shred through your health bar before you can blink. In order to avoid this, be sure to strafe appropriately and utilize the few bits of cover situated near the entrance of the room.


And with that, you know absolutely everything you need to know in order to finish the King of the Wastes sidequest. While you're here, be sure to check out the rest of our Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet guides.

Fortnite Guide: How to Complete the Pool, Windmill, Umbrella Challenge Thu, 01 Mar 2018 16:06:44 -0500 Ty Arthur

A whole new system of progression just arrived with Fortnite's Season 3, as a batch of new challenges arrive every week to test your Battle Royale skills.

More than just getting kills with specific weapon types (although those challenges are there as well), many of these weekly challenges will test your knowledge of the map layout and force you to explore areas you'd normally ignore.

One of the strangest challenges to arrive in Week 2 of Battle Royale Season 3 taks you with "searching between a Pool, Windmill and an Umbrella," which doesn't really tell you much.

You are looking for an object to collect in a specific location based solely on landmarks that aren't well marked. This hard-level challenge nets you 10 Battle Stars if you figure it out, though!

Below, we walk you through the entire process of completing the pool, windmill, and umbrella challenge. Wondering where to find the forbidden dancing sign locations for this week's other bizarre challenge instead? Check out our full guide to dancing like a madman (and hopefully not getting shot in the process) right here.

Grabbing the gold coin between the pool, windmill, and umbrella Grabbing the gold coin between the pool, windmill, and umbrella (thanks to niitq for the screenshot)

How to Find The Fortnite Pool, Windmill, Umbrella Location

You could spend hours combing the map trying to figure out just exactly which pool, which windmill, and which umbrella-shaped landmark the developers are referring to, but where's the fun in that? Since you'll spend most of the match trying not to get gunned down immediately, it's easier to just go straight to the source.

The location you are looking for is just a bit west and slightly north of the Anarchy Acres barns, situated on a hilltop with a tree looking back towards Anarchy Acres.

The gold shield coin you need to interact with to complete the challenge won't be visible from a distance though -- it only spawns when you run close by, so you have to actually go to the very specific location to grab it. If you are using the grid map for reference, it is at the bottom of square E2 (see the red circle in the map below for a clearer image of where to land).

The battle bus may not come from this direction though, making it harder to get on your first try. If you started at a different corner of the map, you can usually get here pretty quick by jumping off around Tomato Town.

When you do finally arrive, be on the lookout for other players! Because everyone is just figuring out where the locations for these new weekly challenges are positioned, it is very likely there will be a bunch of other homicidal players who immediately land at this same spot.

Depending on where you landed, it may be a better (and safer) strategy to run over here later in the match as the storm is just expanding, as it is much less likely the area will have five or six other players standing on the hill.

For those looking to take advantage of the challenge system to rack up kills, grabbing a gold chest in any of the Anarchy Acre barns and then hiding there and waiting to snipe anyone on the hill top is a very solid strategy, especially if you land before anyone else.

 Landing at the Pool, Windmill, Umbrella challenge location 
Landing at the Pool, Windmill, Umbrella challenge location

Still need any more help with the game's Save The World or Battle Royale modes to increase your ranking?

Check out our full list of Fortnite guides right here, and be sure to leave a comment letting us know when you finish all of this week's new Season 3 challenges!

Fortnite Forbidden Dance Locations Guide Thu, 01 Mar 2018 15:22:23 -0500 Ty Arthur

You know what makes a round of 100-player Battle Royale even more crazy in Fortnite? Having to stop and dance at locations across the map while people are sniping you from afar!

Getting jiggy with it at five different spots where a hilarious "No Dancing" sign can be found will earn you five battle stars as Season 3 of Battle Royale gets underway. You can use any dance emote you want at these spots to complete the challenge and nab your stars.

In addition, these six other additional challenges have now been unveiled for this week of the new season:

  • Search between a Pool, Windmill, and an Umbrella (hard): 10 Battle Stars
  • SMG Eliminations (hard): 10 Battle Stars
  • Eliminate opponents in Greasy Grove (hard): 10 Battle Stars
  • Use a Launchpad: 5 Battle Stars
  • Deal damage with Assault Rifles to opponents: 5 Battle Stars
  • Search chests in Wailing Woods: 5 Battle Stars

Ready to get started finding all the forbidden dance spots? We've got you covered with a full list of locations below. Stay tuned for a full guide on the pool, windmill, and umbrella challenge to arrive shortly as well.

Forbidden dancing in front of no dancing sign in fortnite battle royale No dancing?!? We'll show you what we think about "No Dancing" signs! (thanks to DooM Clan for the screenshot)

Fortnite Forbidden Dance Locations

Thankfully, there are a lot more than five forbidden dancing spots scattered across the map, so the same spots won't always be swarming with players trying to dance.

The signs are kind of hard to see from the air or even the side while running on the ground, so you will need to do some searching. Be sure to be armed and ready to defend yourself while looking for the "No Dancing" signs!

At this point we've discovered 11 different dance locations scattered around the Battle Royale map, ranging from Junk Junction in the far north all the way to Flush Factory in the far south. If you land at the far north and really work hard to hit each location, you can conceivably get all five in a single match without getting killed by the expanding storm.

Although there are 11 spots to pick, these are all still going to be prime camping locations. If you find a killer sniper rifle (especially if you are playing the limited Solid Gold event, where all weapon drops are legendary), be sure to take out all the fools painting targets on their own backs by dancing at these signs.

For those of you who still need to be one of those poor exposed fools and wrap up this crazy weekly challenge, here's where you want to explore and engage in a little silly dancing:

  • At the metal Llama building to the north of Junk Junction (this is also part of the llama, crab, fox challenge from last week)
  • On the western shore of Loot Lake
  • In the parking lot at Retail Row 
  • At the north end of Tomato Town by a broken-down RV
  • The gas station at the north end of Salty Springs
  • Next to the Taco Shop in Tilted Towers
  • On a mountain at the west of Pleasant Park
  • Next to the toilet statue at the Flush Factory
  • Near the pool by Anarchy Acres
  • Near a pond in Fatal Fields
  • At the middle of the prison found at the southeast end of the map    

The locations of the fortnite no dancing signs Fortnite Battle Royale Season 3 Forbidden Dancing Locations

There may still be more Fortnite forbidden dancing sign locations we haven't discovered yet. Have you come across any others? Let us know and we'll get this listed updated!

Still need any more help with the game's Save The World or Battle Royale modes to increase your ranking? Check out our full list of Fortnite guides right here.

Sword Art Online: How to Equip Skills Thu, 01 Mar 2018 11:32:32 -0500 Felicia Miranda

There are a few mechanics that Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet doesn’t explain all too well, and how to equip skills is one of them. While you can buy skills using the main menu, you might’ve noticed that there’s no option to set them there. This is because you can only do this from a terminal located at your home or in the lobby.

Blasting away at an enemy in Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet

How to Equip Skills in Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet

There are two locations that you can equip skills from. The first is a terminal located on the left-hand side of your home, and the other is by the reception in the lobby. These panels are specifically used for this purpose.

Walk up to the terminal, press Use to pull up the menu, select Skill Sets, and then choose the character you want to equip skills to.

You'll find that along the top of the window are icons for each weapon category. Simply scroll over to the weapon of your choosing and apply the skills you’ve purchased to the empty slots available.You’ll have to do this for every single weapon you want to equip skills to.

This method doesn't only work for your main character. Keep in mind that other characters have their own sets that you can customize as well!

If you’re having difficulty equipping skills or new weapons, make sure that you’re using Character Points to level up the appropriate stats. Each skill and weapon has a stat requirement, and if you don't meet it, you won't be able to equip it.

Take sword skills, for example. They rely mostly on Agility, so it's important to consider this when leveling up stats on sword-wielding characters. You also want to check that you have enough Skill Points or SP to purchase the skill.

If this guide was helpful, be sure to check out our other Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet guides, and stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Fatal Bullet tips and information.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Robber Baron Guide Thu, 01 Mar 2018 10:02:16 -0500 Felicia Miranda

The Robber Baron side quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance has built quite the reputation for itself. Much like the many quests before it, you're going to need brains, brawn, and the mouth of a bard to maneuver your way out of this mess. Whether it's the save corrupting bug that plagues your game after completing the quest or the difficulty parlaying with Sir Wolflin of Kamberg, you’re sure to be met with some difficulty.

However, this guide will get you through all of that. So let's get started. 

The Robber Baron Bug

Before jumping in, it's important to note that you can work around the Robber Baron bug by saving the game before reporting back to Sir Hanush. According to this Kingdom Come: Deliverance Reddit thread, it's only the save files after the quest that are affected. You may want to wait to complete the quest until the bug is fixed or save prior to speaking with Hanush so you can refer back to that file if you experience any problems.

How to Start to the Robber Baron Quest 

The robber baron, with short hair and sporting a gold shirt with red belt, talks to the player inside a fort in Kingdom Come Deliverance

Talk to Lord Capon after completing the Next to Godliness quest. He’ll tell you that Sir Hanush has summoned you both -- but before you can meet with him, Capon will request that you change into some nice clothes. Head to his chambers and put on the outfit he has tucked away in his chest, then report back to complete the Clothes Make the Man side quest.

Keep the nice clothes on for the Robber Baron quest because you’ll need the boost in Charisma. Purchase a Bard potion from the Apothecary because it’ll come in handy for parlaying with Sir Wolflin.

When you finally meet with Sir Hanush, you’ll watch a cutscene where Henry and Lord Capon are being reprimanded by Sir Hanush for their wild night at the Rattay baths. He’ll then assign you a task: Find and parlay with Sir Wolflin of Kamberg, a bandit that has been stirring up trouble in his fiefdom. This will initiate the Robber Baron side quest.

Outside in the courtyard, talk to Captain Bernard. You will ride alongside him, Lord Capon, and his soldiers to the camp from The Prey quest. Once there, speak to the Captain again and he’ll ask you to scout two nearby farms that were raided by Sir Wolflin to find out their whereabouts.

Visit the farm in the south first and offer the woman 3 bandages for her husband. She’ll reward you with 70 Groschen for your generosity. She’ll advise you to follow the path of blood but instead, travel to the farm up north.

Henry, wearing yellow, leather armor and a chainmail helmet, asks a villager questions

Speak with the lady of the farm because she’s the one who has the most information about Sir Wolflin and his bandits. She’ll pretend to know nothing at first but make sure to say that you don’t buy her story. She’ll confess the truth and even take you to the location of the camp if you ask her.

There are two choices you can make: fight the bandits on your own or speak to Captain Bernard about what you saw. The best bet is to head back to the camp and talk to the captain unless you’re extremely confident in your combat abilities. These bandits are nothing to sneeze at.

Tell Captain Bernard there are about 10 bandits at the camp and use your high Charisma to convince him to negotiate with Sir Wolflin. If you’re successful, he’ll provide you with a waffenrock with the Rattay coat of arms and ask you to unequip your weapons before trying to parlay with Wolflin.

Henry speaks with Wolfin of Kamberg

Ride back to the location of the bandit camp, take the Bard potion and then walk up to the guard. He’ll take you inside the camp to talk to Wolflin. Ask him about the story Captain Bernard told you and find out as much as you can before telling him that he must leave behind all his loot and 3,000 Groschen. If your speech skill is high enough, you can convince him by saying "You have no quarrel with Hanush".

If not, he’ll reject your offer and you’ll have to lead Captain Bernard and his soldiers to the camp for a battle. After the battle (or successful parlay), speak to Captain Bernard and he’ll ask you to head back to Rattay to tell Sir Hanush what happened.

But before you do that, remember to save your game! After speaking to Sir Hanush, you’ll be rewarded with a Magdeburg cuirass and the Robber Baron quest will be complete.


And that's it! With this Kingdom Come: Deliverance guide, you should be able to tackle the Robber Barron quest without a problem. And while you're here, check out more of our Kingdom Come Deliverance guides:

Kingdom Come Deliverance Bug Fixes Guide Thu, 01 Mar 2018 09:42:53 -0500 Felicia Miranda

While the developers of Kingdom Come: Deliverance have been hard at work trying to stomp out the multitude of issues and bugs the game has had upon release, there’s still a great many game-breaking bugs and glitches remaining. Luckily, the KCD community has found some very useful fixes to some of the most common bugs and glitches -- and we’ve got them all right here.

Read this fixes guide to find out how to get around them. 

Questions and Answers Bugs

The Questions and Answers quest is known to be particularly buggy. Players have had problems with Sir Radzig not appearing at the watchtower and not being able to initiate the cutscene at the encampment. Radzig has been found in a few other places, such as in Rattay near his room, at the stables at Merhojed, or the horse farm in Neuhof.

If the Questions and Answers cutscene won’t activate, most players have said reloading a previous save and attempting to do the quest again has helped fix this bug. It might be a bit aggravating to have to do that, but at least you're not locked out of this quest for good. 

Weeds Quest Bugs

During the Weeds quest, it seems that no matter how well you remove the weeds, Brother Nicodemus is never satisfied, causing the quest to glitch. This is due to how slow he walks while checking your work. The weeds end up growing back before he’s finished rating your work. To prevent this bug from sabotaging your progress, head back to the plots of land as he walks around, and remove the weeds that have popped back up again.

Can’t Start Ginger in a Pickle Quest

The Ginger in a Pickle bug was supposedly fixed with the release of patch 1.2.5 -- but it appears some players are still having issues with the quest being buggy. If you’re playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance on PC, the developers have suggested downloading this Ginger in a Pickle workaround from a Reddit user. If you’re playing on console and experiencing glitches or bugs with Ginger in a Pickle, it’s best to avoid the quest until patch 1.3 comes out.

Robber Baron Bug

Completing the Robber Baron quest is known to corrupt any save files following that point in the game. In this Kingdom Come: Deliverance Reddit thread, it mentions that the save files after the quest are the only ones affected. You can either wait to complete the quest until the bug is fixed or save before reporting back to Sir Hanush so you can use that save as a starting point in case you experience any problems.

Endless Stair Climbing Glitch

Occasionally, Henry will get stuck walking in place while climbing stairs. This glitch can usually be fixed by repeatedly jumping or sprinting over them.

Lost or Corrupt Saves

PS4, Xbox One, and PC gamers have been experiencing lost and corrupt saves in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. If you’ve already fallen victim to this bug, unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to fix it. But if you haven’t, it’s good practice to routinely backup your saves to avoid losing your progress.

Alt-tab and Borderless Window Bug

On the PC version of the game, using Alt-tab may cause your game to revert from fullscreen to a borderless window. This issue can be fixed by pressing Alt-Enter after tabbing back into the game.

Missing Yellow Dot While Lockpicking

Occasionally, the yellow dot won’t show when you’re trying to lockpick. Try saving and rebooting the game to fix it.

Flying While Doing Alchemy

Using Gertrude the Herbalist's alchemy table near Uzhitz causes you to float up endlessly. If you don’t cancel immediately, you’ll float so high that you’ll fall to your death after exiting the table. Try using the other alchemy tables to level up your Herbalism skill -- such as the one in Sasau instead.

Gamma Display on PC

Adjusting the gamma controls in-game also lightens your PC’s display. Reboot your PC to fix it.


If there are more bugs and fixes that you think should be included in this list, let us know and we’ll add them in! Look out for the upcoming Kingdom Come: Deliverance 1.3 update, which fixes issues such as save and exit performance, difficult Pickpocketing and Lockpicking controls, and quest related bugs.

If you're looking for more tips and strategies for KCD, make sure to check out the rest of our Kingdom Come Deliverance guides! Here are a few to get you started: 

Into The Breach Beginner's Tips and Strategy Guide Wed, 28 Feb 2018 18:42:30 -0500 Ty Arthur

Humanity has it pretty bad throughout the course of Into The Breach, brought to the brink of ruin by global warming, unrestrained corporate greed run amok, and giant insects that can burrow beneath the ground.

No matter how hard you try, some of the Earth's timelines will be overrun and utterly destroyed, but with some forethought and planning, you can at least save a few versions of the world.

In the guide below, we cover everything you need to know to perfect your Into The Breach strategy using the starting Rift Walker squad. For specifics on using other mech groups, check out our complete Into The Breach squads guide here.

Starting the game in Into the Breach. Mechs sit in a cargo bay of a ship Let's get started saving humanity from utter annihilation!

The Basics

If you don't want to use the starting Rift Walker squad, focus on achievements to unlock new mech squads, even if it means losing a map or dropping to zero power. Due to the randomized maps and the ability to take your best pilot with you to another timeline, starting over isn't really a setback.

No matter which squad you utilize, one concept above all else needs to be etched into your mind -- buildings are essentially health, so defend these over mechs. Buildings supply power, and if power drops to zero, you have to go to a new timeline and start over.

If a mech dies, on the other hand, you still get that mech back in the next map. The more population you defend by saving buildings from destruction, the higher your reputation will go, which means you can buy more cool upgrades at the end of an island as well. Reputation can also be spent on a one for one basis to upgrade your power if you lost any points during an island campaign.

Keep in mind that you don't end up visiting every map on every island, so you have some choice in what types of missions to play. When you get a feel for the best strategy of your squad type, stick to the map missions that work with that strategy -- like killing X-amount of bugs in a short amount of time, or defending a moving train -- so that you end up with fewer building losses. 

For a further edge be sure to complete the optional objectives every time on every map to increase your power and reputation, unless nabbing an objective means you will lose buildings in the process. Likewise, always recover the time pods that occasionally crash land on maps to get reactor cores so you can upgrade your mech capabilities.

A player inspects relic preserves, an optional objective, in Into the Breach Checking out a map's optional objectives to increase reputation and power

Use Repositions To Achieve Victory

With the exception of using the Hazardous Mechs squad, in nearly every single squad and map combination it is more important to control enemy movement than it is to deal direct attack damage, even in large quantities.

Always push non-flying enemies into water if you can, as it results in an instant kill on most bugs. Pushing them into each other deals damage, as does pushing them against obstacles like buildings. Positioning enemies over spawn points (or standing there yourself at the cost of 1 damage) prevents new monsters from joining the fray.

The push mechanism can cause problems, however. Using an ability that pushes an enemy into a city will destroy that city unless you get very lucky and make the grid defense percentage roll, which is usually in the 15% - 20% range.

Pushing enemies to change their attacks so they target each other is one of the most effective ways to quickly whittle down their numbers. When going this route, make sure to view the attack order so you don't accidentally kill an enemy before he can damage another enemy. This can also be useful to force one bug to kill another one before that second bug can hit your mech or a city.

Don't forget that you can push your own mechs as well if necessary, like by using the artillery launch that pushes all adjacent units 1 tile. If all else fails, this sort of tactic can at the very least get your mech out of harm's way if you are out of movement.

Checking the attack order in Into the Breach Pressing Alt shows attack order in red numbering

Terrain Mastery

Like with the ability to view attack order, you can also see an enemy's movement grid by clicking on it, which gives you a huge advantage if you control the terrain.

You will want to frequently light forest tiles on fire for continuous damage, or hit desert sand tiles to create smoke where enemies can't attack. Using fire will let you kill an enemy unit before it can launch its damage, even if a mech or city is in harm's way, as terrain effects go off before attacks.

While navigating a flaming, smoke-covered map, don't forget that mechs can walk over hazards safely – you will only be affected if you end your movement there. If you do end up on fire, ending a turn in water will turn off the damage effect, although most mechs can't attack from water without a flying upgrade.

When possible, be sure to employ effects like shields or changing up the map by destroying dams. The latter gives you more water tiles for dispatching ground units, while the former keeps your power grid alive longer. While some buildings start with shields, a mech in the Zenith Guard can actually add shields several times in every map, keeping buildings safe even if you can't reposition a bug prior to its attack.

Testing a dam in Into the Breach Targeting a dam gives you more water tiles to work with

Those are all the basic tactics you need to know to defeat all four islands and complete your first timeline! Have any other Into The Breach tips and tricks we should try out for completing any of the maps? Let us know your strategy in the comments!

Into The Breach Squads Guide Wed, 28 Feb 2018 16:38:33 -0500 Ty Arthur

A radically different experience than Subset Games' other main title FTL, the mech combat strategy of Into The Breach forces you to learn how to use the map to your advantage and plan ahead with proper tactics to ensure victory.

Each playthrough of this timeline-hopping game features four main islands to defend, with a variety of maps within each island. The maps are slightly randomized, but the real difference in your playthroughs will be in which Into The Breach squad of mechs you choose, which radically changes your overall strategy.

Not sure which squad to pick to achieve victory? Below we list them all out, along with their requirements and tactics.

Into The Breach Squads

Every mech within these squads has a unique ability that needs to be used effectively to defend cities or take out giant bugs -- but the squads also feature different classes of mechs that will change up how you upgrade your pilots.

For instance, you can't buy any science upgrades when using the standard Rift Walker squad from the game's starting point, as that squad has no science-class mechs. Besides the starting Rift Walkers, all of these squads must be unlocked by spending coins that are earned by completing in-game achievements.

Squads can't be changed in-game, however. If you want to try out a different type of squad, just choose Abandon Timeline in the menu and then select which pilot you want to keep. While you will have to re-do all the levels (which isn't really a setback, since the maps are randomized), you can now select any island you've previously unlocked in any order.

Choosing an Into The Breach starting squad Choosing an Into The Breach starting squad

Rift Walkers

Cost to unlock: free

These were the very first Mechs to fight against the Vek. They are efficient and reliable and have a very basic strategy.

Your well-rounded squad, the Rift Walkers have one mech for straight up damage, one for ranged, and one for crowd control, with all three types capable of pushing enemies at least 1 tile. At only two starting health, the Artillery is your weak link, so keep it safe or spend cores on upgrading health as soon as possible.

The Rift Walkers feature the following vehicle types:

  • Combat
  • Cannon
  • Artillery
Steel Judoka

Cost to unlock: 5 coins

These Mechs specialize in positional manipulation to turn the Vek against each other. Getting victory when you have to kill bugs in a limited amount of time can be a lot harder with this squad if you don't have a very solid grasp of movement and plan ahead more than one turn.

Your goal here isn't so much to deal damage, as to reposition a bug so its attack goes off against its allies, or to straight up push them into water (if they are susceptible to drowning) or against mountains to deal damage.

The Steel Judoka feature the following vehicle types:

  • Judo
  • Siege
  • Gravity
Rusting Hulks 

Cost to unlock: 2 coins

R.S.T. weather manipulators allow these Mechs to take advantage of smoke storms everywhere.

Desert maps will be a godsend for your crew, since you can quickly turn the entire map into smoke and then cause any enemy in the smoke to take damage every turn. If you go with this squad, be sure to pick the smoke bomb unlock after completing an island to give yourself even more smoke capability.

The Rusting Hulks feature the following vehicle types:

  • Jet
  • Rocket
  • Pulse
Flame Behemoths

Cost to unlock: 5 coins

Invincible to flames, these Mechs aim to burn any threat to ashes. Obviously your goal here is to attack the forest terrain more often than to directly attack the enemy.

Be sure to reposition enemy Vek into those flaming tiles and set fire to spawn points, but don't be afraid to hang out in them yourself if necessary since fire won't kill your crew. Keep in mind that the Swap mech automatically flies, so you can keep him over water tiles and out of harm's way much of time.

The Flame Behemoths feature the following vehicle types:

  • Flame
  • Meteor
  • Swap
Zenith Guard

Cost to unlock: 3 coins

Detritus' Beam technology and Pinnacle's Shield technology create a powerful combination here.

This one is radically different from the base Rift Walker squad, so get ready to change tactics if you buy this first trying to get a science mech. The brute charge mech damages itself when ramming, which can be negated with the repair ability if you can burn a turn.

The non-damaging science defense mech should be used to reposition enemies with its pull, or to throw shields on undefended cities. Be careful of the prime laser mech's burst beam, which hits everything in a line, meaning you will have to position carefully or you will destroy your own cities constantly. If you use the defense mech wisely here, you can hit 4+ enemies at a time, however.

The Zenith Guard feature the following vehicle types:

  • Laser
  • Charge
  • Defense
Frozen Titans

Cost to unlock: 6 coins

These Titans rely on the Cryo Launcher, a powerful weapon that takes an experienced pilot to master. As with several of the later squads, the third Ice mech in the squad automatically flies. Because you can protect buildings and prevent enemy movement, try going through a battle with as few kills as possible to net the Pacifist achievement.

The Frozen Titans feature the following vehicle types:

  • Aegis
  • Mirror
  • Ice

Cost to unlock: 3 coins

R.S.T. engineers designed this Squad around the mass destruction capabilities of harnessed lightning.

One of the most difficult squads to use effectively, you have to really change your tactical focus here and also spend some upgrades to get these guys into shape. Be sure to use thrown rocks and the hook tank to create chains for your lightning attacks.

The Blitzkrieg squad features the following vehicle types:

  • Lightning
  • Hook
  • Boulder
Hazardous Mechs

Cost to unlock: 6 coins

These Mechs have spectacular damage output but rely on nanobots feeding off dead Vek to stay alive. The Nano mech automatically flies so can be positioned freely over water. Don't be afraid to put your units in harm's way here -- healing 10 mech health in a single battle nets you an achievement on your way to more coins.

The Hazardous Mechs feature the following vehicle types:

  • Leap
  • Unstable
  • Nano

 Unlocking new mech squads requires completing  achievements with previous squad types Unlocking new mech squads requires completing
achievements with previous squad types

Which squad are you most excited to try out, and which Into The Breach mech squad has been your favorite to play with so far? Let us know your perfect squad strategies in the comments!

Gleaner Heights Perks Guide: Choose Right! Wed, 28 Feb 2018 16:35:56 -0500 Ashley Gill

Perks are important in any game that hosts them, and the same can be said for farming RPG Gleaner Heights. The game's perk system is the most direct form of progression you're going to run into while farming, adventuring, and socializing.

You are able to choose a perk after you've gone to bed on a day you've leveled up. You are able to choose up to 24 perks as you progress, so you need to choose wisely. It's not an easy choice: There are 35 for you to pick from.

This guide will be going over each of the game's perks and either list them as 'recommended', 'highly recommended', 'not recommended', and 'personal preference'. They are listed in the order you see them on the perk selection screen.

Don't take the guidelines here as being written in stone. Everyone plays the game their own way, so choose the perks you think will help the way you play most.

Highly recommended: Hardy 1, 2, and 3 are all worth choosing no matter which way you want to play the game. Yeah, that's three of your perks but it's worth it for the total 30 extra stamina.

Personal preference: Vigorous isn't bad and has three ranks, but you may want to invest your perks in more direct benefits rather than health. The extra health can certainly help with adventuring and bosses, but it's not mandatory.

Not recommended: This isn't recommended because of its conditional nature and the fact this maneuver costs stamina. No thank you.

Not recommended: Pretty much for the same reason as Dash Attack, but this is the one to take if you want one of them.

Highly recommended: You'll pull up a lot more than fish with this perk. You won't necessarily get treasure from every fishing trip, but you get treasure enough to make this worth the perk investment.

Recommended: I'm not sure whether I'd recommend Thick Skinned 1 & 2 over Vigorous 1~3, but both are good investments if you're going to be combat-oriented.

Highly recommended: This perk is extremely useful. Stone Sense will make delving into the mines less of a chore as you can more easily tell where the ladders are. It's not mandatory, but it helps.

Highly recommended: Even if you decide to skip on Stone Sense, you should take Mine Cleave. You have to delve the mines whether you like it or not, and this perk makes it an easier task.

Highly recommended: You want to rush your friendships with villagers for the gifts, this perk is a must-have. Unless you're lazy and only gift once a day, always. Then skip it.

Not recommended: This neither sounds nor is useful. Don't waste the perks (and the ingredients) on this perk.

Highly recommended: A one in ten chance to get an extra crop is nothing to scoff at. I recommend getting this one as soon as you can.

Personal preference: This seems like it might be decent, but this sounds like a nightmare if you're the type who prefers a tidy farm. An off-season crop taking up a slot on the first day of the new season just for a single yield? Not for me, thanks. Could be useful for some, though! Especially when paired with Crop Jackpot.

Highly recommended: Let's just say "Yes!"

Recommended: This does affect your vision in the mines. That's what makes it worth it.

Highly recommended: Stamina management is a struggle as it is, it's in your best interest to mitigate weather effects with this perk. Insulated is a no-frills but pretty much perfect perk.

Not recommended: Some may disagree, but I just don't see the value in this perk. It's better to save crops for cooking, gifting, or selling than to just munch on them on the go.

Personal preference: This one is really up to you. I do like this one, but skip it if you don't care about slows.

Personal preference: If you're the type to break your back at the farm all day and stroll the streets of Gleaner Heights at night, this is recommended.

Not recommended: You can learn recipes from the villagers in town, why waste the perk? Conversely, if you're being completely antisocial this is the only way to rack up those recipes.

Personal preference: This at least makes it so you'll recover some the stamina you spent smiting your foes. The fact that it requires a fighting skill of 9 makes it less desirable, though.

Personal preference: If you're having trouble reeling in fish, this is pretty much mandatory. If you're doing fine with fishing, don't bother.

Not recommended: This only works in the wild, and not in the mines.

Highly recommended: Even if you stop needing Green Herbs, Apples, and the like for your personal use, you can still give them to people as gifts. This perk is pretty great.

Recommended: Nemo just makes sailing and diving easier, and that's a big plus. 50% increase to both sailing speed and oxygen capacity is significant.

Not recommended: I don't want to be tied to using headbands, and you probably don't either.

Recommended: Why struggle with pushing your animals in and out of their homes? Just grab this perk and nudging them in the right direction becomes easier.

Not recommended: There is just no reason for it, especially since you can only get it at Husbandry 9.

Highly recommended: Never lose a crop to excessive rain again. This is a must-have.

If you found this guide helpful and are still trying to feel your way around the game, check out my other Gleaner Heights guides. There's a lot to uncover in this game, and we're doing it together!

Gleaner Heights Mining Guide Wed, 28 Feb 2018 15:09:07 -0500 Ashley Gill

To say that mining is weird in Gleaner Heights might be a bit of an understatement. As someone who has been playing the Harvest Moon series since the SNES game and dumped a whole bucket of hours into Stardew Valley, the mining system here was completely confounding.

Because so much of the game hinges on stamina management, delving into the mines can be a difficult foray. When should you head down there, and what do you even do? The mines are as cryptic as the history of the town itself.

Delving into the mines is a requirement for getting the materials you need for upgrading your tools and a number of crafting recipes. Plus, many of the resources you find can also be used as gifts for Gleaner Height's villagers.

There are a few mechanics to the mines you need to be aware of to start mining:

  • You don't just leave the mines when you go up a ladder; a whole new floor is spawned (say, going up from floor 5 to 4 spawns a new floor on which you need to find the next ladder up)
  • You obtain gems, ores, and minerals from destroying walls rather than nodes on the ground
  • You will run out of stamina, but you can still break walls and kill monsters (with no drops or XP gains)
  • You will be spending a lot of time going up and down the same ladder to get better floors
  • You can find stamina-restoring Green Herbs in the mines, but once you're exhausted, you stay that way (though you can have stamina and be exhausted)
  • Time stands still in the mines, and using its mechanics, you can stay in there for ages

Those are good starter pieces of information for those who are familiar with the genre, but there's far more than the above to consider. We're going to go over a number of them in this guide.

Finding the ladder down

This was the part that confused me the most to start, and it's going to be trouble for you until you know the ins and outs of the mining system.

Finding the ladder isn't too hard once you know how to do it, and it gets even easier with perks.

Surrounding both ladders on every floor is red dirt, as seen in the image below.

A ladder surrounded by red dirt in the Gleaner Heights mines

You can see this dirt if a ladder is covered by a wall, but not if the entirety of the red dirt itself seems to be covered by walls. And that is where things get tricky.

There are some instances where you can see the sparkle of a ladder deep within walls, but getting to these (at least with a lowly basic hammer) is a timesink.

If you cannot find the ladder down (or up), go and use the ladder you entered the floor from to go back to the previous floor, then use it again to return to the same floor with a totally different layout. I personally prefer to just do this until I get a floor with a readily available ladder, or one that's easy to spot and get to.

You can also look for green mushrooms to indicate the location of a ladder. A single green mushroom indicates that the ladder is near.

And lastly, if you're still having ladder troubles, be aware that one block of the red dirt will always be visible on a floor -- which aids in finding the ladder, but often it's obscured.

Finding ore, minerals, and gems

Surprise surprise: Mushrooms indicate the locations of these as well!

I am not sure of what the mushrooms indicate, but they do seem to show that there are resources nearby to be mined. Mushroom clusters in particular seem to be the best to focus on.

Mushrooms indicating nearby resources in the mines of Gleaner Heights

Other than mushrooms, there are no indicators for where resources are located. Save your time and stick to mushroom-rich sections of a floor.

The stamina conundrum -- When to go into the mines, and how to use your stamina

I recommend having at least one stack of Green Herbs before going into the mines, and you will be finding even more inside the mines themselves.

Additionally, I recommend going into them on a day before a rainy day, as you don't have to burn your stamina on watering crops on rainy days.

Your stamina is going to drain to 0 in the mines, and it's going to do it quickly. There is no problem with that whatsoever, as you can eat a Green Herb and get a little stamina back to get resources from walls when you've reached eligible floors.

At the start, it will take 5 swings of your hammer to break a wall. You may as well use your stamina with reckless abandon until you get to the floor you're aiming for, since there is no benefit to holding onto it if you have Green Herbs on-hand.

I'm going to tell you my step-by-step process for getting resources on an individual floor:

  1. Enter floor
  2. Locate mushrooms
  3. Hit walls around mushrooms 4 times each, as many walls as you would like
  4. Eat a Green Herb (or more, if you whacked on a lot of walls)
  5. As you now have stamina, hit each of the walls one more time to destroy them and potentially reap their sweet, sweet resources

Using this method, you can gather several resources on a single trip without going through the entirety of your Green Herb reserves. I highly recommend getting as much as you can bear in a single trip to save you time in the long run.

Resource floors

Not all resources are equal! Below are the minimal floors you can find each resource within, though there are some I'm not so sure about:

  • Iron: Floor 1+
  • Copper: Floor 4+
  • Saltpetre: Floor 5+
  • Lithium: Floor 6+
  • Quartz: Floor 8+
  • Silver: Floor 8+
  • Gold: Floor 9?
  • Malachite: Floor 15+
  • Sulfur: Floor 18?
  • Silicon: Floor 16?
  • Zircon: Floor 22+
  • Emerald: Floor 27+
  • Fire Opal: Floor 29+
  • Octotinium: Floor 32?
  • Ruby: Floor 35+
  • Diamond: Floor 39?

Obtaining a miner helmet in Gleaner Heights

Miscellaneous mining tips

Yep, it's not over yet! Here are a few extra tips to help make mining less of a headache:

  • You can seriously make bank via mining, if you know how it all works and you take the time to delve in there. Even Silver, which is found on floor 8, is worth 180 each
  • The perks Stone Sense and Mine Cleave are well worth picking up on most playthroughs and can make your time in the mines much easier
  • You can get a Miner Helmet from a chest on floor 10 -- if you don't see it, go up and then back down until you can find it
  • A permanent ladder to the surface can be found on floor 20
  • A boss can be found on floor 40
  • When in doubt, just refresh a floor

There's certainly more to be said about the mining system in Gleaner Heights, but these bits and pieces are enough to get you started on the right foot. I don't think I've ever had so much trouble mining in a farming RPG before, but the rewards are so worth it that there is no excuse for avoiding it completely. You have to mine, and you have to get good at it. It's that simple. Let this advice be your guide.

Gleaner Heights Villager Relationship Guide Wed, 28 Feb 2018 13:06:16 -0500 Ashley Gill

There are 30 villagers to befriend in Gleaner Heights, which is a pretty big amount compared to other games of the farming sim genre. Luckily the game gives you enough time in a day to socialize, and socialize you shall.

You obviously want to be friends with the villagers for festivals and eventual marriage, but there are two fantastic reasons to make nice with the residents of the town. The first is that befriending villagers unlocks new story events, and the second lies in the friendship rewards you can receive from each villager.

Progression is largely tied to your relationships with your neighbors, so it pays to be sociable. This guide has very minor spoilers, so avoid if you want to go in blind.

There are two not-so-surprising ways to befriend your neighbors:

  1. Talk to them
  2. Give them gifts

Talking to them will raise their fondness for you by just a bit, but gifting is the real relationship make-or-breaker.

As with other farming games, gifting villagers items they like or love will raise their fondness for you by a large (and larger, if it's a loved item) amount. Neutral items will also raise your relationship with them, albeit less than liked items. Disliked items will lower their opinion of you, so gift with care.

This guide is incomplete but in progress. I have a bad habit of repeatedly restarting farming sims to optimize my first year, and I've been doing just that with Gleaner Heights, so my progress is a little behind. These are my findings during my time with the game so far, and they will be updated as I progress.


Birthday: ?

Likes and dislikes:

  • Likes: Mushroom, Strawberry
  • Loves:
  • Neutral: Cucumber
  • Dislikes: Fat, Carrot, Yeast

Friendship rewards:

  1. Angler Shorts
  2. ?
  3. ?
Agent Deacon Troopel

Birthday: Winter 4

  • Likes: Silver, Quartz
  • Loves:
  • Neutral: Wood, Stone, Carrot, Copper, Iron
  • Dislikes: Meat, Turnip, Mushroom

Friendship rewards:

  1. Fighting skill +1
  2. Artichoke Broccoli Frittata
  3. ?

Birthday: Spring 14

  • Likes: Corn, Flour, Rice
  • Loves:
  • Neutral: Stone, Honey, Wood, Quartz, Copper, Iron, Sugar, Carrot
  • Dislikes:

Friendship rewards:

  1. Brewing Keg recipe, Wine recipe
  2. Mead recipe
  3. ?

Birthday: Summer 11

  • Likes: Egg (G), Quartz
  • Loves: Diamond
  • Neutral: Egg (S), Wood, Stone, Flour, Turnip, Yeast
  • Dislikes: Fodder, Radish

Friendship rewards:

  1. Mayo Maker recipe
  2. ?
  3. ?

Birthday: ?

  • Likes: Hop, Yeast
  • Loves:
  • Neutral: Green Herb
  • Dislikes:

Friendship rewards:

  1. Honey-baked Pumpkin Risotto recipe

Birthday: Summer 17

  • Likes: Sugar, Zircon
  • Loves: Diamond
  • Neutral: Cucumber, Oil, Honey, Carrot, Green Herb, Copper
  • Dislikes: Yeast

Friendship rewards:

  1. Black Vest
  2. ?
  3. ?
Doctor Herbert
  • Likes: Milk, Black Herb
  • Loves:
  • Neutral: Carrot, Green Herb, Copper, Cucumber
  • Dislikes:

Friendship rewards:

  1. ?
  2. ?
  3. ?
Emily (Marriage candidate)

Birthday: Spring 29

  • Likes: Yarn (M & L)
  • Loves:
  • Neutral: Cucumber, Rice, Turnip, Spaghetti
  • Dislikes: Leek, Onion, Stone

Friendship rewards:

  1. Baked Trout with Radish recipe
  2. ?
  3. ?
Fiona (Marriage candidate)

Birthday: Spring 6

  • Likes: Nightflower,
  • Loves:
  • Neutral: Green Herb, Carrot, Copper, Stone, Wood, Flour, Sugar, Turnip, Cucumber
  • Dislikes: Mushroom

Friendship rewards:

  1. Potato Mash recipe
  2. Blender utensil
  3. ?
Gabriel (Marriage candidate)

Birthday: Fall 6

  • Likes: Brown Trout
  • Loves:
  • Neutral: Green Herb, Milk, Copper, Carrot, Wood, Cucumber
  • Dislikes:

Friendship rewards:

  1. Pancakes recipe
  2. ?
  3. ?
Garry (Marriage candidate after befriending)

Birthday: Fall 5

  • Likes: Rice, Honey, Hop
  • Loves:
  • Neutral: Carrot, Green Herb, Sugar,
  • Dislikes: Stone, Malachite

Friendship rewards:

  1. Farming skill +1
  2. ?
  3. ?

Birthday: ?

  • Likes: Strawberry, Apple
  • Loves:
  • Neutral: Cucumber, Wood, Stone, Green Herb
  • Dislikes: Fish

Friendship rewards:

  1. ?
  2. ?
  3. ?

Birthday: Fall 18

  • Likes: Green Herb, Honey, Apple
  • Loves: Carrot
  • Neutral:
  • Dislikes:

Friendship rewards:

  1. Farming skill +1
  2. Farmer Shoes, Hat, and Shirt

Birthday: Fall 26

  • Likes:
  • Loves:
  • Neutral: Carrot
  • Dislikes: Lettuce

Friendship rewards:

  1. ?
  2. ?
  3. ?

Birthday: Spring 23

  • Likes: Green Herb, Fat, Silver, Gold
  • Loves:
  • Neutral: Green Herb, Cucumber, Lettuce, Nightflower
  • Dislikes: Kohlrabi

Friendship rewards:

  1. Spinach Seeds added to stock
  2. Watermelon Seeds added to stock
  3. ?

Birthday: Winter 22

  • Likes: Gold
  • Loves:
  • Neutral: Nightflower, Green Herb, Turnip, Wood, Spaghetti, Oil, Rice, Fat, Honey, Carrot
  • Dislikes: Lettuce

Friendship rewards:

  1. Wood Helment, Greaves, and Armor recipes
  2. ?
  3. ?
Ken (Marriage candidate)

Birthday: Winter 9

  • Likes: Apple, Gold, Nightflower
  • Loves:
  • Neutral: Green Herb, Cucumber
  • Dislikes: Milk, Wood

Friendship rewards:

  1. Mining skill +1
  2. ?
  3. ?

Birthday: Fall 20

  • Likes: Iron, Quartz, Zircon, Silver
  • Loves:
  • Neutral: Green Herb, Stone, Turnip
  • Dislikes: Flour, Cucumber

Friendship rewards:

  1. Explosive Arrow recipe
  2. ?
  3. ?

Birthday: Summer 20

  • Likes: Mushroom
  • Loves:
  • Neutral: Stone, Flour, Sugar, Green Herb
  • Dislikes: Wood, Eggs

Friendship rewards:

  1. Pan Salmon recipe
  2. ?
  3. ?
  • Likes: Honey
  • Loves: Lettuce
  • Neutral: Hop, Nightflower, Cucumber
  • Dislikes: Flour, Mushroom

Friendship rewards:

  1. ?
  2. ?
  3. ?

Birthday: Summer 26

  • Likes: Nightflower
  • Loves:
  • Neutral: Carrot, Green Herb, Wood, Sugar, Flour
  • Dislikes: Fat

Friendship rewards:

  1. ?
  2. ?
  3. ?
Mathilda (Marriage candidate after befriending)

Birthday: Summer 28

  • Likes: Strawberry
  • Loves:
  • Neutral: Green Herb, Yeast, Carrot
  • Dislikes: Stone, Flour, Wood

Friendship rewards:

  1. Spring Vegetable Stew recipe
  2. ?
  3. ?
Mayor Otto

Birthday: ?

  • Likes:
  • Loves:
  • Neutral: Nightflower, Flour, Sugar, Iron, Cucumber, Yeast
  • Dislikes: Oil

Friendship rewards:

  1. ?
  2. ?
  3. ?
Mei (Marriage candidate)

Birthday: Winter 20

  • Likes: Mushroom, Copper
  • Loves: Emerald
  • Neutral: Nightflower, Honey, Oil, Spaghetti, Rice
  • Dislikes:

Friendship rewards:

  1. Okra Stew recipe
  2. Inventory +1
  3. ?
Michael (Marriage candidate after befriending)
  • Likes: Carrot, Boot, Mushroom, Iron, Flour, Sugar
  • Loves:
  • Neutral:
  • Dislikes: Lettuce

Friendship rewards:

  1. Octotium
  2. ?
  3. ?

Birthday: ?

  • Likes:
  • Loves:
  • Neutral: Iron, Green Herb, Carrot, Cucumber, Fat, every ingredient from the store
  • Dislikes: Stone, Copper

Friendship rewards:

  1. Cheese Maker recipe
  2. Butter recipe
  3. ?
Regina (Marriage candidate after befriending)

Birthday: ?

  • Likes: Strawberry
  • Loves: Honey
  • Neutral: Sugar, Carrot, Stone, Flour, Cucumber, Rice, Spaghetti, Oil, Turnip
  • Dislikes: Iron

Friendship rewards:

  1. Spaghetti Napolitana recipe
  2. ?
  3. ?

Birthday: Summer 29

  • Likes: Honey
  • Loves:
  • Neutral: Flour, Carrot, Green Herb, Wood, Stone
  • Dislikes: Sugar

Friendship rewards:

  1. Fish and Chips recipe
  2. ?
  3. ?
Robert (Marriage candidate after befriending)

Birthday: Fall 1

  • Likes: Egg (L), Hop, Tomato
  • Loves:
  • Neutral: Egg (S), Yeast, Carrot, Green Herb, Nightflower
  • Dislikes:

Friendship rewards:

  1. Husbandry skill +1
  2. Beer recipe
  3. Farming skill +1

Birthday: Spring 30

  • Likes: Copper, Iron, Fat, Old Boot
  • Loves: Gold
  • Neutral: Green Herb, Black Herb, Mushroom
  • Dislikes: Flour, Honey

Friendship rewards:

  1. Bomb recipe
  2. ?
  3. ?

Birthday: Summer 11

  • Likes: Hop
  • Loves:
  • Neutral: Carrot, Green Herb, Copper, Sugar, Honey
  • Dislikes: Yeast, Stone

Friendship rewards:

  1. Turnip Salad recipe
  2. ?
  3. ?

That's it for my findings for now! This will be updated periodically as I test more gift items, learn about the final birthdays, and strengthen the relationships of my neighbors. Stay tuned for updates to this guide and further Gleaner Heights guides.

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Affinity Guide Wed, 28 Feb 2018 10:15:54 -0500 Autumn Fish

In Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, you team up with a party of up to four NPCs in your Friend List in order to take on the "VRMMO" Gun Gale Online together. While you're off adventuring with your party, you'll gradually gain Affinity with them.

Earning Affinity doesn't offer much in the way of in-game rewards; however, it is required for certain characters in order to unlock the True Ending. (Be sure to check out our True Ending guide for more details on that.)

Playing through the game normally is sort of a slow way to earn the Affinity you need, though, so you may find yourself inclined to farm for it. Luckily, if you're willing to put in the time, there are a couple of fairly quick methods you can utilize to easily max out Affinity with any character.

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Affinity Guide

Before you can farm Affinity, it's important to know how to actually check it. To do so, just open the start menu, navigate over to the Community Tab, and click on the Friend List. Find the NPC that you want to check Affinity for and press the Display Stats button. The Affinity level is displayed at the bottom of the first page.

There are up to a maximum of four total Affinity Ranks. An NPC goes up an Affinity Rank once they reach 100% Affinity on their current rank. Once you reach Affinity Rank 4, you may unlock some Pillow Talk scenes, but don't expect much else.

Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet SAOFB Affinity Guide

There are a couple of things you can do in order to quickly raise your Affinity. The first method involves going out into the field and letting your party members die over and over again so that you can revive them. This gives 5% Affinity per Revive. Just remember to turn the Party AI onto Do Not Attack or else they'll simply kill the enemies you hope will kill them.

Your other option is to run around killing low-level unique enemies in order to get a high bounty. The higher the bounty you come back into town with, the more Affinity you'll gain. If you're going out on a long run to hit a bunch of unique enemies, remember to stock up on bullets before you go.


And with that, you shouldn't have any problems earning the Affinity you need to reach the True Ending. While you're around, be sure to check out the rest of our Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet guides.

Fortnite Solid Gold Limited Time Event Guide Tue, 27 Feb 2018 16:20:10 -0500 Ty Arthur

Fortnite's Season 3 has kicked off with a bang, launching new limited-time modes as the Lunar New Year events are still underway (including the search for the llama, crab, and fox buildings during Battle Royale matches).

A solid flow of new content has defined this early access phenomena, with the royale dragon glider now available in the item shop and a battle pass for Battle Royale fanatics up for grabs for 950 V-Bucks.

The biggest change right now is the Solid Gold limited time event, which takes the already nuts 100-player battles and makes them significantly more deadly with only one minor tweak.

An updates panel shows LTM: Solid Gold, Jetpack, and Fly With Fury in Fortnite The updates keep on coming to Fortnite Battle Royale season 3!

What is Fornite's Solid Gold Event?

So what's up with this Solid Gold event and why should you check it out? All loot drops from gold chests will automatically feature legendary gear instead of the usual randomized drop scheme that could have items in the common, uncommon, rare, or epic categories.

This means you are going to get far fewer shotguns, SMGs, and revolvers from gold chests, as well as none of the lower damage versions of any guns. Instead, players will find far more slow-firing (but ultra-high-damage) sniper rifles, RPGs, high-end assault rifles, grenade launchers, miniguns (woo-hoo!) suppressed pistols, and the all-new hand cannon in loot chests. 

If you never manage to find anything good in Fortnite chests or when you scavenge off dead players, now is the time to jump in and try out the best equipment you can find in the game. This limited time event is currently available in Fortnite Battle Royale squads mode only (so no Solid Gold drops in singles or duos matches).

Because everyone will have killer gear nearly from the moment they land, you will need to work in tandem with your group even more than usual, as four players with high-damage sniper rifles or legendary assault rifles will chew through a lone wolf solo player pretty much instantly.

Obviously, you should stay away from wide-open areas, where snipers can take advantage of good sight lines -- and be ready to throw up walls in an instant to keep your health from dropping immediately when you get ambushed. Keeping to the edge of the storm may not be a bad idea, either, or at least working with your crew to build some defenses and make it harder for the enemy to get to your squad.

What's the best gear you've found so far, and do you have any tips for dominating with legendary weapons in Fortnite's Solid Gold mode? Let us know your strategy in the comments below!

Fortnite outfits Season 3

More Limited Time Modes Arriving

Solid Gold isn't the only new addition arriving for Fortnite Battle Royale in the coming weeks. There are no less than five limited modes currently slated to arrive between now and April, including a tweak on the smash-hit that was the insane 50 vs 50 mode from a few months back.

Besides limited time options, there's another paradigm-changing item drop coming soon: jet packs! Because Fortnite wasn't zany enough already, right? We don't have a specific release date yet, but I'd expect to see this one drop in early March.

Time to hone those sniping skills, because people zipping around in the air will be easy pickings from those hiding on rooftops at Tilted Towers or hanging out near barn entrances at Anarchy Acres.


Need any more help with the game's Save The World or Battle Royale modes to increase your ranking? Check out our full list of Fortnite guides right here.

Ancestors Legacy Strategy Guide Tue, 27 Feb 2018 11:14:18 -0500 Sergey_3847

Ancestors Legacy is the latest historical RTS, with a focus on the medieval battles of Central Europe. The game combines such features as resource management, settlements construction, and violent battles on huge battlefields.

Currently, the game offers an open multiplayer beta test on Steam. It has two modes: Domination, where players must maintain control over their settlements, and Annihilation, which requires you to destroy your enemy's base.

If you want to know how to develop the best strategy in Ancestors Legacy, then follow our guide below.

Best Strategy for Capturing Villages

A village being destroyed in the Ancestors Legacy beta

In Domination mode you and your allies need to capture as many villages as you possibly can. The player who has the most captured villages wins by the number of points.

There are three types of maps available in the multiplayer beta: Autumn Rise, Abandoned Valley, and Lost Heritage. Here are a few tips you can use to your advantage:

Autumn Rise

Use all of your units for attacking each of the villages from all sides. This will make the process of capturing villages much quicker instead of spreading out and trying to get them all at once.

On this map it is very difficult to get around the flank. But if you have archers, then you should be fine.

Abandoned Valley

If you and your ally capture the top three villages, then this may serve as a good springboard for your own defense strategy.

Use traps, including in the fields, and give invisibility to your soldiers. Also, use this to get to the enemy in the flank.

Lost Heritage

Here, you must never camp inside your base. The central village is an easy target for capture, and since there are only two ways your enemies can approach it, then you should definitely protect it with traps.

If you play for the Vikings or the Slavs, then the cavalry on this map will be your best bet against enemy troops.

Best Strategy for Destroying Bases

Be sure to bring your own archers to deal with enemy towers in Ancestors Legacy

Destrying an enemy base is very similar to capturing a village. But this time the base will be located outside of the typical settlement, and on top of that, it will be protected by three watchtowers with archers.

The archers are pretty strong and will quickly deal even with a large number of attackers. That is why having archers of your own is so vital for capturing an enemy base.

While the towers deal with your cavalry, you can order your own archers to shoot fire arrows at the base building and set it on fire. This will cause its destruction, which will ultimately win you the game.

Best Units for Each Mode

Choose vikings, slavs, anglo-saxons, or germans to suit your needs in Ancestors Legacy


Vikings are excellent for Domination, meaning that they can easily and rather quickly capture villages. This is possible due to being able to spawn lots of units relatively easily.

They are also great against Germans -- probably the strongest tribe in Ancestors Legacy.


Although Vikings are plentiful and can override any other tribe, Slavs have archers and shield units, which work excellently against the multitudes of Viking units.

However, they are pretty hard to support and balance, so maybe try something else before choosing Slavs.


If you want to set up lots of traps, then this is the faction to go with. It also has great ranged units and infantry. It is pretty hard to counter Anglo-Saxons, as they have some of the best tools on their hands.


Germans are the strongest units in the game, so it would be an obvious choice for the beginning. You will have no trouble countering any of the previously mentioned factions, especially Slavs.

The best units are Cleavers, which will win you most of the games, so spawn them as much as you can.


That is all you need to know to be able to quickly capture villages and destroy enemy bases in Ancestors Legacy, which will see a full release on May 22. So come back then for more guides here at GameSkinny!

How to Change Characters in Dynasty Warriors 9 Mon, 26 Feb 2018 15:02:50 -0500 buymymixtape123

Let's just start by getting the elephant out of the room: Dynasty Warriors 9 is pure garbage. It is an utter mess, and it shouldn't have been released in the state that it is in. With that being said, here is the way you change characters in Dynasty Warriors 9.

To begin your character swap, you first have to leave the current game you are in and go to the main menu. When you are in the main menu, you have to start a new game, whether it is the story or free mode, depending on what you were playing. Do note that there is only one save game for both story mode and free mode, so tread lightly when picking the mode to change your character.

When you do this and change your character, you will still be in the same chapter you left off in before changing your character, just probably not in the same place as you left off. Also, all your characters share the same inventory, so you don't have to worry about losing items when switching to a new character.

Switching characters shouldn't be this much of a hassle, but this is what happens when you make a bad game like Dynasty Warriors 9. If you're sticking with this game and want to know the basics, be sure to check out our Dynasty Warriors 9 tips and tricks guide.

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet - True Ending Guide Mon, 26 Feb 2018 14:41:22 -0500 Ty Arthur

As if pumping 60+ hours into a huge action-RPG weren't enough, there are multiple endings to worry about in the latest SAO entry, Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet. Landing on the "true" ending takes a bit of work, but if you plan ahead, it's not too hard to reach.

Keep in mind that it's entirely possible to miss the true ending if you don't know what to do ahead of time, and oddly enough, going into New Game+ actually makes it harder to get this ending than if you do it on the first go around! 

Let's go ahead and dive into the list of Fatal Bullet true ending requirements.

Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet's true ending can be reached by following the steps exactly Cheers indeed, we deserve it for reaching the end!

How To Get The Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet True Ending

Make sure to do all of this before going into NG+ mode, as activating New Game+ resets all your character affinities, which means you've essentially got to start all over in working towards the true ending.

It's also best to complete all of these steps before the final section of the SBC Flügel area. You'll know you are about to go too far when you get the option to go into NG+ or choose to rewind time.

If you hit this section, just rewind time back to restart a section, and you can still potentially get any of the endings.

True Ending Requirements

Before reaching the end, you need to hit affection level 4 75% with the new Fatal Bullet characters Afasys, Kureha, Zeliska, Itsuki, and Bazalt Joe.

You also need to get all the original Sword Art Online characters (Kirito, Asuna, Sinon, Premiere, Strea, Philia, Rain, etc.) to at least affection 2. To make sure you have enough time to get this far on the affection levels, you should have most of this done before the quest Mother Claudia.

Next, get the Afasys Amulet/Charm after clearing Kirito Mode (note that there is a point in the game where Kirito mode becomes unavailable, so watch for it and don't pass it without going through this special mode). Once this is done, make sure to watch all the sub event scenes for each character, marked on the map by a green balloon. 

Furthermore, make sure you've done all the various side quests (like making outfits) for Agil, Lisbeth, and Asuna.

With all of the proper character affection levels achieved, all event scenes viewed, and the Amulet in hand, now you need to fight the last boss and evade the hyperbeam. Stop the final boss's dark sphere attack and then whittle down the remaining HP.

Avoid the hyperbeam when fighting the Fatal Bullet final boss or else face the consequences Why on earth do these kids keep logging into VR MMOs that they know they will get trapped in and have to fight for their lives to escape?

At this point, the quest switches out from Dead All to Fatal Bullet when you equip the nervegear to let you know you are on the path to the true ending. If this doesn't happen, you missed something along the way.

Have any other tips for meeting these true ending requirements easily or before reaching certain points of the game? Let us know in the comments section, and we'll get them added to the guide.

Or Just Skip All That!

Following this guide makes reaching the Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet true ending fairly simple, but If you don't want to go to all that trouble (particularly if you've already finished the game and went into NG+), you could just watch the true ending below.

Yep, it's cheating, but you've already put enough hours into this game anyway. Enjoy the game's ending sequence!

Need help with any other part of this entry in the long-running RPG franchise? Be sure to check out our other Fatal Bullet guides here:


Dynasty Warriors 9: How to Bond With Officers Mon, 26 Feb 2018 12:53:12 -0500 Craig Snyder

Starting out in 1997, a hack-and-slash franchise that just keeps on kicking has released yet another sequel in its series with Dynasty Warriors 9. Dynasty Warriors 9 is the same story and gameplay that we've come to know and love from Dynasty Warriors, but kicked up in terms of gameplay and graphics for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

The Bonding system is one of the many things in Dynasty Warriors 9 that comes with very little explanation and is instead expected to just be figured out by the player, but with this guide, I'll make that a little bit easier for you.

What does bonding do in Dynasty Warriors 9?

Bonding has been around for the last several installments of the Dynasty Warriors franchise, and in Dynasty Warriors 9, it's what many players from the past have come to expect of it. In Dynasty Warriors 9, there are a number of Officers that you can create a bond with that will allow you to pick up some extra unlocks, like galleries and Bodyguard skills from Dynasty Warriors games of the past.

Maxing out 20 characters' Bonding level in Dynasty Warriors 9 will also get you an achievement, The Ties that Bond Us; however, in my experience, the Bonding system is very glitchy, and reaching this achievement is going to be a bit of a frustrating struggle if you do encounter these glitches.

How can I bond with Officers in Dynasty Warriors 9?

If you've yet to play through Dynasty Warriors 9, my first tip is to have the Bonding system fresh on your mind as you do your playthrough. As you travel through cities, make sure you check for Officers to talk to. Doing it this way is going to save you a lot of backtracking if you progress far into the game. Certain characters are also going to die throughout the story of Dynasty Warriors 9, which means that there are cutoff points where you won't be able to go back and create bonds with certain Officers.

Next, let's get into some important techniques to protect ourselves against the annoying glitch that plagues the bonding system in Dynasty Warriors 9. You're going to need two Hideaways and a Bonfire. The two Hideaways will allow you to quickly travel to respawn Officers, and the Bonfire will allow you to quickly progress time if you ever need to send a letter out again due to this glitch.

When you have these, you want to send a letter to one of the available Officers from your first Hideaway and then head to the second one, where you'll see that Officer spawning. The Officer will always spawn on the right side of the house and then slowly make its way through the day. Speak to them and your Bonding level will increase. All you need to do is repeat this process over and over with all of the Officers available, traveling between your Hideaways, and you'll max out your Bonding level in no time.

However, a glitch that you're very likely going to experience is that when you travel from one Hideaway to another, you'll encounter a completely different Officer than the one to whom you sent the letter. I can't reproduce this, and it seems completely random (though quite common), but what you'll need to do is travel to your Bonfire to advance the time. If you head back to your Hideaway, the correct officer should show up, and you can continue through the normal process. If you still see the wrong Officer, resend the letter to the correct Officer and try again.


The Bonding system in Dynasty Warriors 9 is specifically for achievement hunters and people interested in the extra galleries and Bodyguard skills. Maxing out your Bonding level does nothing else that I've personally found or read about online. It would have been a nice touch if Officers you've bonded with would send you gifts or something like that. If you find yourself struggling or annoyed by this system, you aren't missing out on too much if you decide to skip grinding it.

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Dynasty Warriors 9: Controller and Gamepad Fix Guide Mon, 26 Feb 2018 10:51:14 -0500 Craig Snyder

Dynasty Warriors 9 has made its way to Steam and is riddled with both in-game and out-of-game bugs. One of the most frustrating bugs you may find yourself running into is difficulties with getting your Xbox One or PlayStation 4 controller to work with the game.

The good news is that there is a way to fix it and get your controller or gamepad to work, but the bad news is that it can be incredibly tricky to do all on your own. In this guide, I'll lay everything out step-by-step.

Step 1: Fixing PS4/XB1 Controller for Dynasty Warriors 9

First, make sure that both Big Picture Mode and the in-game Steam Overlay are enabled.

Be sure Big Picture Mode and the in-game Steam Overlay boxes are checked in the Steam menu

Big Picture Mode can be accessed from the controller icon at the top-right of the Steam client, and the Steam Overlay can be enabled under the In-Game section in your settings.

Next, navigate to your installation directory for Dynasty Warriors 9. It should be something like this:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Dynasty Warriors 9

Right-click on the game's executable file, go to Properties, then under the Compatibility tab you want make sure "Run this program as an administrator" is unchecked and "Disable fullscreen optimizations" is checked.

Step 2: Fixing PS4/XB1 Controller for Dynasty Warriors 9

Go back into your Steam settings and go to the Controller tab. From there, click on "General Controller Settings" and you'll want to tick the setting corresponding to whichever controller you're attempting to use. Ticking both of these settings won't have any negative effects either.

Make sure you also have the controller you're trying to use checked in the Steam menu

Next, find Dynasty Warriors 9 in your Steam library:

right-click on Dynasty Warriors 9 > Edit Steam controller settings > Export config > "Personal" > Local only > [give it a name] > Save > exit

Step 3: Fixing PS4/XB1 Controller for Dynasty Warriors 9

Navigate to the following folder from your Steam directory:

userdata\userid\241100\remote\controller_config\Dynasty Warriors 9

Here, you should find several files (specifically the one you named in the previous step). If you don't see them here, go up two directories, and they may just be in the "remote" folder (depending on your OS). Delete all of the existing files here.

Download the fixed VDF file here. You want to take this VDF file and paste it in both of these directories. Again, these directories are:

userdata\userid\241100\remote\controller_config\Dynasty Warriors 9


Lastly, either in your Steam Library or Big Picture Mode controller settings:

right-click on Dynasty Warriors 9 > Edit controller configuration > Browse config > Select the Dynasty Warriors 9 configuration > Apply config > exit

At this point, completely restart Steam and give Dynasty Warriors 9 a try with your controller. It should be working!


I've got to assume that it's small errors and bugs like this that currently have Dynasty Warriors 9 sitting on overwhelmingly negative reviews on Steam, but at least this fix works for now. Hopefully, the game is patched in the future, and things like this can be taken care of. Fixing this controller glitch can be a real headache without a guide like this.

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Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Guide -- How to Dual Wield Mon, 26 Feb 2018 10:44:36 -0500 Autumn Fish

In Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, there are tons of weapons available to complement your playstyle. Whether you want to slice and dice up enemies with your Sword or handle them with a good old-fashioned Rocket Launcher, there are plenty of options available from the start.

If you're ready to kick your game up to the next level, you could even consider Dual Wielding guns or pairing a Handgun with your Sword in order to help you shred through the enemies that stand in your way. However, the option to pair weapons together like this isn't available from the start and must instead be unlocked as you make your way through the game.

In this guide, we'll cover how to unlock both the Dual Wield and Sword and Gun functions, learn how to equip a Dual Wield set, and go over all of the weapons that can benefit from Dual Wielding.

Let's dive in!

How to Dual Wield in Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet

In order to unlock Dual Wielding, you simply need to complete a certain Main Quest. The Sword and Gun pairing is unlocked first after the 15th Main Quest. Not too long after that, the ability to Dual Wield guns is unlocked after the 17th Main Quest.

In order to check what Main Quest you're on, just head into the start menu and navigate to the Quests page. It should show you how many Main Quests you've completed. If you've completed 17 Main Quests, then you have the ability to Dual Wield unlocked already.

A Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet character demonstrates how to dual wield a sword and a handgun

Once it's unlocked, you can finally equip Dual Wield weapon sets in the Main and Sub slots for each character. To do so, simply hit the Triangle or Y button on PS4 or Xbox One respectively while hovering over a compatible weapon. Doing this with a Sword will attach a compatible Handgun, while doing this with a gun simply equips you with another version of the same gun.

You can Dual Wield several different types of guns, including Handguns, Shotguns, Submachine Guns, Assault Rifles, and Rocket Launchers. It's important to note that not every weapon within these categories can be Dual Wielded, but there are at least some that can. Be sure to test out all different kinds of weapons to figure out which ones are capable of Dual Wielding.

With that, you know everything you need to know to start Dual Wielding in Gun Gale Online. Be sure to check out our other Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet guides for more tips and tricks on getting by in GGO.

HUNT: Showdown Error Code Guide Sun, 25 Feb 2018 12:08:45 -0500 lynneice

The much-awaited release from Crytek with heavy bounty-hunter elements and an emphasis on PvE gameplay, HUNT: Showdown is a beautiful game --for what it is. Still in Early Access through Steam, HUNT is not without its quirks, as many players have found themselves unable to play due to bugs and error codes.

Here are a few fixes and workarounds for the most common errors and bugs to date:

Screen Resolution Stuck at 800x600

Hit Alt + Enter twice in succession to fix your screen size.

Game Crashes Right After Launch

If your game doesn’t even launch, or you get a black screen before it crashes, check your Windows files are up to date. If you’re running Win 10, look for update KB 2670838 and try relaunching the game after your Windows restarts.

Error 0x107d1: Matchmaking Error

The most effective known workaround to this bug is for both players who wish to play as allies to enter the Random queue on the same server. You may have to keep trying, but it has worked for some players only after multiple attempts.

Error 0x100a and 0x200b: Attempted Matchmaking Across Regions

These errors are triggered when a player is attempting to invite someone from a different region as them, or by accepting an invite from a player in a different region. Make sure you are in the same region as your ally when you try matchmaking.

Error 0x3001: No Network Connection

A few things could cause this error. First, double-check your network connection. If you’re connected, but the game still displays this error, make sure you have added HUNT to your firewall and antivirus whitelist/exceptions and try restarting.

Error 0x3003: Authentication Failure

Make sure you launch the game through steam. You can also try reinstalling the game and launching again.

Error 0x3004: Version Mismatch

If your game is out of date you will keep seeing this error until you update it. Some players have had success simply uninstalling and reinstalling the game as well.

Error 0x4004 and Easy AntiCheat Not Installed

Both of these errors can be remedied by navigating to your local game files and installing Easy AntiCheat manually as an administrator.

If you don’t know how to find you local game files, go to your Steam library, right-click HUNT: Showdown and scroll down to Properties. Go to the Local Files tab at the top and click Browse Local Files. Open the Easy AntiCheat folder and run the Setup.exe as an administrator.

If you aren’t sure if you’re using an administrator account on your PC, right click the Setup.exe and click Run as Administrator.

Error 0x4007: Easy AntiCheat Ban

You’ve been banned by Easy AntiCheat and will need to contact support for any further assistance with your account.

Error 0x10010: Server-side Error

This is a known-issue with HUNT, and devs urge players to send a support ticket when they encounter it. This bug usually affects everyone simultaneously, so don’t think it’s just you. When reporting a bug, devs ask that you include a few key pieces of info to help them pinpoint the source of the problem and roll out a solution:

  1. Where in-game the bug occurred. Were you in-menu, in the queue, mid-game?
  2. When it occurred, or a time-frame of when it happened
  3. A detailed description of what happened or what the problem is
  4. Include your steam name
  5. If a specific character was affected, include the name of that character in your bug report

Error 0x10010: Known Issue

Another known-issue, devs are working hard to get this one fixed. HUNT: Showdown is still an early-access game, so try to understand that it takes a village to make a good game, and Crytek has a history of appealing to its fans and listening to its players. You’ll likely have to be patient and keep trying to connect when this bug pops up, as the guys and gals behind the scenes work diligently to get the game up and running again.

Error 0x50013: Known Issue

This Hunt: Showdown error is linked to matchmaking on the serverside. Currently, the developers are working on a fix for this bug. Players began experiencing this error after the latest 0.138 patch released in February. Some players have found that changing server regions fixed the error.


If you know of any additional workarounds for Hunt: Showdown error codes, let us know! We strive to provide the most up-to-date info on this game as it develops.

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Weapons Guide Sun, 25 Feb 2018 12:04:17 -0500 Autumn Fish

In Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, you start as a new player to the "VRMMO" Gun Gale Online. Being a mishmash of MMORPG stats and shooter elements, this game actually lends towards a lot of different playstyles depending on which weapons you want to specialize with and bring into battle.

There are a bunch of different weapons to play with, and they each have their own strengths and weaknesses. Of course, I recommend trying each of the weapons out before you decide to settle with any of them, but it can still be a little hard to pick with so many good options. To that end, we've put together some information about each of the weapon classes in hopes that it makes the decision easier.

Let's dive in!

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Weapons Guide

There are plenty of playstyles in Gun Gale Online to synergize with your weapons of choice. You could build up your strength and play with heavy artillery such as Launchers and Gatling Guns, or pump up your Agility and weave around the battlefield with nothing but your trusty Sword and a Handgun. You can even mix and match odd combos of weapons to come out with some truly unique playstyles. So long as you keep each weapon's strengths and weaknesses in mind, you could make any playstyle work for you.


A Handgun's charm is in its simplicity. First to note is they tend to be lightweight, which lends well to characters that don't have a lot of strength. They also have a decent fire rate, but they don't typically have that big of a clip size, nor do they pack that much of a punch. They do typically have a decent accuracy and medium range to make up for it, though. They can even be wielded alongside Swords if you so chose to use them.


The Shotgun is a great friend to anyone who likes to get up close and personal. They are generally heavy, have a really short range, are slow to fire, and have a small clip size. However, what they lack in utility, they make up for in raw power. It can be a little dangerous to get close enough to be effective with a Shotgun, but the satisfaction of mowing through your enemies is well worth it.

SAOFB Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet Weapons Guide Handgun Shotgun Submachine Gun

Submachine Guns

A Submachine Gun usually boasts decent firepower at a quick fire rate and a decent clip size. They're not as accurate as Handguns, however, and often wind up being a bit heavier, but the spray of firepower more than makes up for it. Submachine Guns are well suited for players who like run and gun combat strategies.

Assault Rifles

An Assault Rifle is known for its ability to fire off a bunch of rounds in a short span of time. Similar to the Submachine Guns, they tend to have a decent clip size and fire rate, however, Assault Rifles generally boast better range and accuracy at the cost of being a bit heavier overall, making them a fantastic all-purpose weapon to use in almost any situation.

Sniper Rifles

A Sniper Rifle is a powerful but slow weapon who's real strengths come from their long effective range and razor sharp accuracy. They are heavy and unwieldy weapons, and you certainly wouldn't want to swing them around in the middle of combat with their low clip sizes and firing rate. However, if you're patient, you can take out plenty of enemies before they even know you're there with a Sniper Rifle at your side.

SAOFB Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet Weapons Guide Sniper Assault Rifle Gatling Gun Launcher

Gatling Guns

Gattling Guns are really large and heavy weapons that deal damage by firing a lot of bullets off in rapid succession. They have some of the best firing rates and clip sizes in the game, and an effective range that rivals that of some Sniper Rifles. However, the big hulking weapon does suffer from low accuracy, so you'll have to be thoughtful about where you're aiming it. This weapon is a great pick for anyone who just wants to hold down the trigger and watch their foes fall before their feet.


The Launcher fires Rockets at enemies to create massive explosions on the battlefield. They're heavy weapons and generally have abysmally low clip sizes. They're slow to fire, they don't have much of an effective range to speak of, and they aren't even very accurate. If this weapon didn't literally fire exploding Rockets, it wouldn't have any redeeming qualities whatsoever. Using a Launcher is great when you need to control the situation on the battlefield in a pinch -- or if you simply find yourself in need of some good old fashioned explosives.


Swords are ... well, they're Swords. You can't actually compare them to the guns because they have a completely different function. Instead of firing bullets, you're swinging around a weapon that does decent damage. The upside? You don't need bullets. The downside? You have to literally be in your enemy's face in order to deal damage. Swords are an awkward choice for a shooter, but in the right hands, they can slice through enemy ranks with relative ease.

SAOFB Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet Weapons Guide Photon Sword


And with that, you now know all of the pros and cons for each of the various weapon classes in Gun Gale Online. Be sure to check back with GameSkinny for more Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet guides coming your way.

Fortnite Dusty Depot Treasure Map Guide Sat, 24 Feb 2018 09:16:56 -0500 Sergey_3847

Fortnite Battle Royale has just entered Season 3 of its early access beta test, which brought new weekly challenges. Some of them are really hard to accomplish, but the hardest one yet is the Dusty Depot treasure.

Finding a map is not that hard, but figuring out where it leads to is the real challenge. If you want to know how to find both the Dusty Depot treasure map and the location of the actual emblem, then follow this quick guide below.

Dusty Depot Treasure Map Location

The Dusty Depot location can be found in the center of the map. It consists of three buildings standing next to each other. The treasure map can be seen on the wall of one of the buildings.

Go ahead and check it out for yourself. In case, you don't care about the map, then go straight ahead and find the location of the emblem.

Go to Shifty Shafts located at the southwestern part of the map -- the only known location with a big tree atop the hill depicted on the Dusty Depot treasure map.

The exact location of the emblem is shown on the mini-map above. As soon as you claim the emblem, you will finish the hardest weekly challenge of Season 3.

The next week will bring new treasure map challenges, so be sure to come back soon for more guides giving you an easy access to some of the hardest tasks in the game.


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Fortnite Llama, Crab, and Fox Locations Guide Fri, 23 Feb 2018 13:05:35 -0500 Ty Arthur

We may still be in early-access beta, but I don't think Epic Games really knows that since we're now officially kicking off Season Three of Fortnite's unstoppable Battle Royale mode!

The switchover in seasons (and the move away from all those arrow-themed Valentine's Day events) sees some big changes to the Fortnite experience. Most notably, we're now moving away from daily rewards in Battle Royale to seven sets of weekly challenges throughout the season.

One of the first weekly challenges to complete tasks you with finding the secret llama, crab, and fox scattered across the map to earn yourself some sweet rewards and work towards leveling up your battle pass.

Can't find those elusive critters? We've got the locations of all three detailed below. Let's get started hunting them down! All three map locations are found in the red circles below below, or read on to find out specific locations for each structure that is shaped like an animal.

The new locations to find in Fortnite: llama, fox, and crab 
Fortnite Llama, Fox, and Crab Map Locations

Fortnite Season 3 Llama Location

This one is quite easy to locate as it is directly behind Junk Junction, near the cliff on the far northwest corner of the Battle Royale map.

You might miss it the first time, though, as the "llama" is actually a large metal building shaped like a llama that looks like it belongs to the Junk Junction section. You only have to land on it with your hang glider after jumping from the bus in order to complete the objective.

If the bus comes from this quadrant of the map, you can pretty much immediately jump off and land directly at the llama's location. Making it here from the air if the bus comes from any other quadrant is pretty difficult, however, as there isn't really enough air time to sail all the way to this edge of the map. If you miss it, just play through and start another match to try again, as there's plenty of time to get these objectives.

You'll find the Fortnite llama location here The Llama location (thanks to GF LaserBolt for the screenshot)

Fortnite Season 3 Crab Location

Made of the wood resource, this titanic crustacean is located on top of a cliff you can't reach except by using the hang glider after jumping out of the bus.

The crab is found at the far southeast corner of the map (and at the southwest end of Moisty Mire). As with the other buildings, it is located near the very edge of the map by the drop-off into the water, so don't miscalculate your landing or you might be the first accidental death of the match!

You can find the crab in Fortnite here The Fortnite Crab Location

Fortnite Season 3 Fox Location

Now that we've got the other two, the fox is a brick building that's quite a bit smaller than the llama, but it should still be visible from the air if you jump off the bus nearby.

You can find this one by heading all the way over to the east of Wailing Woods (at the northeast corner of the Battle Royale map), and this one is also near the cliffside by the water. With the direction of the bus travel, you will likely need to stay onboard until way later than most other players jump, so be sure to grab any chests nearby immediately so you aren't outgunned.

Just like with the other two animal buildings, just land on top of the fox to wrap up this Fortnite Season 3 challenge!

Where is the fox in Fortnite, you ask? Why, iust head to the east of Wailing Woods The Fox Location

Now that we've wrapped up that early Season 3 challenge, are you ready to move onto more difficult challenges and unlock some killer skins and harvesting tools? Check out our full list of Fortnite Battle Royale and Save The World guides here for tips on getting ahead!

How to Build the Ultimate Kingdom in Caravan War Fri, 23 Feb 2018 11:06:31 -0500 Stephanie Tang

When it comes to strategy games, I've always had a soft spot in my heart for the tower defense subgenre -- ever since I was introduced to Bloons on Newgrounds as a young, impressionable soul. 

The format is fairly easy to pick up, although every game has its own particular twist. Build towers. Slow the enemy down. Kill them all.

Caravan War adds simulation game elements to the game format, encouraging you to build up your town and its buildings. Set in a cartoon-y medieval fantasy world, Hiker Games's newest title also throws PVP play into the mix, encouraging player clans and the ambushing of each other's caravans in the bid for riches and power. 

So how to make it to the very top? These are some of the things you're going to need to know.

Get to know your units

The tutorial blitzes you through the basics of setting up an ambush with both towers and your set of minions, but it doesn't really give you the time to look and learn the strengths and weaknesses of each. After you get a head start building your town, take a minute to look over each of the bandits to check out their attributes. This will play into strategizing where and how you're going to use them.  

An example of the cartoonish look of Caravan War

To continue progressing in this game, you're going to need to keep your fighting force fit and up to the task. Make sure that they stay healed, and make sure that you upgrade them whenever you can

Know how you want to set them up. Towers are handy, but you also want to make sure you've got the right minions set up where you want them. Heavily armored bandits are your best front line, while you should keep your squishier (but higher-ranged) archers further back. 

Play through campaign mode

Not only will this acclimate you to the game and how ambushes should be played, but you will also receive general loot from completing each level. You won't be able to just blitz through the chapters very easily right away, so make sure you keep your units upgraded so that you're not underpowered for the task.

The most important thing is that after completing certain chapters, you unlock new towers to add to your arsenal in ambushes. Once you do that, learn your towers so you know when and where to deploy them since they, much like your minions, have different strengths and weaknesses that correspond to different caravan units. 

Take a look at what the caravan is packing before you set up your stuff. If they're coming in heavy, for example, bring out the Mage Tower, which allows for armor penetration. You always have a little time to study your enemy before you need to engage. 

Keep upgrading and using your buildings 

In order to keep up with the increasing difficulty of ambushes, you're going to need to keep upgrading your units ... and in order to upgrade your units and your towers, you're going to need to keep your buildings upgraded as well. As the tutorial already shows you, you've got quite a few buildings taking up your town right from the start that are going to need your attention. 

Make sure that you're always keeping yourself well funded by sending out your caravan on trade missions -- this is what keeps you in gold, which you're going to need lots of to make your upgrades.

Building will need regular attention in Caravan War

Since this game is fairly PVP-oriented, there is a good chance that your caravan is going to be attacked by other players when you send it out on trade missions. That's fine. Pack them with as many units as you want so that you're not quite easy pickings, but even if they're successful, they're not going to rob you blind. You'll still come away with something, and you're going to want to keep that cash flowing as much as possible. 

Make sure that you keep your trade missions active even when you're not actively playing the game because they'll still count down the time necessary to complete the mission regardless of whether or not you have the game open. When you sign in again, they'll still be there waiting for you. 

Set out and do some ambushing yourself!

Keep up with the ambushes in Caravan War to score great rewards

Since it's a mobile game, it's not like you're going to have to sit through anyone cursing you through the Internet for your larceny. The rewards for successful missions are easy to see and show up at the top-left corner of the screen before you choose to engage. 

Even better, after 10 ambush attempts, you are awarded an Ambush Chest that holds even better rewards compared to your regular loot chests (seven cards versus the usual four), a guaranteed rare, and a chance for epics. 

Don't worry about losing

Learning your units is the most important thing, and knowing what they can (and can't) do against an enemy is what is going to make you better at it. 


Know any other strategies to get better at Caravan War? Let us know in the comments below!



All Treasure Maps in Kingdom Come: Deliverance Fri, 23 Feb 2018 10:44:29 -0500 Sergey_3847

It's time for looting! If you've been playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance for some time now, then you must've seen the treasure maps at vendors and other locations with pathways to sacks and chests full of treasures.

There are over 20 such maps in the game, and each one will bring you to a place where you can get at least one special item. And in case you pre-ordered the DLC, then you should've gotten an additional five ancient maps, which are covered in this guide already.

Note that you don't need to find all treasure maps to find the loot, so just follow the instructions below and you will get everything you need.

Treasure Map I

  • Map location: Miller Simon’s Mill (east of Sasau)

This Kingdom Come Deliverance treasure map can be found in a cave

Head straight to Monastery, which is located to the north of Sasau, or south to Samopesh. In the western forests you will find a cave, which will contain a chest with treasure from the first map.

Treasure Map II

  • Map location: Sasau Monastery

This Kingdom Come Deliverance treasure map can be found in a grave to the west of Monastery

The second treasure is located inside a grave to the west of Monastery, near the river. You will find it at the large white tree.

Treasure Map III

  • Map location: Fresco Master (Sasau)

Look for this treasure chest near an old hut

The next one is located across the river from the last one. Look out for an old hut with a chest behind it.

Treasure Map IV

  • Map location: Brother Nicodemus (Sasau Monastery)

You'll find treasure map 4 inside this abandoned mine

There is an abandoned mineshaft in the forest between Ledetchko and Neuhof. Indside the mine you will find a chest with treasure.

Treasure Map V

  • Map location: Miller Woyzeck (Rattay Mill)

Check the bottom of the well for this Kingdom Come treasure map

On the edge of the forest north of Ldetchko, you will stumble upon a dried-up well. At the bottom of the well you will see a sack with loot.

Treasure Map VI

  • Map location: Mysterious Wayfarer (Random locations)

You'll need to lockpick to get treasure map VI

Not too far away from Ledetchko you will see an estranged wooden structure on the hill to the northeast. There you will see a chest with a hard lock.

Treasure Map VII

  • Map location: NA

This Kingdom Come Deliverance treasure map's location is still a mystery

The location of the map itself is still a secret, but you can get the chest without the map in the Woodland Garden, located to the northwest of Ledetchko.

Treasure Map VIII

  • Map location: NA

Look for a dead horse to find this treasure map in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

This treasure chest is located on the cliffside to the east of Ledetchko. It is right under the bush at the nest with a dead horse.

Treasure Map IX

  • Map location: North of Skalitz

You'll find an open chest near the bridge, and it contains Treasure Map IX in Kingdom Come Deliverance

This treasure map will lead you to the southern edge of Skalitz. You will see an open chest standing next to a bridge.

Treasure Map X

  • Map location: Inn in the Glade (Neuhof)

Check the grave with a sack to get Treasure Map 10 in KCD

There is a grave with a sack in the southwest of Ledetchko. You can also simply cross the river from Rattay Mill to get there.

Treasure Map XI

  • Map location: Votava (Talmberg)

Kingdom Come Deliverance Treasure map XI is near a broken cart

From the previous point, move closer to the riverbank up north. You will see a treasure near a broken cart.

Treasure Map XII

  • Map location: Miller Peshek (Rattay Mill)

This Kingdom Come Deliverance treasure map can be found deep in the southeastern forests of Rattay

Go deep into the southeastern forests of Rattay. On the location indicated on the map, you will find an old shack with a chest.

Treasure Map XIII

  • Map location: Herbalist (Neuhof)

Get ready to lockpick in order to get Kingdom Come Deliverance treasure map XIII

Outside of the forest, between Neuhof and Rattay, go to the location of an accident. There is a chest with a hard lock.

Treasure Map XIV

  • Map location: Wayfarer (Rattay, Neuhof)

Head just inside Neuhof to get this Kingdom Come Deliverance treasure map

This grave with treasure is located right inside Neuhof. You will see it at the delta of a river, which runs through farming fields.

Treasure Map XV

  • Map location: Tobias Feyfar (Rattay Castle)

Dig near the destroyed barn to get Kingdom Come Deliverance treasure map 15

On the way between Ledetchko and Nehof, you will stumble upon a destroyed barn. On its territory you will see a grave with a spade. Dig it up and claim your treasure.

Treasure Map XVI

  • Map location: Herbalist (Samopesh)

You'll find Kingdom Come Deliverance Treasure Map XVI in another grave, this time near a white tree

In the far-off western forest of Merhojed, you will find another grave. This one can be easily identified by a large white tree nearby.

Treasure Map XVII

  • Map location: Huntsman (Rattay)

Not far from Treasure Map XVI is Kingdom Come Deliverance treasure map XVII

Then, cross the river and find another grave behind a wooden house. It's relatively close-by from the previous spot.

Treasure Map XVIII

  • Map location: Huntsman (Talmberg)

Be careful around the poacher to get this Kingdom Come Deliverance treasure map

Just outside of Talmberg you will find another chest. But this one is guarded by a poacher, so tread carefully.

Treasure Map XIX

  • Map location: Wayfarer (Rattay, Ledetchko)

You'll be digging up a grave to get Kingdom Come: Deliverance Treasure Map XIX

The river south of the Monastery accommodates a small island. Make your way there and dig up a grave for a sack of loot.

Treasure Map XX

  • Map location: Charlatan (Sasau)

Find Kingdom Come Deliverance treasure map on the riverbank north of Skalitz

This treasure chest is hidden under a big bush that grows on the riverbank north of Skalitz.

Treasure Map XXI

  • Map location: Southwest Camp (Skalitz)

Treasure map XXI in KC:D is in a cave west of Rovna

Enter the cave to the west of Rovna. Walk as far as the ladder to the left, and go up. On the top level you will find another chest.

Treasure Map XXII

  • Map location: Scribe’s Office (Rattay)

Look for the broken gallows to get this treasure map

Follow the river to the south of Vranik, and you will soon see the broken gallows. There is a sack with loot near it.

Treasure Map XXIII

  • Map location: NA

Not found yet.

Treasure Map XXIV

  • Map location: Mysterious Wayfarer (Random)

You'll do more digging up of graves to get Kingdom Come Deliverance Treasure Map XXIV

Use the spade to dig up a grave to the north of Skalitz. It's right at the entrance of the forest.

Treasure Map XXV

  • Map location: Tavern Cellar (Rattay)

Past two ponds in West Skalitz you'll find Kingdom Come: Deliverance treasure map XXV

Go to the west of Skalitz, past the two ponds. There are some rocky cliffs with a grave on top. If you can get there, you can claim your loot from the sack.


If you've managed to find Treasure Map 23, then be sure to post the location in the comments below. For any other Kingdom Come: Deliverance guides at GameSkinny, please follow these links:

How to Uncap Your FPS in Metal Gear Survive Thu, 22 Feb 2018 22:07:26 -0500 Ty Arthur

After an unseemly launch fiasco, Steam players are finally able to dive into the action survival universe of Metal Gear Survive, and as usual the PC crowd isn't quite satisfied with playing the game as it was intended.

If you've got the beefy rig that begs to up frame rates and run at higher resolutions, there is a way to unlock the FPS cap in Metal Gear Survive and really hit the throttle. The option isn't available from an in-game menu, of course, but can be set by modifying a text file that holds the Metal Gear Survive graphics settings.

Unlocking the 60 FPS Cap In Metal Gear Survive

First, up you need to navigate to the Steam folder that holds the graphical settings for Metal Gear Survive, which isn't exactly intuitive because Steam uses numbered codes in their folders.

The path you are looking for is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\(Your User Profile)\543900\local. This may look different on your machine, as the "(Your User Profile)" segment of the file path will likely be a long string of numbers instead of a name.

If your Steam folder is in a different location, you can get their quickly by right-clicking Metal Gear Survive in your library, selecting Properties, and then clicking Browse Local Files at the top of the Local Files tab.

When you finally get to the 543900\local location, you are looking for a file named SSD_GRAPHICS_CONFIG somewhere in that folder. In some cases, you won't see it at all, though -- this file may not appear if you haven't changed any graphics settings in the game yet.

Browsing local files in your Steam library to access the Userdata folder Accessing the Steam Userdata folder quickly

What Do I Do If The File Is Missing?

If the file isn't there, load up Metal Gear Survive's single player campaign and hit Escape to bring up the main menu, then navigate to the Options screen.

Choose Graphics Settings and then change any of the available graphical options at all, like upgrading the textures or light (it doesn't matter what you change, so long as something gets changed).

Select OK, then hit Enter on Yes and Yes again to save the changes, which will which force the SSD_GRAPHICS_CONFIG file to be created in that folder.

Modifying The Graphics File

When you get to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\(Your User Profile)\543900\local and finally see the SSD_GRAPHICS_CONFIG file, right-click that file and choose the option to open with a basic text editor like Notepad (don't do anything with fancy editing tools like Word, as this will screw everything up).

 Opening the SSD_GRAPHICS_CONFIG file with Notepad      Opening the SSD_GRAPHICS_CONFIG file with Notepad

There will be a big long jumble of text all on a single line that isn't very readable. You are looking for the entry labeled r framerate_control. If you have trouble finding it by scrolling, just hit CTRL+F to bring up the search box and search for "framerate" to jump right to the entry.

Next to the r framerate_control entry, delete the text that reads "Auto" and change it to read "Variable" instead (be sure to leave the quotes in this instance). Then save the file and reboot Metal Gear Survive to unlock the game's frame rate.

Changing the  Change the "Auto" text to read "Variable" on this line

Keep in mind that from this point forward, changing any settings from the in-game menu will over write this file, so you will have to manually go back and make the adjustment again to keep the frame rate uncapped.

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Black Desert Online -- Kutum vs. Nouver vs. Other Sub-Weapons Thu, 22 Feb 2018 16:06:10 -0500 Kengaskhan

Every class in Black Desert Online has only one best-in-slot option for their main-hand and Awakening weapons (Kzarka and Dandelion, respectively), no questions asked. However, there’s quite a bit of variety when it comes to picking a sub-weapon -- generally speaking, each class has about three or four off-hands to choose from, though the two that people ask about the most are Kutum and Nouver.

Introduction to End-Game Sub-Weapons

For starters, like Kzarka and Dandelion, Kutum and Nouver sub-weapons are yellow, boss-grade equipment, making your off-hand the only weapon slot with two boss options.

Kutum and Nouver are great end-game sub-weapons in BDO

So at first glance, Kutum might look like the defensive off-hand of choice, with Kutum being the more offensive option, but it’s not quite that simple. It's not just a question of Kutum vs. Nouver -- there are actually three other sub-weapons that can compete with them. They are:

  • Pure AP (Steel Dagger, White Horn Bow, Needle Trinket, Jubre Talisman, Estique Shuriken/Kunai)
  • Mixed Accuracy (Vangertz Shield, Leather Vambrace, Saiyer Ornamental Knot)
  • Evasion (Parrying Dagger, White Horn Warrior Bow, Blade Trinket, Rhik Talisman, Tadd Shuriken/Kunai)

BDO sub-weapon selection is crucial

To make things simple, if you're a Warrior, Valkyrie, Berserker, Dark Knight, Striker, or Mystic, you have your choice of Kutum, Nouver, or mixed accuracy sub-weapon. Every other class can pick either a Kutum, Nouver, pure AP, or evasion sub-weapon.

Sub-Weapon Choice for PvE

For grinding, Kutum is the best-in-slot sub-weapon for every class in the game simply because of the massive AP bonus it provides against monsters -- the fact that this bonus AP also circumvents the AP caps that some mobs have is just icing on the cake.

If you don’t have a Kutum, it’s actually worth noting that a pure AP off-hand will outperform a Nouver while grinding, as they have a special effect that the boss sub-weapons lack.

BDO weapons have their advantages and disadvantages

I'll explain what Special Attack Damage +1 means in the next section, but just know that it will more than compensate for the slight loss in AP while grinding.

An accuracy off-weapon might also work as a suitable replacement for a Nouver, though that mostly depends on how much you need the accuracy and whether or not a Nouver pushes you past any relevant AP caps.

Sub-Weapon Choice for PvP

Things get a little more complicated when it comes to BDO PvP, as all five of the aforementioned sub-weapons have their niches.

Even though Kutum’s AP vs. Monsters is rendered useless in PvP, it still provides higher raw stats than arguably any other sub-weapon in the game, making it an excellent choice for all styles of PvP. The 10% all-resist penetration is also a really nice bonus.

If you want an off-hand weapon that’ll let you deal more damage, then Nouver is more of a meta call. Once again, Nouver's lack of the Special Attack Damage +1 trait hurts its competitiveness with other offensive options.

It's generally accepted that Special Attack Damage +1 grants a 5% damage boost to all Back Attacks, Down Attacks, and Air Attacks, which means that a pure AP or mixed accuracy sub-weapon will be the superior offensive choice for combo-reliant classes.

BDO combos should be taken advantage of

Still, you won't be able to take advantage of your strengthened Special Attacks if you can't land a CC in the first place. For example, Warriors and Mystics are notoriously difficult to CC, or maybe you find that your attacks are easily blocked (classes without a grab may have this problem) -- Nouver's niche is in pushing damage through forward guards and super armors.

Lastly are the evasion sub-weapons. If you're running an evasion, there's really no choice to be made here. However, if you're not running a dedicated evasion build but still want more bulk, then you're better off using a more DR-oriented sub-weapon -- as you might have guessed, Kutum is the best choice here.


Kutum may be the best all-around sub-weapon, but in the end, there's a decent selection of options for PvP. And don't forget, if you're having trouble choosing between one, you can swap between sub-weapons on the fly for specific match-ups by quickslotting them!

If you're interested in some of our other Black Desert Online content, you can find it all here!

Kingdom Come: Deliverance: A Woman Scorned Guide Thu, 22 Feb 2018 15:14:00 -0500 lynneice

Kingdom Come: Deliverance boasts a vast world with rich characters and hours of gameplay for you to sink your teeth into. While exploring Neuhof region, you will stumble across an older woman, down on her luck, who needs a favor from such a young, chivalrous fellow as the main character. A Woman Scorned is a short series of quests that will reward you much more than you bargained for once completed.

Kingdom Come Deliverance A Woman Scorned asks you to help this poor lady retrieve her groschen

The first task the woman will ask of you requires the retrieval of 20 Groschen from the man who made use of the old woman’s services the previous night, only to skip out on the bill in the morning.

Tip: His location will be indicated on your map, but if you have too many side quests active simultaneously, it will not appear until you complete one or more of them.

The woman will ask you to then steal back a woolen shawl she sold to a villager in exchange for some food. If you decide to try and swipe it while the woman is asleep, take caution of her husband just next to her, who can easily awake and catch you red-handed. You can also try luring one or both out of the house and knocking them unconscious, as the woman will have the shawl on her person.

The trunk the old woman tells you about is just next to the village woman’s cot, so don’t forget to rifle through it before you leave. The old woman will then need her ornamental dagger stolen back from her ex-husband, the farmer. After returning the dagger, the final item she’ll ask for is the key to the trunk where her wedding dowry is kept.

Tip: Following your markers and your compass should lead you to these items relatively easily, so you might want to try completing side quests of other types simultaneously to avoid unnecessary backtracking. For example, quests in which hunting is central would be ideal, as you’ll be passing through a lot of hunting ground as you travel to gather the old woman’s affects.

Once you have the key and return it to the old woman, she will tell you to return to meet her in a day’s time so she can reward you.

Don't be tempted to pickpocket the old lady in Kingdom Come Deliverance A Woman Scorned

Tip: Don’t try to pickpocket the old woman out of last-minute regret; the woman will do as she has planned all along, and you will only end up with a bug where the pickpocketed quest items end up stuck in your inventory forever.

If you return to meet the old woman the next day and cannot find her in town, go and speak to the Innkeeper, Andrew, to complete the quest and discover the result of your actions.


For more on Kingdom Come: Deliverance, check out some of our other guides here:

Reroll or Keep? The Grand Summoners Tiers List Thu, 22 Feb 2018 10:55:52 -0500 Littoface

Say goodbye to your free time: Japanese mobile battle game Grand Summoners has made its debut in the USA in English. The spiritual successor to Brave Frontier brings with it an immersive story, tons of quests, and, of course, massively powerful units to battle with.

As in many other battle mobile games, Grand Summoners allows players to summon powerful warriors and  magical beasts to fight alongside your main character. Each of your four-unit party can be equipped with various trinkets and spells, enhanced and upgraded to unlock its maximum potential, and combined with other units of the same type to enhance its stats.

Of course, the characters in your party contribute greatly to the game's difficulty, as well as to how you fare against other players. This leads to a number of questions: Who should you hope to draw in your summon? What are the Grand Summoner rarity tiers? Is there any way to reroll in Grand Summoners?

Read on to uncover the answers to all of the above, and more!

How to Reroll in Grand Summoners

Grand Summoners, as the name suggests, places a large emphasis on summoning fighter units. Summons cost in-game money in the form of gems, which you receive for completing certain quests and challenges, logging in on consecutive days, or simply buying them. To give all players a leg up when they are first starting out, players receive 175 gems following the tutorial and introduction -- enough to summon 11 heroes 3 times and still have gems for equip draws. While there are other ways to get units (through questing or Invasion quests, for instance), this initial lump of gems can make acquiring good units much easier.

Not all summons will be worth keeping, and you will undoubtedly get some doubles. Didn't get the top summons on your first try? The units you start with will determine your strength (or lack thereof) as you progress through the game. Having the best starter units is essential -- and to do that, you may need to reroll.

There is no official way to reroll, but if you want to reset the game and get another shot at a highly ranked summon, here are three unofficial ways to reroll in Grand Summoners:

  • Android devices: Clear the game's data.
  • iOS devices: Reinstall the game.

(Owners of rooted devices can directly delete certain files to reset the gem count, but we won't go into that here).

Once you do this, all you have to do is play through until you receive 175 gems again, and give the summoning another try.

Who should you reroll for? We have a few suggestions below.

Grand Summoners Tiers List

The Grand Summoners tiers and rarity levels are based on the numbers of stars a unit can potentially have. The following is a breakdown of the tier list:

  • No rarity rating: 2 stars
  • Rare: 3 stars
  • Super Rare: 4 stars
  • Hyper Rare: 5 stars
  • Evolved Blade Master: The Blade Master you choose in the beginning of the game can be evolved into a higher tier later in the game.

The higher the potential power, the better ranked the unit is. Many units can also be evolved into higher rarity versions of themselves by raising their level to the maximum and using special items. (However, this is a lengthy process.) These are all things to keep in mind when you roll (or reroll) for summons in Grand Summoners.

Grand Summoner Unit Types

To have a truly balanced team, it isn't enough to have just high-tier characters. When putting together your dream team of fighters, you'll need to consider their types as well. Different types of units can equip different types of equipment, and it's a good idea to have a balanced team with a variety of units for the best effect.

While most good summons can equip three items, which equipment they can wield varies by type. The unit types and the equipment slots they come with are:

  • Attacker: The offensive unit which provides high damage. Can usually equip two attack items.
  • Supporter: The buff unit which provides temporary stat boosts for the whole team. Can usually equip one attack item and one support item.
  • Breaker: The boss-hunting unit which specializes in breaking the boss gauge. Can usually equip 2 attack items.
  • Healer: The, well, healer unit. This is generally the only unit capable of equipping healing items. Can usually equip one defense item and one healing item.
  • Defender: The tank unit which protects your team from enemy damage. Can usually equip one defense item.

Grand Summoners allows you to have more than one loadout, so try different party configurations until you find what works for you.

Best Grand Summoners Characters to Use

Of course, not all top-tier summons in Grand Summoners are equal. The trick to creating the best team is to mix and match unit types into a cohesive 4-summon army.

Here are a few current fan favorites to aim for, as well as their unit type and element, and their strengths as a unit:

  • Valhalla: Healer; Wood. Although this unit is not very powerful, its healing and buffing skills are top-notch.
  • Ragna: Breaker; Fire. A solid unit with great resists and buffs for the team.
  • Eden: Defender; Light. A defender unit with a 5-star healing slot and potential for damage negation.
  • Toto: Supporter; Wood. A reliable party buffer with support equip slots and regenerating health.
  • Yomi: Attacker; Water. A powerful attacker with physical and support equip slots and high water damage.
  • Arosdea: Attacker; Fire. A strong unit with three physical attack slots and useful skills.

Whichever of the three starter units you choose will also serve you well later in the game, as the Blade Masters -- Clyde, Corsair, and Arth -- have the potential to become even stronger than the summoned units. It is also recommended that you check in for future limited-time-events, which provide higher chances of landing a prized or limited unit.


Now that Grand Summoners has gone global (or at least has a U.S. release), English speakers can join in on the fun of this expansive battle mobile game. And with our Grand Summoners tier list and unit recommendations, you can start your journey into the game with a powerful team!

Metal Gear Survive KUB Energy Guide Thu, 22 Feb 2018 10:34:58 -0500 Sergey_3847

Metal Gear Survive requires players to gather as many materials and resources as possible. That's why you simply ought to pick up everything you see. But the most important element and resource of the game is Kuban Energy (KUB).

KUB is used in almost every recipe and everytime you want to level up, so you really cannot do anything without it. If you want to know how to get the most of Kuban Energy in MGS, then follow our quick guide below.

How to Get Kuban Energy in Metal Gear Survive

You'll find KUB all over the place during missions in Metal Gear Survive

Gather Kuban Crystals

As you go along on your missions, you will come across clusters of Kuban Crystals, which can be broken into fragments. When you collect these fragments, they give you Kuban Energy (about 300 for a fragment).

So collect as many of these fragments as you can, as this is probably the easiest and the safest way to collect KUB in MGS Survive.

Kill Wanderers

Wanderers are zombie-like creatures in MGS Survive that attack in waves, meaning that they will come at you in groups of five or more. You can set up a fence in some tight spot so that they can't get to you, while you can easily kill them with a spear from your hideout.

When you kill them all, you can remove your fence and start collecting Kuban Energy from the dead Wanderers. Each one will give you about 100-400 KUB, which will quickly stack up in case you kill 10 or more at once.

Finish Salvage Missions

After you've done your first Singularity mission, you can start joining Salvage missions -- by far the best and most efficient way of getting new materials, KUB, and battle points.

During the missions, you need to set up an extractor and start clearing the waves of wanderers. The extractor will gather energy, and if you successfully finish the mission and withstand all three waves of wanderers, you will be rewarded with a lot of Kuban Energy (the amount depends on the difficulty you've chosen).


These are the three available ways of getting Kuban Energy in the game, and if you're looking for other Metal Gear Survive guides at GameSkinny, then follow the links below:

Metal Gear Survive Class Unlock Guide Wed, 21 Feb 2018 19:36:00 -0500 Ty Arthur

Pulling vastly different elements from across the gaming universe into a crazy zombie survival experience, Metal Gear Survive hosts two different game modes focused on either single-player base building or multiplayer base defense.

In either mode, there's primarily one main class type, with four sub-classes to unlock down the line. Every player avatar starts off as a Survivor, and will stay that way for a long time.

Several days into release, many players on the multiplayer front still haven't even seen any other class, so if you're wondering what's happening on the Metal Gear Survive class front, you aren't alone. Read on to find out what's happening!


The four subclass symbols for Metal Gear Survive  
Metal Gear Survivor Class Options

Survivor Class

Just getting to the point where you can upgrade your Metal Gear Survive base class and skill set is a bit of a slog. You can't even officially level up your Survivor class until proceeding through the tutorial missions in single player and unlocking the skill trainer, which takes a few hours at best.

In the early stages of the game, boosting Strength directly and then taking the Combat Step, Thrust Combo, and Dive Attack skills can be the most useful paths to staying alive.

Thrust Combo, in particular, is helpful for attacking at range with a spear in the beginning of the game -- before upgrading to better weaponry. If you frequently get grabbed by zombies, the CQC Counter is also worth investing in to stay alive.

At launch, before unlocking the sub-classes, the Survivor class can upgrade these core attributes and skills:

  • Two-Handed Combo: Combo attacks with two-handed weapons increases according to skill rank
  • Heavy Smash: Use more powerful two-handed weapon weapon attacks
  • Sprint Smash: Perform a special attack with two-handed weapons
  • Stomping Ground: Perform a powerful stomping area attack
  • CQC Counter: Parry a zombie attack and kick the adversary in any direction
  • Heavy Combo: Number of combo attacks with heavy weapons increases according to skill rank
  • Heavy Impact: Unleash a more powerful heavy weapon weapon attack than normal
  • Sprint Impact: Perform a special attack with heavy weapons
  • Leg Sweep: Trip an adversary and knock them down
  • Thrust Combo: Number of combo attacks with thrust weapons increases according to skill rank
  • Heavy Thrust: Unleash a more powerful thrusting weapon weapon attack than normal
  • Sprint Thrust: Perform a special attack with thrusting weapons
  • Foot Press: Grab an adversary and kick them in any direction
  • Quick Hands: Collect resources from enemies, animals, containers, and other objects quicker
  • Swing Combo: Number of combo attacks with one-handed weapons increases according to skill rank
  • Heavy Swing: Unleash a more powerful one-handed attack than normal
  • Sprint Swing: Perform a special attack with one-handed weapons while sprinting
  • Combat Step: Perform a side-step while readying a weapon
  • Dive Attack: Unleash a drop attack directly below you (can be used only when close-range weapon is equipped)

Unlocking Metal Gear Survive Classes

Even after the slog to start upgrading the Survivor, there is an even longer wait to unlock the other sub-classes -- they aren't available until you complete the campaign entirely

During the post-game segment, Virgil will have you hunt down Memory Boards, which unlock the four sub-classes available and grants the Ability achievement / trophy.

Your choices at this point expand to include the Assault, Jaeger (Hunter), Medic, and Scout classes. These classes are fairly self-explanatory, with Assault focusing on close range and beefing allies; Hunter focusing on long range skills such as guns and bows; Medic supporting with healing options; and Scout offering a versatile, well-rounded class option.

Leveling up the basic Survivor class in Metal Gear Survive Leveling up the basic Survivor class

Have you managed to unlock the extra classes in Survive yet, and what's your favorite way to play? Let us know in the comments section! On the way to unlocking those sub-classes, be sure to take a gander at our other Metal Gear Survive guides below:

Metal Gear Survive Food & Water Guide Wed, 21 Feb 2018 14:35:53 -0500 Ty Arthur

Get ready for a vastly different experience than you may have been expecting from Metal Gear Survive as the franchise switches gears out of typical stealth combat and heads into survival territory.

Both the multiplayer and single-player modes are oddly similar to the early-access title Fortnite, focused on building defenses and mowing down hordes of shuffling zombies (and occasional bigger beasts).

Adding another element to the survival side, you will also have to monitor oxygen, thirst, and hunger in addition to ammo, crafting components, and structure health. If you don't want to get caught out in the open with no food and water, read on for our full guide to the Metal Gear Survive hunger and thirst mechanics.

The Personal submenu shows hunger and thirst Managing hunger and thirst in the iDroid
(thanks to MKIceandFire for the screenshot)

Making Clean Water in Metal Gear Survive

The stamina gauge is tied to your thirst meter -- the thirstier you are, the less stamina you have for running.

While there are a moderate number of dirty water resources available, these often aren't worth using since drinking dirty water will make your character sick. What you really want is tons of clean water.

Early on, you can only get clean water by finding rare sealed water bottles. These aren't found often enough to be a reliable source of clean water, though, so you need to use the Hanging Pot at a Campfire to continuously boil your own clean water supply.

The Hanging Pot upgrade for the Campfire can't be unlocked until completing the seventh chapter of the main single-player storyline mode, so ditch the multiplayer matches for awhile to unlock the Metal Gear Survive Campfire and Hanging Pot combo.

Not sure where you are in the story? Access your iDroid and pull up the map panel to see your current chapter. After getting access to the Hanging Pot, building a Canteen lets you keep a steady supply of water in storage. Don't put any infected water in there, though, as the only way to drain it out is to drink it all!

Crafting a campfire in Metal Gear Survive Crafting a Campfire

Finding Food in Metal Gear Survive

The hunger gauge is tied to your maximum health, so you want to stay well fed if you intend to survive. As with dirty water, eating raw food makes you sick, so avoid at all costs!

Exploration is key here at the beginning, as food sources replenish at varying rates and can be found in out-of-the-way locations, like vantage points at the top of structures. Checking out nooks and crannies in buildings often leads to food discoveries. Food spoils when carried in your inventory for extended periods, so if you have more than you need, unload it in storage at the home base.

You don't want to be constantly scrounging for food, though, so it's a good idea to start farming by grabbing some potatoes or corn and starting a garden. Potatoes can be found down the hill from the starting base near a burn pit, or in the area near a crashed helicopter. Corn is often found if you head east away from the base and search the ground.

While your garden is growing more food, don't forget to listen for animals to hunt in the nearby area, as a garden alone won't always provide enough food with enough frequency to stave off hunger.

Choosing Roasted Gerbil as food from a menu in Metal Gear Survive Roasted Gerbil? Yum!

Those are the basics you need to know to manage hunger and thirst! Have you found any other reliable sources of cooked food or clean water? Let us know in the comments below.

Not sure how to get started on base defense and crafting now that you're properly fed and hydrated? Be sure to check out our Metal Gear Survive beginner's guide over here.

Metal Gear Survive Beginner's Guide to Survival Strategy Wed, 21 Feb 2018 12:31:16 -0500 Ty Arthur

Heading out into those conspicuously Kojima-less waters, Konami now officially embarks on the journey that is Metal Gear Survive, and sadly it got off to a choppy start.

No pre-load for PC, the Steam edition arriving two days after console, the game not working until nearly a day after it was supposed to launch on consoles anyway -- the whole thing was an unbelievable mess.

Now that we can finally dive into this new iteration of the series, your entrance doesn't need to be half as sloppy as the game's release. With the Metal Gear Survive beginner's strategy guide tips below, you can jump right in and start defending against waves of the mutated undead!

The Basics

Metal Gear Survive is a whole lot like Fortnite's Save The World mode (and I would bet money that a Battle Royale version is in the works right now as well).

If you've played that game, you pretty much know what to expect. There's a stamina meter for running, most objects -- from tires to boxes to metal barrels -- can be harvested for resources, and your goal in most standard matches is to build defenses and then protect an object against waves of zombie-like enemies.

As with Fortnite, a glowing spot appears to indicate higher damage, although here it shows up on zombies instead of on harvesting components. All zombies also disappear at the end of the wave, so don't waste ammo on taking them all out if your defensive structures aren't in immediate danger.

Metal Gear Survive requires you to harvest resources from all sorts of items, including these drum barrels Harvesting drum barrels for iron (thanks to edepot for the screenshot)

Base Defense

Learning defensive layouts and the directions enemies come from is key, as is memorizing enemy types, so that you don't put up useless defenses that can easily be bypassed.

Spend the early part of the match (and in between each wave) harvesting and throwing up fences and traps, then in the later segment, your goal is to take down the horde of Wanderers.

When building defenses, you don't need to fully encircle most bases. The hordes of Wanderers come down a predetermined route marked by arrows, so you can easily create choke point kill zones. Throw a fence in the path, then set a turret to mow them down. A balloon trap ahead of a turret is another great combo.

Let your defenses do their job, and focus on taking out the bigger creatures like the bomber zombies that can easily take down your fences. Shooting at their legs trips them up, and stealth attacking from behind can net an insta-kill. Otherwise, focus on the red spot on the back of the head.

It's important in Metal Gear Survive to have a strong defense, and you'll be placing many fences throughout Placing a fence

Always Online

There's a specific reason why this entry of the Metal Gear universe is always connected to an online server.

Single player and multiplayer are directly intertwined, and you should go into the main single-player mode first -- not just to learn the ropes, but to increase your stats and stock up on plenty of materials that transfer over between the modes.

While you can jump straight into the deep end, in general you don't want to head straight into multiplayer with absolutely no character progress.

Resource Management

You need to always keep your various materials topped off and in steady supply, whether that's resources for crafting, food and water so you don't die, or Kuban Energy harvested by breaking crystals. Kuban Energy is critical not just to leveling up but also to upgrading to the advanced workbench so you can craft better weapons.

If you see a resource, grab it. Yes, this gets grindy, but it's necessary. Think of every time you walked by flowers or branches in Horizon Zero Dawn (or anytime you walk by anything at all in Fortnite) -- you want to stock up so you don't get caught unprepared later.

While wandering and crafting can take up a lot of your time, taking on side quests between waves of enemies is a great way to stock up on resources and ammo since you get bonuses for completing them. These missions frequently offer up powerful extra weapons to use in the next wave, and that can be critical, as ammo is scarce.

Metal Gear Survive has a robust crafting system Using harvested resources to craft defense structures

Those are all the basics you need to know to survive against waves of Wanderer zombies and bloated bombers in this retooling of the Metal Gear franchise. Have any other Metal Gear Survive tips and tricks to share with us? Let us know how you play in the comments below!

Kingdom Come: Deliverance -- Lost in Translation Quest Guide Wed, 21 Feb 2018 10:03:34 -0500 Kengaskhan

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is touted as being a role-playing game for hardcore players, which is something that really shows in the nonlinear, unguided nature of its quests. While some players may love the lack of quest markers, others might find themselves frustrated with quests such as Lost in Translation.

Unlike in the movie of the same name, you won’t be having a romantic escapade in a far-off land during this sidequest. Rather, you’ll be interrogating a Cuman raider in order to find all the plunder he’s stashed away -- with the help of an actual Hungarian translator.

Beginning the Quest

Lost in Translation begins in Budin, where you’ll meet a miller whose millhands managed to capture and imprison a Cuman raider. The miller will tell you that he plans to interrogate the prisoner to find his treasure, but as neither he nor Henry can speak Hungarian, you’ll need to find a translator.

The miller offers you a tip, saying that you might be able to find a Hungarian-speaking vagrant at another mill downriver. The tip proves accurate, and it’s a simple matter of convincing the translator to return with you to Budin -- all you need to do is offer him some groschen (about 30 or 40 should do it).

The Interrogation

While there isn’t much variation in how the interrogation of the Cuman goes, what you make of the vagabond’s translation will affect how the rest of the sidequest plays out.

If you take the translator’s word for it, you’ll find that the quest gets a little more complicated when you wind up being led into an ambush. Once you’ve dealt with the two Cuman raiders, you’ll have to recapture the prisoner (he’ll be cowering somewhere nearby), and he’ll finally lead you to his stash -- if you let him.

The simplest way to resolve Lost in Translation is to confront the vagabond about not translating everything the Cuman said -- particularly the bit where you heard the Cuman prisoner specifically mention Rattay, the name of a nearby town.

Once you threaten to take the Cuman prisoner to Rattay yourself, the translator will spill the beans, saying that the Cuman told him the location of the stash but that he was planning on taking Henry “not anywhere you want to be.” After that, you can force the Cuman to take you there himself.

Finding the Stash on Your Own

If, for whatever reason, the Cuman doesn’t take you to the stash, you’ll have to rely on your own detective work to find it, as there’s no quest marker for this part of Lost in Translation. If you’re having trouble finding the stash, you’ll find it across the river bend west of Rattay, in a hollowed tree stump on a hill.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Lost in Translation's quest asks you to find this stash inside a tree stump

Inside the stump is the Cuman's stash: 200 groschen and an antidote.

Deciding the Cuman’s Fate

Now that you’ve got your treasure, it’s up to you to decide the prisoner’s fate (if he’s not already dead). While it’s possible that letting him go could have some sort of consequence later on in the game, as far as we know, bringing him to Rattay is the most rewarding option. Bringing the Cuman prisoner to Rattay will let you claim a 100 groschen bounty from the town’s bailiff.


At this point, Lost in Translation is more or less complete. All you have to do now is bring the miller his promised half of the reward -- you wouldn’t want to stiff the quest giver, would you?

If you need help with some of Kingdom Come: Deliverance's other content, you can find more of our guides here.

10 Tips to Improve Your Fortnite BR Game Wed, 21 Feb 2018 09:56:18 -0500 CourtneyWarburton

Fortnite seems to be doing well for itself, but while it is fun just to play, we all want that Victory Royale.

Epic Games released Fornite Battle Royale back in September 2017, and it seemed as though everyone wanted to play it. With a massive influx of players over the last few months, Epic has had a little trouble keeping the servers running smoothly, as they didn't anticipate that the game would be so successful. So I'm sure at some point, it must have piqued your interest. There is little in the way of matchmaking, which can make it pretty hard as a new player trying to learn the ropes. So here are some tips that should help you improve and hopefully steer you towards getting some Victory Royales.

1. Try to make building in response to being shot a natural reaction.

Building during combat is a MUST in Fortnite. The more you do it, the faster you will become at it. Consequently, this makes resources important too. Try to aim to always have around 300 materials (wood being the most important, which we will discuss later), but sometimes even just one wall can save your life. The fastest way to gain resources is to kill another player and take theirs, but of course this can't always be counted on. When farming with your pickaxe, be sure to move around the object, as standing still makes you an easy kill for an experienced sniper. Also, when hitting objects in the world to collect materials, be sure to aim for the blue circle that will come up. This marks a critical hit -- allowing you to do double the damage to the item, turning it into resources a little faster. See below for reference.

You'll want to constantly be collecting building materials in Fortnite

2. If you're struggling with combat, land somewhere busy for a while.

Whilst this might seem detrimental, it will help you learn how to react in combat. If you typically land in quiet places, only to find yourself dying to one of the first other players you encounter, then maybe it is time to work on your combat! Landing in populated places such as Tilted Towers, Retail Row, and Pleasant Park will put you up against a lot of other players. This may be frustrating and dare I say it, "tilting," but it is the best way to practice your shooting and improve your chances at surviving combat more regularly. Once you're more comfortable with gun fights, perhaps switch to semi-populated areas. For instance, Greasy Grove, Anarchy Acres, and Fatal Fields all usually tend to have a handful of players landed there (though not too many), so it amounts to complete chaos! This will allow you to gear up but also have a good chance at making it out alive and with a few kills under your belt.

3. Don't underestimate the high ground.

Having the high ground during a battle can help out a lot and is something that not too many players are aware of. I've won games in the past where I've been under-equipped but could easily take out the remaining enemies because they had a hard time shooting upwards. Once the circle starts to become pretty small, look for a nearby hill or mountain that has a good chance of being in the next safe zone, and build up to it using stairs. If you can, try to put your stairs in a position where they will be in the storm once the next circle moves in, as this will stop other players from following you up. Always be on guard, though, as a position like this may be sought after, and another player may be up there already or could build up after you. If so, you'll need that previous combat training to take them out. Usually, winning the mountain means winning the game

However, this doesn't just apply to mountains. If you find yourself in a close- to medium-range fight, don't be afraid to build a few stairs over your enemy, creating your own high-ground. The highest you can build without taking damage if you fall is three stairs up, which is also useful to remember when building a base. When doing this, be sure to protect your stair piece with a wall, giving you more time to direct your fire at the opponent. If the enemy tries to take out your stair to bring you back to the ground level, they would have to first take out the wall piece, or move to a better position. This should buy you a little extra time!

Build stairs and walls to give yourself an advantage in combat in Fortnite

4. Become familiar with the different types of material and when to use them.

As you have probably figured out by now, there are three types of material you can build out of in Fortnite: wood, brick, and metal. Each type has different advantages and disadvantages. 

Firstly, wood starts with the most base health when initially placed. This means it can take more damage during a fight before going down and requiring you to place another wall, thus making it the most effective at blocking bullets quickly. For example, in a close-range shotgun battle, a freshly placed wall can take two blasts before it falls, whereas brick and metal will go down with one shot from a shotgun. So if the stream of bullets/rockets is already coming your way, block them with a wooden wall or stairs. However, when fully built, wooden pieces have the least amount of health and are the most transparent, which allows an enemy to line up a snipe and see when you are about to peek your head. Remember this when building a base (whilst not under fire) to settle in for a little while.

Next, brick has a little more health than a wood piece when fully built and therefore can sustain a small amount more damage before falling. The main advantage of a brick wall is the ability to "ghost peek." This means you can see through your wall and line up shots without actually showing your head, making it much harder for the enemy to predict when you are about to pop up. This is done by damaging your brick wall once or twice with your pickaxe, making the top layer more transparent. However, it is important to remember that you cannot shoot through this, so once you've lined up your snipe or located the enemy, you still have to move upwards and expose part of your character. It simply makes it harder for the enemy to predict when you will do this and also allows you to safely scan the area for players.

Lastly, metal is the strongest structure when it has completed building, and it's completely opaque, resulting in the enemies not knowing where in your base you are. In addition, metal, when fully built, is the only material that can withstand a rocket blast. An RPG will take down any building piece in one blast, except for metal, which requires two rockets or a rocket and a few bullets. This can buy you some time in finding out where the enemy firing the rockets is located. This results in in being the best material to choose when building your final end game base. It does have a slow build speed, though, so only use it when it is safe to and you know that it can be fully built before someone fires at you.

5. Don't shoot instantly upon seeing a player.

When starting out, it is easy to think that you should shoot at someone as soon as you see them, yet sometimes this is actually a bad move. If you have a clear head shot and know that you will be able to take them down with ease, then by all means go for it! But sometimes if you open fire on a distant enemy who is unaware of your presence and get few or even no hits on them, you have put yourself in a bad position. The player didn't know you were nearby, but now, from the sound and possibly sight of your bullets, they will likely be able to pinpoint your location, giving up the element of surprise you previously had. Occasionally it can be better to follow a player and wait for the right opportunity to attack. Or, if you have low health or have found yourself in bad positioning, don't be afraid to let them go. You don't have to fight everyone you see if they're not aware of you, but if they have noticed you, then do be prepared for a fight.

6. Have a regular order that you store your weapons in.

Keeping your weapons in a familiar order can help a lot during a fight due to the muscle memory this will have given you. For instance, I have my assault rifle in the first slot, followed by a shotgun, a sub-machine gun/explosives (for tearing down bases), a sniper, and lastly, a healing item. This results in my knowing how many button presses -- or which button to press if you're on PC -- it takes to get the the gun I need. If I'm using my assault rifle and an enemy pushes towards my position, I know I'm only one tap away from pulling out my shotgun. It is good to have a loadout that works effectively for you and to get familiar with it, as there is nothing worse than pulling out a sniper during a shotgun battle and accidentally going for a "no-scope!"

7. Learn how the storm moves.

While the pattern the storm takes each game is completely random, there are some things that you should know when trying to avoid it. The most important and little-known fact is that the smaller side moves slower. This mainly applies after the first ring has closed in and the safe zones are getting smaller. When the storm is not moving, look where the next ring will be. The side closest to the current storm will move the slowest (and have fewer players!), so moving into this part can allow you more time to advance, helping you remain unseen as opposed to running across an open field with the storm right on your back!

Check your map to strategically position yourself with relation to the incoming storm

Once this storm begins to move in, it will take 1 minute and 29 seconds to reach the safe circle. As you can see, this is a farther distance to travel if you are located on the right side, such as H5. However, if you were at E2, you would only have to move an extremely small distance in the same time frame.

Another thing to remember is that although you don't want to get caught in the storm, you should try not to be overly afraid of it. If you know you're about to get caught in the storm whilst near another player, you will instinctively want to run to escape the storm. However, often a bullet in the back is more damaging than the storm will be. If you can wait the player out, you should. It's better to take a few more ticks of damage from the storm than it is to get shot. This especially applies to the first storm, which only does one damage a tick.

Conversely, in the late game, when the circle is very small, you should try to avoid being in the storm at all costs. The first circle may only inflict one damage per second, but the later circles can do up to 10. This means that you can only survive for a maximum of 10 seconds in the storm. Sometimes, even such a small amount of health can be the difference between winning and losing. 

8. Be careful when it comes to navigating cliffsides and mountains.

In case you've not figured it out yet, there is fall damage in Fortnite. There are two ways in which you can avoid this. The first is useful if a cliff seems a little small or not at all steep. If you move backwards while sliding down (hold S on the keyboard, or hold the analog back on a controller), this lessens the impact when you reach the bottom. This mainly works on areas where it would inflict a very small amount of damage (such as five health points). Holding backwards makes your character slide a little more slowly and carefully, enabling you to avoid damage.

The second is to enter build mode and have floors ready. Look down and begin sliding. As you are sliding down, build a floor. This will give your character something to stand on, stopping the slide. You can then begin sliding again, placing more floors if needed.

9. Find out where some chests regularly spawn.

The chests are in set locations, and whilst they don't spawn every game, it is still good to know where they will be. Moisty Mire, for example, has a total of seven possible chest spawns, and while it is unlikely that all seven will spawn, you can at least count on a few. Knowing which exact area in each location to go for chests will save you time and hopefully allow you to pick up a good gun and some shield before encountering another player.

10. Know how each consumable works so you can use them most effectively.

All of the health consumables work differently and need to be paired together to be most effective. In particular, Mini Shields drop in stacks of 3 but allow you to gain a maximum of 50 shield. Regular Shields will give 50 points of shield regardless. Therefore, if you have both, you should always drink the Mini Shields first and then the regular, taking you to 100 points of shield. If you drank the regular first, you would have 50 points of shield and be unable to drink any Mini Shields. 

Similarly, Slurp Juice and Bandages pair well together. Bandages restore 15 points of health but do not allow you to go any higher than 75 health points; Slurp Juice restores 25 health points and gives 25 points of shield. This results in the most effective usage being to bandage up to 75 health and then drink the Slurp Juice, taking you to 100 HP and 25 shield. However, if you also have Mini Shields, you should bandage up to 75 HP, use the Mini Shields to gain 50 shield, and then use the Slurp. This would result in giving you 100 HP and 75 shield. Learning how each consumable works and how to pair them together can be essential in having enough health to survive your next fight.

Kingdom Come Deliverance: Herbalism Skill Guide Wed, 21 Feb 2018 09:45:33 -0500 Craig Snyder

One of the biggest misconceptions that new players to Kingdom Come Deliverance fall prey to is that Herbalism is a skill beneficial to only alchemists. It's quite the contrary, and this skill is actually one of the most beneficial and useful that you can pick up in the early game.

Skills like Drinking, Hunting, Lockpicking, and Stealth may come across as way more appealing and unique to the game, but when it comes to efficiency, you really can't pass up what Herbalism can do for you. Don't know much about this skill? Let me tell you all about it.

What is the Herbalism Skill in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

Herbalism is a skill you refine when picking up flowers, roots, and all sorts of other plants that you can find all throughout Kingdom Come: Deliverance. As you level up this skill, you begin to pick up herbs in an area of effect around yourself, which allows you to collect them faster and more easily. This area gradually grows in size the higher you level Herbalism.

You'll want to pick up just about every plant you come across in Kingdom Come Deliverance to improve herbalism, including this thistle

Herbalism is probably one of the first skills you'll dabble with in Kingdom Come Deliverance, but it's not immediately apparent just how useful it is.

Why should I level the Herbalism skill in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

There are a lot of reasons why putting time into Herbalism is going to be worth it, and many of these reasons aren't what most would expect.

  1. You can make a ton of money. Harvested herbs can be sold, and you can haggle for this to be pretty profitable.
  2. It's extremely easy to do. Flowers and roots are everywhere, especially in the town you start off at in Kingdom Come Deliverance. Just pick them up!
  3. It increases your Strength. Finding skills that allow you to "double-dip," or level and improve two things at once, is extremely valuable. Starting at level 10, you'll begin earning experience towards the Strength stat each time you squat to collect a herb. If you're a bit of a pacifist, this is a great way to decrease your stamina usage and sprint for longer. Strength also determines how much you can carry in your inventory, so it's one of the most important stats in the game for hoarders.
  4. It can increase your Vitality. If you've spent time running, your Vitality is probably a few levels high by now. If you pick poisonous plants, you unlock a hidden resistance perk that passively earns you +2 Vitality permanently.
  5. It can increase your Speech. If you're selling large quantities of herbs, you're going to be constantly haggling with merchants, and this is going to passively increase your Speech.
  6. It can increase your Charisma. Collect 30 flowers and you get a permanent +2 Charisma, allowing you to impress and charm people more easily.

There aren't really any other skills that allow you to level so many stats at once. Herbalism is an all-around skill that can make you stronger, richer, and faster.

How can I level the Herbalism skill in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

The town you start out in is actually one of the best places in the entire game to grind Herbalism. Run around and pick up absolutely everything, selling when you get encumbered (usually around 15-20 herbs). I recommend selling to the shopkeeper that sells Schnapps, as she's the easiest to haggle with at first. In no time, you should be able to afford a dagger, repair tools, food, and some other essentials.

If you want to grind Herbalism in Kingdom Come Deliverance, the starting town is a great place to begin

The first stat you're going to be able to boost is Charisma, once you get 30 flowers, and then you'll be able to put more than enough points into Strength past level 10. If you're planning to play Kingdom Come Deliverance for the long haul, put in the early work of grinding Herbalism and you won't regret it. It's definitely the most important skill in the early part of this game!


I know the other skills can be tempting, and surely Kingdom Come Deliverance (and playing games in general) is about having fun, but if you're a grinder and you love maximizing on efficiency, then you're going to want to get into Herbalism as soon as you can. It's a real hidden gem if you're a new player, and putting time into it early is going to put you ahead in the game.

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