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Many PC players are experiencing some serious FPS drops, stuttering and spikelag issues in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. This makes the gameplay a lot less enjoyable and at times even makes the game unplayable.

If you're one of those players that can't wrap their head around fixing these issues, then just follow our step-by-step guide below for all the possible solutions to FPS drops and spikelags in the game.

Step 1: Change Game Settings

Some of the game's settings may not be optimized to work properly on your system. So in order to force the game run as it should here's what you can do:

  1. Go to "SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Shadow of the Tomb Raider"
  2. Right-click on the "SOTTR.exe" file
  3. Choose "Properties," and click on the "Compatibility" tab
  4. Check the box with "Disable Full Screen Optimization"
  5. Click "Apply" and close the window

After that you need to make Steam launch the game at high priority, here's how to do it:

  1. Go to your Steam Game Library
  2. Right-click on Shadow of the Tomb Raider
  3. Choose "Properties," and click on the "General" tab
  4. Click on "Set Launch Options"
  5. Type in the "-high" command (without the inverted commas)
  6. Press "OK" and close the window

Lastly, you can change the graphics settings inside the game's menu to the following recommended ones:

  1. Launch Shadow of the Tomb Raider
  2. Go to "Settings"
  3. Choose "Display and Graphics"
  4. Set Anti-Aliasing to one of the following options:
    • Off
    • SMAA
    • TAA
  5. Set VSync to Off

You can also set your display mode to Windowed, and set the actual resolution of your monitor. Try a few of these options and your FPS should stabilize.

Step 2: Change nVidia Settings

This step will be useful for those who use nVidia graphics cards. In addition to the previous step you can do the following adjustments:

  1. Launch nVidia Control Panel
  2. Choose "Manage 3D Settings," and click on the "Program Settings" tab
  3. In the list of applications select Shadow of the Tomb Raider
  4. Enable "Threaded Optimization"
  5. Disable VSync
  6. Set "Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames" to "1"
  7. Set "Texture Filtering" to "Performance"
  8. Click "Apply" and close the window


With the help of these settings adjustments you now should be able to run the game without any FPS drops and spikelags. For other related Shadow of the Tomb Raider guides at GameSkinny, just follow the links below:

Burn, Baby, Burn: Hungry Dragon Beginner's Guide Mon, 17 Sep 2018 11:00:51 -0400 Littoface

We've all heard fairy tales about dragons ravaging the lands, eating sheep and maidens, and generally wreaking havoc. Most games put you in the shoes of the valiant knights who stand up against the dragons.

In Hungry Dragon, you get to be the dragon.

Fly around eating, exploring, and setting fire to just about everything in this new game by Ubisoft.

Hungry Dragon doesn't hold your hand — aside from a few tips and a brief tutorial, it's mostly up to the player to figure things out. And there are plenty of things to find and discover! Read on to get the scoop on how to effectively play this game in our Hungry Dragon beginner's guide!

The Basics: How to Stay Alive in Hungry Dragon

There's one very important method to staying alive in Hungry Dragon: Eat constantly.

From the moment you begin a stage, your life is slowly draining. Some creatures and obstacles you meet along your travels will also take a chunk out of your health. But every time you eat something, your health increases, usually by a minuscule amount.

You can eat practically anything that moves. Take out entire flocks of birds; munch on some sheep; snap fellow dragons in half. Some munchies require a certain-sized dragon. These are pretty easy to spot since they're physically bigger.

The more you eat, the more your health refills. But let your health drop, and you'll reach the critical and then starving status. Reach 0 and the stage is over.

All this means is that as long as you're eating and avoiding obstacles and painful encounters (and use the right pets and costumes for you, but more on that later), you can stretch one stage to last a pretty long time — enough to really explore it.

Burn Everything: How to Get Fire Rush Faster

As you eat, you fill up your "Fire Rush" meter. Reach the top and you'll emit a fiery dragon breath that turns everything you come into contact with into a crisp. As a nice bonus, every enemy is turned into a golden enemy when you're in Fire Rush mode, so you refill your feeding meter and fill your coin-purse at the same time.

Eight Fire Rushes in, you get to use the "Mega Fire Rush" which prolongs your fire with a larger, more awesome blue flame of death. It'll also burn every enemy regardless of size, something regular Fire Rush doesn't do. The amount of Fire Rushes you've done is retained from run to run, so keep an eye on the little symbols under the Fire Rush meter to see how close you are.

Eat chilies and fire coins (found around the world) to get here faster, and keep your combo rate up. The Fire Rush increases according to the points you earn, and you earn more points thanks to the combo. All this means is that you should be eating one thing after another all the time — something we recommend you do anyway to stay alive. It's a win-win!

A Vast World: Exploration in Hungry Dragon

When you first start playing, you might be surprised that you keep coming back to the same map for each stage. But, you quickly discover just how large this map is!

Your boundaries are marked by red x's on the map (accessible in the upper right-hand corner when you're playing). These are obstacles your puny little dragon can't break through until you get a bigger one.

But even with these limitations, the map is pretty huge, and thoroughly exploring it is a vital part of the game. The map is divided into various themed areas, like a waterfall, a goblin city, a cemetery, and much more.

Here are just some of the things you'll find through exploration:

  • Treasure chests - These give you money. Five chests are randomly found throughout the world and new ones spawn every day.
  • Eggs - Gives you new pets. You can get up to one egg per run.
  • HUNGRY Letters - Find them all in one run and you'll attain invincibility and maximum eating power!... For 10 seconds.
  • Dragon Food - From goblins and witches to sheep and horses -- just remember you are what you eat. Some snacks inflict status effects like confused flying if you eat the drunkard in the human village.
  • Easter Eggs - We've found some Mario question blocks, a message in the sky, and reportedly the Tardis makes an appearance. Keep your eyes peeled!

Arm Yourself: Hungry Dragon Pets and Costumes

Pets and costumes help you out on your quests by providing power-ups like increasing the amount of money you receive, reducing poison damage, granting an extra life per run, and many similar buffs and bonuses.

You unlock costumes by leveling your dragon. Some costumes cost gold while others cost gems. This aspect is fairly self-explanatory, so we won't dwell on it.

Pets are a bit more involved. Every dragon can equip a certain number of pets — generally, the bigger the dragon, the more pets you can attach to it. There are different types of pets at various levels of rarity and they all come from eggs.

Eggs come in three varieties:

  • Standard Eggs - These contain common pets and can be found on the map during a run (though you can only get one pet per run). These require an incubation period. You can skip the first waiting period for free, but after that, it takes gems.
  • Golden Eggs - These contain "special pets" — get these by collecting enough golden egg fragments, which you receive every time you get a pet that you already have from a standard egg. You can also occasionally snag a golden egg from a special event.
  • Premium Eggs - Special eggs that can be bought for real money, and they need no incubation time.

The key to a good run is to choose the right combination of pets for you. All the more reason to explore the map on every run and find those eggs!

Hungry Dragon Combat Tips

While the "combat" in this game mostly consists of bitting down on things, there are a few things to remember when you're flying around causing mayhem.

We mentioned already that the different sized prey needs different size dragons to eat.

In addition to that, many things you encounter can hurt you.

You'll discover most of these on your own, but some things to watch out for in particular are:

  • Mines - They're easy to run into and take out a chunk of health.
  • Giant Trolls - Boost between their legs or above them to avoid a devastating blow from their club. 
  • Kamikaze Goblins - They're fast and they hurt. Get them before they get you!
  • Other Dragons - These love to chomp down on the tails of longer dragons.

There are many other creatures that can hurt you — explore everything!

More Hungry Dragon Tips

Now that you know the basics, here are a few more tips to help you rise to the top in Hungry Dragon!

  • Complete missions for extra gold - Missions refresh every few hours, and you can check what quests are currently active at any point during your run by hitting the pause button.
  • Buy gems for perks - As with many mobile games, you can spend real money on gems (or collect them slowly throughout the game). These gems can be used to refresh missions faster, skip egg incubation periods, reveal hidden items on the map, purchase special costumes, and more.
  • Not everything falls in one hit - Some things require more than one hit to eat.
  • Not everything is safe to eat - Items surrounded by red will hurt instead of healing you, while other things inflict effects like the drunkard we mentioned earlier, poison, and other unfortunate side-effects.
  • The sky is not the limit - you can boost above the cloud-line at the top and below the water line on the bottom. To get really high, time your outer-space exploration with a Fire Rush — during the rush, you have unlimited boost. You can also repeatedly wait a couple of seconds after your boost runs out then boost upward again to slowly climb higher. This isn't very efficient but it does get you a bit higher each time — perfect if you're trying to get to something just out of your reach.
  • Compete in tournaments - Once the option is available, try your hand in the tournaments. These pit you against other players by giving you a random dragon and pet combination. Rank high in the leaderboard for bigger rewards!
  • Try all the dragons - Besides the overall size of each dragon, the shape also affects the way you play. For instance, Sparky is a super-long dragon that was constantly getting bitten on his tail, but he was also easier to maneuver than the other "Small" rank dragon.
  • Work together to complete community quests - In addition to personal missions, there are massive collaborative quests. Help achieve the goal and everyone gets rewarded!
  • Eat groups in one gulp - Chomp down on entire flocks of birds at one time for a score boost.
  • Catch the flying pig - Sometimes you'll find a cute winged pig flying around. If you can get your jaws on him, you get a free gem!
  • Explore the map for secret areas - Follow drafts, boost around land under the water, go through gates above the clouds, and be generally on the lookout for anything that looks suspicious.
  • Take pictures! - This won't help you in-game, but if you've ever wanted to have a dragon hanging out in your room, Hungry Dragon has an AR mode for taking pictures! Try it out for some silly fun.

Remember: explore, discover, and have fun with this great little game from Ubisoft!

And stay tuned for more Hungry Dragon news from GameSkinny!

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Challenge Tombs Locations & Solutions Guide Thu, 13 Sep 2018 14:41:24 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Like we mentioned in our crypt locations guide, Shadow of the Tomb Raider is filled to the brim with collectibles, challenges, and puzzles. Some of the most intense of those are the game's Challenge Tombs. 

Each of these Challenge Tombs will test your mettle, with each of them focusing on a specific game mechanic or skill. Some are relatively straight forward and easy, while others might lead to a little bit of head scratching. 

But to get some of Shadow of the Tomb Raider's best skills, it's well worth your time to complete these Challenge Tombs as you come across them. Below, we've put the tombs in an optimal path order. We'll go over the locations for all of the tombs, how to complete each of them, and what skill rewards you'll get for completing them. 

We've also attached videos for each because sometimes it's just easier to see it than read it. However, keep in mind that every tomb is marked by what looks like yellow paint; follow the markings, and they will lead you to the entrance of each tomb.

Challenge Tomb #1: Judge's Gaze

Location: Peruvian Jungle
Basecamp: Plane Wreckage
Skill reward: Caiman's Heart (health regenerates faster)

Judge's Gaze will be one of the first Challenge Tombs available.

From the Plane Wreckage basecamp, go toward the lake in front of you (where you first got your supplies when starting in the jungle area). Go right along the bank like you're going to the game's first crypt. 

About halfway down, turn right and climb up the cliff face.

Follow the path through the water and break open the wall at the end with your pick ax. You don't need to grapple across the chasm; you can just jump down into the water below. 

Swim along and grab the mural in the next area. Turn around and go to the back left of the area.

There, jump up on a ledge and then another to your left. From there, jump on the counter weight in front of you to move the idol statue out of the tomb's entryway. Go through and activate the basecamp

Go across the bridge and swim down when you get to the other side. When you surface, go left and climb up the wall. There will be a mural directly in front of you. Once you've got that, go right to enter the puzzle area. 

Judge's Gaze Puzzle Solution

When you enter the puzzle area, you'll see two suspended statues on the right and left of the stage. In the middle, you'll also see ruins in the very back and a wooden structure lying on the ground in front of the ruins.

Your goal is to raise the wooden structure in the center of the area so it makes a ladder to the top of the ruins.

First, drop down from the entrance and go left.

You'll see a counterweight on a cart. Pull the cart out from underneath the counterweight. This will raise the counterweight and lower the statue on the left side of the area.

Now push the same cart out into the middle of the area as far as it will go. 

Still on the left side of the area, stand next to the wooden structure in the middle and use your rope arrows to attach it to the statue.

After that, move the cart in front of the statue underneath the counterweight you just released on the left side. 

Climb up the ruins on the left side and follow the path around, minding the spear trap along the way.

Jump on the counterweight to lower it and lock it into the cart below. This raises the wooden structure a bit and lets you move to the right side of the area. 

Push the cart in the middle to the right side of the area and lock it into place.

Next, attach the suspended statue on the right to the wooden structure using your rope arrow.

Then, use the wooden structure to get back to the entrance to the area. Once there, look to the ruins on the right side of the area and climb up them, gathering the collectibles there. 

Jump on the counterweight to lock it in the cart below. Now the wooden structure is a ladder and you can climb to the top to get your skill reward: Caiman's Heart

Challenge Tomb #2: Underworld Gate

Location: Peruvian Jungle
Basecamp: Jungle Ruins
Skill reward: Eagle's Perch (increase climbing skills to traverse with more speed)

From the Jungle Ruins basecamp, follow the tomb markers along the path.

After you climb along the cliff face and pass the first spear trap, make sure to grab the backpack on the left side, just before the big drop off.

Once you grab the backpack, turn around and follow the path up toward the right side of the cliff and the trees.

Continue along and when you reach the encampment from the "20th Century", go to the tent in the back for a collectible. Keep going and grab the basecamp and collectibles further down the path.

Go through the gap in the cliff in front of the campfire and climb up the wall in the back right of the next room. Continue left and you'll come to the puzzle area proper. 

Note: There's an alcove to the left full of collectibles and resources just before you get to the large puzzle mechanism. 

Underworld Gate Puzzle Solution

This puzzle requires you to move a suspended crate from one side of the area to the other in order to get across.

After you see the enemy on the cliff to your right (Lara will say "I know what you are"), go straight ahead and pull back on the lever to open the path forward.

Use your rope arrows to create a tether to the cliff with the large mechanism. 

Go across and follow the path all the way around. Pull back on the lever there to move the suspended crate around to your right.

Jump on the crate, then jump to your right and back to the first lever. Push the first lever back to its original position, and use your rope arrows to attach the crate to the rope post on the lever. 

Now, jump back on the crate and go to the second lever, the one you pulled to move the crate. Push it forward. Quickly turn around and jump on the crate as it moves back to its original position. 

Once it stops, jump off to the platform below. Go right and grab the mural in the nook in the left wall. Continue along and climb up the cliff face. Be wary of the falling boulders from above. One hit will kill you. 

At the top, follow the path to claim your prize: Eagle's Perch. Be sure to pull down the wooden barricades to get the gold before you leave. 

Challenge Tomb #3: Howling Caves

Location: Kuwaq Yaku
Basecamp: Kuwaq Yaku Ruins
Skill reward: Huracan's Mantle (reduces damage from fire and explosions)

From the basecamp, go right past the exploding barrel.

Continue right and go into the jungle. Hug the left side of the area and follow it all the way (through the swampy area and all the wild boars) to the back. 

Continue along and grab the backpack before crossing the small bridge.

After crossing over the little bridge, jump down into the pit and land safely in the water below. Swim to the left, climb up, and follow the path. When the path breaks left, follow it left to miss the huge spike that lies ahead. 

Continue down to do a lot of rock climbing, rappelling, and jumping.

Eventually, you'll come to a large open area full of rabid wolves. The best way to kill them is with the shotgun at close range. Use endurance herbs to slow time (if you have them) to make things even easier.

Before you continue toward the tomb itself, make sure to grab the mural in this area. 

Climb over the fire pit and climb up the cliff face in front of you. In the next area, grab the basecamp to the right of the downed tree that bridges the small gap, then continue on. 

Howling Caves Puzzle Solution

As soon as you enter the puzzle area, go right and pull the lever by the fire. This will open a billows that will swing the pendulum in the middle of the bridge. Jump on the pendulum and use it to get to the platform on the left side of the area. 

Once there, use the lever by the fire in front of you to open another billows that will put out the fire on the bridge.

Go right and jump across to the bridge. Go right again (rolling through the wind to not get swept off) and go back to the first lever. Push it to close the first billows. This will provide more air for the second billows. 

Now go back to the bridge and go forward. The second pendulum will now be swinging more.

Just before the large blockage in the center of the bridge, go right and jump across to the platform there and continue along to the platform with the fire in front of you. 

There, turn around and wait for the second pendulum to reach its highest point.

Use your rope arrows to pull it toward you and smash into the blockage in the center of the bridge.

Go all the way back across and close the second billows or you'll be blown off the bridge when you try to cross it. 

Once you've done that cross over the bridge where the blockage was and go to the platform on the left.

Go to the right of the fire and climb up the wall. Climb around the pendulum stuck in the wall and drop down. Attach the pendulum stuck in the wall with the second pendulum using your rope arrows

Now, go all the way back to the second billows and use the lever to open it. The second pendulum will rip the third pendulum out of the wall.

Go back to where the third pendulum was and open the third billows. This will put out the last fire on the bridge. Now you can claim your prize: Huracan's Mantle

Challenge Tomb #4: Path of Battle

Location: The Hidden City
Basecamp: Wild Jungle
Skill reward: Sip's Quiver (loose up to three arrows without pulling from the quiver)

From the Wild Jungle basecamp, follow the path from the campfire left, past the tomb symbols.

When you reach the deep water, dive down and go through the crack in the wall to the right.

Once inside, go left and follow the underwater tunnel through the skull and all the way down. 

When you surface, climb up the embankment and rappel down to the to the platform below. Make sure to grab the mural and the basecamp here.

Continue along and use the lever in front of you to open the path to the upper left. Be sure to not get hit by the obsidian blades along the path.

Rappel down again and grab the mural along the path.

Press the lever across from the mural, then jump over the obsidian blades and go through the large stone door to get to the puzzle area. 

Path of Battle Puzzle Solution

When the tower of bladed death rises in the middle of the area, go toward it and follow the path all the way around to the right, making sure to miss the rotating arms as you go. One hit from any of the obsidian blades here will instantly kill you

Jump across to the platform and go left through the stationary obsidian blades.

When you reach the end, pull the lever out, which will cause the tower in the middle to fold up its arms.

Now, go back down the path you just came from, minding the now-moving blades along the way. At the end, push in the lever to lower the tower

Repeat the same process for the opposite side of the area. 

After that, climb to the top of the tower in the middle to claim your reward: Sip's Quiver

Challenge Tomb #5: Temple of the Sun

Location: The Hidden City
Basecamp: Temple Path
Skill reward: Hoatzin's Hunger (increases the amount of natural crafting resources gathered from each source)

Starting at the Temple Path basecamp, follow the path up. Climb up the cliff and go through the crack in the wall ahead. Use your pick ax to grapple swing across the gap and then climb along the rock face. 

Once you get into the temple itself, don't climb up the ladder in front of you yet. Instead, go right and grab the mural.

Go back to the ladder and climb up to get another basecamp.

From the campfire, follow the path right and then rappel down to the temple floor below (don't jump, you'll die). 

Climb up the steps in the center to get another mural.

Coming down the stairs, the alcove on the right side has some resources, while the alcove on the left will lead you into the tomb's puzzle area. 

Temple of the Sun Puzzle Solution

This tomb can be tricky because it requires a lot of backtracking.

The goal is to use the mirrors and the light to lower the platform in the middle of the area, as well as use them to make a path to the end. 

There are four mirrors in the puzzle area: one in each of the room's four corners: 

  • Mirror 1: bottom right (right by the entrance)
  • Mirror 2: bottom left
  • Mirror 3: top right
  • Mirror 4: top left

Start by turning Mirror 1 to the left. This will turn a platform. Use this platform to move over to Mirror 2.

You can use Mirror 2 to turn the platform to your left, cross it, and grab some collectibles now (as I did in the video), but I would actually wait until a little later. Instead, use Mirror 2 to turn the platform across the area near Mirror 3. 

Now, go back to Mirror 1. Turn Mirror 1 to the right and turn the platform leading to Mirror 3.

Go to Mirror 3 and turn it left. This will illuminate the same platform Mirror 2 is currently illuminating. That's OK.

Go back to Mirror 1, turn it left, and cross over to Mirror 2 just like you did in the beginning.

Now, turn Mirror 2 to the right and illuminate the same platform Mirror 1 is illuminating.

Go back to Mirror 1 and use it to illuminate the pillar all the way across the area at Mirror 4. 

Go back to Mirror 2 and turn it left.

Go over to Mirror 4 and grab the mural there. Now, use Mirror 4 to illuminate and turn the pillar directly to the left.

That will turn two pillars at once, opening your way to the prize at the end of the tomb: Hoatzin's Hunger

Challenge Tomb #6: Ancient Aqueduct

Location: The Hidden City
Basecamp: Temple of Kukulkan
Skill reward: Jaguar's Paw (increases chance of knocking enemies down with melee attacks)

From the Temple of Kukulkan basecamp, climb down the cliffs to your left and follow the yellow Tomb markings into the cave.

Dive down and follow the underwater tunnel all the way to the end. Go through the crack in the wall and swim up to shore above.

Climb up the cliff face and follow the path, making sure to grab the collectible to the right as you do so.

When you get to the cliff overlooking the next area, just jump down and follow the path up to the right (along the pallisades/wooden wall).

Climb the cliff there and grab the mural along the right side of the path. After the short cutscene, grab the basecamp.

Before you continue down, grab the supply cache in the water along the bottom of the cliff closest to the campfire.

Ancient Aqueduct Puzzle Solution

Jump down and kick the raft to the far side of the area.

Use your rope arrows to connect the raft to the gate that's along the wall with the waterfall.

Go back to where you first entered the puzzle area and pull the lever. This will raise the water level and open the gate you just attached the raft to.

Swim through the gate and break open the wall at the end of tunnel. Go through the crack and swim to the opposite side of the flooded area.

Use you pick ax to open the drain along the far wall (it's in the middle of the wall). Now that the area is drained, use your rope arrows to pull down the wooden barricade.

Once you've done that, you'll be in the original area. Four enemies will spawn. Take them out and kick the raft into the area you just came from.

Go back to the beginning of the puzzle area and pull the lever to flood the area again.

Swim over to the raft and use it to reach the opening in the wall. As you go through to the next area, there will be a handful of enemies you'll need to dispatch.

After getting rid of your foes, climb up the wall and fight a few more enemies. Before you go any further, stop.

You’ll notice you’re above the area with the raft. The temple will be to your left and a large tree with a crate dangling from it will be in front of you. Look to your left to see a lever tucked into the wall next to you. Pull it to raise the water level.

Go past the tree and turn around. Wait for the raft to float over -- or pull it if you like.

Once it gets close enough to you, turn around and use your rope arrow to attach the raft to the water wheel in the back of the area. Jump on the raft and ride it over to the wheel.

Jump up onto the platform by the water wheel and look for the round, rope-covered object hanging in front of the temple.

Use your rope arrows to attach it to the water wheel. However, don’t move yet; two enemies will spawn and the easiest way to take them out is from the water wheel platform. They’ll also cut the rope, meaning you’ll have to go back to the water wheel and attach it to the round, rope-covered object again.

Once you do that, go over to the tree in the middle of the area, climb up, jump on the crate, and jump across to the temple. Your skill reward is inside: Jaguar's Paw.

Challenge Tomb #7: San Cordoba

Location: Cenote
Basecamp: Deserted Cloister
Skill reward: Caiman's Breath II (further increases breath capacity when swimming underwater)

Go to the Deserted Cloister basecamp in the Cenote.

From the campfire, go right through the entryway and climb up the wall.

Follow the path and jump down into the water below. Swim toward the half-submerged temple ahead and then dive to follow the tunnel under the water.

About a quarter of the way through, before the first bit of trapped air, you can find a Survival Cache collectible on the left side of the tunnel. 

Surface and follow the path, which will have you climbing a few cliff faces and shimmying along a few walls before rappelling to a ledge.

After squeezing through a cave wall, continue and take a right where you see the yellow skulls.

Climb up the next cliff face you come to. At the top, you'll find another small body of water; dive down and follow the tunnel all the way down and to the left. Mind the Moray Eels along the way.

Eventually, you'll get sucked into a kind of vortex. You'll exit into a larger body of water. When you surface, there will be an embankment directly in front of you. Climb up, scale the cliff face all the way around and you'll finally come to a basecamp

San Cordoba Puzzle Solution

From this new basecamp, go right and climb up. Squeeze through the wall to enter the beginning of the Challenge Tomb.

Once you enter, look on the left and right sides of the stairs to find collectibles. Once you've gotten those, find the cart and the cannon at the end of the stairway. 

Move the cart to free the falconet (cannon). Push the cannon down the slope to smash open the wooden barricade below. 

Follow the path to the right. Find the raft at the end and kick it into the water. Scale the galleon. 

You'll be on top of the Captain's Cabin, which you'll need to smash through to finish the puzzle.

Before you can do that, head down the stairway to the deck of the ship. In front of you, there will be a mast; to the left of the mast is a lever. Pull the lever back and position the hanging cannon above the Captain's Cabin. 

Now go to the right side of the ship (if you're facing the lever) and down into the destroyed part of the deck. Swim down and break open the gate with your pick ax. Swim through to the other side of the ship. When you surface, climb the side of the ship to get back to the deck. 

Here, you'll find another lever identical to the one your turned before. This one won't move, though.

Instead, go right and out on the beam (section of mast) hanging over the side of the ship. Climb up the cliff face, go left at the top, and then jump back out to the ship.

Go to the mast and use your pick ax to disable the mechanism

Climb to the top of the mast and then jump back over to the cliffs.

Follow the path and use your pick ax to grab onto the cliff in front of you. Rappel and jump back over to the galleon. 

Use the second lever to position part of the mast so it points at the hanging box. Climb the mast and jump onto the box.

Climb the next mast and disable the mechanism at the top to drop the falconet through the Captain's Cabin. Go into the cabin to claim your prize: Caiman's Breath II

Challenge Tomb #8: Tree of Life

Location: Mission of San Juan
Basecamp: Ruined Tower
Skill reward: Kinich Ahau's Boon (health instantly restores near death in battle; refreshes between encounters)

From the Ruined Tower basecamp, go to the jungle behind the tower. You can either go left or right here.

Left takes you to Challenge Tomb #9 (and a fiesty jaguar), while right takes you to the Tree of Life

You'll come to a rusty gate. Go through and up the stairs. At the top, you'll see a basecamp at the end of the path. Grab that and the collectibles there.

Now, go through the ruined monastery. Just as you enter, there will be a collectible on a table to your right.

Further down, you will come to a wooden barricade on the left and a backpack on the right. Grab the back backpack and then destroy the barricade. 

Climb down the cliff face and follow the path to another basecamp and collectible.

Jump to the cliff face behind the campfire and rappel down. Make sure to rappel all the way down as you can get stuck on the debris above the landing. 

Keep going down. Eventually, you'll come to an area with stone Olmec head on the left side of the path. A green gas (sulfur) will be coming from its mouth. Use fire arrows to ignite the sulfur and clear the path. Climb up and continue forward. 

When you come to the large wooden barricade, look to the left to find another Olmec head.

Disable the mechanism clogging the sulfur and then ignite it clear the barricade.

Moving along, use your rope arrows to make tether to the other side of the chasm; when you land, turn right and grab the Survival Cache

The rest of the path is easy to follow. Get to the end and you'll be in the puzzle area.

Tree of Life Puzzle Solution

Use a fire arrow to ignite the sulfur from the Olmec head in front of you. It will push a swinging platform toward you; jump on it and get to the other side.

Follow the path until it forks to the right. Instead of going right, go straight and jump over the small gap. You'll find a collectible on the other side.

Jump back across and follow the path. 

Disable the mechanism for the Olmec head on the left wall and prepare for a short fight against the Yaaxil.

The shotgun is best for the melee attackers, while an upgraded SMG or pistol is best for the ranged enemies. Take them out and climb up the cliff from where the ranged attackers came from. 

Follow the path up and left.

At the top, look down to where you just were and ignite the sulfur coming from the Olmec head. Just like at the beginning of the area, a platform will swing over to you. Use it to jump to the cliffs across from you. 

Cross the rickety bridge. Jump on another platform and then climb up another wall.

When you get to the top, look to the wall on the left to find a mural. Then go right, following the path up and around.

Go all the way to the end and cut the rope holding the swinging platform. Be sure to nab the collectible here. 

Turn around and go a little way back down the path. Turn right and jump out onto the platforms.

On the other side, disable another mechanism on another Olmec head. Prepare for another fight. Use the shotgun on melee enemies and shoot the pot of sulfur on the opposite side to kill the ranged enemies. 

Jump back across the swinging platforms, but stop at the second one.

Turn around and ignite the sulfur to push the platform up to a grapple point.

Jump up the cliff. Go along the right side and kill the enemies that come after you.

Ignite more gas blocking the way and climb up the cliff face.

Cut another swinging platform free and continue along the path, picking up another collectible on the right side.

When you get to the end, jump on the first swinging platform and then the second. Turn around and ignite the gas once more. 

The platform you're on will get stuck in the wall after the blast. Jump down to the newly accessible cliff below and fight the enemies that appear.

Follow the path right from the hut and then climb up to the left.

Follow the path all the way around. Cross the wooden plank structure at the top and turn left to find your prize once you've crossed over the chasm. You'll get: Kinich Ahau's Boon.

Challenge Tomb #9: Thirsty Gods

Location: Mission of San Juan
Basecamp: Deserted Cloister
Skill reward: Sip's Strike (charged arrows deal more damage against armored enemies)

From the Deserted Cloister basecamp, which is outside of the Tree of Life Challenge Tomb, go across the jungle area behind the Ruined Tower.

Hug the right side and look for a hole in the wall near the jaguar. Go through and follow the path until the fence breaks on the right.

Jump down into the water below and go right.

Exit the water and follow the path all the way down until you reach another body of water. Dive down and follow the underwater tunnel.

When you surface, go left and up the stairs to find a mural.

From there, look up and to the right of the large skull in the room. Use a rope arrow to open the drain and empty the room. 

Next, go into the mouth of the larger skull and go down.

After you slide into the water, dive and find the crack in the rock in the wall in front of you. Go through.

In the next chamber, stay under the water and cut the rope holding the raft. Surface and use the raft to jump up to the cliff right next to the raft.

Activate the basecamp you find there. 

Climb up the wall to the left of the campfire and enter the puzzle area. 

Thirsty Gods Puzzle Solution

Be wary here: the water is teeming with piranha

Climb down to the water and jump across the rafts toward the temple in the back of the area. Since you'll need it later, go ahead and cut the first raft free.

Move toward the temple's left side to cut another raft loose. Climb up on this raft and follow the path. 

When you reach the open square in the back, make sure to grab the collectible and mural here.

Turn around from the mural and push the lever near the water's edge. This will drain the area you were just in, exposing a mechanism on the water wheel in front of you. 

Jump down to the water wheel and use a rope arrow to connect the water wheel to the gate in the front of the temple.

Now, go back to the lever and pull back on it to re-start the water wheel.

This part is important: only leave the wheel running for a few seconds to bring the water level back up. Quickly push the lever again to move the trough bringing water into the area back to the right side. If you don't do it quickly, the rope will break and you'll have to start over. 

Now that the gate is up, all you have to do is swim past the piranha and into the temple. Follow the obvious path to the top and claim your reward:Sip's Strike


And that's literally everything you need to know about the Challenge Tombs in the latest Tomb Raider. You can skip all of the Challenge Tombs in the game and still beat the final encounter and boss.

However, the rewards you get from solving puzzles in Challenge Tombs make it much easier. 

Be sure to bookmark this page for easy recall and check out our other Shadow of the Tomb Raider guides while you're here.  

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Shadow Of The Tomb Raider: Trial Of The Eagle Collectibles Guide Thu, 13 Sep 2018 14:07:28 -0400 Ty Arthur

Got a spare 60 hours available? You'll need all of them (and possibly more) to find all the hidden collectible scattered across the jungle in Shadow Of The Tomb Raider

Unlike most other areas that are absolutely stuffed to overflowing with items, the Trial Of The Eagle map only features a handful of collectibles. They are all quite easy to miss, however, and you aren't likely to accidentally stumble upon them like in any other section of the world map.

Ready to get started? Let's find all the Trial Of The Eagle documents, murals, and survival caches in one quick swoop. 

Be sure to check out the rest of our guides at the bottom of this page. 

Trial Of The Eagle Collectible Locations

Half of these collectibles are in an small side path that you might walk right past when first coming across the area's main puzzle.

Did you already make it through the puzzle and didn't find all the collectibles below on your first trip through the area? Just fast travel from anywhere in The Hidden City to the campsite at the far north end of the Trial Of The Eagle. From there, it's simple to grab all four collectibles in quick succession.

Trial Of The Eagle Survival Cache

Survival Cache 1

From the campfire at the start of this area (immediately after leaving the tunnel from Kuwaq Yaku), jump across the first chasm, but don't go up the short cliff towards the puzzle yet.

Instead, hang an immediate right to go down a path that isn't clearly visible from across the chasm. Run all the way down to the end of the broken stone trail to find a wall with the first mural.

When facing toward the wall, to the right of the mural is a small patch of dirt where you can dig up the survival cache. Note: It won't show up on your map until you dig it up, so be on the lookout for a small icon to appear when you are standing over the correct spot.

Trial Of The Eagle Murals

Mural 1

The first mural is directly next to the first survival cache listed above. Just take the hidden side path before the area's main puzzle and follow it until you a hit a wall. The mural is the broken piece of architecture positioned up against the wall.

Mural 2

The second mural can't be found until you fully complete the Trial Of The Eagle puzzle.

After making your way to the top of the rotating platform arms and jumping across the collapsing statue, head forward into the room with the pool of water. The mural is on the edge of the pool and recessed in against the wall with all the offerings.

Trial Of The Eagle Document

Document 1

This is really the only collectible in this area that actually requires you to interact with the acrobatic puzzle with the constantly moving platform arms.

To get this document, proceed through the puzzle to the middle section where you have to go outside the main area to attach rope arrows on the rotating ledges.

While outside the interior area, look for this document on the wood platform outside. If you completed the puzzle already, you can still go back from either side (Kuwaq Yaku or The Hidden City) and just climb up the wall to reach this area again.

Did you find any other secret nooks and crannies in the Trial Of The Eagle? Let us know in the comments below!

Looking for more help with the puzzles and collectibles? Check out our full list of Shadow Of The Tomb Raider walkthroughs.

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Shadow Of The Tomb Raider: Complete Cozumel Collectibles Guide Thu, 13 Sep 2018 14:00:12 -0400 Ty Arthur

Like its predecessors, Shadow Of The Tomb Raider has a whole lot more than just crypt puzzles and gun battles. If you want to fully complete 100% of the game, you'll need to search out hundreds of hidden challenges and collectibles.

The game's very first area -- Cozumel -- is already packed with a variety of survival caches, treasure chests, relics, documents, and more! Let's dive in and get started tracking them all down.

Be sure to check out the rest of our guides at the bottom of this page. 

Cozumel Collectibles Guide

Most of these collectibles and challenges can be grabbed at the beginning of the game -- before the tsunami.

To fully complete the area and get all the collectibles, however, you have to return later via fast travel after getting both the lockpick and the upgraded hardened knife.

You need the knife to removed the braided rope barriers in the area and the lockpick to access certain chests. If you haven't found it yet, the hardened knife is acquiring by buying the $2,900 knife upgrade from the merchant in the Hidden City after completing the Trial Of The Eagle puzzle.

Selling gold or jade pieces can get you that amount of money pretty quickly, or you can take the skill to lower merchant prices. You can also buy the lockpick from a merchant in the Hidden City. 

Whistle In The Dark Challenge

Death Whistle 1

From the first campsite, run into the hallway where you have to duck underneath the spears. In the first room on the right after that hallway, the first Death Whistle is in front of you and slightly above by the open ceiling.

Death Whistle 2

From the previous whistle, crawl through the tunnel with the low ceiling into the main room of this area with the water pool. As soon as you exit the tunnel, look to the right and upward to see this Whistle hanging from the stone structure on the east side of the room.

Death Whistle 3

On the other side of the room from the previous whistle carving, go through an opening where you should see a doorway with two impaled bodies on your left and a pool of water on your right. Look above the pool of water to see the third Whistle against the wall.

Death Whistle 4

The next two are both in the Tidal Caverns area near the second campfire in Cozumel (the section with the cart puzzle).

The easiest way to hit this one is actually from the campfire. Just walk forward to the edge (before jumping across to the main section of this room) and look up and to your right. You can hit it here.

If you missed it from that location, proceed through the area until you jump across the platforms to the opposite side of the room. From there, turn around and you can see it much closer to you.

Death Whistle 5

After firing a rope arrow and climbing across the chasm, you will need to duck under a wall with some spears. From there, you can jump onto the first bell platform to make your way towards the cart puzzle. From that platform, look up towards the ceiling to find the last whistle carving.

Cozumel Relics

Relic 1

In the room with the large water section and the braided wood door, look in the southeast corner near the floor to find the first relic.

Relic 2

In the main water room after going through the low hanging tunnel, dive into the pool and swim down underwater. You will find a box containing the relic at the bottom sitting on a small stone block.

Cozumel Documents

Document 1

To reach this area, head into the room with the large water pool and jump up on the stone structure on the left side of the area. Go forward and use the hardened knife to destroy the braided wood door.

From there, you can find a series of hallways with an archivist map and various other resources. Proceed toward the large area with the cart puzzle, where you should pop out above the campfire. The document is sitting by the wall to the right.

Cozumel Murals

Mural 1

The first mural is right by the first campsite and can be seen against the wall before you go through the tunnel with the low hanging ceiling.

Mural 2

In the large cavern with the cart puzzle, look for this mural against the wall after you climb across the rope bridge.

Cozumel Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest 1

This one is deviously placed and requires changing an element of the room with the cart puzzle. When you come to the Hunter's Moon area and begin to ascend the pyramid, you'll find several hanging bells you'll use to get to the end of the area. 

Cross over the first two you come to. When you get to the ruined area right after, climb the stairs and ascend the next two. Once you get to the other side of the gap, continue down and use a rope arrow to make a tether across the chasm. 

On the other side, turn immediately around and look for the tether point up above where you just came from. Use a rope arrow and cross. 

You can now climb up to a previously inaccessible area to find the treasure chest. Note that you can't actually open the treasure chest until finding the lock pick much later in the game.

Cozumel Survival Caches

Survival Cache 1

The first cache is in the southeast corner of the water room in a small alcove right up against the wall.

Survival Cache 2

The second survival cache is underwater. You have to jump into the pool and swim to the map marker location, then look for the cache icon to appear up against the wall.

Survival Cache 3

The third cache is in the large cavern room with the cart puzzle. After climbing across the rope bridge, rappel down the cliff side to this section and the cache icon should appear on the ground.

Looking for more help with the puzzles and collectibles? Check out our full list of Shadow Of The Tomb Raider walkthroughs.

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Shadow Of The Tomb Raider: Peruvian Jungle Collectibles Guide Thu, 13 Sep 2018 13:55:30 -0400 Ty Arthur

While triggering the apocalypse and stealing artifacts from indigenous people, Lara Croft will also spend an absurd amount of time hunting down collectibles in Shadow Of The Tomb Raider.

When you get tired of trying to come across them all organically (and oh, believe me, you will), we've got you covered with a rundown of the locations for every relic, document, mural, survival cache, and monolith!

Be sure to check out the rest of our guides at the bottom of this page. 

Peruvian Jungle Collectibles

This may be on of the game's earliest areas, but it also jam-packed with some of the most collectibles. You can't get them all on your first trip through, however, as you'll need equipment from later areas to access some objects.

Some of these documents, relics, and murals require exploring the crypt and challenge tomb in the area. To get them all, you will need the climbing axe, the bow to fire off rope arrows, and the lockpick.

Peruvian Jungle Relics

Relic 1

It's pretty hard to miss this one since its right near the crash zone landing site where you start the area.

Relic 2

This relic is in a dark colored box on the left side of the path in the lower southeast corner of the area before the bridge puzzle.

Relic 3

This one is directly next to the giant stone wheel that Jonah pushes for the bridge puzzle. Note that the first survival cache is also just to the east of here.

Relic 4

After crossing the bridge puzzle, this relic is found on the ground right across from the new campsite.

Relic 5

After unlocking fast travel in Kuwaq Yaku, return to the original plane crash site and jump down into the river to reach the western side of the Peruvian jungle. Head to the northwest area and use your axe to break down a wall and enter the crypt. The relic is on the ground near the entrance right next to an ancient corpse.

Relic 6

The next relic is slightly past the previous one and is found sitting on a stone slab between two rock faces.

Relic 7

From the northern most campsite (the one closest to the challenge tomb), head southeast to find this relic on the ground between two palm trees.

Relic 8

This one is directly north of the campsite closest to the challenge tomb in the northern section.

Relic 9

This one is northwest of the northern base camp, up past the water section by the tomb.

Peruvian Jungle Monolith

Monolith 1

The Monolith is quite easy to spot, as it's down in the area you have to rush by to finish the timed bridge puzzle. The two serpents locked in an eternal struggle aren't far away, either. You just need to jump up a small jungle wall to find the stone serpents on the ground near the edge (location marked in the image below).

Peruvian Jungle Documents

Document 1

When you start leaping across the river to explore the back area near the crash site early on, look for this journal sitting next to a log by the edge.

Document 2

This one is on the ground near the end of the path when wandering around this back area.

Document 3

After the bridge puzzle you have the option to follow Jonah towards what he hopes is civilization, or you can go off into a crypt. Take the route into the crypt to find this next document on the ground.

Document 4

Continue along the same crypt path as the previous document and you'll see the next one on the ground near a dead body.

Document 5

After facing off against the jaguars, this document is on the ground near a tree on the main path towards Kuwaq Yaku.

Document 6

After reaching Kuwaq Yaku and unlocking fast travel, from the original plane wreckage cross over to the far western side of the Peruvian jungle by jumping down into the river from a high cliff. In the center of this area is a small alcove with a salvage box and a document.

Document 7

In the crypt on the western edge of the Peruvian Jungle, look for this document on a raised rock shelf wall very close to Relics 5 and 6 listed above.

Document 8

This one is found inside the challenge tomb in the northern section of the jungle map. To get here, you need to jump up the cliff with the yellow paint marks, break through the wall, cross the bridge, then dive under the water section.

From the room that looks like it doesn't go anywhere, turn left and jump up onto a ledge to crawl into the actual challenge tomb area. The first document in this area is on the wall near the mural.

Document 9

In the open room of the challenge area where you need to raise the ladder, climb up onto the left side section where you can jump onto the counterweight. You can find this document on the ground in the back.

Document 10

We haven't found this document yet!

Document 11

We haven't found this document yet!

Document 12

We haven't found this document yet!

Document 13

The final Peruvian Jungle document is in a hidden cave right next to the area's only treasure chest. Getting there requires going down a cliff face that isn't easily visible. To see the exact location, check the Treasure Chest section below.

Peruvian Jungle Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest 1

This area's only chest is in a truly obnoxious location that isn't even remotely close to where it seems on the map. You can run around on its exact map marker for hours and never find it. Instead, head over to the cliff's edge where you have to fire a rope arrow to climb across the chasm.

Climb about halfway across the rope and turn the camera to look back towards the cliff. Back on the other side, you should see an area that can be climbed with the axe that isn't normally visible.

Climb back to the beginning of the rope and run over to the cliff's edge. Use the axe to go down, then jump across to a hidden cave where both the treasure chest and a document can be found. Opening the chest requires having the lockpick.

Peruvian Jungle Murals 

Mural 1

Just before the puzzle to cross the bridge with Jonah, this mural is recessed against the jungle wall.

Mural 2

After completing the bridge puzzle you will come across a new campsite. This mural of the lords of Xibalba is up against a rock wall slightly to the southwest of the campfire.

Mural 3

If you take the crypt route instead of going directly towards the next objective with Jonah, you can find this mural up against a broken wall right after Document #4 and near the area's campsite.

Mural 4

Inside the challenge tomb area in the northern section of the jungle, this mural is up against a wall next to a broken staircase near Document 8.

Mural 5

Be on the lookout for this mural in a dark area of the challenge tomb after breaking a rope wall.

Mural 6

We haven't found this mural yet!

Mural 7

We haven't found this mural yet!

Peruvian Jungle Survival Caches

Survival Cache 1

In the southern area with the camp near the rare animal spawn point, head west to find this cache.


Survival Cache 2

In the area with the giant stone wheel that Jonah pushes for the bridge puzzle, you can find this cache directly to the east of the relic.

Survival Cache 3

In the northern section of the Peruvian jungle (the section with a crypt and challenge tomb), look for this cache on the ground near the crypt entrance to the northwest.

Survival Cache 4

This cache is southeast of the previous one, located on the ground not too far from Relic 7.

Survival Cache 5

This one is southwest of the northern campsite (the one with the tomb and crypt) and just to the northeast of the southern campsite.

Survival Cache 6

This one is on the far western side of the jungle near where the water meets the cliff face shoreline.

Survival Cache 7

In the same area as the previous cache, head slightly southwest (near the crypt entrance) to find this cache.

Survival Cache 8

This one is near the monolith area where you find the statue of two intertwined snakes on the ground.

Survival Cache 9

This cache is found inside the crypt after you pass the bridge puzzle with Jonah.

Peruvian Jungle Crypts / Challenge Tomb

Stay tuned for links to video walkthroughs of the area's crypts and challenge tomb coming soon!


Looking for more help with the puzzles and collectibles? Check out our full list of Shadow Of The Tomb Raider walkthroughs here

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Shadow Of The Tomb Raider: Head Of The Serpent Puzzle Guide Thu, 13 Sep 2018 13:54:12 -0400 Ty Arthur

Every area in Shadow Of The Tomb Raider is packed to the gills with secrets and puzzles, and the Serpent sections of the Hidden City are no exception.

The final Head Of The Serpent area oddly only has a single collectible, but it also features a truly obnoxious puzzle.

Haven't been able to figure out the fire pillar puzzle yet? Read on for a full breakdown of how to get through the Head Of The Serpent!

Be sure to check out our other guides at the bottom of this page. 

Head Of The Serpent Collectibles / Puzzle Guide

Accessing this area is particularly annoying, as the entrance has none of the usual hallmarks of an accessible opening. It doesn't glow when using survival instincts, it doesn't have any white markings, and it appears to be a dead end that can't be interacted with in any way.

After climbing up the Belly Of The Serpent, Lara will see a cultist throw a body down the well, then turn around and close off the door so she can't go anywhere. From the closed stone door, turn right and walk directly into the dead end.

You have to be in the middle of the cul-de-sac and walk forward into an area that just looks like a solid wall to initiate the cut scene where Lara crawls through the wedged section of dead bodies.

After stealth killing the cultist from behind, examine the body on the slab, then look for a section of wall off to the right where you can use your pickaxe to break through. From there, follow the path into the Head Of The Serpent's first fire puzzle.

This region's one and only collectible is a mural on the right side wall across from the rope-wrapped lever. Grab the mural, then use your bow to pull down the rope lever and fill the basin with bloody oil.

Walk back to the beginning of the room and interact with the dragon head to light the oil on fire and gain access to the area's main puzzle.

The first fire puzzle was incredibly easy, while this one is a head-scratcher and takes some serious thought. It's also really hard to get right by chance because the grooves don't seem to visually line up properly even when you have it solved.

Ignore the lever, pool, and fire dragon mechanism at the top of the stairs for now. Instead, run down to the bottom where your path is blocked. Use a rope arrow to attach the two pillars so that when you rotate the left pillar, the right pillar will also move.

Walk over to the left pillar and rotate it until the right pillar's grooves look exactly like the image below. Don't worry about what position the left pillar's grooves are in just yet.

On the right pillar, the lower groove should go into a hole, the right grooves shouldn't be connected to anything, and the upper grove should travel to the basin in front of the obstacle. 

Now, cut the rope connecting the two pillars so that the right pillar doesn't move anymore. Go back to the left pillar and push it until it looks exactly like the image below. 

Some of the grooves won't lineup and go nowhere, but the top most groove of the triple section should lineup with the upper grove of the right pillar. Due to how the grooves look on the ground, it may not seem like they are fully connected, but if you follow the image below you'll have it how it needs to be attached.

This lineup gives you a clear path for the oil to travel from the basin to the flammable obstacle.

Go back up the stairs and use your bow to pull down the rope lever that fills the basin with bloody oil. Run over to the other side and interact with the dragon statue to light the whole thing on fire and break the obstacle.

With that out of the way, you can finally get the artifact you've been searching for in the tombs of the Hidden City. Be prepared for an obnoxious chase sequence right after this that you'll probably have to reload four or five times due to missing the timing with this game's wonky controls.

Need help finding any other collectibles or completing the game's challenge tombs? Check out our full list of a Shadow Of The Tomb Raider guides here!

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Shadow Of The Tomb Raider: Best Skills Guide Thu, 13 Sep 2018 13:53:41 -0400 Ty Arthur

Lara Croft is back to her stealth assassin shenanigans again in Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, which features a revamped skill system slightly different from the previous two games.

Some skills unlock automatically during the course of the campaign, or by completing secondary challenge tombs not directly tied to the story.

The rest must be unlocked as you earn experience and gain skill points. Deciding which skills to buy can drastically change your playthrough depending on whether you favor stealth, gunplay, or exploration.

Be sure to check out the rest of our guides at the bottom of this page. 

Best Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Skills

In general, exploration (Seeker) and stealth (Scavenger) skills tend to be the most helpful to pick. The Warrior tree tends to be the least necessary, as you usually don't want to be in drawn-out combat in this game.

Even on standard difficulty, combat isn't that hard if you stay out of sight more often than running into a group of guards firing wildly.

The Warrior skill Howler's Speed in particular just flat out isn't necessary, since you can just turn down the difficulty instead of spending skill points and get the same effect.

Below, we cover all the most important skill to buy first if you want to breeze through the game and find all the collectibles on your first go.

Caiman's Breath

Skill Tree: Scavenger
Bonus: Improve breath capacity underwater

Underwater areas play a significantly expanded role in Shadow, and it's really easy to get turned around when you have to wait on the air bubble animation in a dark flooded tunnel.

To find all the collectibles in underwater areas and complete some of the later crypts with the least amount of frustration, you definitely want this skill.

An upgraded second version of the skill is also available for those who want to truly explore every last nook and cranny of the flooded tunnels.

Serpent's Fury

Skill Tree: Scavenger
Bonus: Chain together stealth kills

For those who prefer to stay in stealth, this is a must-have. There are areas where enemies will always be within line of sight of each other, and even if you distract a few you usually can't take out all the guards without kicking off a fire fight.

Use this skill to create a loophole. 

Boa's Blow

Skill Tree: Scavenger
Bonus: Craft concussive shells

Normally, I prefer to stick entirely to stealth and use either the bow or the silenced pistol, but in some cases, you've got to go loud. When you need to return to stealth mid-battle, Boa's Blow is amazingly helpful.

Concussive shells daze enemies and give you time to retreat to a mud wall, climb up a tree, get behind cover, jump into a swimming area, etc.

If you use this feature a lot, it can also be worth upgrading to the Serpent's Fang skill so the dazed effect lasts longer.

Eagle's Sight / Crow's Cunning

Skill Tree: Seeker
Bonus: Reveal artifacts, monoliths, treasure chests, maps, and backpacks while using survival instincts

With the sheer number of hidden collectibles in the game and the constant need for more resources, this cheap skill will save you a lot of headaches for only a single skill point.

If you find yourself often missing the signs of traps and dying horribly, be sure to also take Crow's Cunning, which reveals traps when using survival instincts.

Eagle's Talon II

Skill Tree: Seeker
Bonus: Hide corpses killed with rope arrows from tree branches

Eagle's Talon I unlocks automatically fairly early on in the game as Lara apparently decides to become a one-woman jungle death squad.

For maximum stealth combat opportunities, be sure to pick up the enhanced version of the skill. Enemies rarely notice you when hiding in trees, so taking them out from above without a trace is a big plus.

Crow's Charm

Skill Tree: Seeker
Bonus: Negotiate better prices from merchants

This one is a bit of a personal preference skill. If you are fully exploring every crypt and grabbing every single resource, you will probably find enough gold and jade to buy whatever you want at full price. 

If you intend to fully upgrade every gun, this can still be a worthwhile skill to take, however, as merchants directly sell salvage for upgrading firearms. By buying salvage directly, you can upgrade much more quickly.

Puma's Charge / Howler's Troop

Skill Tree: Warrior
Bonus: Draw the bow string more quickly, reduce time between charged shots

When the bow is your primary weapon for killing quietly, you need to be able to draw more quickly and use fully charged shots to the head to take down enemies in a single shot.

If you use the bow more than the guns, be sure to also take the related skill Howler's Troop, which lets you fire two arrows at different targets simultaneously.

Puma's Brace

Skill Tree: Warrior
Bonus: Resist damage for a short time after healing

This one is primarily useful if you have trouble navigating the game's stealth mechanics. When you are often in direct gun fights and are hit frequently, this can be a life saver if you are always healing and then shooting again immediately.

Those are the best skills we used most frequently in our first playthrough of Shadow Of The Tomb Raider. What's your favorite skill, and which ones did you pick up that you never ended up using? Let us know in the comments below!

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Shadow of the Tomb Raider Crypt Locations Guide Thu, 13 Sep 2018 13:52:34 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is a long game if you're a completionist. From gear and survival caches to treasure chests and murals, there are tons of collectibles to be had. 

As you play through the game, you'll come across various crypts, many of which you can find either by exploring or finding maps. There are 10 in all and each of them has a unique piece of gear you can't find anywhere else. These vestiges (gear) carry certain perks with them that give Lara buffs during combat or help her make better use of here survival instincts. Some even help her find resources more easily. 

You don't need these to beat the game, but they do help out. Just like challenge tombs, you should be completing these as you come across them to maximize your playthrough and end-game power. 

In the guide below, we'll go over where you'll find each crypt, how to get inside it, and what vestiges or collectibles you'll find in the sarcophagus at the heart of each of them. We've also included video walkthroughs to each of them to better help you get them done faster

Be sure to check out our other guides an the bottom of this article. 

Crypt #1: Peruvian Jungle 

Basecamp: Plane Wreckage
Vestige Rewards: Eveningstar's Boots (harvest more natural resources)

The first crypt in the game is located near where you first begin in the Peruvian Jungle area. After you've created/found your first base camp, face the wreckage in the small pond in front of you. 

Go right along the shoreline and climb up onto the small cliff there. Use your bow and rope arrow to pull down the wooden wall and proceed inside.

Once you reach the first juncture, use the lever to the right to open the gate in front of you. Follow the path around, minding the rope trap about halfway down, to find a mural

From the mural, go right and follow the path around to the end. Open the gate there to make a shortcut back to the beginning of the crypt. Turn around and look for the fissure in the wall to the left. Go inside to find a handful of collectibles. 

Go back to the mural and go straight ahead. You'll slide down the embankment and find the sarcophagus in front of you. Inside, you'll find the Eveninstar's Boots, a piece of leg gear that lets you harvest more natural resources from each source (plant, animal, etc.). 

Crypt #2: Peruvian Jungle

Basecamp: Jungle Ruins
Vestige Rewards: Eveningstar's Cape (increases duration of perception herb effects)

You'll find this crypt after you've located Jonah near the rest of the plane wreckage (after you've moved on from Crypt #1). From the base camp, don't follow Jonah yet. Instead, go back down toward the area with water.

Swim across and climb up onto the opposite embankment. Go straight along the shore to the rock wall in the back of the area. Climb up and use the tree branch to swing across to the other side. 

Now you'll notice a little pond in front of you and the larger water area to your back. Swim across the little pond area and tear down the wall you find in the back. Go through and make sure to nab the collectible to your right about halfway down. 

As you continue along, use your bow and rope arrow to pull down the wall. Before you go in, look to your right to find a mural. 

Now, go through the pathway you just opened up. Continue along and go left when you meet the gate. Watch out for the trap here by cutting the rope. After you've disarmed it, follow the path to find another collectible.

From the collectible, turn around and look at the left wall; you'll see a small opening there. Go through it. 

On the other side, use the lever on the far wall to open the gate that just blocked your path a moment ago. Go further down the wall to find another lever that will open another gate blocking your way. 

Next, traverse the climbing area and make your way to the top, minding a few traps along the way. Once there, you'll find another sarcophagus. Inside will be your next vestige, Eveningstar's Cape. This piece of gear increases the duration of perception herb effects. 

Crypt #3: Kuwaq Yaku

Basecamp: Kuwaq Yaku
Vestige Rewards: Nine Strides' Boots (harvest more man-made resources from each source)

You'll find two crypts in this area.

You can find the first one by beginning at the Kuwaq Yaku campfire in front of the restaurant/bar where you leave Jonah after arriving in the area. With the restaurant/bar to your back, go straight.

When you get to the bridge, jump off the left side and swim to the shore in front of you to the left. 

When you get there, go straight ahead into the cavern. Dive and swim to the very end of the cavern and climb the ledge to the left. Follow the path around, making sure to get the collectibles along the way.

When you enter the structure at the end of the path, turn left to find a map at the edge of the room. Continue through the area to find a mural in the next room. 

After you pass the mural, slide down the embankment. Make sure to miss the big spike walls as you go down. They alternate left, right, left.

At the end, you'll need to jump and use your grapple ax to rope swing across the chasm

Go straight ahead to find the sarcophagus. Your reward will be the Nine Strides' Boots. This gear will let you harvest more man-made resources from each source (downed enemies, etc.).

Crypt #4: Kuwaq Yaku

Basecamp: Hunting Grounds
Vestige Rewards: Condor Cowl of Urqu (increases the duration of focus herb effects)

Crypt 4 is also in the the same area. This will be the easiest Crypt to find and open in the entire game. However, you will need the shotgun before you can open it, so you'll need to progress through the game a bit more before circling back to this one.

Once you do get the shotgun, go to Hunting Grounds base camp.

Face the exploding barrel near the campfire and go straight ahead, hugging the bank along the way. When you get to the end, you'll find the crypt on the left.

Blast open the wooden barrier and find the sarcophagus inside. 

You'll get the vestige Condor Cowl of Urqu for your efforts. This gear increases the duration of focus herb effects. 

Crypt #5: The Hidden City

Basecamp: Temple of Kukulkan
Vestige Rewards: Yaway's Wooden Greaves (provides extra protection against fire and knockdowns)

This crypt might be the hardest to find in the game. Unless you're eagle-eyed, there's a substantial chance you'll overlook this one.

From the campfire at the Temple of Kukulkan basecamp, walk straight toward the bridge.

Instead of crossing it, walk to the right, toward the edge of the cliff.

Once at the edge, climb down over the side and rappel down further. Swing jump across to the rocks on your left. 

Once there, crawl through the opening and follow the path. Right after you crawl through the next space, you'll slide down into the chamber below. As you pass through, make sure to grab the collectible on your right -- across from the mural

Next, go through the room and jump on the counterweight in front you (the one in the room with all the bodies and the deep pit). Ride the counterweight down to the room below.

Just ahead on your left you'll find the sarcophagus. Inside will be the vestige: Yaway's Wooden Greaves. This gear provides extra protection against fire and knockdowns. 

Be sure to keep an eye out for collectibles as you make your way out of the crypt. To see how to get all the way through -- and what traps and minor puzzles await, check out the video above. 

Crypt #6: The Hidden City

Basecamp: Temple of Kukulkan
Vestige Rewards: Ch'amaka's War Vest (increases protection from melee attacks)

This may not be the actual sixth crypt in the game, as you can find other crypts earlier on in the Hidden City. However, we've put it in this slot because you will come across it as you progress the story, putting it the fifth in line if you're plugging through the narrative. 

Once you infiltrate the cult and finish the cut scene with the game's main antagonist in the upper city temple, you'll find yourself on the cliffs overlooking a raging river.

Once you make it to the other side, though, don't go right toward your objective.

Instead, go left and climb up the cliffs until you reach the end of the path. There, you'll find the entrance to the next crypt. 

Go in and rappel down to the bottom of the cavern. Use your bow and rope arrows to pull down the wood barrier in front of you. Keep going and climb to the top of the cliffs along the path.

When you get to the top, rappel and swing-jump across to the precipice with the gate. Make sure to be careful because you can fall off the edge since it's so shallow. 

Go through the gate and to the end of the path to find the sarcophagus. Ch'amaka's War Vest will be your gear reward. This provides increased protection from melee attacks. 

Crypt #7: The Hidden City

Basecamp: Abandoned Village
Vestige Rewards: Manko's Boots (provide concealment when hunting predators)

This one can be somewhat of a pain to get to if you're not paying attention to the lay of the land.

Go to the Abandoned Village base camp. From the campfire, follow the path as it curves slightly to the right then straight ahead.

When you reach the stone archway ahead, look for a ladder hanging from the building to the right. 

Climb up the ladder and follow the roof line to the left.

Jump to the tree in front of you, then jump to the elevated stone wall in front of that (just to the right of another stone archway).

Go straight ahead and connect the two rope pillars to create a pathway across the water below. 

Climb up the cliffs and look for the crypt entrance at the top, tucked away in the rock to the right side. 

As you follow the path, make sure to cut the rope for the trap that's just past the crouching section, then when you get to the well, check either side for collectibles before jumping in. 

After jumping into the well, swim down and look for the opening along the edges. Go through this opening and swim all the way to the wooden barricade at the end. If you look to the left of the barricade, in the part of the cave that bulges out to the left, you'll find a collectible on a stone altar carved into the wall of the cave. 

Once you're ready, tear down the barricade and proceed. At the end, you'll come to a set of steps. Ascend these and look for collectibles in the room you're in. When you're done, continue up the stairs and the sarcophagus will be at the top. 

Your reward will be Manko's Boots. These provide concealment when hunting predators. 

Crypt #8: The Hidden City

Basecamp: Fishing District 
Vestige Rewards: None

You can only open this crypt by starting the side mission "Star Crossed", which you get from Uchu in the Skull Cave.

After you've completed the first part of the side mission, you'll be tasked with finding the Savior's Amulet. You can get to the area in which this crypt is located earlier, but the entrance will only open when you begin searching for the Savior's Amulet. 

From the Fishing District campfire, look right along the bank of the lake.

Climb the tree between you and the the closest hut. Climb all the way up the cliff face and grab all of the collectibles at the camp at the top.

Look along the cliff face to your right to find the entrance to the crypt. 

Once inside, follow the path and crawl under the spear trap. However, be careful not to fall into the pit trap that lies just beyond. 

Grab the mural at the end of the path and use your pick ax to open the wall to the left. Go through and disarm the traps along the way (be careful rolling under the first spear trap because it's easy to trigger the one right after it). On the other side of the traps, grab all the collectibles in the room and climb up the left side of the wall in front of you. 

When you drop down, you want to go straight. However, you can go right into a chamber, then right again (crawling under a door) to reach another chamber with gold inside.

Go back to the primary path and follow it to the bridge leading to the sarcophagus. 

Don't celebrate yet -- this is where things get a bit tricky. The bridge will collapse when you try to cross it, plunging you into the water below. Swim down and find the hole in the wall to reach another part of the area. 

Once inside this part of the temple, look to your right. On the back right side, you'll see a lever. Push it to raise the water level.

Swim through the door at the opposite end, swim to the surface, then swim across to the the next room. Inside this room, you'll find another lever on the back right side. Throw it and swim as fast as you can back to the door you came in through before it closes. 

You'll repeat the process a third time, except you'll swim through a hole in the ceiling this time as the doors shuts too quickly. Break down the barricade, swim through the crack in the wall, and surface at the sarcohpoagus

You won't get a vestige for this one. Instead, you'll 125 exp and 750 salvage. 

Crypt #9: The Hidden City

Basecamp: The Wild Jungle
Vestige Rewards: Greaves of Six Sky (faster health regeneration)

This crypt is near the entrance to the Challenge Tomb in The Wild Jungle area of the Hidden City.

From the base camp, go left, following the Challenge Tomb markers. When you get to the deep water, turn left again and climb up the embankment and then the tree.

Traverse the cliff face past the waterfall. When you get to the top, turn right and enter the crypt. 

Be wary of the floor trap when you enter. Jump over it and pick up the collectible.

Go through the crack in the wall and pick up the collectibles in the next room. Follow the path straight for a vein of gold or follow the path to the right to the next area. 

At the end of the path, jump down to the bottom of the chamber. There will be a wall to break with your pick ax to advance. Turn to the left and climb up to find a collectible. And look to the wall opposite the breakable wall to find a mural

Go through the breakable wall and swing over the pit trap just inside. Follow the path down and pass a climbable wall to your right. Go this way to continue or turn left to go to the end of the path for a collectible

Back on the main route, traverse the wooden beams at the top of the cliff to find the sarcophagus. Your reward will be the Greaves of Six Sky. These make your health regenerate faster.  

Crypt #10: Mission of San Juan

Basecamp: Riverside
Vestige Rewards: Kantu's Gilded Vest (increases experience from hunting)

To access this crypt, you'll need to start the side mission called "Explore the Local Mysteries", which you can get from the two explorers near the river, to the left of the RIverside campfire. Like Crypt 7, you can find the entrance to this one at any time, but it will not open until you start this mission. 

From the two explorers, cross the river and follow the path past the wolf den.

Go up to the cross next to the den and press in the cross on the pedestal. Enter the crypt and rappel down. When you get to the second drop, you can just jump down since there's water below. 

Swim over to Isabella. The sarcophagus will be next to her. Open it to get Kantu's Gilded Vest, which gives you more experience for hunting. 

Make sure to watch the video above to get all of the collectibles that are strewn along the crypt's exit path. 


That's every crypt in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Be sure to check out our other walkthroughs and guides for collectibles, best skills, and solutions for Challenge Tombs. 

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SCUM: Everything You Need to Know About Zombies Wed, 12 Sep 2018 13:24:05 -0400 Zack Palm

You don't only have to worry about the other human players in SCUM, as you'll deal with the zombies known as 'puppets' that mindlessly wander around the entire map. These puppets may prove annoying when you first start, but they quickly lose their bite once you've picked up a few melee weapons. Though, do they serve a greater purpose later on in the game?

There's several things you should keep in mind when dealing with these puppets. We've broken down the most important pieces of information you need to know to survive and thrive with these undead puppets!

Killing The Puppets

First things first: how do you kill one?

Before you go off attempting to pick a fight one, assess the weapons you have available to you. If you already have a gun with some ammunition, you're fine. Those things won't know what hit it. Though, you're likely not going to want to waste your precious ammo on these mindless NPCs and save it for players. Try to only use melee weapons against them, as they're not a big deal.

Of the melee weapons you can use against them, you may have more success with a two-handed staff weapon, like a spear, shovel, or a farmer's pitchfork. These weapons grant you the ability to hit the puppet well out of range of its own attack. This way you're less likely to hurt yourself in a fight with a puppet and you make short work of it.

If you do end up using a shorter, one-handed weapon, you need to remain weary of the puppet's overall movement. Though these zombies are a little clumsy, they certainly have stamina and will follow you throughout the entire engagement. You'll have to time your attacks to hit a little after they've attempted to hit you, this way you can safely damage them without getting hit. It should only take a few hits until they're dead. 

Always remember to watch your stamina when fighting a puppet. You can easily drain it during a fight and your undead foe will land a few hits on you, making matters worse.

Hungry? Grab A Leg!

When you've killed a puppet, always make sure you strip it of all its clothing and see if you can't put any of these items to use. A handful of times you'll find a large, heavy jacket on them, giving you additional access to several inventory slots. Because the clothing on the puppets are dirty and run down, you cannot cut any item it was wearing into useful rags for bandages. You'll have to stick to items found in buildings for those.

However, if you're running low on food, feel free to chop up a zombie after you've killed it and start using it to sustain your character. No, really. You can eat the zombie meat, and treat it as if it were an animal you hunted down and killed.

Much like the animals in the game, once you chop up the zombie you're going to cut it into various pieces. Chop these individual pieces down into chunks of meat, fat, and bone, and you'll be able to cook these pieces of meat to eat at your leisure. The bone and fat also serve as useful ingredients, especially if you're in a pinch. 

Great Early Game Item

The zombies make for great food if you can't find a wild animal anywhere close to you. What they're also great at is giving you access to a great early game item that will do wonders for your inventory management: a backpack!

With the most basic of gear, you're likely to have the ability to craft the earliest backpack, the improvised courier backpack. Getting additional inventory slots as quickly as possible during the early game can mean the difference between surviving and ending up dead -- you need every item you can carry with you.

The backpack only requires three items to craft:

  • Three rags (dirty or clean)
  • A piece of wire
  • A sharp item, like a knife or an axe

Because the zombies drop several articles of clothing, you can use these for the backpack. The wire may prove a little difficult as you're not as likely to find it on every kill, but it remains likely. If you killed a zombie you should have a sharp object on your to use to cut up the clothing items to craft your item.

When you equip your newly crafted backpack, feel free to pick up a few pieces of zombie meat to take with you on your long journey! You never know when your character is going to get hungry.

Avoid Getting Stunlocked

One technique these zombies have mastered is the ability to chase down their opponents and preventing them from reacting to any of their attacks. Many players refer to this as getting stunlocked, which means the player cannot preform an attack because their opponent continually prevents them from reacting. Zombies can do this in SCUM because they move and attack at the same time. You can avoid stunlocking with a little foresight.

The zombies attack in a certain pattern. They normally dash at you, throw one, or both, of their arms back and attempt to strike you. If you're continually moving backwards, you should avoid this attack. However, if you're using a one-handed melee weapon to do battle you may notice you have to step forward to land a hit. This is why I prefer to use a two-handed weapon, as I can move backwards and still strike at the puppets. The one-handed weapons have a clear disadvantage against the zombies, though if you work on your timing, you should find a brief opening to hit the zombies and avoid getting stunlocked.

If you're quick enough, you can stunlock the zombie and prevent them from continuing to be a threat. It's a great way to give the undead a little revenge if you've fallen victim to them.

Zombies Stay Outside!

One thing you'll notice while you're out exploring the island is you can never find the puppets inside of a building. For right now, the developers have not placed any spawns inside. This may be because they want players to get used to the game and understand their mechanics before introducing a challenge like that. 

This also means if you're running from a zombie and don't think you're going to survive, rush inside of a building! Though, you don't want to use the front door and then leave it open for the zombie to get inside. Yes, the zombies can still enter a building but they do not spawn inside of them.

To properly use a building as your safe haven, get inside by using an open window. The zombie won't be able to follow you inside, and you can safely scour the building for some bandages or get some rest before you do battle with the undead once again.


That's the breakdown of the some important information to keep in mind when dealing with the zombies in SCUM! The developers are constantly updating this game and some of this information may change over the next few months.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more SCUM guides.

Fortnite Season 5, Week 10 Challenge Guide: Search Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces in Basements Tue, 11 Sep 2018 10:01:34 -0400 Sergey_3847

Last year, we had the chance to collect jigsaw puzzles in one of the weekly challenges in Fortnite. The puzzles return in this Season 5, Week 10 challenge, but this time they'll be hidden inside the basements of houses.

It's going to be a pretty hard chase to find all the jigsaw puzzle pieces, but we're here to help you out. So follow our quick guide below for all the jigsaw pieces in Fortnite's new challenge.

Where are Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces in Basements?

There are eight possible locations on the map where you can find the jigsaw puzzle pieces. You should start in the southern part of the map at the building in Salty Springs.

Then, move to the west and check out the two buildings outside of the Shifty Shafts (it's the basement with the green screen inside) and Greasy Grove. There is another one in the basement of an old shack standing on top of the hill to the south of Greasy Grove.

Then, head towards the west coast and check out the building at Snobby Shores (it's the basement of the building near the tennis court) and another one to the south of this location.

Finally, look for the other two pieces of the puzzle at the northeastern part of the map. One is inside the building to the north of Tomato Town, and another one can be found near the Risky Reels.

Just check the map above for the exact locations and you should be able to find all the jigsaw puzzle pieces in basements for this week's challenge.


That is all for the jigsaw puzzle challenge, and for more Fortnite guides at GameSkinny, check out the list below:

Fortnite Season 5, Week 10 Battle Star Guide: Search Between a Covered Bridge, Waterfall and the 9th Green Tue, 11 Sep 2018 10:01:31 -0400 Sergey_3847

The hints given in this week's Battle Star challenge in Fortnite may elude even the most experienced players, but thankfully, the puzzle's been solved and you can now quickly get your Battle Star in Season 5, Week 10 challenge.

All you need to do is follow the map with the exact location provided below, and read the description in case you need more information.

Where is Battle Star in Season 5, Week 10 Challenge?

The first piece of the puzzle points out the Covered Bridge, which can refer either to the one located in the southern part of the map near Lucky Landing or in the north near Lazy Links. There's is no waterfall near Lucky Landing, though, so there's only one place left -- the bridge near Lazy Links.

The bridge at Lazy Links is built on the river that ends up with the Waterfall that falls into the ocean in the north. So these two spots are cleared out. But what about the 9th Green, and what would that mean anyway?

Well, the 9th Green simply refers to the sector of the golf course in the eastern part of Lazy Links. So now when you have all three locations figured out, you can easily identify the central point between all of them.

It's the characteristic patch of land with no grass on the golf course that will have your Battle Star ready to be claimed. Just land near Lazy Links and quickly complete one of the hardest challenges this week.


That's all for this week's Battle Star challenge, and for other Fortnite guides at GameSkinny, please see the list below:

Destiny 2: Excavation Site XII Location Guide Sun, 09 Sep 2018 15:52:23 -0400 Ty Arthur

Much like the hidden area known as The Drain, Excavation Site XII is a hidden "lost sector" in Destiny 2 that gets more mileage out of the Forsaken DLC.

To complete new bounties in Forsaken, you've got to manually find this hidden area. If you haven't managed to locate this cleverly hidden cave, we've got you covered with the quickest way to get inside.

Looking for The Drain instead? Check out my full guide on how to find The Drain in the Outskirts of EDZ.

How To Find Excavation Site XII

With the Forsaken update, Spider will grant you the Wanted: Dust-Choked Thrag bounty. This one has you searching for an escapee from the Prison Of Elders, but there won't be a map marker showing you where to go.

All you have to go on is that the location is in the EDZ, somewhere. Apart from that, you've got to find the lost sectors for Spider's bounties on your own.

This particular lost sector is found in the Firebase Hades area. To get there, land at The Gulch, then head west through the passage.

When you exit to the south, stay near the cliff wall and eventually you will come across a barely visible cave entrance just to your side. You know you are at the right place if you see the white lost sector painting to the left of the cave entrance.

Unlike with The Drain, there's really only one way to go here so you can't get lost. Just head through the cave down the tunnel and a prompt should appear on your screen letting you know you found the lost sector Excavation Site XII.

Take out the enemies inside and then head further down to find the target of your Forsaken bounty!

That's all you need to know to find the Excavation Site XII lost sector in Firebase Hades of the EDZ! Be sure to also check out our other Destiny 2 guides below:

Destiny 2: The Drain EDZ Location Guide Sat, 08 Sep 2018 12:38:53 -0400 Ty Arthur

The Forsaken expansion for Destiny 2 brings a host of extra content, including new bounties sending you to lost sectors that aren't clearly marked on the map.

The idea with these bounties is to manually search for all the unmarked mini-dungeons to engage in a real hunt for your target. If you're already tired of trying to track down The Drain's secret location, we can show you how to get there quickly.

Finding The Drain

Spider will offer you the Wanted: Metal Captain bounty in exchange for a ghost fragment. To complete this bounty, you've got to head to The Drain and kill the escaped Fallen.

The Drain isn't actually new to the Forsaken expansion, but finding it may be difficult if you didn't have a reason to travel there before. This lost sector is hidden in the Outskirts of EDZ.

Go to the northwest edge of the Outskirts past the fountain and look for a tunnel heading down into the ground. The tunnel entrance is found right by a pond and underneath the path section of the short cliff face.

There will be a bunch of enemies inside blocking your way. After taking them out, turn left and go down the tunnel in the first large room you enter (instead of taking the doorway to the right).

Travel down the metal grating walkway by the wall with the big painted number 2 icon and head into the next tunnel. When you walk near the next door, you will know you are in the right place when a notification pops up that you found a lost sector.

Its actually a fairly big place and crawling with enemies, so be prepared to go through killing all of them before finding your bounty near the end of the tunnels.

That's all you need to know to find The Drain lost sector in the EDZ! Be sure to also check out our other Destiny 2 guides below:

SCUM Ultimate Crafting Guide Fri, 07 Sep 2018 11:47:41 -0400 Zack Palm

There's plenty going on in SCUM to hold your attention. You're fighting puppets attempting to kill you, trying to survive with all of your health meters constantly needing attention, and you're also competing against other players populated on your server trying to take you out. But when it comes to survival, what are the things you need to have ready in your inventory?

The crafting page in SCUM doesn't give you the best idea of what you should focus on next or what you need to start working towards. This guide will break down what items you should work towards crafting, along with advanced items you should collect to improve your chances of survival!

Starting Equipment

These are the three things you absolutely need to start out when you first jump into SCUM.

Your Knife

The first item you'll want to locate is a handful of rocks, this way you can craft your stone knife as quickly as possible. You won't get far without one, but luckily it only requires two small stones to get made. It's a basic knife and even if you do upgrade to the next one, the metal knife, keep your stone knife in your inventory. You're going to need a stone knife to craft the first, most basic spear available to you. When you can make a spear, you don't need to sacrifice your superior knife to make it. You'll use your stone one.

Your Spear

You won't have the best chance to kill zombies or track animals without a spear. That's where your stone knife comes in. This tool requires two different items:

  • A long branch
  • A stone knife

Both of these items shouldn't take you long to locate. You can likely find a long branch in a nearby bush to craft your spear within seconds of crafting your knife. You're going to rely on your spear as your main weapon for quite a bit of time, so swing it around a bit to get used to how it attacks.

Your Fire Drill

With your spear and knife in hand, you're ready to start working towards making a fire for your hungry prisoner. Before you can work towards a fire, you'll want to craft a fire drill so you can make a spark. Much like the spear you've already made, you're going to need the same items:

  • Two long branches
  • A stone knife

These shouldn't take you long to locate if you've already crafted your spear. Though the fire drill only comes with three uses, it's an ideal starting item so you're not relying on the chances of finding a box of matches or a lighter.

Surviving SCUM

With your basic tools in tow, you're ready to start working towards crafting some bigger items to make your life easier and survive the island.

Your First Animal Kill

As much as you may want to run through the cities scattered throughout SCUM, you won't be able to craft the really useful items until you take down your first animal. A beast carries extremely useful ingredients for you to use in crafting. When you do land your first animal kill, what should you focus on first?

After you've killed your prey, you're going to break it down into sizeable chunks to work with. Continue right-clicking on the animal parts until you have a number of large pieces to work with. For example, when you kill a boar you'll have the ability to cut up its carcass. After you chop it up, you'll have its head and various limbs at your disposal. You still can't cook or use anything in this state, you need to cut down the larger pieces even further. Eventually, you'll have sizable pieces of meat you can cook, along with the boar's bones.

Bone Needle

When you get the boar's bones, you've hit the jackpot. An animal's bones are incredibly useful for you to use, especially if you've been watching your character's hydration levels. You can craft a makeshift bone needle using the animal's bones you've acquired, along with any sharp object you have in your inventory. It's quick to make but exceptionally useful. Though, if you've run across an actual needle while you were searching buildings, you can use that instead.

Improvised Water Container

Other than the meat you've already acquired for your hungry prisoner, creating a water container is the next important item on your list. To craft an improvised water container, you're going to need:

  • An animal hide
  • Wire (or rope)
  • A bone needle
  • A sharp object

With this item you can now visit water streams you find in SCUM and gather water at your leisure. You won't have to rely on finding a water bottle in a small town or locating a soda container to later use. Its an extremely useful item and when you've killed an animal for food, you're now secure on liquids and food.

This covers the more vital parts of surviving the health stats of SCUM, but soon you're going to need to defend yourself against people.

Fighting Back

Players in SCUM won't fight the same way the puppets do. They're going to have just as many resources available as you do, though some may have gotten luckier. To ensure you win every human encounter you have in the game, here are several items you should focus on crafting.


As you'd imagine, having these sitting in your inventory will do a lot of good, especially if you know to make them. They don't take much effort, but you're likely going to want to visit one of the larger city areas on the map to have much success. Luckily, the various different bullet types in the game all come with the same four components:

  • Metal Scrap (or sheet)
  • Gunpowder
  • Lead sheet
  • Toolbox

You can swap out the first component for one of five different metal pieces you find on the map. Whichever one you choose does not reduce or improve the quality of your ammunition. However, you always need gunpowder, a leader sheet, and a toolbox to make it all work.

Of the components, the toolbox may prove the most troublesome to locate. It's a large container that you're going to have to carry around with you -- unless you have enough storage space. You can normally find these in one of the big garages, typically with a run-down car that you can loot. Stick around these garages long enough and you'll have a small armory in your backpack ready to unload on any unsuspecting player you run into.

Medical Supplies

When you're fighting for survival, you're just as likely to get damaged as you are to dish it out. Knowing how to handle any wounds you have will make the difference in numerous encounters you run into. Unfortunately, a lot of the items you're going to need to treat your more serious injuries you're going to have to find, such as the antibiotics and the emergency bandages. These items are for phase 2 and 3 injuries. 

Your prisoner comes with the understanding of basic medical training, and all you need is a few rag scraps to help you out. You can't use rags from clothing that puppets were wearing, you have to find them in houses. To get the most of your inventory space, you're going to want to create a small bundle of rags. Compared to the bullets, this is easy crafting. You only need two components:

  • Five rags or rag scraps
  • A wire or rope

This bundle of rags will take up less inventory space than all five rags or rag scraps would. These are great to have around if you need basic supplies for a wide assortment of items.

If your prisoner is still sick after you've applied the bandages, there's probably more going on to them. To assess the damage, hold the 'tab' button and you'll see a radial menu pop up. At the top, you should see a medical icon and when you click on that your character will diagnosis themselves. This tells you what's going on with your character, and it likely means they need antibiotics to properly recover. As of right now, you cannot craft these more advanced items in SCUM, but these features are going to release in the future.

Crafting Recipe Color Backgrounds

During your time playing SCUM, you may have noticed the crafting recipes have different colored backgrounds. What do they mean? Here's a break down of all three colors:

  • Grey: You do not have the proper skill for crafting this item.
  • Yellow: You possess some of the crafting materials required to build this item.
  • Red: You do not have any of the crafting materials required to build this item.

By understanding these colors, you should be able to quickly glance at your crafting menu to know what you can and cannot make. Unfortunately, if you want to know which of your skills you need to increase in order to craft an item, you cannot do so at this time. This will likely change in a further patch from the developers.


These helpful items should prove extremely useful to you during any stage of your survival while in SCUM. 

For more information about SCUM, check out the numerous useful guides we've compiled here at Gameskinny:

Advanced Controls guide

Lethal & Edible Mushroom guide

How To Turn On and Fix Voice Chat

General Guide to Survival

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Pre-Order Guide Fri, 07 Sep 2018 11:34:23 -0400 Bryant Pereira

Becoming a Spartan hero is a fantasy several have fawned over since the release of the classic Frank Miller comic series and movie 300. Combining that beloved setting with the stealthy action gameplay of Assassin's Creed seems like a perfect fit -- and it'll be hitting store shelves as Assassin's Creed Odyssey for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 5.

To get the most out of your purchase of Assassin's Creed Odyssey, you'll want to pay close attention to the different editions and pre-order bonuses available before launch. Let's take a look. 

Pre-Order Bonuses

Pre-ordering the game gives access to The Blind King mission -- while purchasing a physical copy from GameStop also comes with a helmet keychain.

Pre-ordering either the Gold, Ultimate, Spartan, or Pantheon editions nabs you the game three days early.

Standard Edition

Price: $59.99

Retailers: Amazon, GameStop, Ubisoft Store

At $59.99, the Standard Edition of the game comes with everything you'd expect it to -- the game and nothing else (no pre-order bonuses here). The Standard Edition is available physically or digitally for PS4 and Xbox One, and only digitally on PC.

Deluxe Edition

Price: $79.99

Retailers: Amazon, GameStop, Ubisoft Store

Available either physically or digitally, the Deluxe Edition of Assassin's Creed Odyssey starts your game off with an extra boost. The Deluxe Pack gives an XP and currency boost, Kronos and Herald of Dusk Gear Packs with weapons and armor for the main characters, and a Capricornus Naval Pack.

Gold Edition

Price: $109.99 (Physical), $99.99 (Digital)

Retailers: Amazon, GameStop, Ubisoft Store

Although the Gold Edition is $20 more than the Deluxe, this edition of the game does not include the Deluxe pack above. However, it does include the season pass and three days of early access, along with the Secret of Greece bonus mission.

The price for the season pass has not been released yet, but it will include all future downloadable content. The physical edition is a bit more expensive, but it does come with the limited edition steelbook case.

Ultimate (Digital) Edition

Price: $119.99

Retailers: Amazon, GameStop, Ubisoft Store

If you want to get all of the digital content available for Assassin's Creed Odyssey, your best bet is the Ultimate Edition. This edition includes all of the content in the Gold and Deluxe editions of the game -- but is only available digitally.

Kassandra Collector's Edition

Price: $159.99

Retailers: GameStop

For those who love collectible statues and figurines, GameStop has an exclusive collector's edition. The Kassandra Collector's Edition includes all of the content from the Deluxe and Gold editions of the game, along with the steelbook case, and of course, a 9-inch figurine of one of the protagonists, Kassandra.

Spartan and Pantheon Collector's Editions

Price: $159.99 or $219.99

Retailers: Ubisoft Store

These collector's editions are for the true hardcore Assassin's Creed fans. Coming with all of the content from the Deluxe and Gold editions, both editions also come with a steelbook case, a 64-page art book, an exclusive lithograph by Hugo Puzzuoli, a print of the game's hand-drawn map, and the soundtrack.

The Spartan collector's edition contains the Spartan Leap Statue, measuring 15 and a half inches tall. The Pantheon collector's edition comes with the Athenian statue along with the Spartan one to create the Nemesis diorama. Both of these editions are sold exclusively through the Ubisoft store.


Planning on pre-ordering Assassin's Creed Odyssey? Let us know what you're looking forward to most below along with which version you'll be picking up!

Destiny 2 Guide: How to Get Ace of Spades Fri, 07 Sep 2018 10:20:34 -0400 Sergey_3847

The Hunter-exclusive exotic hand cannon, Ace of Spades, has returned to Destiny 2 in the new expansion -- Forsaken. This powerful weapon has 13 bullets in magazine and allows you to clear an entire room of enemies with precision kill bonuses.

Getting Ace of Spades will not be easy in Destiny 2, as the quest consists of several different steps, which are described in our step-by-step guide below. So keep on reading if you want to know how to get this exotic weapon right now.

Step 1: Start Cayde's Will Quest

The key to unlocking Ace of Spades lies in the Cayde's Will quest, which becomes available at Banshee-44 after you've finished the main campaign.

This quest consists of the following steps:
  • Get 5 Invasion Kills in Gambit

Gambit is a new PvP mode in the Forsaken DLC that puts two teams of four guardians against each other.

You can easily finish this step by asking your buddies to invade your game, and in this way you can quickly get the required 5 kills with a hand cannon.

  • Get 250 Kills in Strikes

This is probably the easiest task of them all. Just choose any of the available Strikes in Destiny 2 and look out for places where it's easy to farm Thralls. In no time you should be able to get the required 250 kills with your hand cannon.

  • Get 25 Precision Kills in Crucible

Choose any Crucible playlist that is available in Destiny 2 and equip a hand cannon that has the lowest recoil, which is exactly what you need for precision kills. In this case, the best choice would be Dire Promise, a legendary kinetic hand cannon that is available in Clan Engrams.

Step 2: Search for Cayde's Stashes

When you're done killing enemies with a hand cannon, you will be given the task to find four Cayde's caches that are hidden in different locations. Here's how you can get all of them quickly:

  • Find the cache on Io

When you arrive at Io's Lost Oasis landing zone, head straight to the northern area of Terrabase Charon. From there make your way up to The Wraith Mines location and you will see the chest hidden in a crack of the wall.

  • Find the cache on Nessus

The second cache will take you to Nessus. There go to Exodus Black landing zone and dive into the Sunken Cavern. Pass it through into the big round chamber and check out the top of the wall for another chest.

  • Find the cache on the Tangled Shore

At the asteroid wasteland of Tangled Shore go to the Jetsam of Saturn location, and head straight through the cave in the south to its very edge. There you will find an opening in the rock with another hidden stash at the Hellrise Canyon.

  • Find the cache in the EDZ

The final cache can be found in the EDZ at the Firebase Hades location. But not exactly, it's in one of the connecting areas -- Legions' Anchor, where the Arms Dealer strike takes place. Move towards the big alcove to your right and you should see the notification about the stash being nearby.

Step 3: Complete Ace in the Hole Quest

Lastly, go to Titan and finish a short and very simple Ace in the Hole solo mission, in which you will be listening to Cayde's monologue and pick up his chests on the way.

This is a very linear type of mission so you won't have trouble seeing the chests as they are openly placed throughout the main path.

When you find all 10 chests, bring the parts back to Banshee, and you will be rewarded with the Aces of Spades hand cannon.


That is all on how to get the Ace of Spades exotic weapon in the Forsaken expansion, and for other Destiny 2 guides at GameSkinny, be sure to check out the list below: 

SCUM Advanced Controls Guide Thu, 06 Sep 2018 11:41:39 -0400 Sergey_3847

SCUM has become very popular very quickly due to its incredibly deep and advanced survival mechanics. Obviously, in order to succeed in such a complex game one must know the controls as well as possible.

If you're having questions regarding the controls in the game or can't figure out how to activate some of the hidden actions, then follow our quick guide on advanced controls in SCUM right below.

Advanced Mouse Controls

Left Mouse Button

LMB activates combat mode in the game and allows you to either shoot from an equipped firearm or use melee weapon.

But you could also throw a melee weapon if you press and hold LMB. This will allow you to effectively kill animals in the distance.

Right Mouse Button

RMB is mostly used to block attacks during combat, but it can also assist in better sniping.

You can use it to aim down the sight, and if you press and hold RMB, then you will enter the Focus mode, an advanced vision that allows you to track down animals and such.

Mouse Wheel

The wheel allows for some subtle adjustments as well. For example, you can use it to switch between fire modes, but you can also combine it with other keys for the following effects:

  • Shift + Wheel: Sets your scope range.
  • Shift + Alt + Wheel: Sets your scope windage.
  • Ctrl + Wheel: Changes the height of your stance.
  • Alt + Wheel: Activates Free Look mode.

Advanced Keyboard Controls


You can easily calculate the windage by simply pressing the Ctrl key once while aiming. Also, if you want to stabilize your scope, then press and hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard.


The number keys 1 and 2 activate right and left shoulder holsters respectively. Numbers from 3 to 0 activate quick access to your inventory.


Some of the alphabetic keys may completely elude you in SCUM, but they can activate some amazing features you shoud know about:

  • G: Toggles night vision.
  • Enter: Switches camera.
  • X: Lay down.
  • C: Crouch.
  • V: Activates combat stance.
  • W+S+LMB: Activates a combo.


That is all for advanced controls guide in SCUM. For even more SCUM guides at GameSkinny, please take a look at the list below:

SCUM: Lethal & Edible Mushroom Guide Thu, 06 Sep 2018 11:40:06 -0400 Victoria B.

SCUM is a hyper-realistic survival game where everything you do affects your character's health and abilities. Because of this, you cannot simply go around eating whatever you please and expect the same generic result.

Unlike other games where food consumption typically has a positive outcome, SCUM provides realistic reactions to dangerous foods. Some can lead to sickness, vomiting, and diarrhea.  

One consumable that can be tricky to trust are mushrooms. Some can give you the energy you need to continue forwards, while others will lead to sickness. Follow this guide to ensure your safety around these foods.

Lethal Mushrooms

These mushrooms might look similar to any other, but they are actually poisonous. You should avoid consuming these, as it will lead to sickness.

  • Amanita Virosa - Poisonous fungus nicknamed, Destroying Angel. One mushroom cap is enough to kill an adult.

  • Amantia Phalloides - Commonly known as the Death Cap. These contain amatonxins which can't be removed through cooking.

  • Amanita Pantheria -  The Panther Cap. These psychoactive caps are poisonous and can lead to death.

Edible Mushrooms

These mushrooms can be safely eaten only in small amounts. Eating too many at once can induce vomiting and sickness. However, mushrooms will provide some essential vitamin D, fiber, and other minerals for your character.

  • Agaricus Augustus - Edible brown mushroom with a convex cap

  • Boletus Edulis - Pore covered, brown caps

  • Cantharellus Cibarius - Orange, yellow, and white with gills and ridges. 

  • Psilocybe Cyanescens - Dark brown with flat cap

  • Lepiota Procera - Brown and white with rough cap. Not to be confused with the Death Cap.

  • Lycoperdon Gigantea - Large white mushroom that can cause upset stomach when overeaten. 

Scavenging for mushrooms will be necessary for your survival because most will provide you with loads of vitamins, fiber, minerals, and a full stomach. You also don't need any equipment to collect mushrooms, so they are an easy source of nutrition if you can find the right ones.

Eat them with caution though because one false judgement could lead to serious illness. Use this guide before playing SCUM, and if you forget the list of dangerous mushrooms, be sure to check back before consuming any weird fungi along your journey.


If you're trying up to your survival rate in the wilds, check out our other SCUM guides here on GameSkinny!

SCUM Game Guide: How to Refill Your Water Bottle Wed, 05 Sep 2018 11:53:05 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Surviving in SCUM isn't always easy. While that's true for other games in the genre, SCUM ramps things up with dozens of statistics and meters for everything from caloric and mineral intake to bladder and bowel levels. With so many things to keep an eye on, it's easy to overlook some of the simpler survival mechanics, like refilling your water bottle. 

It seems easy, but in true SCUM form, refilling your water bottle isn't as simple as finding fresh water and dipping the bottle in. If you're stuck on figuring it out, read on. 

As you explore the map, look for areas of fresh water both in the countryside and in towns. Keep an eye out for ponds, lakes, rivers, wells, water pumps, fountains, and more. Of course, be careful drinking out of stagnant water sources in the wild since doing so could lead to sickness. 

Once you've found a water source, here are the steps for filling your water bottle, including the PET

  • Open your inventory
  • Left-click the water bottle
  • Hover over the water source 
    • Stay in your inventory while doing this
  • Right-click the water source
  • Select the "Fill" option

You'll know you've properly selected your water bottle in your inventory because the box around it will turn red.

Also, keep in mind that it appears you can't fill the water bottle if it is already full. To check the water level, open your inventory and look at the bottle. It will show the current water level -- although you'll have to check it manually by actually looking at the level. There's no "meter" that tells you the current level. Checking level is important for the PET, as it currently seems to only refill when it is completely empty. 

Some players have said that highlighting the water source and simply holding the "F" key will bring up the "Fill" option, but as of right now, that process seems hit or miss. Opening your inventory and following the steps above is the sure-fire way to take fresh water on the go.  

Where Can I Find Water Bottles?

The best places to find them are in towns. Look specifically in gas stations, convenience stores, and supermarkets as they're most likely to spawn there. You can also look in residential areas and military compounds. You can also find them on other players, but they'll have to be carrying it, and you'll have to kill them first. 

Since water bottles are pretty important to your survival, you might want to consider stashing some at your base in a wooden box -- or some other type of container. 


That's all you need to know about refilling your water bottle in SCUM, as well as where to find them in the first place. Check out our other SCUM guides here. 

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Azur Lane Upgrade and Leveling Guide Wed, 05 Sep 2018 11:45:25 -0400 Ty Arthur

Ready to get hooked on another mobile gacha title and upgrade an endless horde of summoned creatures?

At least, in this case, the "creatures" are a little easier on the eyes. We all knew ships are supposed to be named after women, but apparently in the Azur Lane universe, they actually *are* women!

If you're just getting started, you're probably a little lost in all the upgrading, Limit Breaking, and leveling options available. Let's dive right in and see where you should focus your efforts!

Azur Lane Upgrade and Leveling Strategy

Hyper-focusing on just a few ships to the exclusion of your larger dock isn't very helpful for the harder, higher reward events.

On the opposite end, leveling everything to have a bunch of decent ship girls but none that are high level with max skills isn't helpful either.

When upgrading your ships, your goal is to acquire the most experience and rewards for the least amount of oil spent. Because oil serves the same function as energy in other freemium games, you want as much as possible to keep playing.

This means carefully balancing daily quests and events with your farming attempts. By the mid-game, it becomes difficult to grind maps on hard mode and still complete daily quests, as there's just not enough oil to go around.

Limit Breaking all of your ships in the early stages is a waste of oil. Instead, it's better to wait to Limit Break until a ship is nearing max level, or when you are struggling with a specific stage.

When starting off, your first order of business is to reach stage 3-4 and farm there until you manage to get both Kaga and Akagi. From there, you want to build two full fleets (12 ships) of level 70+ with any ships that fit your play style.

When you get to that point, its time to farm stages 6-1 and 6-2 for advanced upgrade materials to get the strongest possible fleet.

Efficient Leveling In Azur Lane

When you have upgraded ships and can auto-battle an area, only using three ships in a fleet is the most efficient way to level up. Two ships are guaranteed to get 1.5 - 2 times bonus experience due to being the flagship or MVP of the battle.

Any ship girl with a good mood (received from spending time in the dorm) gets a further 1.2x experience bonus. Make sure to put your entire leveling team in the dorm to get the good mood bonus before farming!

When using three characters at a time all with the good mood bonus, this is an excellent leveling strategy:

  • Use one Limit Break 2 ship that's level 50 or above to act as your main damage dealer/tank
  • Use one level 30 or above ship you want to level up
  • Use one low-level ship at Limit Break 0 you want to level up 
  • Auto battle a location you want to farm repeatedly
  • Continue farming until the mid-level ship hits level 50+ and your low-level front row ship is ready to Limit Break
  • Shift the locations of all the ships for a revamped group of three
  • The mid-level ship takes the position of the high-level ship, the low-level ship takes up the position of the formerly mid-level ship, and a new low-level ship joins the fleet to be leveled
  • Rinse and repeat to keep leveling your fleet as your oil reserves allow

Obviously, this strategy should be tweaked when you're just starting and don't have level 30+ or 50+ ships yet. Instead, just put your highest level with a mid-level and a low-level ship.

With this strategy, keep in mind that some ships will take longer than others to upgrade. Destroyers have less overall damage output so won't get the MVP bonus as often, for instance. As you move to new chapters, your back line also needs to bet at higher Limit Breaks to survive the increased challenges.

Best Azur Lane Farming and Leveling Techniques

When farming a stage, take a look at the number of triangles on any enemy fleet. If you are overpowered to the stage, go after three triangle fleets immediately.

If you are struggling with a stage, its best to retreat when there are multiple three triangle fleets sailing around the map. You lose 10 oil, but that's cheaper than losing entire battles with a full fleet.

Remember when farming a stage that the flagship boss gives the best drops, and usually has a guaranteed ship drop. To use the least oil for the best return, go straight to the flagship when it becomes available in that stage.

What about leveling up new level 1 ships when you're in the mid-to-late game? You don't want to waste oil farming chapter 1 stages that give you terrible rewards that aren't worth the cost.

Instead of going back to those easy stages, pop your low-level ship girls in the dorm! Ships girls gain experience on the first floor of the dorm if you buy them food. While this does consume gold, you can level up quite quickly this way to make a character viable for farming.

Picking And Upgrading Equipment

Just as important as leveling is getting the proper equipment to maximize your damage and evasion. Your stats modify equipment damage (rather than the other way around) so the better your equipment, the more you will be able to auto-battle harder stages.

When opening boxes for equipment, always stick to purple rarity or higher boxes and remember that you can combine lower grade boxes to get a higher rarity!

In the early chapters, you may end up using blue rarity or lower equipment when no purple is available yet. In these cases, do not upgrade this equipment. It has a lower upgrade cap and is a massive waste of resources. Instead, replace with purple or higher equipment later and then upgrade those weapons instead.

Every day, also be sure to complete the highest hard mode stage you possibly can three times. This gives you core data to spend in the shop on better equipment.

Azur Lane Leveling Tier List

Nearly any ship girl in this game can be useful in different situations. While there are some really great combos that tend to outclass the others (like Kaga and Akagi), in general, any ship can work well from beginning to end.

That being said, there are some ships in each faction that are better suited for different roles. Some ships can easily heal themselves or have other useful skills that make them better at soloing mobs or taking down aircraft for instance.

Below we break down which ships tend to work out best for soloing mobs, having all-around high damage capacity for leveling, and for healing your fleet.

Best for clearing out mobs solo:
  • Downes (max blue skill)
  • Cassin (max blue skill)
  • Fletcher
  • Phoenix
  • Erebus
  • Nelson
  • Terror
  • Abercrombie

Best for high damage capacity:
  • Witchita
  • Arizona
  • Kaga (must be paired with Akagi)
  • Akagi (must be paired with Kaga)
  • Ayanami
  • Gridley
  • Laffey (better after remodel)
  • Ajaz (better after remodel)
  • Achilles (better after remodel)
  • Helena
  • South Dakota
  • Enterprise
  • Javelin
  • Chicago
  • Suffolk
  • Warspite
  • Yuudachi
  • Fusou
  • Yamashiro

Best healers:
  • Unicorn
  • Akashi
  • Shouhou
  • Vestal
  • Juneau (heals team when sinking)


Do you have any other tips for efficient leveling, farming, and upgrade in Azur Lane? Sound off and let us know your strategy in the comments section below!

SCUM Game Guide: How to Reshade Wed, 05 Sep 2018 10:54:24 -0400 Sergey_3847

SCUM is now one of the most popular games on Steam, and it's one of the most in-depth survival games in the genre. However, it's not without its problems. If you want to tweak the game's graphics with reshade to make it look the best it can, you might run into a few roadblocks along the way.

Fortunately, there is a software that can help you change the game graphics settings to whatever you want. It's called ReShade, and it is completely free. 

If you want to know how to use ReShade in SCUM, then follow our step-by-step guide below.

Step 1: Install ReShade

ReShade is an advanced video software that can provide you with a huge number of settings that can be applied to SCUM. But first, you need to install the software. Here's how:

  1. Go to
  2. Download the latest version of ReShade 3.4.1
  3. Install and start ReShade

When the software is installed on your PC, you can start using its features. Here's what to do next.

Step 2: Select SCUM Game Folder

After installing ReShade, you need to let it know which game's graphics settings you want to change. That's why you need to show ReShade the path to your SCUM game folder. Follow these steps:

  1. In ReShade's main menu, choose "Select Game"
  2. Go to "/Steam/steamapps/common/SCUM/SCUM/binaries/Win64/" folder
  3. Open "SCUM.exe" file
  4. Select Direct3D 10+ rendering API

Confirm your choice, and ReShade will install all the necessary libraries on your PC.

Step 3: Choose ReShade Effects

Finally, you can choose which ReShade effects you want to use in SCUM. Here are a few recommended effects:

  • Ambient Light
  • Clarity
  • Fake HDR
  • Vibrance

This simple combination will instantly make your game look brighter and richer in terms of color and light. You can activate the ReShade effects in the game by pressing Shift+F2.


Now, SCUM will look even better, letting you get the most out of the game. For more SCUM guides at GameSkinny, be sure to check out the list below:

Ready for Battle: The Ultimate Gameplay Guide for Black Ops 4 and Battlefield 5 Wed, 05 Sep 2018 09:36:06 -0400 John Schutt

The FPS genre is a seemingly simple one to master. Be on map. See enemy. Point weapon at enemy. Make enemy fall down. Those are the basics.

Then there's the more granular details: map knowledge and control, aim sensitivity, weapon meta, class balance and distribution, and a laundry list of other factors to consider. And while fall 2018 brings with it a slew of FPS titles vying for your attention, we're going to focus on two of the big ones. Perhaps the biggest ones: Battlefield 5 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

Things are different this year because both series are pushing new iterations they hope will shake up play and bring in new blood. Battlefield 5 is mixing up how classes function, upping the overall lethality of their weapons, and speeding up the rest of overall play.

Black Ops 4 slows down the time to kill and they've removed health regeneration, but through some kind of space magic (tighter maps, on-the-fly healing, and high-powered weapons), the overall pace isn't just the same: it's faster.

How, then, to succeed in an altered landscape if you're an established player? I'm glad you asked. Below are some tips and strategies you can use to take both games by storm when they release this fall.

Focus on Fundamentals


Let's talk some core concepts that any competitive FPS player should have down to a science: aim recentering and map awareness. First, let's look at some expert tips on how to aim like a pro in both games.

Alone, with just your weapon of choice, stand in an empty map -- on a private server if possible -- and practice the following steps:

  1. Empty the magazine, then pull your aim back down to where you'll be shooting in 95% of your engagements.

  2. Once you're comfortable, start using less ammo to learn progressively smaller recoil patterns.

  3. Next, start moving side to side, but try to keep the recoil the same.

For a different kind of challenge, don't shoot at all. Instead, try to keep your crosshairs in the same spot no matter what you do. Jump, strafe, go prone. Whatever your character's capable of, see if you can keep your aim steady. It doesn't take as much time as you might think to get it right.

The second thing to pin down is your knowledge of the maps in your chosen game. This tip is harder for Battlefield because of the size of each map, but it's valuable no matter what kind of shooter you play.

Here are the steps you need to take for optimal memorization of any given BF5 of BLoPs 4 map:

  1. Go into a private match or an empty server, load in, and just start exploring.

  2. Give yourself infinite ammo and grenades/abilities if you can. As you wander around.
    • Make a mental note of where the major chokepoints are and try to predict where the majority of engagements will take place.

  3. Ask yourself: Where are the power positions, how long does it take me to get to the middle of the map, what kinds of alternate routes are there, what can I shoot through, and so on.

While time-consuming depending on map size and count, I think it's preferable than going in completely blind.

Battlefield 5 and the Power of Control

Battlefield 5 is built on the back of its classes, and each class has two primary facets: speed and utility. The former is fairly straightforward, as it describes the play speed of the class. The second is more complicated, but it essentially boils it down to, "How much does this class offer the overall team?"

You have to understand both concepts to understand how best to play each class. Below is a summary of which class is best for what kind of player and how you can be successful in each.

Class: Assault

Assault is always the bread and butter class in any engagement. Assault is fast and hits hard but crumbles like a ton of bricks without proper support. Their primary advantage is in speed, though they are somewhat lacking in utility.

  • Who this class is for: The rusher and the action hero.

  • What the class offers: Unmatched overall firepower and deadliness to both infantry and vehicles.

  • Where the class excels: Dealing as much damage as possible in the shortest amount of time to the highest number of enemies.

  • Where the class is weakest: Team-play. The Assault offers vehicle and infantry control, but without teammates of other classes to resupply, heal, and provide cover fire, they fall short.
Class: Medic

Medic is everyone's best friend. The Medic ensures everyone on the team can take a hundred bullets and still fight. Light on overall speed but high in utility, the medic is a good introductory class for new players, even if they've played other shooters.

  • Who this class is for: The new player or those who want a slower, more tactical approach.

  • What the class offers: The ability to keep entire squads in the fight, make important plays from a medium distance, and act as an anchor for the next push.

  • Where the class excels: Mid-range support when moving between objectives and the ability to ensure overwhelming numbers during the next big push.

  • Where the class is weakest: Close quarters. Single-shot rifles with a limited magazine mean only one or two fights between each reload. A constant stream of health is nice to have, but it won't help if you've got no bullets.
Class: Support

Support is everyone's other best friend. Without a support, somebody's running out of ammo at the worst possible time. The Support is fairly balanced, offering a healthy mix of speed and utility without sacrificing lethality.

  • Who this class is for: The Rambo who wants a big gun and enough bullets to fill a Sherman tank.

  • What the class offers: The ability to keep entire armies stocked with ammunition so the fighting never stops, plus powerful, if sluggish, weaponry that packs a wallop.

  • Where the class excels: Holding down a position for what can seem like an eternity or working alongside a medic for maximum entrenchment and attack. Combine their powerful weaponry with a bi-pod and they can even compete with some sniper rifles for overall damage output.

  • Where the class is weakest: Close and extreme range. The weapons on offer fire slower than the assault's, and while they deal more damage, the longer TTK can be a hindrance. At longer ranges, the recoil bounce when not in a bi-pod poses a challenge, and without the zoom of a scope, the longest ranges are all but out of reach.
Class: Scout

The Scout is the most polarizing class in Battlefield. The Scout acts as a force multiplier, eliminating targets from long distance in one shot if the player has good aim. The Scout lacks both speed and overall utility, instead favoring vital, if sometimes momentary, support when it's needed most.

  • Who this class is for: The precision player who enjoys the satisfaction of the one-shot, one-kill mantra while also providing the team with intel on enemy positions.

  • What the class offers: The ability to create space for close-range classes and let allies know where their foes are before it's too late.

  • Where the class excels: Medium- to long-range. Unless your aim ranks among the top players currently playing an FPS, you'll want to stay at least at middle ranges. There, however, the Scout is an unmatched damage dealer and intel relay. Even non-lethal body shots and a well-placed flare can open up entire objectives.

  • Where the class is weakest: Close range and sustained firefights. Even the best shot in the world can't get around a sniper rifle's need to cycle the bolt -- and the fact you only have five bullets before reloading. And that a single squad spawn could ruin your entire day.

Taking Objectives (A.K.A. Flags)

Finally, though classes are the heart of the Battlefield experience, they only define what a player can do, not how they go about playing. That means strategy is the lifeblood of Battlefield 5, and for flag-based game modes, the most important tactic is, of course, taking flags.

You will find, no matter how good you are, the enemy will eventually be better, and they'll have every objective on the map, leaving you and your team with only your initial spawn as a staging area. It can seem like an impossible situation. 

But it's not.

One of the oldest and best ways to break a complete spawn trap is not to assault your initial capture point with everyone you have. Likely the enemy team is already there, entrenched and ready to tear your team a new one. Instead, use one of the faster vehicles often readily available in your spawn and drive all the way to the opposing spawn flag.

You'll have to withstand a few pockets of resistance as some of the enemies spawn to prevent a back-cap, but do that and your team has an open door where most of your opponents can't see them.

You'll need to depend on your teammates at this point as you and they make a pincer attack, closing in on the enemy from either side. And believe me, I hear your collective sigh about "Battlefield teammates," but there's only so much a single person or squad of four can accomplish on a team of 64.

Now, on to Black Ops 4.

In this New Call of Duty, Timing is Key

You already know about the two major shakeups to the formula in Black Ops 4: no health regeneration and a higher overall health pool. With that in mind, how does the game feel like Call of Duty? There are two primary factors that counterbalance a longer time to kill and no automatic healing: weapon handling and more close-range encounters.

When it comes to weapon handling, the vast majority of weapons in Black Ops 4 are much easier to control than their counterparts in previous games. SMGs and ARs are more laser-like than they've been in a long time, and while they still pack plenty of recoil at the edge of their effective rage — not to mention the damage drop off — if you're fighting where you should be with each weapon type, controlling them and getting kills is much more consistent.

Second, Black Ops 4's maps are tighter and more conducive to close-range encounters. The three-lane style Treyarch won't give up on remains intact, but they made sure to break up each lane in enough ways to keep engagements from approaching point blank. They even littered the longest sightlines with debris and other kinds of cover so players without a good ranged weapon can still succeed.

Know Your Rollout

The first thing you need to know is which route you'll be taking as the map opens. At the beginning of a round, both teams have a limited number of options as to how they get to the middle of the map to start the fighting. The team that secures their side's power positions first is usually the team that gets the early advantage.

That said, you'll find that 95% of all matches will start out the same. Two or three players will head to the middle where they'll want to hold down the important sightlines. One player will likely try to flank using one of the two main options available. With this knowledge, there's really only one opponent you have to really think about: account for the guy who has to choose.

It's not the hardest call to make. Your best bet at the beginning of most matches is to flank. You know there will be at least one opponent to deal with, and your primary concern is which flanking route the other team took. Be prepared for at least one fight and expect a second. Provided you win, you have an open door into your enemy's backline, and barring any colossal mistake on your part, a couple of free kills.

Remember: only 95% of matches start the same. The remaining 5% happen when you're facing a coordinated team or a few top-tier players. The latter are especially troublesome because they're unpredictable, know everything already discussed, and will be talking about the tactics below. These guys make plays few average players believe possible. Countering them is possible, just not at the beginning of a match. When facing high-skill players, you have to feel out how they work and develop strategies on the fly, as each group of them has a different way to dominate the battlespace.

Master Healing

There are a couple options when it comes to healing in Black Ops 4. One is Stim, a quick heal with an even quicker recharge that also allows you to keep your gun up as your health regenerates. For new players and players who want to stay in the fight as much as possible, Stim is almost always the way to go. Be mindful, however: Stim doesn't regen health any faster than the standard heal does; it merely comes up faster and is quicker to use. If a fight reduces you to just a few HP and the next guy you face is at 100%, you should still duck for cover.

Using Stim allows for a faster pace to your game and creates opportunities for plays impossible without it. The first strategy for optimal Stim usage is simple: one fight, one heal. A quick sidestep to safety lets you stay close to the action without putting yourself at undue risk.

The second strategy is using Stim in the middle of a firefight. You'll lose the inherent accuracy of aiming down your sights, but combine solid strafing and evasion and your health will come back faster than the enemy can take it down, all but ensuring a kill.

But what if you're using some of the other powerful equipment? Simple: use the map to your advantage. Though the default heal is slow, you can still stay in the action so long as you play smart. After winning a gunfight, take cover. Treyarch loves to put chest high somethings at every corner. Use them. There are also plenty of other convenient ways to get out of the line of fire: jump into the water, go through a doorway, run behind a teammate, and so on.

Your main issue will be facing three seconds without the ability to use your gun. In Black Ops 4, you may have two or fewer seconds before your next enemy appears. Use vulnerability as bait. As everyone can see everyone's remaining health, being in the red is a risk-reward proposition. Provided you aren't in the middle of a large field, see if you can pull a greedy enemy out of position. If you force him to back off after seeing through your ruse, you or your teammates now have a few extra seconds to work.

Control the Minimap

The maps available during the last beta had one glaring issue: there wasn't a lot of open air for fights to happen in, so airborne scorestreaks weren't quite as effective. That isn't a bad thing. While the gunship is incredibly satisfying to use, especially if you have the other team spawn trapped, it won't do much if they've got a roof to cover their heads.

Instead, focus on the tried and true combination of UAV and Counter UAV. The Fog of War mechanic might make UAV less important than it was in previous Call of Duty titles, but it isn't the end all be all of minimap control.

The standard UAV opens up the whole map, so even foes outside the Fog of War are easy for your whole team to spot. The Counter UAV robs your enemy of both Fog of War and the basic knowledge of where their own teammates are, leaving them to guess where their friends are falling and forcing them to rely on sound and skulls to navigate.

If nothing else, this combination all but guarantees continued points toward your next streak, as every kill with either or both in the sky gives 25 of the things, and that can add up quickly.

Pair your minimap control with one of three other streaks: Hellstorm, Lightning Strike, or Strike Team. Both Hellstorm and Lightning Strike give you much more control about where and how to use them, avoiding roofs and other forms of cover from the equation entirely. Strike Team, though tougher to get, isn't bound by anything except the strength of the AI, so it's usually a reliable three or four additional kills.

If some maps in the full game have an open sky, don't be afraid to run Strafe Run, Helicopter, or Gunship. Just one of these can net you at least four or five kills with a good usage, and more if you and your team can control the enemy spawns.

Which Game Should I Buy? Black Ops 4 or Battlefield 5?

The final question you should ask yourself when it comes to Black Ops 4 and Battlefield 5 is: which should I spend my money on? That comes down to your preference, and the summaries below hopefully help you decide.

Battlefield 5:

More a war zone than an isolated scuffle, Battlefield games are all about the grandness of, well, the battlefield. Matches take far longer than most other FPS games and you'll spend a lot of time traveling from place to place. DICE placed more emphasis on quicker pacing in their latest outing, but you'll still be spending at least a half hour on most rounds. It's also far more difficult to control the outcome of a match without a team backing you up.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

As fast-paced as ever and now featuring 5v5 matches, never before has it been so available for a single, highly-skilled player to dominate a Call of Duty lobby. With new tactical choices and maps focused on close-up engagements and lightning-fast combat, it's the same formula that's worked for more than a decade with a fresh coat of paint and some nice new adornments. 


Regardless of your choice, 2018 is a great year for games and especially for first-person-shooters. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 wants to dominate the market once again, and Battlefield 5 is aiming higher than the series ever has. Both are getting their own battle royale mode, and we'll be covering Blackout when it releases. 

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for all everything you'll need to improve your skills this season.

Fortnite Season 5, Week 9 Challenge Guide: Follow the Treasure Map Found in Shifty Shafts Tue, 04 Sep 2018 10:37:46 -0400 Sergey_3847

This week's Battle Star challenge in Fortnite asks you to find a location indicated on a map found in Shift Shafts. You don't actually need to look for the map itself if you don't want though, as it's leaked online already.

The main issue now is to figure out what place exactly this map is showing. If you want to quickly identify the location of the Battle Star in Season 5, Week 9 challenge, then follow our quick guide below.

The map distinctly shows that the Battle Star will spawn on one of the hills somewhere in the eastern part of the map. There are a few places that could fit the description, but if you look carefully at the map, you will notice that the hills are really tall.

Well, since most hill formations in the eastern part of the map are rather short, then there is only one place left to look for -- and that would be the hills between the Dusty Divot and Salty Springs.

Try to land in that area and circle around the hills to see the exact spot of the Battle Star. It should be seen on one of the outer hills of the formation. Then, go up to the star and claim it to be able to complete this week's challenge.

With this guide, you can finish this challenge in a heartbeat and level up your Battle Pass without wasting time searching for the map.


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Fortnite Season 5, Week 9 Challenge Guide: Search Chests in Pleasant Park Tue, 04 Sep 2018 10:37:43 -0400 Sergey_3847

Securing seven chests each week may not be the easiest task to complete taking into account how many other players want to do the same thing in Fortnite. This week's challenge brings us to Pleasant Park.

You may not be aware of all the locations of the chests at this particular location since most of them are hidden inside the buildings. So follow our guide below for all the possible chests locations in Pleasant Park to level up your Battle Pass.

Where are Chests in Pleasant Park?

The best area to start searching for chests in Pleasant Park is the soccer pitch. You will always find one chest standing right there in the open middle of the field. So go ahead and grab that one right away.

From there move on to the house in the southwest that holds one chest in the attic and another one in the garage. Then go up to the two houses north from here and check the attics for three more easy chests.

The brick house in the north also has two chests in the attic. Move on to the northeast for another house with a chest in the attic, and another one inside a dog's booth outside of the building.

You will find one more chest in the central part of the location, and the last chest is hidden inside the basement of the building in the eastern area.

This should be sufficient enough for you to collect seven or more chests in one go.


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Green Hell Plants Guide: Flowers, Fruits and Mushrooms Mon, 03 Sep 2018 19:18:25 -0400 Sergey_3847

The green world of Green Hell, the latest survival game from Creepy Jar, is very rich and inspired by real-life plant species, which can be found in the tropics of the Amazon.

Currently, there are a limited number of plants you can collect in the game and use either as a food source or for medicinal purposes. If you wonder what types of plants in Green Hell you can actually use and discard the rest, then follow our guide below.

Flowers and Leaves

  • Tobacco: Pink flowers with green leaves that can be used to craft antivenom.
  • Molineria: Yellow flowers with green leaves that can be crafted into bandages.
  • Quassia Amara: Red flowers that grow on short trees and are used for curing fever.
  • Water Lily: White flowers that can be found on ponds cure food poisoning.

Fruits and Nuts

  • Unknown Orange Fruit: Grows on small bushes, looks like an orange and satiates hunger refilling your levels of carbohydrates.
  • Banana: Grows on banana palms and satiates hunger with carbohydrates.
  • Cassava: Root-like brown fruit that grows on Cassava plant can be eaten only in cooked form; replenishes your carbs.
  • Unknown nut: Nuts that fall from palm trees that can be safely eaten as a source of fats.


  • Phallus Indusiatus: A mushroom that is covered by a soft veil; it is safe to consume but only in cooked form or you'll get food poisoning.
  • Cookeina Speciosa: A red mushroom that cures parasites from drinking dirty water.
  • Leptonia: A blue mushroom that grows on trees and completely inedible.
  • Unknown brown mushroom: Glows green in the dark and can be safely consumed in raw form.


That is all for all the consumable plants guide, and of course, the developers will add even more plant species to the game in the future. So come back soon for more Green Hell guides at GameSkinny!

SCUM General Guide To Survival Sat, 01 Sep 2018 15:54:37 -0400 Zack Palm

Like any good hardcore survival simulation game, SCUM doesn’t hand you the instruction manual -- let alone does it even remotely hint at what you should try to focus on or detail the best route to survival. You’re expected to figure it all out on your own with the constant pressure of death awaiting you around every corner.

To ensure you get as much as you can out of each run as you attempt to survive the puppets, robots, and other players roaming around in SCUM, we crafted this guide to break down some important aspects to keep in mind if you want to succeed. Take a look!

Avoid Sugary Foods and Beverages

The developers behind SCUM were listening to their doctors when they heard how badly these high sugar snacks were. This is reflected in the game as they give your prisoner negative health effects if you have too many at one time. You need to save these specific foods for when you’re absolutely desperate and your prisoner is nearly starving.

The more you consume, the less energy you’re going to have over time which means you’re going to have less stamina. It’s important to consume these items in moderation.

As of right now, you’re unable to view the nutritional stats of any food or beverage you pick up. However, if you take the time to read the item’s brief description and name you should determine what food items are high in sugars and fat.

Loading Your Gun

When you discover a gun, a magazine, and some bullets in SCUM, you've hit the jackpot! You're ready to take on more zombies than you could with a melee weapon and even go after players if you spot any in the distance. Though, these items do not magically go together. You need to handle them accordingly and get them set up so you seamlessly load them into your new weapon and fire at whatever you want to take down.

The first thing you need to do is load your bullets into the magazine. Do this by going into your inventory, dragging them into the magazine, and load them in. A magazine can only hold so many bullets, so not all of them will go in. After you've done this, you can then reload your weapon and your character should slap the loaded magazine into it. You're ready to start shooting!

It's important for you to know you do not need the magazine to start firing your weapon. You only need the bullets. However, if you only have the bullets on your person your character will load them one at a time, between each shot. This is a great thing to do if you're in trouble, but again, you only have one shot before you have to reload again. Make them count.

Hunting Made Easy

Because you’re meant to survive during your time on this island, you’re going to need to learn how to catch your own food. There are several different animals wandering the forests you can hunt and loot to provide for your character. For those without the best weapons, you’re going to have to improvise such as throwing a shovel or an axe at a deer to try and kill it.

Unfortunately, it may not down the creature immediately, but that’s okay! If you’ve hit a creature with a sharp object, look around the area of where it ran off to. Chances are you’ll find a blood trail and be able to follow it to its next location. For those with great aim, the animal should die shortly after getting hit by your weapon, even when it runs off after you hit it. This doesn’t happen every time, so prepare to run after it if it bolts!

Hold Items You Want To Use

Because SCUM is in early access, you’re going to run into a number of different bugs. These all differ from graphical issues, not being able to craft items in your inventory, or being able to perform certain gameplay functions with a new item. You can’t expect everything to work.

However, a number of players are running into the problem of not knowing how to have two items interact with one another. For example, some players may not know how to start a fire when they’re carrying pieces of wood and have matches or a lighter on them.

How do you get this to work? Your character has to hold the matches or lighter in their hands in order to light the bundle of sticks in their inventory.

You have to think like a computer programmer for this thought process to make sense! It works this way because you want the matches and lighter to perform an action to something your character is holding in their inventory. Think like this whenever you want to have your character to use an item to do something, and it should work. If this advice doesn’t work, try switching what your character is holding or log back in to find out if it’s a server issue.

Treating Injuries

Escaping a foe in SCUM is the first step to winning a fight. The second step is surviving any injuries you might have.

These injuries are based on how badly your character was wounded and the type of injury they suffered. The first you’ll want to do is go to your character’s health management page and see what afflictions you’re dealing with. No matter what you’re dealing with, whenever you’re using a specific medical item to treat something you need to right-click it and then ingest it or apply the first aid.

Some of the injuries you’ll deal with vary in severity. It should tell you your injuries level and inform you of what healing item you’ll need to deal with it. In worst cases, these injuries become infected or require you to take antibiotics before they’re fully healed. You can use any of these items if you’re dealing with a physical injury:

  • Rags or cloth (level 1)
  • Clean bandages (level 2)
  • First aid kit (level 3)

When you’re dealing with level 1 injuries you need to disinfect the rags before you apply them. This way the wounds heal far faster than if you only placed the material on top of it.

Need Vitamins? Devour Fruits and Vegetables!

While in the health effects screen in SCUM, you’ll notice a breakdown of what’s happening inside your character’s body. A small section of this area details what kind of vitamins your character needs to consume in order to remain healthy.

If you’re on the search on how to boost your vitamin D and E charts, you’re going to want to consume vegetables to provide the largest boost. Where do you find them? The best places for you to go are sections C2 and C3. There you’ll find a small cluster of farms where you should have a higher chance of finding vegetables. Not only will this assist in boosting your character’s vitamin intake, but it will also lower your character’s overall hunger.

For those in a mad dash to keep their vitamin D levels in check, take off any large upper garment you have on and stand outside! Your character can acquire a small amount by having their skin exposed to sunlight. As you may imagine, you can use this to your advantage when the sun is out.

Fighting Other Players

When you're playing multiplayer, you're never alone in SCUM. There's probably a few players wandering the wilderness with you, attempting to survive as much as you are. You must remain weary about them, and if you encounter them, you have to decide what's the best decision for you make: fight or flight?

For those who truly aspire to gain anything in this game, they will almost always choose fight.

The most important thing to watch while you're fighting another player is your stamina meter. This determines how many hits you're going to get in and how strong of a blow you can inflict on them. The more stamina you have, the longer you can fight and outlast your opponent.

If they only have a melee weapon, a good strategy is to let them throw the first handful of attacks at you and then proceed to attack. You want to do this because they have just as much stamina as you, and you know how precious it is. By forcing them to throw as much of themselves at you as they can, you'll catch them off guard when they low stamina and you can freely attack them. This means you're going to have to learn how to properly dodge and evade their blows. You'll have time to practice against the puppets on the island, but that's it.

When your opponents have a gun, running and evading will prove even more critical. Having them waste their ammo is as important as getting close them, especially if you do not have a ranged weapon. Don't focus on rushing an opponent with a gun, instead focus on weaving and dodging around whatever environment you're surrounded in. In a small field? Try to use the thick foliage to your advantage. Use whatever you have around you, get close, and take them out quickly!

Avoiding/Combating The Robots in SCUM

For those who have ventured to the riskier parts of the game, you've likely run into the small floating robots who shine a bright light on you and ask you to leave. These robots do not harm you, but they give away your position and ask you to leave the area. What you need to look out for is the larger robots roaming the game. These ones can, and will, take you out with one shot. You can destroy them, but it takes a large group of prisoners to work together to do so. Do not attack them when you're alone.

The best thing for you to do when you see one of the smaller robots is jump inside of a building as quickly as possible. When you're inside the building, they will eventually leave you alone and fly away. They can't see you inside of a building and they'll wander off eventually. The larger robots are completely different beast.

You can find these monstrous robots in the middle of fields, where you won't have access to a safe building to get away or elude them. Have your character sprint as hard as they can in the direction of a building, and try to shake the robot. This may still get you killed, but it's the best chance you have of surviving the encounter. The worst for you to do is engage them with a melee weapon or gun. Do not provoke the robots. 

If you do get a group together to try and take them out, and you do take them out, is it worth it? The answer is, no. You won't get any insane loot from the robot, nor will you receive a large chunk of fame points for doing so. This will likely change in the future.


These helpful pieces of information and tips should assist you in staying alive long enough to figure out something new every time you play SCUM. Try experimenting along the way and make sure you’re staying informed on the developer’s progress as they continue to release new updates on their game.

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Fallout 4 Project Valkyrie Mod Quest Guide Sat, 01 Sep 2018 15:45:25 -0400 Ty Arthur

Ready to reinstall Fallout 4 and experience a whole new quest line with a bunch of new companions? Project Valkyrie re-tools much of the end game and gives you a whole new storyline to work through.

In order to use Project Valkyrie, you need to have the Outcasts & Remnants mod to be installed first. The Fusion City mod is recommended, but not required. Your character also needs to be able to pick master locks or you can't complete the quests.

Because the mod quests intersect heavily with the main vanilla quests, there's possibility for conflicts to arise. If you run into a problem where a quest isn't finishing properly, talk to one of the new companions and pick the option to end or restart the current quest.

Besides the new quests and companions, Project Valkyrie significantly alters how the end games plays out. You no longer have to pick one specific faction to work with, and you aren't railroaded into help that faction annihilate the others.

Starting Project Valkyrie

This mod's primary quest line is tied closely to the vanilla game's Secret Of Cabot House side quest, which has to be started first to gain access to the new Project Valkyrie content.

If you've already completed this quest and can freely enter the Parsons State Insane Asylum, just head straight there to find Valkyrie. Talking to her begins the In A Darkened Room quest.

If you haven't started or completed the Cabot content yet, first travel to Cabot House, which is found north of Goodneighor and west of the Old North Church.

The door is locked and can't be picked, so talk to intercom on the left side. If you have the proper Charisma skills, you can persuade them to let you in.

If you fail the persuasion attempt, instead find the ghoul named Edward first and he'll tell you to meet him at Cabot House. He can spawn randomly at Bunker Hill, the Third Rail bar, or Dugout Inn.

Kick off this weird immortality-themed quest by accepting the job to track down a dead courier and pick up his serum. After the battle with the raiders, bring the serum back to start the Emogene Takes A Lover quest.

When Edward takes you upstairs, hack the computer on the back wall near the second staircase and read the entry labeled Patient Log S18. This entry updates the main Project Valkyrie quest In A Darkened Room.

Before you can actually get into the Asylum to meet Valkyrie, you need to have Jack unlock the doors. Keep completing tasks for Edward until you finally reach the Secret Of Cabot House quest. During that quest, Jack will unlock the Asylum.

Once inside, make sure to help Jack unlock the doors and activate the elevator, or you can get permanently stuck in the basement with no way to leave after finding Valkyrie. The only way to leave the building at that point is to use console commands to warp to a new location.

In A Darkened Room

For this first quest of Project Valkyrie, travel to the Parsons State Insane Asylum at the northeast end of the map.

Valkyrie herself is found in a locked room in the basement (you have to travel through the gap between walls and jump down the giant hole to reach this area).

Access Nurse Deesil's terminal to unlock the door, and then leave the Asylum. Note that have to actually walk by the front door to the Asylum to trigger the end of the quest, so just warping out isn't immediately helpful unless you walk back.

Be sure to talk to Valkyrie to get a dose of super charged Serum (and to give her some clothes and a weapon)! 


Talk to Valkyrie again and ask how you can help to kick off the Malpractice quest, which will have you traveling to different medical centers in search of answers.

Travel to the Medford Memorial Center, which is directly next to the Malden Center station and southwest of Greentop Nursery. This area is filled with suicide bombing super mutants, so you'll want to wear your power armor. Pick the master locked door and head up to the top section to access the terminal and find out about Valkyrie's abduction.

Next, travel to Kendall Hospital (north of the Institute and east of Cambridge Police Station). Be ready for raiders and deathclaws! In the basement, look for a terminal behind a giant hole in the wall and read the notes.

Finally, go to Mass Bay Medical (southeast of Vault 114 and Swan's Pond). Head up towards the top of the area and look for a back room with a terminal located above the power armor station. Read through those files to find out how Valkyrie was kidnapped. 

Heir To The Throne

Anytime after reading the final terminal in the previous quest, talk to Valkyrie again and ask for another job to start this quest line.

Head to Back Street Apparel and look for the blue door labeled Valkyrie's Apartment (right next to Club Snuggle). Pick the novice lock and head inside to raid the apartment, which has work benches, a power armor station, and can now serve as your home.

Grab the Note From Vanessa on the dresser chest in the bedroom and then talk to Valkyrie again. Travel to the USAF Satellite Station (southeast of Robotics Disposal Ground).

Be on the lookout for laser tripwires in here! Talk to the H.A.L.L.Y robot to get the Liberty Prime overwrite codes and then grab the shipping receipt off the dead body. Talk to Valkyrie again to complete the quest.

From this point onward, Valkyrie will offer repeatable side quests if you initiate dialog.

Wag The Dog

This quest intersects with the Brother Of Steel end game state and sees you taking over control of the faction. Its best to start this quest after completing the vanilla Show No Mercy quest so Liberty Prime is already re-assembled.

With the Liberty Prime override codes in hand, travel to the B.O.G. Bunker south of Oberland Station and chat up Fiona McBride in the lounge area of the sub-level.

Talk to the kid named Owen in the next room and take him to the safe house marked on your map (and for the love of God, don't give that child a mini-gun when he asks for one). Talk to Owen's mom -- who it turns out is none other than Sarah Lyons -- and then fight off the Brotherhood invaders.

Read the info on the terminal and talk to Sarah again, then follow the map markers to kill the Brotherhood members. Read the note labeled Orders From Kells and then show it to Owen's mom.

Deal with the Brotherhood ambush situation, and then press the glowing red button above the toilet to open a secret back room. Read the terminal and then chat with Maxson.

From there, its up to you whether to go the peaceful or violent route with Sarah. Follow her around and talk to Captain Kells and then Proctor Quinlan. Chat with Fiona again to finish the quest.

At this point you can now talk to Fiona to initiate the Peace Through Superior Firepower side quest... which has you recruiting Liberty Prime as a companion.

Yes, the insane Democracy-spreading robot Liberty Prime is now your companion. Have fun annihilating the wasteland! Obviously he can't enter buildings however, so he'll hang around outside when you enter an interior area.

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

For the final main quest of Project Valkyrie, talk to Sarah again and then go chat with Carter at Club Snuggle next to Valkyrie's apartment.

This quest has you taking control of the Institute, so its best to start before fully completing the main Institute quest lines of the vanilla game.

Fast travel to Hubris Comics and follow the map markers to get the teleporter gun components, then take them back to Carter Beckett. Walk to the pinup room in the basement of Club Snuggle and talk to Dr. Zimmer, then return to Carter again.

Go inside the Institute and load the holotape into the terminal in  Dr. Ayo's room. With the teleporter gun equipped, initiate conversation with Clayton Holdren and decide whether to kill him or teleport him elsewhere. Repeat this process with Isaac Karlin and Alana Secord, then go back and talk to Carter again.

Now just follow the quest markers to talk to Sawyer, Sarah, Desdemona, and Preston to take control of the Institute (if you really hate Preston Garvey, be sure to teleport him to prison). From here on out you can use the Director's room as your home base.

After completing the main quests, repeatable side quests become available by talking to Sarah, Valkyrie, and Owen, and by opening the terminals in each area of the Institute.

You can also now recruit the following new companions:

  • Synth Nate in the SRB Lounge of the Institute
  • Synth Gloria at the firing range in the Advanced Systems room of the Institute
  • Synth Nora in the steam shower section of the Director's room

Looking for more Fallout full conversion mods that offer extended stories and new ways to play? Check out our full run down of best Fallout mods here!

Everything You Need To Know To Get Started In Legend of Solgard Sat, 01 Sep 2018 10:00:01 -0400 QuintLyn

The latest offering from Candy Crush publisher King strays a bit from their normal fare. A turn-based Battle RPG, Legend of Solgard takes the match-three mechanics the company’s games are known for and integrates it into the game’s combat mechanics. No longer is the goal to clear the board while earning as many points as possible. Instead, players are asked to make matches strategically, in order to create the best attack and defense scenarios.

Legend of Solgard’s premise is fairly simple. It’s Ragnarok -- the Norse end of the world -- and you’ve been summoned by the messenger of the gods, Ratatoskr, to help stop it. To do this, you’ll command an ever-growing army of creatures in battles to either destroy portals before the attacking armies can make their way through or to eliminate increasingly difficult bosses. Effectively, these constitute the two primary types of battles in the game, with portal destruction being the most common of the two. (Boss battles make up about one-fifth of the game.)

How it’s different from other King games

As stated above, Legend of Solgard makes use of the match-three mechanic most of King’s games are known for. As with other games that use this mechanic, this one starts out fairly easy, and in some cases is actually less difficult than traditional match-three games.

You don’t need to match items from spaces right next to each other. Instead, you tap any creature at the bottom of a column and then tap another column to move it and complete a match and bring a unit into play. You also must manually add more creatures to the field, rather than them falling when you make matches.

One thing that hasn’t changed from other King games is the energy mechanic. Starting out, players will have 40 energy on hand. Early battles will only require one energy to start, but the requirements will increase as a player progresses. As with most mobile games, this means that eventually, you’ll wind up with two choices: wait for your energy to recharge or spend some money.

It’s a bit like a card game

If you’ve played any digital CCG’s, then some of Legend of Solgard’s mechanics may feel very familiar to you. No, you’re not actually collecting cards. You’re collecting creatures of varying types. Currently, there are 30 creatures available to unlock in the game. Even without having unlocked these creatures, it’s still possible to see their stats by looking under the Collection button at the bottom of the screen. Idols – which apply different effects to creatures – can be found here as well.

In early levels, you will only have a few creatures to summon. Ratatoskr gifts two creatures to start with and subsequent creatures are earned over time. However, it should be noted that when a new creature is acquired, you won’t have access to it immediately. Instead, you’ll need to unlock it using Sun Gems, which are earned from either winning battles or completing raids. The latter is the paid option as you’ll need to purchase raid tickets to do them.

Each creature has its own Sun Gems and requirements to obtain them. Information on how to unlock a specific creature’s Sun Gems is available in their stat sheet. There you’ll find a picture of a gem with a magnifying glass over it. Clicking on this will tell you what actions you need to complete in order to earn the gems.

The creatures 

Creatures are categorized in a few ways. The first is by color. When you begin a battle, you will notice that the creature selection screen has four slots – with each being a different color: red, yellow, green, and purple. All creatures are one of these colors, and you can only have one of each color active at a time.

The next way to categorize them is by race, which consists of beasts, small folk, warriors, spirits, critters, attackers, and wyrms. While this isn’t important immediately, it will become so as you play as you must use race weaknesses and strengths to your advantage in battle.

In addition to race, each creature also has a specific role – indicated at the top of their stat sheet. These include attackers, defenders, and supporters. Technically, all three roles will attack, but this information will come in handy when putting together a group – especially because it will affect their special abilities which can have a huge impact on later battles.

For instance: One of the first creatures obtained is the Roughpaw, a bear that fills the supporter role. Its special ability is to provide additional stats to nearby creatures. Keeping this in mind when building a group – or troubleshooting that one battle that you just can’t seem to get past – will be key in being able to progress through the 40 levels and side content currently available.

Another thing to note is that some creatures will have a "hold" before attacking, meaning that after being combined they will have to wait a turn before attacking. However, this doesn't impact any passive traits they may have, such as adding stats to other creatures.

Leveling up

As with any game with RPG elements, there is leveling involved -- for both the player character and the creatures.  For the most part, the player character's leveling process requires nothing on the part of the player. When the character levels up, they'll automatically get an increase in HP and other stats. And on some occasions, they'll get a new ability.

Creature leveling is a different matter. Yes, the creatures do earn level ranks, but there is more to it. As you progress, you'll continue to earn Sun Gems. (Yes, the same kind needed to unlock a creature in the first place.) When enough Sun Gems are acquired, you'll be able to apply them to creature's stat sheet.

If a creature has a high enough level, they will have symbols on the front of their pedestals when viewed in the stat sheet. You can choose to apply Sun Gems to any of these and upgrade individual qualities like strength, defense, crit chance, and so on. As you progress, it will be important to be aware of what qualities you're upgrading on each creature -- particularly since you'll be using combinations of creatures in battle and you want to make the best use of them as a team.

The good thing here is that while creatures are going to have crossovers in what qualities you can upgrade, each one is slightly different. But, for example, you don't want to just level strength on every single creature that has it without taking into account how their other qualities might be of more use.


In addition to using qualities, you can also use Idols to improve your creatures.  Idols are special items that are acquired through crafting. As you play, you'll obtain various items needed for crafting.

Once crafted, Idols are applied to creatures by placing them on the podiums behind the creature in their stat sheets.

Not all creatures can use the same Idols. To determine what Idol your creature can use you'll need to look at the symbols on the podiums behind them. These correspond with symbols on the top of the Idols. Tapping on an Idol will also inform you of any other criteria a creature must meet -- such as having hit a certain level or having a specific role.

Combat basics 

For the most part, the basics of combat will be covered in the game’s tutorial – which is fairly thorough. Legend of Solgard plays in combat turns – player against AI. During their turn, players can execute three moves. These moves can be used to combine creatures in order to create larger, more powerful creatures (or defense structures), to remove creatures preventing combinations, or to add more creatures to the bottom of the field.

As with other match-three games, different combinations of creatures will have different results. Combining three of the same creature in a column will create a slightly larger, slightly more powerful creature, combining four in a square will create an even bigger creature, and combining three or more in a row will create defense barriers the enemy must break through in order to be able to attack you or your army. These are just a few examples. As players progress, more combinations with differing results are made available.

Each battle starts with a number of creatures already on the board -- meaning that for at least the first turn, you effectively get a free move. Otherwise, your first move would be summoning creatures. Instead, you can make good use of that first turn by making solid matches and getting in an early attack.

Early in the game, the goal will simply be to take down the portal or boss as quickly as possible. During these rounds, the enemy creatures can often be ignored in favor of directly attacking the primary targets. Of course, there will be a bit of luck required for this strategy, because it depends upon you lining up your creatures in lanes that are not blocked by enemy creatures or obstacles. Like you, the opponent will be able to place structures on the field in order to slow things down.

Reading the combat field

When playing a match, you'll want to read the field. Luckily, it's all pretty simple.  You and your creatures take up the bottom of the field. As you combine creatures you'll see numbers appear next to them. This is the amount of health they have at the time. HP will increase as you continue to combine certain creatures.

Similarly, the enemy side of the field will display HP for creatures and obstacles. Both sides also display HP for the main character and the portal or boss you're trying to defeat. These are found in the bottom right-hand corner and upper left-hand corner respectively. 

In the middle of the field, you'll see an indicator letting you know how many moves are left in your turn. At the bottom, directly under your character, you'll see an arrow with a number. This indicates how many creatures you have in reserve -- the ones that have returned to you after being defeated on the battlefield or after you've removed them.

Something important to note here is the shadows behind the portal barrier. These are creatures and equipment making their way to the field. The closer they are to hitting the field, the more the shadow will stand out.

Tips for a better game

As noted, early on in the game, all you really need to worry about is taking down the portals or the bosses as quickly as possible. However, as you progress, you'll need to pay close attention to creature placement and how you use your turn effectively. Now that you understand the basics of the game, we'll offer some tips that will help you get along in combat with more ease.

  • Be aware of creature placement.
    • Some creatures are labeled support for a reason, but in order for them to work effectively, they need to be near the creatures you're wanting them to affect. For instance, you can't have a creature that boosts HP on one side of the board and the creature attacking on the other.
    • It's also important to be aware of placement in relation to what's going on on the enemy board. Looking to take down the portal without much of a fight? Try to place your creatures in a clear lane. Worried one of the enemy creatures are too powerful to let go? Line everything up on it first.
    • Be sure to read the combat board as well and be aware of things like how much HP creatures and obstacles have. Since you can combine creatures to make even stronger ones, this gives you a chance to overpower your opponents.
  • Stack the odds in your favor from the start.
    • Once you have enough creatures, you will be able to choose just how you want your team built. Check those stats and make sure they compliment each other. Doing this will make things easier for you once in the combat phase.
  • Don't be afraid to pull creatures that are in the way.
    • A good thing about this game is that when one of your creatures leaves the board -- either because it's been killed or because you elected to remove it, it returns to you. You never have to worry about running out.
  • Check stats and level often
    • It's so easy with games like these to just keep playing and forget all about the maintenance-y stuff. But this game does function like an RPG and that means that if you don't stay on top of improving your creatures, you'll eventually hit a wall which will make the game annoying or no fun at all.
  • Take advantage of the side stuff
    • As any good RPG player will tell you, eventually just doing the regular quests won't be enough. Sooner or later, you're going to need to do some additional stuff to put yourself over the top. Luckily, if you look on your map, you'll see bounties, treasure caves, and dungeons. These won't be available right away, but when they are, make use of them. In a lot of cases, that's how you'll acquire things you need to progress.
    • You'll also be able to take advantage of daily quests. These can be found by clicking the treasure chest in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, along with daily login bonuses. Both will unlock after reaching a specific level -- 3 for the quests, 4 for the login bonus.
  • Watch those portal shadows.
    • You can tell from the silhouette what they are and being aware of their position in the portal will help you prepare for them before they arrive.

And there you have it, everything you need to know to get started in Legend of Solgard. Make good use of this and you should get plenty of enjoyment out of the game -- instead of hitting the wall of frustration we run into in so many games.

SCUM Guide: How To Turn On and Fix Voice Chat Fri, 31 Aug 2018 13:46:23 -0400 Zack Palm

Every online multiplayer game needs a workable voice chat system so you can communicate with people you meet in the game or talk with friends -- especially a survival battle royale style game. Because SCUM is in early access though, some of these voice features don't immediately work and may require a few extra steps to get them going.

The first thing you need to do is double check you have push-to-talk enabled in your settings. You can find this under the 'sound' menu, and it should be the last option. If this setting is not set to 'on', you need to switch it. After you've turned your push to talk icon 'on', make sure to restart your game to ensure the change goes into effect.

Once you have that setting turned on, you can use your microphone in game. The default button for push to talk is 'B'. For anyone who wishes to change it, go to the 'controls' menu and switch to 'modes'. You should find the key bindings for push-to-talk at the bottom and you can switch it to whatever you prefer to use.

A quick update released earlier today includes a small icon located on the bottom left of your screen where you can see if your voice is getting picked up by other players. When you click your microphone and speak you should see this icon light up. This means any players who can hear other microphones can hear you now.

Some players have reported that when they continued to have problems with voice chat they were able to get theirs working by setting their push to talk to 'off', instead of 'on'. This may work for some, but not everyone. 

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How to Pee, Poo, and Vomit

How to Open Cat Food, Other Canned Goods

How to Activate Vsync

How to Change Screen Resolution

SCUM Game Guide: How to Change Screen Resolution Fri, 31 Aug 2018 11:33:37 -0400 Sergey_3847

Have you tried changing SCUM's resolution to no avail? Well, you're not alone, as it seems like many other players can't understand how to set resolution for their displays as well. But don't worry, the developers have responded with a solution

This method requires you to edit a specific system file of the game, which will stabilize your resolution in 1920x1080, 2560x1440, or 4K. Just follow our step-by-step guide below for all the info you need.

Step 1: Open AppData Folder

In order to change the resolution in SCUM, you need to edit a system file that can be found in the AppData folder. Follow these steps to locate the file:

  1. Open the Start menu
  2. In the search field type %appdata%
  3. Open the "AppData" folder
  4. Go to "/AppData/Local/SCUM/Saved/Config/WindowsNoEditor/"

In the final WindowsNoEditor folder, you will find a number of .ini files that can be edited, but you only need one.

Step 2: Edit System File

Now you need to edit a few lines in one of the system files provided below. For example, if you need your game to be set at 1920x1080 resolution. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Right-click on the "GameUserSettings.ini" file
  2. Open the file with Notepad
  3. Search and edit the text with the following lines:
    • "ResolutionSizeX=1920"
    • "ResolutionSizeY=1080"
    • "LastUserConfirmedResolutionSizeX=1920"
    • "LastUserConfirmedResolutionSizeY=1080"
    • "DesiredScreenWidth=1920"
    • "bUseDesiredScreenHeight=True"
    • "DesiredScreenHeight=1080"
    • "FullscreenMode=1"
    • "PreferredFullscreenMode=1"
  4. Save and close the file

Now your game should be running at 1920x1080 resolution, or any other resolution you've set, and in full-screen mode.

Can I Run SCUM in 4K? 

Since launch, some players have been trying to get the game to run in 4K. Although the results have been a mixed bag, you can get your game to run in it by following the steps above or by: 

  • Set SCUM to windowed mode
  • Then set it back to full-screen mode 
  • Close the game
  • Relaunch

It may not work for everyone, but trying this method could be easier than altering the game's data. 


Hopefully, this quick guide helped you set the right resolution for your game, and for other SCUM guides at GameSkinny, check out the links below:

SCUM Game Guide: How to Pee, Poo, and Vomit Thu, 30 Aug 2018 14:59:33 -0400 Jonathan Moore

When it comes to managing resources for your character, SCUM is one of the most intense survival games in the genre. If you've played any of it, you already know that your character's vital signs can be found in an expansive menu that covers everything from protein intake to vitamin C levels and much more. You've also probably noticed you have meters for bodily functions such as peeing, pooing, and vomiting. 

Unlike other survival games such as DayZ, The Forest, and even Ark: Survival Evolved, SCUM has a digestion meter that monitors your bladder and bowel levels. As you eat food and drink water to survive, these meters will increase; eventually, you'll need to relieve yourself by urinating, defecating, or throwing up. If these meters get to high, you won't be able to function at all, making you easy pickings for other survivors and robots. 

Unfortunately, the game is covered in menus and has options it doesn't tell you much about. With everything going on, it's easy to overlook the exact option you need. 

To pee, poo, or vomit, hit "Tab". This brings up a radial menu with several options. On the right-hand side of the radial menu, you'll see a toilet symbol. Click that and three options will appear, letting you pee, poop, or puke. 

Here's a video from Youtuber Vegas og Baba Gaming showing you what the radial menu looks like, as well as which options perform what action.   

SCUM provides an interesting take on the survival experience by forcing players to monitor their bodily fluids and then relieve themselves at strategic times. You can also, you know, use the function in other ways ... 

That's all you need to know about relieving your bladder and bowels in this grossly in-depth survival game. Check out our other SCUM guides here

SCUM Game Guide: How To Open Cat Food, Other Canned Goods Thu, 30 Aug 2018 12:58:16 -0400 Zack Palm

When you first drop into SCUM's survival island, you're not told too many details on how to survive, craft items, change your display settings, or myriad other things. You're going to have to figure a lot of this out on your own -- unless you have a SCUM game guide just like this one. 

Because it's a hardcore survival simulator, you have to ensure your character eats food to get the proper nutrition to stay alive. If you're wondering how to open a can of cat food or how to use the can opener and stone knife for other canned foods like peaches, read on. 

First, we'll cover where to find and how to craft the two items you'll need, then we'll cover how to actually open the can with the tools you've found. 

How Do I Find the Can Opener? 

One of the best tools to open a food canister with is the can opener.

You'll have to do some searching for it, but it's a worthwhile prize because it's more efficient than the Stone Knife. If you're on a multiplayer server, other prisoners may already have grabbed as many can openers as they could find and have one or two on them

You can also find can openers on dead bodies and in houses and buildings. 

How Do I Craft the Stone Knife?

You can also use the stone knife to open cans if you haven't found a can opener or are tired of looking. Crafting a stone knife is pretty easy: all you'll need to do is look around for two stones. Combine them and you've got your knife. 

Inventory screen for SCUM survival

How Do I Get the Food? 

After you've acquired your can opener or stone knife, there are two different ways to go about getting the food from the canister and into your belly.

The easiest way is to just open it in your inventory. Here's how: 

  1. Select the can opener
  2. Select the can 
  3. Right click the can
  4. Select open

If you want to do it the harder way, you can also have your prisoner equip the can opener by right-clicking it, or dragging it into your open hand slots located in the lower-right part of your inventory screen.

With it equipped, right-click the can and hit "open". From there, you should have access to the cat food or contents inside! 


And that's all you need to know. Be on the look out for more SCUM guides hitting GameSkinny as we continue to explore the uncharted island with our convicts!

SCUM Game Guide: How to Activate Vsync Thu, 30 Aug 2018 12:29:49 -0400 Sergey_3847

A new prison riot survival game, SCUM, is now available on Steam. It offers an incredible level of graphics, but with a slight downside. Currently, the game's display settings don't have the Vsync function -- which matches your graphics card processing power to your monitors refresh rate. This can eliminate screen tearing and allows the game to run smoother.

If you have a bit of time and patience, you could actually turn on the Vsync function in SCUM on your own using a simple method described in our step-by-step guide below.

Step 1: Open AppData

In order to activate Vsync in SCUM, you need to edit a system file that can be found in the AppData folder. Follow these steps to locate the file:

  1. Open the Start menu
  2. In the search field type %appdata%
  3. Open the "AppData" folder
  4. Go to "/AppData/Local/SCUM/Saved/Config/WindowsNoEditor/"

In the final WindowsNoEditor folder, you should be seeing a number of .ini files.

Step 2: Edit Game Settings

Now you need to edit the game settings file and add a new line to the configuration. Follow these steps to edit the file:

  1. Right-click on the "GameUserSettings.ini" file
  2. Open the file with Notepad
  3. Search the text for the following line "bUseVSync"
  4. Change "bUseVSync=False" to "bUseVSync=True"
  5. Save and close the file

Sometimes there is a chance that you will not be able to find the "bUseVSync" in your configuration file. In this case, simply add the "bUseVSync=True" line at the bottom.

In these few simple steps, you'll be able to activate the Vsync function in SCUM which should display much smoother than before.


That is all on how to turn on the Vsync by changing the configuration file in SCUM, but be sure to come back soon for more related guides here at GameSkinny!

Star Trek Adversaries Academy Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Take the Helm Thu, 30 Aug 2018 10:26:18 -0400 RobertPIngram

In Star Trek Adversaries, players take the captain's seat in charge of their own flagship and fleet of smaller vessels. Using your personal-built deck of ships and crew members, you wage war against another player or the computer in a battle to destroy your opponent before they can destroy you. 

Jumping in From Other Games

Players familiar with Hearthstone and other games which have built off of the juggernaut's established structure will find Star Trek Adversaries to be an easy transition. Like those games, each player has a main class they're playing as (their flagship) with unique abilities. Each player deploys cards to the battlefield (ships) which include attack and defense ratings, and generally do damage both in attack and defense. Cards are paid for with energy from your pool, which starts out as just 1 on your first turn and increases by 1 each round; and each player seeks to deal enough damage to the enemy flagship to reduce its health to 0 and win.

In addition to the change of names for established game mechanics (Deathrattle becomes Core Breach, for example) there are four main areas where Adversaries differentiates itself from the crowd.

  • Flagship powers work differently than Hero powers. For starters, each ship has both a Special power and a more powerful Ultimate, instead of just one hero power. Additionally, instead of costing standard energy, your powers charge up on their own scale, with unspent card energy on your turn being transferred over to prepping your powers more quickly.
  • Each ship has slots to attach crew to upgrade it. The effects of a crew card can be basic, either increasing its attack if placed in a Commander slot, or its defense if placed in an Engineer slot, or more complex by adding keyword effects to the ship.
  • Each player can only have four ships in the playing area at a given time, fewer than in its competitors.
  • Ships on the battlefield can be retreated back into your hand, earning energy you can spend that turn to deploy a different ship.

Card Text Keyword Glossary

The most important part of getting started with a competitive card game is understanding what every card does. If you come across a word on a card and don't know what it means, you can't plan effectively, so check out this glossary to go into battle informed.

  • Bloodthirst: An effect triggered when the ship takes damage
  • Cloaking Device: Grants stealth on a ship if it did not act this turn
  • Core Breach: An effect triggered when the ship is destroyed
  • Commander: An effect which requires crew in the commander slot to be used
  • Disabled: Can't attack for one turn
  • Engineer: An effect which requires crew in the engineer slot to be used
  • Guardian: This ship must be destroyed before your flagship can be attacked unless this ship has stealth engaged
  • Haste: This ship does not require a round to get ready before attacking
  • Jamming: This ship does not take damage when initiating an attack
  • Modulating Shields: Prevents all damage from the first attack on this ship
  • Neutralize: Negates all effects on a target ship other than crew-based stat increases
  • Play: An effect triggered when a card enters the battlefield
  • Retreat: An effect triggered when a ship retreats 
  • Stealth: This ship can't be attacked directly. Attacking with this ship removes stealth.
  • Trample: Excess attack above the defense of the ship you attack is passed on to the enemy flagship

Choosing a Flagship

The first big choice when setting out to conquer space is which flagship you'll be taking control of.  Starting out you'll have access to six ships, three from the Federation and the three from the Klingons, but there are lots more to unlock. Every flagship has two unique powers and each can be powerful with the right supporting deck.

Federation Flagships

The NX Class specializes in bringing more ships onto the battlefield for an immediate offense. Its special move brings a 2/1 Shuttlepod Prototype with Haste into play, while its ultimate calls in a 5/1 Ganges Class with Haste. This is the Federation's most offensive starting flagship.

The Excelsior Class flagship is here to recycle your deck and take advantage of Adversaries' unique retreat function that grants energy in exchange for removing an active ship back into your hand. For its special, you can retreat a friendly ship while your ultimate allows you to retreat any ship in play.

The Constellation Class flagship excels at buffing your ships. Its special grants Modulating Shields to a ship with 4 or less attack, allowing it to take on an enemy once without taking damage. With the Ultimate, the Modulating Shields effect remains but a +4/+4 buff is also included making it an instantly formidable force.

Klingon Flagships

The QoJ Class Klingon flagship allows you to load your hand up with discounted cards. As a special, you can return a ship to your hand while lowering its cost by 2. This is particularly useful for ships with valuable Play abilities. The ultimate reduces the cost of every card in your hand by 2, an incredibly valuable move if you're at or near a full hand.

Players fielding a Raptor Class flagship use their opponent's aggression against them by taking advantage of Core Breach effects. The special calls forth a 2/1 Escort Transport, which in turn produces a 1/1 Rescue Transport when defeated. Calling on your ultimate grants a +4 attack to a ship, and makes its Core Breach effects trigger twice when destroyed.

Deck Building

Like most online competitive card games, the core of Star Trek Adversaries is the deck construction system. Using your pool of cards you can build a deck containing 30 of them to take into battle with you. The three essential elements of your deck to keep an eye on are card costs, your ship to crew ratio and your deck synergy.

Cost matters

The key to building an effective deck in Adversaries is balance. A deck full of 1 and 2-cost cards will let you flood the board early on as nearly every card you draw will be playable, but as energy levels get higher your ships will be overpowered as your opponent starts playing 5-energy cards or more. On the flip side, a deck of only expensive cards is formidable late in the game, but you're unlikely to survive long enough to put it to good use.

Thankfully the deck-building interface includes a handy gauge showing what types of card your deck includes. By shooting for a deck that is mostly average cost cards, between 2 and 4-energy, balanced out by fewer cheap cards to get started and expensive cards for the late game, you'll create a balanced and effective deck.

Balance your resources

Crew cards are useful tools for beefing up your ships, but they're useless without ships to put them in. If you load your deck up with too many crew members you'll constantly be dealing with a hand full of crew members and nothing to do with them.  You should avoid crossing into double-digits with your crew and ideally have at least three ships for each crew member.

Teamwork makes the dream work

The most important part of constructing your deck is having cards that work together. You can't choose what order you draw them, so it's important that every card has multiple other cards in the deck it works in concert with. For example, a deck with lots of Core Breach power cards and crew members capable of triggering Core Breach effects is a theme that creates a well-oiled machine on the battlefield.

Game Modes

Although there are plans to add additional modes, there are currently three ways to play Star Trek Adversaries.

Single Player Practice

The best way to test out a new deck without risking your ranking is to take it the practice arena and do battle with an AI opponent. Whether you're trying out a new strategy or simply don't want to take an online opponent at the time, practice mode is a stress-free way to get your feet wet.

Ranked Multi-Player

The heart of any online card game is the multiplayer ladder. In ranked play, you start out with a default rating for new players, and everything from that point forward comes down to your results in competitive matches. The client will match you up with opponents of a similar rank, and winning matches moves your ranking up while losing moves you down. This helps to keep online play fun as you will always have the best possible chance of getting a fair match-up.

Quark's Single Player Draft Holo-Suite

The offline draft mode is a fun way to experiment with new decks and try out cards you haven't had a chance to play, as well as a way to earn new cards and other perks. In a draft game, a player chooses a flagship then is put through 30 rounds of card drafting. In each round, the player is presented with three cards and chooses one to add to their deck. Once a full 30-card deck is constructed that deck is taken into battle against a series of AI opponents. Each time you win you will earn credits to spend on unlockable perks, but beware because three losses mean the end of your run and the loss of unspent tokens.

Drafting the right deck revolves on two key principals. Always enter with a plan, and don't be married to that plan. Having a goal in mind for your deck can help with decision making on those first few rounds, but don't make it your only priority. Whether there are simply no good cards for your plan, or great cards which don't fit it come out in the early rounds, you may have to change your plans. Once you have drafted five or six cards, you have enough in your deck to start basing future picks on maintaining synergy throughout the deck.

Filling Out Your Deck

Although the game starts you out with a starter set and a few free packs, if you want to open up your deck-building options you need more cards. As with all online card games, there's the option to purchase new packs, but you don't need to spend money to make your deck better. There are two simple ways to earn new cards by doing what you'd do anyhow -- playing the game!

Playing in Quark's drafting game is a great way to unlock new cards. Options available for purchase with Quark's credits include purchasing currency, replicators to make specific cards, or new packs to open.

If you prefer the standard game with your built decks, don't worry. Every player has missions they can take on in order to earn packs or currency. Missions range anywhere from playing certain types of cards to winning matches in certain game modes, so be sure to open your missions tab and see where you have the opportunity to earn before starting up your next match.

Star Trek Adversaries is a fun entry into the online card game sphere which puts its own twist on the established formula. Have you been playing Adversaries? Tell us about your favorite strategies in the comments.

Green Hell Beginner Tips and Tricks Wed, 29 Aug 2018 11:20:19 -0400 Sergey_3847

A new psychological survival game from the developers of Dying Light and Dead Island is now available at Steam. Green Hell throws players into the unknown jungle with almost nothing to survive with.

The game's still in Early Access, which means that it offers only a limited amount of tools to work with, but it's already a lot of fun. If you're one of those lucky gamers who decided to try the game out early, but unsure what to do in this game, then follow our guide below for some of the most essential survival tips.

Take Care of Your Food Supply

The food system in Green Hell is really something you've never seen before. It essentially breaks down all the available nutrients in the game into four categories:

  • Proteins (red)
  • Carbohydrates (yellow)
  • Fats (green)
  • Water (blue)

Each of them is indicated by a different color on your smartwatch that is given to you at the beginning of the game. Each of the four nutrients has a gauge that goes down depending on the amount of energy you've wasted with such usual survival activities as running, jumping and getting injured.

Raw Food

Different types of food provide various amounts of each of the four elements. For example, meat is the natural source of proteins, while carbohydrates usually come from fruits. But some of the fruits or nuts may also contain fats and water, such as Coconuts.

Pick up everything you see on your way and try it out. Only by tasting things you will know what effect it has on your body. Sometimes you can eat an unknown mushroom that will poison you for the time being, but you mark its effects in your notebook and will never make the same mistake again.

Make sure to cook your meat or you may get sick from the raw meat. In order to cook it, you need to craft a campfire. You can find the recipe in your notebook. Cooking your food also increases your levels of sanity.

Here are a few simple things you can cook:

  • 1x coconut half +1x meat + water
  • 2x coconut halves + 1x bone + water
  • 1x coconut half + 1x tobacco leaf + water
  • 1x coconut half + 1x Amara leaf + water
Drinking Water

All in all, sustaining yourself in the jungle is very important. Fortunately, there are a lot of sources of drinking water everywhere, so you will have at least that one in abundance.

Never ever drink dirty water or you will get sick. If you can't find drinking water around, then take a coconut and cut it in half. Leave the two halves on the ground near your shelter, and when it's going to rain the halves will collect the rainwater, which is good for drinking.

In this simple way, you will always have drinking water around!

Collect and Craft Items

Crafting is really simple and easy to use in Green Hell. First, you need to open your inventory by pressing the Tab key, and then you can choose to craft items from the menu on the right.

All the recipes are already in your notebook at the start of the game. There you will find how many sticks, ropes and other items you need in order to craft everything from the simplest campfire to a shelter.

To start the crafting process you need to:

  1. Pull out items from your backpack
  2. Place them on the crafting table
  3. Press Craft.

Most of the items require sticks, stones, and ropes, which can be crafted from lianas hanging from the trees. This means that you need to collect as many of these things as you can find.

For example, if the recipe requires small sticks, then you can use a machete to cut down a tree, and then cut down the trunk into smaller pieces, which are the small sticks. So basically, everything can be chopped into smaller items if needed.

Heal Your Wounds

You'll be getting a lot of injuries during your adventures in the jungle. These need to be taken care of as soon as possible or you'll get a lot weaker and your sanity levels may dwindle, which in turn will make you defenseless against wild animals.

Craft Medical Items

If you get injured, you first need to inspect your body parts with the help of the Inspect tool in your inventory. Switch between different parts of your body and use the RMB to rotate your limbs. Do this to check both your arms and legs.

If you notice a wound, then it's time to collect Molineria -- a plant that can be used to heal wounds. You will find the picture of Molineria in your notebook under the Medicine tab.

The only problem is that the game doesn't highlight Molineria in the wilderness, which means that you have to carefully look out for it on your own. As soon as you find it, use your machete to chop down its leaves. Craft some patches with those leaves, and then apply the bandages on the wounds from your inventory.

Craft Antivenom Items

On your journey, you will inevitably get bitten by venomous snakes. The poisonous effect will last until you treat the wound or you lose a lot of life. There is one simple recipe how you can heal yourself:

  1. Craft a bandage using Molineria
  2. Collect Tobacco leaves
  3. Combine these two on a crafting table
  4. Craft Antivenom

Learn Your Controls

Green Hell doesn't always tell you what controls are available in the game. So before venturing into the unknown take time and learn all the most important keys for your gameplay.

Your most important item is the smartwatch, which can be activated by pressing the F key. You can then change the information displayed using your mouse scroll. There are three types of displays:

  • Food levels
  • Time and date
  • Compass

The mouse scroll button can also be used to throw your weapons at wild animals or hanging fruits. But be sure to remember where your weapon landed afterward or you might not see it again. Don't worry even if you lose it, as you can always craft a new one.

As already mentioned all of your crafting recipes can be found in the notebook, which can be activated by pressing the N key. There is also a walkie-talkie available in the game, which can be activated by pressing the T key. But since there is no full story mode in the game yet, it can be ignored for the time being.

The rest of the keys are your typical walk (WASD), run (Shift), jump (Space) and crouch (Ctrl) controls.


That is all for beginner tips and tricks in Green Hell, but be sure to check back soon for more survival guides here at GameSkinny!

Stormfall: Saga of Survival Guide - Looting Dangerous Territories Wed, 29 Aug 2018 11:03:41 -0400 Victoria B.

Welcome to Stormfall: Saga of Survival. Here, you are cast into exiled lands where you must  scavenge the world, construct your base, and face all manner of adversaries, including the bloodshot eyes you’ll get from binge playing this addictive mobile survival game throughout the night.

Hours can be poured into this virtual world since it takes time, thought, and skill to stay alive while exploring various locations, a large majority of which will be labeled too dangerous.

At first, you will want to avoid any location that has more than 2 skulls (danger ranking) when you begin playing, but you will eventually find the risk necessary. Warnings appear when you enter that suggest returning with better weapons and armor, but it is not a requirement to successfully plunder for treasure. If you don’t want to be limited to the same safe areas for weeks, you will need to venture out into unknown territory to collect better equipment.

The Benefits of Looting

Though there are plenty of ways to collect the four essentials: wood, stone, rush, and food, there are fewer opportunities to gather materials that do not automatically refresh in locations or come naturally from the earth.

Some of the tools you will need for crafting only come from looting chests and barrels, few of which can be found at low-risk areas. You may also find tools that are difficult to craft or otherwise impossible for you to acquire at your current level. Though gathering materials from the stone ridge, pine grove, or a normal forest can yield basic resources necessary for survival, looting is essential for advancing your character and base.

There are two main types of loot, chests and barrels. Barrels often (not always) provide resources, some of which are rare and can only be found by looting. Chests, on the other hand, will sometimes contain crafted materials such as armor and weapons.

If you want to progress faster and craft more useful items, you’ll need to get used to sneaking through more dangerous zones to acquire these gems. The higher the danger, the more valuable and extensive the loot will be.


The following are high loot areas from least difficulty to greatest. This list does not include locations that require items to enter.


These locations are good starting points if it is your first time in dangerous territory. Lootable items can be found in and around housing, but be wary of traps.

Raiders Hideout

Another location seemingly developed by humans is the Raider Hideout. This area is similar to camps but has more loot and more difficulty.

Chieftain’s Stronghold

These often store away powerful weapons, armor, and crafting materials. This location is for those who have practiced at the previous locations and are ready for a significantly more intimidating challenge.


These dark halls lead to enemies who deal hefty amounts of damage,, but it is one of the highest concentrations of loot in the game.

Dark Woods

Dark woods typically provide a useful amount of loot and plenty of resources along with packs of enemies breathing down your neck as you try to snag it all.

Cursed Forest

Cursed forests tend to have more loot than dark woods and the same amount of danger, but they have less wood resources.


Before wandering into the unknown, there are a few things to keep in mind as you gear up at your base.

1. Make a list and check it twice

Your character cannot carry infinite materials and is quite limited on the amount of resources he or she can gather at one time. Therefore, you should make a checklist of what you need before heading out and stick to it. Any extra space you have left over can be filled with any additional items you find.

2. Organize your Chests

You’re going to find it a lot easier to make said checklist when you know what you already own. Build multiple chests for storage and label them to keep your materials organized and easy to find. You’ll be kicking yourself if you bring back items you already have stockpiled over other useful resources you could have stolen instead.

3. Only Bring the Necessities

Once you determine what you need, store your current inventory away. The only materials you should bring for treasure seeking are full health armor, weapons, and one or two large stacks of food to improve your health, hunger, and thirst while you’re away from home base.

All other resources, such as wood and stone, should be left behind. If you find yourself in a pinch and need to craft a tool, there are usually plenty of trees and stones at the majority of these locations for you to build on the fly.

Otherwise, you want to leave plenty of space open in your inventory for treasure.

4. Check Your Health and Home

It may seem simple, but it can easily slip your mind. Check your health, hunger, and thirst before you leave. Be sure that your curse is low as well to avoid attracting hordes of foes. Also, keep your crafting tables working on something while you are away to manage your time efficiently.

Surviving Unknown Territory

1. Be Stealthy

Slow and steady win the race. Stay crouched! It will take you more time to explore, but it will keep you alive.

2. Use your Map

Your map shows more than your character’s surroundings. Use it to spot enemies before they spot you. The map will show where they are roaming or facing and reveal cheats and barrels that aren’t in your line of sight.

3. Breaking In

Houses contain some of the best loot. Break down barriers from a safe distance and barge through doors, but be wary of traps, such as crossbows that can be destroyed.

4. One v. One 

If there is no other way to avoid an encounter, try luring creatures to the edge of the map, away from other enemies. This way your fighting does not attract nearby opponents.

5. Use the Land

If you are injured or hungry, use the food on the land before eating up all the cooked food you brought with you. Cooked food takes time to prepare and should only be used when you truly need it. Try to keep your health up with berries, onions, and meat you find along the way. You may not even have to use the resources you brought from your base.

6. Run you Fools 

Don’t be afraid to run if you are attracting too much attention. Running outside the barrier won’t negatively affect you, but staying to fight a battle you can’t win will most certainly lead to death. If you are forced to run, keep an exit root in mind. Cross the closest line to freedom rather than running through the map and adding a horde of enemies that will ultimately brutally kill you.

7. Creatures 101

You should know and understand the various enemies you could face on your adventures. If a creature is guarding loot, remember it's qualities before jumping into a fight to collect treasure. The following is a list of each threat you may face in danger zones.

  • Bone Breaker: He looks scary for a reason. This colossus enemy will chase you down with massive strides and deal as much as 25 damage. Avoid his line of sight unless you are heavily equipped with top notch gear.
  • Undead: They’re not alone. These nasty opponents come in packs and can be a hassle to deal with if you can’t fight one at a time. They can deal 10 damage and each hit inflicts 5 curse.They are mostly stationary though, so unless you are in their view, they shouldn’t be disturbed.
  • Bear: These predators often have a lot of health and drop more resources than other animals in the game. Similar to the undead, they tend to face one direction and move very little.
  • Wolves: Wolves are a common danger in risky zones. They meander, so don’t be surprised if one wanders towards you. Observe their patterns and stay out of sight. They attack fast and may have pack members nearby. Keep your guard up, and run if you attract too many.
  • Spiders: Spiders roam areas, so observe one’s patterns before sneaking past. If you are spotted, they will shoot venom from a long range, but you can usually outrun them. Don’t be caught in crowd of them though.
  • Frogs: Frogs don't deal a lot of damage, but they will add a curse to you. They also do not move unless they spot you.
  • Boars: The first opponent you may be introduced to are boars. They aren’t too challenging to defeat but will chase you down and create a ruckus, drawing in nearby wildlife.

Start Pillaging

If you navigate the loot filled zones with these strategies in mind and carefully think before taking actions, these locations will prove goldmines for tools and resources you would otherwise go without. Remember to...

  • Plan your trip in advance.
  • Use a stealthy approach
  • Know when to seek safety.

Happy pillaging, and good luck surviving as you push into the treacherous wilds of Stormfall: Saga of Survival!

Graveyard Keeper Corpse Autopsy & Embalming Tips Guide Tue, 28 Aug 2018 17:08:07 -0400 Ashley Gill

Part of having a clean and attractive graveyard is housing corpses that aren't mutilated and disgusting. I'm still having a hard time imagining how that works, but my best assumption has to do with the stench and whether the grave looks uniform.

Who knows why it works this way, it just does (could be magic). When you start playing Graveyard Keeper, the only station you have to work on incoming corpses is the Preparation Place (Autopsy Table) in the Morgue. Gerry walks you through it to an extent, but there's a lot more to it than that chatty skull and the tutorial window tell you.

The autopsy table tutorial

Each body part you remove from a corpse affects its quality, which then affects the Decor  of the grave they are placed in. You can change the quality of a corpse during the autopsy, but those quality changes won't necessarily be positive.

For each part you remove, there is an effect. That effect may be positive or it may be negative -- sometimes you'll know and sometimes you won't. It depends on the part itself.

Once you've progressed enough, you will be able to add a functional new workstation to your morgue: the Embalming Table.

Unlike the Autopsy Table, which you use to remove things from the corpse, you use the Embalming Table to inject chemicals into it to affect its quality, decay rate, and decay level.

The table below covers body parts you can remove, as well as the embalming fluids you can inject into a corpse, along with their effects. Underneath, we'll talk about how to use this information.

Part/Fluid Corpse Effect

-1 White Skull

-1 Red Skull
+1 White Skull

-1 Red Skull
+1 White Skull

 +1 Red Skull

 No effect

+1 Red Skull
-1 White Skull

-2 Red Skull
-2 White Skull
-1 Red Skull
-1 White Skull

-2 Red Skull
-2 White Skull
-1 Red Skull
-1 White Skull

-2 Red Skull
-2 White Skull
-1 Red Skull
-1 White Skull

Lye Injection
+1 Red Skull
+1 White Skull

Glue Injection
 +1 White Skull

Acid Injection
-1 Red Skull
-1 White Skull

Restore Injection
Reduces the corpse's
current decay by half

Preservative Injection
Stops the corpse from
Dark Injection
+2 Red Skull

Silver Injection
-1 Red Skull
+1 White Skull

Gold Injection
-2 Red Skull
+2 White Skull


Red Skulls: necessary inconvenience

You're trying to get rid of the things, why would you want to add them to your corpses?

The effects of removing a body only apply if you fulfill both requirements -- in order to get that +1 White Skull from removing Blood from the corpse, you have to be able to give up that -1 Red Skull.

Each player has their own corpse processing method. Early in the game, before you get the Embalming Table or bother with important parts like the Brain, Heart, or Intestines, your process is going to be simple:

  1. Remove Blood
  2. Remove Fat

As you progress, the things you're going to have to remove will get more complicated. Corpses start coming in with some real hefty Red Skull stacks, which require you to either attempt to nullify them by removing the Heart, Brain, and/or Intestines or move onto getting the Embalming Table researched and constructed.

As you get further, the two-step process above can get a little more complicated. What happens if a corpse is out of Red Skulls? Well, you should add one Red so you can remove it and add a White.

Here's a simple example of adding a Red Skull to create a new White:

  1. Remove Blood (-1 Red +1 White)
  2. Remove Skull (+1 Red)
  3. Remove Fat (-1 Red +1 White)

This becomes more complex once you have to deal with corpses with three or more Red Skulls, but you should have enough experience by the time you get to embalming to deal with these without too much difficulty.

Screen showing autopsy table inventory

The maximum effective White Skulls is 12 -- you can go up to 13, but there is no point. You can only get a single grave up to 12 Decor.

What happens if things go wrong?

Yeah, it happens. I hate when autopsies go wrong.

I suggest trying to extract a corpse's Brain, Heart, or Intestines if you feel overwhelmed by a corpse's Red Skulls. Heck, extract all three if you want. If the results aren't desirable, just save scum (load the save) back to the start of the day and try it all differently. An individual corpse's values are invariable and won't be more in your favor after a reload.

Once you are able to reliably produce Gold Injections, which requires you to be deep in the tech tree and getting gold, this all becomes much easier. Even before that point, the embalming fluids you are able to produce and use do help considerably.

If you had to bury a sub-par corpse early on in the game or are simply not happy with how one is affecting your Graveyard Decor, you can pay for Exhumation Permission using the Royal Services box outside the entrance to the church. It's good to know for when you're getting serious about making money from sermons.


This wraps up our tips on dealing with the many corpses you're going to get hands-on with in Graveyard Keeper. The better your graveyard looks, the more money you'll get from parishioners to your church. The sooner you get to refining your corpse processing, the sooner you'll be rolling in money from the townsfolk.

Strange Brigade Puzzles Guide Tue, 28 Aug 2018 11:53:23 -0400 Ty Arthur

While fighting off hordes of shambling skeletons, zombie pirates, and wizard mummies, your group of pulp explorers will need to tackle a variety of puzzles in the Strange Brigade campaign mode.

Not sure how to get beyond a barricade and complete a level? We've got you covered with a rundown of each puzzle type and the easiest ways to find the solutions!

Strange Brigade Puzzles Guide

If you find yourself stuck in an area with no clear way to progress, keep in mind that anything that turns red when you zoom in can be destroyed.

This is usually the key to opening up a barrier or gaining access to a new area. You may need to shoot objects out of your immediate range in areas you can't reach yet to remove barricades, whether by dropping rocks onto pressure plates or burning up flaming pots next to thick vines.

Besides blowing up red objects, there are seven main types of puzzles found throughout the campaign.

Note that there aren't any specific puzzle answers listed below, as the symbols and combinations for puzzle solutions change during each playthrough of a level. 

They also change based on whether you are playing solo or co-op. Once you know the secret to uncovering a puzzle's solution, they aren't difficult to complete, however.

Symbol Order Door Puzzle

These locked door puzzles feature a series of symbols you need to shoot in the correct order. The first puzzle in Harbin's Dig Site is nearly impossible to mess up since the correct symbol order is literally placed directly above the door.

Later puzzles of this type are harder, as the symbol order will be found elsewhere, and they aren't always super close to the door in question. To complete these puzzles, always look near the tops of walls in the general area of the door.

Sometimes they appear a long distance before a door, so to make this easy, anytime you see a series of symbols up on the wall, take a screenshot so you don't have to memorize the pattern.

You can take a screenshot by hitting F12 on Steam, the Share button on PS4, and the Xbox Guide button followed by the Y button on Xbox One.

You get three attempts to shoot the correct symbol order with this puzzle. If you are still using the starter Marley .45 pistol as your side weapon, switch over to that gun to shoot each symbol.

It has infinite ammo and a slow rate of fire, so you won't accidentally hit the same symbol twice in a row (which can happen all too often with SMGs). If you upgraded to a faster firing sidearm, the Westminster 1845 is another slow firing choice that works well here.

Floor Symbols Puzzle 

This one is the same basic idea as the door symbols puzzle, but it works by walking over pressure plates in the correct order instead of shooting them.

Like with the door puzzles, the answers aren't always directly next to the pressure plates, so take a screenshot whenever you come across symbols on the wall.

There's a big catch here -- anyone walking on a plate will affect the puzzle, whether its a co-op team member or a shuffling zombie.

To make this much less frustrating, completely clear out the area first and only use a second member if absolutely necessary to complete the puzzle. Otherwise, people will just get in the way and reset the puzzle by accident.

Shooting Orbs Puzzle

These puzzles are activated by using your amulet to pull up a stone altar, and are completed by shooting glowing orbs around the area. They don't need to be hit in any order, so the puzzle is in finding them.

The locations get more devious the further you go into the game. Always turn around and look behind you, above you, or off to the sides of alcoves and hanging rocks to find hidden nooks and crannies.

The orb in the picture below, for instance, can't be seen when you first enter the chamber. Instead, you have to run around to the opposite side and specifically look behind you while aiming down to see it under the stone outcropping.

Pipes Puzzle

This is basically the hacking mini-games from Bioshock, but you have to shoot a panel to rotate the pieces of pipe. These are randomized, so there's no specific answer to each pipe puzzle.

Your goal here is to create a continuous tunnel from the glowing start location to the end piece on the opposite side. In the image below, shooting the lower-right panel once will turn the vertical pipe piece into a horizontal segment, thus completing the pipe tunnel.

As with the door symbols puzzle, use your single shot, infinite ammo pistol to make this easier. 

Time Trial Puzzle

This is one of the few puzzles that require agility instead of finding a pattern. Like the regular orb puzzle, this one is started by shooting an orb. This time, however, it will start to rotate and tick down like a clock.

To complete the puzzle, run around the area and find the second and third glowing circles on the floor. Stand on each circle and shoot the orb again from that angle to increase the timer.

For the final shot from the last glowing circle, you have to hit a secondary orb that will be located higher or lower than the first orb.

To make these easier, always clear out the area fully first, so you aren't battling enemies while running around. Scope out the area to find each glowing circle before starting the time trial.

In co-op mode, it's best to have everyone stand next to the glowing circles ahead of time if you want to beat the clock.

Numerical Puzzle

This one is really obnoxious at first with no clear answer, but it becomes astoundingly easy once you figure out the trick.

When there are multiple orbs and hitting one causes them all to stop glowing (and a wave of enemies to appear), you are in a numerical puzzle.

The secret here is to shoot the orbs in a certain numerical order based on the tomb motifs in the area. For instance, in the second level the motif is scarabs, so count the number of glowing scarabs to figure out the order.

Shoot the orb next to one scarab first, the orb next to two scarabs second, next to three scarabs third, and so on until the puzzle is complete.

Keep in mind you have to stay on the glowing circle that starts the puzzle while shooting or it will automatically reset!

Energy Mirror Puzzle

These aren't exactly puzzles, but they can be difficult to finish if you don't know what you're aiming for.

The only real problem here is in finding what the energy beam is supposed to hit, which isn't always clear. Pop out of the energy beam view and zoom in with your gun to check the area for a reflective orb. They're often hidden in foliage far away from the starting point.

In some cases, you may need to destroy obstacles first before you can complete the energy mirror puzzles as rocks or barricades might be in the way of the beam.

Have you come across any other Strange Brigade puzzles you can't quite figure out? Let us know which one is stumping your squad and we'll find a solution!

Make sure to check out our other tips and tricks for Strange Brigade here at GameSkinny!

Strange Brigade Cat Locations Guide: Harbin's Dig Site

Fortnite Season 5, Week 8 Battle Star Guide: Search Between Three Oversized Seats Tue, 28 Aug 2018 07:36:07 -0400 Sergey_3847

Much like your quest for victory royale, the search for Battle Stars never ends in Fortnite. This week, you need to switch on all of your detective skills in order to reveal the location Season 5, Week 8 challenge. 

The only hint we have is to search between three oversized seats, which doesn't really say much. So, if you can't find all three seats on your own, then follow our quick guide below for their exact locations.

The first place you should be looking is located near Flush Factory, which contains the first oversized seat. Everybody knows the huge toilet seat at the entrance of the location, so while this is an easy find, keep an eye on your six for sniper fire or marauding enemies. 

The next place to look is also a popular one. It can be found to the northwest of Flush Factory. There you will find a giant wooden chair with a treasure chest on top. It's so big that you simply can't miss it. Get your skin over there and pick it up. 

However, while the first two chairs are easy to find, the third seat is really hard to find. From Flush Factory, go northeast and enter a small yard with crates. If you look closely, you will notice that the crates are piled on top of each other in a way that forms a giant seat, which is exactly what you're looking for.

Now you can combine all three of these locations and figure out the exact spot of the Week 8 Battle Star. It's on top of the hill between the three above-mentioned locations (indicated by a red dot on the map above).

Pick up the battle star, do a little dance, and make a little progress to not only completing all of this week's challenges, but leveling your battle pass. 


This is one of the hardest challenges this week, but with this guide, it should be rather simple -- as long as you don't get fragged or caught in a firefight. For other Fortnite guides at GameSkinny, take a look at the list below:

Strange Brigade Cat Locations Guide: Harbin's Dig Site Mon, 27 Aug 2018 19:01:19 -0400 Ty Arthur

Pinging back and forth between solo and co-op shooter, Strange Brigade has a whole lot of secrets to uncover whether you are in campaign, horde, or score attack mode.

While trudging across Egypt to search of an ancient witch queen, your group of grave robbers (err... "explorers") will come across some curious collectibles such as a series of blue cat statues.

If you manage to shoot down all the statues in the area, an extra door opens at the end of the level with some hidden goodies. To buy better weaponry after each level, finding the Strange Brigade cat collectibles is critical, as you get a huge gold boost.

Ready to find them all? Let's get started shooting adorable kitty cats!

Harbin's Dig Site Cat Locations

While searching for the statues, keep in mind that the cats don't actually manifest until you walk directly by them, so in many cases you have to go forward and then turn around to shoot them.

Although its quite hard to hear most of the time because the sound of gunfire, the first time you walk near a cat location you will hear a quiet meow as the statue materializes.

Blue Cat #1

You can't really miss this one. After the rope bridge falls and you have to go down the side path, the narrator will actually call out that a blue cat statue is to your left. 

Shoot the statue to nab your first cat collectible! The narrator really, really hates these things and wants you to kill them all (and oddly any real cats you come across as well).

Blue Cat #2

After walking through the first tunnel when you meet the zombies, head through a small courtyard.

When you hit the wood path, look up on the stone archway to find this furtive feline. If you enter the secondary courtyard with the locked metal door, you've gone too far -- turn around and go back into the previous room.

Blue Cat #3

After unlocking the door where the giant scorpions first pop out, head up the left path towards the ridge with the falling spike log trap.

From that ridge, turn around and look back down at the main area to see a cat hidden near the wood barricade.

Blue Cat #4

Later in the level you will be attacked by snipers from up above. Instead of going forward towards them, head up the far right path (you will need to climb over some white fences)

Eventually you'll find a cavern with a scarab locked door. Head all the way through the cavern until reaching the bridge that leads outside. Turn around on the bridge to see a cat sitting on the wood post.

Blue Cat #5

When you reach the final outdoor area with the scarab doorway blocking entrance to the tomb, head into the main area with the symbol puzzle door.

Walk forward from that door until you can look down the left hand path towards the arches. Run down the path until you hear the meow so the cat appears, then go back up where you started.

If you look down the path where you were just walking, the cat should be clearly visible on a stone pillar to the left.

Blue Cat #6

This final cat of the level doesn't actually show up until you see the locked cat door just before the boss (after completing the floor symbol puzzle inside the tomb).

Walk up to the cat door, then turn around and look back up the staircase. This sneaky cat is on the left hand arch and is super easy to miss if you aren't actively going back and re-searching the hallway.

With the last blue cat destroyed, head through the cat door to get a huge pile of gold coins and your first gold cat statue!

Shooting all the cats across the campaign will unlock the Hooked On A Feline trophy. Stay tuned for more guides on the rest of the collectible locations coming soon!

Hearthstone Guide: All Puzzle Lab Solutions Fri, 24 Aug 2018 11:50:43 -0400 Sergey_3847

Just a couple of weeks after the release of The Boomsday Project, Blizzard delivered a new solo adventure for Hearthstone -- the Puzzle Lab. This new adventure offers four wings of puzzles that require different strategies in order to be solved.

Overall, there are 123 puzzles to be solved, so if you don't want to spend hours upon hours of painstakingly figuring each and every one of them, then just follow our comprehensive guide below for all the possible sequences.

Lethal Puzzles Sequences

Poisonmaster Pollark
  1. Hero Power + Deadly Poison + Cold Blood on Bluegill Warrior
  2. Frostbolt + Ice Lance + Mana Wyrm
  3. Stonetusk Boar + Windfury, Abusive Sergeant and Rockbiter Weapon on Stonetusk Boar
  4. Stonetusk Boar attacks Ironfur Grizzly + Bluegill Warrior attacks Shieldbearer + Stonetusk Boar (1), Stonetusk Boar (2) and Wolfrider attack opponent with Flametongue Totem
  5. Rabid Worgen (1) + Rabid Worgen (2) + Whirlwind + Hero Power + Shield Slam on Frothing Berserker + Rabid Worgen (1) and Rabid Worgen (2) attack Ironwood Golem + Frothing Berserker attacks opponent
  6. Leeroy Jenkins + Reincarnate on Ticking Abomination + Leeroy Jenkins attacks opponent + Reincarnate on Leeroy Jenkins + Leeroy Jenkins attacks opponent
  7. Cosmic Anomaly + Arcane Blast on Bronze Gatekeeper + Coin + Celestial Emissary + Fireball on opponent + Mana Wyrm attacks opponent
  8. Carnivorous Cube on Clockwork Automaton + Play Dead on Carnivorous Cube + Hunter's Mark on Carnivorous Cube + Arcane Shot on Carnivorous Cube + Hero Power
  9. Back-up Plan
Myra Rotspring
  1. Ironbeak Owl on Stranglethorn Tiger + All minions attack opponent + Hero Power
  2. Potion of Madness on Frostwolf Grunt + Frostwolf Grunt attacks Frostwolf Grunt + Sylvanas Windrunner attacks opponent + Shadow Word: Death on Sylvanas Windrunner + King Krush attacks opponent + Mind Blast + Holy Smite
  3. Wisp attacks Spud M.E. + Blood Razor + Inner Rage on Frothing Berserker + Frothing Berserker attacks Spud M.E.
  4. Frostbolt on Ironfur Grizzly + Bloodmage Thalnos + Fireblast on Gurubashi Berserker (2/3) + Forbidden Flame on Gurubashi Berserker (5/2) + Gurubashi Berserker (1) and (2) attack opponent
  5. Backstab on Pompous Thespian + Magma Rager and Kobold Geomancer attack opponent + Shadowstep on Kobold Geomancer + Kobold Geomancer + Leper Gnome + Backstab on Leper Gnome + Sinister Strike + Razorpetal
  6. Rampage on Grommash Hellscream + Your hero attacks Abomination + Execute on Lord of the Arena + Cleave + Grommash Hellscream attacks opponent
  7. Uther of the Ebon Blade + Battery Pack + Hero Power + Blackwald Pixie + Hero Power + Auctionmaster Beardo + Battery Pack + Hero Power + Hammer of Wrath on Glow-Tron + Hero Power
Lil' Stormy
  1. Silver Hand Recruit attacks Booty Bay Bodyguard + Wild Pyromancer + Consecration + Tirion Fordring attacks opponent + Equality + Your hero attacks opponent + Bluegill Warrior
  2. Sonya Shadowdancer + Pogo-Hopper (1) + Backstab on Pogo-Hopper (1) + Pogo-Hopper (1) + Shadowstep on Pogo-Hopper + Pogo-Hopper (1) + Pogo-Hopper (2) + Breakout + Eviscerate
  3. Radiant Elemental + Inner Fire on Auchenai Soulpriest + Circle of Healing + Potion of Madness on Auchenai Soulpriest + Divine Spirit (1) and (2) on Auchenai Soulpriest + Inner Fire on Auchenai Soulpriest + Auchenai Soulpriest attacks opponent
  4. Cornered Sentry + Eternium Rover + Armorsmith + Drywhisker Armorer + Whirlwind + Charge on Eternium Rover + Eternium Rover attacks Wrathguard + Shield Slam on Wrathguard
  5. Elven Archer (1) on Stormwind Knight + Defender of Argus on Stormwind Knight or Cure-All + Elven Archer (2) on Tentacle of N’Zoth + Healing Rain + Coin + Lightning Bolt (1) and (2)
  6. Wild Pyromancer (1) and (2) + Commanding Shout + Your hero attacks opponent + Coin + Whirlwind
  7. Beckoner of Evil + Spirit Lash + Shadow Madness on Cult Sorcerer + Cult Sorcerer attacks opponent + Circle of Healing + Spirit Lash + C’Thun
Electra Stormsurge
  1. Skaterbot + Shieldbearer + Twilight Drake + Skaterbot attacks River Crocolisk + Defile + Stampeding Kodo attacks Spud M.E. + Coin + Defile
  2. Timber Wolf + Savannah Highmane + All minions attack opponent + Kill Command on Savannah Highmane + Coin + Swamp Leech
  3. Mortal Coil on Goblin Bomb + Defile + Hellfire
  4. Flametongue Totem (Leper Gnome and Emerald Reaver) + Emerald Reaver attacks Bomb Squad + Leper Gnome and Stoneclaw Totem attack opponent + Crushing Hand on Leper Gnome + Rockbiter Weapon on Tunnel Trogg
  5. Faceless Manipulator on Tundra Rhino + Bloodfen Raptor and Emerald Hive Queen attack Abomination + Timber Wolf
  6. Counterfeit Coin + Razorpetal Volley + Razorpetal on Hoarding Dragon + Eviscerate on Hoarding Dragon + Coin (1) and (2) + Shadow Strike + Razorpetal + Backstab on Mana Addict
Dr. Boom
  1. Super Soldier + Frothing Berserker + Fiery War Axe + Dread Corsair (1) and (2) attack Sludge Belcher + Grim Patron attacks Slime + Whirlwind + Slam on Grim Patron (2)
  2. Wild Pyromancer + Power Word: Tentacles on Wild Pyromancer + Circle of Healing + Recharge + Holy Smite on Spud M.E. + Violet Teacher + Defile (1) and (2)
  3. Power Word: Shield on opponent's Northshire Cleric + Lab Recruiter on Northshire Cleric + Wild Pyromancer + Elven Archer on Lab Recruiter + Battery Pack + Fungal Enchanter + Northshire Cleric (all) + Binding Heal + Swap + Treachery on Northshire Cleric + Circle of Healing
  4. Undercover Reporter on Northshire Cleric (1) + Elven Archer on Northshire Cleric (1) + Power Word: Shield on Elven Archer + Northshire Cleric (2) + Hero Power + Northshire Cleric (3) + Battery Pack + Swap + Wild Pyromancer + Treachery on Northshire Cleric + Fungal Enchanter + Binding Heal on Undercover Reporter + Circle of Healing

Mirror Puzzles Sequences

Test Subject #362
  1. Wisp + River Crocolisk right of Wisp
  2. Wisp left of River Crocolisk + Chillwind Yeti right of River Crocolisk + Fireball on Sen'jin Shieldmasta
  3. Stonetusk Boar attacks Wolfrider + Flash Heal on Chillwind Yeti + Hero Power on River Crocolisk
  4. Hero Power on Bloodfen Raptor + Murloc Tinyfin attacks Bloodfen Raptor + Wisp
  5. Novice Engineer left of Spider Tank + Frostbolt on Dire Mole
  6. Stonetusk Boar (1) and (2) attack Chillwind Yeti (1) and (2) + Hero Power on Stonetusk Boar (3) + Fireball on Stonetusk Boar (4)
  7. Stonetusk Boar (1)  right of Stonetusk Boar (2) + Defender of Argus on Stonetusk Boar (1) and Stonetusk Boar (2) + Stonetusk Boar (1) attacks Frostwolf Grunt
  8. River Crocolisk (1) attacks Chillwind Yeti + River Crocolisk (2) attacks River Crocolisk + Holy Smite on River Crocolisk (2) Hero Power on Chillwind Yeti
Astromancer Arwyn
  1. Hero Power + Drain Life on Icky Tentacle + Forbidden Ritual
  2. Frostbolt on Unstable Ghoul + Unstable Ghoul attacks Ancient Watcher (1) + Hero Power on Ancient Watcher (2)
  3. Inner Fire on Sleepy Dragon + Faceless Behemoth attacks Sleepy Dragon + Embrace the Shadow + Hero Power on Sleepy Dragon + Resurrect
  4. Wisp attacks Wisp + Hero Power + Your hero attacks Wisp (2) + Mark of the Lotus (1) and (2) + Wrath (1 damage) on Wisp
  5. Elven Archer (1) on opponent's Gurubashi Berserker + Elven Archer (2) on your Gurubashi Berserker + Hero Power on your Gurubashi Berserker + Volcanic Potion
  6. Holy Smite (1) on your Faceless Behemoth (1) + Holy Smite (2) on your Chillwind Yeti + Hero Power on your Faceless Behemoth (2) + Stars Align + Divine Spirit on your Faceless Behemoth (1)
  7. Sorcerer’s Apprentice (1) left of Archmage Antonidas + Arcane Intellect + Sorcerer’s Apprentice (2) left of Archmage Antonidas + Molten Reflection on Sorcerer’s Apprentice (2) + Arcane Intellect + Fireball on Chillwind Yeti (all) + Coin (1) and (2) + Fireball on opponent's Sorcerer’s Apprentice + Fireball on your Archmage Antonidas
Stargazer Luna
  1. Holy Smite on your Booty Bay Bodyguard + Divine Spirit on opponent's Booty Bay Bodyguard + Confuse + Divine Spirit on your Booty Bay Bodyguard
  2. Spirit Lash + Hero Power on Spider Tank + Holy Smite (1) on Wargear + Holy Smite (2) on Rusty Recycler + Stars Align + Circle of Healing
  3. Ironbeak Owl on Devilsaur Egg (1) + Hellfire + Unwilling Sacrifice on Devilsaur Egg (2)
  4. Dirty Rat + Boulderfist Ogre attacks Dirty Rat + River Crocolisk attacks War Golem + War Golem attacks War Golem + Shadow Word: Pain on Dirty Rat + Hero Power on your Boulderfist Ogre + Light of the Naaru on opponent's Boulderfist Ogre
  5. Backstab and Shiv on your Questing Adventurer + Eviscerate on your Wisp + Hero Power + Your hero attacks Wisp
  6. Chillwind Yeti attacks Chillwind Yeti (4/2) + Moonfire (1) and (2) on opponent's Chillwind Yeti (2) + Moonfire (3) on your Chillwind Yeti (2)
Zerek, Master Cloner
  1. Silver Hand Recruit (1) and (2) attack Abomination + Bolvar Fordragon + Consecration
  2. Hero Power on Sea Giant (right) + Shrinkmeister on Cabal Shadow Priest + Confuse + Potion of Madness on opponent's Shrinkmeister + Shrinkmeister attacks Cabal Shadow Priest + Uplink on Sea Giant (left)
  3. Hero Power + Shield Slam on opponent's Grim Patron + Whirlwind (1) + Execute on opponent's Grim Patron + Whirlwind (2)
  4. Confuse + Flash Heal and Light of the Naaru on your Wild Pyromancer + Spirit Lash
  5. Incubator on opponent's Dirty Rat + Whirlwind + Dirty Rat (1) + Charge on  Animated Berserker + Cosmic Projection + Dirty Rat (2) + Animated Berserker attacks Dirty Rat
Dr. Boom
  1. Loot Hoarder attacks Abomination + Prince Taldaram on Abomination + Kidnapper on Sea Giant + Abomination attacks Abomination + Cruel Dinomancer attacks Sea Giant + Soulfire on Sea Giant
  2. Archbishop Benedictus attacks opponent + Archmage’s Insight + Recycle on Ultrasaur + Polluted Hoarder and Radiant Elemental attack Hoarding Dragon + Coin + Archbishop Benedictus + Ice Rager attacks Loot Hoarder + Healing Wave on Ultrasaur + Auchenai Soulpriest attacks Reckless Rocketeer
  3. Archmage's Insight + Boots of Haste + Hero Power on Howlfiend + Toxic Arrow on Dire Mole + Betrayal on Dire Mole + Vanish + Gloves of Mugging + Novice Engineer + Naturalize on Novice Engineer + Faceless Manipulator on The Darkness
  4. Shadow Madness on Glinda Crowskin + Prince Taldaram (1) on Aviana + Prince Taldaram (2) on Mal'Ganis (1) + Prince Taldaram (3) on Mal’Ganis (2) + Kun the Forgotten King (mana) + Ray of Roasting

Board Clear Puzzles Sequences

Dexter the Dendrologist
  1. Stonetusk Boar attacks Wisp + Rabid Worgen attacks Bloodfen Raptor
  2. Elven Archer on Infested Wolf + Holy Nova + Spirit Lash
  3. Tentacle of N'Zoth (1) and (2) + Coin (1) and (2) + Stubborn Gastropod
  4. Sap on Harvest Golem (1) + Eviscerate on Harvest Golem (2) + Backstab on Damaged Golem
  5. Bash on Frothing Berserker + Stonetusk Boar (1) and (2) attack Soggoth the Slitherer + Frothing Berserker attacks Soggoth the Slitherer
  6. Hero Power on River Crocolisk + Wolfrider attcks Toxic Sewer Ooze + Steamwheedle Sniper attacks Bloodfen Raptor + Explosive Shot on Chillwind Yeti
  7. Power Word: Shield on Wild Pyromancer + Holy Smite (1) on Deathwing + Hero Power on Wild Pyromancer + Holy Smite (2) and (3) on Deathwing + Flash Heal
  8. Hero Power + Backstab on Spiteful Smith + Deadly Poison + Toxicologist + Preparation + Your hero attacks Deathwing + Blade Flurry + Coin (all) + Eviscerate (1) on Spiteful Smith + Eviscerate (2) on Toxicologist
Flobbidinous Floop
  1. Aldor Peacekeeper on Anomalus + Humility on Deathwing + Sleepy Dragon attacks Sleepy Dragon + Boulderfist Ogre attacks Hungry Ettin + Enter the Coliseum
  2. Stonetusk Boar attacks Spawn of N'Zoth + Dark Iron Skulker + Hero Power + Your hero attacks Spawn of N'Zoth + Eviscerate on Dark Iron Skulker
  3. Contamination on Sen’jin Shieldmasta + Chillwind Yeti and Boulderfist Ogre attack Sen’jin Shieldmasta + Swipe on Spider Tank + Spider Tank attacks Chillwind Yeti + Moonfire on Chillwind Yeti
  4. Mind Vision + Clockwork Giant attacks Faceless Behemoth + Confuse (1) + Potion of Madness on Faceless Behemoth + Confuse (2) + Shadowflame on Faceless Behemoth
  5. Spider Tank attacks Wrathion + Boulderfist Ogre attacks Earth Elemental + Stormwatcher (1) attacks Lord of the Arena + Stormwatcher (2) attacks Sen’jin Shieldmasta + Confuse + Shadow Word: Horror
  6. Hungry Crab on Megafin + Crazed Alchemist on Sleepy Dragon + Void Terror on Crazed Alchemist and Hungry Crab + Shadowflame on Void Terror
  7. Preparation + Razorpetal Volley + Counterfeit Coin + Razorpetal (1) and (2) on Golemagg + Backstab on Gelbin’s Coil (1) + Backstab on Gelbin’s Coil (2) + Shadowstep on Gelbin’s Coil (3)
Demonologist Draan
  1. Topsy-Turvy on Hungry Ettin + Shadow Word: Death on Molten Giant + Confuse + Shadow Word: Horror
  2. Doomguard and Imp (1) attack Voidlord + Imp (2) attacks Voidwalker + Defile
  3. Blood Razor + Your hero attacks Pit Fighter + Woodcutter’s Axe + Whirlwind + Revenge
  4. Contamination on Abomination + Mark of the Wild on Angry Chicken (1) + Hero Power + Your hero and Abomination attack Angry Chicken (1)
  5. Brann Bronzebeard + Galvanizer + Explosive Sheep + Skater Bot left of Explosive Sheep + Faithful Lumi on Explosive Sheep + Fireworks Tech on Explosive Sheep + Explosive Sheep attacks Force-Tank MAX (1) + Mechwarper + Skater Bot left of Mechwarper + Mechwarper attacks Force-Tank MAX (2)
Dr. Morrigan
  1. Flametongue Totem (Flying Machine (1) and (2)) + Flying Machine (1) attacks Sen’jin Shieldmasta and Lord of the Arena + Flying Machine (2) attacks Squirming Tentacle and Booty Bay Bodyguard + Wild Pyromancer + Lightning Bolt on Flametongue Totem + Rockbiter Weapon + Your hero attacks River Crocolisk
  2. Scavenging Hyena + Unleash the Hounds + Timber Wolf (right) + Dire Wolf Alpha on Hound (1) and Timber Wolf + Hound (1) and (2) attack Molten Giant (1) + Hound (3) and Dire Wolf Alpha attack Molten Giant (2) + Coin + Powershot on Golemagg + Timber Wolf, Tundra Rhino and Scavenging Hyena attack Golemagg
  3. Fire Plume Harbinger (1) + Murmuring Elemental + Zola the Gorgon on Fire Plume Harbinger (1) + Fire Plume Harbinger (2) + Battery Pack + Fire Plume Harbinger (3) + Grumble, Worldshaker + Zola the Gorgon on Grumble, Worldshaker + Fire Plume Harbinger (1) + Murmuring Elemental + Fire Plume Harbinger (2) + Fire Plume Harbinger (3) + Grumble, Worldshaker + Battery Pack + Fire Plume Harbinger (1) + Fire Plume Harbinger (2) + Snowfury Giant +  Shadowflame on Snowfury Giant + Back-up Plan
  4. Floop’s Glorious Goop + Treant attacks Blightnozzle Crawler + Poison Seeds + Spiritsinger Umbra + Ticking Abomination + Hero Power + Your hero attacks Radioactive Ooze + Mulchmuncher attacks Treant + Contamination and Lesser Jasper Spellstone on Ticking Abomination
  5. Faceless Manipulator on Sonya Shadowdancer + Elven Archer (1) on Foe Reaper 9000 + Elven Archer (2) on Elven Archer (1) + Tentacle of N’Zoth (1) + Elven Archer (3) on Tentacle of N’Zoth (1) + Elven Archer (4) on Foe Reaper 9000 + Tentacle of N’Zoth (2) + Elven Archer (5) on Tentacle of N’Zoth (2) + Tentacle of N’Zoth (3) + Elven Archer (6) on Tentacle of N’Zoth (3) 
Dr. Boom
  1. Radiant Elemental (1) and (2) + Test Subject + Vivid Nightmare (1) on Test Subject + Topsy Turvy (1) on Test Subject + Vivid Nightmare (2) on Test Subject + Topsy-Turvy (2) on Test Subject + Vivid Nightmare (3) on Radiant Elemental (1) + Vivid Nightmare (4) on Test Subject + Topsy-Turvy (3) on Test Subject + Vivid Nightmare (5) on Gelbin's Coil (1) + Topsy-Turvy (4) on Radiant Elemental (1) + Holy Smite (1) on Radiant Elemental (1) + Shadow Word: Pain on Radiant Elemental (2) + Holy Smite (2) on Gelbin’s Coil (2) + Holy Smite (3) on Gelbin’s Coil (3) + Holy Smite (4) on Test Subject + Holy Smite (5) on Radiant Elemental (3)
  2. Tundra Rhino + Cave Hydra (1) attacks Mekgineer Thermaplugg (middle) + Cave Hydra (left) attacks Leper Gnome (left) (1) + Cave Hydra (right) attacks Leper Gnome (left) (2) + Windfury on Cave Hydra (2) + Cave Hydra (2) attacks Mekgineer Thermaplugg (middle) + Windfury on Cave Hydra (3) + Cave Hydra (3) attacks Mekgineer Thermaplugg (right) + Novice Engineer attacks Leper Gnome (3) + Tundra Rhino attacks Mekgineer Thermaplugg (left) + Novice Engineer (all) attack Leper Gnome (all)
  3. Radiant Elemental + Divine Spirit (1) on Test Subject (right) + Vivid Nightmare (1) on Test Subject (right) + Shadow Word: Pain (1) on Test Subject (copy) + Divine Spirit (2) on Test Subject (right) + Vivid Nightmare (2) on Test Subject (right) + Inner Fire on Test Subject (left) + Shadow Word: Pain (2) on Test Subject (copy) + Battery Pack + Vivid Nightmare (3) on Radiant Elemental + Divine Spirit (3) and (4) on Test Subject (right) + Sergeant Sally + Shadow Word: Pain (3) on Test Subject (right) + Divine Spirit (5), (6) and (7) on Sergeant Sally + Confuse + Vivid Nightmare (4) on Sergeant Sally + Hero Power on Sergeant Sally + Kobold Geomancer + Spirit Lash
  4. Demonfire on Ultrasaur + Moat Lurker (left) on Wild Pyromancer + Arcane Anomaly + Ratcatcher on Doomguard + Bloodfury Potion on Arcane Anomaly + Demonfire on Jade Golem + Void Terror on Moat Lurker + Defile

Survival Puzzles Sequences

Boomnician Breena
  1. Holy Light + Forbidden Healing
  2. Binding Heal on Flamewreathed Faceless + Flash Heal + Hero Power + Deranged Doctor attacks Flamewreathed Faceless
  3. Truesilver Champion + Seal of Light + Your hero attacks Corrupted Healbot + Holy Light (1) and (2)
  4. Equality + Silver Hand Recruit attacks Corrupted Healbot + Holy Light (1) and (2)
  5. Crystalsmith Kangor + Forbidden Healing
  6. Radiant Elemental + Priest of the Feast + Hero Power + Flash Heal (1) and (2) + Shadow Word: Pain on Radiant Elemental
  7. Reincarnate on Mistress of Mixtures + Lightning Bolt on Mistress of Mixtures + Healing Wave + Jinyu Waterspeaker
  8. Radiant Elemental + Priest of the Feast + Shadow Visions (1), (2), and (3) on Shadow Visions + Shadow Visions (4) on Flash Heal + Flash Heal
Boommaster Flark
  1. Hero Power + Topsy Turvy on Hoarding Dragon + Hero Power + Shadow Word: Pain on Hoarding Dragon + Flash Heal (1) and (2) + Hero Power + Coin (1) + Voodoo Doctor + Coin (2) + Light of the Naaru + Deranged Doctor attacks Booty Bay Bodyguard
  2. Floop’s Glorious Gloop + Wisp (1) and (2) attack Haunted Creeper + Wisp (3) and (4) + Poison Seeds (1) and (2) + Tree of Life
  3. Zilliax + Blessed Champion on Zilliax + Zilliax attacks Turret Sentinel + Forbidden Healing
  4. Steel Rager + Zilliax and Glow-Tron on Steel Rager + Steel Rager attacks Target Dummy + Battery Pack + Forbidden Healing
  5. Antique Healbot + Refreshment Vendor + Forked Lightning + Healing Wave + Murmuring Elemental + Lava Burst on Turret Sentinel + Shudderwock
  6. Ancestral Spirit and Moat Lurker on Corrupted Healbot + Reincarnate on Turret Sentinel + Ancestral Spirit on Corrupted Healbot + Unbeakered Lightning + Zilliax + Rockbiter Weapon on Zilliax + Zilliax attacks Corrupted Healbot
Glow-Tron 2000
  1. Replicating Menace (1) and (2) on Microbot + Microbot attacks Turret Sentinel + Spirit Lash
  2. Rusty Recycler (1) attacks Turret Sentinel + Vicious Scalehide left of Flametongue Totem + Rockbiter Weapon and Earthen Might on Rusty Recycler (2) + Rusty Recycler (2) attacks Turret Sentinel + Jinyu Waterspeaker + Healing Wave
  3. Light of the Naaru on Auchenai Soulpriest + Elixir of Life on Lightwarden + Breakout + Auchenai Soulpriest attacks Abomination + Earthen Ring Farseer + Binding Heal on Abomination + Mistress of Mixtures and Tournament Medic attack Abomination + Circle of Healing + Lightwarden attacks Abomination + Hero Power
  4. Brrloc on Turret Sentinel (1) + Hallazeal + Reincarnate on Turret Sentinel (2) + Ancestral Spirit and Moat Lurker on Turret Sentinel (1) + Unbeakered Lightning
  5. Zilliax + Blessing of Might on Zilliax + Forbidden Healing on Primalfin Champion + Mana Addict attacks Bronze Gatekeeper + Zilliax and Primalfin Champion attack Turret Sentinel + Forbidden Healing
  6. Wickerflame Burnbristle + Moat Lurker on Turret Sentinel (1) + Uther of the Ebon Blade + Your hero attacks Turret Sentinel (2) + Lay On Hands (1) + Steel Rattler on Microbot + Microbot attacks Turret Sentinel (2) + Lay on Hands (2) + Holy Light
Crystalsmith Kangor
  1. Phasing Portal on Lord Jaraxxus + Hero Power + Demonic Research + Lord Jaraxxus
  2. Grimestreet Outfitter + Moat Lurker on Turret Sentinel + Paragon of Light (1) + Glowstone Technician + Wickerflame Burnbristle + Paragon of Light (2)
  3. Nerubian Unraveller attacks Turret Sentinel + Tentacle of N’Zoth + Silence on Nerub’ar Weblord + Shadow Madness  and Zola the Gorgon on Lord Jaraxxus + Lord Jaraxxus
  4. Dark Pact on Sylvanas Windrunner + Demonic Research + Spiritsinger Umbra + Carnivorous Cube on Mistress of Mixtures + Dark Pact on Carnivorous Cube + Cataclysm
  5. Mistress of Mixtures + Demonic Research + Lord Jaraxxus attacks Nerub'ar Weblord + Chillmaw + Dark Pact on Chillmaw + Alexstrasza on your hero + Phasing Portal on Lord Jaraxxus + Witchwood Piper + Sacrificial Pact on Witchwood Piper + Lord Jaraxxus
Dr. Boom
  1. Crazed Alchemist on Turret Sentinel + Unlicensed Apothecary + Soul Repressor + Ratcatcher
  2. Lorewalker Cho + Zola the Gorgon on Lorewalker Cho + Lorewalker Cho (2) + Forbidden Ancient + Battery Pack + Mark of the Lotus + Earthen Scales on Forbidden Ancient + Azalina Soulthief + Battery Pack + Mark of the Lotus (1) and (2) + Earthen Scales (1) and (2) on Forbidden Ancient
  3. Oaken Summons + Zilliax on Steel Rager + Rusty Horn on Turret Sentinel + Steel Rager attacks Turret Sentinel + Strongshell Scavenger + Earthen Scales on Steel Rager + Branching Paths (armor)
  4. Phasing Portal on Mal'Ganis + Sacrificial Pact (1) and (2) on Imp (1) and (2) + Demonic Research + DOOM! (1) + Witchwood Imp + Soul Repressor + Carnivorous Cube on Soul Repressor + Dark Pact on Voidlord + DOOM! (2) + Flame Imp (left) + Void Terror on Soul Repressor (1) and (2)
  5. Red Mana Wyrm + Ixlid, Fungal Lord + Battery Pack + Djinni of Zephyrs + Savage Roar + Hero Power + Battery Pack + Gloop Sprayer on Djinni of Zephyrs + Earthen Scales on Red Mana Wyrm
  6. Explosive Sheep + Ixlid, Fungal Lord + Barkskin on Ixlid, Fungal Lord + Hero Power + Battery Pack + Spiritsinger Umbra + Mistress of Mixtures + Voodoo Doll on Explosive Sheep + Plated Beetle


As a reward for completing the Puzzle Lab solo adventure you will receive a unqiue cardback, and for other Hearthstone guides at GameSkinny, please visit the links below:

Guacamelee! 2 Guide: How to Beat All Bosses Fri, 24 Aug 2018 09:49:07 -0400 Sergey_3847

The famous Mexican-inspired platformer/brawler is back in the form of Guacamelee! 2. Juan returns once again to fight for Mexico in his trademark luchador mask and wrestling pants -- and he's facing some the toughest bosses yet.

Although you're probably somewhat prepared for what these baddies are going to throw at you, there are still a few wrinkles you'll need to know about before jumping in the ring with them. in Guacamelee! 2, Juan will fight against seven bosses (instead of two from the first game), all of whom have their own styles of fighting and sets of special tricks under. Follow our guide below for all the info you'll need to beat them all.


The first boss fight is the returning final boss from the first game. This boss fight has two phases. In the first phase, Calaca appears in a human form that uses a vanishing trick, which makes him really hard to hit. When he reappears above you, he will drop to the ground and send out a shockwave that can deal a lot of damage if it hits you.

Stay firm when Calaca disappears and wait for him to appear again. As soon as he drops down, jump into the air to avoid the wave. Then, quickly jump up to him and deal damage. Pretty soon, he will get exhausted and the second phase will begin.

When the Black Sun arrives, Calaca will transform into a giant demon, who will call down meteorites from the sky. Dodge the falling meteorites and catch them one at a time in the air. Then, throw meteorites at Calaca. After about 10 hits, he will be defeated.

El Muneco

The second boss fight has three phases. In the first phase, El Muneco will throw a few chickens at you from above. Just use the walls to jump up to him and hit him a few times. This will put him down and he will get mad.

In the second phase, he will send waves of chickens from above and both sides. Again, use the walls to protect yourself from the chickens. As soon as the chicken waves end, El Muneco will appear. This is your chance to run to him and hit him as many times as you can.

In the final phase El Muneco will call upon his zombies and send even more chickens your way. Kill the zombies and avoid the chickens using walls. Lastly, El Muneco will reappear, which will signal to you that you can finish him off.

Uay Pek

Uay Pek is an evil wizard that will make you go through eight different phases. With every new phase the area will transform and create various obstacles. Here's what you will encounter in each of them:

  1. Fight Uay Pek himself. Avoid his magical missiles and hit him whenever you can.

  2. Uay Pek will summon several skeletons, which you need to beat (no special strategy here).

  3. In this phase, the boss will create copies of himself. Each clone will shoot magical missiles at you, which you have to dodge. Eventually, you'll need to beat all the Uay Peks in order to move to the next phase.

  4. Now the wizard will summon one giant skeleton. His weak spots are his heart and head, so you'll be jumping a lot to hit them.

  5. Fight Uay Pek one-on-one again. It's a short fight.

  6. In this phase, he will summon some strange creatures that will appear only for 10 seconds each. You will have to kill them before the time runs out.

  7. You will fight another giant skeleton.

  8. The last fight is against a dragon. Avoid his charges and hit him every time he lands on the ground.

Zope y Cactuardo

This boss fight will pit you against two bosses instead of one. The first one is Zope the parrot. It's a really easy fight that will not take long. But then Zope will call upon Cactuardo -- a giant killer cactus.

Zope will land on top of Cactuardo's head. If you get close to Cactuardo, you will receive damage, since the giant cactus is covered by needles. You will need to jump off the wall and push Zope off Cactuardo's head.

If you manage to do this, Catuardo's needles will disappear for a few moments. Use this window to hit him and Zope. If you manage to do this three times in a row, the bosses will be defeated.

Jaguar Javier

The fight against Jaguar Javier consists of three phases. Each phase will involve another jaguar, so in the end, you will fight all three at once.

The strategy is very simple here: just avoid the jaguar's charge attacks and power beams. Try to hit all three at once for maximum damage. In order to do this, you need to push all three to the wall and pressure them there.

One by one, they will fall, which means that the fight will get easier with each knocked down kitty.


The final boss fight against Salvador has two phases. In the first phase, you will fight against a giant serpent that will appear from below and the sides. It will shoot power beams, which you need to avoid, including the metorites falling from the sky.

Use every opportunity to hit the serpent in the head, and after about 40 hits it will die. This will immediately make Salvador fight you one on one. He will create a powerfield around himself, proclaiming himself unbeatable. But all you need to do is turn into a chicken and hit him for the shield to fall down.

Then, the second phase starts. This time his tactics are very similar to Jaguar Javier's boss fight. He will charge at you, so jump over his head and hit him from behind. Repeat this process until he can't fight you anymore!


That is all on how to beat all the bosses in Guacamelee! 2, but be sure to come back soon for even more guides at GameSkinny!

Madden 19 Keeps Crashing? Here's How to Fix It Thu, 23 Aug 2018 13:37:01 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Whether you're playing Madden 19 on the PS4, Xbox One, or PC, your chances of running into a game-altering or game-breaking bug seem to be higher than in previous franchise installments. However, one most prevalent issues currently plaguing players is one that makes Madden 19 crash, seemingly for no reason at all. 

Of course, this can be extremely frustrating, especially when you're about to win an auction or sit down to play the game after a long day at work. In this quick and simple guide, we'll try to fix that for you. We'll look at all the places Madden 19 might crash, and we'll look at how to keep the game from crashing in the first place. 

How Do I Keep Madden 19 From Crashing?  

Right now, it appears that Madden 19 might crash at any given moment. Taking a look at the game's forums, crashing could occur in the middle of a game, at startup, in MUT mode, during a loading screen, and myriad other places. For most players, it strikes at random. 

As of right now, there are only two ways players have gotten around the game's random crashing: 

  1. Hard restart your PS4, XB1, or PC
  2. Uninstall and reinstall the game

You can also try to clear your local and cloud saved games. However, using that method has produced mixed results. It's worth trying, but only after you back them up. 

Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to work for every player. As with Madden 18's infuriating not installing glitch from last year, Madden 19's crashing bug has no rhyme or reason.

Madden 19 PC CPU Bug

A check of EA's forums quickly shows a plethora of issues revolving around CPUs and the game not recognizing certain processor models. It appears AMD Phenom processor are especially vulnerable to crashing issues on PC. As of this writing, players are reporting it is an issue with the sse4.1 instruction

Some players are saying that emulating/bypassing the sse4.1 instruction does get the game running on PC. YouTuber Naeem Malik has an instructional video on how to circumvent the instruction if you're inclined to fiddle with system settings, etc, which you can see right here.  

Intel's CPU line isn't immune to the problem, but there seem to be fewer players experiencing issues when running those processors, specifically the i7 and higher versions. 

Until a patch is released by EA, crashing issues associated with CPUs will undoubtedly persist even if you have fairly modern hardware -- unless you attempt the potential fix above, and even then you may not be in the clear. If you would like to speak with an EA Help Desk rep, you can do so by following this link


Unfortunately, there isn't a true fix for Madden 19's random crashes and freezes. Hopefully something in this guide helped you get the game running. We'll be updating this guide with any new fixes -- or potential remedies -- we find.

If you know of a way to get around this bug, let us know in the comments and we'll add it here -- with credit! 

Be sure to check out our other Madden 19 guides while you're here! 

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Battle For Azeroth Guide: Tips For What to do After 120 Thu, 23 Aug 2018 12:38:00 -0400 Nick Congleton

Battle for Azeroth has been out for little more than a full week now, and many players are either just hitting Level 120 or have already put in the grind to get there. Chances are, you’re one of them.

But one major question that keeps popping up as players reach the level cap is, "what do I do when I hit Level 120?". On the surface, it would seem pretty simple that your next steps would be gearing up to raid. However, BfA doesn’t exactly make it clear how to go about doing that, and there are more options for future raiders and dungeoneers than ever before when it comes to endgame content.

This guide helps demystify some of that by going over some of the best techniques for getting prepared for raiding by going over: 

  • War Campaigns
  • Dungeons 
  • Reputations
  • World Quests
  • War Mode
  • Island Expeditions

Let's get started with one of the best ways to maximize your early efforts after hitting Level 120. 

War Campaign

Dungeons are the first go-to for most players, but there's a better, more optimal first choice. If you haven’t already started your BfA War Campaign quests, start them now. Actually, they should be the first thing that you do.

Your War Campaign unlocks so many of the other things that you need for BfA’s endgame content, including a new set of world quests, that it should be your number one priority.

The War Campaign brings the faction war theme of BfA to the forefront and allows you to work with prominent members of your faction to wage war. Eventually, you venture onto the other factions continent and establish footholds in each zone. It’s an interesting quest line, and it opens up three new zones to explore.


They are an obvious choice, of course, but dungeons award some of the best gear early on in an expansion. They also give you a chance to practice for your future raiding or Mythic+ goals.

Let's take a look at what each type of dungeon provides in terms of gear. 

Normal Dungeons

As soon as you hit Level 120, you’ll have all of the normal difficulty dungeons unlocked and ready to queue for. These dungeons award Item Level 310 gear, and you can run them as many times as you like. Normal dungeons are probably your best bet for early gearing.

There is a serious drawback to running normal dungeons right now, though. At this stage in the expansion, queue times for DPS classes are extremely high. While you’re queued for normal dungeons, you should probably explore one of the other BfA options, like your War Campaign or World Quests.

Heroic Dungeons

As soon as your character reaches Item Level 305, you’ll be able to start queuing for heroic-difficulty dungeons. These are a major step up from normal for a number of reasons.

First, everyone in the dungeon will have better gear, so they tend to run more smoothly. Next, those insane queue times are considerably shorter, down as low as 10 minutes. Finally, the gear that comes from heroic dungeons is Item Level 325, but it has a chance to titanforge even higher. It’s not too uncommon to see Item Level 340 pieces drop.

As soon as you’re eligible, heroic dungeons should be your main option for gearing at this stage in the game. World quests are still good, but heroics will generally award better gear.

Mythic Dungeons

You can technically queue for mythic dungeons at any point because you need to form your own groups and physically go to the dungeon in the world. That said, you should probably have a decent amount of heroic level gear before trying.

Once you feel confident and are in at least the Item Level 320 range, you should start looking for mythic dungeon groups. The best ways to team up for these dungeons are:

  • Guilds 
  • Group Finder

Guilds are basic for WoW at this point, and you're probably already part of one. If not, there are plenty of groups forming in the group finder for mythic dungeons all the time, and this is the perfect time to get in on the ground floor of what will evolve into the Mythic+ progression.

Mythic dungeons award Item Level 340 gear.


Reputations are a big deal in Battle for Azeroth. The most immediate thing you need to know is that reputations will unlock world quests. Once you have a “friendly” reputation with each of the leveling factions from your faction’s continent, they’ll become available.

Next, reputations unlock some great early gear. With one reputation at honored, you’ll be able to purchase an Item Level 320 cloak from that faction’s emissary vendor. As you progress and increase those reputations to revered, you’ll have access to Item Level 335 gear.

The Champions of Azeroth faction headed by Magni Bronzebeard, the same diamond dwarf that gave you your necklace, offers an Item Level 355 piece on reaching exalted. As you progress with their reputation, Magni increases the item level of your Heart of Azeroth by 15 item levels with each reputation level you reach, up until exalted.

Reputations are also going to be key in unlocking flying later on in the expansion, so there’s no reason to delay in leveling them up.

World Quests

World quests are going to be one of your first real sources of gear. As soon as you unlock them, you’re bound to find a few that offer upgrades. Also, keep a look out for emissary quests at the bottom of your map. Many of them award better gear than completing a single world quest does.

World quest rewards scale with your item level. They range from 295 to 330. Because world quests scale with your gear, they’re usually not a great way to get all of your gear, but they offer a great way to fill in trouble pieces that you can’t seem to get any other way.

Just like in Legion, world quests and the corresponding emissary quests are an excellent source of reputation. Even when you’ve geared beyond the rewards of world quests, its worthwhile to keep doing them for the rep.


Warmode is one of the real stand-out features of Battle for Azeroth, even if it is a somewhat controversial one. Warmode tries to revolutionize world PvP like the game has never seen. By switching on Warmode, you enter a new version of your server with only other people looking to fight out in the world. The result is a more volatile world where fights can break out at any time, and groups from to go fight the opposing faction.

Warmode doesn’t currently award gear, but it will award Conquest Points to purchase gear when the PvP season begins on September 4. Until then, Warmode is just fun.

Groups are constantly forming in the group finder to go battle the enemy faction. If you’re more of a lone wolf, you can still stalk around the world looking for enemy players. You’re bound to find some. World quests with Warmode on also spark some seriously interesting interactions, especially ones for neutral factions like the Champions of Azeroth.

Island Expeditions

Island expeditions were sort of a wildcard when BfA first launched. No one was quite sure how they would play out in practice. Early impressions are in, and the response is overwhelmingly positive. Island expeditions are fun. They’re something unlike WoW has ever done, but they feel like a very natural evolution of the game.

Island expeditions pit you an two other players against more advanced A.I. in a race to collect Azerite on a randomly-generated uncharted island loaded with enemy creatures and more than a few powerful rare ones. If you’re looking to amp up that experience, you can choose to face off with actual players in a PvP version of the Azerite race.

These are a genuinely challenging and dynamic way to play. No two are alike, and the A.I. actually does give you some real opposition. Island expeditions are like dungeons, available in normal, heroic, and mythic difficulties. That means you can press into higher difficulties for more of a challenge. Of course, the PvP version pushes everything to the max.

For collecting artifact power to level up your Heart of Azeroth necklace, island expeditions are unbeatable. There’s a weekly Azerite goal that you need to meet through the expeditions, and when you do, you’ll be awarded 2500 artifact power. There’s a small chance that you’ll get weapons from completing expeditions too, but they’re not a reliable source of gear.


Hopefully, you have a good idea how you want to begin your endgame experience in Battle for Azeroth. A whole new set of content will drop on September 4 when the Uldir raid opens up and the PvP season begins. That also marks the beginning of Mythic+ dungeons in BfA. Even after that happens, many of these tips and strategies for gearing up will still be the best sources of early gear for your new 120 characters.

If you found this guide helpful, take a look at our other Battle for Azeroth guides from experienced WoW players here on GameSkinny.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Pre-Order Guide Thu, 23 Aug 2018 11:55:18 -0400 TMSingle

Red Dead Redemption 2 is poised to be one of the most explosive games of the fall. Following Arthur Morgan, an outlaw on the run with the Van der Linde gang after a robbery gone wrong, the follow-up to 2010's Red Dead Redemption is actually a prequel that's been on almost everyone's games list for eight years running.

In fleeing from federal agents and bounty hunters, Arthur and the gang must rob and steal as they make their way across Wild-West America to survive. It's an adventure you're not going to want to miss. 

Coming on October 26 to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, you'll want to be sure you get your hands on Red Dead Redemption 2 on launch day. This pre-order guide will lay out all of the game's pre-order bonuses, as well as what comes with each edition of this Old West epic. 

RDR 2 Pre-Order Bonuses

Every version of Red Dead Redemption 2 you pre-order will include two enhancements in the game's story mode.

  • War Horse: This is a handsome iron-grey-colored Ardennes War Horse that can always be relied on in the heat of battle. It is said to have greater courage and stamina than the average steed.

  • Outlaw Survival Kit: This kit contains several key supplies to help make life on the frontier easier, such as items to replenish Health, Dead Eye, and more.

In addition to the bonuses mentioned above, if you purchase digital pre-orders on the PlayStation Store and Xbox Store, you will also receive certain bounses. 

  • Extra Cash Reward: This reward is for the game's story mode, and it gives you enough in-game money to buy a weapon, some food, a handful of useful items and ammunition.

  • Bonus GTA Online Money: All digital pre-orders will receive an immediate infusion of GTA money to their Maze Bank accounts in GTA Online.
    • RDR 2 Standard Edition: $500,000 in GTA Online money
    • RDR 2 Special Edition: $1 million GTA Online money
    • RDR 2 Ultimate Edition: $2 million GTA Online money

If you make your digital pre-orders for Red Dead Redemption 2 through the PlayStation Store, you will receive an automatic download for the bonus GTA Online money.

If you pre-order from the Microsoft Store, the GTA Online money will be delivered to your Xbox message center within 7-10 days after your pre-order. Your code can be redeemed on your Xbox One or

What Comes in RDR 2's Different Editions?

As with most games these days, there are also several different editions of Red Dead Redemption 2. Each edition (sans the standard edition below) has other added bonuses alongside their pre-order bonuses. 

Red Dead Redemption 2: Standard Edition

Price: $59.99
Pre-order on:

The standard edition of the game can be purchased either physically or digitally for $59.99. It comes with the pre-order bonuses of the War Horse and Outlaw Survival Kit as mentioned above. There are no other bonuses for this edition of the game. 

Red Dead Redemption 2: Special Edition

Price: $79.99
Pre-order on:

The Red Dead Redemption 2: Special Edition delivers exclusive content for story mode. It includes missions, a racehorse, gameplay bonus items, and so much more, including: 

  • Bank Robbery Mission and Gang Hideout in Story Mode: Get exclusive access to a Bank Robbery Mission, where Arthur and a couple of his fellow gang members come up with a plan to rob the bank in the southern town of Rhodes. You'll also get a Gang Hideout, where you can clear out another gang’s hideout and rob their stash.

  • Dappled Black Thoroughbred: This racehorse will keep you at the front of the pack because of its exceptional speed and acceleration. Not to mention, you also get the exclusive Nuevo Paraiso Saddle as another bonus.

  • Talisman and Medallion Gameplay Bonuses: These items will give Arthur a bit of a boost whenever they are equipped. Each has its own unique feature, such as allowing certain skills to last longer and receiving less damage.

  • Gameplay Boosts, Cash Bonuses & Discounts: With these boosts, bonuses, and discounts, Arthur will have a better chance of surviving in the harsh wilderness and have better chances to provide for his fellow gang members and their camp.

  • The Nuevo Paraiso Gunslinger Outfit: This outfit features a wide brimmed black cowboy hat, deep indigo coat, worn denim chaps, leather gloves, and boots. While it does not have any special features, it keeps Arthur looking pretty sharp.

  • Free Access to Additional Weapons: If you’re going to survive in the Old West while you’re on the run, you’re going to want a few additional weapons to make your battle easier. You will get free access to three weapons at the in-game Gunsmiths in Story Mode -- the Volcanic Pistol, the Pump Action Shotgun, and the Lancaster Varmint Rifle.
Red Dead Redemption 2: Ultimate Edition

Price: $99.99
Pre-order on:

The Red Dead Redemption 2: Ultimate Edition delivers all of the story mode content from the Special Edition, as well as some additional bonuses of its own for online play. The extra bonuses, exclusive to Ultimate Edition, include:

  • Bonus Outfits: You can get two online outfits for your character, the Blackrose Bounty Hunter Outfit and the Copperhead Enforcer Outfit.

  • Black Chestnut Thoroughbred: You’ll receive another excellent thoroughbred to help in outrunning the competition. Not to mention, you get another saddle, the exclusive High Plains Cutting Saddle.

  • Free Access to the Survivor Camp Theme: Getting to customize your own personal Camp in online mode with free access to the Survivor theme will give you something new to look at. 

  • Rank Bonuses: As extra incentive for all Ultimate Edition players, you gain the ability to rank up faster in online, making it up to Rank 25.


Will you be pre-ordering Red Dead Redemption 2? If so, let us know which version of the game appeals the most to you in the comments!

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Fortnite Season 5, Week 7 Challenge Guide: Search Chests in Lucky Landing Wed, 22 Aug 2018 08:19:02 -0400 Sergey_3847

This week Epic Games wants us to look out for seven chests in a relatively new location -- Lucky Landing, which is situated in the southern edge of the Fortnite map. There are quite  a few chests in there, so you should be able to get all seven chests in one go.

However, most of the chests are pretty well hidden, so you might want to follour our quick guide and locate all the chests as quickly as possible.

Where are Chests in Lucky Landing?

The first and most obvious location for a chest is a building in the very center of Lucky Landing that has a huge tree growing inside of it. So just land right there and grab your first chest from its base.

Then, head straight towards the building in the west and snatch another chest from the roof. But if you don't want to pick up single chests, then you could opt for a three-storey building in the northeastern part of the location. There you will find three chests on all three floors.

From there go a bit to the south and take two chests from a building near the large tree. One of them can be found in the attic, and the second one right near the counter on the ground floor.

Lastly, go all the way up to the bridge and there you will find two more chests. As you see, there are a lot of options here, so you should be able to complete this week's challenge rather quickly.


That is all for Season 5,  Week 7 search chests challenge in Lucky Landing, and for other related Fortnite guides at GameSkinny, please take a look at the list below: 

Shenmue 1+2 Guide: How to Skip Cutscenes Tue, 21 Aug 2018 20:45:20 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Most of the fun of playing games like Shenmue and Shenmue 2 is experiencing the story. Much like the Yakuza games, these two classics are very much predicated on their stories. Even though they're open world, everything you do is woven into the narrative. 

However, things can get a little long-winded in Hazuki-land, so you might be wondering how to skip cutscenes in the Shenmue 1+2 remastered collection. You can't rip through the streets on a tricked-out forklift or karate-smash bad guys if you're tied up in cutscenes. 

So here's how to do it. 

Can I Skip Cutscenes in Shenmue

No. Let's move on. 

Can I Skip Cutscenes in Shenmue 2?

Due to advancements in technology and the illuminating power of foresight, Shenmue 2 does in fact allow you to get past its narrative elements with a simple button press. 

To skip cutscenes, simply press B on an Xbox controller, Circle on a PS4 controller, and E on a keyboard (please don't tell me you're using a keyboard to play a game built for controllers...). 

That's all there is to it. Really. It's as simple as that. Now you can get back to what you really want to do: smash a bad guy's face in. 

Check out our other tips and tricks for this remastered collection on our Shenmue 1+2 guides page. 

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Death's Gambit Complete Heroic Boss Rematch Guide Tue, 21 Aug 2018 19:51:12 -0400 Ty Arthur


Have any other tips and strategies for these Death's Gambit heroic boss re-matches?


Let us know how you won each fight in the comments below! You can also check out our other Death's Gambit guides here:


Endless Heroic Boss Strategy

Achievement: Everlasting Torment

For this fight, you may want to strike a balance between damage boost and keeping some feathers for healing, because it's a crazy battle.


You can block her long range green weapon attacks -- including the ones where she jumps in the air and swings around -- with your shield rather than wasting the stamina to dodge them.


The green arrows that go up above will just miss you, so don't try to jump or dodge there and save that for when they go lower, at your normal body height.


During the fireballs segment, stay close to Endless and block with your shield, then walk forward and dodge roll.


Multiple weapon types can work out here, but if you have trouble, try switching to a high intelligence build with Unlimited Energy and then spam orb attacks.


Galaxy Mage Amulvaro Heroic Boss Strategy

Achievement: When The Stars Align

Unfortunately the achievement for this heroic battle seems to be bugged, as no one on Steam has actually unlocked it yet despite them having defeated this boss on heroic.


During this fight, be sure to stay out of the paths where the stars intersect, because your damage is doubled in these areas.


You are going to probably want to use The Swarm as your weapon for the fastest damage output, and your focus should always be on taking out the green orbs quickly.


In the later phases, there will be too many orbs to take out on your own, so trail them through the flying comets that are summoned to destroy them (or the creatures that pop out of them).


Eldritch Inquisitor Heroic Boss Strategy

Achievement: Judge, Jury, Executioner

Prepare to have a rage stroke on this one, because this is some absurd bullet hell nonsense.


No matter what, you can expect to do this heroic fight a couple of dozen times just to learn the patterns alone. Position yourself slightly away from the energy ghost that lands near you so you can avoid it when it splits in two. Meanwhile, hit the boss with arrows from the ground.


When the fishy, Cthulhu monster is summoned, learning his wonky hit box is critical so you can deal damage to him quickly without having to move far away. When he summons his magic shield, you can often stand directly inside him without taking damage if you move to the side.


The red arcane bullets filling the screen will make this battle incredibly tough, but there's a glitch here to take advantage of. They only seem to damage you if they hit your lower body. You can avoid damage entirely by walking at a measured pace and letting them pass through your head! Expect that to get patched at some point, however.


Bysurge Heroic Boss Strategy

Achievement: A Relic Of The Past

This is one instance where you probably want to keep your feathers for healing instead of augmenting for damage; Bysurge's health pool is so huge it doesn't even help.


It isn't immediately apparent, but his normal swipe attacks don't need to be dodged every time. In a lot of cases, you can jump over or run past his normal swipe attacks without wasting the stamina. You want to keep your stamina up for his massive attack, which comes after he yells, "I need more energy!"


The biggest thing to keep in mind here is to avoid the skeleton/robot grabs, as they are going to result in immediate death. If your choice is to take damage from Bysurge or get grabbed, take the damage instead.


This might get patched out, but there's a small, recessed area to the far left where you can be knocked bock while blocking an attack with your shield. Bysurge can't hit you while you stand there with his normal attacks. The skeletons also can't grab you there! Hit him with ranged and heal when necessary when he uses his electricity attack.


Cusith Heroic Boss Strategy

Achievement: Who Is The Real Monster?

This battle is stupidly hard in traditional melee, so it's easier to take advantage of some of the game's broken mechanics to win here.


The first strategy is to pick the Unlimited Energy talent, fully increase your damage with 10 feathers to 200%, and use the Energy Lance weapon. Jump on a platform and fire off an ungodly number of rounds directly at Cusith until he dies in less than 60 seconds.


If you are going with melee, you need to have an insane level of damage output to get anywhere. Jump up on the platform before Cusith spits out the electricity that covers the ground, then pull out your shield to avoid the bullet hell orbs.


Jump down and get in as much damage as you can before having to rinse and repeat -- and good luck!


Origa Sniper Heroic Boss Strategy

Achievement: A Friendly Duel

I bet you didn't expect to be fighting a robot sniper in an otherwise fantasy-focused game? But here you are anyway ... 


There are two different ways to make this battle much easier that aren't immediately apparent. First, you can block her rifle shots in the first phase by pulling out your shield, then drop your shield and get in an attack while she's recovering.


Second, when Origa jumps into the background and the red dot appears, stand directly in front of any of the tall, skinny pillars or the statues. Her shot will destroy the pillar and completely miss you! You don't have to waste stamina trying to dodge the sniper shots at all.


Dark Knight Heroic Boss Strategy

Achievement: Darkness Falls

This is a DPS race; augment your damage to full. The Dark Knight has a major Achilles heel that isn't immediately apparent and will be a huge help. His attacks don't hit directly in front of him.


Stay close -- like stupidly close -- and get off fast knife strikes. When he leaps away, dodge roll close to avoid his long-range attack and then stay in tight quarters to constantly attack.


Your goal is to kill him before the timer hits 0. However, if you let the timer run down and darkness overtakes the screen, you can use the Light Of The Phoenix ability to get a small area of visibility.


Forgotten Gaian Heroic Boss Strategy

Achievement: Gaian Slayer

To start this battle, get in a few swings at the Gaian's foot until it goes down to about a quarter health. 


Run over to the far left and take out the first wave of reinforcements, then stay under the overhang and don't engage the Gaian. Remain there until the reinforcements timer hits 0 again. If you need to, just pull out your shield to avoid damage from the wave attacks.


Although it will be boring, just stand under the overhang and wait for the next wave of reinforcements to arrive -- they won't damage as you they come out of the overhang. Take them all out, then finish damaging the foot to get Ione to jump down and fight.


Parry Ione repeatedly, then dodge roll forward when necessary to take out the wave of reinforcements. Always wait to take out all the reinforcements before going back to hit the giant again. If you let the reinforcements start to the swarm the area, this battle becomes impossible, so its a waiting game without a quick victory.


If you don't like that strategy, there's a sort of "cheat" to employ here. You can actually jump onto the blade, wait for him to lift it up, then jump over to the arm and kill Ione up in the air! After destroying her, just jump down and hit the foot to end the battle.


The Bulwark Of Aldwynn Heroic Boss Strategy

Achievement: A Worthy Challenge

The early part of this fight plays out like the normal version of this battle. Having upgraded bow abilities and damage can be very helpful in culling down the Bulwark's reinforcements before they get close to you.


Be sure to pull out your shield and walk forward to destroy the yellow and black orbs he summons, as they explode when they hit your shield.


As with most of the bosses in Death's Gambit, you have to memorize the Bulwark's wonky hit boxes and use them to your advantage. For example you can stand inside the Bulwark when he calls down more orbs and avoid taking damage, while still hitting him with your melee weapon or bow.


When the blue spirit comes out, get in as many strikes as you can, then run to the other side to avoid the attack that hits most of the screen. This takes practice to get right so you can quickly return and resume the attack.


Because of the tight margins for movement here, a weapon that doesn't push you forward is actually better. That makes this one of the few instances where the Acolyte Of Death's starting scythe isn't as helpful.


Tundra Lord Kaern Heroic Boss Strategy

Achievement: Lord Of The Vale

Quick knife attacks and fast firing of arrows can be a huge help in whittling down the enemy's health. As the platform starts tilting, run to the other side and jump up to avoid the ground attack, then immediately run back towards the boss.


When he leaps in the air, dodge roll forward. If you time it right, you should avoid his ground attack and be directly on the boss so you can get in a few swings. When he roars and starts his swing animation, dodge roll away or run to the other side of the platform to avoid his arms.


During the phase when the ice walls land, keep in mind that they don't actually form and cause damage until a split second after the falling animation. You can use this to your advantage to quickly get out of the way.


In the next phase, pay attention for randomly-appearing skulls so you can dodge the incoming icicle attacks. However, don't forget you can actually smash the icicles in the air before they fire at you. If you stay very close to the boss, you can jump up and hit both the icicle and the Tundra Lord at the same time.


In the final phase of the fight, The Tundra Lord floats in the air while icicles fall straight down from the sky. In this section, you'll need to master jumping either slightly to the left or slightly to the right of each icicle to avoid getting hit but also giving yourself a window to strike the boss. 


It's actually easier to stay in a fairly tight area rather than trying to run around to avoid the falling debris.


Soul Of The Phoenix Heroic Boss Strategy

Achievement: To Ash And Dust

In the first phase of this battle, stay on the ground close to the boss so you can run forward and avoid the jump attack (you don't even need to dodge roll).


The key to this fight is to pay very close attention to the hit box on the long-range scythe attack. You can avoid it entirely without even dodging, and many of the attacks can be negated just by staying slightly to the left or right of the boss.


Although it seems counter-intuitive, it's better to stay close to the boss and use sword attacks that let you jump up and slam down for much of the first half of this fight.


During the battle, listen for the sound of the Phoenix just a second before he swoops by and sets the area on fire. When this happens, run underneath a platform and get ready for the boss to start throwing fireballs, which can be blocked with your shield or jumped over.


The second half of the fight plays out much like the first, except the boss will occasionally split into two. During this segment, stay far away from the blue version that has a long range attack, and keep up your normal strikes on the ground against the red version.


Owlking Heroic Boss Strategy

Achievement: Dethroned

The first half of this fight is very similar to the original battle, except the Owlking sends out three waves of glowing orbs instead of just one. Rather than wasting the stamina dodging all three waves, just dodge roll behind the boss when he starts his vertical black portal.


The second half of this fight is where things gets truly challenging. The orbs that land on the ground from the horizontal portal now permanently remain on the screen. This means you are going to rapidly run out of room to dodge.


To minimize the loss of ground, try to stay in the same left or right corner instead of battling in the middle. By keeping to one spot, fewer parts of the room will get covered in orbs. 


If you mess up and the middle of the area gets covered, don't try to dodge roll through the stationary orbs. Instead, jump and attack at the height of your trajectory to hover and increase your jump distance.


Save your arrows for this second half of the battle so you have a damage dealing option when stuck on the other side of the screen.


Inevitably, you are going to get stuck in a position where the Owlking is on one side of you and the wall is on the other. The hit boxes for damage are his arm/wings and feet however, not his main body. If you dodge roll left and right quickly, you can still avoid taking damage when he strikes.


Death's Gambit is already hard, but that gets cranked up to 11 with heroic boss rematches, where each enemy you've already beaten into oblivion gets new attacks and extra health, coming back from the grave like an infernally crazed zombie. To have any chance at beating any of these heroic versions, you're going to need a little help.


But before you do anything, make sure to explore and grab the tomes for each boss. In many cases, having that extra damage bonus will be the difference between victory and defeat when facing these heroic beasts.


Several of these rematches are pure DPS races, so if you have major trouble, spend more time leveling up your primary damage stat and give it another go. Trading your feathers for damage can also be very helpful, although since you can't heal, it will mean dying several times while you memorize the attack patterns of each boss.


Ready to get started? In the slides ahead we cover specific strategies for each boss and what achievement(s) you unlock for defeating their heroic versions!

Deathgarden Guide: The Right Way to Play as the Hunter Tue, 21 Aug 2018 13:13:01 -0400 Zack Palm

For those who have been enjoying Deathgarden over the free weekend, you may have likely spent more time as a runner than as the hunter. Those who do assume the hunter role can likely be categorized as strong-willed and stubborn because this role is not for the faint of heart.

Not only do you have to keep track of the objectives the runners are after, you have to carefully eye the supplies scattered throughout the map and ensure that the runners who go down, stay down. There are so many things to keep track of you'll easily get lost during your first match. Here are some great things to keep in mind while you play the hunter to ensure you achieve victory.

Always Trust The Shotgun

The hunter can choose from between six different weapons to take with them into the garden. Of the six weapons, two of them are shotguns, and you need to make sure you take at least one of them in with you.

The shotgun can reliably land several more hits on a runner than the other choices, leading to them getting downed more frequently in a match. What are your other choices? There's a standard assault rifle, an LMG, a sniper rifle, and a bolt-action rifle. If you're looking to make the runner's time truly difficult, avoid any one of the sniper rifles. While they do massive amounts of damage, it's too easy for you to miss and waste time reloading. The runners have probably already dashed away into the foliage while you're busy reloading your next round. 

It's important to keep in mind that you're only going to have seconds to react to take down a runner. Using one of the shotguns changes the variables of the chase, thereby forcing a runner to duck and dive far more than they would otherwise. The runners have a limited amount of rolls they can use at one time and a shotgun would demand they use those rolls earlier than later. Always trust your shotgun to get the job done.

Gravitate Towards The Center

Regardless of what game mode you're playing, your eyes are going to dash all over the place as you attempt to keep track of your precious objectives scattered throughout the map. Because of the way they're spread out, the objectives can feel miles away from each other. The best way to keep them all in reach is to center yourself as close to the center of the map as you feel comfortable being.

Those runners are going to be all over, trying to avoid you and seeing if they can't steal an objective while one of their teammates distract you (trust me, I told them to.) The most optimal strategy to chase down a runner while they're handling an objective is to never be too far from any of your objectives. Staying close to the center means you react to any of the objectives at a moment's notice.

Plus, if you're close to the center and go after one runner, chances are their teammates are going to react to you having moved and try to steal one of the other objectives. Smart runners won't rely on straight communication, and instead react to each other accordingly and remain distant from each other. One runner may be acting as a distraction while the others go for another objective -- being at the center gives you a higher chance of eliminating the decoy runner and still protecting your other two objectives located on the other side of the map.

Do Not Lure Runners 

One strategy some hunters have chosen to lean on is using downed runners as bait. They pull away from the downed runner, wait a little bit for a teammate to revive them and then down the would-be rescuer. The thought is to remove as many runners as possible from acquiring objectives and gain several bloodpost notches at the same time. Though this strategy may seem valuable, mostly it's a waste of time.

Because you're contending with five runners on your own you can't solely focus on outright taking them out. You need to think about protecting your objectives and taking runners out as they go for them. The biggest downside to attempting to bait other runners is the fact you'll lose objectives while you're waiting. It takes time for a runner to bleed out and their teammates will use that time to go for objectives. 

Sure, having one less runner to deal with and being one step closer to victory is important, but you're likely to lose far more with this strategy. There's too much chance for error to rely on this. You'll find it better to down a runner and then return to the center to see if any runners go for an objective.

Stamina Means Everything

The hunter's stamina bar, the recharging meter with a lightning bolt, determines how long you can use your dash and disrupt abilities. While the disrupt ability only uses a chunk of your stamina bar at a time, the dash will go until there's no more stamina left. It's easy to activate your dash and then forget about it while you're chasing down a runner. 

You need to keep your eye on this and not drain it in one go. Having access to this meter can mean the difference between killing a runner and losing an objective point. If you go for a runner on one side of the map, chances are their teammates are doing something fishy on the other side. When your dash is down you'll never able to get to them.

Think of the stamina bar like your health, where running out means you're moderately vulnerable to the agile runners who can already move significantly quicker than you. 

Don't Always Jump Off The Cliffs

Runners are extraordinarily good at climbing the terrain in this game. This means they can hoist themselves up trees or rock faces like they're nothing. Unfortunately, the hunter can't do this and must rely on finding a lower ledge before getting to the highest point. A smart runner will remember this and use it to their advantage.

When a runner dashes off a ledge, take a second to lean over to the side and wait a second. Chances are the runner expected you to barrel down the ledge after them, and will already have started making their way back up the rock face. Because you didn't follow them down, when they return to the top your gun will be ready to greet them.

The important thing to remember is you have two guns at your disposal, and you do not have a damaging melee attack. You don't have to hit these runners at close range. You have distance and you need to use it to your advantage, despite how quick and agile your opponents are.


Hunters may not have it easy in Deathgarden, but not all of the odds are stacked against them. Think before you dash off after a runner, and don't expect to win every single round you play. Switch up your strategy to find what works for your playstyle!

For more on Deathgarden, keep it here at GameSkinny and check out our tips on how to play as the runners!

Shenmue 1+2 Guide: How to Sleep Mon, 20 Aug 2018 21:01:20 -0400 Jonathan Moore

As you play through the Shenmue 1+2 remastered collection, you'll quickly discover that each game has a knack for not telling you how to do things. For some things, that's ok. For other things, it's little bit frustrating.

If you're looking to rest and move on to the next day, you'll find the game's sleep function isn't entirely intuitive, and that it doesn't work like it does in most modern open-world games. You just can't sleep wherever or whenever you want. 

In Shenmue, you can only sleep in your bed in Yamanose. On top of that, you can only sleep at or after 20:00 -- or for those of us who don't know military time, you have to wait until 8 p.m. to catch some Zs. If you're like me and didn't access the game's submenu while facing your bed in your room, you might think that sleeping is random. 

In Shenmue 2, sleeping is basically the same. You still can only sleep after 8 p.m. However, there are multiple places where you can rest your head around Hong Kong, such as the Free Stay Lodge and the Come Over Guest House. 


Sleeping in Shenmue 1+2 is simple, yet not clearly explained. Now that you know how to do it properly, you can easily strategize your daily tasks to coincide with Ryo's very specific sleep schedule to maximize your investigations and not wait around twiddling your thumbs for hours on end.  

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Shenmue 1+2 guides. 

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Shenmue 1+2 Guide: How to Get the Phoenix Mirror Mon, 20 Aug 2018 11:10:52 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Editor's note: This guide contains mild story spoilers. 

Much of the gameplay in Shenmue 1+2 revolves around searching for people and items in order to unfurl the threads the games' primary mystery. For the most part, this means walking around a bunch and interrogating anyone you meet along the way. If you want to speed that process up, you've come to the right place. 

The Phoenix Mirror is an item you'll need to find in Shenmue to progress in the story. However, it's not exactly a straightforward process if you don't know where to go or what to look for. 

This guide will show you how to get the Phoenix Mirror in as few steps as possible. 

Where is the Phoenix Mirror?  

After meeting Master Chen at the docks, you'll be tasked with finding the mirror. To do this, you'll need to go home and turn over the house. 

Once you get home, the first thing you're going to want to do is get the flashlight from the cabinet underneath the phone by the front door. It's in the left-hand compartment. 

From there, you'll need the mysterious key from your father's room. Starting at the front door of the house (where the telephone is), turn left and go past the kitchen. Continue down the hall until you get to the end. Your father's room is on the left. 

Look along the right-hand side of the room for a desk. Open the top right-hand drawer and open the box inside to find the mysterious key. This will come in handy in the dojo. 

Next, talk to Ine-san and then to Fuku-san. 

Once you've done that, go to the antique shop in Dobuita to acquire a sword guard. You can find the antique shop just after entering Dobuita on the main road. It's just after the Water Dragon 2 jean shop on the right. 

After getting the sword guard, go to the Tomato convenience store. Go inside and buy a light bulb, which you can find on the shelves straight ahead of you when you enter. This will make your next steps much easier. 

Go back home and go to the dojo. As as you enter the dojo, look at the back wall directly in front of you, the one with the Shodo calligraphy prints hanging on it. Look to the right of the wall find a long wooden box on the floor. Use the mysterious key to open it. You'll find a sword inside.  

Now, turn to the wall with the Shodo calligraphy prints. Remove the left print and insert the sword guard. After that, remove the right print and insert the sword you just got from the box. 

A secret door will open, revealing a basement in the dojo. Go through the door and climb down the ladder into the basement. Activate your flashlight when you get there and follow the passage around until you reach an open room. 

In the center of the room, there will be a light fixture hanging from the ceiling. Insert the light bulb and flip the light switch on the wall next to the entrance. 

Examine the room at your leisure, but ultimately focus on the table in the back left corner of the room. Examine the floor to reveal marks in the floor. Move the table to reveal a secret compartment in the wall. Use the axe to break open the compartment (the axe is leaning on a wall near the entrance to the room). 

Inside you'll find the Phoenix Mirror. 


That's all you need to know about finding the Phoenix Mirror. Be sure to check out our other Shenmue 1+2 guides for more tips and strategies for getting through each games more ambiguous sections. 

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Shenmue 1+2 Guide: How to Find Warehouse #8 Mon, 20 Aug 2018 11:07:41 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Editor's note: This guide contains mild story spoilers. 

One of the best things about Shenmue 1+2 can also be one of its more frustrating elements: you don't always know where to go. Most of the time, NPCs will give you pretty good directions and/or intel. Other times, they're completely mum and have no idea how to help you. 

If you want to find Warehouse #8 as quickly as you can, you'll quickly discover that things aren't as straightforward as they seem. This guide will show you where to find the real warehouse, as well as the optimal path to take to find it faster.

Where is Warehouse #8? 

After you've gotten the Chinese letter translated at the China Shop and called the phone number written on it, you'll need to find the mysterious Master Chen at Warehouse #8. However, you don't know where that is, and until you find out, you'll be stuck in Dobuita. 

How to Use the Phone or Phone Book to Find the Warehouse Location


Instead of asking around, simply head straight to the Tobacco Shop, which is located across from the Flower Shop by the busy road near Dobuita's outskirts. Use the phone to call information (104). Once you get the operator, be sure to ask for the area of the number. You only get two chances before Ryo says calling the operator is pointless, so don't choose anything else. 

If you've already done this and gotten locked out of calling information, you can also use the phone book to find the number's area address. At the Tobacco Shop, hold LT, look at the phonebook, and press A. Ryo will automatically look up the address for the phone number. 

After you've found the address, hop on the bus next to the Tobacco Shop and head to the Docks. 

Going Straight to Your Destination

Get off the bus and turn left at the first intersection. You'll come to a QTE encounter at the end of the road. Afterwards, your punching bag will tell you how to get to the Warehouse. 

However, once you get there, a guard will stop you from going inside. Go around back and look up for an open window above several tall crates. Look to the right of the tall crates to find a smaller crate. Make sure the patrolling guard ins't around and push the smaller crate up against the tall crates. Climb up to get inside. 

But wait a minute, this isn't the right Warehouse #8. What gives? 

Where is the Old Warehouse District? 

Go to the front of the Docks area, where you fought the thugs and where the main guardhouse is. Instead of turning left to go past the guardhouse to the bus, turn right and go into the big open area. Go past the Tomato convenience store and the cafeteria

Go straight ahead and toward the water. Once you get to the water, turn left and continue past Tom's Hot Dog cart. Follow the path around until you reach another guard post. Sneak through and you're in the Old Warehouse District. 

How Do I Get Past the Guards? 

You could try to get past the guards legitimately, but it's really a pain in the butt. Instead, it's easier to cheese your way through. Here's how: you're going to need the homeless man.  

If you've already met the old homeless man milling around the docks and bought him a coffee, this part will be a bit tedious, but easy. If you haven't met the old homeless man, then go to Warehouse 12 in the New Warehouse District to find him and buy him a coffee.   

Once you've done that (or if you already have), you'll need to get caught by the guards eight times. After the eighth time, the homeless man will tell you to return at 11 p.m. because there are fewer guards -- meaning one guard. 

All you have to do know is run straight to your destination. Warehouse #8 is in the back, left corner of the area. The homeless will mark its location on a map he gives you. 


That's all you need to know about finding Warehouse #8 in Shenmue. Be sure to check out our other Shenmue 1+2 guides for more tips and tricks. 

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Deathgarden Cooperative Guide for Runners Mon, 20 Aug 2018 10:10:10 -0400 Zack Palm

In Deathgarden, you're either a team of five runners attempting to complete a series of objectives while avoiding a relentless, dangerous hunter who's out to get you -- or you're the sole hunter going after the runners. If you're a runner, you want to do your best to not only complete the round's objectives, but you want to make sure you're helping your team out as much as possible to ensure they don't get caught.

Being the best on your team of runners doesn't mean anything if your teammates are struggling to outpace the hunter. After having played several rounds in Deathgarden, here are some excellent things to keep in mind to assist you in getting your team of runners to succeed.

Mark Every Component You See

There's plenty of useful resources all over the map for your team to utilize while attempting to evade the hunter. Such as ammo, health, and upgrade crates. Unfortunately, they're not easy to see and your teammates may run past them if they're in a hurry -- especially if the hunter is nearby!

The only way to ensure your team notices any of these resources is to mark them using your standard arrows. Hitting them with the arrow lights them up for everyone on your team, enabling them to see it from anywhere they are in the garden. To make sure you're always highlighting these resources, you need to regularly reload at an ammo crate to replenish your arrows. Remember, these arrows do not harm or bother the hunter. Do not waste it on them. You're given these arrows to mark objectives and useful crates you see in the garden.

You're encouraged to mark resources and objectives in the garden because this is how you acquire NPI -- the resource that powers your special, class-based arrows. Once those run out, you'll have to complete objectives or mark resource caches to gain more.

Knowledge is key in Deathgarden and keeping your teammates informed about what's available to them, along with what you're doing, will ensure you have a higher chance of success.

Develop A Distant Buddy System

In cooperative games, normally you want to stay close to your teammates to help them out while attempting to conquer your foe. Because of the way Deathgarden works, though, being too close to your teammates can prove problematic. The hunter would have two runners to shoot at instead of one. If you both go down, this gives the hunter two notches for their bloodpost, meaning your entire team suffers. Staying close is not an option in Deathgarden. 

The best way to help your teammates is to keep a safe distance away from them. You'll see a soft, white outline of them as they move throughout the garden, ensuring you can always locate them if they go down or attempt to go for an objective. You can support your team best by keeping your distance and jumping into action when they need a helping hand -- remember, you can't always hold their hand. This only leads to the hunter taking down multiple runners at once. 

However, if you notice a teammate near an upgrade or ammo crate you should go to them to acquire those resources at the same time. This way you won't waste time attempting to find another nearby and you won't have multiple resource caches going on cooldown.

Divide And Conquer

An added benefit to splitting up while playing as runners is you can focus on capturing different objectives at the same time. If you have a teammate attempting to capture pillar B, see if you can find pillars A or C and go for those. The hunter will have to choose which of the objectives they want to attack, but if they react too late one of the points will go to your team.

There are two game modes you can play in Deathgarden, point capture and key capture. Point capture forces you to stand at a pillar and capture it, whereas in key capture you have to find objective caches hidden on the map. Once you've obtained a charge from one of these caches you take it to one of the three objectives -- you need three charges to capture a pillar in this mode.

Because of the way the map is designed you're encouraged to divide the hunter's attention as much as possible. Focusing on a single objective will only make it easier for the hunter to take down multiple runners at the same time. Runners are agile and were designed to move more quickly than the hunter. Make it difficult for your opponent to protect a single point and bounce between objectives.

A great way to get this strategy across to the rest of your teammates is going to parts of the map they are not. For example, if you're noticing you have at least three teammates on one side of the map, and you're in the middle, go in the opposite direction as them. While you're over there, locate an objective and start taking it. This way you'll draw the hunter's attention towards you, but this frees up the rest of your team to handle any objectives they're near. Just make sure you leave yourself enough time to escape before the hunter arrives to deal with you!

Specialize in Two Roles

A team of runners has three classes to choose from before they enter the garden: support, torment, and control. While knowing about each class is good, you should make sure you're proficient with at least two of them to make sure your team composition varies each match. Having too many of one class may hinder you. 

By becoming efficient with at least two of the three classes, you can seamlessly change between your preferences to accommodate your team. To do this effectively you may need to hold back and accept your role right before the gates open to the garden. 

It's recommended to always have at least two support classes on your team, but you do not want more. Having more than two support runners means you're giving up much-needed aggressive abilities your team will need to disrupt the hunter and escape them. It's better to have at least two covering the entire team as they scour for objectives, though having too few forces the only support runner to watch out for everyone -- with four players to watch, it may prove too much for some.

Turn On Voice Chat

For whatever reason, this setting is automatically set to "off" in the options menu. You won't have to search for long in your settings to find it. It's on the first page. All you have to do is click the box and there you go! Communicate with your teammates about the hunter's location, where they're headed, and craft a sneaky game plan to outwit your opponent.

Because the voice feature is automatically turned off, not everyone uses voice chat, but when they do and you have a pair of people talking on your team, you're going to get a lot more done. It's better to have it ready to go than constantly communicating to your teammates through the game's text. Luckily, voice chat is not required as the arrows make useful resources in the garden apparent to everyone on the team.


And those are some of the great useful tips you can use during your first match in Deathgarden as a runner! Make sure to communicate to your teammates as much as possible through voice chat or by using your arrows.

For more on Deathgarden and other games being released this season, keep it here at GameSkinny!

6 Madden 19 Money Plays That Will Guarantee A First Down Fri, 17 Aug 2018 16:44:05 -0400 RobotsFightingDinosaurs


Money Play #6: The Off Tackle Run


Usually, it's easier to recommend passing plays as Madden 19 money plays, but given the new one-cut speed boost mechanic, running plays have become much more potent against any defense.


Now, of course, if your opponent is stacking the box with eight or more defenders, you'll want to audible to a passing play unless you're really confident in your stick skills. Otherwise, run the play as usual and be sure to do a quick hat count and run the play to the side of the line that has the least amount of defenders.


If you let the blocking develop and break through the line, you'll have a tidy little 3 or 4 yard gain right there. That said, if you take advantage of the one-cut mechanic and turn on the jets as you cut back across the field, you'll have a chance to break something huge after putting the defense on their heels.


Did we miss your go-to play? Let us know in the comments! Either way, we'll see you on the gridiron. Make sure to check out our full list of Madden 19 guides while you're here! 

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Source: Goal Line Blitz


Money Play #5: Slants


Given the updates to physics in Madden 19, crossing and rub routes work a whole lot better now than they ever have in the past. The crossing slant concept takes full advantage of that for a high-percentage money play that is generally good for 4 to 6 yards every time. 


Where the over-the-middle routes we've talked about are timed so that the read happens as the receiver passes across the QB, the read here is a little earlier. As you might expect, the key moment happens when the slot and outside receivers cross.


In most zone coverages, this moment is when defenders have to switch from one receiver to another, giving you a window to throw to the open man. In man coverage, the crossing action will usually cause defenders to change their paths so that they don't collide, giving your receiver a step on them. 


The safest read here is the receiver streaking toward the outside, though depending on when you throw the ball, that completion may only be good for 3 or so yards. A high throw over the line to the receiver crossing over the middle is a bit more dangerous, but offers your receiver the chance to turn upfield for a larger gain.


Source: Smart Football


Money Play #4: The Curl Flat Concept


The diagram here actually does a pretty good job of depicting how the curl flat concept can absolutely flummox defenses. Your first reads will be the two receivers running the curl routes. Keep an eye on the defenders here -- if they're too close to your receiver, they'll jump the route.


For all of the advancements made in Madden 19, the franchise still hasn't figured out how to make receivers break toward the ball on curl routes, so be careful. Much like with the stick concept, an interception here can be absolutely crushing, so if there's anyone even close to your intended receiver, move on.


Luckily, if they're covered, your other two receivers will likely be wide open for a modest gain of 3 or 4 yards. The difficulty in running this play is that these are necessarily quick reads. The play takes very little time to develop; you'll have to gauge whether the receiver on the curling route is open as soon as they turn around. At that point, you'll have to glance at your check-down on the flat and make a decision.


The good news is that if you've practiced the stick concept, the reads are very similar here. If you can run that play, you can absolutely run this one.


Source: Annoyed Football Nerd


Money Play #3: Texas Concept


Now that you're comfortable throwing over the middle, it's time to introduce you to my favorite Madden 19 money play, one that they still haven't figured out how to program competent defensive A.I. for. 


As it states above, the Texas concept involves the running back tracing an angled route around the offensive line and over the middle, while a receiver or tight end runs either a seam route or a deep dig route.


This causes defensive backs in zone coverage to be overloaded, forcing them to cover one receiver or another. At the same time, if a defender is marking the running back in man coverage, when the running back makes the cut back across the middle, they'll have the speed to shake their defender.


Again, you'll want to deliver the ball to the running back as they're crossing past your QB, but keep an eye out for defenders in shallow zones or particularly tall linemen who could bat the ball away. If you're looking to complete this pass, try to aim it high rather than low.


If you complete it, you'll be looking at a 7-yard gain with the opportunity to tack on a whole lot more if your running back can shed a tackle or two.


Source: Smart Football


Money Play #2: Levels


More than just a pretty catchy Avicii song, the Levels concept in Madden 19 is a set of high-percentage plays that can often net a vigilant player 10 or more yards at a time.


Look to the top of the diagram above. Your first two reads will be the two receivers running those dig routes over the middle of the field. Yes, it is inherently a little more dangerous to throw over the middle. No, you shouldn't freak out about this.


The first thing to pay attention to here is the defensive scheme. Above, it appears as if the receiver running the shallower route is being marked in man-to-man coverage, given how close the defender is to the line. This means that, more than likely, when the receiver cuts to the middle of the field, he'll be wide open.


The other two defenders on that side of the field look to be in zone coverage, so when the receiver running the deeper dig route makes his cut, the defender will have a decision to make. That's when you make the throw. 


The timing here is key. Ideally, you want to get the receiver the ball right as he crosses past the quarterback, but that's not always feasible. It's much more important to make sure you're throwing the ball at a time (and to a place) where a defender can't get a hand up and disrupt the play.


It can be stressful to throw when there's a lot of traffic nearby, but be patient, survey the scene, and 90% of the time, you'll be taking 7-15 yards to the bank on this play.


Source: Coach Hoover Football


Money Play #1: The Stick Concept


We've talked about the stick concept as a Madden money play before, and for good reason. This passing play is good for a quick 4-5 yards pretty much every time, as long as your read is on point. There are a ton of variations on this play, but we'll try and keep it general so that you can run this play successfully out of any formation.


In the play diagram above, your first read will be the slot receiver on the right running the short curl route. Look there first, noting if there's a linebacker looking to jump the route. If your receiver is open, pitch him the ball (making sure to hold the trigger to perform a low pass) for a quick 5 yard gain.

If they're not open, and we can't emphasize this enough, look elsewhere -- as an interception on a jumped route here will almost always result in a pick-6. The good news is that if the curl route isn't open, the receiver running the out route almost always will be, so throw there.


If that's not open, proceed even further right to the seam route for a home run ball. 


The stick play is a great play to practice in order to drill your skills in sequential reads. You'll be proceeding in a natural left-to-right fashion, and it's relatively simple to see whether or not your receiver is covered. So not only is this a high-percentage play, running it will make you a whole lot better at the game!


Source: Coach Hoover Football


We've all been there. You get greedy on 2nd-and-6 and go 4-vert, narrowly avoiding an interception. Now you're staring down 3rd-and-long on a key drive playing Madden 19 online against someone who has been trash talking you all game. If only there were a few high-percentage Madden 19 money plays good for around 6-yards every time. 


Well, friend, we're here to tell you that you're in luck. Here are our favorite low-risk high-reward Madden 19 money plays for when you really need that first down.

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Creative Destruction Definitive Defend The Captain Mode Guide Fri, 17 Aug 2018 14:23:06 -0400 Ty Arthur

Are you really bad at Fortnite and can't ever seem to beat those ultra skilled players? The free-to-play Creative Destruction may be just the game to keep you in the Battle Royale action while honing your skills against a less entrenched player base.

Much like the game it takes its inspiration from, regular limited time events show up in Creative Destruction. The 25 vs 25 Defend The Captain mode arrives this week and it requires a completely different strategy than the typical solo game.

Want to help your team get a win? Let's dive into how you should be playing!

Defend The Captain Mode Landing Strategy

This is one instance where landing at the major locations on the map is actually better than finding something out of the way that won't be swarming with players.

Make sure to pull up the map while on the battle bus, because you get to see the direction of the enemy team's movement. Where they land should play a huge role in where you land so you can set up a defense and prepare to attack their captains.

You want to land and move as a team, setting up defenses and then either falling back or pushing forward as a mass.

The storm still shrinks the play area in Defend The Captain, so think of your team as a swarm of locusts in the early game. Completely clear out a major area like Spring Town or Teddy Land, stripping out all the walls for materials and taking all the loot.

When the location is stripped, fall back to the next major area that is closer to the center where you can set up your real defenses.

For instance, you could fall back from Spring Town to Lion Park, and then be in an excellent defensive position to strike out at Eden Vines, Palmurg, or wherever the enemy happens to be entrenched.

Defend The Captain Mode Defense Strategy

To be successful in this mode, you need to think less like you are playing a Battle Royale game and instead think more like a squad-based shooter where you are defending a particular area.

You are going to be fighting against your own team as much as the other side because you need to wrangle your teammates into working as a cohesive whole.

Lone wolf run and gun isn't as helpful here except for very specific instances (covered in attacking strategy below).

No matter where you pick your defensive outpost, you absolutely want high ground for a clear line of sight. Whether that's on top of buildings or at the tip of a mountain will depend on where you landed. Either way, force the enemy players to build staircases up to you in areas without cover.

Building two sniper nests in the air for coverage on either side of an area can be a big help in staying alerted to enemy movements, while the rest of the team patrols around on the ground.

If you happen to have been picked as a Captain, your goal is to stay alive over getting kills. Staying bunched up with other teammates in a well-defended area with pre-made buildings for cover is a much better move than going out and attacking.

Defend The Captain Attacking Strategy

From the start, you can see the position of all your teammates and the position of the enemy captains on the map, but not the position of their 20 regular, non-Captain players. This radically changes how you should go about attacking enemies.

Pull up the map frequently and be on the lookout for one enemy captain clearly out farther away from the rest. That's almost certainly a player who isn't focused on helping their team and can be taken out without facing stiff resistance.

An early advantage is key here. If they have fewer players to defend their Captains, it becomes much easier in the late game. For the more daring players with higher skill, it's not a terrible idea to land close to the enemy position, get a quick kill on a straggler, then high tail it back to your squad's base.

During the mid-to-late game when both sides are fortified, long-range weapons that don't require a ton of accuracy should be your go-to choice if possible. Otherwise, think in terms of sniping from afar.

Weapons like the grenade launcher can be absolutely devastating here since you can see the Captain's position on the map even if they aren't in your actual line of sight.


Creative Destruction Railgun Tips

The newly-added railgun shows up in Creative Destruction with the Captain Defense mode, and it works quite a bit differently from the rest of the gun lineup.

You can tap to fire a single blast quickly for small damage or hold and charge for larger damage. There's also a brief cool down time after firing before you can fire again, so this isn't a rapid-fire weapon by any stretch of the imagination.

Charged shots take down walls quickly, so the railgun can be useful for destroying defenses if you don't have an RPG, grenade, etc.

Unfortunately, there's no ability to zoom in and it doesn't aim well. So, the railgun is best for hitting someone who is stationary. If the enemy is moving, try coming from behind and following them as they move, keeping the reticle just a half second ahead of where they are running at the moment.

Got any other Creative Destruction Captain Defense tips and tricks we should try out with our team? Let us know your strategy in the comments below!

Death's Gambit: The Definitive Class Guide Thu, 16 Aug 2018 11:30:15 -0400 Ty Arthur

Because Death's Gambit shares a lot of similarities with the Dark Souls franchise, the game starts with a seemingly straightforward choice, but one that can very much impact how you play the game. That question is: which basic class and starter item should you pick on your first playthrough?

Of course, not all classes are created equal in the world of Death's Gambit. Some have major advantages over others and some cater to radically different play styles.

If you are just getting started, let's dive into a breakdown of what each class offers and which one you should pick for the least difficult experience! 

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Death's Gambit Class List 

Unlike many fantasy games, weapon skills in Death's Gambit are attached to specific weapons instead of to your class, so you can potentially play a wizard with a greatsword or a soldier slinging spells.

The talent tree is also open between classes, but each class has at least one extra talent that governs how you gain soul energy, while some also get one special unique ability.

These unique elements will be the deciding factors in how you pick a class based on your preferred play style in this Metroidvania Souls-like.

Class: Soldier

Unique Talent: Blocking enemy attacks awards soul energy

Starting Equipment:

  • Aldwynn Greatsword
  • Conscript's Cape
  • Vados Shield
  • Lucent Plume

This is your basic, well-rounded class that doesn't particularly excel at anything.

If you want to start with a sword that doesn't have a crazy attack animation to learn, the Soldier is an acceptable basic class, but there are far better options. Nearly every other class has something better in terms of stats and unique abilities.

Class: Assassin

Unique Talent: Dodging enemy attacks awards soul energy

Starting Equipment:

  • Thief's Blades
  • Conscript's Cape
  • Wooden Targe
  • Lucent Plume

This close-ranged combat expert needs to get up close and personal to gain soul energy for activating special abilities.

For melee-focused adrenaline junkies, this can make for an acceptable starting class. However, keep in mind that the Acolyte Of Death has just as high a starting Finesse and a better unique ability.

Class: Wizard

Unique Talent: Healing awards soul energy

Starting Equipment:

  • Casting Tome
  • Conscript's Cape
  • Vados Shield
  • Lucent Plume

Unlike many RPG-style games, the wizard won't annihilate huge groups of enemies with giant blasts of energy straight off the bat.

Staying alive as the wizard is quite difficult here, so swap out to a bow as quick as you can to attack at range instead of using a sword.

Since the ability to open chests revolves entirely around avoiding healing, this is also one of the worst unique talents for gaining energy.

Class: Sentinel

Unique Talent: Parrying awards soul energy

Unique Ability: Equip weapons and shields at half the required stats

Starting Equipment:

  • Vados Longsword
  • Conscript's Cape
  • Vados Shield
  • Lucent Plume

When you are good at parrying attacks, the Sentinel can be one of the best classes to choose because of the unique ability to equip anything at half the required stats.

You won't need to invest any points into Finesse or Intelligence in order to use the best weapons and spells out there.

The soul talent isn't quite as good as the Acolyte Of Death, but otherwise this is one of the strongest class options.

Class: Noble

Unique Talent: Using items awards soul energy

Unique Ability: Gain access to a unique merchant

Starting Equipment:

  • Aldwynn Halberd
  • Magister's Hood
  • Conscript's Cape
  • Vados Shield
  • Lucent Plume
  • Dragonberry
  • Gaian Blood
  • Crow Plume

While you start off with several extra items to make use of the Noble's special soul ability, in all other respects, this one of the weakest classes

There's just really nothing here to make this class more attractive than the others, unless you really like to use items and want to try out some unique item options.

Class: Blood Knight

Unique Talent: Taking damage awards soul energy

Unique Ability: Regain a portion of lost health when dealing damage with quick retaliations

Starting Equipment:

  • Vados Axe
  • Conscript's Cape
  • Vados Shield
  • Lucent Plume

This class offers a very different way to play, as it's all about highly reckless, highly aggressive combat. You want to both get hit and then immediately hit back as often as possible.

That's pretty anathema to your typical Souls-like game, so if you want something outside the norm, give this class a shot. For new players though, you may want to go with something else.

Class: Acolyte of Death

Unique Talent: Killing enemies awards soul energy

Unique Ability: Restore broken save points

Starting Equipment:

  • Acolyte Scythe
  • Conscript's Cape
  • Vados Shield
  • Lucent Plume

Here we go -- the best Death's Gambit class!

The starting scythe has a wide attack range and big forward movement animation, which can be very helpful in some situations but is difficult to master in normal combat.

If you don't prefer the scythe's attack style, switch to a different weapon, like daggers or intelligence-based book spells.

The ability to restore broken save statues is actually less useful than you'd imagine, as there are only a handful of points across the game where this means less backtracking to return to a difficult boss.

Gaining soul energy through straight kills is where the Acolyte Of Death class shines, and puts it a cut above the rest. You will be absolutely swimming in energy.

When used efficiently, this is easily the single best starting class as you can constantly trigger abilities.

What's your favorite class, and do you have any Death's Gambit combat tips on the best ways to utilize each class that we may have missed? Let us know in the comments below!

Be sure to check out our other Death's Gambit guides while you're here. 

Bendy in Nightmare Run Tips Guide Thu, 16 Aug 2018 11:13:35 -0400 Jonathan Moore

If you've played a mobile runner before, you're already familiar with Bendy in Nightmare Run's foundational mechanics. Swipe left and right to go left and right, swipe up to jump, swipe up twice to double jump, and swipe up and down to smash unsuspecting enemies. 

The game goes over all of this in the tutorial. However, there are a few things it glosses over. In this short guide, we'll go over those things, as well as a few general tips so like me, you aren't left scratching your head in the early game. 

Understanding these mechanics will make Bendy's later acts almost a breeze.  

Bait Boss Attacks 

Bendy's levels are split into four "stories" of six acts each. Each story has a different boss who grows more powerful over the course of each act. For each act, the boss will chase you from the beginning to the end, assaulting you throughout the level with increasingly powerful attacks. 

Although every attack is different (some bosses throw tires and engines at you, while others use lasers and artillery volleys), these attacks are telegraphed ahead of time by a cross hair underneath Bendy

Don't move immediately, though, since the cross hair will always follow you for a second or two. Only move when the cross hair begins to flash. When this happens, it means the attack is locked into that lane. Not only can you easily dodge the attack this way, but you can also bait the boss into attacking an empty lane or one without a weapon or health pack. 

Hit or (Purposefully) Miss Enemies

There are three lanes in Bendy in Nightmare Run: left, middle, and right. Bosses will spawn enemies in these lanes that not only attack you with physical and ranged attacks, but also act as shields for the boss. 

To hit ground-based enemies, simply move into their lane and throw a weapon. To defeat airborne enemies, move into their lane, jump, and throw your weapon.

If you're on a raised gangplank and facing a ground enemy, it's best not to throw a weapon but instead stomp them. If you're facing an airborne enemy, all you have to do is throw your weapon and it will hit them. 

However, if you don't mind tons of enemies on-screen at once (the early acts of each story are beatable without killing enemies), then you can throw over a ground enemy or under an airborne enemy to hit the boss

It's a strategic maneuver the game doesn't tell you. 

Not All Weapons are Created Equal

Bendy has access to three different weapons in Nightmare Run: a brick, and axe, and an anvil. The game teaches you how to throw (just tap the screen with a weapon in your inventory), but it doesn't tell you that each weapon deals different damage.

The brick will deal one damage. The axe will deal two damage. The anvil will deal three damage. 

Always go for the anvil when you have the choice. If you always go for the most-powerful weapon and throw it in the right lane, you won't need to buy upgrades (see below) because defeating the boss will be a cinch. 

Don't Focus on In-Stage Soup Cans

If you want to progress through Bendy faster, don't focus on soup cans when you first play a level. Yes, there is a bonus for collecting a certain number of soup cans per level, but you get more cans by defeating the boss and not taking damage

Don't buy upgrades with soup cans if you're wanting to get through Bendy in any sort of reasonable time or don't want to spend real-world money to progress. Honestly, I went through the entire game only buying one upgrade and completed it pretty easily. Buying upgrades sets you back far too much to be worthwhile (except for Nightmare acts -- you'll want upgrades there). 

When you beat each story, you'll have enough (or almost enough) soup cans to unlock the next story. If you don't, then you can go back and focus on soup cans by completing each act's "collect cans" challenge. However, keep in mind that you only get act-clearing cans and challenge cans once; all other cans are based on the amount you pick up per act, and the multipliers aren't high. This means you'll have to grind, and no one wants to do that if they don't have to. 


Other than patience, tight reflexes, and focus, that's all you need to know about Bendy in Nightmare Run. I don't go over the game's Nightmare acts in this guide because there aren't really any actionable tips (outside of the ones above) that will help you get through them easier. Just knuckle up and block distractions and you'll beat the game's hardest levels. 

Let us know what you think about Bendy in Nightmare Run in the comments below! 

Death's Gambit Guide: How to Kill Ghosts Wed, 15 Aug 2018 14:31:43 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Like any game in the Souls-like genre, Death's Gambit is filled with difficult enemies. With everything out to get you and death lurking around every corner, it helps to know which items, spells, and weapons can kill your adversaries faster than they can kill you. 

As it turns out, not all enemies take damage from every weapon type -- and some, like the game's ghosts, don't seem to take damage from anything at all. Whether you attack them with a sword or use magic, these ghouls are seemingly immune to your every move, even if they can deal some pretty big damage to you.

However, there is one thing they are susceptible to: Sunstones

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When you come across a ghost in Death's Gambit, you'll notice they're no more than apparitions. However, if you throw a Sunstone at them, the light produced will illuminate their true forms. When they are in this state, you can attack them with any weapon or spell to kill them. 

Since Sunstones are pretty common, you shouldn't have to look hard for them. However, if you've yet to come across any from the game's crystal enemies, you can buy them from the vendor Jaco of Basilus in the game's hub area (he's just to the right of the large red tent). He sells them for 20 Hope.


That's all you need to know about killing ghosts in Death's Gambit. It's as simple as throwing a stone! 

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more tips and tricks on this dark fantasy RPG from Adult Swim Games. 

We Happy Few -- Finding The Boiler Suit Location Wed, 15 Aug 2018 10:13:30 -0400 Ty Arthur

Crafting any item you need -- from torn suits for fitting in with wastrels to Sick Up Tea for vomiting rotten food -- is a critical element of survival horror mashup We Happy Few.

No matter how hard players look, no one seems to be able to find a blueprint for stitching together the mission-critical boiler suit, however.

Unlike the proper suit or raincoat, you quite simply can't craft the boiler suit out of materials found in Maidenholm. Instead, you have to buy it from a specific character hiding in an alley.

Where To Find The Boiler Suit In We Happy Few

When Arthur walks down the street with the blocked-off park and the motilene spill, eventually you will come across an area with a bobby investigating a sparking police box.

Talk to the Bobby first to find out something is going wrong with the mechanical contraptions and begin the Popped Popper quest.

After the conversation do not attempt to interact with or repair the broken police box. Even if you have the proper tools, this still counts as being suspicious and the bobby will immediately attack you, as will all the surrounding civilians!

You need to wear the boiler suit first so that you don't look out of place while messing around with the machine.

To acquire a boiler suit you are looking for the Shady Dealer merchant, who is found east and south of the Constabulary, and north of Eric Blair Park in Maidenholm. After you walk by him, he should appear as a marker on your map.


Note that the Popped Popper quest marker won't point you here. Instead, it will try to send you back to the broken police box machine, thinking you already have the boiler suit in your inventory.

The Shady Dealer is hanging out in the alleyway half way down the street. At first the alley looks like a completely empty dead end. If you stand there for a few seconds and look at the wagon in the back, however, the Shady Dealer will open the lid and pop out to ask what you fancy buying today.

You need 64 pounds to buy the boiler suit. If you don't have that much money on you, its time to go robbing the Maidenholm homes or exploring the Garden District until you can scavenge for the funds.

Note that you can also buy an electro-lock shocker here for 16 pounds, which you need for the Ceci N'est Pas Une Pipe quest to get through the locked doorway.

After finishing the Popped Popper quest, the boiler suit can also be used to fit in at other mechanical devices or construction sites without raising suspicion or annoying the bobbies.

For instance if you want to disable the Joy detectors that block you from crossing certain streets, make sure to put your boiler suit on first or the bobbies will decide your head needs to meet their clubs...

They may still approach to ask what you are doing, but if you give them some Scotch from your inventory they will walk away without asking anymore silly questions.

With the randomized nature of the game areas and the many bugs plaguing the game right after launch, some We Happy Few players have reported issues getting the Shady Dealer merchant to appear where he should.

If he doesn't show up in the ally with the wagon, let us know where you searched and we'll try to find another location or a fix to the disappearing merchant bug for you!

In the mean time, looking to find Arthur's misplaced memory masks while exploring Wellington Wells? Check out our We Happy Few memory locations guide here instead!

Castle Burn Goblin Rush Strategy -- Win In Under 60 Seconds! Tue, 14 Aug 2018 11:16:42 -0400 Ty Arthur

Whoever would have expected so much strategy from a freemium mobile title? Castle Burn gives you lane-based MOBA combat with an RTS twist and plenty of resource management.

Between different tiers of cards, radically different heroes, and wildly diverging creatures, there are dozens of different strategic plans to deploy if you want to win in PvP.

That classic "zerg rush" of StarCraft fame is a completely viable strategy here for anyone who has unlocked the goblin card. Let's dive into how it works!

Castle Burn Quick Win Goblin Rush Strategy

If you aren't familiar with the strategy, this is based on very quickly pumping out zerglings in the original StarCraft so that a mere three tiny, weak units could disrupt your opponent's economy and prevent them from every regaining the lead. It was a cheap, lame way to win when playing as Zerg -- and it worked.

In a Castle Burn PvP match, goblins are the way to go for a quick rush win, since they have one of the lowest mana costs to summon at Tier 1 and can be pumped out in large quantities to swarm alongside your higher powered hero unit.

When the battle starts, don't construct a mana sanctum at all. This is an all-or-nothing strategy where you either win soon enough that you don't need extra mana production, or you miscalculate the time and get annihilated before you'll have the opportunity to build anything.

Instead, immediately place exactly one camp at the outer edge of your blue sphere of influence. Now you play a tense waiting game where you don't spend mana on anything and wait for around 10 seconds.

When you hit around 100 - 105 mana (after the cost of building the camp), drop your hero and all the goblins you can buy for your entire mana pool. Commence with the rushing by sending them straight to the enemy castle.

If your opponent was thinking of the long game and spent their mana to construct a sanctum and camp, they won't have the time or the mana resources necessary to counter with an effective defense.

 Employing the goblin rush strategy (thanks to killdoom1 for the screenshot).

Countering The Goblin Rush

This is a strategy that only works if your opponents doesn't see it coming and hasn't properly prepared for it. This is all about speed over strategy or resource management. If you time it right, you will get there first and take out their castle before they can mount an effective defense.

There are several major foils to this strategy to look out for if you want to consistently win with the blitzkrieg goblin rush. In particular, be wary of these strategies:

  • If a player can drop an upgraded archer tower fast enough, that one building can chew through enough of the goblins to negate the rush.
  • The fire pillar or poison mist spells will chew through the goblin horde.
  • Bombs combined with even a single archer or cat mage can annihilate your goblins, leaving you without enough resources to get back into the battle effectively.

If you are worried another player will employ this strategy and want to defend against it, there's another Starcraft-inspired counter to employ.

Just like the pro players used to send out one probe or SCV to scout the enemy camp and see what build order they are employing, you can create one goblin and send him over to scout the other castle.

Your single goblin scout will almost certainly die, but you will have a close up view of what the other player is spending their mana to construct. If there's a sanctum being built, you know they are planning on defense for a long game. If there's nothing, or only a camp, then expect a sudden rush.

Have you devised a strategy to make this rush faster, or found a better way to counter the goblin rush? Let us know your Castle Burn battle tactics in the comments below!

Fortnite Season 5, Week 6 Challenge Guide: Search Chests in Lonely Lodge Tue, 14 Aug 2018 08:13:29 -0400 Sergey_3847

This week's search chests challenge will send you to the eastern coast of the Fortnite map, where the Lonely Lodge is. This unremarkable location is very similar to Wailing Woods and Moisty Mire in terms of chests spawning in wild places.

But this is also good news, since you will find a lot more chests here than the required seven. Follow our guide below for all the possible chest locations in Lonely Lodge for this Week 6 challenge.

Where are Chests in Lonely Lodge?

Th first point of interest at Lonely Lodge is the wooden house at the northern part of the areas. You will find three chests inside, all of which spawn in the attic, albeit in different rooms.

After that, check out the two shacks outside the wooden house. Each of them contains at least one more chest. If you can't find enough chests in the buildings, then check the cave near the shacks and the camp on top of the hill.

After that, move to the southern part of the location, where you will see a tall wooden tower. Go to the highest tier, where you should find three chests that regularly spawn.

Lastly, west of the tower, you will see another small shack that should contain at least another chest. All in all, you should be able to loot 10 to 12 chests, which is enough to complete this week's search chests challenge in Fortnite.


That is all for Season 5, Week 6 challenge at Lonely Lodge, and for other Fortnite guides at GameSkinny, be sure to check out the links below:

Fortnite Season 5, Week 6 Battle Star Guide: Search Where the Stone Heads Are Looking Tue, 14 Aug 2018 08:13:26 -0400 Sergey_3847

Fortnite's Season 5 has introduced a couple of unanswered mysteries that may be soon revealed. One of them is part of the Week 6 Battle Star challenge, which is a nice change of pace.

So, if you've ever wondered what the secret meaning behind the giant stone heads in Fortnite is, which were just added in Season 5, then follow our quick guide below for a complete answer and a map to this week's Battle Star.

The stone heads in question are evenly spread out all around the island, but they don't really carry any meaningful function. However, they all look in a certain direction. If you draw straight lines from each of the heads, you will find the point of intersection northwest of Fatal Fields near Salty Springs

This point is exactly what the developers want you to find, since this is where you will get this week's Battle Star. But if you don't want to waste time and do the drawing, then just take a look at the map above for the exact location of the star.

You will notice that the stone heads all look at the small hill northwest of Fatal Fields. Just land on top of that hill and interact with the Battle Star. As a result, you will complete one of the hardest challenges in mere seconds.

Fun fact: Fortnite's stone heads are ancient relics that originate from Easter Island in the Pacific Ocean near Chile. This is a nice little homage from the developers to "Easter eggs", with a huge pun written all over it.


In any case, this should be sufficient enough for you to finish Week 6 Battle Star challenge, and for other Fortnite guides at GameSkinny, please visit the links below:

We Happy Few Memory Locations Guide Mon, 13 Aug 2018 14:18:17 -0400 Ty Arthur

After years of Early Access development and a whole lot of unexpected changes, dystopian survival game We Happy Few has landed in a full release version, and its far more story-focused than the early builds indicated.

Delving deep into the lore of the game's alternate history and discovering all the unpleasant things that happened to the three main protagonists adds a whole extra layer to the game's stealth survival mechanics.

Of course there are plenty of collectibles to be found across the game, from notes to TV shows to butterflies. Finding all collectibles across the game unlocks the Remember, Remember achievement.

Having trouble tracking down some of the memory mask collectibles hidden across Wellington Wells? We've got you covered with a list of memory locations below and step-by-step instructions on picking them up!

We Happy Few Arthur Memory Mask Locations

Masks that reveal memories of the past between Arthur and his lost brother Percy tend to be found in major story locations, but they are usually just off the beaten path in an out-of-the-way spot. If you spend time exploring they aren't too hard to find, but a few are pretty cleverly hidden.

The first mask is found quite early, after being beaten by the bobbies when you flee you the pinata part.

When you enter the room with the corpse (before crafting a lock pick to activate the access hatch), look on the right side of the electronics room to see a mask near a poster on the wall.

In the destroyed church where the female wastrel tells you to tear up your suit with a rock, look for a big raised wood dais near the center. 

You should find the mask in the pulpit in the destroyed church, near a bottle of scotch. You won't be able to see the mask until actually going up the stairs into the pulpit, where it becomes visible just under the wood paneled edge.

If you don't find it the first time, note you have to return here later to give David his medals after fighting in the Headboy camp.

After crossing the Rorke͛s Drift Bridge, you can head southwest in the first large open area of the game.

Head south from Kensington Gardens (near the very center of the large open area) to find a swampy area where this section's access hatch is found.

The mask is hovering above the downed airplane found outside the dilapidated building with the electricity puzzle and the access hatch.

When you get the quest to infiltrate the military camp and turn off the power, you first have to cross the Inkerman Bridge where all the old guards are passed out or heavily drinking.

Go up the ladder on the right hand side before the area's exit that leads across the bridge to the military base. This mask is hovering near the sand bags if you turn around when you climb up to the top.

The next mask is in the military camp area and found near the locked door to the dump, directly next to the "No Dumping" sign.

You should see this one after your friend tells you to search for a hole in the fence near the dump entrance.

After talking your way onto the bridge and taking the game show quiz, eventually you get into the city of Maidenholm.

When you finally get to freely roam the city, head to the southwest side and look for a park with a giant rotating heart statue. If you haven't completed all the quests yet, there will be a marker on the map labeled "Love Birds." The next mask is above the pond at the corner of the park.

During the Finding Faraday quest, you have to talk your way into the Constabulary.

After taking the elevator and talking to the unhelpful constable in the records room, head down the hallway and enter the second door with the red button. In the same room as the "Tell Him To Fuck Off Note," check the back of the room by the wall to find this mask.

During a quest called The English Vice you need to sneak into the The Reform Club after nightfall. Grab a rubber cat suit off one of the beds and put it on to fit in, then you can find this memory behind the counter where Helen Frampton is standing to invite people in.

Be sure to grab this one while standing behind her, because it counts as stealing an object for some reason.

Near the access hatch in Lud's Holm (after stealing the credentials from the S&M club and crossing the bridge from Maidenholm), you can see a boarded up old entrance to the subway track. The mask is at the back of this section near the house.

After you give James the valve so he will let you into Dr. Faraday's lab in the Lud's Holm area, pick the lock on the side door and head into a room with a staircase. The memory mask is beneath the stairs and above some junk.

Those are all the We Happy Few memory mask locations we've found so far, but there's bound to be more, so check back soon for an update. If you've come across any others, let us know where you found them and we'll get this article updated!

Battle for Azeroth Guide: Expert Tips for Hitting Level 120 Mon, 13 Aug 2018 11:21:11 -0400 Nick Congleton

World of Warcraft's seventh expansion, Battle for Azeroth, brings with it a new leveling experience and two totally new continents to level through, one for each faction. Whether you've been playing WoW non-stop for the past 14 years or you're a first-time player using your free level 110 character boost to take on the new content, you're going to need to prepare to level efficiently.

Not everyone wants to push through this new content quickly to hit the level cap, and that's perfectly fine. There are some excellent storylines on both sides for you to enjoy, and you should. Even still, preparing to quest will make the experience smoother and cut down on frustration. No one likes getting stuck, and its never fun when gameplay doesn't feel rewarding. These tips will be useful no matter how you plan on leveling in BfA.

Prepare To Level

Before you embark on your adventures through Kul Tiras and Zandalar, you're going to need to gear up. Prepare your character to level quickly by stocking up on some useful items that'll seed up the process and clean up all the end-of-expansion junk that's been clogging up your bags for months. All the experts agree, setting yourself up to level fast works.

Clean Up Your Bags

If you've been playing through most of Legion, your bags are full of junk. Questing with full bags is awful. You never have enough room for your new quest items or profession materials. It cramps your whole flow.

Clean all the junk items out of your bags. Remember that this includes any gear that you might be holding on to because it's a close item level to your main gear, follower items, and artifact relics. None of those things will be useful as soon as BfA drops.

Now's the time to get rid of your profession items from Legion too. They're not going to do you any good in Battle for Azeroth. There will be all new materials to collect, and the Legion stuff is going to plummet in price.

Everyone has those items that they're attached to. Some of those even have interesting toy-like effects. Store those in your bank. They might get made into toys at some point. As long as those things aren't in your bags, you'll be alright.

Stock Up On Useful Items

There are tons, TONS, of useful items for leveling. If you have them in your bags when you're leveling, you're going to have a much better experience.

First, consider food and other consumable items that buff your character's stats. You can think of leveling sort of like raiding. All of those raid items work well for leveling. Stock up on food with stat buffs, flasks, potions, and anything else that increases your stats. Food has the added benefit of healing you between fights, so it minimizes your downtime and speeds up the process.

Like with any new expansion, you won't be able to fly in the new zones. So any items that increase your movement speed and help you get around more easily are going to help your leveling along in a big way. The first and most important one is the Goblin Glider Kit. Plenty of the zones have a lot of high terrain, and unless you're playing a Demon Hunter, you're going to have a hard time getting down from those high places. Goblin gliders allow you to cover a lot of ground with relative ease.

Movement boosting items are also a great idea. A simple option is Bear Tartare. Eating it makes your character move faster for a short time. You can also pick up more permanent items like Gunshoes to give your character some extra speed.

Water is another obstacle that's infamous for slowing you down. If you have access to any of the water strider mounts, they can be invaluable for getting across bodies of water efficiently. If you don't, water walking potions are always good in a pinch.

Don't forget that there are some items that increase your experience gains too. The standards of coordination that are available from guild vendors increase the experience you gain from killing groups of mobs in the open world by 15%. You can't use them all the time, but when you have a large cluster, throw a standard down, and reap the benefits.

BfA introduced a new experience gem, Insightful Rubellite, that you can socket into a piece of your gear for a constant 5% experience boost. You can only use one, and they won't be available until BfA launches, but it's something to check for soon after launch.

Plan Your Route

The route you take while leveling matters. Yes, like Legion, you can start leveling in any of the new zones and choose any path you like, but there is a more efficient order. Some zones have more difficult quests and tighter clusters of enemy mobs. Level through those zones first. Legion legendary items will still have their effects through level 116. You're going to want those effects for the more difficult zones. Leveling through the easier zones at higher level is also faster because higher levels require more experience.

For Horde players, start your questing in Vol'dun. Move from there to Zuldazar. Finish leveling in Nazmir.

Alliance players should start off in Drustvar. Continue on to Tiragarde Sound. You should finish questing in Stormsong Valley.

Of course, this is a game, so don't worry if you really prefer one zone and want to start there. This is just the optimal order.

Leveling Efficiently

You've prepared your character. Your bags are clean and stocked with useful items. You have your route planned out and ready to go. It's time to level. Wait! There's actually a better way to level too.

Certain factors can play a big role in how fast you level in Battle for Azeroth. Most things are just good habits to get yourself into, and they'll help you level faster with minimal extra effort.

Turn On Warmode

Yeah, turn on War Mode. Most people are either loving that idea (rogues) or are suddenly terrified (everyone else), but Warmode comes with some massive benefits for leveling that can't be overlooked.

War Mode gives you an automatic 10% experience bump for everything. Enable War Mode, and get the extra experience. It's that simple, and it does make a huge difference.

Next, War Mode gives you access to a set of extra PvP talents. Plenty of those talents are great for both controlling mobs and pumping out extra damage. Altogether, it will make your leveling experience easier.

If you're really worried about enabling War Mode, remember that for the first few days of the expansion, everyone will be focused on leveling. The Alliance and Horde will be mostly contained to their own leveling zones and won't mix much. You can also return to Stormwind or Orgrimmar at any time to turn it off if it does become a problem for you. With War Mode, the benefits outweigh the risks.

Avoid Time Sinks

There's no shortage of distractions when leveling in BfA, or any expansion. It gets tricky, though, because those distractions have changed.

Don't run dungeons. They take too much time to queue for, and they don't reward enough experience to be worthwhile. Unfortunately, running dungeons will slow you down while leveling in BfA.

Rare mobs and treasures where always a good thing in Legion. That's not the case in BfA. The items that drop and the experience that they grant aren't worth the time they take to hunt down or kill. Treasure chests don't grant experience, and rares drop better gear at higher levels, making them a potentially invaluable source of early gear at max level. Hold off while leveling.

Bonus objectives aren't worthwhile either anymore. During both Warlords of Draenor and Legion these were an excellent source of bonus experience. That's not so anymore. Like these other time sinks, they're simply not worth the time they cost anymore.

Quest Efficiently

If you've been playing WoW for any length of time, you know how to quest more efficiently. This is just a good habit, and your map is the best resource you have in setting up optimal quest patterns.

Group your quests. After you arrive in a quest hub, take a look at your map. You'll probably see that you'll have groups of quests clustered together. Pick a cluster of quests and complete them all at once. Then, turn them all in at once. Always set your hearthstone to your current quest hub to cut down on travel time.

It's also important to remember to abandon quests that are giving you a hard time. There's no need to complete every quest. There are more than enough quests in any zone to level you up.

Do Your War Campaign

This isn't 100% necessary while you're leveling, but it will help you a lot when you reach max level. The War Campaign is a central part of Battle for Azeroth. It's tied to a lot of your max level progress and is used to unlock key points of the expansion. You'll be fine if you wait to do the campaign at max level, but doing it while you level will save some time in the long run.

Grab Two Gathering Professions

This one also isn't strictly necessary. If you love your character's professions, keep them. If you don't really care and just want to make some gold, pick up two gathering professions like mining and herbalism.

You gain experience from gathering crafting materials from the nodes in the open world, and those materials are worth a significant amount of gold, especially early in the expansion. Having gathering professions will help you get off to a good start financially in any expansion.

Manage Your Reputations

Reputation, like the War Campaign, is extremely useful at max level. You need to have at least a friendly reputation with each of the leveling factions from each of your factions zones when transitioning into max level content to unlock world quests. This isn't a huge deal. Just make sure that you level in each of the three zones to hit this minimum requirement.

Also, each of these factions offers a decent item level cloak with an honored reputation. Consider leveling one of them up to get access to that item at max level. It'll get you off to a better start.

Don't Vendor Questing Gear!

Finally, don't vendor any of your green or better gear. Battle for Azeroth introduced scrappers in each factions major city. These scrappers allow you to trade unwanted gear for crafting materials. You can sell those materials for way more gold than you'd get from vendoring the gear. Crafting materials are going to be key in BfA's Warfronts. The scrapper is going to be a big part of BfA, and it's good to get a head start while questing.

You don't need to follow all of these tips. Level however is most comfortable for you. Even if you follow only a handful of these tips, though, you will have a faster and more enjoyable experience. That's what's most important here. Enjoy the experience. Battle for Azeroth has exceptional leveling content. Make the most of it.

How to Run in Madden 19 Fri, 10 Aug 2018 14:05:02 -0400 Ashley Gill

As ambitious as Madden 19 is, it's easy to forget the bare basics when you're shuffling through all those modes. I don't know about you, but I'd rather be playing Ultimate Team mode than thinking about how to play the game.

My friends seem to be in the same boat, but it seems that some have been asking how to run in Madden 19. As you probably know, you run by default, but you want to get some real sprinting action in there to get past the defense and into the endzone.

So this is for you, guys. Here's how you sprint:

  • On PS4, hold R2 while moving
  • On Xbox One, hold RT while moving
  • On PC, hold L-Shift while moving (although you should just be using a controller, honestly)

Easy enough, right? Not so fast there, my friend. There are two more things to keep in mind and that is player speed.

The first, since it's more important to Madden players, is that Turbo seems to work a bit differently this time around. In most situations, it appears that you should avoid Turbo behind the line of scrimmage. In Madden 19, Turbo shouldn't be your first option because the new mechanics will actually make you run slower in the long run. 

Wait until you hit the open field to turn on the jets. The best way to use Turbo is when running straight ahead or after you've made a cut and have fewer defenders in front of you. If you see an open gap you need to get to quickly, use the right-stick to guide the RB there instead of using the left-stick plus Turbo. 

The second thing to think about is speed, which is shown as SPD in-game. The higher a player's speed stat is, the faster they will run on the field. Don't be surprised if your running back or wide receiver can't run as fast as a safety or cornerback.

If you're looking to run as a quarterback, that can be a bit trickier since you have to get outside the pocket and pull the ball down after you've dropped back to pass. Here's how to do just that. 

To get outside the pocket, you have to get outside the tackles. Once you get outside the tackles, you'll need to pull the ball down so the QB can run. 

  • On PS4, hold R2
  • On Xbox One, hold Right Trigger
  • On PC, hold L-Shift

So it's similar to running from the snap, but with the added necessity of dropping back and moving to the left- or right-edge of the tackle box. 


That's about all one can say on running. It is pretty simple! Be sure to check out our other Madden 19 guides here on GameSkinny.

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How to Celebrate in Madden 19 (with Signature Celebrations) Fri, 10 Aug 2018 13:12:32 -0400 Jonathan Moore

One of the best feelings in Madden 19 is ripping off a big play and scoring on your opponent. And the best way to show them you're better than them is to rub it in with a stylish celebration. 

Unlike the NFL, which seems like they simply hate any type of post-touchdown jamboree, celebrating and taunting has always been a Madden staple. That continues to be so in the franchise's latest installment. Things haven't changed all that much from Madden 18: you'll still need to input three buttons at the same time in order to showboat down the field. 

To celebrate in Madden 19 on the Xbox One, hold RT + LT + A and you'll high-step down the field and into the end zone just like Deion Sanders. 

To celebrate in Madden 19 on the PlayStation 4 (PS4), hold L2 + R2 + X

To celebrate in Madden 19 on the PC, hold L-Shift + K + H. But really, you should just be using an Xbox One controller instead.  

However, there are some new, signature celebrations that you can do with your team and other players on the field once you score a touchdown. Here's how to pull them off per EricRayweather: 

  • Push right-stick up: Team celebration
  • Push right-stick right: Spike the ball
  • Push right-stick left: Dance
  • Push right-stick down: player-specific celebration
  • Push right-stick in (button press): swag celebration

Like Madden 18, you can celebrate anywhere on the field. However, it's best to celebrate when you know you're about to score: showboating in the open field is likely to get you tackled. Taking a huge hit can dislodge the ball, turning a taunt into bitter disappointment. 

You don't want to be the guy that fumbled the ball just outside the goal line. It's nice to taunt, just do it at the right time. 

If you want to celebrate but also make sure you get into the end zone, you can also hold LT + X on the Xbox One and L2 + Square on the PS4 to perform a dive toward the pylon. Just make sure you're close enough to the goal line to cross the plane or your opponent will have another chance to stop you short. 


Showboating is part of the game. But you don't want to give your opponent reason to have his own celebration. Armed with these tips, you'll both dominate the field and taunt when it matters most. 

Make sure to check out our other Madden 19 guides

Note: Big thanks to EricRayweather for providing info on the signature celebrations. Make sure to check his YouTube for some great captures of these in-game taunts and showboats. 

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Dead Cells Guide: How to Defeat All Bosses Fri, 10 Aug 2018 12:38:56 -0400 Sergey_3847

Currently, there are four bosses in Dead Cells that drop some amazing rewards when killed. Each of the four bosses requires different tactics, so there is no universal approach towards all of them.

If you want to know the most effective ways of killing all four bosses in Dead Cells, then follow our guide below for all the tips and tricks. You will learn about their vulnerabilities, which can be used to quickly deal with all of them.

The Concierge

You will encounter the first boss at the Black Bridge. Although, it's not that hard to beat Concierge, it would be still good to know what to expect from his side.

The Concierge is rather slow and his most powerful attack is probably the Fire Strike that sends a wave of fire over the ground. Also, don't stay too close to him or he will use Shout, which can stun you.

The best strategy against Concierge is to use Heavy Turret and grenades. At the same time you will need to move a lot and dodge his attacks. When you see an opportunity, throw a bomb at him and let the turret do the rest.


The alternative first boss can be encountered in the Insufferable Crypt, which can be accessed through Ancient Sewers, if you already got 3 boss cells. The whole fight will take place on platforms and in four phases.

During the first phase you need to dodge its laser beam that shoots from the eye. As for weapons use a whip or a spear that can deal burning damage, which is especially effective against Conjunctivius, including grenades.

The second phase starts after you put it down to 75% of health. This is when it starts letting out its first tentacle from beneath the ground. Use shield to parry it or just dodge.

The third phase starts at 50% of health. The same types of attacks repeat, but with an additional tentacle. And the final phase is the most dangerous one, which starts at 25% health with three tentacles that move really fast.

It's going to be really hard to dodge and parry all three of them, so just watch out for the patterns on the ground and jump onto the platform. If you can hit Conjunctivius in the process, you should put him to zero rather quickly.

The Time Keeper

The third boss in the game resides in the Clock Room at the Clock Tower. This boss is extremely fast and she uses teleportation, so it's going to be really hard to dodge her attacks. The fight consists of three main phases.

Each of the phases starts after the Time Keeper looses a third of her health. All of her attacks consist of a sword attack, a shuriken throw, a hook pull, and a teleportation. If you can adjust your attacks to her patterns, you will easily kill her.

Use Ice Grenades to freeze her and then hit her as she stands still. Also make use of Infantry Grenades or any other grenades you have unlocked. They will help you reduce the life total of the boss.

As for the weapon, it's better to use long range weapons, such as bows or crossbows. It's also a good idea to stay away from the boss as far away as possible, because if her hook catches you, it can deal a lot of damage. So stay away from it is well as you can.

Remember that each phase adds additional sword combos and shurikens to her attacks, so be aware of it the lower her life total gets and keep the pressure going.

The Hand of the King

The final boss in Dead Cells can be encountered at the Throne Room. Just like the previous boss The Hand of the King has three main phases and two transitional ones, where you will fight hordes of elite zombies.

In the first phase his two main attacks are dash and slash that can be easily dodged. But then he will throw bombs at you, which you can escape by jumping over his head and staying behind him.

Since this boss is immune against any types of freeze effects, better use fire and poison damage. The best weapon for this fight is Explosive Crossbow that shoots fire explosives that deal a lot of critical damage from a distance. Fire Brands is another great choice of weapon for burning damage.

During the second phase, after you've cleared the first wave of zombies with the help of Heavy Turret and Double Crossb-O-Matic, in addition to his other attacks and bombs The Hand of the King will summon deadly explosive banners. You need to destroy them or they will explode and deal a lot of damage to you.

Since the arena where you will fight the final boss is very small, you will not be able to effectively escape the explosions. So take care of those banners and hopefully, you will survive for the third and final phase.

In the third phase the boss will add a hand slam that can be easily dodged by jumping on top of the platform. Just keep an eye out on his hand, and when it starts glowing, use it as a signal to retreat. As soon as the wave dissolves, go back down and finish him off!


Each of the four bosses will drop some excellent rewards, such as weapons and gear, which can be used to kill stronger enemies. That's it on how to defeat all four bosses in Dead Cells, but be sure to check out other related guides at GameSkinny!

How to Fix FPS Problems in Monster Hunter World PC Fri, 10 Aug 2018 09:59:23 -0400 Sergey_3847

If you've taken the plung with Monster Hunter World on PC, one of the very first things that you want to do is to make it look as good and run as well as possible. This means that your game must run at 60 FPS at the very least.

However, there can be some hurdles to hitting that. In case you're having trouble adjusting the game's graphics settings to the optimum values for your system, you can follow our guide below for the best tips to setting up your game in the best way possible.

Optimal Graphics Settings for Monster Hunter World

Step 1: Set a Frame Limit

You can change your graphics settings in the game menu, under the tab "Display." It is highly recommended to change two options here:

  • Set "Screen Mode Settings" to "Borderless Window"
  • Set "Frame Rate" to "60"

The second option is especially important. Do not set it to "No Limit". If you do, you will experience some serious frame drops. But by limiting it to 60 FPS, your game will run smoothly.

Step 2: Advanced Graphical Settings

After that, open the "Advanced Graphical Settings" from the same menu. Here you will see lots of options. These are the recommended ones to change:

  • Turn off "Volume Rendering Quality"
  • Keep "Shadow Quality" at Low or Mid depending on your system
  • Set "Anti-Aliasing" to "FXAA"

These are the optimal advanced settings for Monster Hunter World on PC, but the most important one is the Volume Rendering, which should be turned off at all times. Otherwise, you will lose a lot of FPS.

Step 3: Rollback to Old Drivers

If you're using Nvidia graphics cards, then you might want to rollback to an older version of the drivers: 398.36. The new one is not optimized and will result in some visible FPS drops in Monster Hunter World.

Here you will find the links to the correct version of the Nvidia driver:


With these few, simple steps, you will be able to set up optimal graphics settings for your game and fix any FPS problems you're having.

For other Monster Hunter World guides at GameSkinny, check out the links below:

Monster Hunter World: How to Skip Cutscenes Thu, 09 Aug 2018 14:40:38 -0400 Jonathan Moore

If you're tired of sitting through some of Monster Hunter: World's more intrusive cutscenes, you've come to the right place. While you can't skip story cutscenes, you can skip those that deal with monster capture, the smithy, and eating, just to name a few. 

There's no automatic way to do it, but the manual method isn't all that difficult, either. Whether you're playing the game on PC, PS4, or Xbox One, all it takes is a simple button or key press to keep things moving.

When one of the non-story cutscenes begins, press: 

  • "Esc" on PC
  • "Share" on PS4
  • "Menu" on Xbox One

That's it. Now you're back doing what you do best: monster hunting. Now, if we can only skip those pesky story cutscenes everyone's ranting about ... 


If you're looking for more tips, tricks, and strategies for Monster Hunter World, be sure to check out our growing list of 50+ Monster Hunter World guides while you're here. 

Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2 Rerolling Guide Thu, 09 Aug 2018 13:05:30 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Rerolling in Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2 is similar to most other gacha games. You can backup your data, uninstall, reinstall, and see what you get. But no one wants to do that. So we're going to look at using Nox to reroll, as well as what to look for while rerolling. 

When you start the game, you'll get a guaranteed 4-Star demon and a banner for a 3- to 5-Star demon. All pulls are completely random, with your chances of getting a 5-Star demon being very low. I haven't tried it out for myself, but many players on Reddit and Discord are measuring a 1-3% draw rate for 5-Star demons on rerolls from this initial pull. 

But as you can guess, pulling a 5-Star demon isn't the only reason to reroll, with pulling more powerful initial 4-Stars and getting better Archetypal colors coming into play. Let's look at the fastest way to reroll. 

How to Reroll Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2

First, you're going to download Nox on your PC. If you've ever downloaded a program from the internet, you should know how to run the install file and set everything up. Magic.

Link your Google Play account or your Apple Game Center account. To do so, got to PlayStore ->Existing Account (or New Account if you want more than one account for multiple rolls).

After that, enter the email and password linked to your account and agree to the Nox ToS. You can skip the payment screen. If you run into the "Google Play authentication required" bug while using Nox, check out this blog post from the developers for a fix. 

What to Look For When Rerolling

There's a consensus that even if you're rerolling 80 accounts, you can stop if you get certain 5-Star demons, such as:

  • Huang Di (Huang Long)
  • Cu Chulainn
  • Mara
  • Alice
  • Metatron
  • Yoshitsune

However, many players know that Archetypes can be more important to look for than Star Level. Archetypes come in five colors, and they tell you a Demon's awakened abilities, a Demon's fusion types, and a Demon's specific bonus skill. The different archetypes are:

  1. Common (Clear)
  2. Aragami (Red)
  3. Protector (Yellow)
  4. Psychic (Purple)
  5. Elementalist (Teal)

Although you can use fusion tools to also find out what skills each Archetype gives each specific Demon, there are a few certainties you can glean from Archetypes based on their colors: 

  • Common Archetypes are typically fusion fodder, since you must have at least one of these to perform a fusion at any level

  • Aragami Archetypes are mostly associated with offensive/damage skills, such as AoEs and other mana-based damage attacks

  • Protector Archetypes are typically associated with protection and buff/debuff skills, such as curative skills or shielding skills

  • Psychic Archetypes are often associated with passive skills, such as increasing mana pools by X% or resisting ailments by X%

  • Elemental Archetypes are typically associated with skills that resist/negate elemental attacks, such as ice damage or fire damage

Almost every Archetype's awakened states deal some type of damage, although there are some Demons, such as Metatron, who have restorative Archetype skills when awakened. 


That's all you need to know about rerolling in Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2, and what to look for when doing it. As with any gacha game, the amount of times you reroll is really up to you, your playstyle, and whether you're playing PvE or PvP. 

Got any tips on rerolling or which Demons players should be on the lookout for? Let us know in the comments! 

No Man's Sky NEXT Salt Refractor Guide Wed, 08 Aug 2018 16:58:54 -0400 Ty Arthur

Its a whole new No Man's Sky experience with the arrival of the NEXT update, and whether you are just jumping in now or have been playing the whole time, there are probably some updated mechanics to the game that will leave you scratching your head.

From finding hermetic seals to fix your ship to crafting objects like the salt refractor, much of the game's challenge is in figuring out how to find or build specific components.

Can't figure out where to get the salt refractor while exploring the furthest reaches of space? We've got you covered with a quick guide on exactly where to look!

Craft A Salt Refractor

Blueprints for salt refractors are typically found at manufacturing facilities. After finding the blueprint, you can craft your own salt refractor by using 50 chlorine.

To make that much chlorine, first craft a portable refiner and then place normal salt in the intake to refine the sale into chlorine (don't forget you can also take advantage of the portable refiner bug for infinite resources).

Due to the randomized nature of planets, you may have to search around quite a bit to find that much salt. On many planets, salt is often found underwater instead of above ground and can be mined from minerals or collected from deposits.

Buy A Salt Refractor

When the random generation works against you and you either can't find the refractor blueprint or the required salt to refine into chlorine, you may be able to skip all that hard work and just buy a refractor.

You are again at the mercy of the game's randomized nature here, but salt refractors are often available to purchase at these locations:

  • Galactic trade terminals
  • Docked space station ships
  • Tech merchants at outposts

	 Can't build a refractor? Try to buy one from the galactic trade terminal market!

Where did you finally manage to build or buy your refractor? Let us know in the comments section!

Still need help finding any other materials or figuring out how to escape your starter planet? Check out other No Man's Sky guides at GameSkinny here:

Total War: Rome II Rise of the Republic Roman Faction Guide Wed, 08 Aug 2018 09:57:16 -0400 Fox Doucette

In Total War: Rome II Rise of the Republic, picking Rome means picking the faction with the worst starting position in the game.

On the other hand, if you can survive into the midgame, you'll get an ever-expanding series of advantages over your opponents. These advantages that make the game easier the longer you play until eventually, you're just plain unstoppable.

So how do you best get past those Rome's earlygame hurdles? It's not simple, but neither is it terribly difficult once you get to grips with it. This guide will show you what to look for. 

Step 1: Protect Your Home Province

With Rome, you start the game controlling the province of Roma, which includes the Eternal City and the port of Ostia at the mouth of the Tiber River. You also start in the middle of a war with Veii to the north, and you will soon be at war with the Volsci to the south. 

Luckily, you'll also start with a few troops that will form the core of your first legion, but there are two important things to do before heading off to battle. 

First, pass the Bread & Games edict. The +4 boost to food and public order will ensure you don't starve right away.

And second, upgrade your barracks in Rome to get access to the Roman Swordsmen.

Step 2: Hold Off the Enemy While You Prepare For War

After completing Step 1, keep recruiting Roman Swordsmen into your legion, using whatever force mix suits your combat playstyle in the Rome II basegame. The same rock-paper-scissors mechanic with swords, spears, ranged units, and cavalry applies as always.

Keep your army within reinforcement range of Ostia, and don't worry if the enemy shows up and starts causing trouble in Rome itself. In this campaign, Rome must lose two siege battles before it falls. Meaning if the enemy shows up, they're going to get bogged down; you then swing your legion north and cut them to pieces with no penalty at all to the capital itself.

All the while, you should be tech-rushing toward Tactical Training for the combat boosts to your troops and for the Level 3 barracks you'll need as you move forward.

Step 3: Break Out And Kill Veii

Once your legion is strong enough, it's time to attack.

First, hit the capital of Veii so that they don't have access to their best troop recruitment, then swing south and mop up their port city of Cisra.

This will both give you a boost (since you control two provinces, fulfilling the first campaign objective and earning a minimum of 3,300 gold) and allow you to focus your attention on those pesky Volsci.

Finally, get a trade agreement and non-aggression pact with Tarcunae to secure your northern border.

Step 4: Prepare the Steamroller

You'll still want to stay close to Rome at this point in the game. After you conquer the Volsci for that third province, fight mainly defensive wars while you tech up; this both prevents a civil war and multiplies your advantage for later in the game when things heat up again.

Tech-wise, the Reforms of Camillus should be your midgame goal. It grants the best endgame units early.

Step 5: Divide Et Impera

Form temporary alliances with people you want to kill later; declare war on people you want to kill now. Whatever it takes to make sure your legions are fighting in only one direction at a time, do so.

Next, make sure no one in your own faction gets powerful enough to upset the apple cart. Keep an eye on those Politics and Character screens, just like in the basegame.


Not much more to do after that but simply win the game. Roma vita et ad victoriam, Imperator! Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more tips on the Total War: Rome II Rise of the Republic expansion. If you're looking for tips and tricks for getting started and what factions are the best to start with, check out this guide

The Definitive GTA Online Maude Bounty Locations Guide Tue, 07 Aug 2018 10:45:12 -0400 Sergey_3847

Rockstar keeps promoting their upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2 game, and launched a new bounty hunt in GTA Online that will reward you with a new powerful melee weapon -- Stone Hatchet.

You will be given five random bounties from Maude, who will text message you during any type of game (private, public, solo or crew), and send you to one of the twenty possible locations on the map.

If you want to quickly find all these locations and get the Stone Hatchet, then follow our quick guide below.

All 20 Maude Bounty Locations

The southern part of the map includes 12 such locations, where you can find your bounties. Here they are:

  • 1. Chumash North
  • 2. Chumash South (Great Ocean Highway)
  • 3. Kortz Center (Pacific Bluffs)
  • 4. Del Perro Pier
  • 5. Vespucci
  • 6. Richard's Majestic (Backlot City)
  • 7. Rockford Hills
  • 8. Vinewood Boulevard (Vinewood)
  • 9. Madrazo's Ranch (Vinewood Hills)
  • 10. Mirror Park
  • 11. Legion Square
  • 12. El Burro Heights

The northern part of the map contains eight of the possible locations for bounty hunting. Here they are:

  • 13. Paleto Bay North
  • 14. Paleto Bay South
  • 15. Procopio Truck Stop (Mount Chiliad)
  • 16. Grapeseed
  • 17. Sandy Shores North
  • 18. Sandy Shores South
  • 19. Harmony
  • 20. Grand Senora Desert

What is the Stone Hatchet?

Stone Hatchet is a new promotional weapon, which you will receive after capturing or killing five bounty targets in GTA Online. It is a very powerful melee weapon that deals a lot more damage than any other hatchet in the game, and can insta-kill any target.

If you kill 25 NPCs with the Stone Hatchet in GTA Online, you will receive an access to the Stone Hatchet in Red Dead Redemption 2 and $250,000 in GTA Online.


That is all you need to know in order to finish the Maude Bounty quest and get the Stone Hatchet, and for other GTA Online guides at GameSkinny, visit the links below:

Fortnite Season 5, Week 5 Challenge Guide: Use 3 Rift Portals Tue, 07 Aug 2018 08:06:35 -0400 Sergey_3847

Have you ever tried passing though a Rift Portal in Fortnite? Well, this week you are required to do so three times, if you want to complete one of the challenges in Season 5.

These portals don't have fixed locations on the map, but there are some spots where they spawn the most frequently. So, if you want to know where to look out for these portals, then follow our quick guide below.

Where are Rift Portals in Fortnite?

Reportedly, the largest amount of portals spawn in the new desert area in the southeastern part of the map. Sometimes the portals spawn so often there, that you can find two portals in the same spot. If you drop in the desert and try to look out for portals there, then this will give you a huge advantage over other players this week.

Another great place to look out for portals is at the Snobby Shores in the western part of the map. Rifts may spawn all along the shore or around the mount nearby. Just check this location out and you should find one or two open portals.

Lastly, take a tour along the river canal that connects the Loot Lake with the ocean and goes through Tomato Town. Many players have spotted Rift Portals there, so it's another place where you should be looking out.

In order to jump through the portal all you need to do is go through it -- no other actions required. Such a portal will teleport you to an adjacent location. You can use the same portal as many times as you like. But in order to complete the challenge you need to use three different ones.


The map above should help you locate three different portals without any problems, and for other Fortnite guides at GameSkinny, please visit the links below:

Rend Guide: How to Tame Creatures Mon, 06 Aug 2018 11:23:11 -0400 Sergey_3847

Creatures in Rend can be your partners and real buddies. They can carry your stuff and fight for you in a battle. But first you need to tame them in order to be able to summon them at your will.

The process of taming creatures in Rend is a bit more complicated than you would think and requires an access to the Spirit Realm, which is a really cool feature of the game.

If you want to know how to tame creatures and their spirits in Rend, then follow our step-by-step guide below.

Taming Creatures in Rend

Step 1: Unlock Spirit Stables

Before doing anything in the game, you need to unlock the Spirit Stables at your faction's base. This will allow you to capture and store animal spirits at your base. Here's how you do it:

  1. Open your Research menu by pressing Y key.
  2. Select Mysticism tab.
  3. Click on the Spirit Stable research button.

This will create a Mystic Altar at your base, where you can unlock the Spirit Stables and Taming Workshop. After that you will have an access to crafting all the necessary items at the workshop for taming creatures in Rend.

Step 2: Gather Spirit Residue

When you gain access to the Taming Workshop, you will notice that all the items require some sort of Spirit Residue. It's an element that can be obtained in two ways.

First, you can gather plants known as Lost Blossom that grant you one Spirit Residue for each plant. The other way is to gather spirits at night. You can find them usually in the bushes and they glow like blue fireflies.

Lastly, you need to deposit your spirits by going to your faction tree and pressing F key.

Step 3: Craft Taming Tools

Now you can start crafting items necessary for taming creatures in your workshop. They include:

  • Taming Crystal
  • Spirit Taming Bow
  • Spirit Arrows
  • Rough Spirit Siphon

The Taming Crystal will help you move the animal spirits into the Spirit Realm. Besides Spirit Residue it also requires a Sunstone Topaz, which can be acquired by mining regular rocks and gathering Topaz geodes.

You also need the arrows and the bow to tame the creatures in the Spirit Realm, and the Siphon can be used to speed up this process.

Step 4: Tame a Creature

After crafting all the required tools, you can start venturing into the wild and look out for creatures you wish to tame. Before killing a creature, hit it with the Taming Crystal from your hotbar so it moves to the Spirit Realm after it dies.

Then, enter the Spirit Realm yourself either through randomly generated portals or by casting a portal of your own using the Rend the Veil talent. The latter method can only be used if you're a Shaman or you have a Shaman friend who can open one for you.

But if you aren't a Shaman, probably the easiest and the safest way is to craft a Lesser Totem of the Otherside in your workshop. Just place it on the ground and you will enter the Spirit Realm immediately.

Equip your spirit bow and arrows and kill your creature once again inside the Spirit Realm.

Step 5: Summon Your Pet

Finally, you may exit the Spirit Realm and go back to your base. There enter the Spirit Stables and press O key. This will open the Pets menu, where you can see all your tamed creatures and set the active ones. You can then summon a pet by pressing Z key.


That is all on how to tame creatures in Rend, but be sure to come back soon for more guides right here at GameSkinny!

Total War: Rome II Rise of the Republic DLC Getting Started Guide Mon, 06 Aug 2018 10:00:40 -0400 Fox Doucette

While Creative Assembly's last DLC for Total War: Rome II visited the Crisis of the Third Century, their latest DLC, Rise of the Republic, has gone in the exact opposite direction. 

And while the main draw here is to take control of the Romans when they're still just a minor player in a region of central Italy still dominated by the Etruscans, there's nothing stopping the player from giving history one heck of a rewrite.

But when looking at Rise of the Republic for the first time, it's easy to get overwhelmed, so here's a quick guide to picking a faction and getting to grips with the new mechanics that Rise of the Republic introduces.

Choosing A Faction

As with Rome II's base game, this DLC helpfully lets you know which factions are going to be relatively easy to handle and which ones are going to be early-game nightmares. So here's a quick cheat sheet:

  • Easy factions
    • Insubres
    • Tarchuna
    • Veneti
  • Medium factions
    • Syracuse
    • Senones
    • Samnites
    • Iolei
  • Hard factions
    • Rome
    • Taras
The Insubres

The Insubres start safely nestled up against the top of the map, meaning you'll only be fighting in one direction: southward into Italy. If you like systemic conquest and simplified strategic goals, this is the faction to pick.

The Veneti

Likewise, the Veneti have the northeastern corner of the map at their back, giving a similar advantage to a player that only has to look in one direction. If you're fairly adept at naval conquest, you can strike anywhere at any time with this faction, either expanding your empire or making big money raiding and sacking.

The Tarchuna

The Tarchuna start with control of a big chunk of territory and a southern flank ripe for conquest, as the Romans do battle with Veii and the Volsci. This is the faction for the more settled, “civilized”, methodical Total War player who likes limited wars and consolidating conquests.


Syracuse has a strong starting position and is great for a player who combines naval prowess with a good ability to build and consolidate. However, this faction also has the powerful (and non-playable) Carthaginians to deal with. You'll need to fight quite a bit in the early-game, but you can use this faction for a methodical mid-game strategy very easily.


The Senones historically sacked Rome in 386 B.C., but getting to Rome isn't as easy as it looks. You'll have to march through well-defended territory in the Appenines to get there. This is the faction for a militaristic player who has a very strong grasp on combat and serves as more of a challenge than their Gallic brethren the Insubres.


The Samnites have the ability to magic an army out of nowhere using the game's special-abilities system, but they also have aggressive neighbors who won't hesitate to declare war and swarm in. This faction is great for players who like to fight early-game defensive battles before exploiting a weakness to break out and mop up an enemy after dealing their attack force a decisive defeat.


The Iolei are in a league of their own, with troops that can deploy and hide anywhere on the battlefield, something they'll need when chasing Carthage off their island of Sardinia. This is a good faction to pick for players who like sea trade and diplomacy in equal measure.

Rome and Taras

Rome and Taras have the same problem: a poor starting position relative to their enemies. They also have a tendency to end up in two- or three-front wars. If you like mad dashes to put out fires in the early-game as your neighbors try to swarm you, these are your factions.

What's Different from the Total War II Basegame?

The most important thing to remember here with the Rise of the Republic DLC is this: it's still Rome II. Which means that the standard strategy of “deal with early-game threat, break out, then conquer toward your objectives” still applies here. Forming a fundamental strategy hasn't changed a bit.

Likewise, the new “ancestral” system gives more character to the game's politics. The “other” factions are the same as they've ever been, but now your dynasty is more like the family tree in previous Total War games, which gives a much stronger sense of the relationships between characters in the game.

By the same token, instead of time advancing by years, time now advances by seasons, while character progression continues at the same rate.

What this means in practice is that high-level characters are much more viable. There will be a lot of Level-10 spies, champions, generals, and the like, and moving characters up the game's cursus honorum to keep their political factions from revolting is a much more important strategic consideration than it's ever been in the basegame.

Imperium also racks up very quickly; this is both a good thing (benefits to running the empire) and a bad thing (civil wars happen early and often if you don't take proactive steps to stop them.)


The keys to getting the most out of the Rise of the Republic DLC:

  • Pick a faction that best suits your playstyle and skill level
  • Survive and consolidate in the early-game
  • Enjoy the ride once you get the steamroller going

Basically, this DLC is the same Rome II you know and love, but with a twist. Stay tuned for more coverage on Total War: Rome II's Rise of the Republic update on GameSkinny. 

What Does ATK Mean in Fortnite? Sun, 05 Aug 2018 17:21:59 -0400 Victoria B.

Recent discussions about issues with Fornite’s vehicles has brought about confusion to many gamers since the term ATK has often been mentioned. If you’ve been attempting to decode what ATK in Fortnite means, you’re not alone.

A lot of the confusion has to do with the fact that it is a new addition to Fortnite: Season Five.

Along with the favorite shopping cart mode of transportation, Fortnite added an All Terrain Kart (ATK) Vehicle. Most fans just call these little treasures golf carts because of their appearance, but the proper term is ATK due to their mobility in various environments.

These ATK vehicles can be found in Paradise Palms, Flush Factory, Snobby Shores, Junk Junction, Lazy Links, and past the Wailing Woods.

The All Terrain Kart can be a useful tool for escaping the wrath of a toxic storm closing in on you or just offer a little encouragement for your inner thrill seeker to do donuts or cliff jump.

Unfortunately, they won’t do you much use currently, as Fortnite developers have been forced to disable both the ATK's and shopping carts.

Fortnite’s Twitter account, @FortniteGame, stated that “Due to a bug with the Shopping Cart and ATK, we're temporarily disabling them in all game modes until we have a fix. We'll update you once this is resolved.”

No news yet on when you can expect the ATK’s and shopping carts to return.

Once the bug is fixed and the developers reintegrate both vehicles into the game, you’ll be able to ride around to your heart’s content.

In the mean time, be sure to check out our other guides for Fortnite Season Five.

How to Get Elemental Orbs in Destiny 2 Fri, 03 Aug 2018 12:54:12 -0400 Sergey_3847

The newest Solstice of Heroes event is now live in Destiny 2. It gives players access to the new Solstice gear, which can be upgraded to legendary status using special elemental orbs.

There are three types of orbs that you need to get to be able to fully upgrade your gear: Solar, Arc, and Void. If you want to know how to get them all, then follow our quick guide below.

How to Farm Solar, Arc, and Void Orbs

The three types of orbs represent the three types of elemental damage in Destiny 2. That's why if you want to farm for a specific type of orbs, you will need to play as the subclass that corresponds to the given element.

You will find the complete breakdown of the elements for each subclass below:

  • Solar: Gunslinger, Sunbreaker, Dawnblade
  • Arc: Arcstrider, Striker, Stormcaller
  • Void: Nightstalker, Sentinel, Voidwalker

You obviously need to have your Solstice armor on and your weapon should also have the same element as your subclass before farming. For example, if you play as a Solar subclass, but you run a Void weapon, there is a chance that you will sometimes get Void orbs instead of Solar ones. So if you want to maximize the farming of a certain type of orbs, be sure to play with the same type of weapon as well.

Method 1: Killing Elites

The orbs drop from the enemies, but it has been reported that the highest rate of orbs drop from the Elites. So aim for these types of enemies specifically. The highest number of Elites can be found on Nessus at Exodus Black.

Just hop on there and start an adventure of killing Assault Scouts with all three different subclasses, and you will have enough orbs to fully upgrade your Solstice gear very quickly.

Method 2: Public Events

This method isn't as good as the first one, but you can still try it out and see for yourselves. It involves you finding any Strike that can let you take part in Public Events.

Choose the best Public Event to your liking and start killing enemies there. So this is just another way of farming elemental orbs in Destiny 2


That is all on how to get elemental orbs in the Solstice of Heroes event, and for other Destiny 2 guides at GameSkinny, check out the links below:

Sea of Thieves Cursed Sails Guide Fri, 03 Aug 2018 11:01:28 -0400 Sergey_3847

During this year's E3 conference Microsoft announced two new updates for Sea of Thieves: Cursed Sails and Forsaken Shores. Cursed Sails has just been released and will last until August 21, while Forsaken Shores is scheduled for a date in September.

In order to unveil the mystery of the Cursed Sails, you will need to travel to quite a few places on the map. So follow our step-by-step guide for all the information you need in order to reveal Wanda's secrets.

Step 1: Speak to Wonda

The new quest begins at Golden Sands Outpost, one of the six possible locations where you can spawn. Find the Shipwright Shop at the docks and speak to its owner -- Sharon.

She will tell you to speak to a new owner of the Weaponsmith's Shop -- Wonda, a Wanda's sister, who was the original owner of the shop before certain strange things started happening.

Step 2: Investigate the Clues

Wonda won't tell you much about the destiny of her sister, but you will notice a note on the table speaking of some person named "Salty." This is your first clue to revealing the mystery of Wanda, and to your left you will see the second clue in the form of pendant.

The third and final clue is the skeleton footprints outside the shop that will lead you to the shoreline. There you can investigate the footprints that show the direction to the Crescent Isle.

Step 3: Speak to Salty

As you arrive at the Crescent Isle you will see Salty, who turns out to be a skeleton parrot, sitting on a barrel. Talk to him and he will tell you about his adventures with Wanda.

The conversation will reveal the names of several locations that contain the following hints, and where you should travel after speaking to Salty.

Step 4: Read the Journals

Now you need to locate three journals that speak of the Wanda's search for tresure. You can find them all in the following locations:

  1. Mermaid's Hideaway (at the campfire on the northeastern shore).
  2. Thieves' Haven (near the shipwreck on the eastern shore).
  3. Sunken Grove (inside the cave at the waterfall at the very center of the map).

After you've located all three journals, go back to Salty and speak to him once again.

Step 5: Find Wanda's Hideout

After speaking to Salty, you will need to travel to Wanderer's Refuge. In the middle of the isle you will find caves that go under the isle, and that's where Wanda's secret hideout is located.

Look around inside the lair and inspect five items:

  • Evil Pirate Code (on the table)
  • Cannon Base (right from the table)
  • Tools (behind the table)
  • Apron (on the bed)
  • Scroll (on the wall near bed)

Finally, return to Sharon at the docks and tell her everything about your findings. As a reward you will be given three gorgeous sails.


That is all for the Cursed Sails quest walkthrough, and for other Sea of Thieves guides at GameSkinny, see the links below:

Pillars Of Eternity II: Beast Of Winter Guide -- How To Start The DLC Thu, 02 Aug 2018 17:07:00 -0400 Ty Arthur

After a series of free quality of life DLC updates, the first full, paid expansion for Pillars Of Eternity II: Deadfire has finally arrived! Following the same pattern as the last game, we get to travel to a deadly, snow-shrouded wonderland with Beast Of Winter.

As should be expected with any major game these days, plenty of players are having issues getting the DLC to launch properly. If you can't seem to get the new quest line to start, we've got you covered with a guide on exactly where to go.

Where Do I Go for the Beast Of Winter DLC?

First off, make sure the Beast Of Winter DLC box is checked in the Steam library page for Pillars 2. If it isn't, close the game and then restart Steam. The download should start automatically after buying the DLC.

After the install is complete, you need to load a save prior to the very end of the main campaign. The game autosaves a separate file before you land on the final island. Do not load a save past this point or you won't be able to get to the DLC area.

Load that final pre-end save and sail anywhere on the map for a while. After a few minutes, you should receive a missive asking you to travel to Harbinger's Watch.

If the missive never arrives or you get tired of waiting, you can bypass the letter portion altogether and just sail to the far southeast edge of the Archipelago, toward the "Unidentified Location" marker on the map. You know you've hit the right place when you see a snowy island.

Once you land, you can start the DLC quests normally, even without receiving the missive (although the text when you meet Vatnir will indicate you did in fact read the letter).

 Traveling to Harbinger's Watch
(thanks to Steam gamer Yuu for the screenshot)

Having any other issues getting the Beast of Winter DLC to work? Let us know and we'll find a solution for you!

Once you get the game up and running, be sure to check out our other Pillars Of Eternity 2 guides here covering everything from recruiting companions to finding every single pet in the game.

Chasm - Secret Boss Item Drop Guide Thu, 02 Aug 2018 15:34:24 -0400 Ty Arthur

Its an old school Metroidvania wonderland right now as 8-bit classic titles like Chasm consistently land on Steam and consoles thanks to dedicated fans taking part in crowd funding campaigns. 

As if these slow combat platformers weren't hard enough already, Chasm features another level of strategy for players who are willing to absolutely master the control scheme.

If you manage to defeat the game's various bosses without taking any damage at all -- you literally can't get hit even one single time during the fight -- you will be rewarded with secret item drops.

Its not just bragging rights to say you beat impossible bosses while taking no damage either, as the weapons that drop from each boss can radically change your play experience if you manage to get them on the first playthrough.

Chasm Secret Boss Drops

Each boss has a specific secret drop, but note that these drops don't apply to mini-bosses like the death knight, cave troll, or bone devil. Only the actual main area bosses like the Wendigo, King Trell, and so on have a secret drop list.

Thankfully, most bosses have a save room directly before the battle, so you don't need to do much backtracking if you get hit and want to try again. The game's old school controls are you biggest hurdle here, as you really need to have the input delay and temporary movement cool down memorized if you want to avoid taking damage in these boss fights.

Each boss below has some specific tips on how to avoid taking damage while completing the fight.

Boss: Wendigo
  • Location: Mines
  • Secret Drop: Wendigo's Claw

The game's first boss has a very clear pattern that is easily recognizable if you take a moment to learn his movements. Wait for his eyes to appear and dodge backwards to avoid the claw attack, then get in a few swings.

Don't get too close when he growls and shakes so you can jump up and out of the way when he charges. Use your fastest, strongest attacks and you shouldn't have too much trouble getting this one without any hits after a few tries. 

 Wendigo Boss

Boss: King Trell
  • Location: Keep
  • Secret Drop: Trell's Sword

Keep King Trell towards the middle of the room so you can quickly dodge out of the way of his outward light strobe attacks that run along the ground. Before that attack, use a backwards jumping strike pattern to hit three times and then dodge his sword strike or slide away from his spin attack.

If you want to try a new melee weapon this one can be worth the effort, although the swing is a good deal slower than other weapons so it takes some time to master the moveset.

 King Trell Boss

Boss: Shaman
  • Location: Temple
  • Drop: Shaman's Axe

This boss fight is all about jumping and slide in circular patterns to avoid projectiles and flying strikes. Jump up and parachute down slowly when the flock of birds arrive or you will hit them as you fall.

 Shaman Boss

Boss: Bone Worm
  • Location: Catacombs
  • Drop: Bone Worm Armor

An easy way to take this one on is with your longest range weapon and play defensively if you want to complete the battle without getting hit. If you have mastered quick knife skills and dodging, however, then melee is the way to go.

The Bone Armor isn't as useful as some of the other weapons though, as hit and run tactics tend to work better in this game than being able to withstand more damage when getting hit repeatedly.

 Bone Worm Boss

Boss: Titan
  • Location: Garden
  • Drop: Titan's Hammer

This boss sends out tons of projectiles, so its all about the movement and dodging here. Get in attacks when you can, but mostly focus on avoiding the endless waves of flying projectiles. This one is well worth the effort, though, as the Titan's Hammer shoots off a ground-based shockwave attack at enemies for no magic point cost.

 Titan Boss

Those are all the secret no-hit Chasm boss drops we've discovered so far in this procedurally generated Metroidvania game. Did you come across any others, or have any tips on how to beat these bosses easily without getting hit? Sound off in the comments below!

La-Mulana 2 Glove Location Guide Thu, 02 Aug 2018 09:18:50 -0400 Ty Arthur

With a non-linear and fairly open world full of ruins to discover, your archaeologist / ninja heroine in the old school platformer La-Mulana 2 can trek to just about any part of the game from the get-go.

While that's great for exploration, it also means you'll be pulling your hair out constantly as there are plenty of areas that can't be completed without first getting the correct items or meeting specific hidden characters. 

The La-Mulana 2 gloves are one of the most important items to pick up as soon as you can (along with the ice cloak and grappling claw) as it is used to progress through difficult puzzles that are otherwise normally impossible to complete. 

With the gloves equipped, Lumisa can finally move those pesky stone blocks out of the way to re-arrange areas and complete several major riddle sections. If you find yourself bottle necked somewhere in Annwfn, the Immortal Battlefield, and so on, then most likely you need the gloves to progress.

Finding The La-Mulana 2 Gloves

Unlike many other items and special characters found in the game, the gloves are fairly easy to acquire without having to go through any particular sequence. Other than the first sigil required to unlock the Annwfn area, you don't need the grappling hook or any other special items to actually get to the gloves.

On the Annwfn area of the ruins map, look for the square room directly underneath the teleportation altar. After killing Nidhogg, go through his gate and travel right one room and down one room to reach the correct location with the gloves chest.

In this room, scan the tablet that tells you to "turn away from your desires" and "not gaze upon what you seek," which is pretty cryptic... unless you think in a hyper literal fashion.

This is one of those lateral thought puzzles where you think you need to hit a button or perform a jump, but the answer is more basic than that. Literally just don't look at the object of your desires. You don't need to do any weird backwards jumping or come up with any crazy puzzle solutions here, as this one will become amazingly obvious once you figure it out.

Climb up the ladder while facing left instead of right, and stay facing that direction for a few seconds (towards the rock instead of the chest) until the chest magically unlocks and the gloves become available. Turns out all you need to do is convince the ruins you don't want the gloves for a bit and they will decide they want to get to you!

Did you feel dumb after that chest finally unlocked? I know I sure did! After grabbing the gloves, make sure to enter the inventory screen (F2 on the PC version) and equip them in the items section.

The gloves aren't strictly necessary to progress at this stage of the game, as there are several other areas you can reach without them, but they sure do help you expand out the specific ruin locations you can get to without exploiting the game's broken controls.

There are a few puzzles you can cheese your way through but in general though, its just an all around better idea to grab the gloves to avoid more frustration in this already-difficult game.

 Make sure to equip your gloves after the chest unlocks!

Need more help with this ultra-difficult old school platformer that pays homage to the Metroidvania and MSX style? Check out our full list of La-Mulana 2 walkthroughs and guides here, including how to find all those special Lumisa costumes!

To NVIDIA and Beyond: Every GeForce Rumor Analyzed Wed, 01 Aug 2018 17:18:19 -0400 Ty Arthur

Following all the game announcements at E3 2018, the just-around-the-corner Gamescom expo in Germany kicks off August 21. Word on in the street is that PC power gamers are in for some very good news, especially when it comes to near hardware and, potentially, GPUs. 

The day before those festivities officially begin, NVIDIA is set to jump start the expo with a press conference at a secret location. Dubbed a "gaming celebration," it's scheduled to run from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. EDT on Monday, August 20

This seems like the perfect time for new hardware to be announced -- except for one potential little snang.

At the Computex expo in Taiwan back in June, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang made an off-hand comment about the next generation of GeForce graphics cards not being revealed until "a long time from now."

With info finally beginning to leak and the press conference set for August, it seems like that "long time from now" may very well have just been a little over two months.

New GeForce Video Card Announcement Rumors

If you happen to be in Cologne, Germany, on the 20th, you can still sign up to attend the GeForce celebration in person by signing up here. However, since it doesn't seem like the event will be live-streamed, the rest of us will have to wait for info to start leaking from attendees and stories posted by attending outlets. But it's probably safe to surmise that what those participants are going to discover will likely dominate hardware news for months to come.

This statement from NVIDIA about the pre-expo, off-site celebration has got the message boards lighting up:

The event will be loaded with new, exclusive, hands-on demos of the hottest upcoming games, stage presentations from the world’s biggest game developers, and some spectacular surprises.

It's those last three words in particular that are fueling the rumor mill right now. We're overdue for a new generation of graphics cards powerhouses, with the 1080s getting a little long in the tooth at this point, and Titans already going through some iterative changes.

Beyond a simple desire for ever more horse power under the hood, there's good reason for new cards to hit soon. With 4K G-Sync HDR monitors already here and with gamers constantly searching for more horsepower to run their games at 60fps, it's just flat out time for more graphical processing power.

 If you've got cash to burn, this is the future of PC viewing hardware

New GeForce Video Card Names

We know new cards are coming, and it's highly likely they will be announced August 20, but we don't quite yet know what they will be called.

The naming conventions for these new cards are up in the air, but there are three in particular that have gotten traction. It seems likely the architecture for the new GeForce cards will be code-named Turing, although the words Ampere and Volta are also getting thrown around by unnamed industry sources.

Following the recent numbers pattern of previous cards, it seems likely these new GeForce cards will be the 11 series of 1160, 1170, and 1180, but that's not guaranteed.

Many hardware sites are expecting a change in the prefix to a whole new naming convention, with the 2060, 2070, and 2080 currently topping the running.

There's also been some speculation that the suffix will potentially change this year as well, going from 60, 70, 80 to 65, 75, and 85 to further differentiate from previous generations. But right now, most things are up in the air and we'll just have to wait and see. 

New GeForce GPU Release Dates

Based on the upcoming press conference and previous GPU release dates, the most likely scenario right now is that the new NVIDIA video card lineup will officially launch at the tail end of the summer or early fall. The exact dates however, are still a bit of a mystery.

YouTuber Gamer Meld recently posted a video revealing supposedly leaked documents from a hardware supplier, providing some insight into when new cards and GPUs might arrive. The validity of the document in question is unknown, as obviously NVIDIA isn't commenting on it, so take it with a grain of salt.

According to this source, three separate card types are coming in staggered releases at a rate of one a month from August to October of this year, with one video card potentially being called the 1180+ instead of the 1180ti (yet another unconfirmed convention).

This is disputed by other sources claiming to have leaked info, however. Wccftech supports the three card theory, but is claiming the GPUs will all be released in September on a staggered weekly schedule.

New GeForce Pricing

No matter when the release date(s) will be, the biggest question right now is price point. Anyone who has built a gaming rig recently knows there have been huge spikes in graphics card prices over the last two years, with attempts directly from NVIDIA and retailers failing to do much in the face of cryptomining.

All things considered, we should expect the high-end cards to cost more than the current 1080s but probably lower than the current Titans, although specific price points just aren't available beyond wild speculation. For those looking to get in on a new graphics card before the new lineup arrives, be sure to head over here to find the 5 best tools for locating cheap graphics cards.

The impending lineup of new cards could potentially be good news for budget gamers, too. The current catalog of GeForce GPUs, specifically the 1070s and 1080s, still run modern games very well. With the release of new cards, prices for older graphics cards are sure to decrease -- and if new unit release before the 2018 holidays, you can bet that Black Friday sales will discount the previous models even more. 


Right now, that's all we know about the current state of NVIDIA's GPU catalog and it's upcoming lineup of cards.

What do you all think -- are we in for an 1180, a brand new Titan, a 2075, or something else altogether, and what are you hoping the specs will look like on the all new top of the line cards?

Sound off in the comments below, and check back in with us on August 21 after the official announcements are made for the latest info!

Octopath Traveler Guide: Best Equipment to Make Your Journey Easier Wed, 01 Aug 2018 09:54:58 -0400 Zack Palm

In Octopath Traveler your party needs the best weapons to take the enemy down as quickly as possible. But they also need the best equipment to keep themselves alive if they do take a few hits.

As with most JRPGs, there's a variety of different equipment pieces you should look for, and a lot of them are tucked away throughout the world.

This guide will show you the locations of these hidden treasures and provide you with the best options available to your party to keep them alive and useful.

Best Head Gear

Flying Helmet

This is a great head piece if you want your early damage dealer to have land more critical strikes. You can choose to steal it off of citizens in Capable Culinarian or in Atlasdam. Because this is an early item, it's unlikely you'll wear this forever, but it's a great early game item to make grinding easier when you're starting outDon't dismiss it.

Flying Helmet stats:

  • Phys. Def: +26
  • Elem. Def: +30
  • Critical: +21
Golden Hairpiece

Have a character using far too much SP? This item increases maximum SP, while also providing a decent layer of protection. You'll find this piece at the Noblecourt shop. 

Again, this is another early game item you do not want to overlook. This will protect your weaker party members and ensure you do not have to use as much healing on them. Plus, it makes them more viable as they can use more skills in combat to support the heavier damage dealers.

Golden Hairpiece stats:

  • Phys. Def: +52
  • Elem. Def: +88
  • Maximum SP: +36

Adamantine Hat

Want to give a particular character increased defenses and more elemental attack? This is the best helmet in the game for exactly that. You can find this head piece in three different locations.

You can steal it off of a merchant located in Northreach. You can find it in a chest in Ebony Grotto. And you can find it in a chest in the Maw of the Ice Dragon. This means you might locate it sooner or later in the game depending on your overall progress. 

However, the chests in Ebony Grotto and Maw of the Ice Dragon are purple. This means you need to take Therion with you to unlock them.

Adamantine Hat stats:

  • Phys. Def: +104
  • Elem. Def: +180
  • Elem. Atk: +88
Dragon's Helm

To get this head piece, you're going to have acquire it from a hearty opponent. You can find them in Lower Riversford, standing in front of a home.

They should be the Rank 8 townperson. They're a tough fight, but if you want to take down the final boss, you should make sure to grab this helmet, especially if the tank in your party is having trouble taking physical damage. 

You can purchase this item in Grandport, but that seems like a missed opportunity for your party to gain more experience points.

Dragon's Helm stats:

  • Phys. Def: +152

Best Body Gear

Snowy Cape

During Octopath's early game, you're going to want your damage dealing squishy character to remain out of sight. A  great way to do this is to increase overall evasion.

This is a great item to go after for your party members who have a lighter step. You can find this item in Stillsnow, but you do have to purchase it from the merchant in town.

Snowy Cape stats:

  • Phys. Def: +39
  • Elem. Def: +43
  • Evasion: +51
Obsidian Garb

You can only find this piece of equipment once and you need to think carefully when you try to get it

The only way you can acquire this piece is when you face the Primrose Chapter 3 boss, Albus. You can steal it or take it off of him once you've defeated him, but you cannot do it too quickly. 

Killing this boss too quickly will not cause this item to drop. You have to wait a set of time before it spawns. What determines the correct amount of time is currently unknown.

Obsidian Garb stats:

  • Phys. Def: +98
  • Elem. Def: +112
  • Critical: +96

Sorcerer's Robe

This great piece of equipment would well suit any of your magic-based party members. You'll find it during your travels near the end of the game. You can purchase or steal it off an NPC in the Noblecourt or Everhold area after you've completed Tressa and Therion's storylines

Though this piece of equipment does not offer a special defense of ability, it does include a bonus toward Elem. Atk, which is great for a magic-based character you want to have deal major damage.

Sorcerer's Robe stats:

  • Phys. Def: +107
  • Elem. Def+282
  • Elem. Atk. +50
Robe of the Flame

During Octopath's late game, your magical party members will thank you for picking this item up. It's a great addition to your inventory, but you'll have some trouble adding it to your collection.

You can find it in three ways. The first way is fairly simple, as you can find it on a citizen in Victors Hollow where you purchase or steal it. You can also find it in Marsalim after you've completed H'aanit's story.

The final location is in Wispermill where you must defeat a Level 9 elderly woman. That's right. A Level 9 elderly woman stands between you and a great piece of gear. Are you going to let her stop you?

Robe of the Flame stats:

  • Phys. Def: +126
  • Elem. Def: +317
  • Maximum SP: +56

Best Accessories

Sprightly Necklace

What character in your party doesn't need to move faster? This accessory will add to your favorite party member's speed unlike any other item in the game.

Thankfully, you can find it in a number of different locations. You have the option of purchasing it or stealing it from NPCs in Wispermill, Northreach, and Cobblestone. During the later part of the game, you can also steal this from Noelle. You do need to finish her final side quest to acquire it.

Sprightly Necklace stats:

  • Speed: +80

Critical Necklace

This item has critical in the name, so how can you not want to add it to your inventory? You'll want to pick this item up to maximize the amount of damage you're dealing and ensure you're dealing as much critical damage as possible. 

To find this item, you need to head to Marsalim to purchase or steal it from an NPC at that location.

Critical Necklace stats:

  • Critical: +80
Enlightening Necklace

As the game progresses, enemies get harder and some of your party members won't be able to take a hit. The ones who need to get out of the fire require as much evasion as possible, and this item is the perfect piece to give to your more squishy party members.

You can find this item during the later part of the game in Marsalim and Orwell, where you can purchase it or steal it. You can also locate this item in Grimsand Ruins in a chest.

Enlightening Necklace stats:

  • Evasion: +80
Gleaming Amulet

To find this item, you'll need to go a little bit out of the way. You'll need to travel to Lorn Cathedral, or the Ruins of Eld, and find it in a chest. It may take a little of effort to find, but after some thorough searching, you should locate the helpful piece and add it to your collection!

Gleaming Amulet stats:

  • Greatly reduce light damage


And those are some of the most notable equipment drops you can find during your travels in Octopath Traveler! Did you find any other noteworthy items? Mention them in the comments below!

For more on Octopath Traveler, check out our review of the game and our grinding guide. And as always, make sure to keep it here on GameSkinny!

La-Mulana 2 Costume Locations Guide Tue, 31 Jul 2018 17:35:12 -0400 Ty Arthur

Deadly spikes, moving platforms, and skeletons who just wont stay down until they been whipped into submission await in La-Mulana 2 for all you classic Metroidvania fans.

If the American-flag wearing Lumisa Kosugi doesn't quite fit your ideal look for a dungeon-delving archaeologist, thankfully you don't have to stick with the standard Diana Jones style outfit for the entire game.

With a story centered around ancient pre-human civilizations and a wide range of cultures, it shouldn't be much of a surprise there's quite a few hidden outfits to find -- from a kimono to a bad ass Valkyrie costume. Ready to change up Lumisa's look? Let's dive into where to find those secret outfits!

 American cowboy / ninja / archaeologist Lumisa can really rock any look she pleases!

La-Mulana 2 Costume Locations

Secondary costumes were an extra brought into the game thanks to the crowd funding backers and were a late addition to the development process. At the moment it appears they are solely cosmetic in nature and don't give any particular bonuses or offer help with any puzzles, but there may be secrets involved with them that haven't been discovered yet.

Note that the ice cloak actually counts as special equippable item, not as a costume, and it does have an in-game effect that reduces damage from hitting lava. Likewise, the gloves are an item that let you push blocks but aren't tied any particular outfit.

Once you find a new costume, head into the item screen (F2 on the PC version) and scroll down to the "Garb" section at the lower-right to switch between outfits (in this alpha this was previously called the "Fashion" section).

Each costume is found in a locked chest, but instead of completing a puzzle like with normal chests you need to use the special keys found throughout the game.

Kickstarter backers at various funding levels start the game with several keys immediately, while the rest of us have to find them before chests can be opened. There aren't any backer-exclusive costumes, so you don't miss out on anything if you didn't pre-order the game through Kickstarter.

Special thanks go out to the community of Steam and Reddit users who managed to track down these costume chests immediately after release!

Valkyrie Costume Chest

This chest is found in a room in the Immortal Battlefield area. On the map in the pause screen, head to the room that is one square below the Immortal Battlefield hot spring (the area that recovers health). 

In this room, leap across to the ledge on the right with the spikes, then walk right and up until you find the mural with the skulls. From there, head right again to find the locked chest, but move slowly as going all the way to the right will kill you at the cliff's edge.

 La-Mulana 2 Valkyrie Costume

Eastern European Outfit Chest

For this outfit chest, head to the Ancient Chaos area and go to the section right after the corridor of blood. In the immediate next room following the corridor, break the crumbling stone found on the lower left side to reveal the locked chest.

Pink Kimono

This chest is right out in the open and doesn't require breaking any walls or performing any fancy jumping maneuvers. Look for the chest in the same room as the character who explains how to reach the Underworld area.

More La-Mulana 2 Costumes

There are still plenty other outfits we haven't discovered yet -- let us know if you've come across any other La-Mulana 2 costumes and we'll get them added to the list! 

Be sure to also drop a comment if you've found any special uses for the costumes. It seems like one of them would be perfect for lowering water poison damage or even changing NPC dialog.

Clicker Heroes 2 Stat Guide: What Do They Do? What's Best? Tue, 31 Jul 2018 13:59:25 -0400 Ashley Gill

Clicker Heroes 2 may not be all that different from its free predecessor, but it brings enough new to the table that veterans of the first game can find themselves scratching their heads over the new equipment system and skill tree, as well as the different stats.

Knowing what each stat does ties directly into the game's equipment system. You want to prioritize certain stats over others depending on the sort of build you're going for in the world you're currently pushing through.

If you're going through a world for EXP rather than general progression, you may put less priority on Gold and more on Critical Chance and Critical Damage. If you're going through the hardest world you have available, you will be more inclined to get those Gold-earning stat ups. Of course, it's really up to you what you prioritize.

Without further ado, let's get to it. We're going to take a look at each of the primary stats with advice on which ones are most worth investing into, as well as what they actually do.

Auto-attack Damage

This is one of your most important stats, and it's the one you end up thinking about most. Each equipment upgrade increases your Auto-attack Damage stat by the amount shown next to the sword symbol. It's the only stat you can see on the primary character page.

This affects your character's attack as well as your Click Damage, as Click Damage is multiplied by your Auto-attack Damage.

Click Damage

This is initially based off your Auto-attack damage and then further augmented by equipment stats. Even if you intend to mostly play passively, Click Damage is still a valuable stat as your skills "click" rather than play off your Auto-attack damage.

This is a high priority stat. You should be taking it more than most of the others, outside of Haste and Critical Chance.

Attack Delay

You can't increase this stat directly, but you can reduce it some via Haste. See the Haste section for more information on that stat.

Energy from Auto Attacks

This stat cannot be affected in any way in the current beta build of Clicker Heroes 2. The base Energy you receive is 1, and at the time of writing there is no way to increase it. This is what makes Haste so valuable.

Global Cooldown Time

Yet another valuable stat you cannot directly increase! This one is another one that gets a boost by your Haste stat, and can be further decreased via certain skills in the tree.

Automator Speed

The Automator is a handy tool that allows you to essentially set up chains of skills based off elapsed time and other criteria. Its general speed can also be increased via the Automator Speed stat.

There are two ways to increase this stat, one via Haste and the other via key points in the skill tree.

Automator Speed is kind of iffy until you can get to the 'Automate Energize' and 'Mana Less Than 10%' Automator Stones from the skill tree.

Critical Chance

Finally another stat you can directly increase via equipment.

Critical Chance is one of the best stats you can augment into your equipment. Who doesn't want to critically hit all the time? 2% may not seem like much, but it really adds up.

This is a high priority stat.

Critical Damage Multiplier

You can directly increase this one, too; but don't invest too heavily if you're relatively new to the game and are in one of the first few worlds. Critical Chance is just better, making this a medium priority stat.

There are several skills in the tree that increase your Critical Damage Multiplier, but the same can't be said for Critical Chance. Rarely, you can be able to get some permanent Critical Chance increases from Artifact Shards you can purchase from the Ruby Shop.

My advice to you is to set a personal Critical Chance baseline to hit, before you start purposefully stacking Critical Damage. I like to hit 20~25% before I really start going into Critical Damage on purpose.


The most important stat in the game! Haste increases the speed of your auto-attacks, how quickly the Automator runs, and the overall global cooldown. Once you invest in the skill tree to reduce the global cooldown to lower than a second with Haste, you're in for a good time.

There is absolutely no stat you want to prioritize over this one, making Haste your number one priority stat. Always get Haste when it's available.

Maximum Energy

This is self-explanatory. Increasing your Maximum Energy has its benefits but this is often a throwaway stat for when you don't see anything worthwhile available (like Boss Gold).

It is certainly true you'll get more skill uses in a single period if you have more Energy, but if your Haste is high enough and you've got the Automator set to use Energize when you're low on Mana, your Energy pool should not be that much of a factor. This is a low priority stat.

Maximum Mana

This stat is definitely more valuable than your Maximum Energy, due to the 25 Mana cost of Energize, 50 Mana cost of Powersurge, and so on.

Maximum Mana is on the low side of medium priority in terms of stats. You need Mana to use skills, and you want your Automator skills to be useful.

Mana Regeneration

Is this more useful than Maximum Mana? I tend to think it is, especially if you get lucky and have several opportunities to increase your Mana Regeneration. It just keeps you ticking.

This is a medium priority stat. It just keeps you skill-ready for longer.

Gold Piles

I can only recommend investing in this stat if you know you're going to be playing through the world you're on actively -- so if you're going through lower worlds to level up quickly. All this stat does is increase how many piles of gold you find on the ground, and how much gold you find from them.

Generally Gold Piles is a low priority stat because the piles are hard to see and you're not going to be staring at the screen looking for them all that often.

Boss Gold

This one seems like a good investment until you realize you don't actually come across all that many bosses.

You will always inevitably get some boosts to Boss Gold just by having to choose it when all the other equipment options are less than ideal. There's no reason to actively invest in this stat, making it a low priority.

Clickable Gold

This stat increases the amount of money and Rubies you get out of goldfish clickables that can be found on the field from time to time. They give great rewards as it is.

I have the same qualms with this stat as I do with the Gold Piles stat, but more extreme. Increasing your Clickable Gold is essentially useless, as you'll be seeing clickables even less frequently than gold piles.

This is a low priority stat, unless you're super hungry for Rubies.

Gold Received

This increases your overall gold gains, with no strings attached. It's a medium priority stat and a worthwhile choice when you can't increase your Haste, Click Damage, or Critical Chance.

Treasure Chest Chance

Treasure Chests always give a ton of gold and it is in your best interest to increase the rate at which you find them.

This is a medium priority stat.

Treasure Chest Gold

This one is a bit lower priority than the Treasure Chest Chance because -- well, it's better to get a bunch of them rather than one really valuable one.

Only invest in this stat after you already have some Treasure Chest Chance under your belt to make it worthwhile, making this a low priority stat.

Ancient Shards

This isn't actually a stat, but it is worth mentioning since it's sitting in your stat panel.

Ancient Shards are the permanent boosts you can purchase from the Ruby Shop. Note the word permanent. Boosts that only apply to the world you're currently in so not count as Ancient Shards.

There's not much more to say about the stats in Clicker Heroes 2, but there's a lot to stay about the game's other facets. Look out for more Clicker Heroes 2 guides here on GameSkinny!

Onmyoji Arena Beginner Shikigami Guide - Easiest for New Players Tue, 31 Jul 2018 12:32:14 -0400 Emily (Pokeflute)

If you've played League of Legends, Dota 2, or Heroes of the Storm, NetEase's new game Onmyoji Arena will feel familiar to you. The Chinese publisher has created a mobile MOBA that uses a wide cast of characters known as shikigami to engage in five-person lane-based combat. The game has been around for a while in Asia, but it was recently translated and expanded to the rest of the world. Like any MOBA, it can be a little complex, so we've compiled a guide to several heroes that the game deems easy to play. Keep reading for tips on how to use some of the shikigamis' unique abilities.

Karasu Tengu

Karasu Tengu is a samurai class DPS, meaning that he’s a melee attacker; he’s also considered a damage-oriented tank.

Passives and traits

His passive trait Purification Wings deals percentage damage based on the enemy’s max HP, which makes him effective against tanks. He’s a good choice if your team lacks a tank counter.

His other passive is Wiry Feathers, which reduces the amount of basic attack damage that he takes from other heroes. As a melee attacker who gets close to the enemy, this is important—it gives him a chance to run away from enemies while taking reduced damage.

Active abilities

His first ability, Nightmare Crow, is a good way to escape a bad situation. It deals damage in a line away from him and slows those hit by 40% for three seconds. If you’re low on health and an enemy is chasing you, you can use Nightmare Crow at them to slow them and give you an opportunity to escape.

Blade of Justice is a good finishing move. Karasu Tengu jumps toward an enemy and deals damage, giving him more mobility than usual. If an enemy is low on health and trying to escape, this is a good way to catch them before they run too far. However, be sure you don’t accidentally leap in range to a or a cluster of enemies—this move can backfire if you take too much damage or try to target more than one enemy at a time.

His ultimate ability Deadly Flock is excellent for burst damage, despite its high cooldown. Use it when several nearby enemies are near death: it will gain power for each enemy killed in a small area during its duration. It lasts 15 seconds, giving you plenty of time to identify and take out priority targets like healers.


Hakuro is a marksman DPS, so she’s a ranged damage dealer that helps the most when supported by allies. She brings some light mobility and heavy damage to any team.


Her passive trait Perfect Shot increases her range as she levels, allowing her to deal high damage from afar. This does mean that she’s more of a glass cannon: she can do a lot of damage and has ways to escape, but if caught, she’s fragile and won’t last long.

Active abilities

Her active ability Swift can also help her escape: she can’t attack, but her movement speed increases by 20% (more for each level she gains), allowing her to get away from enemies. Her critical rate is also increased by 15% for when she begins attacking again.

Her second active ability, Scatter, is a spray of arrows that damages any enemy that’s hit. It’s good for fighting in a group. If your allies are in a team fight, hang back and use Scatter to send in a field of arrows, taking advantage of the chaos.

Mind’s Eye is good for focusing a single enemy, particularly tanks. For 8 seconds following its cast, basic attacks deal percentage magic damage against enemy shikigami. This is a good ability for taking out frontline tanks during a team fight: again, hang back and use Mind’s Eye to help your teammates destroy the enemy’s tank shikigamis.

Her ultimate ability Non-Self fires an arrow that deals heavy physical damage to all targets in a line and knocks them back; each time an enemy is hit, the arrow’s damage is reduced. Its power in a team fight is twofold. First, if fired into a cluster of enemies, it deals a lot of damage to all of them. Second, its knockback helps separate enemies, allowing Hakuro and her allies to focus on important targets with less interference and chaos.

Yuki Onna

Yuki Onna is a mage, meaning that she deals primarily ranged magic damage. Her primary fortes lie in area damage and slows, two useful additions to a team, but she's not without a defensive measure.

Passive and trait

Her passive trait Dusk Snows plays off of some of her other abilities: she deals an extra 10% magic damage to enemies that are slowed. She’s best paired with other shikigami that slow enemies with their attacks, though she can do plenty of slowing herself.

Her other passive is Snow Maiden, a stack shield. When she uses an ability, she gains a Snowflake. After gaining 3 Snowflakes, she gains a shield that explodes and deals damage after it absorbs a small amount of damage. The explosion also immobilizes enemies, meaning that if she’s surrounded when her shield breaks, she has a second to escape.

Though it’s best not to position her to where she could be attacked from multiple sides, Snow Maiden gives her a chance to survive if the team’s backline is broken.

Active abilities

Her first ability, Marshmallow, helps in situations where there are clusters of enemies. She throws a snowball that deals magic damage to enemies it hits. After it hits a shikigami or travels its maximum distance, it explodes and deals area magic damage. This allows her to target one enemy for high damage and have some splash damage applied to other enemies.

Frost Breath works well with her passive Dusk Snows. She sends forth cold air that knocks back enemies, deals some magic damage, and slows them by 35% for 1.5 seconds. This can be used to push melee enemies out of range; Yuki Onna can then turn around and take advantage of her passive to deal addition damage while they’re slowed. If you’ve got an enemy on your tail, particularly a melee enemy, it’s quite useful.

White Out is her ultimate ability. It creates a blizzard at a given position that attacks enemies in range 5 times. Each attack deals magic damage and slows enemies by 30%; enemies that are hit 3 times are frozen for 1.5 seconds. This helps with crowd control in team fights: casting White Out in a chaotic fight situation deals additional damage and allows her teammates to pick off shikigami that become frozen.


Umibozu is a hybrid tank/support who has abilities to keep himself alive and control enemies. He’s good at healing himself on the front line and absorbing damage that would otherwise affect other shikigami.

He’s best used in conjunction with other teammates; he doesn’t do enough damage on his own to take down enemy shikigami, but he is able to heal and bolster himself.


His passive trait Big Catch allows him to gather fish that heal him for a percentage each time he uses an ability that deals damage to a shikigami, which enables him to sustain himself on the front line.

Active abilities

His first skill, called Sashimi Snack, allows him to recover HP and grants him armor and magic resist for 5 seconds afterward for some self-sustain outside of his trait.

His second ability, Waterspout, creates a waterspout at a given position that deals magic damage after a brief delay and knocks the enemy up for 1 second. This helps to immobilize a single enemy, giving the rest of your team a shikigami to focus on.

Deadly Surge creates three waves that deal magic damage to enemies that are hit and slows them by 30% for 2 seconds. The slow effect prevents enemies from escaping as effectively, letting teammates get the jump on shikigami that are hit.

His ultimate ability is Tsunami, which again sends out three waves in a given direction. Each one does a high amount of magic damage, knocks back enemies, and slows all enemies who are hit by 30%. This allows Umibozu to effectively control the areas of the map which Tsunami pass through, forcing enemies to move to avoid them and making them easy targets for allies. A great teamfight ability.

General gameplay tips

When working with a team, communication is key! Let teammates know before the match what lane you’ll be working in, and pay attention to their shikigami choices so that you can shore up any weaknesses. You’ll generally want at least one tank and support in your composition in order to protect your damage dealers.

Unlike in some other MOBAs, your shikigami will not attack automatically. Be sure to tap the large attack button to initiate combat when you run up to an enemy.

If you're having trouble surviving in lane, fight neutral enemies within the jungle to get some XP. Be careful, though. You’re an easy target for enemy shikigamis when you’re fighting in the jungle.

Take advantage of grassy areas along the lanes on each map. Standing in them renders you invisible, meaning that enemies can’t see you unless they walk into the grass with you. You can wait until an enemy walks by, then get the jump on them, giving you an advantage.

Don’t try to take a tower without allied minions nearby. Tower shots do a significant amount of damage and make it easy for enemies to finish you off if they find you. If there are minions with you while you’re in the tower’s attack range, the tower will attack the minions first, allowing you to attack the tower without taking damage.


There are many more shikigami besides these, and they vary greatly in difficulty level. After mastering some of the easier ones and finding your play style, it would be helpful to learn some of the harder heroes so that you have a variety of heroes to choose from in battles. Good luck out there!

No Man's Sky NEXT: How to Craft and Find Sodium Diodes Tue, 31 Jul 2018 09:10:45 -0400 Jonathan Moore

As you play through No Man's Sky NEXT, you'll inevitably need to upgrade your exosuit. Most upgrades will be super easy to find and craft -- even when they require obscure materials. 

However, as you could probably guess, that's not always the case.

Although your initial Hazmat Protection upgrade doesn't appear to require too much resource hunting, you'll need a Sodium Diode to complete the crafting process. The problem is that Sodium Diodes aren't easy to find -- and essentially impossible to craft in the game's current form. 

When Crafting Diodes Means Hunting Diodes

The "guide" section of No Man's Sky is, for the most part, really helpful. It'll often tell you exactly what you need to do to complete a mission or craft a certain upgrade. For Sodium Diodes, the guide says that all you have to do is gather 40 Sodium and 40 Ferrite Dust, and you can craft it right in your inventory like a regular item. 

However, no matter how much Sodium or Ferrite Dust I gathered, I could never craft a Sodium Diode. It seems a lot of other players are running into the same problem. So what I discovered after a bit of sleuthing is that the best way to craft a Sodium Diode is to actually go hunting for one

And gee, whiz, it's a laugh riot how difficult it is to actually find one of these buggers. 

Where is the Sodium Diode Blueprint?

The side of a manufacturing facility in No Man's SkyImage credit: No Man's Sky Gamepedia

As with finding anything in the procedurally-generated world of No Man's Sky, there's no one place to find the blueprint for the Sodium Diode. Most players have said they've found blueprints in manufacturing centers and manufacturing facilities

Manufacturing centers are randomly-generated buildings with thick, reinforced doors that you'll have to blast through. A regular weaponwworks fine, but takes forever. Either a Plasma Launcher or your ship's Phase Beam is your best bet.

Often, these facilities are heavily guarded by Sentinels, making them a pain in the rear to break in to. But once you do get inside, you'll need to interact with heavily secured terminals that present certain problem puzzles

The answers to each puzzle are entirely different based on the puzzle and location. If you're smart enough to get past the puzzle (which you are), you'll often be rewarded with a blueprint. However, just like everything else, yes, the blueprint is completely random

Where Can I Buy a Sodium Diode? 

Buying a Sodium Diode from a Gek merchant

Instead of scouring planets for manufacturing facilities, I would highly suggested just buying a sodium diode from either a merchant or a galactic trade terminal

Of course, whether or not a merchant or trade terminal has a sodium diode is also (you guessed it) completely random.

However, the chance of finding one this way is much higher than the previously mentioned method. I randomly found one for 4,094 credits when speaking with a merchant in my fifth star system. Later, I found one in my seventh star system at a galactic trade terminal for 4,230 credits. 

I'm currently in my eleventh star system and haven't seen another one (which I've been looking for specifically for this guide). So the long and short of it is that Sodium Diode spawn rates are low


Right now, it looks like crafting a Sodium Diode could be bugged for some users -- even if they have the blueprint, some are having trouble crafting it. Unfortunately, since the Sodium Diode is random, we can't pinpoint a specific star system or planet or base or even vendor that will have it either. 

Your best bet -- if you're looking to save time -- is to just look for it from vendors and trade terminals. Painstakingly combing a planet for manufacturing facilities is just a waste of time and energy. 

Make sure to check out our more definitive No Man's Sky guides while you're here. 

Fortnite Season 5, Week 4 Battle Star Guide: Search Between a Gas Station, Soccer Pitch and Stunt Mount Tue, 31 Jul 2018 06:39:19 -0400 Sergey_3847

Tracking down Fortnite's Battle Star each week is not always an easy task. Week 4's challenge hints at a location somewhere between a Gas Station, Soccer Pitch, and Stunt Mount. But where is that? 

Fortunately, there are only a couple of places on the map that are worth searching. If you want to know how to get the Battle Star for this Season 5, Week 4 challenge, then follow our step-by-step guide below to find its exact location.

Gas Station

The first hint is the Gas Station. This could actually be anywhere, since there are eight of them in total. Most of them are concentrated in the western part of the map, so there is a large chance that one of those stations is the one we're looking for.

To figure out which gas station is the one we're looking for, let's look at the next hint in this puzzle first.

Soccer Pitch

This makes pinpointing the gas station a bit easier, since there are seven pitches on the map, but only two of them have gas stations nearby. Both of these locations can be found in the western part of the map: one near Pleasant Park, and the other one near Tilted Towers.

We're getting closer to figuring this out, but only the last clue will take us to the final destination.

Stunt Mount

There are no mounts near Tilted Towers, so this leaves us with Pleasant Park. And, if you look closely on the map above, you will see that there is a mountain near a gas station and a soccer field.

This means that the Battle Star will be right between them (indicated by the red dot above). There, you will find a patch of land with no grass, and that's where you should be looking for the Battle Star this week.


Hopefully, this quick guide helped you locate this week's Battle Star, and for other Fortnite guides at GameSkinny, please follow the links below: 

Fortnite Season 5, Week 4 Challenge Guide: Search Chests In Flush Factory Tue, 31 Jul 2018 06:39:13 -0400 Sergey_3847

Once, Flush Factory was the hottest place on the Fortnite map. But in time, other locations took its place. However, with this week's search challenge, Epic Games decided to remind all players just how tense this place can be when it comes to looting chests.

With the start of Season 5, Week 4, Fortnite's chest search challenge will once again take you to the infamous Flush Factory. If you want to find all seven chests in order to complete this challenge, then follow our quick guide below.

Where are Chests in Flush Factory?

The manufacturing area of the factory is packed with chests. Take a look at the southwestern part of the building, where the manufacturing line is running.

You will most likely find one chest on top of the line and another one on top of the white container. Also, be sure to check the stairs and the ground floor for two more chests.

If the manufacturing line has been cleared by other players, then move out to the eastern block, where you will find a chest in a smaller adjacent building.

After that, head to the northern part of the area for another chest near the back of the dumptruck. Lastly, check the rest of the parking lot to the west for two more chests inside a smaller truck and a container standing there.

Be sure to keep and eye out for other players as you search. If you look in the places suggested above, you should easily be able to grab those seven chests, which are required to finish this week's challenge.


That is all for this Season 5, Week 4's chest search challenge. For other Fortnite guides at GameSkinny, be sure to check out the links below:

MapleStory M Guide: Potential and You Mon, 30 Jul 2018 12:59:13 -0400 Ashley Gill

If you've gotten your hands on at least one piece of equipment ranked Epic or higher in MapleStory M, you may have a piece or two with Potential.

An item with Potential can have extra stats added to it, and you don't have to settle for just any ol' stats. Using consumables called Cubes, you can push a piece of equipment to have up to three extra stats, which you can reroll using further Cubes. It's a grind, but you can do it.

Before reaching your equipment's Potential

You are able to use gear's potential as long as it is rated between Epic and Mythic. The colors for each rank is as follows:

  • Normal -- Grey
  • Rare -- Blue
  • Epic -- Purple
  • Unique -- Orange
  • Legendary -- Green
  • Mythic -- Red

The higher rank your piece of equipment is, the higher the stats its Potential can give.

You must first unlock an item's Potential before you are able to access those extra stats. I'm not sure about the cost for other tiers of equipment, but for my latest Unique gloves, it cost 50,000 Mesos. 

You can unlock Potential via looking at the item's details and tapping the button to unlock Potential at the bottom of the frame.

Rolling the Potential dice

Once you unlock your equipment's Potential, you can see its extra stats and gauge whether they're what you want.

Potential itself has a rank, with three ranks possible from Rare to Unique. The higher the rarity of the Potential itself, the better the stats. This is another factor to consider along with the rarity of the item.

Let's say you've only got two Potential stats and you want three, or maybe you just don't like the stats you've got. What do you do then? Get to rerolling via Cubes.

You can reroll your Potential using Black Cubes, Red Cubes, and Occult Cubes. This can be done under the Change Option tab in the Forge menu.

I am not sure how Black Cubes work as I haven't had an opportunity to use them but there are a few tidbits I can share with you about Red and Occult Cubes.

  • Red Cubes can be used to reroll any tier of Potential, even Unique
  • The chances of getting Unique with Red Cubes is very low, but it is possible
  • You can reroll using 100 Occult Cubes, and you are able to get up to a Unique rank Potential from Occult Cubes
  • You cannot use Occult Cubes to reroll Unique Potential stats

If Black Cubes are anything like they are in regular MapleStory, they should allow you to lock a stat when rerolling so you don't completely change up your Potential. But I cannot confirm this for MapleStory M.

What the above essentially equates to is that Occults are best used first. The problem with that is, again, you need 100 Occult Cubes per reroll. You can buy a pack of 99 Occult Cubes in the Gold Leaf Shop, but let's talk about how you can get them otherwise.

How to get Occult Cubes

You bought the pack and have 99 Occult Cubes, what do you do now? Extraction, baby! The real reason you shouldn't vendor your dingy Normal rank equipment.

You can get Occult Cubes and Gold Leaves via extraction. You can begin the extraction process via the 'Extract' button at the bottom of the Bag.

Extracting Normal-tier equipment is going to be your primary method of Occult Cube acquisition, but do be aware there is no set number you can get from extraction. Like everything else in the game, there's a random aspect to it.

You can get anywhere from zero to a maximum amount of Occult Cubes and Gold Leaves, but you are never guaranteed a certain amount. Do not get your hopes too high when extracting, but do be aware of its value and the fact you need to do it.

That's about it for MapleSory M's Potential system. It's fairly straightforward, but as mentioned at the start of this guide: it is a big grind, especially if you can't get the stats you want. Just roll and reroll again, and be sure to break down those Normals.

Star Ocean Anamnesis Weapons and Transmutation Guide Mon, 30 Jul 2018 09:52:43 -0400 Will Phillips

Recently, I found myself in a bit of a pickle while playing Star Ocean: Anamnesis. My issue was that the game only gives you 50 inventory slots, and over the course of playing it every day since release, I’ve amassed a good amount of 5-star weapons from all of the events that I've grinded.

So I found myself stuck in a situation of not wanting to get rid of my top-tier loot, but also not being able to do missions because I had no available inventory space. This finally forced my hand into having a go at transmutation.

Transmutation is scary to me because it gives you one 5-star item for sacrificing six 5-star items. So the biggest hurdle to get through is finding out what to sacrifice.

Up until this point, I hadn’t thought about weapons too much. I just chose whatever weapon had the highest stats and threw that onto whatever character I was using that day. Well, I have finally taken some time to research what items are worth keeping and which items are just transmutation fodder, and here I am to share with you what I have found.

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Which Weapons are Worth Keeping

If you're going to start sacrificing items, you should probably know which weapons you should keep and which ones to get rid of. For the most part, all weapons are pretty viable, so when it comes time for you to find out what to get rid of, take this information as a recommendation, as opposed to set-in-stone rules.

So what makes or breaks an item is something called a factor. All 5-star weapons have two of them, and unlock a third after leveling it up a bit. List below are the different types of factors you will see.

Elemental Factors

This is the most important factor and should be your priority when looking for weapons. If you want to sacrifice one of these, you should do some heavy consideration before you decide to do so. 

For melee-based characters, the main factor that you want to look out for is the one that says “Imbues attacks with (insert element here)". These weapons are great because they give characters that don’t have elemental attacks a method with which to cause an elemental break on a boss, which stuns them.

On the other hand, when it comes to Invokers and Healers, you want to look out for things that say “(Insert element here) damage dealt +15%.” Since mages’ auto attacks matter much less, and most of their attacks are already elemental, this factor helps them out much more. 

There can be some weird cases, for example Faize, whose auto attacks are melee but is an Invoker who casts skills from range. When you aren’t sure which factor to prioritize, just think about how important auto-attacking is to their damage output.

In the case of Faize, even though he auto attacks, he still puts out a majority of his DPS through his skills that deal dark damage, so it is best to go with a factor that increases dark damage dealt.

Stat Buffs

The next big factor to look out for are flat stat buffs. This includes factors that read like “Critical Hit Damage +20%” or “ATK +5%.” If you don't have an elemental weapon or for whatever reason a character doesn't need it, weapons like these make a fine replacement.

Racial Factors

Another factor to look out for is racial damage abilities. These are factors that read a little something like, “Damage dealt to (enemy type) +20%." These factors don’t make an item a definite “do not transmute,” but if you see a weapon with a factor like this, and you don’t have an ideal elemental weapon for a specific character, it might be worth to consider holding onto it.

Move Factors

The factors that shouldn’t influence your decisions to keep weapons are the ones that buff a particular move. These factors are fine in addition to one of the above factors -- if the move they buff happens to be a move for the character you’re equipping it to. But in terms of whether or not to keep the item, this should have very little weight in that decision.

All most weapons are pretty viable, and it’s difficult to say for certain that any weapon is absolute transmutation-fodder, so when making these decisions be sure you’re 100% ready to lose whatever you’re about to sacrifice.

Now that that's settled, let’s move on to the actual process of transmuting an items.

How to Transmute an Item

First, you need an item that has been leveled up to at least level 10. If you need resources to level up your items, consider using any lower tier items you'er not using, or farm some hammers from the weekly Hammer Event

In addition to that, you need 5 additional items of the same rarity level. For example, if the item you are transmuting is 3-star, you need five additional 3-star items to transmute it.

Note that these items do not have to be the same type of weapon as the one you are transmuting and these items do not need to be Level 10. The only requirement is that it is of the same rarity of the item that you are transmuting.

If you have met all of the conditions above, it's time to get started. Simply tap on the items tab, and once that screen pops up, click Transmute. 

After that, select the item that you want to transmute. In my case, I'll be transmuting one of the wands that I got from spending some Frost Tree coins. 

Once you've selected the item, tap on of the squares that says "select material" and go about choosing five items of the same rarity. In my case, I used the Aurora Blade that I got from coins earned in the Jie Revorse Event.

After that, all you have to do is tap "Begin Transmutation" in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and tap through all the warnings that will say something along the lines of "you'll lose these weapons forever, yada yada." After that, your weapons will be gone and in their place will be something better. 

Depending on the rarity of the item you transmuted, you will get different results. If the item was 1-star to 4-star, then the result will be a random weapon of the same type that will be a rarity tier higher. For example: If I were to transmute a 3-star wand, I would get a random 4-star wand in return.

If you transmute a 5-star weapon (since that is the highest rarity) instead of a weapon, you will get a 5-star weapon coin. The type of coin is dependent on the weapon that you transmuted. So if you transmuted a 5-star wand, you would get a 5-star wand coin.

These coins can be exchanged in the item section of the shop. Just tap on the tab of the weapon that coincides with the coin you received and you will be able to trade it for any of the available options. Personally, I was going for a Lightning Wand for my Myuria. 

And that’s it. I only really recommend transmuting if you have a specific item in mind, or you desperately need to clear up some inventory space. Either way, just be sure you’re okay with what you’re sacrificing, because once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Make sure to check out our other Star Ocean: Anamnesis guides while you're here!

]]> Serial Killer Guide Fri, 27 Jul 2018 14:59:38 -0400 Ty Arthur

For such a simple game, the mobile smash hit has a surprising level of strategy for those players who want to constantly get the highest scores.

If you want to become a "serial killer" and get a 1st place win every single time, you need to learn the map and figure out the best spots to quickly farm large numbers of objects. Let's get started! Serial Killer 1st Place Win Guide

Your starting position changes in each match, so once you know the layout it isn't hard to always get a 1st place win by strategically moving. You also need to memorize when you are large enough with each size increase to start taking down the larger objects instantly, instead of having to wait for a few seconds for the object to be swallowed.

To start each match, always follow the sidewalk (picking up the light poles, people, sewer entrances, hydrants, etc.) on your way to the park, which is often to your left of the starting position. The park is typically above a string of thin buildings with fire escapes and below a large single white building that looks like a bank.

Follow a square pattern across the interior section of the park to maximize your pick ups, then move in a square pattern around the outer edge of the park to take down the brick fencing. By the end of the park, you should be large enough to swallow cars, which are your immediate next order of business.

If the park you went to has a parking lot to the south or west, swallow all those vehicles in a line. Otherwise, move to the nearest road and stand next to the car spawn point to have them all fall into you with minimal effort.

By this point, you are big enough to swallow small buildings that are all clumped together on the street. They look too big to swallow on first glance, but are actually composed of dozens of small units that can each by eaten just by moving slowly up the street.

 Swallowing clumps of small buildings clustered together on the street.

By the end of the block, you should be big enough to swallow the skinny buildings without having to slow down.

At this segment of the game (usually around 60 second remaining), no other player will be big enough to challenge you, so move in a pattern across the map grabbing every building and car in large clumps.

Don't bother chasing after anything that's moving away (like a fleeing player) unless they are very close, because you will get more points sticking to the square patterns grabbing the stationary buildings. Keep moving across the map until you've swallowed in an area and then move onto the next section.

During this end game section, your only real hazard is getting stuck trying to go down smaller sections (like the docks area) where you will be too big. Avoid those small side streets and stick to the big open areas with plenty of buildings.

Following this strategy, you will get a first place serial killer win every single match. Once you have the method learned, from there you can start branching out and trying different patterns to unlock new skins.

For instance, if you eat 75 buildings in a single match you get a new skin, or if you swallow three enemy players in a row you unlock a different skin. Try going down different streets or eating different objects to unlock all the skins once you know the map layout well enough to consistently win.

 Have fun serial killing your way to 1st place!

Do you have any other serial killer tips to get a 1st place win every single game? Let us know your strategy below, and be sure to leave a comment with your favorite unlocked skin!

For those just getting started with the game, you can also check out our map overview and beginner's strategy guide here.

Hello Neighbor: Hide And Seek Guide Fri, 27 Jul 2018 14:35:39 -0400 Ty Arthur

You may have escaped the basement dungeon and unlocked the mystery of Hello Neighbor, but this game is just getting started as two whole new modes are arriving: Secret Neighbor and Hide And Seek.

The secretly released Hide And Seek update has only been available to a select few before its official wide launch. If you want to get ahead of the game and learn how to complete the animal hunt, we've got you covered with a full guide below.

Hide And Seek Animal Location Guide

From the game's start point, head upstairs and go through the door in the room with the hole. After the cut scene, go back through the room you just exited to find a huge outdoor make believe area.

The goal is to not get tagged by your brother while putting all the stuffed animals in the cage, so there's still the same element of trying to solve puzzles while not getting caught from the base game.

Because there are fewer places to hide, you need to distract the brother in his tiger mask by throwing the basket ball, which he will chase.

If you have trouble finding anything, grab one of the pairs of binocular lying around so you can survey the landscape, which is much more open and large than in the original Hello Neighbor's cramped hallways.

 Toss animals into the pen to complete the level (thanks to Blitz for the screenshots)

Zebra Location

Look for a normal sized red dresser with three drawers in the middle of the area. You can open the drawers, but can't grab what's inside from your current position. Use one of the nearby air fissures for a boost to land on top of the dresser and crab the zebra in the middle drawer.


Monkey Location

The monkey is the easiest animal to grab, as it is found on the ground level sitting just underneath a red log very close to the animal pen.


Lion Location

Also on the ground floor, the lion is found underneath a small pile of rocks near one of the gopher holes and beneath the giant bucket. You can't quite reach him, however. 

Dive into the lake and head towards the glowing spot to find a steak. Hold the steak as your main inventory item and the lion will roll towards you so you can grab him.


Bear Location

This one is sitting directly beneath the giant bird toy that's tied to a chair. Getting it is tricky though, as the bird's sounds draw your brother over. You have to act quick to grab the toy before you get tagged, so bring a basketball to distract your brother.


Lemur Location

On the edge of the tag area, look for a huge pile of rocks leading up by the window. Jump your way up to the top, then turn and look for a massive black chair. On the edge of the chair you will find the lemur stuffed animal.


Rhino Location

From the ground, you can see the rhino stuffed animal using the binoculars. Look for a radio sitting on the giant wood drawer (with the black front piece and the gold handle). The rhino is on the edge of the black wood piece. You will need to use fissures to jump the furniture to reach the rhino.


Goat Location

The goat can be seen on top of the giant boxes near the large trees and the giant red book case on the wall.

Elephant Location

Way up above the giant clock (near where you found the rhino) is a key rack up on the wall. The elephant is on the edge of the key rack.


Beetle Cow Thing Location

Honestly, I have no clue what this is supposed to be. A beetle? A cow? Dunno. You can grab this oddball stuffed animal on the second shelf of the giant red book case up on the wall near the animal pen.

 Beetle Cow Thing

Those are all the stuffed animals we've been able to track down so far. Have you found any others or have tips on reaching some of those crazy locations up high in the air?

Let us know in the comments below, check out our other Hello Neighbor guides at Gameskinny here:

Overwatch Hammond Guide: Best Team Compositions (With Character Combos and Counters) Fri, 27 Jul 2018 13:08:17 -0400 Victoria B.

Wrecking Ball, otherwise known as Hammond, is the most recent addition to the Overwatch hero lineup. This little guy is adorable yet incredibly destructive.

With every new hero added to Overwatch comes an adjustment period for strategizing and team composition. Hammond will be no exception, especially with his very unique abilities. In this guide, we’ll be looking at team compositions, combos, and counters for the hamster.

Before we dive in, check out our guide on Hammond’s abilities here: Overwatch Guide: How to Play as Wrecking Ball the Wrecking Ball 

In this list, each healer will be examined as a counter and as a teammate. Each hero is ranked weak, neutral, or strong. Here's a quick rundown before we get started:

  • “Weak” heroes are easily defeated or not great teammates to Hammond
  • “Neutral” have equal chances of beating each other or equal chances of helping each other
  • “Strong” heroes may act as challenging counters or effective combos for Hammond

Note that skill level with characters will affect your strength as an opponent to these characters, but these ratings are based on observations from in-game combat with players of similar skill sets.


Ana (Opponent: Neutral)

Ana’s strength against Hammond is her long range damage and sleep dart, but she is not without weaknesses. Her sleep dart is a fantastic tool to disrupt Hammond’s abilities and movement, which he relies on.

Hammond is a large target and easy for her to hit with her primary fire and biotic grenades, so make yourself more challenging to hit with your high mobility and speed.

Though she has some strengths, Hammond can defeat her easily at close range. Hammond can deal 50 damage when accelerated by his grappling hook and can close the distance with the sniper.

Ana is a squishy target at 200 health, so Hammond can steamroll through her or use piledriver. His primary fire, while not incredibly high in damage, has low recoil, making challenging headshots on Ana a bit easier.

Overall, the success of these two as opponents depends on the skill of the player.

Ana (Teammate: Neutral/Strong)

If you're playing as the Wrecking Ball, there are advantages and disadvantages to being a teammate with Ana.

She can provide healing from a safe distance while you dive into the enemy frontlines. If you are swinging or moving unpredictably, it will make her job harder, so keep that in mind as you fight. 

You are also a good choice for her ultimate. Receiving a nano boost will allow you to rush toward the enemy with increased damage.

Brigitte (Opponent: Strong)

If you’re going up against Brigitte as Hammond, you’re going to have a hard time. She is the strongest healer opponent to Hammond since her abilities completely disrupt and counter Hammond’s.

Her shield bash will stun Hammond making him vulnerable to opponent fire. Her most effective tool against him is her whip shot, which completely stops Hammond in his tracks, even at top speeds while using grappling hook.

She is also more of a challenge because she can block your primary fire, push you away if you try approaching, and stun you completely.

Brigitte (Teammate: Weak)

Though she’s effective against Hammond, as your teammate, she won’t provide the best healing or defense.

Her shield is no use to your massive frame, although she can help disrupt enemies with her stuns. Healing can be provided at a distance, but it takes a while to recharge.

Lucio (Opponent: Neutral)

Though he can sometimes evade you, Lucio is typically an easy target. His speed may allow him to dodge your attacks.

His primary fire doesn’t affect you much. Though his boop might slightly disrupt you, it won’t take you long to recover. In fact, his boop can sometimes speed you up or push you into the air, giving you a stronger chance of damaging enemies.

Since Lucio must always be close to his team to heal, this also allows you to piledrive into him and nearby enemies he is healing.

Lucio (Teammate: Neutral)

Lucio can be a useful teammate, but isn’t the most effective healer for Wrecking Ball. Although he's your average healer, there is one thing that sets him apart, his boop.  

If there is a Lucio on your team, ask him or her to boop other players into your minefield. This is one of the best uses of a Lucio/Wrecking Ball duo. If enemy players escaped your minefield, send Lucio over to force them into the explosives.

Mercy (Opponent: Weak)

In a one-on-one match, Mercy will be quickly defeated by Hammond. She is vulnerable while healing teammates, since she cannot use her gun -- and she's easy to take down, even with your primary fire.

Her survival depends on her team protecting her and her attempts to stay in the air. Otherwise, she’s easy pickings.

Mercy (Teammate: Neutral)

Mercy’s effectiveness as a healer for Hammond will depend on you and your teammates.

Hammond is a dive character. He pushes into the frontlines to do damage. If you force Mercy to come to you in the thick of battle, she will be an easy target.

Keep her safe and retreat to her for healing

Moira (Opponent: Neutral)

If faced alone with Wrecking Ball, Moira will likely lose, but in a normal match surrounded by teammates, she can be a little more challenging to target.

Her biotic orb and grasp deals a bit of damage. However, she does not have any abilities that could force you out of your ball form or halt your speed.

She can easily dodge piledriver and charges from your grappling hook with her fade ability. She can be challenging to hit, but she doesn’t pose a large threat with her attack abilities.

Moira (Teammate: Strong)

Moira can be a good choice for healing Hammond because of her long and short range abilities.

Since Hammond jumps into enemy fire, she can either heal from a distance or join him in combat. She can also easily defend herself or escape the fight with her fade ability.

Zenyatta (Opponent: Strong)

Surprisingly, Zenyatta is pretty effective against Hammond.

Though he can’t dodge attacks well and his health can be depleted fairly fast, the monk can fight back. From a safe, long-range distance, he can fire orbs at you that deal 46 damage, while his Volley can also reach Hammond for up to 230 damage.

His discord is most lethal to Hammond though. It allows enemies to take 30% more damage, and without a barrier, you will experience an onslaught of fire. Therefore, if Zenyatta fights you from long range and you try to defeat him by closing the distance, he can still easily defend himself.

Zenyatta (Teammate: Strong)

Zenyatta is one of the best healers for Hammond. His orbs can heal you at almost any range while you roll into enemy lines.

He can also discord enemies you are targeting to make them even more susceptible to your destructive abilities.


D.Va (Opponent: Neutral)

D.Va is a character Hammond has often been compared to due to their use of mobile mech suits. Their abilities make them both pretty equally matched. I will say D.Va has a couple of minor advantages, but not enough to consider her a counter to Hammond.

Her micro missiles can deal some damage, but her primary fire is weaker than his. She can block his canon fire and he can use a personal shield to her fire as well.

They can both charge at each other with their abilities. The difference is that if D.Va uses her boosters while Hammond swings with his Wrecking Ball, Hammond’s momentum and movement will be disrupted, while D.Va’s flight isn’t affected. Both will still take damage from the collision though.

D.Va (Teammate: Neutral/Weak)

D.Va can be a great attacking buddy if your team decides to go with a dive composition. She can help push into an attacking or defending team while you to take down targets.

However, if your team is not a dive composition and you only use two tanks, then your team will be left exposed and vulnerable. You may want to use a hero with a shield instead of D.Va to protect your team, depending on the composition.

Her ultimate will not necessarily compliment Hammond's, so time the two ultimates separately. If D.Va’s ultimate wipes out the enemy team, yours will be useless if used at the same exact time.

Orisa (Opponent: Strong)

Orisa is the one shield-wielding tank that can disrupt Hammond’s abilities and is a good choice for a tank if you are facing a skilled Wrecking Ball.

Her fortify ability allows her to resist piledriver and the swing of your grappling hook.

Graviton can also disrupt Wrecking Ball’s movement. There are ways to defeat her with a skilled dive comp, but she will counter Wrecking Ball well if she is not under pressure from your teammates.

Orisa (Teammate: Neutral/Strong)

Orisa has a few abilities that make her a good choice to pair with Hammond.

For one, she can protect her team with shields while Hammond cannot.

Her graviton ability can also be used strategically with Hammond. Ask Orisa to pull enemies into your rolls and swings, but, more importantly, into your ultimate ability. Once players are pulled in by Orisa, you can trap them in your minefield.

Reinhardt (Opponent: Weak)

Reinhardt mains will be disappointed to find that they are very weak to Hammond’s onslaught.

Reinhardt’s shield doesn’t block Wrecking Ball’s rolling attack or piledriver.

His charge is also ineffective if Hammond is swinging fast. The metal ball will knock Reinhardt mid-charge, pushing him in different directions. He cannot get a pin on him in this state.

Hammond players can annoy Reinhardts with their speed and constant swinging.

Reinhardt (Teammate: Neutral/Strong)

There are a couple of advantages to pairing with Reinhardt, but not all of his abilities will be useful to you.

He can protect your team with his shield and melee hammer, while you attack. The best ways to combo with him will be to have him charge enemies into your minefield or to time your ultimates together.

Roadhog (Opponent: Strong)

Roadhog is one of the best tanks to face Wrecking Ball.

Roadhog’s hook is incredibly useful against Hammond, so be wary. His hook can stop your grapple speed, pull you in close, and force you out of ball form.

All that’s left for Roadhog to do is land some well-timed headshots with his scrap gun. Oh, and he can also heal up any damage you try to deal.

Roadhog (Teammate: Neutral)

Choosing Roadhog and Hammond as the only tanks won’t leave your team with much protection, but Roadhog can be quite useful with your ultimate.

Have him hook enemies into your minefield, or use his whole hog ultimate ability to push players into your explosives.

Winston (Opponent: Weak)

Similar to Reinhardt, Winston has a hard time against Hammond.

While effective against Hammond’s cannons, his shield is useless against his piledrive and grappling hook. It also cannot block Hammond’s minefield.

Winston can escape by leaping away, but that doesn’t make him very useful in countering Hammond’s abilities, dealing damage, or protecting his team.

Winston (Teammate: Neutral)

Winston would be best used in Dive compositions and provides some usefulness to your team. Winston can provide shields for your team while diving in and out of combat with you.

His ultimate can also be used to try and knock players into your minefield, but it is not as easy to control as say Roadhog’s hook, Orisa’s mini graviton, or Zarya’s graviton surge.

Zarya (Opponent: Strong/Neutral)

Zarya gravitates between being a neutral and strong opponent. She can be defeated with a few consistent and well-aimed canon fires along with destructive rolls if her bubbles are on a cooldown.

But long-range blasts from her particle cannon can disrupt your movement.

The greatest trump card she has against you is her ultimate, which will completely disable all of Hammond’s abilities except for shields.

Zarya (Teammate: Strong)

Zarya is a great teammate to use with Hammond. She can bubble and protect him along with herself and other teammates

And her ultimate is the best to combo with Hammond's. Once she pulls all surrounding hero’s together with a graviton surge, drop your minefield to unleash massive damage.


Bastion (Opponent: Strong) 

He will melt your cute furry face.

Though Bastion is fairly immobile, this also means he can’t be moved by Hammond’s piledriver or rolls.

He remains in place, releasing an onslaught of damage, and healing himself from your attacks. An orisa/bastion combo may be extra tricky to defeat.

Bastion (Teammate: Neutral) 

You can’t really do much for Bastion as a Hammond teammate, but he may not need you to.

Unlike other tanks, you can’t station a shield around Bastion’s reconfigured mode. That does not mean he can’t still succeed at defending a point or moving a payload. He just doesn’t offer many combo opportunities with you.

Doomfist (Opponent: Strong)

Doomfist is a formidable DPS for Hammond. Doomfist can dodge Hammond’s attacks, and his rocket punch can completely stop a grapple swing in its tracks while he experiences no damage.

Doomfist (Teammate: Strong)

Doomfist can help or hurt your gameplay as Hammond, but overall, he’s pretty useful in a fight.

If you need a DPS hero to dive into battle with, Doomfist can be a good choice. Your abilities are similar in that you can knock players into the air or slam into them. As you can imagine, this can be quite frustrating to opponents.

You can also try to direct a Doomfist teammate to rocket punch enemies into your minefield ultimateBe careful with this hero,though: he can sometimes knock players out the way of your swing and roll.

Genji (Opponent: Weak)

Genji is one of the weakest DPS characters against Hammond.

His deflect cannot block Hammond’s ultimate, grapple swing, or pile driver.

If he uses swist strike at a charging Hammond, he will still be inflicted with damage. His best skill against Hammond is his mobility and ultimate, but even then, he is at a disadvantage to the strength of the hamster’s mech.

Genji (Teammate: Neutral)

Genji is niether strong or weak as a teammate, and his ultimate depends on player skill. If you both time your stuns and assault, you can constantly disrupt opponents.

Hanzo (Opponent: Neutral/Strong)

Hanzo is another hero who fluctuates between a neutral and strong opponent.

Hammond can close the gap of this long-ranged sniper to pressure him. At 200 health, he is also not too difficult to kill with the Wrecking Ball

But Hanzo’s Storm Arrows will bring Hammond’s health down to half and as a large target, those shots are more likely to land.

His ultimate is easily avoided, but his range and storm arrows make him a formidable opponent.

Hanzo (Teammate: Neutral)

Hanzo doesn’t necessarily help or hurt you as a teammate. He can deal finishing blows to enemies you damage, but there aren’t a lot of combo opportunities with your ultimates or abilities.

Junkrat (Opponent: Weak)

Some might think Junkrat is effective against Hammond, and they would be right if we’re talking about the pure amount of damage Junkrat can deal, but in actual combat, Junkrat’s a bit weak.

His fire is slow compared to Hammond’s movement. Junkrat is also more effective on enemies who are grounded, rather than heroes like Hammond or Pharah who can gain high ground.

His traps can catch the hamster while rolling, but Junkrat’s concussion mine could actually help an enemy like Hammond become airborne or gain speed.

Junkrat (Teammate: Strong)

Junkrat’s abilities can be useful to Hammond. In particular, his steal trap can anchor opponents to one spot for you to piledrive or roll through.

His primary fire can weaken the enemy team for you to finish off or vice versa.

McCree (Opponent: Strong)

If you have noticed the theme that long-range characters have an advantage on Hammond, you won’t be surprised that Mcree does, too.

He can do high damage from a distance, and his stun is effective at halting Hammond's fast movements and damage. Mcree’s stun won’t force Hammond out of ball form, but it does give team’s a chance to deal damage.

McCree (Teammate: Neutral)

He is neither a hindrance nor a huge benefit to Wrecking Ball as a teammate.

Mcree’s stun can come in handy when attacking as Hammond, but note that their ultimates aren’t the best to use together. Mcree can unleash some damage for your team, but it depends on the make up. 

Mei (Opponent: Strong)

Mei’s pretty useful at countering Hammond’s abilities. Her ice wall is effective at blocking Hammond from swinging into enemies. While his movement in ball form is challenging to freeze, it can be done.

Once frozen, it can be easy for her to deal merciless damage. She can also use her cyro-freeze to heal herself or avoid your attacks.

Mei (Teammate: Weak)

Though some of her abilities can be useful to Hammond, she could prove more of a hindrance.

Freezing enemies in place for damage is a benefit to Hammond, and using ultimates together can also be useful.

The biggest problem to their success as a team comes with the ice wallHammond relies on swinging across the map and rushing into battle. Mei’s wall could counteract this ability or trap Hammond in difficult situations.

Pharah (Opponent: Strong)

Pharah is a challenging opponent for Hammond. She is not bound by the ground and can hold the high ground, despite his ability to swing into the air.

Her rockets deal hefty amounts of damage while her concussive blast will interrupt Hammond’s speed and trajectory when using grappling hook.

The only way you’re going to knock her out of the sky is with Hammond’s cannons.

Pharah (Teammate: Strong)

Pharah can be a strong ally because of her concussive blast. Direct your teammate to use this blast to push enemies into your ultimate.

Because you can both deal plenty of damage from different positions, the opposite team will have a difficult time defeating you.

Reaper (Opponent: Neutral)

Reaper is sometimes lethal depending on the team composition, but most of the time, he's a neutral threat to Hammond. 

Reaper can definitely deal tons of damage with his shotguns, and if Hammond isn’t in ball form, those can be headshots.

His wraith form can also evade your rolls and swings, but he can be defeated if you are strategic. Using your piledriver and grappling hook when he’s not in wraith form will be effective since he has to get in close to you to deal any damage.

Your cannons can also be useful from a medium distance. Come out of your ball when too close to him, and he will take advantage of you.

Reaper (Teammate: Neutral)

Reaper doesn’t help any of your abilities as Hammond, but he certainly doesn’t hurt them either.

Reaper can be useful for pushing forward into enemy territory since he deals a lot of heavy damage at close range. But success with reaper will ultimately depend on his skill level.

Soldier 76 (Opponent: Neutral)

Soldier's strength as an opponent depends on the situation. If you can catch Soldier alone and close the distance to deal some fast-paced wrecking ball damage, then his health is pretty easy to deplete even with his healing.

Close-ranged combat is your friend. Hammond can also easily catch up to him if he flees for safety. However, when Soldier keeps distance from you, take takes high ground, or works effectively with his team, you will be any easy first target.

Soldier 76 (Teammate: Neutral/Strong)

Oftentimes, you can’t go wrong with a Soldier.

He can help dish damage and heal his teammates in a pinch. Together with Hammond, Soldier can offer healing and advance towards the opposing team.

Sombra (Opponent: Strong)

Sombra is one of the most useful tools against Hammond, similar to how she works well against Reinhardt.

She can easily sneak behind your team’s defenses, and her hack will completely halt all of your abilities, transforming you into your four legged mech.

Once your little hamster body is exposed, it’s all over.

Sombra (Teammate: Strong)

Sombra is also quite beneficial as a teammate. In situations where Wrecking Ball is facing opponents who counter him, Sombra momentarily erases those abilities leaving them helpless to your assault.

Symmetra (Opponent: Weak)

Symmetra is fairly weak as an enemy to Wrecking Ball. A fast roll (or swing) and primary fire can destroy her turrets easily.

She can be a hassle since she deals bits of damage over time, but her low health and attack are less effective on you.

Symmetra (Teammate: Strong)

Symmetra’s teleporter can help you become even more mobile and allow you to flank enemies. Using it, you can take the high ground to drop on top of opponents or rush in behind them.

Also try setting up a swing with your grappling hook while Symmetra places turrets behind you. If any slip through your attack, they will become trapped the notorious “car wash."

Torbjorn (Opponent: Neutral)

Torbjorn can work well as a defense character for an attacking Hammond.

His turrets deal constant damage from a long distance that you can only block with a personal shield (a shield that depends on the number of enemies surrounding you).

However, if Torbjorn tries to engage in close-combat with Wrecking Ball, he will easily be crushed.

Torbjorn (Teammate: Neutral)

Similar to Bastion, Torbjorn doesn’t really help or hurt you. His armor can offer you a bit of extra protection. And his turret will help defend the point while you attack.

Tracer (Opponent: Neutral)

Tracer would be ranked strong in this list if she didn’t have 150 health.

A skilled Tracer can flank and deal tons of damage to Wrecking Ball, especially if Hammond is exposed from the mech. She can also easily dodge, retreat, and dance around him, before sticking a pulse bomb on the large target.

However, when her dash is on cooldown, Hammond can piledrive, roll, and fire to lower her already small health.

Tracer (Teammate: Neutral/Strong)

Tracer can be a pretty strong teammate in a dive compositionShe can chase down any enemies that escape your piledrive, roll, or swing.  

Widowmaker (Opponent: Neutral)

Where Hanzo is a slightly strong neutral opponent to Hammond, Widow is a slightly weak neutral enemy.

She’ll have no problem landing high damage shots on you from her sniping spot if you can’t close the gap

Her grappling hook can let her escape tight encounters with you.

But when you rush in on her and then fire your cannons, she will struggle to survive.

Widowmaker (Teammate: Neutral)

Widow can be useful depending on the team composition, but doesn’t offer Hammond a lot of combos.

She will provide long-range damage for your team, and can work well at picking off players.

Her ultimate can also help you see where to target your grappling hook and piledrives. But she won’t be successful if the team is going with a dive composition.

Hammond is a unique and challenging character -- and it takes a lot to get accustomed to his playstyle. But with this guide, you can form the best team compositions to face the enemy head on.

Whether you are trying to become a Wrecking Ball main, defeat the little hamster, or just work well with your Hammond teammate, this comprehensive guide can be a great tool for you!

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Food Fantasy Complete Recipe Guide With Ingredients Fri, 27 Jul 2018 13:01:37 -0400 Ty Arthur

Gacha summoning meets restaurant sim with Food Fantasy as you work feverishly to develop new recipes, keep customers happy, and destroy fallen angels out in the wilderness.

Blindly trying to develop dishes with random ingredients is a major pain, and the process is made much worse by the timers in the dish development area. If you want to skip all the trial and error (and endless waiting) just reference our complete Food Fantasy recipe list below to get started making better meals!

Just getting started and not sure how freshness works in the restaurant or how cooking talents differ from individual soul skills? Check out our full Food Fantasy beginner's guide here instead.

Food Fantasy Recipes Guide

Keep in mind you can only make recipes from your specific culinary expertise chosen at the beginning of the game, as well as the special "Lost" section of recipes. The other two specialties are off limits to you, so there's no point in trying to make them off the lists below.

To improve recipes for better restaurant tips, tap the Research button in the restaurant area and then make the dish repeatedly (adding seasonings when you find them). To make these dishes often enough to improve them you will need to grind combat areas for ingredients.

Below we list out every recipe, along with what ingredients are needed to develop them and what stage(s) where those ingredients are found.

 Improving Sukarajima recipes

Sukarajima Recipes

These recipes are all about skill and finesse, elevating simple ingredients into something delicious. You'll cook everything from the lowly baked potato all the way to piglet daifuku and sought-after Food Fantasy Tamagoyaki and Beef Tartare.

Recipe Ingredients Stage
Baked Potato   Potato  1-3
Grilled Pork Belly   Pork Belly  1-6 
Cucumber Salad   Cucumber  2-2
 Boiled Lettuce  Lettuce  3-1
Salmon Sashimi  Salmon  4-2
 Mushroom Yaki  Mushroom, Butter  7-3, 7-8
 Beef Tartare  Egg, Beef Tenderloin  5-3, 5-6
 Tamagoyaki  Carrot, Egg, Shiitake  3-1, 5-2, 6-8
 Omurice  Egg, Rice  5-2, 8-2
 Shogayaki  Pork Loin, Onion  9-2, 9-5
 Bacon Bites  Bread, Cheese, Bacon  4-4, 6-2, 10-3
 Cold Tofu  Tofu  10-6
 Grilled Corn  Corn, Cream  11-2, 11-7
 Vegetable Tempura  Eggplant, Shiitake, Flour  2-7, 6-8, 12-2
 Takoyaki  Octopus, Flour, Caggabe  11-4, 12-2, 3-5
 Creamed Spinach  Cream, Spinach  11-7, 13-6
 Apples and Cream  Cream, Apple  11-7, 15-1
 Chicken Skewer  Green Pepper, Diced Chicken  6-6, 16-5
 Fried Chicken  Egg, Flour, Whole Chicken  5-2, 12-12, 16-6
 Mango Smoothie  Cream, Mango  11-7, 17-3
 Strawberry Smoothie  Cream, Milk, Strawberry  11-7, 12-5, 18-2
 Peanut Butter Crisp  Milk, Flour, Peanut  12-5, 12-2, 19-3
 Cod Fillet  Butter, Starch, Cod  7-8, 13-9, 22-2
 Piglet Daifuku  Egg, Flour, Red Beans  5-2, 12-2, 19-5
 Pumpkin Muffin  Honey, Red Beans, Pumpkin  14-6, 19-5, 20-5
 Yam Dumplings  Rice Flour, Purple Yam  20-7, 21-3
 Unagi Don  Rice, Eel  8-2, 22-5
 Lobster Sashimi  Rock Lobster  23-5
 Crab Sashimi  King Crab  24-2
Gloriville Recipes 

These are your classic American-leaning recipes that are all about flavor and full fat dishes that don't skimp on anything, from French fries to roast chicken and even pizza.

Recipe Ingredients Stage
 French Fries  Potato  1-3
 Crispy Pork  Pork Belly  1-6
 Salad  Cucumber, Lettuce, Carrot  2-2, 3-1, 3-5
 Eggplant Roll  Potato, Eggplant  1-3, 2-7
 Smoked Salmon  Salmon  4-2
 Roast Beef  Beef Tenderloin  5-6
 Cheese Soup  Bread, Cheese  4-4, 6-2
 Mushroom Soup  Shiitake, Mushroom, Butter  6-8, 7-3, 7-8
 Fried Rice Cake  Egg, Rice  5-2, 8-2
Pork Burger   Lettuce, Bread, Pork Loin  3-1, 4-4, 9-2
 Bacon Tofu Wraps  Bacon, Tofu  10-3, 10-6
 Grilled Calamari  Green Pepper, Onion, Octopus  6-6, 9-5, 11-4
 Popcorn  Butter, Corn  7-8, 11-2
 Shortbread  Flour, Butter, Milk  2-2, 7-8, 12-5
 Minestrone  Cabbage, Spinach, Starch  13-5, 13-6, 13-9
 Pineapple Juice  Pineapple, Honey  14-2, 14-6
 Apples Crisp  Flour, Apple  12-2,15-1
  Chicken Pizza  Diced Chicken, Cheese, Apple  16-5, 6-2, 15-1
 Roast Chicken  Whole Chicken  16-6
 Mango Wrap  Cream, Flour, Mango  11-7, 12-2, 17-3
 Fruit Salad  Pineapple, Strawberry  14-3, 18-2
 Peanut Pie  Egg, Flour, Peanut  5-2, 12-2, 19-3
 Pumpkin Soup  Milk, Pumpkin  12-5, 20-5
 Hotteok  Milk, Red Beans, Rice Flour  12-5, 19-5, 20-7
 Cheesy Yam  Cheese, Purple Yam  6-2, 21-3
 Fried Cod  Egg, Flour, Cod  5-2, 12-2, 22-2
 Fried Unagi  Egg, Flour, Eel  5-2, 12-2, 22-5
Baked Lobster   Cheese, Rock Lobster  6-2, 23-5
 Crab Salad  Lettuce, King Crab  3-1, 24-2 
Light Kingdom Recipes

These recipes are all about using vegetables, fruit, and fish in interesting ways from steaming to frying and baking.

Recipe Ingredients Stage
 Stir Fried Potatoes  Potato  1-3
 Braised Pork  Pork Belly  1-6
 Braised Eggplant  Eggplant  2-7
 Sauteed Lettuce  Lettuce  3-1
Carrot Bread   Carrot, Bread  3-1, 4-4
 Cucumber Egg Stir-Fry  Cucumber, Egg  2-2, 5-2
 Black Pepper Beef  Beef Tenderloin, Green Pepper  5-6, 6-6
Sauteed Mushrooms   Shiitake, Mushroom  6-8, 7-3
 Egg Fried Rice  Egg, Rice  5-2, 8-2
 Salmon Fried Rice  Salmon, Rice, Onion  4-2, 8-2, 9-5
 Onion Fried Rice  Rice, Pork Loin, Onion  8-2, 9-2, 9-5
 Bacon Fried Rice  Carrot, Rice, Bacon  3-1, 8-2, 10-3
Braised Octopus  Green Pepper, Octopus  6-6, 11-4
 Risotto  Cheese, Rice, Cream  6-2, 8-2, 11-7
 Butter Bread  Egg, Butter, Flour  5-2, 7-8, 12-2
  Emerald Roll  Cabbage, Spinach  13-5, 13-6
 Corn Pie  Corn, Starch  11-5, 13-9
 Toffee Apple  Starch, Apple  13-9, 15-1
 Pineapple Fried Rice  Rice, Pineapple  8-2, 14-3
  Chicken Soup  Shiitake, Whole Chicken  6-8, 16-6
 Mango Pudding  Egg, Milk, Mango  5-2, 12-5, 17-3
 Strawberry Ice Cream  Cream, Milk, Strawberry  11-7, 12-5, 18-2
 Red Bean Pudding  Milk, Red Beans  12-5, 19-5
 Kung Pao Chicken  Diced Chicken, Peanut  16-5, 19-3
 Pumpkin Pie  Honey, Pumpkin, Rice Flour  14-6, 20-5, 20-7
 Sweet Yam Buns  Egg, Flour, Purple Yam  5-2, 12-2, 21-3
 Steamed Cod  Tofu, Cod  6-8, 22-2
 Steamed Unagi  Shiitake, Eel  6-8, 22-5
 Garlic Lobster  Rock Lobster 23-5 
 Crab Hotpot  Shiitake, Tofu, King Crab  6-8, 10-6, 24-2
Lost Recipes

Rather than discovered through the development screen, these recipes are earned by completing specific mission objectives noted in the table below.

Recipe Level Mission
 Calamari Skewer  5  Make 5 recipes
Garlic Oysters  8  Submit 5 Calamari Skewers
 Grilled Prawns 10   Cook C rated recipes 8 times
 Pickled Salmon Head 12  Challenge Parisel stage 1-1
 Tomato & Eggs 14  Complete Mischief 3 times
 Steamed Mushrooms 16   Challenge Parisel stage 1-2
 Spaghetti 18  Complete 2 Take-out orders from Gloriville
 Har Gow 20  Develop recipes 2 times 
Gold Cake  22  Complete all daily missions
 Mixed Greens 24  Challenge Parisel stage 4-2
 Stir Fried Mussels 26  Serve 100 regular customers in your restaurant
 Mushroom Alfredo 28  Re-collect 15 Low-Grade Screws
 Cah Siu Bao 30  Make 10 recipes of any kind
Spinach Noodles  32  Challenge Parisel stage 6-2
 Mint Pineapple 34  Complete 5 Take-out orders from Gloriville
 Apple Sangria 36  Collect and submit 10 Spinach
 Braised Lamb 38  Bring any Control series talent into battle
 Mushroom Chicken Stew 40  Challenge Spring Outskirts 9-2
 Matcha Cake 41  Defeat 20 Dine and Dash customers
 Cappucino 42  Re-collect 50 Mints
 Fruit Tea 44  Complete all daily missions
 Lemon Pie 45  Develop recipes 3 times
Meat Zongzi  47  Challenge Spring Outskirts 12-2
Stuffed Lotus Root  49  Submit 20 Lemon Pies
 Lotus Root Stir Fry 50 Complete 10 orders From Nevras
Black Fungus Congee  52  Collect and submit 10 high-quality Seasoning


Have you found any other recipes that we missed? Let us know in the comments and we'll get them added, and be sure to check out our other Food Fantasy cheats and tricks here!

Star Ocean Anamnesis: Jie Revorse Boss Guide Fri, 27 Jul 2018 09:10:29 -0400 Will Phillips

The latest update for Star Ocean: Anamnesis dropped on July 24 and brought with it not only new characters, but also a new boss for players to take on. There are some sweet rewards available in exchange for the coins you farm by fighting the new boss Jie Revorse. This guide will tell you everything you need to know to make getting those coins as easy and fast as possible!

As far as bosses go, this is definitely one of the more straightforward. There's no real nuance; in fact, the main strategy is just to kill it as fast as possible. Jie Revorse has an “enraged mode” that kicks in if the fight goes on longer than seven minutes. Luckily, as far as I’ve seen, most fights against this boss only take one to two minutes, so that little tidbit shouldn’t cause you any trouble.

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Characters to Bring for the Fight

Most likely, due to some scheme to make the player-base spend more money, two of the characters from the new banner are especially great for taking down this boss.

We'll go over those two, plus an additional character. 


Jie Revorse is weak to lightning, so Roddick is a solid pick. He deals plenty of lightning based attacks and symbologies. If you have one, throwing a Lightning Sword on him just makes him even better, giving him an extra 20% damage for his lightning attacks.


With lightning being the weakness to take advantage of, you can’t go wrong with bringing Myuria. Two high-damage lightning attacks and an explosive high damage Rush make her a solid character for bringing this foe down quickly.


Millie by herself is no great threat to the boss. She’s just a decent healer with adequate damage. What makes her a special threat to this boss is her passive which grants a buff of an additional +20% damage for all elemental attacks for the party. If you can get this character in with a Myuria or Roddick, then the boss will be dead before you know it.

If you don’t have any of these characters, don’t sweat it. Just bring a healer or someone who can deal a lot of damage and you'll be fine.

Tips for the Fight

If you're creating the lobby, I would personally recommend to not bring a tank. This enemy is hard to keep the attention of, so that slot is much better suited for bringing an additional high-damage dealing character. I would still bring along a healer, though. This boss has very explosive attacks, both figuratively and literally, so a healer is nice to have if things start going south.

Having three Myuria's would melt most foes, but given that the boss is weak to lightning and Millie buffs all of their lightning moves, this combo is just criminally good. 

Strategy for Stage 1

This battle just jumps right into the meat of things. Unlike the other Boss Fights before it, there are no weenie stages before the big fight. Once the game begins, I recommend immediately dashing right or left, whichever is closer. This boss occasionally just dashes straightforward at the start, so you could potentially avoid getting scuffed up right off of the bat.

This boss has two “modes.” There is the mode that it starts off as and in this mode. it has three moves it can use. After sustaining an unknown amount of damage, it will start glowing red and gain use of an additional move.

Boss Moves


The boss basically just zooms forward quickly, damaging everything in its path.

Arm Thrash


Similar to Zoom, except it waves its arms around trying to smash everything in front of it.



The Robot strikes a T-Pose and then fires six rockets. They hang for a second, and then zoom toward whatever character(s) the boss has aggroed.



This is the one that unlocks when Jie Revorse goes into its low-health glow mode. Basically, this just does a huge backflip, knocking up everything that is in close proximity.


This is basically all you need to know. Jie Revorse's not an incredibly difficult boss. Just as long as your team has relatively high damage output and a healer to make up for any mistakes that occur, you should have no problem getting those sweet event rewards. 

Be sure to check out our other Star Ocean: Anamnesis guides while you're here!

Bonus Clip: Here is a run of that team I recommended above.

The Banner Saga 3: Waves Combat Tips Guide Thu, 26 Jul 2018 09:00:01 -0400 Emily (Pokeflute)

The one big new addition in The Banner Saga 3 is waves combat, which is a sort of quasi-endless battle. Enemies come in waves: after fighting a mandatory first wave, you choose whether you want to stay and fight additional waves or flee with what you have. Fighting through all the waves earns you more renown (the game's currency) and a rare item.

Wave combat really exemplifies the risk vs reward philosophy of the series, and it's a great addition to the game. Here are a few tips on using waves combat battles to your advantage.

Minor spoilers for The Banner Saga 3 follow.

General Tips

Before each round, you’re given the opportunity to arrange your heroes on the battlefield. Placing your varl in front and forming a shield around your weaker units allows them more protection when the enemies come in. If you have ranged units, they can still attack from behind the varl when enemies get close.

Because of their extraordinary blocking abilities, varl are the most important allies to keep alive. They're capable of taking the most hits and dealing the most damage, so they're invaluable when trying to fend off large enemy waves.

While you may want to try to fight as many waves as you can, it’s important to remember that any units that fall in combat will be injured until you get another chance to rest. This holds especially true in the Darkness journey chapters, where you’re never sure where you’ll get your next opportunity to rest. It’s a good idea to use characters you don’t normally use, so if they become injured, your best fighters aren’t affected.

When you have a chance to bring in reinforcements, think about your strategy for the previous round and how it went. If your units were getting killed too easily, swap in a few varl for more tank power. If the enemies seemed to be focusing on your units’ shields, including a mender would also be a good idea.

The most important thing is to learn from the previous round and adjust your strategy for the rounds to come. Allies that remain on the battlefield do not heal between rounds, so that’s another reason to include a mender in the second round if you hadn’t already.

In these battles, willpower is best used for attacks and abilities. Using it to move farther may put a unit at risk to be surrounded, which can result in a quick loss.

Save your willpower for tearing down enemies’ shields and strength. It is restored each round depending on your units’ morale, but be mindful of using it all during the first round if you plan to use the same units in later rounds.

Health and strength are one combined stat. Because enemies’ strength decreases as their health decreases, it can be a good idea to attack several different enemies and get their health/strength down a little bit rather than focusing on one enemy. Focusing on one enemy leaves you vulnerable to other units whose health/strength you haven’t whittled down yet.

It might be tempting to fight your way through wave combat battles as soon as they become available, but it’s a good idea to wait until you have a better idea of how your units work and which are best for your fighting style. This also gives you a chance to promote them and give them new titles, which provide perks that can be used in these battles.

Take into consideration the size and shape of the battlefield as well as environmental hazards during a wave combat battle. While varl are good fighters and excellent tanks, it’s difficult to maneuver them through small and narrow battlefields, particularly when environmental hazards are present. In that case, it’s better to have smaller and more nimble units, like horseborn, in your party.

You won’t know a battle is wave combat until you defeat all the enemies in the first round. This makes things difficult, because if you intend to continue to fight waves, it’s important to play defensively and preserve your units’ strength and shields.

A good way to tell if a battle is wave combat is if the enemies seem a little easier than the ones you’ve fought in other battles. Since waves combat battles have multiple rounds, the enemies in each round are a little weaker to make up for there being more of them. If the enemies seem a decent bit weaker, there’s a good chance you’re in a waves combat battle.

Story-Specific Tips


You can be a little more daring in wave combat battles during the Arberrang chapters because you have more units to choose from, which means there’s less of an issue if some of your units are injured. You also have easier access to items at Arberrang’s marketplace, making the items you may win here less important; you're also more likely to get a chance to rest, which means that unit injury isn't as big of a deal as it is in the Darkness chapters.

Using allies' abilities effectively is key to succeeding in wave combat battles; they can help rearrange enemies or deal extra damage. Gudmundr's Bloody Flail ability is an excellent choice for the Arberrang battles because it cuts down enemy armor and strength at the same time. It's good to use when he's near death because its power isn't affected by his current strength.

Willpower flows more freely in Arberrang wave combat thanks to the ability to restore one willpower to a unit following a kill. Enemies certainly won't be conservative with their willpower, so feel free to use yours to strike back just as hard. Willpower can also be used effectively with abilities, and they pack more punch if you use more willpower.

The Darkness

If you’re fighting a wave battle in the Darkness chapters, Juno is always a good choice. Not only does she act as a pseudo-tank by absorbing damage with her willpower, but she can also revive herself if she’s killed. She doesn’t do a lot of damage, but having a character that can come back to life repeatedly is extremely useful.

Warped bears should be priority targets in the Darkness chapters’. They’re almost more tanky than varl and have a lot of strength available to them. Use your willpower to enable abilities to confuse them or deal extra damage to ensure they don’t run behind your tanks and destroy your weaker units.

A good unit ability to use in Darkness battles is Apostate's Umbrage. It takes time to cast but grants all alive allies at least 3 strength (depending on the amount of willpower used during the cast). It also subtracts armor from allies, so there's a trade-off, but it's useful for granting your units additional last-minute strength to fight through a battle.


Juggling wave battles with the other needs of your party can be difficult, especially in a game like The Banner Saga where resource and unit management is paramount to victory.

You may not do so well in your first battle or two, but by the time the late game rolls around, you'll be much more comfortable with the strengths and weaknesses of your units and the risks you can take in these battles. Hang in there, and good luck with The Banner Saga 3!

No Man's Sky Next Complete Bug Guide (With Fixes) Wed, 25 Jul 2018 17:52:11 -0400 Ty Arthur

The highly anticipated (and perhaps long overdue) NEXT update for No Man's Sky has brought along true multiplayer and many needed quality of life improvements. But it's also brought along quite a few irritating bugs and glitches.

Some bugs are to be expected when finally putting multiplayer in such an ambitious space exploration sim, but not all of the No Man's Sky Next bugs are actually negative.

Let's dive into what known glitches can be fixed and which ones can be exploited to your advantage before the next NMS patch.

PS4 Pro Crashing

While the core issues causing the constant PS4 crashes will likely need to be addressed in a new patch, many users are reporting they get a much more stable No Man's Sky experience if they simply turn off Boost Mode.

From the main menu, head to the PS4's Settings screen and then choose System. De-activate Boost Mode in the list of options. Fully close the No Man's Sky app (don't just return to the dashboard) and then load it again to fix the crash issue.

 Turning off PS4 Pro Boost Mode

Audio Glitches/Rendering Issues

Quite a few random audio stutters, misplaced sound effects, and improperly loaded textures are affecting the overall experience for players who downloaded the NEXT update. Your windshield might flicker in and out of existence, walls disappear, arms suddenly vanish and then re-appear on wrong parts of the body, and so on.

For Xbox One and PS4, there's not a lot to be done until an official patch arrives, but on Steam, some users are reporting success by following the typical file integrity verification procedures.

How to Verify Integrity on Steam

If you haven't gone through this process before, right-click No Man's Sky in your library and choose "Properties," then navigate to the "Local Files" tab. Click "Verify Integrity Of Game Files" and then follow the prompts.

Usually Steam will automatically download whatever files are missing or corrupt, but in the worst case scenario you may need to full uninstall and re-install the game.

When verifying files doesn't change anything, turn off SLI if you use that configuration. If you don't use SLI, some users have reported success by uninstalling their monitor in the Device Manager menu of Windows and then automatically re-installing by restarting the computer and going through the Detected New Hardware prompts.

Can't Change Weapon Mode

Particularly on consoles, some players can't switch weapon modes because the options they need for different modes are grayed out.

If you have this problem, fully close the game app. Do this by 

  • Selecting the icon
  • Clicking Start
  • Choosing "exit"

Then re-open and weapon mode switching should work properly.

If the problem persists, delete your save file and start a new one to resolve the problem if you aren't willing to wait for the next patch. 

Tagging Buildings Causes Ship To Land

Tapping the "E" key on the PC version of No Man's Sky to tag a building you've identified with a scanner will, for some reason, cause your ship to immediately land. Obviously, this shouldn't be happening, but unfortunately, there's no clear workaround right now. Let us know if you've found a fix and we'll ad it here!

Stacks No Longer Combine Properly

Combining large stacks of resources used to automatically filter them out to maximums of 500 items, but this no longer appears to be the case. At this point, there is no fix.

Something has clearly changed in how objects are flagged, as they don't combine as they should anymore, which may be one of the root causes of the refiner bug exploit listed below.

No Man's Sky Refiner Bug Exploit

This bug lets you endlessly create resources by exploiting a problem with the Portable Refiner. Here's what you need to do:

Step 1

Craft two portable refiners (found on the portable equipment tab on the build menu) and place the first one wherever you want on any planet (but not on a freighter).

Step 2

Set nearly any item in the game that you'd like to freely duplicate into the refiner's input.

Some players have reported they have to actually start the refiner process to get the bug working with step three, but it appears it is simply the act of placing the item in the input that starts the duplication process for most players. If you discover otherwise, let us know and we'll get this guide updated!

Step 3

Whether you started the refiner going or just placed an item in the input, quickly place a second portable refiner near the first one. The proximity is the key here, as they need to be close together to trigger the duplication.

Open the maintenance menu on the second refiner to discover it suddenly has duplicated whatever object you put in the first refiner. If you started the first refiner going, you may discover the duplicate is in the output instead of the input.

Step 4

Remove the duplicated resource from the input of the second refiner, then pick up that refiner. Remove the item from the first refiner as well. Now, endlessly repeat the process of placing items in the first input, setting down the second refiner, and grabbing your free duplicated resources.

The upper limit of this process isn't known, but it reportedly works with three refiners as well for three times the resources if they are placed in close enough proximity.

The potential applications here are endless, from duplicating and selling those expensive technology modules to creating an endless supply of liquid explosive or any other item you need.

The No Man's Sky refiner duplication bug is virtually guaranteed to get patched out at some point, as it can obviously be exploited in game-breaking ways.

 Replicating Aronium endlessly 
(thanks to Monterico Gaming for the screenshot)

Found any other No Man's Sky Next bugs we didn't cover? Let us know in the comments and we'll look for a solution, and be sure to submit a bug report here to the development team.

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