Tips Category RSS Feed | Tips RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network Coupon Codes for Crossing Void Wed, 13 Nov 2019 13:55:42 -0500 Yaneki

Looking to give yourself a boost in the new mobile gacha game, Crossing Void? We have a big ol' set of coupon codes collected to do just that. These were given out to streamers to celebrate and promote the global release, and they're all still working as of the date of this article.

What's Crossing Void though? If you've ever played a popular gacha game lately, you might have noticed anime crossovers seem to be common place.

Crossing Void is literally all anime crossovers, pulling from an extensive roster of characters from a slew of shows! Series like Durarara!! and A Certain Magical Index are featured prominently, but they also have stuff like Valkyria Chronicles and Dokuro-chan.

The game has an interesting art style that sticks between japanese arcade fighters and the original 2D animation, but plays as a turn-based RPG. If you've ever wanted to watch your waifu put the smackdown on some robots or whatever this is probably the game for you. Just to make sure, here's a list of some properties Crossing Void has:

  • Accel World
  • Oreimo
  • The Irregular at Magic High School
  • Shakugan no Shana
  • Black Bullet
  • A Certain Magical Index
  • Sword Art Online
  • Toradora!
  • Strike the Blood
  • Valkyria Chronicles
  • Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan
  • The Devil is a Part Timer

The Codes

As promised, here they are, most of these provide basic currencies but there's plenty of stuff to help you get new characters and start your adventures as an Agent of the Void!

To redeem these codes, you must:

  • Progress to at least level 10
  • Go to the main menu
  • Select your account by tapping your level up in the top left corner
  • Hit Exchange
  • Submit your codes to get your stuff

  • ggskvx69 - 20k Coins, 20 Maigo, 2 Random Fragments
  • qa4uz39r - 20k Coins, 30 Apple, 2 Random Fragments
  • dmmac3yp - 60 Energy, 30 Apples
  • 6ch2kpx8 - 30k Coin, 2 Random Fragment, 1 Gacha Voucher
  • ntbq7y5k - 20 Maigo, 20 Donuts, 2 Random Fragments

Mario Kart Tour Guide: Break 5 Jars Challenge Wed, 13 Nov 2019 13:43:42 -0500 Ty Arthur

For a game about racing, there's sure a lot of smashing into things and throwing random objects around in Mario Kart Tour like with the fragile break 5 jars challenge.

This particular badge has been vexing players because there aren't that many jars to be found in the Paris tour, but luckily you can easily get all five in one single course once you know where to look!

How To Break 5 Jars In Mario Kart Tour

For the 5 jars badge, choose the Shy Guy Bazaar track in the Diddy Kong cup of the Paris tour.

Pick any driver, kart, and glider combo you want, because they won't affect the outcome as you don't really need to pull any particular items to make this method work.

In the marketplace section of the course where you have to pick one of three sides, do not pick the jump bar on the right side, or you will miss several jars.

After picking either the left or center paths, stay to the right at the turn immediately after the marketplace and you should plow directly into two jars. 

Take note of that jar location if you miss it, because you can then hit it on the second lap.

Next, in the large open area that turns towards the end of the track, look for three jars directly in the middle of the road. If you mini turbo boost in at the correct angle, you can hit all three in one go, effectively completing the challenge on your first lap.

Having trouble hitting the jars with your kart?

You can also destroy them with an item like the Green Shell, although the Super Horn is probably easiest since it has an area radius effect and doesn't require any type of aiming.

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Mario Kart Tour Guide: Take out 5 Piranha Plants Challenge Wed, 13 Nov 2019 13:07:48 -0500 Ty Arthur

Getting first place isn't always the goal of any given Mario Kart Tour race, as sometimes you want to complete challenges like taking out 5 piranha plants to earn extra stars. 

This challenge can be handled in several levels by trying to use items like Green Shells or Bob-Ombs, but there's a much simpler way to ensure you earn the badge in much less time.

Want to know the secret? We are going to crash directly into multiple piranha plants at once so there's very little aiming involved!

How To Take Out 5 Piranha Plants In Mario Kart Tour

The quickest way to earn this badge is to pick Choco Island 2 in the Peach cup of the Paris tour.

Its one of the very first races, so everyone should have it unlocked already.

For the piranha plant challenge, it absolutely doesn't matter what driver, glider, or kart you choose, as you won't be flying or using any items here.

When the race starts, ignore the piranha plants clearly visible on the sides of the track -- unlike other levels you can't go off road at those sections using a mushrooms to hit them. 

After the series of small brown boost bars, avoid the main jump boost you'd normally aim for in this level and instead hit the piranha plants in the mud in the large open area at the middle of the track. 

Your driver will have two chances to hit them during the course, and with multiple plants on the left and right side of the muddy area its possible to hit more than one on each lap.

Even if you miss a few the first time, it should only take 2 - 3 races on the Choco Island 2 track to complete the challenge.

Let us know when you complete the challenge and be sure to leave a comment if you pick this badge to display on your profile!

Need help with the rest of the Paris tour challenges? Be sure to bookmark our other Mario Kart Tour tips and tricks and check back soon for more:

How to Learn the New Wall Lean Emote in FFXIV Wed, 13 Nov 2019 12:54:24 -0500 Yaneki

Final Fantasy XIV just released another content patch this week, bring the Ishgardian Restoration and with it came a new wall lean emote. Players have looking everywhere from Party Finders to Market Boards to the Gold Saucer, and even across the new world of Norvrandt. Some are rumored to have even looked at the long abandoned PvP Vendors...

Turns out the two pieces of content released at the same are related, who'd have thought? The Emote is actually one of the rewards available for helping with Ishgardian Reconstruction.

Unlock Ishgardian Reconstruction

To get started, players will have to be any class or job that is at least lvl 60, and have completed the Main Scenario Quest "Litany of Peace." This is something most players will have already completed.

Head to Foundation (X:9.7 Y:11.5) and pick up the quest "Towards Firmament." Complete the quest to unlock Ishgardian Reconstruction and the new city zone in Ishgard.

Do Some Reconstructing!

Next, Disciples of Hand or Land of at least lvl 20 may find and speak to Potkin in the Firmament (X:12.2 Y:14.6). That's right, you'll have to have at least some crafting levels under your belt to help out and get this emote. The good news is, FFXIV's 5.1 patch recently made leveling crafting much, much easier.

Potkin will have Disciples of the Land gather materials, and Disciples of the Hand craft different things. Turn in the required items to Potkin to gain Skybuilder's Scrip and contribute towards the Reconstruction!

Actually Getting the Emote

Once you have accumulated 1800 Skybuilder's Scrip, head over to Enie, also in the Firmament (X:12.0 Y:14.0). Enie is the rewards vendor for the Reconstruction, and sells a couple different rewards, but the one you'll want is "Ballroom Etiquette - Winsome Wallflower."

Purchase it, use the item, and you'll be able to use the new emote!


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Mario Kart Tour Guide: Land 3 Hits With Bowser's Shell Wed, 13 Nov 2019 12:46:25 -0500 Ty Arthur

New challenges keep landing for Mario Kart Tour, giving you opportunities to grab extra grand stars and coins galore. Looking to finally finish the land 3 hits with Bowser's Shell challenge? We've got you covered. 

This challenge can only be completed with two specific drivers, so if you don't have them yet, it's time to spend all of your rubies on pipe pulls and keep your fingers crossed. Of course, you could head to the shop and hope they appear in the random rotation.

Landing 3 Hits With Bowser's Shell in Mario Kart Tour

You can complete this challenge in absolutely any level using either Bowser or Dry Bowser.

That being said, it's easier in their favored courses since you get more items per box and are more likely to pull the special Bowser's Shell item. It is completely separate from a normal red or green shell, so keep that in mind. 

Since this is a special character-specific item, there aren't any karts or gliders that increase your chance of pulling Bowser's Shell.

Instead, this challenge comes down to random chance, pulling the item, and then hitting three drivers.

Bowser's Castle 1 and Bowser's Castle 1R are the best spots to complete this challenge since the sharp corners and short corridors mean it's more likely you will hit multiple drivers at once. Below are the favored courses for both drivers so you can quickly snag this challenge badge.

Bowser's Favored Courses:
  • Dino Dino Jungle T
  • Bowser's Castle 1
  • Bowser's Castle 1T
  • Neo Bowser City
Dry Bowser's Favored Courses:
  • Dino Dino Jungle
  • Dino Dino Jungle T
  • Bowser's Castle 1R
  • Shy Guy Bazaar
  • Neo Bowser City T

Where did you finally complete the 3 hits with Bowser's Shell challenge? Let us know in the comments below!

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Cheats — All RDR2 Cheat Codes Wed, 13 Nov 2019 11:39:29 -0500 Jordan Baranowski

Whether you're just starting the game on PC or playing through on console for the second time, you might want to know where to find and how to activate Red Dead Redemption 2's cheat codes. If you want to start messing around in one of the best open worlds ever created, you may want to start messing around with some RDR2 cheats.

Before we start, though, we have a few words of warning about "cheating" in Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC or console. Once you activate a code, you will not be able to unlock any Accomplishments (Rockstar's version of achievements on PC), nor will you be able to get trophies or achievements on console. Further, you won't be able to save your singleplayer game. So be sure to keep all of that in mind. 

How to Find Cheat Codes and Cheats in Red Dead Redemption 2

Normally, you can find cheat codes in newspapers scattered throughout the game. Others are found in the game world, such as in caves. But you don't have to find them in newspapers or in the world to use them. The list down below collects them all for you.

To use them, though, you'll first need to access the cheat menu. To do this simply:

  • Open the Settings menu
    • "Left Shift" on PC
    • "Y" on Xbox One
    • "Triangle" on PS4

In this menu, you will see a list of locked cheats (unless you have previously unlocked them through newspapers, etc.). To unlock cheats, hit:

  • "Left Shift" again on PC
  • "Y" again on Xbox One
  • "Triangle" again on PS4

Type the cheat code you wish to unlock, and you should get a notification informing you that the cheat is unlocked. Once you've unlocked a cheat, simply find it in the menu and select it to activate it or deactivate it. Just remember those restrictions we discussed!

Red Dead Redemption 2 Cheats List — All RDR2 Cheat Codes

There are currently 37 known cheat codes for Red Dead Redemption 2. We've broken them down into groupings to better help you find the codes you're looking for a bit faster. 

Honor and Wanted Level Cheats
Cheat Code Result
Virtue unearned is not virtue Maximum honor
You revel in your disgrace, I see Minimum honor
Balance. All is balance Neutral honor
You want punishment Increase wanted level
You want freedom Decrease wanted level
You want everyone to go away Remove all notoriety
and bounties

Money and Weapons Cheats
Cheat Code Result
Greed is now a virtue Gain $500
A simple life, a beautiful death Grants basic weapon loadout
Greed is American virtue Grants heavy weapon loadout
Death is silence Grants stealth weapon loadout
History is written by fools Grants gunslinger side weapon set
Abundance is the dullest desire Infinite ammo

Stats Cheats
Cheat Code Result
Seek all the bounty of this place Increase your health,
stamina and dead eye meters
You flourish before you die Fill health, stamina, and Dead Eye meters
You seek more than the world offers Fill all meters and fortify all cores
The lucky be strong evermore Infinite stamina
Be greedy only for foresight Infinite Dead Eye
Guide me better Dead Eye Level 1
Make me better Dead Eye Level 2
I shall be better Dead Eye Level 3
I still seek more Dead Eye Level 4
I seek and I find Dead Eye Level 5
A fool on command Become drunk


Travel Cheats
Cheat Code Result
You long for sight and see nothing Remove fog of war
My kingdom is a horse Increase horse bonding level
Better than my dog  Call your horse from any distance
You want something new Spawns a random horse
Run! Run! Run! Spawns a race horse
You want more than you have Spawns a superior horse
You are a beast built for war Spawns a war horse
The best of the old ways Spawns a stagecoach
Would you be happier as a clown? Spawns a circus wagon
Keep your dreams simple Spawns a wagon
Keep your dreams light Spawns a horse-drawn buggy

Unlock Cheats
Cheat Code Result
Share Unlocks all camp upgrades
Vanity. All is vanity Unlock all outfits
Eat of knowledge Unlock all crafting recipes

There you have it: all Red Dead Dead Redemption 2 cheats. Now that you have the RDR2 cheat list, get out there and rob some trains or whatever it is you do in the Wild West! If you need more RDR2 tips and strategies, check out our other Red Dead Redemption 2 guides.

The Outer Worlds: How to Get Ellie As a Companion Mon, 11 Nov 2019 16:37:45 -0500 Gabriel Moss

The Outer Worlds is both every space colonist's nightmare and every RPG fan's newest obsession. In The Outer Worlds, you can find and recruit a cast of six unique weirdos into your crew, but it isn't immediately obvious where to find each companion if you aren’t looking hard enough. In order to unlock Ellie, the snarky medic-turned-pirate who knows her way around the sharp end of a tossball stick, it’s actually quite simple.

How to Find The Outer Worlds Companion Ellie

Once you’ve completed “Comes Now the Power” in Edgewater and found yourself on the Groundbreaker space station, head straight to the Sickbay clinic. Ellie is standing at the front reception desk, engaged in a heated discussion with a nurse.

Speak to Ellie and she’ll explain that she needs help getting to her friend Jessie, who’s sequestered inside and seems to not want to come out. This initiates the quest “Worst Contact”, which points you inside of the facility behind a Restricted Access barrier.

How to Complete “Worst Contact”

In order to complete “Worst Contact” and unlock Ellie as a permanent companion, you’ll need to break into the interior of the Sickbay facility and get Jessie out of hiding. You can sneak in the front door using the Holographic Shroud (found in your Captain’s quarters aboard the Unreliable) or you can slide in through a separate backdoor found near the Rest-N-Go.

Once you meet Jessie, she’ll explain that she’s a career thief in severe debt to Udom Bedford, the same guy who impounded your ship when you first arrived on the Groundbreaker station. He’s apparently sent a hitman after her, and she won’t leave hiding until the hitman is taken care of. Luckily, you won’t actually have to fight anybody here, and you can simply stroll on over to the Halcyon embassy to chat things out with Udom.

There are multiple directions you can take the conversation here, but the easiest and quickest is by having a Persuasion skill of 20, which allows you to convince Udom to cancel the hit and forgive Jessie’s debts by indenturing her to servitude.

Regardless of how you settle this, you'll ultimately return to Jessie and let her know that she’s safe (for the moment). Jessie will meet you back at the front reception area where Ellie was originally found, and Ellie will reward you for completing “Worst Contact” by becoming a party member.

Now that you know how to unlock Ellie in The Outer Worlds, it’s time to get out there and saw some bones. Meanwhile, stick around for more The Outer Worlds guides.

Here are a few to get you started: 

Best Buy Black Friday 2019 Video Game Deals Fri, 08 Nov 2019 15:21:09 -0500 Joshua Broadwell

Following on from Target's early release of its Black Friday ad, Best Buy has made its own ad available, full of video game sales you won't want to miss.

We don't cover tech of movie deals in this piece, instead opting to focus on all of the console and video game deals in the ad. This includes online sales and doorbusters. 

Best Buy Black Friday 2019

This list is based on the preliminary deals Best Buy announced ahead of time, so it's likely to be adjusted and updated as the outlet announces more sales, and it's just Black Friday — no Cyber Monday or weekend deals are included.

We break things down by console and price. We start with console deals (including PSVR) and follow things up with the best deals on games by console. 

Video Game Consoles

Best Buy has some of the same deals on consoles as Target, though Best Buy favors Xbox One for variety and has no free gift cards thrown in.

PlayStation 4

  • PlayStation 4 Slim (1TB), DualShock Wireless Control, and three free games — $199.99. The games shown are listed below.
    • The Last of Us Remastered
    • God of War
    • Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete
  • $100 dollars off any PlayStation VR bundle

Xbox One

  • Xbox One X (1TB) Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Deluxe Edition bundle + free 3-month Xbox Live Gold subscription — $349.99
  • Xbox One S (1TB) All-Digital Console (White), includes Sea of Thieves, Fortnite, and Minecraft — $149.99
  • Xbox One S (1TB) NBA 2K20 bundle — $199.99

Nintendo Switch

Don't get your hopes up for any big Switch discounts this season. It's going to be the same old, same old all around

  • Nintendo Switch w/ Neon Joy-Con and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe bundle — $299.99
  • Select Joy-Con will be on sale for $59.99 ($20 off) 

Best Buy Black Friday Game Deals

Like Target, Best Buy has different sale tiers for different games We break them down by most expensive to least expensive.

PlayStation 4 Games

Games for $27.99

  • FIFA 20
  • Borderlands 3
  • Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

Games for $24.99

  • Judgement
  • Catherine: Full Body
  • Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

Games for $19.99

  • Concrete Genie
  • Plants Vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR
  • Rage 2
  • MediEvil
  • Crash Bandicoot: N.Sane Trilogy

Games for $19.99 or less

  • NieR Automata: Game of the YoRHa Edition — $19.99
  • Dragon Quest XI — $19.99
  • Resident Evil 7 Biohazard: Gold — $19.99
  • Resident Evil 2 — $14.99
  • Kingdom Hearts III — $14.99
  • Marvel's Spider-Man GOTY Edition — $14.99
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops III — $14.99
  • Devil May Cry HD — $12.99

Games for $14.99

  • Devil May Cry 5
  • Yakuza Kiwami 2
  • Shemnue I & II
  • Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition

Games for $9.99

These are basically PS Greatest Hits for 50% off.

  • God of War
  • Horizon: Zero Dawn — Complete Edition
  • The Last of Us Remastered
  • Persona 5
  • Bloodborne
  • Nioh
  • Ratchet and Clank
  • Yakuza 0

Games with various discounts

  • Red Dead Redemption 2 — $24.99
  • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice — $24.99
  • Shenmue III — $34.99
  • Code Vein — $39.99
  • Need for Speed: Heat — $39.99
Xbox One Games

The preview ad is a bit on the confusing side with how it breaks down game categories — namely by blending them together despite separating them by console. Because of that, you can probably count on XB1 equivalents of PS4 games on sale, like Kingdom Hearts III, to be offered at the same price, even if they aren't listed directly.

Games for $29.99 and less

  • Control — $29.99
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 — $29.99
  • NHL 20 Standard Edition — $29.99
  • NBA 2K20 — $27.99
  • Madden NFL 20 — $27.99
  • Gears 5 — $24.99

Games for $19.99

  • World War Z
  • Wolfenstein: Youngblood Edition
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition
  • Sea of Thieves

Games for $14.99

  • Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
  • Tom Clancy's The Division 2
  • Diablo III: Eternal Collection
  • Fallout 4: GOTY Edition
Nintendo Switch Games

Nintendo's official Black Friday announcement lists a number of games that will be listed for $39.99, including Best Buy as a retailer.

  • Super Mario Odyssey
  • Super Mario Party
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  • Octopath Traveler
  • Mario Tennis Aces
  • Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
  • Kirby Star Allies
  • Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus
  • Splatoon 2

Games for $24.99 (including Black Friday 3DS game deals)

  • Diablo III: Eternal Collection
  • Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age
  • Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster
  • Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
  • Overwatch: Legendary Edition
  • Persona Q2: Shadow of the Labyrinth (3DS)
  • Etrian Odyssey Nexus (3DS)

Games for $19.99

  • Crash Bandicoot: N.Sane Trilogy
  • Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair
  • Rocket League Ultimate Edition
  • Lego Harry Potter Collection
  • Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
  • Sid Meier's Civilization VI
  • Killer Queen Black
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Dualist: Link Evolution

Games with various discounts

  • Hollow Knight — $29.99
  • Collection of Mana — $19.99
  • Spyro: Reignited Trilogy — $24.99
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition — $44.99
  • Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon (3DS) — $24.99 each


This is all just from Best Buy's Black Friday preview, so it's possible there will be even more deals as we get closer to the actual day. Make sure to check back with GameSkinny for more Black Friday 2019 deals as they pop up.

And here's the full Best Buy preview ad as well.

Is Gwent Cross Platform? Crossplay and Cross Progression Explained Fri, 08 Nov 2019 13:43:46 -0500 Ty Arthur

With so many different places to play CCGs these days, whether a game is actually crossplatform can make or break any player's decision to jump in. With the recent release of Gwent on iOS, many players are wondering if it's crossplatform or if it features crossplay. 

The answer is both a resounding yes... and a partial no. It depends on what you are really asking about crossplay in The Witcher card game's redesigned standalone version.

Is Gwent Crossplay?

Crossplay matchmaking between any platform and PC is already enabled when you join a game in Gwent. You don't have to do anything special to utilize it.

That means whether you are playing on Xbox One, PS4, or the recently released iOS version, you can hook up in a match with someone playing Gwent on PC via GOG.

Unfortunately, there isn't currently crossplatform play enabled between Xbox One and PS4 players, as Sony and Microsoft aren't ready to play that nice with one another quite yet.

That's all for randomized multiplayer matches, though. Direct matches with someone on your friends list can only take place on the same platform. You can't actively choose to play against a friend on Xbox One if you are playing on PC through GOG, for instance.

Does Gwent Have Cross Progression?

But what about sharing progression between platforms if you like to play Gwent in more than one location?

At the moment, cross progression is only possible between the iOS mobile version and the PC version by signing in with your GOG account. The developers are aware players want more options, though, and the Gwent Reddit community manager recently issued this update:

We know that you want to share progress and purchases on your account on multiple gaming platforms. We want to see this true cross-platform experience coming to Gwent, too! However, while we’re already fully supporting matchmaking between PC and other platforms, support of shared progress and purchases isn’t entirely within our control. We are very happy that it was possible to be achieved between iOS and PC out of the box, but other platforms are a more complicated matter due to the different policies that govern them.

We promise that we are not giving up on the subject of connecting all Gwent players together and enabling unified cross-progression and purchases. We will continue our ongoing conversations with platform-holders to enable Gwent players to easily switch platforms on the go without losing anything.

Looking to jump into the game but not sure of the strategy? Take a look at our Gwent deck building tips and tricks page over here!

FFXIV: The Definitive Level 80 BLM Rotation Guide Fri, 08 Nov 2019 12:53:29 -0500 Yaneki

The Rotation for Black Mages (BLM) in Final Fantasy XIV's newest expansion Shadowbringers has changed a bit with the addition of several new spells, and entirely for the better. If you're looking to learn how to play BLM, this guide will teach you everything you need to know about this deceptively simple job.

Each rotation can be thought of as having two different halves, ice and fire, which well embodies the job itself. Once you know what to do, it gets pretty simple in theory but can be tricky in practice depending on mechanics.

AoE BLM Rotation at 80

We'll be starting with the AoE rotation first, since more often than not in a dungeon or raid you'll be building off this rotation to go into your single target rotation.

Some Black Mages think you should start off the same as your single target rotation. But those BLM are wrong.

The AoE Rotation in Summary:
  1.  Freeze
  2. Enochian
  3.  Thunder IV (and again, every time  Thunder Cloud procs)
  4.  Fire III
  5.  Flare
  6.  Flare
  7.  Foul (If you have Polyglot)
  8. Repeat until mobs are dead
  9.  Transpose (If you have Umbral Fire)
  10.  Umbral Soul (Spam until next pack of mobs or boss is pulled)

To start off with, you'll be targeting the beefiest target in the pack of mobs your tank has pulled and cast Freeze.

This has multiple advantages over casting Blizzard III and into Blizzard IV to gain your Umbral Hearts, the first being time. Freeze Grants you a full stack of Umbral Ice, and one Umbral Heart, which is all you need for the AoE rotation. It's also an AoE spell, so you'll do a bit of damage to everything in the pack.

Next, slap that Enochian. This is the most important part of both BLM rotations, and you will be casting around the idea of keeping this spell up at all times. Not only does the buff grant you 15% bonus Magic Damage, but for every 30s you manage to keep it up, you will be granted one Polyglot, which are used to cast your most powerful spells. It's also required for casting Fire IV or Blizzard IV.

To top off this half of the rotation, you'll be casting Thunder IV. This will hit every single mob in the pack with lightening damage and put a Lightning DoT on them as well.

Each tick from every single DoT has a 10% of granting you Thunder Cloud, which lets you cast Thunder IV again for free. This will also deal the full remaining damage of the Thunder IV DoT on each target it hits.

After finishing that first half of the rotation, you'll switch over to doing your real damage.

Cast Fire III. This will damage your target, remove your stacks of Umbral Ice, and grant you full stacks of Umbral Fire. This empowers all your Fire spells while increasing their MP cost. Then cast Flare, and brace your eyeballs for the bright explosion of fiery goodness hitting every mob in range.

Normally Flare completely depletes your MP. Because we have the Umbral Heart from Freeze, you'll still have 1/3rd of your MP left, which is enough to immediately cast another Flare.

Now that you're without MP, you have two options.

If you have a Polyglot from your Enochian upkeep, cast Foul. This is Flare's bad ass older brother, and essentially does the same thing but is much more powerful. If you can't cast Foul yet, then you'll go back to the start of the rotation and cast Freeze again. This removes your stacks of Umbral Fire, grants you full stacks of Umbral Ice, and will quickly replenish your MP.

After you've finished killing everything in your path, you'll use Tranpose if you have Umbral Fire active to switch to Umbral Ice, then spam Umbral Soul until you get to the next pack of mobs or Boss you need to destroy.

If you feel like showing off, you can cast some of your cooldown spells like Leylines or Swiftcast, but this is 100% not necessary for trash mobs.

Single Target BLM Rotation at 80

BLM's single target rotation often builds off your AoE's rotation, meaning you'll have Enochian active and a full stack of Umbral Ice and Umbral Hearts from using Umbral Soul. You'll thus be able to skip to a certain point in the rotation, but for now we'll be assuming you're starting your rotation fresh, nothing to build off of.

The Single Target Rotation in Summary:
  1.  Swiftcast
  2.  Blizzard III
  3.  Enochian
  4.  Blizzard IV
  5.  Thunder III
  6.  Fire III
  7.  Leylines (Cast whenever available in a safe spot where minimal movement is required)
  8.  Fire IV x3
  9.  Fire
  10.  Fire IV x3
  11.  Despair
  12.  Xenoglossy (If Polyglot is available)
  13. Repeat from Step 2, ignoring Step 3.

Start by casting Swiftcast, then use it to cast Blizzard III, this grants you a full stack of Umbral Ice, which you'll need to proceed quickly.

Next cast Enochian, then follow up with Blizzard IV, which will grant you three stacks of Umbral Hearts. Umbral Hearts are important because they greatly reduce the MP cost of your fire spells.

Finish this half of the rotation by casting Thunder III, which is essentially the single target and more potent version of Thunder IV.

Unlike the AoE rotation however, we will be ignoring all Thunder Cloud procs during single target rotations. You have more important spells to cast and precious little time to cast them without Thunder III hogging up your GCD.

Now we get to the bread and butter of BLM's single target rotation, the fire. This is obviously where a majority of our damage comes from, and it's only gotten better in Shadowbringers. If you're coming in from an AoE rotation and already have full Umbral Ice and Umbral Hearts, you'll start here.

Proceed by casting Fire III, this will remove all Umbral Ice and grant you full stacks of Umbral Fire, but will not consume an Umbral Heart. Now buff yourself by casting Leylines in a safe spot where you won't have to move for a bit to boost your casting speed.

Do not use Triplecast this early in the rotation. This is a common mistake new Black Mages make, throwing down their best cooldowns at once. The problem is, this makes absolutely no sense as the two buffs are completely counter productive and will be partially wasted.

If you have boosted casting speed, why would you need to instant cast? Not only are you wasting the improved casting speed granted by Leylines, you're wasting Triplecast for when you'll need it in crucial movement heavy parts of the fights.

After you've cast Leylines, stand in the circle it creates, and cast Fire IV three times. This consumes your Umbral Hearts, but does not refresh your Umbral Fire. If you don't cast something to keep it up, you'll risk losing your all too important Enochian and fall out of the rotation.

The quickest way to refresh Umbral Fire is by casting Fire (big surprise). If you get the Firestarter proc, you can ignore it or save it for if you need to quickly refresh your Umbral Fire if you've made a mistake.

Follow up by casting Fire IV three more times, then finish it off by casting Despair. This will consume your remaining MP and deal a huge amount of damage, similar to Flare, but it's a single target nuke. If you have a Polyglot, follow Despair by casting Xenoglossy, Despair's angry dad nuke. After this, it's pretty much rinse and repeat.

If at any point you have to move (and you will), you have multiple cooldowns to assist you and immediately resume casting. Swiftcast, Triplecast, Between the Lines, and Aetherial Manipulation will all help with this. As well, Mana Barrier should be used during phases of intense damage or when you have low HP.


Check out our other FFXIV guides here on GameSkinny.

Luigi's Mansion 3 Boo Locations Guide: How to Find All Boos Fri, 08 Nov 2019 09:46:23 -0500 Joshua Broadwell

Uncovering Luigi's Mansion 3 boo locations can be tricky. And knowing how to find all boos isn't as easy as it is in previous games, but only because there aren't as many.

Rather than 50 or so Boos to catch, Luigi's Mansion 3 only has 16. That's one for every floor except the final floor, where Helen Gravely resides.

Here's where all the Boos in Luigi's Mansion 3 are, how to get them, and what you get once you clear them all out.

How to Catch Boos in Luigi's Mansion 3

How you catch boos hasn't changed much since Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. They don't appear on a floor until after you've cleared out the boss ghost.

After uncovering their location(s), shine the Dark Light on them so they can't turn invisible, then use the Polgergust to grab them by the tongue.

What comes next is a bit different. Luigi uses the Slam move to knock the Boos around. Unlike with regular ghosts, though, you get 10 chances to Slam the Boo. So keep mashing "A" until it escapes. Then do it all one more time to cram the Boo in the Poltergust for safe keeping.

If you're not playing with HD Rumble, you won't feel any haptic feedback when you get close to a Boo. If you do miss the cue or just make a mistake, the Boo will fly out of its hiding place and go into a nearby room to hide again. Try it all once more until you catch it.

It seems where a Boo appears on a specific floor isn't the same for each player, so while we've striven for accuracy in pointing out specific rooms, we also recognize when it's likely you could find a Boo in a different area. Additionally, the exact location (i.e., dresser, toilet, trash can) will probably be different for you, even if the room is the same.

Floor B1F Boo: Boosement

This one is lurking in the laundry room. We found it by entering from the right, moving in front of the dresser against the left wall, and interacting with it. Out popped Boosement.

Floor 1F Boo: Gumboo

Gumboo is in the Lobby area. Some found it in the gargoyle near the door, but we also found it hiding in one of the tables near the elevator.

Floor 2F Boo: Booigi

Most people are finding Booigi in the Mezzanine bathrooms, the one with fruit all over the place, although one or two found it hidden away in the Dressing Room table.

Floor 3F Boo: Kungboo

There's a bit more consensus for where Kungboo is; nearly everyone found it in the telephone at the end of the corridor outside the elevator area.

Floor 4F Boo: Boogie

Boogie is in the women's bathroom in front of the stage on the Great Stage floor.

Floor 5F Boo: Booldog

This one varies a bit as well, though the most common location for Booldog is in E.Gadd's room (last one on the right, Room 508).

Floor 6F Boo: Boo-at-Arms

Everyone seems to find Boo-at-Arms in a different location.

Some found it in the area overlooking the Coliseum, some in the room right next to that, and some in the first room with the spike trap; for what it's worth, we found Boo-at-Arms in the room leading to the Coliseum, in a suit of armor.

Floor 7F Boo: Bootanist

The Bootanist is pretty much consistently in the Thorny Bathroom, probably in the tub or the sink.

Floor 8F Boo: Booducer

The Horror Set seems to be the most common place for Booducer on the Paranormal Productions floor, but it could be lurking in any of the four main set areas.

Floor 9F Boo: Boones

Boones is hidden in one of the paintings in the Unnatural History Museum's main exhibit area.

Floor B2F Boo: ComBooster

Down in the Boilerworks' Main Tank area, you'll come across ComBooster in the fridge — probably. Some found it in the nearby valve room outside the elevator.

Floor 10F Boo: AnuBoo

AnuBoo is more than likely in the Scale Chamber of the Tomb Suites floor. If not there, try the Snake Chamber.

Floor 11F Boo: Boofuddler

Head to the Trainer's Room in the Twisted Suites, and you should find Boofuddler in the fridge at the back.

Floor 12F Boo: Booccaneer

This one's up for grabs, really.

We found Booccaneer in the keg on the Beach right when you enter that area, but some found it on the Pirate Ship, and others as far away as in the Grotto Lounge  Fortunately, The Spectral Catch is a pretty small floor, so there aren't that many places to look anyway.

Floor 13F Boo: Boodybuilder

Boodybuilder (yes, that's really it's name), could be in the Yoga Room or it could be hiding out in the Pool Room.

Floor 14F Boo: Boosician

Boosician is more than likely near the elevator. It could be as we found it above, near the trash can. Or it could be in the gift shop nearby or the coatroom (also nearby).

What Do You Get For Catching All the Boos?

That's a good question! And the answer isn't quite as good. Other than the fun of hunting them down and capturing them, you get an attachment for Luigi's flashlight that projects a Boo image onto the wall. Oh well.


That's it for how to catch Boos in Luigi's Mansion 3 and where to find all Boos, but be sure to check out our other Luigi's Mansion 3 guides as well.

GTA Online Guide: All Peyote Plant Locations Fri, 08 Nov 2019 09:36:24 -0500 Sergey_3847

Diamond Casino and Resort update keeps delivering goods in GTA Online. This time players can turn into some of the weirdest animals by eating a new peyote plant. This guide will show you all 76 possible locations of peyote on the map.

The effect of the plant lasts until your character's death, so if you're careful enough, you can last as a shark or a bear  or any other animal for a very long time. If that is something you would like to try, then read on through.

All Peyote Plant Locations in GTA Online 

Click on the map to expand (credit: beeman999)

When you get bored of playing with your human character, you can take a trip to one of the spots indicated on the map above and eat a peyote plant. As a result, your character will transform into a random land or sea creature.

However, don't attempt at collecting all 76 peyote plants, since there is no reward. So it's just for fun.

How to Turn Into a Bigfoot

You can transform your character into a bigfoot by following these steps:

  1. Collect a peyote plant indicated by a blue dot in the center of the city
  2. Wait for the foggy weather
  3. Climb up a mountain
  4. Eat the blue peyote plant between 3 and 8 AM

If you manage to fulfill all these conditions, you will turn into a scary bigfoot. This skin will also last up to the moment of death. Then, it's back to normal again.

Also, transformed characters will be limited to walking on foot only, so if you want to drive a car, you have to get back into your human form.


These were all peyote plant locations in Diamond Casino and Resort update, and for more GTA Online guides, check out the list below:

Mario Kart Tour Guide: Earn a Score of 7,000 With a Driver Wearing Short Sleeves Thu, 07 Nov 2019 15:57:57 -0500 Ty Arthur

In your quest for more grand stars and coins, it's time to start completing the latest wave challenges in Mario Kart Tour, such as to earn a score of 7,000 or higher using a driver wearing short sleeves.

Not entirely sure which racers fit that description or the best tracks to quickly rack up a high score? Below we list out all the short-sleeved drivers and show you exactly where you can earn an extremely high score with very little effort.

Score 7,000 Using A Driver Wearing Short Sleeves

There isn't any shortage of options for this challenge, but some tracks are easier than others.

Cheep Cheep Lagoon is one of the harder tracks to hit 7,000 (unless you get a frenzy), since it's so easy to miss the coins and get hit when the clams close.

One of the easiest methods for completing this challenge is going to Choco Island 2T if you have Baby Rosalina or Wario.

If you don't have either of those drivers, you can wrap up this challenge pretty simply using Baby Peach at Choco Island in the Peach Cup.

Even though she isn't the favored driver for that course, the huge amount of jump boost bars, high number of coins lined up in order, and tight corridors where it's easy to hit an opponent with a banana or shell make it easy to hit 7,000 once you learn the map layout.

Here's the full roster of drivers with short sleeves and their favored courses for hitting a score of 7,000 or higher:

Driver Favored Courses
Baby Peach Cheep Cheep Lagoon 
Baby Daisy Daisy Hills T 
Baby Rosalina  Choco Island 2T
Rainbow Road T 
Peach Mario Circuit 1T
Yoshi Circuit R
Luigi's Mansion R
Koopa Troopa Beach R
Koopa Troopa Beach T 
Vacation Peach Mario Circuit 1R
Mario Circuit 3
Paris Promenade
Paris Promenade R/T
Toad Circuit R
Koopa Troopa Beach
Koopa Troopa Beach T
 Daisy Cheep Cheep Lagoon R
Shy Guy Bazaar R
Daisy Hills
Daisy Hills T 
Wario Choco Island 2T
Kalimari Desert R
Kalimari Desert T 


That's all you need to know about how to earn a score of 7,000 with a driver wearing short sleeves on Mario Kart Tour

We're just getting started on our Paris tour challenge guides, so be sure to bookmark our other Mario Kart Tour tips and tricks and check back soon for more!

Luigi's Mansion 3 All Gems Guide Pt.2: Floors 9F to 15F Thu, 07 Nov 2019 14:35:33 -0500 Joshua Broadwell

If you're wondering how to find all of the gems in Luigi's Mansion 3, you've come to the right place. 

This is part two of our in-depth Luigi's Mansion 3 Gem location guide, covering roughly the game's second half, including B2F. We not only tell your the location of each Gem, but how you can get it and when you can get it. 

If you've stumbled on this Luigi's Mansion 3 guide by accident, don't be afraid. We shine light on the game's first half in our Part 1 Guide: Floors B1F to 8F

Luigi's Mansion 3 All Gems Guide Pt. 2

Luigi's Mansion 3: Unnatural History Museum — 9F Gems

It's easiest to search for all these after you defeat the floor's boss, since you'll need to drag some bones around to get a few of the 9F Gems.

White Gem

Grab a dino bone, and take it to the display case near the elevator. Smash the case to unleash a shiny ghost, and do the usual to get the White Gem.

Red Gem

In the passage left of the elevator, you'll see some pink plants. Flash the Strobulb to activate the light behind the pink plants, then flash it again to open a safe containing the Red Gem.

Green Gem

Get another bone, and swing it into the pterodactyl on display outside the elevator. The Green Gem pops out.

Violet Gem

Smash the display cabinet opposite to where you find the White Gem. Use the Dark Light to make the Gem materialize.

Gold Gem

It's sitting in the open in a display case. If you didn't get this one already, you should have a pretty good idea how to go about acquiring it.

Luigi's Mansion 3: Boilerworks — B2 Gems

Nope, Floor 10 isn't the next floor Luigi has to explore. It's back down to the basement instead, though you won't be able to get all the Gems the first time.

White Gem

This is in the Old Resevoir, but you can't get there until after Floor F12. Head to the brick alcove near the rotating bridge, and hurl a paint can at the wall to scare out a shiny ghost. Introduce it to the Poltergust.

Red Gem

The Red Gem is in the Storage Room on the second level. You'll switch between Luigi and Gooigi to rotate valves and let Gooigi grab the Gem from a chest.

Blue Gem

Head to the Observation area on the second level right outside the central area. Use the Dark Light on the gap between copper pipes in the corridor. Use the Strobulb on the light at the other end of the room to start the coffee maker. Nab the prize once it finishes. 

Green Gem

Venture into Sewer B and, once it's drained, operate the lift by putting one character on the platform and using the other to pull the chain. Then use the Poltergust to get the Gem.

Violet Gem

This is a fun little side excursion. Go to the northern end of the drained sewer, dubbed Sewer C. Use the plunger shot on the small round object you see sticking out of the floor. It reveals a submarine periscope, which Gooigi can travel down. As Gooigi, carry the flaming canister to the stove, and claim the Gem once it appears.

Gold Gem

You can nab this one as you first enter the area. Vacuum the brick wall, and send Gooigi through the pipe you uncover. Go to the right, past the key, into the little hidden doorway, and you'll find the Gold Gem.

Luigi's Mansion 3: Tomb Suites — 10F Gems

White Gem

In the central chamber, pull open the sarcophagus near the eastern door using the plunger shot. It's actually a Russian doll-style tomb, and the White Gem is in the last one.

Red Gem

At the end of the corridor with the elevator, there's a snake statue holding the Red Gem. Use Luigi or Gooigi to pull the tail. Then use the other character to suction the Gem out.

Blue Gem

Go to the Jewel Chamber (north exit from the central chamber) and make your way to the back of the chamber. Destroy the pot on the left (destroy the one on the right while you're at it), and you'll find a cross-shaped item. Fit this into the socket near the Jewel Chamber entrance (on the left), and you'll get the Gem.

Green Gem

Venture to the left/western exit of the Central Chamber, and you'll be in the Scale Chamber. There's something waiting to destroy Luigi in here too, but once you crack the puzzle, suck up the sand in the western part of the room. This reveals a drain, which Gooigi can drop into and recover the Green Gem from a chest.

Violet Gem

This one is buried in the sand in the Pyramid chamber. Line yourself up with the bottom-left corner of the pyramid, and start vacuuming the sandy area between the pyramid and the wall to find it.

Gold Gem

On the other side of the chamber is a stone snake buried in the sand. Excavate it using the Poltergust, then use the Dark Light device to restore its missing bits, and it will vomit forth the Gold Gem out of gratitude. Yay?

Luigi's Mansion 3: Twisted Suites — 11F Gems

White Gem

Finding this one is a puzzle in a puzzle. Make your way to the Suit Bathroom, which is the room in the bottom-left corner of the map. Then vacuum up a set of cards to get access to the Gem. Here's where they are:

  • Beside the bathtub
  • Above the toilet 
  • On the bath mat
  • On the windowsill
  • Standing up at the end of the windowsill
  • On the dresser

Red Gem

This is in the Bladed Bedroom, which is just to the east/right of the Suit Bathroom. Rotate the daggerboard at the back of the room, and you'll get the Gem.

Blue Gem

Go to the Trainer's Room, the northernmost room on the floor's map. There's a piggy bank in here. Break it. 

Green Gem

This one is in the Lounge, the big room north of the elevator. You'll need to split Luigi and Gooigi up. In the right part of the room, use the plunger shot to open the panel on the right side of the stage. Position the other character on the left side of the room. Flash the Strobulb on the panel on the right. You'll need to switch characters to flash the Strobulb again and suction up the Gem.

Violet Gem

In the hall outside the boss room, keep the top hat that falls on Luigi. Go to the right, and put the hat on the statue that's missing a hat to reveal a staircase that takes you to the Violet Gem.

Gold Gem

Go to the Mirror Room's bathroom (easternmost room on the floor), and you'll see a painting in the mirror that isn't on the wall. That's your cue to once again fire up the Dark Light device to make the painting appear to get your Gem.

Luigi's Mansion 3: The Spectral Catch — 12F Gems

White Gem

In the large area outside the elevator, dubbed the Grotto Lounge, head to the bottom left area. Shine your Dark Light on the crate to reveal a pulley. Use it to get the Gem.

Red Gem

Go left on the Beach until you see the mermaid statue. Pelt it with coconuts until it shatters, and you'll get the Red Gem.

Blue Gem

This one requires the Poltergust upgrade E.Gadd gives you during this segment. Use it to pull up the floor in the hall outside the elevator area. You'll bring up a trail leading to an X (of course). Use the "ZL" and "ZR" jump on top of the X to make the Gem appear.

Green Gem and Violet Gem

Defeat the floor's boss, then work your way to the upper left part of the ship. Remove the sheet, and get the treasure map from the barrel. The map takes you to the right side of the beach, where you'll use the Dark Light to reveal a bridge. On the first island this takes you to, vacuum the sand to uncover the Violet Gem. Use the Dark Light to reveal bridges until you get to the island with the treasure, then use it again to make the chest appear, wherein lies the Green Gem.

Gold Gem

Outside the elevator, pick up the giant metal sphere, and launch it at the orbs suspended from the ceiling. The one on the right has the Gold Gem.

Luigi's Mansion 3: Fitness Center — 13F Gems

White Gem

In the Gym Reception area, ring the bell on the desk, then walk away. Go back and ring it again after you hear it respond. A shiny ghost appears. Defeat it per usual, and collect the White Gem.

Red Gem

Stand on the scale in the Weight Room to open a panel in the side of a nearby pillar. Call forth Gooigi and send him to collect it. If you can't see it, check the mirror.

Blue Gem

This one's in the Locker Room. Grab up a boxing glove with the Poltergust, then launch it at the sign under the light near the arrow pointing left.

Green Gem

Clear out the ghosts in the Shower Room and turn the water off. Send Gooigi down the drain and into the pipe on the right to claim the Green Gem.

Violet Gem

Go to the Training Room (far left room on the map) and use the Strobulb to cycle through the radio channels until you get to Channel 3. Three ghosts pop out — two gold ones and a shiny one. Defeat them all to reap your reward, and as always, the Gem is with the shiny one.

Gold Gem

Stand on the big dumbbell design outside the elevator with Luigi and Gooigi to open the trophy case and reveal the Gold Gem.

Luigi's Mansion 3: The Dance Hall — 14F Gems

White Gem

Work your way over to the left-most area with tables in the Dance Floor room, and shine the Dark Light on a spot where a table should be. A shiny ghost pops out with the table, and you know what to do next.

Red Gem

This one's also in the Dance Floor area, and you'll need to get Gooigi out for it. Position Luigi in front of one of the turntables on the wall, and Gooigi in front of the other, then activate both Polgetgusts. You'll ruin the disco ball, but get the Red Gem in return.

Blue Gem

You can't retrieve the Blue Gem until you defeat the floor's boss, and it's also in the main Dance Floor room. Once that's done, position Luigi and Gooigi on the dance floor's two dark tiles to bring up a socket for the Poltergust. Vacuum up the DJ's area to find a doorway leading to the Green Room. Use a Dark Light on the one wig-less mannequin to bring the wig back into reality and earn your Gem.

Green Gem

Go to the Cloakroom in the elevator corridor. It's the area right before the stairs. Suck up every coat in the room to activate a hidden panel, out of which the Green Gem comes sailing.

Violet Gem

This one's right outside the elevators. Spin the turntables like you do for the Red Gem, and it brings the funny section of wall out. Position Luigi or Gooigi under it, then use the "ZR+ZL" jump until you get your Gem.

Gold Gem

Walk on the dark tiles in front of the elevator, without stepping off them, and then stand Luigi and Gooigi on the two new darkened tiles. Repeat the process until you can access the underground vault, and use Gooigi to slip through some bars to grab the Gold Gem.

Luigi's Mansion 3: The Master Suite — 15F Gems

White Gem

Go to the hallway with the Boo statutes. Use the Poltergust to rotate it until the statue's shadow matches the outline on the opposite wall. Then do the same so it matches the Luigi outline that appears afterward. You'll get the White Gem for your troubles.

Red Gem

Head to the Library, and solve the puzzle there so you can move around freely. Then, go through the door on the left, and locate the large brown book. Carry it to the shelf on the upper level that's missing a book, and you'll get the Red Gem.

Blue Gem

In the Master Bathroom, do the usual — turn the water off, send Gooigi down the drain, and work your way along until you get to the Gem.

Green Gem

Position Luigi and Gooigi on the two side tables in the Lounge to reveal the Green Gem.

Violet Gem

Not much to this one: in the upper left corner of the Lounge is a pipe, send Gooigi through, and walk along the pathway to get to the Gem.

Gold Gem

In the Master Bedroom, use the plunger shot on the mannequin in the back right alcove. It turns the floor into a giant, ascending see-saw and activates lasers you need to avoid as well. Put Gooigi on the see-saw, avoid the lasers (duh), and then squeeze through the bars at the top to get the Gold Gem.


Congratulations! You just collected all of the Gems in Luigi's Mansion 3. What do you get for your trouble? The satisfaction of knowing you just collected all 102 Gems in Luigi's Mansion 3.

There's no huge reward or major bonus added to your final score. But on the plus side, you scoured every last corner of the Last Resort and solved all the puzzles — and that's something to be proud of.

For more tips, tricks, and strategies on Luigi's Mansion 3, be sure to head over to our Luigi's Mansion 3 guides hub for more. If you're looking for the gems from the first part of the game, be sure to check out our Gems guide for Floors B1F through 8F.

Luigi's Mansion 3 All Gems Guide Pt.1: Floors B1F to 8F Thu, 07 Nov 2019 14:34:49 -0500 Joshua Broadwell

The original Luigi's Mansion included some hidden gems for you to find, and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon added even more. That game made them collectibles that affected your overall mission rating. Luigi's Mansion 3 goes even further, providing a total of 102 Gems to find, with six on each floor.

You can buy a hint from E.Gadd to find the gems, though these are limited in number. They only show you the general area a Gem is in.

Figuring out gem hiding spots is part of the fun, but sometimes, you just want to go fast. That's why we've put this handy Gem locations guide together. We've put the locations in the order the game compiles the Gems, not necessarily the order you'll find each one on each floor.

You can find the second part of the guide here: Luigi's Mansion 3 All Gems Guide: Floors 9F to 15F.

Luigi's Mansion 3 All Gems Guide Pt.1

Luigi's Mansion 3: B1 Gem Locations

White Gem

The blue car at the back of the garage has a Strobulb sensor. Flash it, and the White Gem appears

Red Gem

You'll need to come back later with Gooigi for this one. To the left of the garage, where the utility area is, switch to Gooigi and squeeze through the iron barrier. Pull open the circuit box, then use the Strobulb. 

Blue Gem

Head to the car where you found the Poltergust. There's a metal grate on the wall to the right. Use the plunger shot to remove it, then use Gooigi to slip through the metal floor grate.

Green Gem

You'll see this one before you can actually get it. It's in one of the washing machines in the laundry room Luigi first falls into. Once you have the plunger shot, come back and use it to open the machine.

Violet Gem

Use the Dark Light device on the painting outside the garage.

Gold Gem

This one's a bit tricky unless you know where to look. Head up the stairs leading to the Lobby, and you'll see the Gold Gem. What you can't see, thanks to the camera angle, is the metal grate right above it. Switch to Gooigi at the top of the stairs, fall through the grate, and grab the Gem.

Luigi's Mansion 3: Grand Lobby — F1 Gems

White Gem

To the left is a sitting area. You'll notice an empty space in front of the window. Shine the Dark Light device there and suck up the orbs that appear to reveal a chaise lounge and a shining blue ghost. Defeat the ghost, and you'll obtain the White Gem.

Red Gem

This one requires the plunger shot too. Head to the table below the large painting on the edge of the foyer, fire a plunger, and pull it back. This activates a gear mechanism that opens the painting, revealing the Red Gem.

Blue Gem

Go up the stairs, turn left, and roll up the carpet. Switch to Gooigi and drop through the floor grate. Move toward the screen, then use "ZL" and "ZR" to do a jump and blast the Blue Gem out of its hiding place.

Green Gem

You'll see this one immediately as you enter the Lobby. It's near the elevator, nestled in the sinister grip of a dead plant. Use the plunger shot to break the pot and obtain the Green Gem.

Violet Gem

Go behind the reception desk, and use the Strobulb on the cabinet in the back.

Gold Gem

Here's another tricky one that's easy to overlook. Near the front doors is a large chandelier, and underneath on the left or right, you may or may not notice two peculiar floor designs. These are switches. Pop Gooigi on one switch and Luigi on the other. Use the Poltergusts to rotate the chandelier and reveal the Gold Gem.

Luigi's Mansion 3: Mezzanine — F2 Gems

Many of these aren't available until you come back after clearing the Shops floor.

White Gem

When you come back to the Mezzanine after clearing the Shops floor, go into the men's bathroom, and open the stall on the right. Pull the newspaper down to reveal another shining ghost, defeat it, and claim your White Gem.

Red Gem

This one involves another chandelier trick, but Luigi can do it himself. Rotate the chandelier in the Ballroom to open the doors on the left. Go inside and pick up the Red Gem.

Blue Gem

After you defeat the chef boss in the Kitchen, go into the freezer. Look to the left, and you'll see a block of ice containing a Gem. Pull it out with the Poltergust, then carry it to the burners in the center of the kitchen to melt the ice.

Green Gem

Go to the Dressing Room (you can get to it the first time around), and pull the coats off the rack to reveal a safe. Use the Strobulb to open it, then claim your prize.

Violet Gem

This one's in the games room. Pull a sword off the wall to the right of the billiards table using the Poltergust, then use "ZL" to launch it at the darts board to reveal the Gem.

Gold Gem

Here's another hidden one. In the little foyer outside the dining room, you'll see a sign. Destroy it with the plunger shot, and summon Gooigi. Use both Poltergusts to rotate the wall fans. It opens the light fixture above to release the Gold Gem.

Luigi's Mansion 3: Hotel Shops — F3 Gems

White Gem

Go up the escalator in the shopping area, then turn right. Open the gate near the greenery using a jump blast, and keep following the path around. It'll take you onto a ledge above the lobby, and you can keep following it until you reach a chest containing coins and the White Gem.

Red Gem

In the Heart shop is a mannequin sitting on a dresser to the left. Pull it with the plunger shot to open a secret passage, then open the chest to obtain the Gem.

Blue Gem

Outside the officer's office is a vending machine. Use the Strobulb on it until the Blue Gem comes out.

Green Gem

Use the Dark Light outside the Diamond shop to reveal a ladder. Climb up, and follow the path to the end. You'll find a chest containing the Green Gem.

Violet Gem

Here's another toilet treasure for you. Go to the men's bathroom on the first level, and use the Dark Light to reveal the floor grate you can see in the mirror.

Send Gooigi on his way under the women's bathroom, turn the valve off to stop the flood above, then go back to the men's restroom. Pull the wall grate off using the plunger shot, and send Gooigi through to obtain the Gem.

Gold Gem

This one is also in the Diamond shop. Use the trunks lying about to smash the glass case at the back containing the Gold Gem. Oops.

Luigi's Mansion 3: The Great Stage — F4 Gems

White Gem

This one is with another shiny ghost. Go to the women's restroom, use the Dark Light to reveal the missing faucets, and capture the ghost.

Red Gem

You can't get this one until you defeat the floor boss. After you do that, go to the dressing room (right side of the stage), and use the Dark Light on the piano.

Blue Gem

Go to the men's bathroom (on the right), and send Gooigi through the metal barrier to pull the toilet flusher. This opens the Boo door, which Luigi can use to get to the snack area. Hold "ZL" to blow the Poltergust on the bottles and open the safe. Snag the Gem (make sure your volume is up for this too).

Green Gem

This is one you can't get until you receive a suction upgrade after Floor 12. Make your way back to the stage, and use the jump on the left side to reveal a socket. You can use the suction upgrade with the socket to rip the back wall off and uncover a ghost orchestra. Suction them or ignore them as you will, because the TV is your goal here. Enter it, follow the path, and obtain the Gem.

Violet Gem

It wouldn't be a music floor if you couldn't make some music. Summon Gooigi next to the horn outside the elevator, and use one Poltergust to blow into the mouthpiece. Use the other to suction the Gem when it comes up.

Gold Gem

Easy: use the Strobulb on the popcorn machine at the far end of the lobby.

Luigi's Mansion 3: RIP Suites — F5 Gems

White Gem

Look through the telescope on E.Gadd's balcony, then defeat the shiny ghost that pops up.

Red Gem

This is in Peach's room, but you'll need Gooigi to use the dual plunger shot and move the sofa. Then use the Dark Light to reveal the room door. Go onto the balcony and head right to find the Red Gem.

Blue Gem

Use the plunger shot to rip the vending machine out of the wall, then go inside. Pull the grate off the back wall to get the Blue Gem.

Green Gem

In the hallway with the sculptures, suck up one of the objects with the Poltergust, then launch it at the fixture between 505 and 506.

Violet Gem

This is in the room under construction, next to E.Gadd's room. Go into the bathroom, go through the opening behind the main area, and clear everything out of your way to get to the Violet Gem.

Gold Gem

Go to Mario's room, and use the plunger shot to remove the trolley so you can enter the bathroom. Send Gooigi under the floor via the grate, and turn the valve with the Poltergust. Then, switch to Luigi and use his Poltergust on the tub faucets. A yellow trunk pops out, and the Gold Gem is inside.

Luigi's Mansion 3: Castle MacFrights — F6 Gems

White Gem

Go to the Coliseum balcony after defeating the boss, and walk along the pathway that has the suits of armor. The one on the left houses the White Gem for this floor.

Red Gem

This one is on Level 3, right inside the castle. Use the Dark Light to reveal the hidden suit of armor, then use the plunger shot to chuck it across the room and get the Red Gem.

Blue Gem

Go to the cellar on Level 2. Use the plunger shot on the barrel on the right, and go through the hidden opening on its right; work your way up the ladder to get the Blue Gem.

Green Gem

On Level 1, in the hallway outside the Coliseum, pull down the tapestry with the Poltergust, and use the Dark Light to reveal a hidden door. You'll enter the Royal Coffers, where you can vacuum up a heap of gold and the Green Gem.

Violet Gem

In the Armory on Level 3, fire a plunger at the funky looking bricks and yank it back to activate a mechanism that raises the wall and reveals the Violet Gem.

Gold Gem

This one is part of the cage puzzle, where you need both characters in the cage room. Use Luigi to blow air at the propeller on the left wall, then use Gooigi to talk through the cage and grab the Gold Gem.

Luigi's Mansion 3: Garden Suites — F7 Gems

White Gem

Go to the Ivy Bathroom on the third level. Uncover the hidden floor grate using the Dark Light device, and send Gooigi down. Use the Dark Light again to bring a pipe section back into existence. Use Luigi to turn the tub faucets, and the White Gem leaks down to Gooigi.

Red Gem

This one is in the Blooming Suite on the second level. Use the plunger shot on the side table to reveal a pipe, send Gooigi on his way, and flash the plant on the other side with the Strobulb.

Blue Gem

The Blue Gem is at the very top in the Atrium. There's a hidden doorway in the back wall on the left. You can use the Poltergust to suck up the leaves and trash to make a pathway to the Blue Gem.

Green Gem

Head to the Mushroom Suite on the fourth level, and work your way to the other side of the bed so you can go under the floor. Send Gooigi through the pipe on the right, and flash the plant with the Strobulb.

Violet Gem

Go to the Blooming Bathroom (not the one with watermelons) on the second level. Vacuum up the leaves to reveal a grate, send Gooigi down the grate, and interact with the pipes to flush the Violet Gem out.

Gold Gem

This one's easy: leave the elevator room on the first level, and use the Dark Light to uncover the Gem beneath a painting at the end of the hall.

Luigi's Mansion 3: Paranormal Productions — 8F Gems

White Gem

On the Fire Set, interact with the bike basket to flush out another shiny ghost; defeat it to get the White Gem.

Red Gem

In the reception area (first room after the elevator), roll the red rug up to reveal a star pattern under the table, and the Red Gem will appear.

Blue Gem

Getting the Blue Gem is a multi-step process. First, go to the Backstage area, and put Luigi on the cherry-picker. Use Gooigi to raise the platform, then use the Poltergust to grab the ice block the Blue Gem is in.

Then, put the block in the TV set that'll transport it to the Fire Set, where you can melt it and finally grab the Gem.

Green Gem

On the Micro Set, use Gooigi to squeeze into the bottle and claim the Green Gem.

Violet Gem

Right outside the elevator is a helicopter. Aim the Poltergust at it and hold "ZR" until a door opens and the Violet Gem pops out.

Gold Gem

In the reception room where you get the Red Gem is a rope next to a big film reel. Pull it with the Poltergust, and the Gold Gem will make itself known.


That's it for the first half of the game's Gems. Hopefully, this guide helped you find all of the Gem locations in this part of the game. Check out part two of our Luigi's Mansion 3 Gem guide here to see the Gem locations for Floors 9F to 15F. 

The Outer Worlds: How to Get SAM Thu, 07 Nov 2019 14:15:25 -0500 Gabriel Moss

If you’ve been playing The Outer Worlds, you know that Obsidian’s newest RPG likes to hide many of its six recruitable companions in sidequests, forcing you to go out and look for them. Robo-cleaner SAM is no exception, literally hiding in a storage closet aboard your ship. 

It’s actually remarkably easy to stumble over the necessary quest steps to unlock SAM while doing other sidequests, so here’s our guide on how to recruit this livewire janitor companion early on in The Outer Worlds.

The Outer Worlds: How to Find SAM

You can find SAM on the top floor of your starship, the Unreliable. He's sitting behind a doorway in the crew quarters. In order to activate the robot, you'll need to complete the quest called "The Cleaning Machine". You can also grab the quest from your terminal in the captain's quarters.

How to Complete "The Cleaning Machine" and Activate SAM

Completing the quest to get SAM is as easy as following the quest chain titled "The Distress Signal" near Roseway, which you'll find if you follow Gladys' instructions in the main quest "Passage to Anywhere".

When you go to pick up the weapon blueprints from the Storage Facility, you'll find an Acid Steeper sitting on one of the shelves nearby. If the plans are on your left, the shelf is on your right. 

With the Acid Steeper in hand, return to SAM on your spaceship and you'll complete the quest, rewarding you with the ability to take your new chromatic companion into your party with you.

What can SAM do?

If SAM is in your party, they grant bonuses to your Intimidate, Hack, and Science skills. They also have these unlockable perks:

  • Bonus Support Intimidate: Adds +10 to your Intimidate skill.
  • Cleaner: Reduces the negative reputation effect of killing members of a faction by 20%.
  • Bad Samaritan: Deal increased damage to automechanicals.


Now that you know how to repair and recruit your very own caustic robo-custodian SAM in The Outer Worlds, it’s time to get out there and clean up the colony. Meanwhile, stick around for more The Outer Worlds guides.

Here are a few to get you started: 

How to Get Bullet Bill in Mario Kart Tour Thu, 07 Nov 2019 14:06:07 -0500 Ty Arthur

The first wave of challenges for the Mario Kart Tour Paris tour just arrived, including such feats as causing opponents to crash a total of 3 times using Bullet Bill. Not quite sure how to get Bullet Bill in Mario Kart Tour? It's a little more difficult to pull than other items, especially if you are used to getting 1st Place in every track.

Luckily, this challenge doesn't have to be done in a single match. Although, it's certainly possible to do all at once if you stay in the back. 

Using Bullet Bill In Mario Kart Tour

Much like with the Mario Kart on console, each item has a different drop rate depending on your position in the race.

You'll never get Bullet Bill while in 1st Place. For the highest chance of pulling Bullet Bill from a Mario Kart Tour item box, stay in either 7th Place or 8th Place

That's harder than you'd think due to the game's auto acceleration, lack of areas to fall off the track, and overall casual-friendly mechanics.

To stay in the back, hug the sides as often as possible without performing a mini turbo boost. Run into obstacles like pipes and goombas, and make sure to hit any bananas the other drivers drop.

Not willing to leave it so much to chance and want to speed up this process? Use any of these three gilders to increase your chances of pulling the item:

  • Bullet Bill Parachute
  • Waluigi Wing
  • Wario Wing

Unfortunately, like all the other gliders, those three are all totally randomized, so you'll have to either pull them from the pipe or save up coins and buy one from the shop.

Note that you'll also get bonus points for a higher score if you use the Bullet Bill Parachute in Yoshi Circuit R, Bowser's Castle 1, or Rainbow Road R tracks.

If you have the favored drivers for those tracks, you maximize your chances of pulling Bullet Bill and getting the highest possible score.

What track and kart did you use to get Bullet Bill? Let us know in the comments below!

We're just getting started on our Paris tour challenge guides, so be sure to bookmark our other Mario Kart Tour tips and tricks and check back soon for more!

Luigi's Mansion 3: How to Play 2-Player Co-Op Multiplayer Thu, 07 Nov 2019 13:43:10 -0500 Sergey_3847

If you're wondering how to play Luigi's Mansion 3 co-op multiplayer but can't find the option, don't worry. The option for the mode is locked behind the game's first mission. The Luigi's Mansion 3 guide below will help you figure out how to play a 2-player co-op with a friend in no time.

It's traditional for Nintendo to hide co-op multiplayer features in their games, but after following a few simple steps below, you will be able to play as Luigi and Gooigi without any problems.

How to Play 2-Player Co-Op in Luigi's Mansion 3

Step 1: Complete the First Mission in Luigi's Mansion 3

Here's a step-by-step walkthrough on how to complete the first mission. This is how you can quickly to unlock co-op and Gooigi.

First, watch the intro cutscene. Then run away from King Boo and follow Polterpup. When you arrive at the locked door on the second floor, find the key behind the front desk. 

Unlock the door and enter. After the cutscene, go to your left and enter another door. Go past the locked metal door. Find another key behind the first door in the hall on your right. 

Direct the light of your flashlight at the mirror, and the key will appear. Go back to the metal door and unlock it. Open the vault using your flashlight. Foloow Professor E. Gadd's instructions. 

Now take the elevator to the underground garage in B1. Defeat the ghost in the garage and go back to the elevator. Activate the E. Gadd hotline in the game's menu, and press the F5 button. 

Follow the marker on the map, and defeat another ghost before going back to E. Gadd in the garage. 

Step 2: Activate 2-Player Co-op

After completing the first mission, you can finally play co-op with a friend. Here's how to do it:

  1. Press the "Plus" button on your controller
  2. Select "Co-op" in the menu
  3. Confirm Co-op game by pressing "A"

Now you can play together either on two different gamepads or by using the two halves of the Nintendo Switch controller.


That's it on how to play 2-player co-op multiplayer in Luigi's Mansion 3, and if you were wondering how to catch the Polterkitty, then head straight to this guide.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Luigi's Mansion 3 guides, including how to find every gem in the game, as well as how to uncover every boo. 

Pokemon GO Looming in the Shadows Guide: Giovanni, Leaders, Mysterious Components Thu, 07 Nov 2019 13:19:58 -0500 Joshua Broadwell

The latest Special Research task for Pokemon GO is Looming in the Shadows, which follows on from the recent quest, A Troubling Situation, that introduced Team GO Rocket. Now you have the chance to take on Giovanni himself. 

Looming in the Shadows is built around Team GO Rocket and ups the challenge by introducing stronger Shadow Pokemon, Team GO Rocket Leaders, and the chance to capture legendary Shadow Pokemon.

This Pokemon Go guide will tell you everything you need to know about Looming in the Shadows, including how to start it, how to complete each quest step, how to get mysterious fragments, and what you need to do to find Giovanni. 

Let's get started. 

Pokemon Go: How to Start Looming in the Shadows

You won't actually see Looming in the Shadows in your Special Research tasks unless you've completed A Troubling Situation. If you haven't done that, go ahead and get it taken care of so you can get started with this latest quest.

Pokemon Go: Looming in the Shadows Quests

Looming in the Shadows is split up into six quests. Each quest has individual tasks to complete. You're rewarded with items for completing each task and the overall step. Here's each one, as well as the tasks you need to do to complete them. 

Looming in the Shadows Step 1

The first step in Looming in the Shadows involves three tasks.

Task Reward
Spin 10 PokeStops 500 XP
Defeat 5 Team GO Rocket Grunts 500 XP
Purify 1 Shadow Pokemon 500 XP

If you don't know how to purify Shadow 'mon, check out our Pokemon Purification guide for more info.

The overall reward for completing Step 1 of Looming in the Shadows is 500 Stardust, 10 PokeBalls, and 10 Razz Berries. You'll need the Razz Berries for catching Shadow Pokemon and eventually catching a legendary Shadow Pokemon.

Looming in the Shadows: Step 2

Step 2 is a bit different because it takes five IRL days to finish.

Task Reward
Spin a PokeStop 5 days in a row 750 XP
Purify 15 Shadow Pokemon 750 XP
Win 5 Raids 750 XP

For tips and tricks on how to win raids, check out our Raid guide for some quick strategies. The overall reward for Step 2 is 1,000 Stardust, 3 Hyper Potions, and 3 Revives.

Looming in the Shadows: Step 3


Task Reward
Use 6 super-effective Charged attacks in Gym battles 1000 XP
Win 3 Great League Trainer battles against another Trainer 1000 XP
Defeat 6 Team GO Rocket Grunts 1000 XP


 The overall reward for completing step 3 is 1,500 Stardust, 15 Great Balls, and 5 Pinap Berries

Looming in the Shadows: Step 4


Task Reward
Defeat Team GO Rocket Leader Arlo 1,250 XP
Defeat Team GO Rocket Leader Cliff 1,250 XP
Defeat Team GO Rocket Leader Sierra 1,250 XP


 The overall reward for clearing step 4 is 2,000 Stardust, 3 Golden Razz Berries, and the Rocket Radar needed to find Giovanni

Looming in the Shadows: Step 5
Task Reward
Find the Team GO Rocket Boss 2,500 Stardust
Battle the Team GO Rocket Boss 1,500 XP
Defeat the Team GO Rocket Boss 3 Wepar Berries

 The overall rewards for completing Step 5 are 3,000 Stardust, 1 Fast TM, and 1 Charged TM.

Looming in the Shadows: Step 6

Everything in Step 6 is listed as complete, and you get a total of:

  • 6,000 XP
  • 3 Max Revives
  • 20 Ultra Balls
  • 3 Rare Candies

Pokemon Go: Team GO Rocket Leader Battles

While you wait for those five days to pass, you can still work your way toward fighting the Team GO Rocket Leaders: Cliff, Sierra, and Arlo.

To do that, you'll need to gather six Mysterious Components so you can form the Rocket Radar. 

How to Get Mysterious Components in Pokemon GO

Gathering up those Mysterious Components is fairly simple. You'll just need to battle Rocket Grunts.

It seems like getting a Mysterious Component drop is random, but on the plus side, defeating Grunts is required for the Special Research, and it gives you a chance to catch (and Purify) Shadow Pokemon.

How to Find Team GO Rocket Leaders

After you gather 6 Mysterious Components, you'll be able to build the Rocket Radar. Use the Rocket Radar to change the map overlay and pinpoint where a GO Rocket Leader is.

PokeStops with a Leader will have the Rocket "R" logo over them, and you'll be able to actually see the Leader as you approach the PokeStop. Leader Hideouts vanish at 10 p.m. and re-appear at 6 a.m. the next day.

You can always roam around and see if there are any other Rocket-invaded PokeStops, though it's not certain right now if the Leaders are locked to individual players until they spawn again the next day.

Keep in mind, however, that you won't be able to collect any more Mysterious Components until you complete a Leader battle and lose your Rocket Radar.

Pokemon Go: Team GO Rocket Leaders Battles

Courtesy of Reddit user u/skewtr, here's what to expect for every Team GO Rocket Leader, including the Shadow Pokemon they'll have. All GO Rocket Leaders have the same starting Pokemon, plus two others that could each be one of three different Shadow Pokemon.

Leaders are like Grunts, but more difficult. Their Pokemon have significantly higher CP values. They also have two Protect Shields that negate your first two charged attacks. Force the Leader to use these Shields on their first Shadow Pokemon, which is always the weakest of the team.

Winning gets you 1,000 Stardust and the following:

  • 2 Revives
  • 2 Max Potions
  • 2 Hyper Potions
  • 2 Max Revive
  • 2 Sinnoh Stones
  • 2 Unova Stones
Leader Cliff Team Lineup and Shadow Pokemon
Battle Position Pokemon
First Shadow Pokemon Meowth
Second Shadow Pokemon Sandslash, Snorlax, Flygon
Third Shadow Pokemon Tyranitar, Infernape, Torterra


Leader Sierra Team Lineup and Shadow Pokemon
Battle Position Pokemon
First Shadow Pokemon Sneasel
Second Shadow Pokemon Hypno, Lapras, Sableye
Third Shadow Pokemon Alakazam, Gardevoir, Houndoom


Leader Arlo Team Lineup and Shadow Pokemon
Battle Position Pokemon
First Shadow Pokemon Scyther
Second Shadow Pokemon Gyrados, Magnezone, Crobat
Third Shadow Pokemon Charizard, Dragonite, Scizor


Pokemon Go: Looming in the Shadows Giovanni Battle

Right now, it doesn't appear that you need to complete the entirety of Looming in the Shadows to challenge Team GO Rocket Leaders. However, it's looking like you will need to complete the quest, defeat all three Leaders, and battle Grunts to get the Super Rocket Radar that lets you track down Giovanni.

Pokemon GO Giovanni Battle

Here's Giovanni's Pokemon GO roster:

Battle Position Pokemon
First Shadow Pokemon Persian
Second Shadow Pokemon Dugtrio, Rhydon, Hippowdon
Third Shadow Pokemon Articuno


Once you defeat Giovanni, you'll get the chance to catch a legendary Shadow Pokemon — the one in his roster.

Right now, only Shadow Articuno is available. However, Battle Position Pokemon First Shadow Pokemon Scyther Second Shadow Pokemon Gyrados, Magnezone, Crobat Third Shadow Pokemon Charizard, Dragonite, Scizor " target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Niantic has said the Giovanni Special Research will renew once per month each month, meaning you can take on the Rocket Boss again next month. Presumably, his lineup will include Shadow Moltres and Shadow Zapdos as well, giving you the chance to catch all three legendary Shadow Pokemon shown off in the event trailer.

For more tips, tricks, and strategies, be sure to check out our other Pokemon Go guides

The Outer Worlds: How to Complete "Passage to Anywhere" Wed, 06 Nov 2019 12:32:58 -0500 Gabriel Moss

One of the earliest quests you’ll run across in The Outer Worlds after completing “Comes Now the Power” and gaining access to the Groundbreaker space station is a quest called “Passage to Anywhere”. This sees you attaining a ‘NavKey’ from a woman named Gladys. The NavKey is a device that allows you to secure safe passage to the town of Stellar Bay on the planet Monarch.

Gladys is also asking for 10,000 bits before she’ll even part with the NavKey, a hefty price for somebody who’s barely just left the tutorial town and set off into the big world. Luckily, there are multiple ways you can handle Gladys and the entire NavKey situation. Here’s our guide on following the four distinct paths to complete the quest “Passage to Anywhere”.

Buy the “Passage to Anywhere” NavKey Out of Pocket

Buying the NavKey out of pocket is almost assuredly impossible at this point in the game given that you haven’t managed to stockpile a ton of bits at any point leading up to “Passage to Anywhere”.

Regardless, Gladys will send you to the settlement of Roseway on Terra-2, which is a great place to finish other quests and earn bits along the way.

To get more bits, be sure to sell as much equipment as you can and complete as many quests as you can. It's possible at this point to get all the bits you need by completing most of the quests on Groundbreaker and in Roseway. 

Acquire Research for Gladys

Gladys will send you to investigate a distress signal from a settlement called Roseway, which is back on Terra-2 (the same planet you were just on if you’re coming straight from Edgewater).

If you haven’t yet gained clearance to leave the Groundbreaker, head on over to the Halcyon Corp headquarters and speak with Udom Bedford to get that fixed up.

When you reach Roseway, you’ll need to collect two distinct pieces of research from the Covert Lab, and another one from the Storage Facility, all associated with the quest “The Distress Signal”.

You don’t need to speak to the corresponding quest givers to claim these pieces of research and bring them back to Gladys, but you should still at least meet Anton Crane in the Comms center and Vaughn Cortes in the nearby luxury apartment complex.

Each piece of research is as easy to find as following a quest marker, but we've shared the primary details below. 

You’ll find Anton’s research on Cassandra O’Malley in the Covert Lab, and you can deal with her however you please. Vaughn’s research, meanwhile, is on a nearby terminal, and you’ll need to either complete or recalibrate his research in order to get it.

You can find the third and final piece of crucial research for “Passage to Anywhere”, a weapon schematic poster, propped up inside of the Storage Facility.

You don’t want to bring any of these pieces of research back to their “rightful” owners. Instead, you want to bring all three of them directly to Gladys, who will essentially pay your efforts back with her NavKey.

Acquire the NavKey Illicitly in The Outer Worlds

In traditional Obsidian fashion, you can always just rob Gladys by snatching the NavKey directly out of her safe.

On that note, you don’t even necessarily need to kill Gladys to get an opportunity to do so. Just pick her safe open (you need 25+ Lockpick skill and five Mag-Picks) and loot the NavKey.

Fly Straight to Monarch

Finally, you can severely shorten the length of “Passage to Anywhere” by flying directly to Monarch as soon as it becomes available. It’s worth adding a warning here: upon landing in the wilderness, you’ll run afoul of a few tough swarms of enemies set several levels above you.

By choosing this path, you skip the NavKey, Roseway, and all of the opportunities you’d have normally squeezed for experience points along the way.

The Outer Worlds: Weapon and Armor Mods Guide Wed, 06 Nov 2019 11:59:02 -0500 Jordan Baranowski

Mods are one of the most effective ways to quickly increase your power level in The Outer Worlds. These little add-ons attach to your weapons and armor, and they can increase various stats or completely change the properties of your equipment.

You can find mods as regular loot drops while exploring the world, or you can purchase them at vending machines or from various shops throughout your adventure. Here are the basics on how to install them and what the various mods you'll find in The Outer Worlds can do.

The Outer Worlds: Mod Basics

There are a few different types of mods in The Outer Worlds, and they aren't all universal. There are mods that attach to ranged weapons, mods that attach to melee weapons, and mods that attach to armor. Even then, there are various mod subcategories.

Ranged weapons have three types of mods:

  1. Magazines
  2. Sights
  3. Barrels

Most weapons will have a few different slots to attach mods. However, they won't always be able to equip each type. Some weapons won't have a place for a sight mod, for example, while others might not have a slot for a magazine mod. 

Melee weapons have two types of mods:

  1. Attack
  2. Grip

Armor has a few different types as well:

  1. Armoring
  2. Gadget
  3. Skill kit
  4. Utility

As with guns, not every melee weapon or armor piece can use every type of mod. Some will work on certain weapons and armor pieces, while some won't. 

The Outer Worlds: How do I Install Mods?

To install mods to your weapons and armor, you'll need to find a workbench. There are plenty of these all over the various locations you'll explore in The Outer Worlds.

There's always one on board your ship, The Unreliable. It's in the cargo bay. Just turn left as soon as you enter the ship, and it is on the left-hand wall, across from Parvati. 

Once you've found a workbench, interact with it and move to the Modify section. You will then be able to choose the piece of equipment you would like to modify, followed by the mods that can be fitted to it.

Remember, not every weapon can use every mod. It isn't a glitch in the game if you don't see some of the things in your inventory!

One last thing before we get to specific mods: once you've installed a mod, it's semi-permanent. You can always install another mod, but you'll lose whatever mod it replaces. Make sure you're adding the right mod to the right equipment, or you'll be wasting inventory!

Ranged Weapon Mods

Barrel Mods
Name Effect
FunTimes Barrel Critical damage +25%
SpeedyMate Barrel Rate of Fire +15%
Sure N' Straight Weapon spread -25% 
weapon sway -80%
Whisper Quiet Muzzler Firing noise -66.6%

Magazine Mods
Name Effect
Mag-2-Melt Changes damage type to corrosion
Mag-2-Power Changes damage type to plasma
Mag-2-Ray Changes damage type to N-ray
Damage -50%
Mag-2-Zap Changes damage type to shock
Mag-Num Magazine size +50%

Sight Mods
Name Effect
Exact-O-Sight Post Armor damage dealt +15%
Extend-O-Sight Weapon range +25%
Gyro Sight Weapon spread -20%
Super Scoper 2000 Changes scope to 6x zoom scope

Melee Weapon Mods

Attack Mods
Name Effect
Mr. Acid Changes damage type to corrosion
Mr. N Changes damage type to N-ray
Mr. Ouch Power attack damage +20%
Mr. Power  Changes damage type to plasma
Mr. Zap Changes damage type to shock

Grip Mods
Name Effect
SpeedGrip Weapon attack speed +15%
SureGrip Weapon durability +25%

Armor Mods

Armoring Mods
Name Effect
Anodized Corrosion armor rating +5
Grounded Shock armor rating +10
Insulated Plasma armor rating +5
Laminated N-ray armor rating +5
Toughened Physical armor rating +3

Gadget Mods
Name Effect
Chrono-Field Aggregator Restores a portion of your Tactical Time
Dilation meter when you land a critical hit
Electro-Charged Surface Shocks enemies who attack you in melee range
Reactive Kinematic Grants you a shield boost and increased health regeneration when your health drops too low
Skeletar-Muscular-Adreno-Stimulator Increases your movement speed
while using Tactical Time Dilation

Skill Kit Mods
Name Effect
Hunter Kit Ranged weapons skill +5
Silver Tongue Kit Dialog skill +5
Leadership skill +10
Tech Kit Tech skills +5
Thug Kit Melee weapon skill +5
Defense skill +10

Utility Mods
Name Effect
Backpack Carrying capacity +20kg
Geographic Scanner Highlight range for interactables +5m
Leaper Injectors Dodge distance +30%
Nightingale Step  Footsteps volume -25%
footstep radius sound -25%

That's all there is to modding your equipment in The Outer Worlds. Go find a workbench and get to it!

Can't get enough of The Outer Worlds? Need some more help with the game? Check out our full review right here, and visit our guides page to help you make the most of your time with the game.

How to Find Hardcore Modes in Call of Duty Modern Warfare Wed, 06 Nov 2019 11:23:26 -0500 John Schutt

Wondering how to find hardcore modes in Call of Duty Modern Warfare? So were we. 

The soft reboot has more game modes than you might think. Not all of them are unlocked at this point, but modes like Hardpoint, Headquarters, and others exist in the game. So do several Hardcore game types, particularly Team Deathmatch and Domination. Trouble is, they aren't immediately apparent in the menus.

This guide will walk you through how to find the Hardcore game modes and give a quick rundown of what's different in Modern Warfare's Hardcore mode.

How to Find Hardcore Game Modes in Call of Duty Modern Warfare

From the main screen, you'll want to open the Filter menu next to the QuickPlay button.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare hardcore mode filter in multiplayer menu.

 This will open the QuickPlay Filter. There isn't any clear way to open or even select a Hardcore match. Instead of a clear menu button allowing you access the mode, you have to change the Selected Category at the top of the menu:

The top selection in the filter menu lets you select hardcore modes.

Once you press the corresponding button, your QuickPlay Filter menu will change completely, showing you all your options for Hardcore.

QuickPlay filter menu showing Modern Warfare's hardcore modes.

That's it. Select the Hardcore game mode(s) of your choice, click QuickPlay, and you'll load into the next available lobby.

What's Changed in Hardcore in Call of Duty Modern Warfare?

There are a lot of changes to the multiplayer experience in Hardcore, but there are several that make a huge difference.

Reduced Health

If you thought you died quickly in core, Hardcore's about to show you a whole new world of pain. Historically, core game modes have your health capped at an even 100. In Hardcore, that's reduced to 33. 

That means one hit from almost any weapon results in a kill from medium distance and closer. SMGs suffer slightly from longer ranges, but the meta weapons  by which I mean the M4A1  are a one-shot from almost any range.

Reduced HUD

There is no minimap, score counter, ammo counter, or red player names. You will have your compass, but that's about it. You can check the score by pulling up the full scoreboard, of course. Just don't count on knowing where your enemies are half the time or if you even have enough bullets to fight.

No Killcams

Wondering where that guy at the edge of the map killed you from?

Keep wondering. 

On death, you'll zoom out above the map, then quickly respawn wherever the game feels like putting you. Your foe still has their hidey-hole, and you've got to reenter the fray.

Embrace the Camp

Because everything is riskier in hardcore, neither you nor your enemies have any incentive to play aggressive. Crouch walking is everywhere, holding sightlines is the power play, and claymores rule the day (even more than usual). You need to check your corners, hold angles of your own, and generally keep a close eye on every direction.

Everybody else is.


That's all you need to know about how to find hardcore modes in Call of Duty Modern Warfare, as well as some tips to help you survive. While you're here, check out our other Call of Duty Modern Warfare articles:

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Screen Tearing Fix Guide Wed, 06 Nov 2019 11:13:19 -0500 Sergey_3847

In general, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has performed well since release. However, that doesn't mean it hasn't run into a few pesky bugs along the way. Increasingly, PC and Xbox One X players have noticed screen tearing during cutscenes and gameplay. 

If you've been affected, there are a few solutions that may work to fix the issue. Undoubtedly, Activision will eventually release an official patch, which should fix the problem once and for all. But until that happens, try out the methods listed below.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Screen Tearing Fixes for PC and Xbox One X

Method 1: Turn on Vsync on PC

If your PC has an Nvidia graphics card, then you can use the Nvidia control panel to turn on Vsync. Though many players usually turn Vsync off to increase FPS, turning it on could fix your screen tearing issue. 

  1. Start Nvidia Control Panel
  2. Go to Manage 3D Settings tab
  3. Select Vertical Sync in the list
  4. Choose Force from drop-down menu

In this case, Vsync it forces your monitor to display the correct amount of frames, and thus, prevent the screen from "tearing." However, you will have to sacrifice higher FPS for a smooth picture.

Be sure to cap your FPS to the refresh rate of your monitor, such as 60fps for a 60Hz monitor. 

Method 2: Change Screen on Xbox One X

The solution for Xbox One X is similar if a bit more complicated. Since there is no option on the console to activate Vsync, the problem can be fixed by connecting your console to a screen that supports at least 120Hz display frequency.

Most modern TVs have a 120 Hz mode. So, in this case, go into your TV's settings and turn it on. Since the default setting is almost always 60 Hz, switching the value to 120 Hz should eliminate screen tearing.

If your TV doesn't support high refresh rate, then wait for a new patch that should enable eliminate the issue. 


That's all you need to know about fixing screen tearing in Modern Warfare. For more Call of Duty: Modern Warfare guides, check out the growing list below:

Red Dead Redemption 2 Crashing on PC: How to Fix It Tue, 05 Nov 2019 17:26:31 -0500 Ty Arthur

Hold up there a minute, pardner. You may have been champing at the bit to finally join a posse and rob your away across the west, but as it turns out, you're all saddled up with nowhere to go! As tends to happen with PC launches, there's been a bunch Red Dead Redemption 2 PC crashing issues riding alongside the game's official Windows launch.

Whether the game immediately crashes, with the Rockstar launcher giving you the "exited unexpectedly" error, or your PC freezes and dumps you to your desktop after starting a new game, there are some potential solutions to your problem.

Though Rockstar has said it is working on patching the PC crashing issues, here are some troubleshooting steps to try out before firing off a support ticket.

How To Fix Red Dead Redemption 2 Crashes on PC

Red Dead Redemption 2 error code following a crash in the Rockstar Launcher.

While waiting on an official patch, Rockstar has revealed there are three main troubleshooting steps that may get you into the game right now.

1. Disable Antivirus

For the time being, disabling your anti-virus seems to be the most sure-fire way to get you past the "Red Dead Redemption 2 exited unexpectedly" error message, especially if you are using Malwarebytes.

2. Update Graphics Drivers

If that doesn't work (or you just aren't willing to go that route), the next step is to update your graphics driver. Brand-new game-ready drivers from NVIDIA and AMD just landed to deal with issues plaguing recent PC game launches, like Modern Warfare and Red Dead Redemption 2.

This can be automatically handled through your GPU software (such as GeForce Experience or Radeon Adrenalin). Or, if you think that software hasn't correctly auto-updated, you can manually download the new video driver updates here:

3. Run as Administrator

Finally, some users have been able to successfully get in by running the game with administrator privileges. Here's how to go about launching the game as an administrator:

  1. Select Settings in the Rockstar launcher
  2. Navigate to Red Dead Redemption 2 under My installed games
  3. Click Open below View Installation Folder
  4. Right-Click Read Dead Redemption 2 and select Properties
  5. Choose Run this Program as an Administrator and Disable Full-Screen Optimization on the Compatibility tab
  6. Click OK and re-launch the game

Unfortunately, even if you get beyond this launcher issue with any of the previous steps, the game may then freeze or crash again as soon as you encounter the menu and cut scenes to start the main campaign.

That half of the issue is a dev-side issue, and you'll need to wait on a patch expected to land later this week if you're still experiencing the crash.

Have you found any other workarounds that we didn't mention? Leave us a comment below and we'll add your method to the list! For more on Red Dead Redemption 2, be sure to check out our Red Dead Redemption 2 guides, all of which still work for the game's PC launch. 

Stay tuned for a review of the game's PC version coming next week, where we compare the game to its console counterpart. 

Pokemon Sword and Shield Version Exclusives Guide Tue, 05 Nov 2019 17:14:55 -0500 Joshua Broadwell

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are almost upon us. As always, each has its own set of exclusive pokemon you can't get in the other version. However, Sword and Shield also have version-exclusive Gyms, with a handful of the eight Major League Gyms tied to specific versions.

Here we have a list of all the known version exclusive pokemon and Gyms. Though an additional list of 10 pokemon and two gyms were allegedly revealed in a leak earlier this week, we've opted not to include those here until The Pokemon Company confirms them. 

With that said, we will update this list as more official information becomes available in the coming days and weeks. 

Sword-Exclusive Pokemon and Shield-Exclusive Pokemon

As of now, there aren't all that many version exclusives. Despite allegedly providing the entire Galar Pokedex, the Sword and Shield leakers haven't provided any further information about version exclusives.

Pokemon Sword Pokemon Shield
Farfetch'd  Ponyta
Sirfetch'd Rapidash
  Gothia  Solosis
  Gothorita  Duosion
  Gothitelle Reuniclus
  Deino  Larvitar
Zweilous Pupitar
Hydreigon  Tyranitar
  Turtonator Drampa
  Jangmo-o  Goomy
Hakamo-o Slig
  Kommo-o  Goodra
  Mawile  Sableye
  Rufflet  Vullaby
  Braviary Mandibuzz
Zacian  Zamazenta


We'll update this list as more information becomes available.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Version Exclusive Gyms

Officially, we know of only two version-exclusive Gyms.

Pokemon Sword
  • Fighting-Type Gym
    • Leader: Bea
Pokemon Shield
  • Ghost-Type Gym
    • Leader: Allister


With Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield releasing worldwide in just over a week, we'll soon know whether more version-exclusive Pokemon will be available in each game and will update accordingly.

Fortunately, regardless of which version you get, you'll be able to take advantage of the new Dynamax feature, which every Pokemon can use, and so far, it's looking like there aren't any version-exclusive Gigantamax Pokemon either.

Don't forget as well that there is a handful of other exclusives out there, but they're tied to previous data and early adoption of the game — and, if it shapes up to be what we're hoping, it won't take much convincing to get this one early.

How to Perform an Execution in Call of Duty Modern Warfare Tue, 05 Nov 2019 10:23:33 -0500 Sergey_3847

Did you know that you can perform an execution to kill any opponent with a single attack in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare? Though you have to be fast to pull off an execution, this guide show you how to do it. 

Executing your enemies is a finishing move that can be done whether you're carrying a knife in your hand or not. However, you'll need to be quiet and stealthy to pull it off. 

How to Perform an Execution in Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Before you can perform an execution, you need to get behind your enemy and get as close as possible. Be as quiet as possible when sneaking up on them. 

When you get very close, press the melee attack button, which is attached to the Right Thumbstick on consoles and the "E" key on PC by default. Hold the melee key until you finish the execution.

During the execution, the camera will pan out to a third-person perspective, showing you all the gory details. 

Tips For Executing Your Enemies

It is often hard to approach an enemy from behind without getting caught in the act. So here are a few important tips on how to improve your execution skills.

  • Watch out for campers, as they are the best targets for executions
  • After you spot the right target, approach slowly using crouch
  • If an enemy manages to detect you, still try to make it work by circling them and getting on their backside
  • If your reaction is fast enough, you'll get a split-second window to perform an execution

Like any other skill in Modern Warfare, this is one that requires a lot of practice. If you want to master this finishing move, do it as often as you can.

Now you know how to perform an execution in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. For more Call of Duty: Modern Warfare guides, see the list below:

How to Increase FPS in Call of Duty Modern Warfare (PC) Tue, 05 Nov 2019 09:56:03 -0500 Sergey_3847

Every Call of Duty: Modern Warfare player wants to run the game at as high a framerate as possible. The difference between 60fps and 30fps in Modern Warfare multiplayer is literally a difference between life and death. This Call of Duty guide will help you set your desired FPS boost on PC through a very delicate graphics settings pattern.

Follow the instructions below to get the highest possible framerate.

How to Increase FPS in Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Step 1: Set Custom Framerate

One of the biggest mistakes that many players do is set their framerate to Unlimited. The problem is that this setting is only good for high-end PCs that can handle this type of setting. But if your machine is not on par with the latest gaming PCs, then it's time to set a custom framerate.

  1. Go to Graphics Settings
  2. Select Custom Framerate Limit
  3. Set Gameplay Limit at 144 max
  4. Set Menu Limit at 60 max
  5. Set Out of Focus Limit at 30 max

These settings will make sure that your graphics card will have enough bandwidth to provide you with a high framerate and at the same time, not burn out by trying to go well above 200 FPS.

For example, if you have a monitor with a 60Hz refresh rate, there's no reason to set your custom framerate above 60fps. 

Step 2: Save Your VRAM

The next step involves saving some of your video memory (VRAM). You can do so by following these steps:

  1. Set Display Mode to Fullscreen
  2. Set Render Resolution to 100
  3. Set V-Sync to Disabled
  4. Set Texture Resolution to Normal
  5. Set Shadow Map Resolution to Normal
  6. Set DirectX Raytracing to Disabled
  7. Set World Motion Blur to Disabled
  8. Set Weapon Motion Blur to Disabled
Step 3: Edit System File

The last thing you want to do is edit a system file that will keep your settings intact and make sure that no updates will reset them.

  1. Go to "/Documents/Call of Duty Modern Warfare/players2/" folder
  2. Edit config.cfg file
  3. Add the following line to it: seta r_dof_enable "0"setcl r_dof_enable "0"
  4. Save and exit the file
  5. Right-click on config.cfg
  6. Set file to Read-only

Now you can play the game and be sure that your settings will be correct.

That's all you need to know about increasing your FPS in Modern Warfare. For more Call of Duty: Modern Warfare guides, check out the growing list below:

When Can I Start Playing Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order? Mon, 04 Nov 2019 17:32:53 -0500 GS_Staff

The release of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is approaching faster than a podracer in the Boonta Eve Classic. That means you might be wondering when you can start playing the game. 

The answer to that is soon, but perhaps not as soon as some other EA games in the past. While Jedi: Fallen Order might be coming to Steam — alongside a handful of other EA titles — it won't be available in EA early access or Origin early access.

You won't be able get your hands on it until release time, no matter how strong you are in the Force. An EA community manager confirmed as much in a recent post in the official Jedi: Fallen Order forums. 

When Can I Start Playing Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order?

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will exit hyperspace at the following times in the United States:

  • East Coast: November 15 at midnight EST
  • West Coast: November 14 at 9 p.m. PST

That means the game will also be available at 11 p.m. CST for those in Central time, and at 10 p.m. MST for those in Mountain time. 

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order follows the story of Jedi Padawan Cal Kestis following Order 66. The game's launch trailer sheds more light on the dark reaches of the Galaxy, showcasing why the single-player Star Wars tale we've all been waiting for has already received dozens of accolades. 

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more on Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order leading up to its release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, including our official review. 

Source: EA

Luigi's Mansion 3: How to Find and Beat Polterkitty Mon, 04 Nov 2019 13:35:52 -0500 Joshua Broadwell

One of Luigi's Mansion 3's biggest attractions is the return of boss ghosts with unique personalities, such as the Portrait Ghosts from the original game. One of the trickiest is Polterkitty, also known as Polter Kitty. The first time you face off against Polterkitty in Luigi's Mansion 3 is roughly halfway through the game, and it's a multi-part fight spanning two floors and some deadly hide-and-seek.

Fear not, though. We've laid out how to beat Polterkitty. Here's what you need to know. 

Polterkitty: Round One

Poor Luigi just wants to collect elevator buttons, but the hotel ghosts have different plans. This time around, it's Polterkitty who steals the elevator button for Floor 9 after you finish the Godzilla-adjacent battle on the Production Floor. From here, you'll need to track Polterkitty down and start the boss fight.

Polterkitty's first location is on Floor 8 (Paranormal Productions), in the Fire Set, under the bench. If you're having trouble finding it, just use the Dark Light function on Luigi's flashlight to uncover its spectral tracks.

Examine the furniture like you would any other object, and out pops Polterkitty, none too happy to see you.

Polterkitty Boss Fight

Polterkitty acts a lot like a Boo. You can't face or attack it directly. Instead, face the other way, and Polterkitty will start to stalk you.

The first phase of the Polterkitty boss fight in Luigi's Mansion 3. Polterkitty stands behind Luigi.

When Polterkitty rears back ready to strike, turn around, charge the Strobulb by holding "A," then release to stun Polterkitty, the same as with other ghosts.

Should you find the timing a bit difficult, you can always position Gooigi behind Luigi, facing Polterkitty, and quickly switch control to Gooigi. Polterkitty doesn't pay Gooigi any attention, so you don't need to worry about him getting harmed.

The ensuing fight plays out the same as with other ghosts as well — latch onto Polterkitty with the Poltergust, pull the opposite direction, Slam, and repeat.

You'll need to do this three times. Each time, you pull off one of Polterkitty's tails, but after the first phase, Polterkitty retreats to the Backstage area and then moves on to Floor 7 after you find it there.

How to Catch Polterkitty on Floor 7

Polterkitty's first hideout on Floor 7 is the Blooming Suite on Floor 7, in the wardrobe. Like before, use the Dark Light if you're having trouble finding it.

After phase two of the Polterkitty boss fight, the spectral feline goes to the Ivy Bathroom on Floor 7. It's lurking in the faucets, and depending on what you did the first time you were here, you might need to repair the pipes under the floor to flush Polterkitty out.

Polterkitty runs straight at a terrified Luigi.

To do that, use Luigi and Gooigi to move the giant watermelon out of the way, then use the Dark Light to uncover a hidden drain on the floor. Send Gooigi into the drain, uncover a vanished pipe beneath the floor with the Dark Light, and turn the taps on with Luigi back above ground.

Polterkitty: Round Two

Polterkitty escapes this fight, and you'll be seeing it again after defeating Johnny Deepend on Floor 13, as Luigi tries to make his way to Floor 14. This time around, though, the Polterkitty fight spans three floors, 13, 12, and 11.

Polterkitty Floor 13

It first hides in the boxing bag in Floor 13's Weight Room. You'll need to use a suction shot to launch one of the boxing gloves into the bag. Afterward, you don't actually fight Polterkitty and are, instead, forced to face off against a horde of ghosts while Polterkitty watches.

After your victory, follow Polterkitty's tracks into the weight room. You'll enter a reception-type area and see Polterkitty dangling from a bar overhead. When it lowers itself, flash it with the Strobulb to start the fight.

Polterkitty Floor 12

Follow Polterkitty down to Floor 12, The Spectral Catch, and trace it to the beach area. After clearing out the enemies already there for convenience, check out the barrel in the middle of the sand. Polterkitty leaps out, and the fight begins again after you successfully flash it with the Strobulb.

Polterkitty hovers above Luigi on a beach within the mansion.

Polterkitty Floor 11

Make your way down to Floor 11 after that and follow Polterkitty to the room with the hats. It's hiding under one of them and runs off to the stage room after you uncover it. Use Luigi's special jump ("ZL"+ "ZR") to lift multiple hats at once.

Polterkitty is in the casket on stage that has swords sticking into it. You'll need to use Luigi and Gooigi to fire a plunger shot at each front panel, then pull them off simultaneously. The fight commences, and at last, you capture Polterkitty and can go up to Floor 14.


It's a lengthy process, but that's all you need to know for how to beat Polterkitty in Luigi's Mansion 3. Be on the lookout for our other Luigi's Mansion 3 guides on GameSkinny in the coming days. 

Warframe: How to Get Kuva Lich Fri, 01 Nov 2019 14:29:45 -0400 Yaneki

Warframe's new update, The Old Blood, brings a host of new features to the game, including the Kuva Lich system. In it, you can inadvertently (or purposefully, as this guide will show) create your very own personal nemesis, a randomly generated Kuva Lich. But first, you need to find a Kuva Larvling. 

Kuva Liches are created when a Kuva Larvling spawns into a 20+ Grineer mission and is killed by the player. While just about any Grineer mission over 20 will do the trick, I've personally found one particular mission to be a pretty sweet spot for generating Kuva Larvling.

How to Find a Kuva Larvling in Warframe

The best place to find a Kuva Larvling in Warframe is on Cassini, Saturn. Since it demands the minimum level requirement, and it's a Capture mission, you can use Cassini, Saturn to complete your mission very quickly if you have a good arsenal.

Kuva Larvling Spawning

Eventually, your screen will shudder, indicating an enemy invasion (e.g. a Stalker, unhappy Faction, or Hunters). Afterward, you'll receive a message from a Kuva Guardian, such as "Test Subject injected. They will rise or die." This message means that a Kuva Larvling has spawned into your mission.

You'll see a red marker that will lead you to the Kuva Larvling. Find the Larvling. What you do from there is up to you.

The Kuva Larvlings are incredibly weak and typically die in one hit, but killing one will create a Kuva Lich, which will become your own personal nemesis and haunt some corner of the Sol System.


That's all you need to know about how to find a Kuva Larvling in Warframe and use it to spawn a Kuva Lich. For more tips, tricks, and strategies, be sure to head over to our Warframe guides

Destiny 2 Guide: Pit of Heresy Dungeon Fri, 01 Nov 2019 11:54:43 -0400 Sergey_3847

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep players now have the chance to enter a new dungeon, called Pit of Heresy. The dungeon is available on the Moon at the Necropolis.

Pit of Heresy is the next level dungeon after The Shattered Throne in the Forsaken expansion, so it is recommended that you embark on this dangerous adventure at least at Level 940.

Below, you will find a complete guide on how to enter this challenge and how to defeat all four encounters with the disciples.

How to Enter Pit of Heresy Dungeon

Getting The Deepening Wake quest from Eris Morn on the moon in Destiny 2.

In order to enter the dungeon, you must first complete "The Deepening Wake" quest for Eris Morn on the Moon.

Here's what you need to do to complete this quest:

  1. Go to Sorrow’s Harbor
  2. Defeat five waves of Nightmares
  3. Kill the final boss
  4. Open a Tier 3+ chest at the Altars of Sorrow
  5. Return to Eris Morn

As a reward, Eris will show you the location of the Pit of Heresy, which will now be marked on your map at Sorrow’s Harbor.

Pit of Heresy Dungeon Walkthrough

Entering the Pit of Heresy dungeon in Destiny 2.

Inside the new dungeon, you will need to defeat three disciples with a special sword. Each area in the dungeon is locked behind three seals. You have probably already guessed that to move to the next segment, you need to break those seals by killing the disciples.

Pit of Heresy: First Area 

As you enter, lookout for a giant symbol floating in the air, which is your entry point into the first area of the dungeon.

Your first real enemy encounter is the Pit Keeper. When defeated, a door will open with three symbols signifying the three disciples you need to defeat.

These three enemies are Wizard, Shrieker, and Knight. However, before attempting to kill these enemies under each of the symbols, you must first kill the Accursed Swordbearer. He is the one who holds the special sword, which is required to kill the disciples.

When you have the sword, remember the three symbols in the area you've unlocked, then search for the three symbols outside. Find the three symbols you've unlocked, and enter those areas to fight each of the disciples.

Use these attacks on the disciples to beat them: 

  • The Knight can be easily killed using a supercharged attack
  • The Wizard should be killed using the heavy attack of the sword
  • The Shrieker, on the other hand, can be killed using blocking, which will deflect their own projectiles back at them

When all three enemies are dead, you will see a giant green beam of light in the center of the pit. Jump down into the arena and kill another Pit Keeper.

Pit of Heresy: Second Area

The way into the next segment of the dungeon will now be open. There, you will see a row of doors across the bridge. But you need to jump down and follow the tunnel under the bridge.

This area can be easily completed by three players since each tunnel leads to one of the three Heretical Knights that drop Void orbs. Three of those will unlock the next area. You can do this in solo mode, but it will take longer.

When you have all three orbs, deliver them to the end of each tunnel and place the orbs under the symbols. After all three symbols are destroyed, you will unlock the next area.

Pit of Heresy: Third Area

In this area, you need to do something similar to the last section: defeat Heretical Knights that drop Void Orbs. But this time, you need six of them to unlock the next and final area.

At the same time, you need to stand on the altar in the center of the area to prevent it from exploding. You can just stand there and kill Heretical Knights, which will try to attack you from different sides, though having more players makes this easier.

Drop the orb under any of the six symbols as soon as you get one. Otherwise, the Curse of Suffering will kill you, which builds up more and more the longer you take to set up the orbs.

When all six symbols are destroyed, the entrance into the final area will be unlocked.

Pit of Heresy: Final Area

The last area is very similar to the first one. You need to fight three Elite Wizards under each of the three symbols. The only difference is that this time, you don't need a sword; just kill them with your favorite weapons.

In the end, you will fight the final boss: Zulmak, Instrument of Torment. At the start of the battle, you can't deal any damage to him, so you need to first defeat the three disciples from the first area that are located on platforms around the central arena.

They can be killed using the special sword, which, once again, you need to acquire from Accursed Swordbearer. As you kill each of the three disciples, they will drop Void orbs, which you need to place in the hives around the central arena.

After you install all three orbs, the arena will start glowing green, which signifies that you can start dealing damage to Zulmak. But you must be quick, or else the green light will disappear and Zulmak will restore his immunity. Then, you will have to start this area over from the beginning.


That's it on how to complete the Destiny 2 Pit of Heresy dungeon. For more Destiny 2 guides, check out the list below:

Fortnite Flaming Rings: Drive a Motorboat Through Flaming Rings Thu, 31 Oct 2019 16:55:11 -0400 Jason Coles

Finding the Fortnite flaming rings can be a pain. They're an important part of this week's challenges though. So it's a pain you're going to have to grin and bear it if you want to complete all of them and continue on your path to the top of the Battle Pass. 

Of course, finding them isn't the whole story here. You actually need to find them and then jump through them in a motorboat. It's all very Avatar, what with combining the elements into something more impressive altogether. 

You actually need to do this three times and through three different Fortnite flaming rings. This can be done across the course of several matches though. That being said, it's easier to keep track of which ones you've done if you can manage to find a good route and get all three done in one go. 

As ever, your best bet for completing this challenge is to head into the Team Rumble mode. The respawning and slightly less chaotic early stages make for the best possible conditions when trying to complete any challenge that isn't simply killing off other players. 

Where are the Fortnite Flaming Rings?

There are several flaming rings dotted around the southern half of the map. The key thing to remember is that they're all above water, and you'll need to make keen use of your boost if you want to hit them.

The most efficient way of doing things is to head to the center of the island and then head south along the river. You'll come across two rings before you find yourself in a lake that has two islands. Head west of this lake and you'll see another one just waiting to be jumped through. 

Of course, you could always find your own way by looking at the map below, but it's always good to have some knowledge in case images aren't working for you. 

Fortnite Flaming Rings map locations in Chapter 2.

Once you've performed this daring stunt three times, you should have completed the challenge. Then you can move on with your life, maybe finish some of the other challenges Fortnite has on offer this week. 

Actually, if you've yet to fight off the Storm King, then you'll find it easy to do with this article right here. Oh, and if you've yet to find the Ghost Town for one of the other Fortnitemares challenges, then we've got the cure-all for your worries in this guide here

From Fortnite flaming rings to an entire Chapter 2 weapons stat sheet, we're constantly updating our Fortnite guides. Be sure to check them out over on our Fortnite guides hub

The Outer Worlds Science Weapon Groundbreaker Location Guide Thu, 31 Oct 2019 14:02:33 -0400 Sergey_3847

This location guide for The Outer Worlds science weapon on the Groundbreaker will show you how to get the Prismatic Hammer, one of the best science melee weapons in the game. 

Luckily, it's easy to get this hammer early in the game if you know how to find it, making you a tad more OP in the game's early stages. Here's where you need to go and what you need to do to get it. 

The Outer Worlds Goundbreaker Science Weapon: Prismatic Hammer Location

The Outer Worlds map showing the location of the Prismatic Hammer science weapon on the Groundbreaker.

As soon as you arrive on the Groundbreaker station (available through Groundbreaker Docking Bays and Promenade fast travel spots) after finishing things up in Edgewater, you will find yourself standing in front of the customs offices. 

Submit to customs, if you haven't already done so, and go through the door to your left. Turn left into a short hall. Then, turn right into aroom with a row of stacked blocks along the wall. Jump on top of the stack and move forward.

At the end, you will see a small hole, which will lead you into a secret hanger with several outlaws. You can easily kill them all without worrying about your reputation.

Loot them all; one of them will have a Repair Hanger Keycard. Use it on the door to your right inside the hanger (refer to the screenshot above). You will find yourself inside a small office with a toaster.

Approach the toaster and interact with it. This will prompt a message that you have acquired a Prismatic Hammer science weapon.

Prismatic Hammer Science Weapon Stats

Here is a complete breakdown of this science weapon's stats:

  • Value: 375
  • Weight: 5.00
  • Damage: 72
  • Damage per second: 76
  • Damage type: Physical
  • Special effect: Knockdown
  • Tinkering cost: 59
  • Mod slots: 0
  • Parts returned: 5(WB), 3(Inv)

That is all you need to know on how to find Goundbreaker science weapon location, and for more The Outer Worlds guides, check out the list below:

Mario Kart Tour Guide: Take Out 5 Traffic Cones Thu, 31 Oct 2019 13:46:11 -0400 Ty Arthur

Driving over traffic cones in a high speed race doesn't seem like it would be that difficult, but if you want to complete the take out 5 traffic cones challenge in Mario Kart Tour, you need to know where to look! 

They aren't found in every level, and tend to be hidden in side corners that are hard to see. Unlike most other obstacles, you actually get points for hitting traffic cones because it counts as an action. You won't get bounced back or slowed down like when running into a goomba or tree.

How To Take Out 5 Traffic Cones In Mario Kart Tour

This challenge is really easy to complete in one particular level.

Traffic cones used to be found in the tunnels of the Neo Bowser City tracks but have been conspicuously absent since the Halloween tour began. 

Now the best place to hit 5 Mario Kart traffic cones in a row is to head to Daisy Hills R in the Morton Cup.

It doesn't matter what driver, kart, or glider you use, as anyone can quickly hit all five in this level.

Immediately after the very first curve in the road (right after the starting line), stay to the far right and you can hit all five cones in one shot.

If you didn't line it up right since you can't actually see the cones before the turn just try again on the second lap and quickly complete this challenge.

Since hitting cones count as an action, make sure to use an item just before or after hitting a series of cones (or do something else like a slipstream or mini-turbo boost) to get a combo for extra points!

Did you complete the challenge in Daisy Hills R or did you find five traffic cones somewhere else? Sound off in the comments below!

Still looking to complete the rest of this week's challenges? 

Be sure to bookmark our other Mario Kart Tour tips and tricks

Borderlands 3 Spooky Heads: How to Get the Scary Halloween Masks Wed, 30 Oct 2019 18:30:35 -0400 GS_Staff

The festivities surrounding Borderlands 3's anniversary event might be dying down, but that doesn't mean there aren't still some treats to be had. Just in time for Halloween, the Spooky Surprise in Borderlands 3 is quadfecta (yes, it's a real word) of spooky heads. Specifically, they're four masks for each of the game's four vault hunters. 

The masks are available between now and November 5 at midnight PST/ 3 a.m. EST. To unlock them, all you have to do is enter the following SHiFT code: 


Borderlands 3 spooky heads Halloween vault hunter masks for Fl4k, Amara, Moze, and Zane

Using the SHiFT code above before the cut-off time on November 5 puts all four masks into your inventory for good. Even if Halloween only comes once a year, you'll have these spooky masks to scare fellow players with all year round. 

Fl4k plays punk-rock Frankenstein while Moze goes Sweet Tooth adjacent with a creepy as hell clown mask straight out of Twisted Metal. Amara becomes an undead Bandido w/deadly hat and Zane gets the coolest transition of all into a heavy-metal werewolf. 

So what are you waiting for? Copy that SHiFT code above and redeem it right now! What better way to spend Halloween night than scaring the hell out of your enemies (and buddies) with these Borderlands 3 spooky heads? 

How to Get the New Mounts in FFXIV 5.1 Wed, 30 Oct 2019 17:21:24 -0400 Yaneki

Final Fantasy XIV's new patch launched yesterday, and it included three new mounts for players to find and earn, each with their own unique challenges. Unlocking new mounts in FFXIV can be kind of a big deal, and these will take some hard work and dedication to get. You won't be soaring through Norvrandt's skies in style immediately.

Most of the new mounts listed below are unlocked through different means  some are easier than others. Each has its own semi-painful grind. However, if you're here for the Morbol mount featured on one of FFXIV's developer streams, that has not yet been released, so you won't find it here.

Forgiven Reticence

FFXIV 5.1 mount Forgiven Reticence

This is more or less the winged, Lion-esque Sin Eater from the game's opening cutscene. It happens to be the first boss in Mt. Gulg, although this version seems a bit tamer. Of the bunch, this mount is one of the more straightforward to get, but try not to laugh.

To start with, you'll need to earn 3,200 Sack of Nuts, a currency which is earned by participating in The Hunt for the Nutsy Clan and by killing Elite Marks in the Shadowbringers Expansion. Previous Hunts and Elite Marks from prior expansions will not award you with any Sack of Nuts, so stick to hunting in Norvrandt.

Once you have all 3,200 Nuts, you'll need to exchange them with a Nut Vendor, either of these will work:

  • Xylle at the Crystarium (9.4, 9.5)
  • Ilfroy in Eulmore (11.0, 10.8) 

Use them to buy the Forgiven Reticence Horn, which is then consumed to unlock the mount for your character.

Portly Porxie

FFXIV 5.1 mount Portly Porxie

Here's a mount that players have been clamoring over, and with good reason. Unfortunately, it will definitely take some time to unlock. In order to purchase the Portly Porxie, you'll have to start the new Pixie Beast Tribe Quests.

You'll first need to beat Titania in the Main Scenario Quests. Completing the quest called "The Wheel Turns." Afterward, you can speak with the Pink Pixie in the Crystarium (13.2, 15.3) and pick up the quest called "Manic Pixie Dream Realm."

You'll need to complete this quest in order to unlock reputation with the Pixie Beast Tribe. After that, you can start doing quests for them. Doing quests for them allows you to earn their new currency, Fae Fancies.

It takes a total of 18 Fae Fancies to purchase the Portly Porxie mount from the Pixie Vendor, located in Il Mheg (12.4, 32.9). You'll need to achieve the second-highest reputation rank for it to become available.

Shadow Gwiber

FFXIV 5.1 mount Shadow Gwiber

Throw together a dragon, a freaking dinosaur, and just the right amount of edge, and you've got this awesome mount. Acquiring it will take top-tier gear, skill, some friends, and a good amount of luck. That alone puts it out of reach for most players.

Shadow Gwiber is unlocked from a rare drop item, the Shadow Gwiber Trumpet, which has a chance to drop from the new Extreme Trial, The Minstrel's Balad: Hades's Elegy.

Speak to the Minstreling Wanderer, in The Crystarium (7.6, 12.5). Queue up, though you'll have to defeat both Hades and the other players' rolls if it drops.

Once you do, however, feel free to fly in style, gloating and making all the other players around you ache with rage and jealousy.

But Wait, There's More!

While you're at it, crafting materials also drop from Hades. They can be used to craft the new Hades Chocobo Barding. These are always styled after the boss. If that's the case, we're dealing with some seriously heavy-duty barding with lots of pointy sharp bits and detail.


That's all you need to know about how to get the new mounts in Final Fantasy XIV 5.1. See more of our FFXIV guides here, and stay tuned for more in the days to come! 

How to Get All FFXIV 5.1's New Housing Items/Furniture Wed, 30 Oct 2019 15:14:19 -0400 Ashley Shankle

Final Fantasy XIV's 5.1 patch may be a real doozey, but for most players, the real draws are the new Nier raid, the expansion of housing wards, and the slew of new furniture available with the patch.

Most of FFXIV's interior furnishings available in 5.1 can be crafted, many of which by Disciples of the Hand of Level 78 or higher. Some others can be purchased from vendors, generally either Housing Merchants or from the Pixie beast tribe vendor.

Presently, I don't know how to get the Golden Ewer, and it seems no one else does, either. How to get the Golden Ewer will be added at a later date.

Furnishing How to Get
Ale Tap Blacksmith Level 72
Allagan Tomestone of Frivolity Sold by Gramsol (100 Bicolor Gemstones)
  Armorer's Stall Armorer Level 78
Baker's Stall Culinarian Level 78
 Basket of Flowers Sold by Tanie in [New] Gridania (11.0, 11.1)
 Bookseller's Stall Alchemy Level 78
 Butcher's Stall Culinarian Level 78
Enchanter's Stall Alchemy Level 78
 Eulmoran Chandelier Goldsmith Level 78
 Eulmoran Inner Wall Goldsmith Level 78
 Eulmoran Marble Flooring Goldsmith Level 78
 Flooring Mat Sold by Housing Merchants
 Florist's Stall Alchemy Level 78
 Fruiterer's Stall Culinarian Level 78
 Golden Ewer [Not yet known]
 Greengrocer's Stall Culinarian Level 78
 Hades Trophy Goldsmith Level 80
 Il Mheg Flower Lamp Sold by Pixie beast tribe vendor
Imitation Long Window Carpenter Level 74
 Indoor Oriental Garden Alchemy Level 80
 Jeweler's Stall Goldsmith Level 78
 Lakeland Chair Carpenter Level 78
 Lakeland Table Carpenter Level 78
 Leather Sofa Leatherworker Level 78
 Log Partition Sold by Housing Merchants
 Macaron Cushion Sold by Pixie beast tribe vendor
 Misplaced Mog Slippers Weaver Level 78
 Necklace Display Stand Goldsmith Level 78
 Oasis Wall-mounted Window Armorer Level 80
 Oriental Chawanmushi Lunch Culinarian Level 78
 Set of Liquor Bottles Sold by Housing Merchants
 Shirt Display Rack Sold by Boutique Vendor at the Gold Saucer
 Stuffed Porxie Sold by Pixie beast tribe vendor
 Tabletop Hat Stand Weaver Level 78
 Weaponsmith's Stall Blacksmith Level 78


How are you enjoying the 5.1 patch? Let us know in the comments below, and check out our other FFXIV guides here on GameSkinny.

Mario Kart Tour Guide: Earn a Score of 7,000 Using a Driver With a Hat Wed, 30 Oct 2019 15:07:14 -0400 Ty Arthur

Looking to earn more grand stars and get a bingo for extra coins in Mario Kart Tour? Your best bet is to complete as many weekly challenges as possible, like earning a score of 7,000 or higher using a driver with a hat.

If you've been around since launch you might remember this challenge showing up a few weeks back, but then it was only 6,000. They've upped the difficulty this time, but with the right driver and track combo it isn't too hard to complete.

Score 7,000+ Using A Driver With A Hat

Using a driver with a hat's favored course is basically required here, as there's not much chance of getting all the way to 7,000 if you can't pull 3 items at a time or have the opportunity to frenzy.

Of course, having the favored gliders and karts helps, too, since you'll get a starting point bonus.

If you got super lucky and pulled Halloween Rosalina from the pipe, then Choco Island 2 is one of the easiest places to complete this challenge.

It's much more likely you are going to need to do this with Baby Mario or Baby Luigi however, and it may take a few tries in their favored courses to get all the way to 7,000.

It is incredibly simple to finish this challenge with Baby Luigi in Daisy Hills T due to the constant jump boosts with coins giving you quick action combos.

Luigi's Mansion R is one of the more difficult maps to utilize here due to the layout. Unless you hit every single coin and manage to avoid all the scuttling trees, its not easy to get an extremely high point total there. 

Here's the full list of drivers with hats, and the favored courses to use so you have the best chance of completing the challenge:

Driver Favored Courses
 Baby Mario Mario Circuit 1T
Waluigi Pinball 
 Baby Luigi Luigi's Mansion R
Daisy Hills T
 Mario Mario Circuit 1
Cheep Cheep Lagoon T
Koopa Troopa Beach
Mario Circuit T
 Luigi Cheep Cheep Lagoon T
Luigi's Mansion
Luigi's Mansion T
Ghost Valley 1 
 Diddy Kong Dino Dino Jungle R
Toad Circuit R
Rock Rock Mountain R
 Wario Choco Island 2T
Kalimari Desert R
Kalimari Desert T 
 Waluigi Waluigi Pinball
Neo Bowser City R 
 Musician Mario Yoshi Circuit R
Waluigi Pinball R
Daisy Hills
New York Minute T
New York Minute R
 Halloween Rosalina Shy Guy Bazaar
Choco Island 2
Luigi's Mansion
Ghost Valley 1
Ghost Valley 1T 



Where did you manage to complete the challenge, and what driver / kart combo did you use? Sound off in the comments below!

Looking to complete the rest of this week's challenges?  Be sure to bookmark our other Mario Kart Tour tips and tricks

Mario Kart Tour Guide: Cause Opponents to Crash 10 Times Using a Driver Wearing a Crown Wed, 30 Oct 2019 12:37:13 -0400 Ty Arthur

The second round of weekly Halloween challenges have arrived for Mario Kart Tour, and that means its time to start figuring out how to do weird things on the track -- like cause opponents to crash 10 times in a single race using a driver wearing a crown.

Thankfully this one has a wider roster of drivers to pick from than some of the other challenges, and its a good bet you've already got a racer wearing a crown in your list.

How To Get 10 Crashes With Driver Wearing A Crown

Unlike a lot of other challenges, this all has to be done in the space of a single track, so you need to plan ahead.

There are two different ways to go about this that we cover below, and here are the drivers that fit the bill for the challenge:

  • Baby Peach
  • Baby Daisy
  • Baby Rosalina
  • Peach
  • Daisy
  • Rosalina
  • King Boo
  • Luigi's Mansion King Boo

It is entirely possible to complete this challenge organically if you land enough Green Shells, Red Shells, and Bananas, but there's two more strategic ways to go about it if you are having trouble.

With either method, make sure to take a glider that increases your chances of pulling crash-causing items rather than a glider that bumps your chances of pulling something like a Mushroom or Coin.

Method 1

For this method, pick a level with a narrow track and sharp corners like Rainbow Road (which is Rosalina's favored course) or Bowser's Castle if you don't have Rosalina.

With this method, don't begin with a rocket start. You want to stay behind all the other cars to increase your chances of getting a good item (like Mega Mushroom, Bullet Bill, or Lightning).

Keep hitting items from the back, then when you luck out and pull a Lightning or Bullet Bill, aim to hit everyone on the course at once. 

Method 2

For the second way to go complete this challenge quickly, take a driver with a crown's favored course so you get three items at once. Try to pick a course with long, open track sections.

Keep hitting item boxes until you get a frenzy, at which point you are extremely likely to get all 10 crashes at once so long as you stay close to the other drivers.

Using Baby Daisy on Daisy Hills T in the Baby Luigi Cup is a great option here, especially since it's part of this week's ranked matches and will help you move up the tiers.

Note that this method may take several tries since you aren't guaranteed to frenzy every race, and you might get a lame frenzy that doesn't help -- like coins or the bubble.

Looking to complete the rest of this week's challenges?  Be sure to bookmark our other Mario Kart Tour tips and tricks

How to Beat Storm King in Fortnite Wed, 30 Oct 2019 11:27:40 -0400 Jason Coles

Fortnite's Fortnitemares Storm King is a mighty foe; it's the kind you would typically find at the end of a massive JRPG or MMO raid instead of within a battle royale game. Nevertheless, here we are. And you're going to need to know how to beat Storm King and render him disabled. 

This is one of the challenges available in the Fortnitemares Limited Time Event. It's technically the last challenge on the list, but you can jump into the fray whenever you feel like it. 

In the strategy guide below, we show you where Storm King is, as well as how to beat him and what to expect from his phases. If you want to see the other challenges in the Fortnitemares event, alongside their rewards, be sure to head over to this guide

Where is Storm King in Fortnite?

There are technically two challenges relating to this demonic being. The first one is to deal a whopping 10,000 damage to his weak points, while the second is to defeat him

You can get involved with this fight by selecting it as a mode from within the battle royale portion of Fortnite. Once you have, simply select play and you'll be joined by three other players in your squad, as well as a bunch of others hoping to best the Storm King. 

You'll be dropped near the center of the map, and you'll actually be fighting the Fortnite Storm King on the small island at the very center. As you glide in, keep an eye out for loot llamas stuck in the trees in the area around the small island and then check the chests that are on the island itself. 

The fight goes through a few different phases, so it's important to know what to do during each one. 

Fortnite map showing the location of The Storm King

How to Beat Storm King in Fortnite

Storm King Phase 1

The first phase that will occur is the Weakpoints phase. This is where you'll have to shoot at glowing spots on the Storm King's body in order to make him vulnerable. 

Once you've destroyed the first weakpoint, crystals will spawn on the map. These will spawn zombies constantly, and it's worth focusing your attention and firepower on them until they're destroyed. Otherwise, you'll get overwhelmed. 

It's worth noting that the zombies are an excellent source of loot. You can get ammo, new guns, healing items, and even the occasional turret by defeating them. So keep that in mind if you're running low on anything at all. 

Storm King Phase 2

Once you've done this three times, you'll have the chance to attack one of the Storm King Horns. If you can destroy it, then you'll be able to move straight onto attacking the second horn. However, it's much more likely that you'll have to go through the weakpoint cycle a few times to destroy both of the Storm King Horns. 

Storm King Phase 3

Once you've done so, you'll be able to destroy the Storm King for real. His entire body will now be vulnerable. You should have been able to collect a turret by this point, so build up some platforms away from other people and lay down the turret.

This will allow you to dole out a huge amount of damage without expending ammo. Just be on the lookout for his directed attacks, as he can wipe you out in one or two hits if he wants to. 

Once you've destroyed him, you'll have accomplished the challenge of killing him, though you may need another round or two to finish the weakpoints challenge. You should have also netted yourself a lot of experience on the way, so congratulations!


That's all you need to know about finding the Storm King in Fortnite, completing the Stork King weakpoints challenge, and defeating the Storm King. For more Fortnite tips, tricks, and strategies, be sure to head over to our Fortnite guides hub

We're currently tweaking old guides with new information, as well as creating brand new content for Fortnite Chapter 2. 

Fortnite Ghost Town Location Guide: How to Find the Haunted House Wed, 30 Oct 2019 10:55:47 -0400 Jason Coles

Trying to find the location of Fortnite's Ghost Town for Halloween's Fortnitemares challenges would be tricky if it wasn't for the excellent resources available to you. One of those excellent resources is us, of course. If you're here, you already know that we want to help you find it and destroy that haunted house furniture. 

Finding the Fortnite Ghost Town is a big part of this year's Fortnitemares Limited Time Event. This is a special one designed to help players get into the right frame of mind for the best holiday of the year; Halloween. Yeah, I said it, the best holiday. Don't @ me. 

Anyway, the challenges this year include a handful of mostly-easy trials, all of which you can see right here.  However, we're focusing on Challenge Number 3 and, specifically, the ghost town. Or, as some call it, the haunted house.  

Fortnite Ghost Town Location (a.k.a. The Haunted House)

The ghost town isn't a named place. Rather, it's a landmark, which can make it a little harder to find than most other challenges. Further, it's not really a town so much as it's a house.

We've marked it on the map below, but if you can't see the map for reasons only known to how the internet works, here's what you need to do:

  1. Head to the northeast of the island 
  2. Go to where the ocean splits the earth into a V
  3. Head to the northernmost point of the left-hand side of the V 
  4. Get spooked by the Ghost Town

Fortnite Ghost Town Location map for Fortnitemares limited time event.

If you need more guidance, it's just to the northwest of Steamy Stacks and can be seen as a little house on top of a hill. It's full of fog machines, gargoyles, and even haunted furniture. This makes it a good place to tick off the first challenge: Destroy haunted household furniture (5x). 

Where to Search a Chest in a Ghost Town

You'll need to search a chest while in the Ghost Town as well, so be sure to check the house thoroughly. You'll usually do well to check the upper floors and even the attic space if you want a sure thing.

Once you've actually opened the chest, then this part of the challenge will be over. It's all with the aim of getting the rather cool Umbrella at the end of the road. Of course, the challenges also net you a host of other rewards, too, so don't miss out on the easy level-ups that they offer. 

Now that you've found the Fortnite Ghost Town (it's more like a Ghost House) you should be getting closer to your goal of finishing off the Fortnitemares challenge set. 


That's all you need to know about finding the Fortnite Ghost Town location in Chapter 2. For more tips, tricks, and strategies, be sure to head over to our Fortnite guides page, which we're currently updating and adding to as more content comes out for Chapter 2. 

How to Find the Haunted Forest in Destiny 2 Wed, 30 Oct 2019 10:36:56 -0400 John Schutt

Every year around Halloween, Destiny 2 celebrates the Festival of the Lost, an event remembering all that Guardians have sacrificed and what they can do in the future. The Festival plays host to an annual, limited-time activity called the Haunted Forest, a spooky, procedurally-generated dungeon run filled with enemies, bosses, and plenty of loot.  

Activating the activity is a simple process, and making it repeatable is simpler still. This guide will show you where to find the Haunted Forest, providing you with a step-by-step walkthrough so you can start collecting the various masks on offer.

How to Find the Haunted Forest in Destiny 2

To begin your journey into the Haunted Forest, go to the Tower. You'll find it festooned with decorations befitting the season. Walk forward a few steps, and you'll meet Eva Levante, your guide to everything Festival of the Lost.

Talk to Eva, and you'll receive some dialog and a quest.

Pick up the quest, and you'll be greeted by Eva's inventory: bounties, event masks, weapons, items, and other goodies. Pick up any/all of the Masquerader's Hood masks, and your next quest will appear.

At this point, all you have to do is open up the map of the Tower. You'll see a new quest icon at the top: this is the location of one way into the Haunted Forest.

All you have to do now is select which version of the Haunted Forest you'd like to attempt. For your first run, I recommend sticking to the default setting, called simply "Haunted Forest." 

This first version of the activity is matchmade, making sure your first run goes as smoothly as possible, provided you don't have other people on to play with.

The "Firewalled Haunted Forest" removes the option for matchmaking, allowing solo or otherwise private runs for you and your friends.

The Activity

Once you've launched into the Haunted Forest, you'll have 15 minutes to clear as many branches as you can by killing enemies and bosses. Nine branches grants you Pinnacle level gear, and enough boss kills nets you a Tier 3 Powerful reward. 

The Reward

After you've completed your first run through the Haunted Forest, return to Eva for your reward: a bag of treats. 

Go ahead and pick up your goody bag, and once you're done perusing Eva's inventory, make a slight right, and you should see a new marker above a blue holographic tree. 

Now you can launch the Haunted Forest either from this tree in the Tower or through the Tower map.

Happy hunting!

While you're here, have a look at more Destiny 2 guides:

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Installing Shaders Error Fix Wed, 30 Oct 2019 10:25:41 -0400 Sergey_3847

The latest installment of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been experiencing issues with its installation process. Many players report that during the first installation, the game sticks at the "installing shaders" step. This guide will give you a few tips on how to fix the "installing shaders" error.

But even if you manage to install the game, the bug can return and pop-up during gameplay, which can be fixed only when Activision releases an official fix to the problem.

Method 1: Restart Installation

Many players whose installation process got stuck at the "installing shaders" stage report that a simple restart of the installation helped.

Here's how you can do it efficiently:

  1. Cancel the installation
  2. Go to launcher
  3. Select Modern Warfare
  4. Click on Options tab
  5. Press Scan and Repair
  6. Install the game

This simple solution should help you go through the "installing shaders" step a second time. Hopefully, you won't get stuck again. 

Method 2: Lower Your Graphics Settings

If the dreaded message pops up during gameplay, you can simply reduce your graphics settings to "Low" or "Medium" for a time being. When Activision releases the actual fix, you can return to your desired settings.

If you don't want to reduce your graphics settings, then you can follow these steps to turn off the message:

  1. Go to Campaign menu
  2. Press "I understand"
  3. Start a story mission
  4. Select Pause Installation
  5. Return to gameplay

This bit doesn't solve the problem; instead, it simply postpones it. But at least you can keep your graphics settings intact. You will also be required to do this every time you play the game before the issue gets fixed by the developer.

For more Call of Duty: Modern Warfare guides, please see the list below:

The Outer Worlds Companions Guide: Locations, Perks, and Bonuses Tue, 29 Oct 2019 17:26:11 -0400 Jordan Baranowski

Companions are a huge part of The Outer Worlds. They boost your stats, shoring up some of your deficiencies. They help you in fights, bringing powerful abilities to the table to help you take down powerful foes. And they chime in on your quests, offering humorous insights while helping you learn more about the different factions you encounter.

There are six total of companions you can recruit in The Outer Worlds, and you can have two in your party with you at any given time. The others will wait aboard your ship. Here is where you find each of them, what you need to do to get them to join you, and what they offer.

Companion: Parvati

the Outer Worlds companion, Parvati

Parvati is likely the first companion to join your party in The Outer Worlds. You will find her as part of the main questline in Edgewater; she will join you temporarily in the "Stranger in a Strange Land" quest and join up with you permanently after you finish the quest.

Parvati's special attack is an AoE blast where she slams her weapon down on the targeted spot. It sends out a blast wave that shocks enemies and knocks them over, stunning them if they are automechanicals.

Stat Bonuses and Unique Perks

If Parvati is in your party, you get increases to your Engineering, Persuade, and Lockpick skills. She also has these unique perks to unlock:

  • Bonus Support Engineering: Adds +10 to your Engineering skill.
  • Mod Finder: 10% higher chance of finding mods in loot.
  • Synchronicity: Grants 25% more Tactical Time Dilation.

Companion: Vicar Max

Vicar Max

You'll also find Max in Edgewater; Parvati even suggests that you go speak with him after you meet her. Speak with Max, and he will send you on a quest called "The Illustrated Manual." Complete it, and he will offer to join you.

Vicar Max's special attack has him study his target before "spiritually enlightening" them with his shotgun. It can knock enemies down and makes the target weaker to special damage like shock and plasma.

Stat Bonuses and Unique Perks

If Vicar Max is in your party, he will grant you increases to your Intimidate, Hack, and Science skills. He also has these perks to unlock:

  • Bonus Support Hack: Grants +10 to your hack skill.
  • Sermon: Adds 20% to combat dialogue effect durations.
  • Mad Max: Increases science weapon damage by 20%.

Companion: Ellie


You'll find Ellie onboard the Groundbreaker. Head to the Medical Bay, and she'll be arguing with the clerk inside. Complete the quest "Worst Contact" and she'll offer to join your team.

Ellie's special attack has her firing several precision attacks on the enemy. This can cause bleeding and disarm your foes.

Stat Bonuses and Unique Perks

If Ellie is in your party, she will grant bonuses to your Lie, Medical, and Engineering skills. She also has these unique perks:

  • Bonus Support Medical: Adds +10 to your Medical stat.
  • First Responder: Medical Inhaler is 20% more effective.
  • CPR: An attack that would cause fatal damage instead heals for 25% of the damage. CPR has a five-minute cooldown.

Companion: Felix


The first people you encounter when you board the Groundbreaker will be arguing. One of these people attacked someone with a tossball stick. That's Felix.

After speaking with them, go through the questline on the Groundbreaker until your ship is released. When you return to your ship to leave, Felix will be standing outside and offer to come aboard.

Felix's special attack causes him to charge his enemies and dropkick them.

Stat Bonuses and Unique Perks

If Felix is in your party, he will grant you a bonus to your Persuade, Sneak, and Lockpick skills. He also has these unique perks:

  • Bonus Support Persuade: Adds +10 to your Persuade skill.
  • Bootlickers!: Increases damage to cowering enemies by 20%.
  • Rebellion: Increases damage to corporate enemies.

Companion: Nyoka


You'll find this hard-drinking merc inside The Yacht Club bar in Monarch. She's too drunk to help you when you first encounter her but will sober up if you complete the quest "Passion Pills". After, she will offer to join you.

Nyoka's special attack has her unleash her machine gun on enemies, decreasing their armor and setting them on fire.

Stat Bonuses and Unique Perks

If Nyoka is in your party, she will grant you a bonus to your Lie, Sneak, and Medical skills. She also has these perks:

  • Bonus Support Lie: Adds +10 to your Lie skill.
  • Hunter: Decreases the radius of your footsteps being heard by 20%.
  • Exterminator: Grants bonus damage against creature enemies.

Companion: SAM

The Outer Worlds companion, SAM

Your robotic janitor, SAM, is found on the top floor of your ship, the Unreliable. He is stuffed in a closet; interact with the automechanical, and you will activate a quest called "The Cleaning Machine." Complete this quest and SAM will join you.

SAM's special attack is an AoE that knocks down and deals acid damage to foes.

Stat Bonuses and Unique Perks

If SAM is in your party, they grant bonuses to your Intimidate, Hack, and Science skills. They also have these unlockable perks:

  • Bonus Support Intimidate: Adds +10 to your Intimidate skill.
  • Cleaner: Reduces the negative reputation effect of killing members of a faction by 20%.
  • Bad Samaritan: Deal increased damage to automechanicals.


There you have it, everything you need to know to recruit all six of the companions available in The Outer Worlds. Bring your companions along to help you hack terminals, talk your way out of trouble, and defeat your enemies! Improve their skills to create an unstoppable team. 

For more tips and tricks on Obsidian's latest, be sure to head over to our guides page for The Outer Worlds

Fortnite Fortnitemares Challenges and Rewards Tue, 29 Oct 2019 16:10:43 -0400 GS_Staff

It's Halloween week, and Fortnite's Fortnitemares seasonal event is now live. As with any weekly update, there are brand new challenges to complete, though these are a lot spookier than the ones we see on a regular basis. 

From destroying haunted furniture to finding scary locales on the Fortnite map and defeating the frightening Storm King, these challenges will send a chill up your spine faster than a bump in the night. 

You'll find two lists below: one has all of the limited event's challenges, while the other has all of the limited event's rewards. Numbers in parentheses denote how many times you have to perform each challenge. Or, in terms of the Storm King, they show how many times you have to hit its weak points. 

Fortnite Fortnitemares Challenges

  • Destroy haunted household furniture (5x)
  • Leap from a Hideout within 20 meters of an opponent (1x)
  • Search a chest in a haunted forest, ghost town, and spooky farm (1x each)
  • Deal damage to Storm King weak points (10,000x)
  • Revive teammates while battling the Storm King (3x)
  • Defeat the Storm King (1x)

Stay tuned for our guide on how to best defeat the Storm King quickly to complete the above challenges. 

Fortnite Fortnitemares Rewards

  • Fortnitemares loading screen: complete all challenges
  • Storm King spray: complete "deal damage to Storm King weak points" challenge
  • Storm King banner token: complete "revive teammates while battling Storm King" challenge
  • New Fortnitemares umbrella: complete "defeat the Storm King" challenge


That's it for this list of Fortnite Fortnitemares challenges and rewards. None of these are too hard to complete, except for maybe defeating the Storm King. Though we're sure you can certainly do that fairly quickly with a group of friends. 

For more on Fortnite Chapter 2, be sure to head over to our Fortnite guides page. We're in the process of tweaking old guides and adding new ones all the time. 

Mario Kart Tour Error 805 Explained Tue, 29 Oct 2019 15:35:00 -0400 Ty Arthur

With hundreds of different devices across the Android and iOS platforms, it's probably not too surprising that major mobile games have their fair share of error codes and connection issues. Looking for Mario Kart Tour Error 805 support? We've scoured reports of this issue across the web to come up with a handful of possible solutions to the problem!

What Is Error Code 805 In Mario Kart Tour?

When experiencing the MKT error code 805 crashing and freezing, you may get any of these error codes on your screen:

  • 805-9056
  • 805-1415
  • 805-0001

It appears these are all connected to issues with your Nintendo account or with update files not installing properly.

At the moment, making a whole new Nintendo account and logging in with the secondary account seems to be the most sure-fire way to make this work. That's an annoying fix if you want to use the same account for all games, but it has the highest success rate at the moment.

If you don't want to go that route, try restarting your phone or tablet and wait 10 minutes to reconnect. If the error code persists, uninstall and reinstall the app, as the latest update probably didn't download correctly.

That means you will have to go through the full installation and extra file download again, but you shouldn't lose your progress since your data (like karts earned or cups unlocked) is linked directly to your Nintendo account.

A handful of players have stated it worked better if they downloaded the app through mobile data rather than through WiFi, indicating this error may be an issue with your router's firewall preventing all game data from being downloaded properly.

Finally, if none of those steps work, its time to hit up Nintendo support and submit a ticket for more individualized help over here.

How to Get FFXIV 5.1's New Nier Raid Gear and What It Looks Like Tue, 29 Oct 2019 14:57:12 -0400 Yaneki

Looking to take a sneak peak that new Final Fantasy XIV Nier raid gear? We've got you covered.

One Reddit User managed to get ahead of the curve and throw up some renders of the new gear in question, and we're more than happy to throw that up here and show you how to find it. First, how to get these beauties.

Obtaining the NieR Raid Gear in FFXIV

In order to obtain any of these and potentially deck your character out as 2B as can be, you'll have to have to:

  • Complete the Shadowbringers main story quest if you haven't already
  • Complete the quest "Word about Komra"
  • Head over to Kholusia and have a chat with our not-so-new friends, the Dwarves
  • Find one Gossipy Dwarf at coordinates (X:12.9 Y:8.7), who should offer you the first Quest in the chain: "A Scandal in Komra"

Completing the Quest Chain from there will unlock the new FFXIV Nier raid, YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse. The gear drops in the YoRHA raid.

Anyway, let's take a look at the full array of items you can get from this raid and slap into some glamours.


Obviously, these are all inspired by Nier: Automata, and some seem to be variations of the same piece, which isn't uncommon for FFXIV's gear designs. Notably there are once again distinctly male and female gear versions, again, not uncommon in the game's design.

If I had to guess, I'd say the first and third images are healing and casting gear for males. Everything else is up in the air and beyond me at the moment, but we're working to keep you updated all today.

Worth noting especially is that a glamour set from the Raid, which gives you 2B's outfit, will also enhance your character's 'assets'. Seen below is the same character from a certain angle while wearing the gear in question.


Check out our other FFXIV Guides, or maybe look back on some Nier: Automata!

FFXIV: When Do Beast Tribe Quests Reset? Tue, 29 Oct 2019 13:38:51 -0400 Ashley Shankle

FFXIV patch 5.1 is officially out, and it is jam-packed with content for just about everyone. DoH changes, the new Nier raid, loads of PvP changes, new social options with the new Fellowship system, additional housing wards, and, of course, the new Pixie beast tribe.

It seems many players haven't done any beast tribe quests in a while since I've seen a few people asking when beast tribe quests reset. Shame on you for forgetting your beastie brethren. Shaaame. Well, no one can blame you really.

Joking aside, the answer to when the beast tribe quests reset isn't surprising at all. The time is the same as, well, just about anything else but the Jumbo Cactpot drawing.

Beast Tribe Reset Time

Time zones are always a pain. Your quest allotments for beast tribe quests reset at midnight in Japan, which equates to:

  • 10 a.m. EDT (November to March)/11 a.m. EDT (March to October)
  • 7 a.m. PDT (November to March)/8 a.m. PDT (March to October)
  • 3 p.m. GMT
  • 4 p.m. CET

This is also when the Mini Cactpot tickets come up, so that's easy enough to keep track of if you find yourself doing your scratchers each day for tiny clumps of MGP.

Patch 5.1 has brought a great deal along with it and the new beast tribe is only a fraction of it. The new Nier raid and gear, which you're sure to slap onto some glamours for one reason or another, is the cherry on top of the whole thing. It is certainly the most anticipated portion of the patch well, maybe not. The new housing wards are a huge deal.

Get out there and take care of those Pixie beast tribe quests, and keep your eyes peeled here on GameSkinny for more Final Fantasy XIV guides.

WoW Classic Herbalism Trainer Locations Tue, 29 Oct 2019 10:43:24 -0400 Ashley Shankle

Gatherers get no respect, no respect at all! Probably. World of Warcraft Classic's economy's in full-swing and gatherers are at the very base of a healthy MMO economy, this one included.

The purpose of this guide is solely to display the locations of each Herbalism trainer in WoW Classic. Unlike crafting professions, gathering professions can be trained up to the maximum tier from any trainer across Azeroth. So yes, those trainers in Elwynn Forest and even Durotar can train you to be a true professional Herbalist.

Herbs are used almost exclusively in Alchemy, though there are some odd-off exceptions.

Most who train in Herbalism tend to pick Alchemy up along with it, as there's not much money to be made in gathering herbs until the higher tiers of the profession. There are plenty of useful potions to be made in the early and mid-levels of Alchemy, however.

Alliance Herbalism Trainer Locations

Trainer Info Map Location
Herbalist Pomeroy
Elwynn Forest
Reyna Stonebranch
(Night Elf)
Firodren Mooncaller
(Night Elf)
Kali Healtouch
Loch Modan
(Night Elf)
Malorne Bladeleaf
(Night Elf)
Cylania Rootstalker
(Night Elf)
Alma Jainrose
Redridge Mountains
Telurinon Moonshadow
(Night Elf)
Brant Jasperbloom
Dustwallow Marsh


Horde Herbalism Trainer Locations

Trainer Info Map Location
 Martha Alliestar
Tirisfal Glades
Komin Winterhoof
Thunder Bluff
Aranea Venomblood
Hillsbrad Foothills
Strangethorn Vale


Neutral Herbalism Trainer Locations

Trainer Info Map Location
Flora Silverwind
Stranglethorn Vale
(Night Elf)



Check out our other guides to WoW Classic, such as our guide covering each race's strengths and weaknesses, weapon trainers, and other profession trainer location guides.

The Outer Worlds Guide: Finding Zoe "A Few Kindred Spirits" Walkthrough Mon, 28 Oct 2019 18:14:21 -0400 Jonathan Moore

There are a lot of sidequests in the early stages of The Outer Worlds. Almost all of them, including "A Few Kindred Spirits" where you're tasked with finding Zoe", show up during the "Now Comes the Power" questline. For this one, you're tasked with bringing a wayward deserter back to the Botanical Lab. As you might suspect, her name is Zoe. 

When you first approach the Botanical Lab on your way to speak with Adelaide, you'll run into a Fallout-adjacent character named Grace. Talk to her for a bit, and she'll tell you about how Zoe's disappeared. 

After accepting the quest, you need to investigate Zoe's house in the Botanical Lab area. Of course, you'll get a waypoint marker for this, so follow that and go inside Zoe's house. Once there, read the two notes on the tables to the left and right of the door. Doing so will update your quest marker. 

Notes on tables in Zoe's House in the Botanical Lab area.

Your destination is the Abandoned Industrial Zone. It's well east of the Botanical Lab and northeast of Edgewater. This area doesn't have a fast travel node, so you'll need to hoof it there on foot. Follow the road leading out of the Botanical Lab and hang a left at the crossroads. 

Be wary of the gang of Marauders about halfway between the Botanical Lab and the Abandoned Industrial Zone. Take them out, then quickly ready for another fight with the Marauders within the zone itself. 

Zoe will be standing out in the open in the middle of the zone. She's impossible to miss. 

Map showing the location of the Abandoned Industrial Zone in The Outer Worlds.

Things get sticky, though, because Zoe doesn't want to go back to the Botanical Lab. Since the Edgewater deserters didn't live up to her ideal of banditry, she's fine making a life amongst the Marauders. You can persuade her to leave if you have a Persuasion Skill of 30, though it's unlikely you do at this point in the game. 

Luckily, there's another way to convince Zoe to return to the fold, so fast travel back to the Botanical Lab. 

Once there, go talk to Grace. She is by the fire with several other NPCs, including Thomas Kemp from "The Frightened Engineer" side quest. While Grace isn't happy with Zoe's decision to stay with the Marauders, she tells you to speak with Stefano, who might have a way to convince Zoe to come back. 

Talk to Stefan at the Botanical Lab

Stefano at the Botanical Lab in the

The good news is that Stefano is standing right next to Grace. Turn right, and there he is. Both Stefano and Zoe have an affinity for a serial called the Masked Marketeer. You must convince Stefano to lend you a copy of the Masked Marketeer, which in turn, will convince Zoe to come back to the Botanical Lab. 

Choose these dialog options to get the item as fast as possible: 

  1. Ask Stefano to tell you more about Zoe
  2. Ask about the surprise he has for Zoe (first option)
  3. Ask him to lend you a copy of the Masked Marketeer
  4. Tell him why you're interested when he says "No"

After exhausting these choices, you can choose to lie to or persuade Stefano, forcing him to fork over the serial. Thankfully, both options only require a skill check of 5 to pass. 

Get the Masked Marketeer and return to Zoe in the Abandoned Industrial Zone. Follow the dialog options, and she'll eventually relent and return to the Botanical Lab. Follow her there and speak with Grace to complete the quest. Here's what you'll get for your troubles: 

  • 5,250 XP
  • Bolter Pistol
  • Deserters reputation increase


That's all you need to know about completing the "Finding Zoe" sidequest in The Outer Worlds. While it's one of the least rewarding early side missions in the game, it's still worth the rewards you get. 

For more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs for The Outer Worlds, be sure to head over to our growing guides page for the game

The Outer Worlds Guide: Illustrated Manual Walkthrough Mon, 28 Oct 2019 17:39:43 -0400 Jonathan Moore

There are quite a few sidequests to be had at the beginning of The Outer Worlds. One of them is called the "Illustrated Manual," and it sees you hunting down a "heretical" manuscript for Edgewater's Vicar Max. 

Almost as soon as you get Parvati as a companion in the early stages of the game, she asks you to visit Vicar Max. He can be found near the Cannery in Edgewater. As with most objectives in The Outer Worlds, a waypoint marker leads you directly to him. 

While speaking to him about the deserters at the Botanical Lab for the "Now Comes the Power" quest, Max will tell you about the text he's after, starting you on the "Illuminated Manual" sidequest. 

How to Find the Illuminated Manual

A map showing the location of The Abandoned Outpost in The Outer Worlds.

You first need to leave Edgewater and go just a tad northeast to The Abandoned Outpost. Unlike some other locations in the Emerald Vale region, where you're going doesn't have a fast travel node. Thankfully, The Abandoned Outpost isn't much of a trek. 

You're looking for the Collector's Domicile. Luckily, there aren't many buildings where you're going. The Collector's Domicile is one of two or three buildings in the area, and it has a big yellow "Cannery" sign above it. 

Take out the Marauders here, then go inside and take a left. Go into a small room to find the waypoint hovering above a note. Read the note to get a new waypoint, which will take you to a cave west of The Abandoned Outpost. 

A map showing the location of the river cave in the Illustrated Manual quest.

You'll find yourself near some transport wreckage in an area aptly called Transport Wreckage. There is a little river in the area, and it goes directly into the cave you need to enter. 

Go inside the cave and hug the right wall. It will quickly open into a little nook full of crates and boxes. Be careful here: there are several purple mines to dispatch before safely entering. 

After taking out the mines, go inside the alcove and hang a right. You will see a big safe. To open it, you will need three lockpicks and a lockpick skill of at least 5. If you have Parvati with you, this should be a cinch since she gives you +9 to lockpicking. 

Open the safe. Grab the Illustrated Manual (the Journal of M. Bakonu) and the items inside the safe. You will get 2,400 XP for nabbing the manual. 

Now, go back to Edgewater and speak with Vicar Max. Though he won't be too happy with what's in the manual, it also allows you to recruit him as a companion. 

Besides that, you'll get 7,200 XP and 1,000 bits for your troubles. Your reputation with Spacer's Choice will also increase. 


That's all you need to know about completing the "Illustrated Manual" quest in The Outer Worlds. Now you're 7,200 XP closer to leveling up and, if you chose to accept Max's offer to join you, one companion stronger. 

For more on tips, tricks, and walkthroughs for The Outer Worlds, be sure to head over to our growing guides page. Stay tuned for our official review of the game in the coming days. 

WoW Classic Enchanting Trainer Locations Mon, 28 Oct 2019 16:48:59 -0400 Ashley Shankle

Enchanting doesn't get a lot of attention in the early levels, but later on, it becomes a valuable part of the World of Warcraft economy. It is a worthy effort for those looking for a slightly more active profession.

Here, we're simply going to go over the locations for each Enchanting trainer in WoW Classic for both Horde and Alliance. I don't touch on the exact title of each trainer NPC, but instead focus on the minimum level to learn the next tier from them.

Prospective Enchanters may be disappointed to hear that the artisan-level NPC they have to speak to in order to level Enchanting above 200 is found in the Uldaman dungeon, rather than out on the field like most others.

Alliance Enchanting Trainer Locations

Trainer Info Map Location
Thonys Pillarstone
Initial Enchanting skill
Alanna Raveneye
Initial Enchanting skill
(Night Elf)
Betty Quin
Initial Enchanting skill
Lalina Summermoon
Initial Enchanting skill
(Night Elf)
Gimble Thistlefuzz
Enchanting 50~
Xylinnia Starshine
Enchanting 50~
(Night Elf)
Lucan Cordell
Enchanting 50~
Kitta Firewind
Enchanting 125~
Elwynn Forest


Horde Enchanting Trainer Locations

Trainer Info Map Location
Vance Undergloom
Initial Enchanting skill
Tirisfal Glades
Initial Enchanting skill
Malcomb Wynn
Initial Enchanting skill
Mot Dawnstrider
Initial Enchanting skill
Thunder Bluff
Teg Dawnstrider
Enchanting 50~
Thunder Bluff
Enchanting 50~
Lavinia Crowe
Enchanting 50~
Enchanting 125~
Stonetalon Mountains


Master Enchanter Location

Unlike most master-level (Level 200+) profession trainers, Annora is found inside a dungeon. She's found in Uldaman, to be precise.

This human can be found in Uldaman, in an offshoot corridor south of the Temple Hall.


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WoW Classic Blacksmithing Trainer Locations Mon, 28 Oct 2019 16:45:22 -0400 Ashley Shankle

Ahh, Blacksmithing. One of World of Warcraft's most popular professions, no matter the expansion, including in WoW Classic.

Blacksmithing is one of the few professions that splits into specialties after Level 200. You can then choose to specialize in either Weaponsmithing or Armorsmithing. This is an important decision, as you cannot go back on your choice unless you unlearn Blacksmithing as a whole and start all over again.

Here, we'll be touching on the locations of each trainer for both Alliance and Horde characters.

The level at which a trainer can train you is listed under their name in each instance. I don't go into "Journeyman" or "Apprentice" or any of that here, since functionally, what matters is the level.

There is one neutral trainer, Brikk Keencraft, who can be found in Booty Bay in Stranglethorn Vale.

Armorsmithing and Weaponsmithing can be picked up at skill Level 200, after having completed the requisite profession quests. After which, you'll be sent on a quest to specialize in one or the other.

Alliance Blacksmithing Trainers

Trainer Info Map Location
Smith Argus
Initial Blacksmithing skill
Elwynn Forest
Tognus Flintfire
Initial Blacksmithing skill
Dun Morogh
Delfrum Flintbeard
Initial Blacksmithing skill
Clarise Gnarltree
Blacksmithing 50~
(Night Elf)
Therum Deepforge
Blacksmithing 50~
Bengus Deepforge
Blacksmithing 125~


Horde Blacksmithing Trainers

Trainer Info Map Location
Initial Blacksmithing skill
Karn Stonehoof
Blacksmithing 50~
Thunder Bluff
James Van Brunt
Blacksmithing 50~
Blacksmithing 50~
Saru Steelfury
Blacksmithing 125~


Neutral Master Blacksmithing Trainer

Trainer Info Map Location
Brikk Keencraft
Blacksmithing 200~
Stranglethorn Vale



That's it for World of Warcraft Classic's Blacksmith trainers, but we have plenty of other WoW Classic guides here on GameSkinny, as well as other profession trainer locations.

The Outer Worlds Guide: "The Frightened Engineer" Walkthrough Mon, 28 Oct 2019 15:53:07 -0400 Jonathan Moore

"The Frightened Engineer" is a side quest in The Outer Worlds. It tasks you with finding three mechanical engineering guides for an aspiring engineer named Thomas Kemp. Once you start the quest, the game automatically marks the location of each volume, though one or two can be somewhat tricky if you don't know where to look. 

You meet Thomas during the quest called "Now Comes the Power." It's one of the main Edgewater quests very early in the game. You can speak with him after you divert the power at the Geothermal Plant. He's sitting around the fire at the edge of the Botanical Lab with a handful of other NPCs. 

In this strategy walkthrough guide, we'll show you where to find the mechanical engineering books, as well as tell you what you'll get for completing "The Frightened Engineer" quest. 

Mechanical Engineering Volume #1: Community Center

Mechanical Engineering book location in the Community Center.

If you've traveled around a bit, there's a chance you've already discovered the Community Center north of Edgewater. Fast travel there and go inside. 

Be wary of the Marauders inside as they'll attack you almost as soon as you enter. Kill them and then go to the right and follow the stairs up to the room overlooking the Community Center entrance. 

Just inside the doorway, you'll see a table to your right with the second mechanical engineering book on it. There is a lamp without a shade standing in front of it. 

You can also come from the left side of the area, and the table will be on your left. 

Mechanical Engineering Volume #2: Edgewater (The Cannery)

Mechanical Engineering book location in the Cannery in Edgewater.

The final mechanical engineering book is relatively easy to nab, too. Fast travel to Edgewater and go inside the cannery plant. Instead of taking the elevator up to Reed Tobson, though, go right and through the door and go straight ahead. 

You'll quickly run into some crates. Turn left to see a ladder. Take the ladder up and go through the doorway to your front and left. The third engineering tome is on a set of drawers along the right wall. 

Mechanical Engineering Volume #3: Geothermal Plant

Mechanical Engineering book location in the Geothermal Plant; The Outer Worlds Frightened Engineer quest

You should have already gained access to the Geothermal Plant at this point. If not, then something weird is going on with your copy of The Outer Worlds, and you should seek help. 

Return to the Geothermal Plant and go to the repair bay; it's the one with the big, fiery core in it with ladders leading downward. Chester Higgins is at the bottom. 

Climb all the way down to Chester and look along the right-hand wall, past Chester and his chessboard. Volume 3 is on the floor against the wall.

It's easy to miss the first time you're here, but not so much with a big, green waypoint marker sitting on top of it. 

Now, fast travel back to the Botanical Lab and speak with Thomas Kemp. Unfortunately, you have to give him each book individually, which takes a little bit of time. Here's what you'll get for your troubles: 

  • Book 1: 300 bits, reputation increase
  • Book 2: 500 bits, reputation increase
  • Book 3: 7,000 XP, reputation increase, Electro Charged Surface mod


That's all you need to know about completing "The Frightened Engineer" in The Outer Worlds. Now you know exactly where to go to get the engineering books faster and without all the hassle. For more tips and tricks for The Outer Worlds, be sure to head over to our guides page for the game

The Outer Worlds: "Die Robot" Automaton Logic Core Location Guide Mon, 28 Oct 2019 13:40:39 -0400 Jonathan Moore

When you're working on getting gravesite fees during the quest "A Small Grave Matter" in The Outer Worlds, you'll be tasked with getting payments from Ludwig at the landing pad. Once you start talking to him, though, he'll have a few tasks for you to complete after handing over his Bits. This begins the "Die Robot" quest, and one of the tasks will be to retrieve an automaton logic core.

Most of this quest is relatively straightforward. Follow directions and complete objectives. It's all standard stuff. However, getting the logic core can be somewhat of a mystery. The walkthrough guide below won't take you through the "Die Robot" quest. Instead, it will focus on telling you how to get this specific item to complete the quest. 

How to Get the Automation Logic Core During "Die Robot" in The Outer Worlds

Terminal in the Geothermal Plan in The Outer Worlds that gives you the Security Chief's location

Go ahead and fast travel to the Geothermal Plant. If you haven't been to the Geothermal Plant yet, simply work your way through the quest "Now Comes the Power", which you get by talking to Reed Tobson in Edgewater. You will come to the Geothermal Plant relatively early in that quest. 

Once at the Geothermal Plant, go in through the main door. Once inside, there will be a downward staircase right in front of you. Go down that. 

There are some lockers on your left, as well as two doors. One is locked, and one is not. Of course, the automaton logic core is in the locked room. If you have a hacking skill of 30, you can hack the door and grab the core. Though, you most likely won't have a skill that high this early in the game. 

If you don't, go into the room directly behind you. It's the one with the computer terminal. Access the terminal and read all of the messages. Once you do, the quest will update. You will now need to find an access card. 

How to Get the Security Chief's Access Card

The dead Security Chief

Exit the room with the terminal and turn left. Go through the door and turn right. Go down the ramp to your left. At the bottom, go through the door on the right and go left. 

Go all the way to the end of the room and turn left. Go up the stairs to the room overlooking the one you're in now. Turn left at the top of the stairs to see an overturned table. 

The map marker will point at something behind the table. That something is the dead Security Chief. Interact with their body and grab the access card. Be sure to pick up the light machine gun as well. 

Now, go back to the locked door near the beginning of the Geothermal Plant. 

The room in the Geothermal Plant with the automaton logic core.

Open the door and grab the automaton logic core off of the shelf directly in front of you, which will give you a nice 2,142 XP. There are, of course, other worthwhile items in the room as well. Grab them all, exit the Geothermal Plant, and fast travel back to the Edgewater Landing Pad. 

Speak with Ludwig and give him the logic core. He will reward you with 500 bits and a Shock Stick. You will also receive 14,290 XP for completing the quest. 


That's all you need to know about getting the automaton logic core in The Outer Worlds during the "Die Robot" sidequest. For more on The Outer Worlds, be sure to head over to our growing guides page

The Outer Worlds Shrink Ray: Where to Find It Mon, 28 Oct 2019 11:32:31 -0400 Gabriel Moss

If you've gotten a chance to sink your teeth into The Outer Worlds, it's possible that you missed out on grabbing one of the most idiosyncratic weapons in this brave new world: the Shrink Ray.

It does precisely what it sounds like it does, and it is available to snatch up as soon as you restore power to your spaceship, the Unreliable. This comes after you finish diverting the power in the quest "Comes Now the Power", and you're able to pick up the power regulator. 

What is the Shrink Ray in The Outer Worlds and What Does It Do?

The Shrink Ray is an experimental weapon devised by the enigmatic outlaw, mad scientist, and caffenoid junkie extraordinaire, Phineas Welles. As the name suggests, you can use it to shrink things.

In the case of The Outer Worlds, the ‘things’ you’ll be shrinking are enemies and non-partied NPCs, so don’t think you can simply shrink Felix down a size or two while he’s in your party.

The Outer Worlds’ Shrink Ray also comes in the form of a handgun. You’ll want to have your Handgun skill leveled up in order to get better handling out of the Shrink Ray, as well as access to TTD Hit Locations.

Where to Find the Shrink Ray in The Outer Worlds

This unmarked sidequest will take you back to Phineas Welles' hidden compound, where you first created your character and which is unironically plastered right onto The Outer Worlds' system map on your first go into the cosmos. You do not need the Navkey to go there and get the Shrink Ray.

As soon as you return power to the Unreliable, you’ll get immediate access to fly right over to the place, though The Outer Worlds doesn’t actually tell you to go there for any quests at this point.

Note that The Outer Worlds will actually point you there after you’ve completed the Iconoclasts questline on Monarch, but you can go straight there after you’ve finished the main quest in Edgewater; the Shrink Ray will be in the same exact location either way.

Once you land at the site, follow the loading bay to a set of doors and walk straight until you find Phineas eagerly awaiting you behind a wall of bulletproof glass. Clearly, he’s forgotten that he left his Shrink Ray unaccompanied on a table to your immediate right.

While you won’t get an opportunity to shrink Phineas himself, you can shrink his pet pig, Bubbles, who you’ll find prancing about nearby.

What Else Does the Shrink Ray do?

Simply put, the Shrink Ray shrinks stuff until it explodes, by an amount “proportional to the wielder’s Science skill”. Shrunk enemies are weakened and easier to kill, but the debuff will wear off within a few seconds of the beam being off the target, returning them to their original form.

This wraps up our strategy guide for the Shrink Ray in The Outer Worlds. Be sure to check back for more guides on The Outer Worlds as we make our way through the game.

The Outer Worlds is out now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4, bringing first-person role-playing back to form in an out-of-this-world package. While you wait on our official review, see what we had to say about the game from our E3 preview.

The Outer Worlds Guide: How to Change FOV Mon, 28 Oct 2019 11:05:47 -0400 Sergey_3847

The Outer Worlds, the long-awaited action RPG from Obsidian Entertainment, is finally out. The game is played from the first-person perspective, which has certain limitations when it comes to field of view. That's why it's important to know how to change FOV in the game. This guide shows you how to do it. 

There are two well-tried methods, though the only work on the PC version of The Outer Worlds. Unfortunately, you can't change FOV on consoles yet. 

Method 1: Change Game Settings

This first method can be used by simply adjusting the FOV in the game settings menu.

Here's what you need to do to be able to change the field of view:

  1. Go to Main Menu
  2. Select Settings
  3. Go to Gameplay tab
  4. Search for the FOV slider on the very bottom
  5. Move the slider to adjust your FOV

This default method works well, but it also has its limits.

Method 2: Edit System File

You could go well beyond the default FOV limits set in the game's system files if you want to tweak a few things yourself. So, if you're playing The Outer Worlds on PC, you could try the following procedure:

  1. Go to "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Indiana\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\" folder
  2. Open GameUserSettings.ini file
  3. Add the following line to it: AspectRatioAxisConstraint=AspectRatio_MaintainYFOV
  4. Save and close
  5. Start the game
  6. Go to FOV settings menu
  7. Set the slider below 180.

The added line switches the hotizontal FOV to vertical, which means that your FOV will have a higher value than before.

If you try to increase the FOV even further, the game will become unplayable, so don't go over the recommended setting. 


Hopefully, you've managed to find the right field of view for your screen, and for more The Outer Worlds guides, check out the list below:

The Outer Worlds PC Blur Fix Guide Sat, 26 Oct 2019 12:53:59 -0400 Yaneki

Obsidian's new title, The Outer Worlds is finally here! The game is being met with applause from both players and critics alike, but some aren't too keen on the game's excess blur. Luckily there's a fix for that on PC.

The game being so blurry has been chalked up to issues with Depth of Field and TAA (Temporal Anti-Aliasing), Luckily, a fix is readily available on PC and is easy enough for anyone to do. Let's go over how to fix the blur in The Outer Worlds on PC, on either the Epic Game Store or Windows 10.

Step 1: Finding the File

In order to get this sorted, you'll need to get into the game's Engine.ini file, which is found in different locations depending on where you bought the game.

This can also be dependent on if you have a custom file destination or secondary hard drive, but we'll be touching on the default locations here.

  • The Outer Worlds Engine.ini Location for Windows/Xbox Store:
    • %LOCALAPPDATA%\Packages\PrivateDivision.TheOuterWorldsWindows10_hv3d7yfbgr2rp\LocalCache\Local\Indiana\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor
  • The Outer Worlds Engine.ini Location for Epic Games Store:
    • AppData\Local\Indiana\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor

Step 2: Edit the Engine.ini File

Once you've found, you'll need to open the Engine.ini file using Notepad or some other program.

I highly recommend you save an unedited copy of the game's file before editing anything.

Once you're ready, you'll need to add this to the Engine.ini file:


Then save the file.

This ought to put the Depth of Field in line and tone down the Temporal Anti-Aliasing. Open and boot up the game and these features should now be disabled, removing any excess blurriness from The Outer Worlds.

Interestingly, you can also add other options to the Engine.ini like to change the game settings, but this is not recommended as some changes can cause some major graphical errors.


Keep an eye on GameSkinny for more guides on The Outer Worlds!

The Outer Worlds: Tactical Time Dilation (TTD) Guide Sat, 26 Oct 2019 10:20:21 -0400 Gabriel Moss

If you're a fan of similar hybrid RPG/shooters like Fallout, you might be used to using V.A.T.S. to target enemies in combat. There is no such thing as Vault-Tec or V.A.T.S. in developer Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds, so you’ll have to make do with something else. Luckily, the new Tactical Time Dilation (TTD) system works well in a pinch.

In the strategy guide below, we go over what TTD is in The Outer Worlds, as well as why you would use it, how to use it (including controls for console and PC), and what affects it has on the character sheet. 

What is Tactical Time Dilation in The Outer Worlds?

In The Outer Worlds, you've been rudely awoken from cryosleep and shot headfirst onto the surface of a nearby planet. Naturally, your time perception is ever so slightly off. There's nothing to worry about though. You can actually speed your senses up and slow time down on the fly with your newly discovered Tactical Time Dilation ability.

Why Would You Use Tactical Time Dilation in The Outer Worlds?

TTD slows time down, making the combat systems much more manageable for those who aren't as savvy with first-person shooting mechanics. The Tactical Time Dilation scanner tells you information about an enemy, including its health, strengths, weaknesses, faction affiliations (if any), and preferred tactics.

How Do You Use Tactical Time Dilation?

Tactical Time Dilation activates whenever you press 

  • "L1" on PS4
  • "RB" on Xbox One
  • "Q" on PC

When activated, TTD feeds from a rechargeable resource pool which runs down for as long as TTD remains active. This pool is represented by a blue bar underneath the health bar. Note that when standing still, your Tactical Time Dilation resource pool depletes much slower than when you are moving and attacking.

What Affects Tactical Time Dilation in the Character Sheet?

TTD is influenced by certain base Attributes, Skills, and Perks. Choosing Below Average Strength in the character creation menu automatically halves the amount of time it takes to completely deplete your TTD resource pool while moving. 

Moreover, reaching 20 on your Ranged Weapon skills and 40 on your Melee Weapon skills unlocks TTD Location Hit Effects. These Hit Effects are unique to each area on an enemy’s body; meaning you can land headshots and cripple limbs as long as your weapon’s skill matches the bare minimum for Location Hit Effects to activate.

Many of the big benefits to the Tactical Time Dilation system are hidden behind perks. Slow The World is a perk that you can take early on, which sharply increases the amount of time you can stay in TTD mode before needing to recharge.


This wraps up our guide of Tactical Time Dilation in The Outer Worlds. Be sure to check back for more guides on The Outer Worlds as we make our way through the game. 

The Outer Worlds is out now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4, bringing first-person role-playing back to form in an out-of-this-world package. While you wait on our official review, see what we had to say about the game from our E3 preview.

How to Use Manual Drift in Mario Kart Tour Fri, 25 Oct 2019 15:05:08 -0400 Ty Arthur

Wondering how to use manual drift in Mario Kart Tour? By default, the simple drift system is turned on, which makes it extremely easy to perform while getting mini turbo boosts.

The game is set up to be extremely mobile-friendly, so it works as a casual experience. But not all players want to go that route. Looking for more actual gameplay and less easy driving? Let's take a look at how to turn on manual drift!

How to Use Manual Drift in Mario Kart Tour

To switch from simple to manual, tap the Settings icon in the lower right corner of the main menu.

From there, just scroll down and tap Manual Drift to turn the box yellow.

So how exactly do you use manual drift?

With automatic drift, you just drag your finger left or right and your driver will drift in that direction, eventually initiating a mini turbo boost if you drift long enough.

With manual drift, there's an extra layer and an additional tap required.

Swipe either left or right to start moving, then release your finger to hop. As your driver performs the slight hop animation, tap your finger back down and hold to initiate the manual drift.

So now the real question: why even bother? What's the point in making the game slightly harder by using manual drift?

Other than playing a bit more like the non-mobile version of the game, manual drift allows you to extend to a third tier of turbo called the ultra-mini turbo boost.

When going from mini turbo to supermini turbo, your sparks will change from blue to yellow. When you transition to an ultra turbo, you should see a double ring of purple sparks.

If you manage to land these by holding the drift long enough, you earn extra points, which can mean the difference between hitting that fourth and fifth star for a course. Or it could be the boost you need to get to a higher tier in ranked matches.

Personally, I prefer the simple automatic drift since it keeps the game simple and fun, but your mileage may vary. Have you managed to hit an ultra mini turbo yet? Let us know int he comments! 

Need help with the other Halloween tour challenges? Be sure to bookmark our other Mario Kart Tour tips and tricks

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Perks Guide: Loadouts and Weapons Fri, 25 Oct 2019 12:53:19 -0400 GS_Staff

Call of Duty Modern Warfare has a lot of perks to choose from. Many are connected to your loadout. Though, there are a few specific to your weapons. Every perk provides a certain advantage on the battlefield. Some keep you hidden from enemy radar, while others allow you to reload faster or use killstreaks for one less kill. 

You get three perks slots in Modern Warfare, with each perk falling into a particular category. As expected, you can have three perks active at one time. However, you can also swap out your perks during a match, allowing you to adapt as other players unveil their tactics. 

Below, we lay out all of the game's perks we know about so far. Since Modern Warfare just released and we're currently working through the game, this guide will updated as we discover more. 

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Loadout Perks List

Perk Slot 1
Perk Name Unlock Level Description
Double Time Lvl 1 X2 Tactical sprint duration;
30% increase to crouch movement
E.O.D Lvl 1 Hack claymores, Proximity Mines, C4;
take less dmg from fire, non-killstreak explosives
Overkill Lvl 8 Carry two primary weapons 
Scavenger Lvl 18 Get ammo from dead players for resupply
Cold-Blooded Lvl 29 Undetectable by targeting systems,
thermal optics
Quick Fix Lvl 42 Increase health regen by killing players,
capturing objectives, holding objectives

Perk Slot 2
Perk Name Unlock Level Description
Restock Lvl 1 Recharge equipment over 30 seconds
Hardline Lvl 1 Killstreaks cost 1 less kill
High Alert Lvl 11 Vision pulses when enemies outside of
your line of sight see you
Ghost Lvl 24 UAVs, drones, and heartbeat sensors can't detect you; Snapshot Grenade immunity
Kill Chain Lvl 34 Killstreak kills count to more killstreaks;
resets when you die
Pointman Lvl 49 Killstreaks can turn into score-streaks

Perk Slot 3
Perk Name Unlock Level Description
Tune Up Lvl 1 Field upgrades charge 33% faster
Amped Lvl 1 Swap weapons and reload rocket
launchers faster
Shrapnel Lvl 13 Spawn with +1 Lethal Equipment; your explosive dmg delays enemy health regen
Battle Hardened Lvl 26 Reduces impact of enemy flash, stun, and EMP grenades
Spotter Lvl 38 See enemy equipment, field upgrades, killstreaks through walls; mark them with ADS
Tracker Lvl 51 See enemy footprints, enemy death locations; hide death locations of enemies you kill

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Weapons Perks

While you can have three loadout perks active at one time, you can only have one weapon perk active at one time. Additionally, weapons perks take up an attachment slot.

As you play more and level up your character, you'll unlock more weapons perks, just as you unlock more loadout perks. These are the ones we know about as of this writing.

Perk Name Description
Burst Changes fir mode to 3-round burst
Burst Fire Enhanced 3-round burst + improved fire rate
Fast Melee Attack faster with melee weapon
FMJ More bullet penetration; dmg against equipment
and killstreaks increased
Frangible [Disabling] Bullets slow enemy movement; enemy super sprint
briefly disabled when shooting enemy legs
Frangible [Wounding] Briefly delays enemy target healing
Heavy Hitter Melee stuns enemies much better
Mo' Money Headshots give more money and XP
Presence of Mind Gives you infinite breath (e.g. Iron Lungs)
Sleight of Hand Reload weapons faster
Stance Training Crouch/prone increase accuracy


That's all you need to know about perks in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. If we come across any other perks while playing the game, we'll be sure to update this guide as quickly as possible. 

While you wait for our Modern Warfare review, be sure to check out our other Modern Warfare guides, as well as our multiplayer beta impressions from a few months ago. 

Fortnite: Summit the Highest Mountain With the Journey Outfit Fri, 25 Oct 2019 10:51:44 -0400 GS_Staff

Fortnite's Season 1, Week 3 challenges include a ton of different tasks. One of them requires you summit the highest mountain in the game with Journey Outfit. Thankfully, the highest mountain isn't all that difficult to find. In fact, you may have already come close to the summit when completing this week's dance challenge

Below, we've included the mountain's location, as well as a map leading you directly to it so you can quickly complete the Alter Ego quest challenge. We've also included how to get the Journey Outfit if you haven't already done so. 

How to Summit the Highest Mountain in Fortnite

The highest mountain in Fortnite is located in the southeastern portion of the map. In fact, it's very, very close to the Weather Station, in the snowy portion outlined in the map below. 

If you land at the Weather Station, the mountain is directly to the left of the Weather Station

For another frame of reference, it's the snowy mountains to the southeast of Retail Row and east of Misty Meadows. If you zoom in on the map in-game, it's along the black part of the mountain range that snakes down toward the southern coastline. 

You'll complete the challenge as soon as you touch down on the mountain, as long as you're wearing the Journey Outfit when you do so. 

Fortnite Chapter 2 map showing the location of the highest mountain summit.

How to Get the Journey Outfit in Fortnite

The Journey vs Hazard outfit is even easier to get than the challenge above is to complete. Why? Because you get the Journey Outfit as part of the Season 1 Battle Pass. You unlock a variant of the outfit after you complete the Alter Ego challenge. 

Simply put this outfit on before you hop into a match, and the challenge will complete when you land on the summit of the mountain. 

The premium version of the Season 1 Battle Pass costs $9.50 (950 V-Bucks). There is also a version that costs $28 (2,800 V-Bucks) and lets you unlock the first 25 tiers of the pass. There are 100 total tiers. 


That's all you need to know about how to summit the highest mountain in Fortnite to complete the Alter Ego quest mission. Be sure to check out our other Fortnite guides, many of which we're currently updating for Chapter 2. There are, of course, more Chapter 2 guides coming as well. 

Stay tuned. 

Fortnite Dance Locations: Compact Cars, Lockie's Lighthouse, Weather Station Thu, 24 Oct 2019 18:16:22 -0400 GS_Staff

Fortnite Chapter 2 is already in its third week. That means two things: time flies and brand new challenges are awaiting you on the Fortnite map. Dubbed Forged in Slurp by Epic, this week's challenges unsurprisingly including dancing. Specifically, you need to dance at three locations: Compact Cars, Lockie's Lighthouse, and Weather Station

In the guide below, we answer the question: "Where is Compact Cars, Luckies Lighthouse, and Weather Station?". We lay out exactly where you need to dance to complete this part of the Forged in Slurp challenges for Season 1, Week 3. We've even included a map for easy reference.

We'll look at each location starting in the north and moving south. Completing this week's dance challenges will net you 14,000 XP. 

Fortnite Dance Locations Season 1, Week 3

Fortnite map showing dance challenge locations for Compact Cars, Luckie's Lighthouse, and Weather Station.

Dance at Luckie's Lighthouse

This dance location can be found in the northwestern part of the map. It's near Pleasent Park and can be found along the coast. You really can't miss the lighthouse: it's big, it's red, and it's right at the edge of the water. 

Just go up to the lighthouse and start dancing to get credit for this one. 

Dance at Compact Cars

This location can be found near the eastern edge of the map. Simply go to the river near Frenzy Farm and Dirty Docks. You're looking for a scrapyard full of stacked cars and a crane. 

Dance anywhere in the junkyard, and you're good to go. 

Dance at Weather Station

If you've ever seen a spy movie or played the Just Cause series, you know that the weather station is up in the mountains. It always is.

You can find this one high up in the snow-covered mountains in the southeastern portion of the Fortnite map. Dropping in, it's the aluminum station with radar dishes on top of it. Next to it is a clapboard house. 

Dance anywhere here to get credit. 


That's all you need to know about Fortnite dance locations for Season 1, Week 3. Luckily, Compact Cars, Luckie's Lighthouse, and the Weather Station are all easy landmarks to find. 

Of course, you don't have to dance at all three of these locations in a single game to get credit. You can do so in three separate games if you want. It still counts. 

For more on Fortnite Chapter 2, be sure to check out our growing Fortnite guides page, where you can find other articles, such as: 

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Killstreaks Guide Thu, 24 Oct 2019 16:16:43 -0400 GS_Staff

It's little surprise that Call of Duty Modern Warfare has killstreaks, especially considering this is technically an adjacent remake of Call of Duty 4. If you've played previous games in the franchise, you know that killstreaks provide important bonuses that can turn the tide of any multiplayer match.

From strategy to tactics, killstreak advantages have myriad uses; put together in the right ways, and put into the right hands, they can help create unstoppable builds. 

Below, we've outlined all of the killstreaks in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. We've laid them out by the number of kills you need to activate them. Additionally, we've provided the rank at which you can unlock them, as well as a small description of what they do. 

CoD Modern Warfare Killstreaks

Killstreak # of Kills Rank Unlock Description
Personal Radar 3 kills Lvl 1 Pings nearby enemies
Shield Turret 3 kills Lvl 1  Manual turret w/ shield
UAV 4 kills Lvl 9 Reveals enemy locations
Counter UAV 4 kills  Lvl 36  Scrambles enemy maps,
impairs enemy senses
Care Package 4 kills  Lvl 28  Gives random killstreak
Cluster Strike 5 kills Lvl 1 Fires mortar cluster
Cruise Missile 5 kills Lvl 45 Player-controlled missile
Precision Airstrike 5 kills Lvl 15 Two jets lay waste
Infantry Assault Vehicle 7 kills Lvl 44   Manned light vehicle 
w/ .50 cal
Sentry Gun 7 kills Lvl 13 Automated turret
Wheelson 7 kills Lvl 23 RC airburst turret
Emergency Airdrop 8 kills Lvl 41   3 random killstreak packs
VTOL Jet 8 kills Lvl 20 Fires missile barrage,
protects player
White Phosphorous 10 kills Lvl 51 Drop incendiary on battlefield
Chopper Gunner 10 kills Lvl 1 Control assault chopper,
has turret, missiles
Support Helo 11 kills Lvl 5 Heavy helo patrols map,
has two turrets
Gunship 12 kills Lvl 31 Devastating gunship
Advanced UAV 12 kills Lvl 48 Shows enemy location
and direction
Juggernaut 15 kills Lvl 55 Jugg assault gear + minigun

And there you have it: all of Call of Duty Modern Warfare's killstreaks in one easy to access place. Make sure to bookmark this page for quick reference. For more on Modern Warfare for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, be sure to check back for our official review coming sometime next week, as well as a handful of more Modern Warfare guides

Until then, you can see what we thought of the multiplayer beta, which is essentially what you can expect in the release build. 

How to Flatten Opponents in Mario Kart Tour Thu, 24 Oct 2019 12:29:11 -0400 Ty Arthur

The new weekly Halloween tour challenges have players attempting everything from using mustached drivers to flattening opponents 3 times in a Mario Kart Tour race.

How exactly do you flatten another driver like a pancake? At first it seems like this challenge involves running over drivers with the Mega Mushroom, but that doesn't actually count as a "flatten."

Instead, you need to run over opponents while they are decreased in size after being hit by lightning!

Flatten An Opponent 3 Times In Mario Kart Tour

You can potentially complete the challenge in any track with any glider/kart combo just by waiting to eventually pull the right item from an item box.

Obviously its easier if you play a track with a favored driver so you get 3 items per box.

Using the Rainy Balloons or Cloud Glider also increases your chances of pulling lightning, which is the rarest of all items to acquire.

You are also more likely to get Lightning if you aren't in the front, so stay in the middle or last place to boost your chances.

When an opponent is stunned by lightning, wait until you see the lighting icon behind them, then line yourself and run them over directly from behind (this doesn't seem to work as well if you are drifting).

You should see the "smash" notification in the right corner if you did it correctly.

Note that you don't have to fire off the lightning yourself to flatten an opponent! You can also run them over even if a different driver used the lightning. This is also easier to do if you are using an enhancement item like the Mega Mushroom or normal Mushroom. 

Where did you finally flatten three opponents? Let us know your favorite course and driver for this challenge in the comments below!

Need help with the other Halloween tour challenges? Be sure to bookmark our other Mario Kart Tour tips and tricks

How to Teleport in Minecraft Thu, 24 Oct 2019 09:35:12 -0400 Sergey_3847

The world of Minecraft is potentially limitless, which means that you can never explore it in its entirety. This also means that you will miss out on a huge chunk of its resources. However, there is one trick you can use to jump to any coordinates in a blink of an eye. We're here to help you learn how to teleport.

Below you will find instructions on teleportation for all versions of Minecraft, including cheats and commands.

How to Teleport in Minecraft Survival Mode

If you don't want to use cheats, you need to obtain an Ender Pearl to teleport in Minecraft. This item cannot be crafted, so you need to look for it either in Stronghold chests or by killing Endermen mobs.

We have guides on that here and here

When you have an Ender Pearl in your possession, you can throw it wherever you wish to teleport to, and then use one of the following actions:

  • Java Edition: Right-click.
  • Pocket Edition: Tap where Ender Pearl lands.
  • PS3/PS4: Press "L2" button.
  • Xbox 360/Xbox One: Press "LT" button.
  • Wii U/Switch: Press "ZL" button.

How to Teleport in Creative Mode

Method 1: For PC and Mobile

In Creative Mode you can use cheats, so make sure that they are activated in the game settings. This applies to Minecraft Java Edition, Bedrock, and Pocket Edition.

When your cheats are activated, you can teleport to any coordinates by following this procedure:

  1. Press "T" to open the console
  2. Type in "/tp x y z"
  3. Press Enter

The "x y z" values correspond to the coordinates of your choice. For example, if you want to teleport to coordinates 100, 75, -100, then type in "/tp 100 75 -100".

Method 2: For Consoles

Unfortunately, on console versions of Minecraft, you can't teleport to any coordinates. You can only teleport to another player in multiplayer mode.

Follow these steps, if you want to teleport to another player:

  1. Go to Game Options menu
  2. Select Host Priveleges option
  3. Press "B" on Xbox 360/Xbox One or "circle" on PS3/PS4
  4. Load the game
  5. Press "X" on Xbox 360/Xbox One or "PS" on PS3/PS4 
  6. Select Host Options
  7. Press Teleport to Player

Lastly, choose your friend's name in the list, and you will be immediately teleported to their coordinates.

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How to Complete the Make Bows, Not War Quest in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Thu, 24 Oct 2019 09:22:41 -0400 John Schutt

This week in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, we got access to a new Exotic quest, "Make Bows, Not War." Our reward for completing the quest is the Exotic Heavy Bow Leviathan's Breath. 

There's nothing difficult about any of the quest steps, and a dedicated Guardian can complete them in a little more than three hours — faster if you can speedrun some of the steps.

In this Destiny 2 guide, we'll go through everything you'll need to do to acquire Leviathan's Breath except finding Banshee's Workshop. We've got a separate guide for that. 

How to Complete Make Bows, Not War

The Quest

To start "Make Bows, Not War," you need to visit Banshee-44 in the tower. He'll give you the quest step called The Back Way, which has you venturing into his private workshop.

Check out our how to find Banshee's Workshop in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep article for a full rundown of how to traverse the Tower to the location of the workshop. 

Where are the Keys, Sir?

This quick step is easy. Visit Banshee-44 again to receive the first time-consuming step of the quest.

Intro to Safecracking 101

The first of three grindy steps, Intro to Safecracking 101 asks you to complete Strikes and play Gambit. Nightfall Strikes and Gambit Prime provide the best progress.

For our money, Strikes are the best option. Regular Vanguard strikes provide 20% completion and a 920 Nightfall: The Ordeal gives 50%. Reaching 100% through either method takes about an hour, depending on the quality of your teammates. Once you've filled the progress bar on Safecracking 101, you'll unlock the next step.

Advanced Safecracking 201

For this step, your job is defeating either Vex or Cabal enemies with precision Bow shots. All told, you'll need 100 precision final blows, and there are a couple of good ways to go about reaching that goal.

1. The Leviathan Castellum:

Load into the base Leviathan Raid and head to the central chamber. Find the currently active plate (if you don't know how to find it, just run to each of the areas until enemies start spawning endlessly).

As the Cabal here will never stop spawning without progressing the raid, you can farm them for as long as you need.

2. Cabal/Vex Lost Sectors:

There are a number of Cabal themed Lost Sectors scattered across the system. The easiest to reach and farm are Skydock IV in the Sunken Isles of the EDZ and Ma'adim Subterrane sector in the Glacial Drift of Mars.

The Orrery on Nessus is also a good farm if you can consistently achieve Vex precision final blows. In either event, you can endlessly refill these areas by reloading the fast travel point nearby.

After 100 precision Cabal and/or Vex kills, you move onto arguably the most challenging section of the quest.

The Economics of War

If you've never done a Nightfall before, now's the time to learn, because this quest step has you taking on an almost Nightfall-level Strike with some harsh modifiers.

Open your map to the EDZ and find the Strike called The Arms Dealer

Be aware that you need to be at least Power Level 900 to safely complete this final step.

Thankfully (or unfortunately, depending on your view), this special version of the Strike is matchmade, so you probably won't be going it alone. There are a few variations on the regular Strike here as well:

  • There are additional yellow-bar Cabal littered throughout each encounter.
  • You cannot simply enter the ship without clearing the enemies in front of it. There is a shield blocking your way.
  • In the final fight, Zahn will summon missile strikes that track you across the arena, dealing immense damage regardless of your Power Level

As mentioned, there are also several detrimental modifiers to the Strike:

  • Harsh Elements: A non-beneficial return of Destiny 1's Burn mechanic, all enemy elemental damage is significantly increased. Unlike a regular Singe, which grants a 25% damage increase to one element across the board, Harsh Elements is probably a 50% increase only to damage that you take, so enemies will hit harder.

  • Blackout: Melee damage is significantly increased. You won't be one-shot by rank and file enemies, but more powerful foes and the final boss can and will send you to respawn if you stick too close.

  • Iron: Enemies do not stagger and have more health. Straightforward enough, your best option here is to, well, shoot until everything dies. It'll just take more time.

Other than those changes, take on the Strike as usual. But again, be aware that as a Nightfall-level activity, everything hits a lot harder and takes a lot more to kill.

Applied Cryptosecurity and Martial Archery 401

These two steps are nothing compared to what you just accomplished. Applied Cryptosecurity unlocks once the upgraded Arms Dealer Strike completes, and all you have to do is visit Banshee in the Tower.

To complete Martial Archery 401, head back to Banshee's Workshop and open the safe. 

That's it. You've got yourself a brand new Exotic Heavy Bow: the Leviathan's Breath.

Oh, and here are more Destiny 2 guides if you need a little help:

Stay tuned to our Destiny 2 guides hub for more! 

How to Find Banshee 44's Workshop in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Thu, 24 Oct 2019 09:15:02 -0400 John Schutt

To complete the "Make Bows, Not War" quest in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, you need to know how to find Banshee's Workshop in the Tower social area. You'll visit this location twice throughout the quest, one to start it in earnest and another to collect the Exotic Heavy Bow Levianthan's Breath.

This Destiny 2 article will guide you through the Tower's secret areas and into Banshee's Workshop itself.

How to Find Banshee 44's Workshop in Destiny 2

The Path

Your journey to Banshee's Workshop begins in the Tower hanger. That's the leftmost area of the Tower. Once you load into the Courtyard area, make your way to the left. Keep to the path, and you'll reach it in no time.

Once in the Hanger, you should see a set of stairs on the wall near the entrance. Climb them to reach the rafters.

Once you're on the rafters, follow them around until you reach a corner near the eastern wall. To the left and over the railing is a small pipe.

Jump onto that, and then jump around the corner onto another platform. The jump can be tricky, so don't worry if it takes you a few tries to land.

Follow the platform east until you see a blue tunnel leading through the wall. If you see something like below, you're on the right track — head through the blue tube.

Beyond the blue tunnel is a small service area with a floating Ghost somewhere in it. Turn right and head towards the pink light.

The pink room has a new doorway leading west. Go through it, and you'll come across a dead end with a vent leading down.

At the bottom of the vent, you'll come across a strategic-looking room with a robot in it. Head through the door to your right.

Beyond that hallway will be a room with many shelving units. Make your way to the northwest corner of this room, where you'll find a half-open cargo door. 

Directly opposite the door is a climbable shelving unit with a golden vent above it. Hop onto the shelves and into the vent.

Follow the vent until you drop into a purple-lit hallway with two red-lit tunnels on the left, one close to you, another at the hallway's end. 

Take the farther tunnel near the purple light. Through it, you'll reach a small jumping section. You'll jump up and to the right.

This final tunnel will lead you to a final dead end. Climb up to reach Banshee's Workshop. To your left will be a vault with the Leviathan's Breath Exotic Heavy Bow.

The Bow Room

If this is your first time visiting Banshee 44's Workshop, you won't have the means to open the vault and claim the bow, but at the end of the quest, you'll be coming back this way to claim Leviathan's Breath. 

But don't worry. If you lose your way between those two steps, you can always come back to this guide.


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Mario Kart Tour Guide: Land 5 Hits With Bob-ombs Using a Driver With an Extended Tongue Wed, 23 Oct 2019 17:02:27 -0400 Ty Arthur

One of the most difficult challenges to arrive with the Halloween event in Mario Kart Tour is to land 5 hits with Bob-ombs in a single race using a driver with an extended tongue.

This one is even more RNG-heavy than the mustache driver challenge, as there are only three drivers who currently match the description, and they are all newly added characters that are extremely rare to pull from the pipe.

Landing 5 Bob-Omb Hits With An Extended Tongue Driver

Unlike many other challenges, this one doesn't rely on hitting a specific point goal, so it doesn't matter what kart you pick.

However, there is definitely a glider you want to use if you've managed to pull it!

The Swooper has the Bob-omb Plus skill, which greatly increases your chances of getting a Bob-omb when hitting an item box.

Whether you have the Swooper or not, this challenge is all about choosing a favored track with one of these three drivers so you get a higher chance of pull Bob-ombs during the course:

  • King Boo
  • Luigi's Mansion King Boo
  • Yoshi

Although Yoshi's picture in the driver roster doesn't show him with an extended tongue like with King Boo, he still counts for the purposes of the challenge.

Now, on to actually completing the challenge! Here's the absolute easiest way to do this one (if you got lucky with your driver pulls):

Take Luigi's Mansion King Boo to either Bowser's Castle 1 or Ghost Valley 1R, both of which have very square shaped maps with sharp corners where everyone will be clumped up. If you have it, obviously use the Swooper.

Keep hitting item boxes till you either get a Bob-omb frenzy, which virtually guarantees completing the challenge, or until you can utilize the driver's Bob-Bomb Cannon skill, which lobs a volley of Bob-ombs in front of you.

If you use that skill while in the middle of the pack, you can land 5 hits all in one go.

If you find you never get Bob-ombs from item boxes, try dropping back to a lower spot, as drivers in 1st place get coins, bananas, and green shells more often than other items.

Here's the full list of favored courses for the drivers with extended tongues where you are more likely to pull 3 Bob-ombs at a time:

Driver Favored Courses
King Boo Shy Guy Bazaar
Luigi's Mansion
Ghost Valley 1R
Luigi's Mansion King Boo Bowser's Castle 1
Shy Guy Bazaar T
Luigi's Mansion T
Rock Rock Mountain T
Ghost Valley 1
Ghost Valley 1R
Yoshi Yoshi Circuit
Yoshi Circuit T
Rock Rock Mountain


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Mario Kart Tour Guide: Earn a Score of 7,000 Using a Driver With a Mustache Wed, 23 Oct 2019 16:11:52 -0400 Ty Arthur

A whole new week of challenges have hit Mario Kart Tour for Halloween, including such ludicrous feats as earning a score of 7,000 or higher using a driver with a mustache.

Thankfully, the mustache lineup has expanded quite a bit this week with the addition of new drivers. Unfortunately, all of them are very rare pulls and their chances of appearing in the shop are low.

Hitting account level 12 increases the likelihood of one showing up in the randomized shop slots however, since you get 12 possible choices instead of just three.

Earning 7,000 Points Using A Driver With A Mustache

Like with the driver wearing a shell challenge, this one is super easy to complete in the Koopa Troopa Beach track... if you happen to have pulled normal Mario.

He's the least rare of all the super rare mustached drivers, and the Koopa Troopa Beach course is very simple to complete with a high score.

If you get two frenzies, you are virtually guaranteed to get more than 7,000 points in that level even if you otherwise perform poorly. 

Here's the best way to hit 7,000 points with Mario and complete the challenge:

  • Course: Koopa Troopa Beach (Luigi Cup)
    • Kart 1: Koopa Dasher
    • Kart 2: Gold Blooper 
    • Kart 3: Poltergust 4000
    • Glider 1: Pirahna Plant Parafoil
    • Glider 2: Peach Parasol
    • Glider 3: Waluigi Wing

If you pulled any of the other mustached drivers you really have your pick of courses to get a score of 7,000 or higher as they all have far more favored tracks than more common drivers.

To hit the requisite score, just kick off the match with a rocket start, use super turbo boosts, hit as many jump boosts as possible, line yourself up to collect multiple coins at once, and if necessary use item tickets to pull off more hit combos.

Here's the full list of Mario Kart Tour drivers with a mustache and their favored courses for earning 7,000 points easily:

Driver Favored Courses
Mario Mario Circuit 1
Cheep Cheep Lagoon T
Koopa Troopa Beach
Mario Circuit T
Musician Mario Yoshi Circuit R
Waluigi Pinball R
Daisy Hills
New York Minute T
New York Minute R
Hakama Mario Mario Circuit 1
Mario Circuit 1T
Bowser's Caslte 1T
Waluigi Pinball R
Mario Circuit 2
Mario Circuit T
Tokyo Blur
Tokyo Blur R/T
Metal Mario Shy Guy Bazaar
Rock Rock Mountain R
Mario Circuit 2R
Rainbow Road
Rainbow Road T
 Luigi Cheep Cheep Lagoon T
Luigi's Mansion
Luigi's Mansion T
Ghost Valley 1
 Wario Choco Island 2T
Kalimari Desert R
Kalimari Desert T
 Waluigi Waluigi Pinball
Neo Bowser City R


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Mario Kart Tour: How to Get a Fantastic Combo a Total of 5 Times Wed, 23 Oct 2019 15:29:52 -0400 Joshua Broadwell

Mario Kart Tour's latest update is here, bringing with it a horde of new challenges (as always). One of those is somewhat of a doozy, too. It's the "Get a Fantastic Combo a Total of 5 Times" challenge.

We'll break down what a Fantastic combo is and how to get one, plus offer some tips for how to chain Fantastic combos.

What Are Fantastic Combos?

Mario Kart Tour combos are where you string together a set number of actions in a certain timeframe. A Fantastic combo starts when you've pieced together 9 actions without letting too much time lapse between actions.

How to Chain Fantastic Combos

As much of a pain as getting a Fantastic combo might sound, there are fortunately quite a few ways you can pull one off.

We mentioned a few of these in our guide to getting higher scores, but here are all the actions you can perform in Mario Kart Tour, together for convenience:

  • Start a race with a rocket start, which you do by tapping the screen when the countdown is at 2
  • Use mini-boosts on all turns
  • Take advantage of slipstreams when you're behind an opponent, where you're following directly behind and gradually pick up speed until you can pass them
  • Use ramps and jump pads as much as possible
  • Glide as long as you can (when you're gliding)
  • Tap as much as you can during frenzies
  • Collect coins
  • Use items, including attack and boost items
  • Use a character's special move
  • Using an item right before or right after a jump boost

There are a couple of things to keep in mind to give yourself the biggest advantage in chaining these actions together.

Consider the Course

Don't pick courses with tons of obstacles, like Bowser's Castle or DK Pass, because it just creates opportunities for your combos to get interrupted. If you do great with drifts and boosts, then consider a shorter one like Toad's Circuit so you can take full advantage of coins, drifts, boosts, and items.

Don't Use Speed Abilities

Characters with abilities that increase your speed won't be your best friend here. You need time to work in as many combos as possible.

Make It Easy

Play in lower CC ranks so you don't have to worry about opponents messing your plans up.


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Mario Kart Tour: How Take Out 5 Sidesteppers Wed, 23 Oct 2019 15:27:02 -0400 Joshua Broadwell

One of Mario Kart Tour's recurring challenges is the Take Out 5 Sidesteppers challenge, which has been around from the beginning. If you're just now seeing it, though, and wonder what exactly you're supposed to do to take them out, never fear.

The guide below has all of the steps you need to quickly complete this MKT challenge. 

What are Mario Kart Tour Sidesteppers?

Sidesteppers are those crab things you see on beach courses. You might recognize from the original Mario Bros. game. They're often green, and (surprise), they move sideways — hence the name.

You'll find them primarily on these courses:

  • Koopa Troopa Beach
  • Cheep Cheep Lagoon

How to Take Out Sidesteppers

"Take out" in this challenge name means attack, as opposed to go out for a nice dinner. Fortunately, it's quite easy to take out Sidesteppers, too.

All you need to do is attack them with an item or, if you don't have an item on hand, ram them with your kart — simple as that.

It doesn't appear you need to get all 5 in one go either, as the game keeps a count of how many you've destroyed.


There you have it: everything you need to do to take out 5 Sidesteppers. If you're having troubles getting to grips with other aspects of the game, though, check out our ever-growing list of Mario Kart Tour guides, including:

Mario Kart Tour Guide: Earn a Score of 6,000 Using a Driver Wearing a Shell Wed, 23 Oct 2019 15:02:35 -0400 Ty Arthur

Trying to figure out how to earn a score of 6,000 or higher using a driver wearing a shell in Mario Kart Tour? There are quite a few drivers with shells, so this challenge is less RNG focused than many others that are dependent on pulling a rare driver from the pipe.

Below we break them all down and include the best choices for earning a high score on favored tracks, but before getting into all that, let's take a look at the absolute easiest way to compete this challenge.

Earning 6,000 Points Using A Driver With A Shell

To finish this Halloween tour week 1 challenge very quickly, just choose Koopa Troopa as your racer, as he's a very common driver to get from a pipe pull.

His favored course is in the very first cup of the Halloween tour, so at 150cc its extremely easy to get a high score.

Here are the combos you want to use:

  • Course: Koopa Troopa Beach (Luigi Cup)
    • Kart 1: Koopa Dasher
    • Kart 2: Gold Blooper 
    • Kart 3: Poltergust 4000
    • Glider 1: Pirahna Plant Parafoil
    • Glider 2: Peach Parasol
    • Glider 3: Waluigi Wing

Even if you don't have the best karts and gliders listed above for maximum points multipliers, just by simply using Koopa Troopa in this level at 150cc it is still incredibly easy to hit 6,000 by getting a 3 item frenzy. If you don't hit a frenzy on your first run, just try again until it happens.

If you somehow haven't pulled Koopa Troopa yet, here are the other drivers with shells and their favored courses where it will be fairly simple to hit a score of 6,000 or higher:

Driver Favored Courses
Dry Bones  Bowser's Castle T
Shy Guy Bazaar T
 Dry Bowser Dino Dino Jungle
Dino Dino Jungle T
Bowser's Castle 1R
Shy Guy Bazaar R
Neo Bowser City T
 Bowser Dino Dino Jungle T
Bowser's Castle 1
Bowser's Caslte 1T
Neo Bowser City 
 Bowser Jr. Bowser's Castle 1R
Choco Island 2R
Neo Bowser City
Neo Bowser City T
 Iggy Choco Island 2R
 Larry Kalimari Desert R
 Lemmy Cheep Cheep Lagoon
Mario Circuit 2T
Rainbow Road R
 Ludwig Bowser's Castle 1
Kalimari Desert
 Morton Kalimari Desert
 Roy Kalimari Desert
 Wendy Choco Island 2
 Lakitu Waluigi Pinball T
Toad Circuit T
Mario Circuit 2T
Ghost Valley 1T


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Mario Kart Tour Guide: Cause a Crash 10 Times Using a Driver Wearing a Tie Wed, 23 Oct 2019 14:19:56 -0400 Ty Arthur

The Halloween tour is here, which means we get King Boo, spooky tracks, and a brand new page of challenges to complete in Mario Kart Tour! Having trouble figuring out how to cause opponents to crash 10 times in a single race using a driver wearing a tie?

Two drivers currently fit that bill, but actually managing to cause 10 crashes in a row can be difficult if you don't know which tracks to pick. Luckily, there's a trick to getting crash-causing items!

Cause A Crash 10 Times Using A Driver With A Tie

For this challenge, you need either Musician Mario or Donkey Kong in your roster.

The former is extremely rare (and if you've got him, boy are you lucky!) while the latter occasionally shows up in the shop.

Either save up some coins and hope for the best in the shop rotation, or spend all your rubies on pipe pulls in the hopes of getting one of those drivers.

When you've nabbed either driver, these are the items that cause another racer to crash:

  • Bullet Bill
  • Green Shell
  • Red Shell
  • Banana
  • Bowser's Shell
  • Bob-omb
  • Mega Mushroom
  • Yoshi's Egg

When using Donkey Kong or Musician Mario on a track where they are the favored driver you receive three items per box, which makes it possible -- but still a little difficult -- to knock over 10 other drivers naturally. These are the favored driver courses if you want to go that route:

  • Musician Mario
    • Yoshi Circuit R
    • Waluigi Pinball R
    • Daisy Hills
    • New York Minute T
    • New York Minute R
  • Donkey Kong
    • Dino Dino Jungle
    • Waluigi Pinball R
    • Rock Rock Mountain

More likely, you'll need to use item tickets to refill your item slots.  

In fact, the easiest ways to complete this challenge is to start off in last place (so don't initiate a rocket start like normal) and then immediately tap your item ticket.

If you are in the back, you are more likely to pull a better crash-causing item like a Mega Mushroom, Bowser Shell, Bullet Bill, etc.

If you manage to land a Mega Mushroom while in last place, you can potentially net 7 immediate crashes just by plowing through the other drivers directly at the start of the track while in giant driver mode. 

Stay tuned for more Halloween tour guides coming soon, and in the mean time check out our other Mario Kart Tour tips and tricks

FFXIV Tower of Power FATE Location Wed, 23 Oct 2019 13:45:49 -0400 Yaneki

If you're one of the many residents of Eorzea and are for the FATE Tower of Power in FFXIV, chances are you're in the process of upgrading your Relic Weapon. This can be rather taxing and usually requires a lot of AFK'ing and Netflix (the Final Fantasy XIV player's activities of choice), but with this guide we'll have you along your way in no time.

No more wandering the snowy wastes wondering where the heck is this FATE is, and no more climbing up the stupid Monument Tower looking for NPCs. Let's get started.

Where to Start the Tower of Power FATE

To start Tower of Power, you'll have to find it first.

The FATE takes place in the Coerthas Central Highlands, you can teleport in using the Camp Dragonhead Aetheryte.

Head down to the Southwest area of the map, Boulder Downs. Tower of Power needs to be activated, and if it's ready to be popped you'll find it's starting NPC, House Haillenarte Guard, located at coordinates (10, 28). Here is his location on the map.

He can be found peeking out from behind a tree off the path and next to the stream. Speak with the Guard and the FATE will begin. If the House Guard isn't there however, you'll either have to wait around for them to spawn or help move things along by completing other FATES around the map.

Some recommended FATES you could easily complete nearby are What's On Your Mind, or The Bigger They Are. And though it's not too nearby, Roc of Ages usually seems to be up as well.

Tower of Power itself is pretty simple to do, and only requires you to slay some level 42 Giant Readers and Giant Loggers. The Giants themselves are pretty typical enemies and are weaker versions of the ones that spawn just to the Northeast.

The recommended level for this is 45, but if you're upgrading your Relic weapon from Atma to Animus, you'll be level 50 or over anyways. Finishing this FATE is required for completing one of the books you'll need, Skywind II.

Completing Tower of Power rewards you with 12,420 Experience, 90 Gil, and 258 Grand Company Seals.


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How to Get the Golden Fish in Fortnite Chapter 2 Wed, 23 Oct 2019 10:49:17 -0400 Sergey_3847

Have you heard the story of the mythic goldfish in Fortnite Chapter 2? Well, it looks like some patient players have been able to get this unusual creature-trophy-weapon by simply fishing for it.

This is the only fish in Fortnite that deals damage, since all other types of fish are basically just healing items.

What is Fortnite's Mythic Goldfish?

The mythic goldfish is currently the rarest item in Fortnite, and, like other fish, you can catch it by simply fishing. However, it takes a long time to catch since it's so rare.

But this is not the only way to nab the elusive creature: some players report that you can simply find it randomly on the ground.

There is no mathematical way to predict your chances of catching the goldfish, but you can be sure that it's gated by hefty RNG. Many players have reported that they tried to catch the slippery fish for hours without a single bite. 

According to early leaks, this throwable mythic goldfish was initially meant to deal 90 points of damage, but in practice, it does 200 points of damage. That means the fish can insta-kill any player — even with full armor and health.

Best Way to Get the Mythic Goldfish

It is possible that Epic Games doesn't want too many players catching the golden fish. So most likely, you will only waste time by fishing for it.

However, there is one bypass you can use to get the fish. You need to find a player that owns one and make them throw the fish at you. If you somehow survive the hit or manage to dodge it, then you can immediately pick up the fish from the ground — and it's all yours.

That's really the only way of getting it for sure, well, outside of hours of fishing. 

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How to Dupe Weapons and Items in Borderlands 3 Wed, 23 Oct 2019 10:43:56 -0400 Sergey_3847

One of the best ways to make extra money in Borderlands 3 is to sell duplicates of expensive items. If you want to know how to dupe weapons and mods by exploiting a simple glitch, then keep reading our guide below.

This glitch can be achieved in two different ways: one is specific to consoles, and another is specific to PC. Each of the methods will take you no longer than five minutes, so it's a really quick way to make a lot of extra cash until it's ultimately patched.

Method 1: For PS4 and Xbox One

Before duplicating any items in Borderlands 3, you obviously need to own them first. Once you have what you want to dupe, make sure that you have free slots in your inventory. When all is done, you can follow this procedure:

  1. Ask one of your friends to head to Sanctuary
  2. Let them create a host game and join it
  3. Once you are in, open your vault
  4. Select the Deposit tab
  5. Hover over the item you want to duplicate
  6. Spam the Deposit button
    • "X" on PS4
    • "A" on Xbox One

By spamming the Deposit button, the item will duplicate itself. You will see another copy of it appearing in your vault.

Method 2: For PC 

The method on PC is slightly different and involves duplicating your save files before anything else. Here's what you need to do first:

  1. Go to "/Documents/My Games/Borderlands 3/Saved/SaveGames/" folder
  2. Copy the "1.sav" file, and save it somewhere else

Afterward. you can start duplicating items in Borderlands 3 by following this sequence:

  1. Ask your friend to host a game and join it
  2. Once you're in, drop the item(s) you wish to dupe on the floor
  3. Quit the game
  4. Take your saved "1.sav" file from before and replace the new "1.sav" file in the same folder
  5. Restart Borderlands 3

As a result, you will have an item you've dropped previously on the floor and another copy in your inventory. It's a little more work on PC, but if you want to cut out some of the grinding and farming necessary for the item, it may be a worthy trade. 

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Moons Of Madness Solar Panel Puzzle Solution Tue, 22 Oct 2019 20:35:46 -0400 Ty Arthur

Like all first person Lovecraftian games, one of the biggest challenges in Moons Of Madness is not going mad from the infuriating puzzles! An early one already has players stumped as you need to fix three solar panels that are out of alignment, but there's a catch -- one of them can't be reached, and another doesn't have the power to be moved remotely.

Can't quite figure out how to get all the panels into proper alignment? There's a trick, but once you know it this puzzle is simple to complete.

Solving The Solar Panel Puzzle

When exiting the hub where you read the emails about Lukas taking things and saw the chess set, make sure to take the energy cell with you before you leave. This turns off the lights, but you'll need two batteries -- one to operate the lifts, and the other to turn on an inoperative panel. 

Outside, head back up the lift to return to the area with the solar panel arrays. There are three panels you can connect to with your bio-gauge by right clicking to scan then left clicking to connect, or you can open the panel and access it manually by standing in front of the screen.

Note that you can't actually reach the array with the collapsed scaffolding manually and must connect to it by scanning from the ground.

Your goal here is to change the red light "low" icon to the green light "optimal" notification on each panel by rotating it until it receives the most solar energy. Although it isn't immediately apparent, the panels can be moved both left and right as well as up and down.

To hit the optimal setting for each panel, follow this pattern of moving left or right first until you the hit the highest number possible (it will be clear when to stop as the number will go down if you keep moving) then move up or down to get into the optimal 90's range:

  • First Panel (scaffolding broken) - Turn right to 70 then up to 96
  • Second panel (scaffolding intact, battery present) - Turn right to 71 then up 92
  • Third panel (scaffolding intact, battery missing) - Turn right to 54 and then up to 91

Make sure to put the energy cell into the third panel or it won't rotate. After finishing the third panel movement, do not remove the power cell or it won't count as fixing all three panels. It's not clear why the game requires this, since the panel doesn't need power to sit in the correct position. Just leave the cell in and the puzzle will be finished. 

Having trouble completing any other Moons Of Madness puzzles like the orbs or doorways? Let us know which parts you haven't been able to complete and we'll help you out with more guides!

Trails of Cold Steel 3 Bond Events, Romance Guide, and Gift List Tue, 22 Oct 2019 17:42:41 -0400 Joshua Broadwell

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 3 follows its two predecessors by including a bonding system, where Rean can spend time with, and learn more about, his friends and colleagues during the course of the story.

There's more to it this time around, though, including more characters and more ways to bond with them, plus actual "romance" options. This guide will cover how to get the most out of each bond event, how to unlock the final bond event and trophy, and who the romance options are.

How Cold Steel 3's Bonding System Works

The Cold Steel 3 bonding system works similarly to that of the previous two games. On Rean's and Class VII's Free Days, you get a limited number of bonding points you can spend on specific characters, and you get at least one more on the evening of the same day.

There are always more people available for bonding events than there are points to spend, so like with Cold Steel and Cold Steel 2, you won't see all the bonding events until New Game+.

The first two Cold Steel games tied bond levels to Link Experience, but Cold Steel 3 keeps the two completely separate, which means you're free to Link with whomever you like in combat without suffering any social consequences for it. Additionally, there's a way to increase bond levels without actually spending time with a character: sending gifts.

Sending Gifts

Gift items are available usually once or twice during each chapter, and you can send them to characters not in your party by selecting the item in your inventory. You can also gift them directly if the recipient is nearby.

Sometimes gifting items will increase parameters for one of the recipient's stats as well.

While the bond meter increase is not as hefty as when you experience a bonding event, it's a handy way to move things along.

Using Baths

Another way to (very) slightly increase a friendship meter is using the baths in the dormitory every morning/afternoon and evening when you're free to explore Leeves. You'll get a brief scene with someone else in the baths. If it's someone with a friendship meter, then you get roughly a quarter of a star increase.

Do Cold Steel 2 Bond and Link Levels Carry Over to CS3?

Nope, nary a bit. Rean's bond levels with Old Class VII start at a predetermined level regardless of who you snuggled up to in Cold Steel 2.

How to Unlock Final Bonding Events in CS3

There is, as always, a final bonding event for each character, accompanied by a trophy for maxing that character's bond points. Fortunately, it's not quite as difficult as the final event for the first Cold Steel.

Even though it's the last bonding event, it's worth mentioning now so you can plan ahead. You must do the following two tasks:

  • You need to max out that character's friendship meter, aka their favorability rating, before or during the Summer Festival in Chapter 4

  • Spend at least one Festival Ticket on that character to unlock their final bonding event

Spending a Festival Ticket also triggers a regular bonding event and can help get you to that maxed out level if need be.

During the Summer Festival, you can even get four extra Festival Tickets if you complete the optional sidequests on that day, giving you extra chances to increase bond levels.

There are two final, important things to note on the subject of bonding events. 

  1. In general, because you get more bonding events with the Branch Campus kids (Juna, Kurt, Altina, Musse, and Ash) - you should take advantage of bonding opportunities and gift-giving with Old Class VII when they arise if you want to see their final bond events.

  2. Elise and Princess Alfin work a bit differently as far as their final bonding event. They share a friendship meter, with the max rank for that one being four stars rather than five. Outside gift-giving, there are only a few specific story points when you can increase that meter as well, which we'll include in each chapter below.

Chapter 1 Bond Events and Gift List

April 16: Anytime

Gift Item

  • Silk Handerchief (Elise) - Purchased from Lapin Boutique
  • Mizu Yokan (Altina) - purchased from Nyo-Sui-An Imports (Increases Altina's ADF by 10)

Available Bond Events (2 Bond Points to spend)

  • Kurt
  • Altina
  • Musse (Character Note updated)
April 16: Evening

Available Bond Events (1 Bond Point to spend)

  • Juna
  • Towa
April 22: Morning (Saint-Arkh)/Afternoon (Parm)

Gift Items

  • Fountain Pen (Kurt) - Exchanged at the Demeter Exchange in Saint-Arkh for 1 Silver Glasses and 1 White Earring (Increases HP by 100)
  • Quilted Pouch (Millium) - Purchased in Parm (Increases Strength and Defense by 10)

Chapter 2 Bond Events and Gift List

May 13: Anytime

Gift Items

  • Imperial Sports Encyclopedia (Juna) - purchased from Carnegie Book and Game store in Leeves (Increases Strength by 10)
  • Elegant Scrunchie (Claire) - Exchanged for 1 Holy Chain at Neinvalli in Leeves (Increases Strength and ATS by 10)
May 14: Morning/Afternoon

Bonding Events (3 Bond Points to spend)

  • Juna
  • Altina
  • Ash
  • Laura
  • Millium (Character Note updated); event also includes Claire
May 14: Evening

Bonding Events (1 Bond Point to spend)

  • Kurt
  • Elliot (Character Note updated)
May 20: Anytime

Gift Items

  • Blue Glass Wind Chime (Elliot) - Purchased from a stall in East Street in Crossbell (Increases ATS and ADF by 10)
  • Orbal Dryer (Towa) - Purchased from Orbal Store Genten in Crossbell's Central Square.
  • Orca Floatie (Altina) - Purchased from Southwark in Times Department Store, located in Crossbell's Central Square (Increases ATS by 10)
  • Camellia Lipstick (Laura) - purchased from Lucca's in Times Department Store, located in Crossbell's Central Square (Increases Strength and Defense by 10)
May 21: Morning/Afternoon

Bond Events

There aren't any normal bond events in Crossbell per se, but there are two things to keep in mind on May 21.

  • Don't forget to head down the elevator corridor in Orchis Tower for a scene that raises your Alfin/Elise bond rating.
  • Check the terminal in the SSS building for a scene with Sharon that increases her bond rating.

Chapter 3 Bond Events and Gifts List

June 10: Anytime

Gift Items

  • Orchid Hairpin (Musse) - purchased from Nyo-Sui-An Imports in Leeves (Increases ADF by 10)
  • Leather Blue Book Cover (Kurt) - purchased from Carnegie Games and Books in Leeves (Increases ATS by 10)
  • Green Star Pendant (Fie) - purchased from the Branch Campus Cooperative Store in Leeves (Increases Strength and Defense by 10)
June 11: Morning/Afternoon

Bond Events (3 Bond Points to spend)

  • Juna (Character Note updated)
  • Kurt
  • Musse
  • Alisa (Character Note updated), event includes Sharon
  • Machias

Alfin/Elise Bond Meter Increase

Speak to Rosine in the Leeves Chapel on this day to undertake the quest "Temporary Sunday School Teacher," which will increase your bond level with Elise.

June 12: Evening

Bond Events (2 Bond Points to spend)

  • Altina
  • Ash
  • Towa
  • Fie
June 17: Morning (Ordis)

Gift Items

  • Phoenix Tea (Alfin) - Purchased from Kendall Imports in Kleist Mall, located in Ordis' Business Area.
  • Compact Juicer (Juna) - Purchased at the Reinford (RF) Store in Kleist Mall, located in Ordis' Business Area (Increases HP by 100)
  • Aroma Tonic (Ash) - Purchased from Hereford in the Riviera Court portion of Ordis (Increases Strength by 10)
  • Rose Perfume (Sharon) - Purchased from the florist shop Glycine in Ordis' North Street (Increases Strength and ATS by 10)
  • Heart Trilogy (Alisa) - Purchased from the Strauss Orbal Factory in Ordis' North Street (Increases ATS and ADF by 10)
June 17: Afternoon (Raquel)

Gift Items

  • Amber Soap (Elise) - Purchased from Ikaros Mart in Raquel
  • Classic Mill (Machias) - Exchange for Arabiki Sausage at McEnroe Pawn Store in Raquel (Increases Strength and Defense by 10)

Chapter 4 Bond Events and Gift List

If you couldn't tell already by this point in the game, stuff's starting to get serious, so your schedule is slightly atypical.

July 4: Evening

Bond Events (3 Bond Points to spend)

  • Juna
  • Kurt
  • Altina
  • Musse
  • Ash
July 8: Evening

Gift Items

  • Noble Ribbon (Celine — yes, the cat) - Purchased from Lapin Boutique in Leeves.
  • Fairyland Iris (Atina) - Purchased from Carnegie Book and Game in Leeves (Increases HP by 100)
  • Silver Cuff Link (Kurt) - Exchanged for 1 Silver Chain and 1 Cool Necklace from Neinvalli in Leeves.
  • Colored Braid (Towa) - Purchased from Nyo-Sui-An Imports in Leeves
July 9: Morning/Afternoon

Bond Events (4 Bond Points to spend)

  • Juna
  • Altina (Character Note updated)
  • Ash (Character Note updated)
  • Towa
  • Jusis
  • Gaius
July 9: Evening

Bond Events (2 Bond Points to spend)

  • Kurt
  • Musse
  • Emma (Character Note updated)
  • Sara
July 15: Morning (Heimdallr)

Gift Items

  • Stein Rose '96 (Sara) - purchased from Weston House in Plaza Bifrost, located on Vainqueur Street (Increases Strength and ATS by 10)
  • Aurora Barrette (Juna) - Purchased from Lepanto and Co. in Plaza Bifrost, located on Vainqueur Street (Increases Defense by 10)
  • Red Leather Key Case (Ash) - Purchased from Lumierre Orbal Factory on Vainqueur Street (Increases HP by 150
  • Edel Casquette (Emma) - Purchased from Le Sage Boutique on Vainqueur Street.
  • Ebony Pin (Gaius) - Purchased from Herschel's on Westa Street (Increases Strength and ATS by 10)
  • Starry Night Minuet (Musse) - Purchased from Rieveldt and Co. in the Reica Area (Increases ATS by 15)
  • Riding Gloves (Jusis) - Purchased from the Betting Window at the Racecourse Square (Increases Strength and ATS by 15)

July 17: Summer Festival Bonding Events

The Summer Festival on July 17 is the last point in the game Rean is able to spend time with friends and classmates. Everyone is available on this day.

It's also where you can access a character's Final Bond Event, if, as mentioned above, you've:

  • Maxed their bond/friendship meter


  • Used one Festival ticket on that character

You start out with 5 Bond Points on July 17, but you can earn up to an extra 4 Bond Points if you complete the optional quests available on that day.

Only one of these isn't listed for you outright, Melody of the Past. It's a Branch Campus request that you'll access by speaking to President Morgan at Rieveldt and Co.

Cold Steel 3 Romance Options

Some of these Final Bond Events turn romantic as well.

Cold Steel 3's romance options are limited to just Alisa, Laura, and Emma, and there's an option during their Final Bond Events to choose a romantic response or to keep everything friendly.

How this plays out when you transfer completed data to Cold Steel 4 is, as yet, unknown since the game isn't out in the West yet.


Check out our other Trials of Cold Steel 3 guides, such as the locations for every recipe and how to get all Vantage Masters cards.

How to Start Steam Remote Play to Join Your Friends in Multiplayer Tue, 22 Oct 2019 14:10:35 -0400 Joshua Broadwell

Steam's Remote Play Together feature has entered beta testing mode. We recently reported on Remote Play Together and explained what it's all about after it was first announced.

What is Steam Remote Play?

As a refresher, though, it's designed to let up to four people (maybe more, though Valve was a bit coy about how that would work) play multiplayer, co-op, and split-screen online games together as if there was no distance separating them.

Remote Play Together lets you

  • Play local multiplayer games with Steam Friends online
  • Stream video, audio, input, and voice between players
  • Use your own controllers, or share control of the keyboard & mouse
  • Play together across PC, Mac, and Linux

How to Join Steam Remote Play

Naturally, the first thing to do is to join the Remote Play Together beta, which you can do here.

After that:

  • Launch your desired multiplayer game
  • Navigate to the Steam Overlay, which you can do with Shift+Tab
  • Choose the friends you want to join the game
  • Select "Remote Play Together"
  • After the other player(s) accept, you're good to go

Only the person hosting the session needs to own the game; the others can just join in anyway, and the host can also limit the amount of control other members have over things like the mouse cursor.


That's all you need to know about Steam's Remote Play Together feature. If you're stuck on what game to pick, check out this list of some of Steam's best co-op games.

How to Defeat and Kill Troy in Borderlands 3 Tue, 22 Oct 2019 10:37:48 -0400 Sergey_3847

One of the most obnoxious bosses in Borderlands 3 is Troy Calypso. He's one half of the Calypso Twins and an evil Siren taken on at the end of the Great Vault quest. The Troy fight can be extremely dangerous if you don't know how to counter his attacks. So follow this guide to be able to kill Troy fast.

You will need to utilize the massive environment of the arena for this boss fight, as well as dodge some of Troy's fiercest attacks. So let's take a look at the fight mechanics closer now.

Best Weapons for Beating Troy

Troy is a very mobile boss. He's fast and moves constantly around the arena. This means you need a weapon that can guarantee a hit but also one that gives you enough time to dodge his attacks.

The best weapons for beating Troy are any of the Atlas manufactured assault rifles with smart bullets, such as Carrier or Rebel Yell. These weapons will let you shoot Troy without even looking at him.

Another option is to use weapons that deal elemental damage. Troy is especially vulnerable to Radiation damage but Corrosive or Shock damage also work pretty well.

To kill Troy with elemental weapons, try one of these weapons:

  • Cloud Kill
  • Flakker
  • Rowan's Call
  • Cutsman

Lastly, if you're using grenade mods, it is best to use mods with elemental damage, such as the Hex grenade mod, which has five different modes for dealing with Troy:

  • MIRV: Grenade splits into three pieces on impact.
  • MIRV-Tacular: Grenade splits into six pieces on impact.
  • Cloning: Grenade splits into two halves shortly after being thrown.
  • Mitosis: Grenade splits into three parts shortly after being thrown.
  • Recurring: Has the effects of both MIRV and Mitosis.

How to Kill Troy Calypso

Now that you know which weapons to use against him, you can start applying all of your arsenal during the actual boss battle.

Phase 1

One of the most frequent types of attacks Troy uses is the Eridium Orb blast that sends purple orbs from the center of the arena and spreads them to its edges.

It's easy to dodge the orbs if you don't stand too close to Troy. So always keep some distance from him. That way, you will be able to either jump over the shots or stand between them as they spread.

As soon as you get used to the pattern, you will easily dodge them. When you're out of the damage cone, you can shoot Troy with your weapon of choice.

Phase 2

The second phase of attack has two dashes:

  1. He will jump up in the air and try to slam you down.
  2. He will take out his sword and plunge at you from a distance.

In the first case, as he slams the ground from above, you need jump to the side. If you jump backward, you will be hurt by his orbs. So jump either left or right.

In the case of his second dash or sword plunge, you need to step to the side as soon as he gets close. Choose the side away from the sword; if he holds it in his right hand, then step aside to his left. Otherwise, he will damage you.

At the end of each dash, Troy will take a short pause, and that's the perfect moment to shoot him or throw a couple of grenades at him.

Phase 3

The final series of attacks is the hardest one because he will send several waves of Eridium Orbs at you. Some can be avoided by jumping, but others spread out at shoulder level. In this case, you will just have to find space between them.

Also, you can't really go backward during this phase; if you do, you will get damaged by the Eridium Walls that rise up along the edges of the arena. So be really, really careful during this last phase of attacks.

The best moment to deal damage to Troy during this phase is right at the beginning when he flies to the center of the arena and starts sending waves of orbs. Right before he lands, throw a few grenades in the center, so he will land on top of them. This will deal a huge amount of damage, letting you focus on avoiding the orbs and the walls.


The last thing which should be mentioned is that between phases, Troy will be surrounded by purple energy ball that makes him completely immune to any damage.

In this case, you need to shoot four lasers on the pillars surrounding the arena, and his shield will fall down.


That is all on how to defeat and kill Troy Calypso in Borderlands 3. For more Borderlands 3 guides, check out the list below:

How to Get More Stars in Mario Kart Tour Mon, 21 Oct 2019 16:22:35 -0400 Ty Arthur

Having trouble unlocking more stars in Mario Kart Tour to access tour gifts or open up the later cups for more courses to play? While some of the game's main progression comes down to dumb luck based on pipe pulls, there are ways to get more stars with some careful planning.

Once you understand the basics of how points are accumulated, it isn't hard to get enough points to consistently earn five stars on every single track. Strap in and let's get started!

Earning More Mario Kart Tour Stars Easily

Bumping up your score on a track for five stars is most easily handled by picking the preferred driver, kart, and glider for a course.

Not only do you start with more points and get three items per item box, but you also get a multiplier on all points gained during the match.

That's where you should focus your efforts on earning more stars — perform as many actions as possible in a match for bonus points.

While you can't control when you earn a 3 item frenzy, you have more control over how many actions you perform to get the required points for earning five stars.

After a level, you can see what actions you used and how many points they netted to see how you did. Not sure what actions are worthwhile? Here's what you should always do in every track:

  • Begin with a rocket start by tapping the screen on the "2" countdown
  • Perform mini turbo boosts at all curves in the road
    • Holding the boost for longer by continuing to drift results in more points through a super mini turbo
  • Perform a slipstream if you don't have any items and can't get ahead of a driver
  • Tap like mad during a frenzy if you have the course's favored driver
  • Look for extra off-road jump boosts accessed by using a mushroom to launch off the track

You earn bonus points for combos when you perform multiple actions in quick succession. To maximize your score, fire off your items just before or after hitting a jump boost, and aim yourself to run through as many coins as possible at one time.

Unfortunately, due to the randomized gacha system, you aren't going to always have the favored driver, kart, and glider for each track. That means you won't always be able to hit the max number of stars for a course  — but there's still another way to earn more stars and unlock later levels!

You can net more stars by completing tour challenges, which swap out every two weeks. Each challenge nets you either 1 or 2 stars without having to complete a track.

While F2P racers get two boards of challenges for every tour, you can unlock extra stars if you have the $4.99 a month gold pass, which offers up a third board. 

These challenges range from landing three hits with a specific item (like the super horn or banana) to performing 150 mini turbo boosts or earning a score of 6,000 or higher with a specific driver.

Always try to complete all the challenges on a challenge board, because you earn bonus coins by getting a bingo when you finish all the challenges in a row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal).

Why does it matter if you get more coins through bingo?

Karts, drivers, and gliders can be outright bought for coins in the shop. The more options you have available, the more likely to get a favored course combo on a track for maximum stars.

That's all you need to know about earning more MKT stars! Still need to figure out how to complete any other challenges, earn extra coins, or pull the best drivers? Take a look at our growing list of Mario Kart Tour guides here, including:

Best Landing Spots in Fortnite Chapter 2 Mon, 21 Oct 2019 13:38:23 -0400 Ty Arthur

With massive changes recently arriving to the battle royale map, it's time to reassess our landing options and take another look at the absolute best landing sites for Fortnite Chapter 2!

I was a huge fan of Anarchy Acres as the best spot before it got hit by a missile, but with the Fortnite map now completely revamped, all the previous best sites are either gone or drastically altered.

Below, we cover our top 5 best Fortnite landing spots for Chapter 2. For a quick overview, just check out the numbered locations on the map below, or scroll down for more detailed info on why these are the most advantageous sites to land.

Map of best landing spots in Fortnite Chapter 2

What exactly are you looking for in the best landing site? Obviously, you want locations with easy access to loot, vehicles, or upgrade benches  but don't discount actual geography.

Landing on high ground with a clear line of sight into an area of heavy traffic can net you significantly more kills than landing straight in an area with more loot. Keep in mind the direction of the battle bus and the likelihood of landing in a heavily contested area, as it's often better to land somewhere without a bunch of competition in the early part of a match.

Best Landing Spot 1: Fishing Village

If the battle bus is traveling east to west across the middle of the map, this is an excellent place to land, since most people will be headed for Slurpy Swamp or the upgrade bench in the buildings to the east. By hitting this little peninsula in the southwest corner, you'll have good cover with trees, as well as a few houses to loot.

At most, you can probably only expect one or two other people to be competing for resources here, so keep an eye on where anyone else is landing to get the upper hand and clear the area before moving inland. If it seems like a lot of people hit Slurpy Swamp when you drop, you may want to build defenses here and take them all out as they move east away from the storm for early kills!

Best Landing Spot 2: E.G.O. Science Station

Located right on the beach, this science station/water purification center is an excellent spot to pick because it's easy to lose a pursuer in here if someone else also lands nearby.

Besides the abundance of loot inside, you can usually find shield potions on the ground near the parking spots outside. If you like to take enemies out from a distance, you have a great view of the water to the west to snipe anyone who goes for a boat, and easy access to head east and take out players still looting Pleasant Park.

Best Landing Spot 3: The Orchard

The little raceway with lawn chairs just north of the Orchard is actually the best spot to land, but if someone else is already heading there, just go straight into the Orchard itself so you can grab some loot inside a building.

In addition to several buildings to scavenge and lots of trees to use for cover, this area has a weapon upgrade workbech inside the main barn. You can use it right after landing for an early advantage.

Best Landing Spot 4: Rapid's Rest

Located just east of Lazy Lake, this secluded little spot has both a chest and a boat, so you will be well equipped and have a quick escape plan if things go sideways.

The best part about this spot is that it's in a little dip in the landscape that makes it hard for people to see you, so you can come up from below and take out anyone running out in then open in Lazy Lake.

Best Landing Spot 5: Retail Row

This is one of the few locations to survive the transition to Chapter 2, and now the area is, thankfully, zombie-free again!

There's a major caveat here: Retail Row is only a great landing spot if it's further along the battle bus path. If the area is right at the beginning or in the middle, you will land in war zone as a huge chunk of other players will probably land here for easy loot, too.

Remember Tilted Towers from way back when? Yeah, it's like that, but worse; there are fewer urban areas filled with buildings in Chapter 2.

If you can get here with fewer players, though, you have access to a whipping 16 normal yellow chests and 7 blue super chests to loot at your leisure!


What's your favorite landing spot, and have you tried out any of our top 5 picks? Sound off in the comments below!

If you need more help navigating the updated mechanics in Fortnite Chapter 2, and for more Fortnite guides, check out the list below:

Trails of Cold Steel 3 Guide: All Recipes and Where to Find Them Mon, 21 Oct 2019 11:28:03 -0400 Joshua Broadwell

Recipes have always been an integral part of not getting your posterior handed to you in the Trails games, and that's no different in Trails of Cold Steel 3. Where medical items are expensive and typically just restore health or Energy Points (EP), food items go much further, restoring both health and EP, raising stat parameters for a few turns, restoring Craft Points (CP) so you can pull off another S-Break attack.

The cooking mechanic first introduced in the unlocalized Trails to Zero, where a recipe turns out differently depending on who makes it, is back again as well.

Unless you know where to look and take the time to try and find them, chances are, your recipe book's gonna be pretty slim by the end of the game.

This guide is here to ensure that doesn't happen to you. It lists each recipe, where to find it, and what the three variants are in the order they'll appear in your Recipe Book

Unique Dishes and Special Chefs

On top of the regular dish, some characters will produce a superb dish with added bonuses. Some will produce a unique dish that could have a completely different bonus. Failed (peculiar) ones could even be used as attack items.

Your best bet for a superb dish is using a character with high affinity for that dish, and if you want a peculiar or unique dish, try one who isn't very good at it.

It's worth experimenting for unique dishes. You'll actually need at least eight separate unique dishes to finish the Great Crossbell Cookoff quest in Chapter 2.

There is one big difference in Cold Steel 3's cooking party mechanics, though: after you've joined up with other party members, you can still choose them as the chef for a recipe, even if they aren't currently in your party. 

Cold Steel 3 also sort of brings back the old system from Trails in the Sky, where you learn a recipe when you eat a new food item. This time, though, you have to eat it when it's offered as a special at a specific restaurant or cafe.

Your First Recipe

You'll get your Recipe Book as part of a required quest in the prologue. Speak to Gina in the Branch Campus cafeteria to get the book, the first recipe (Chunky Potato Salad), and enough ingredients to make it a few times.

Chunky Potato Salad
  • Best chef: Juna
  • Worst chefs: Altina, Laura, Fie

Variations and Effects:

  • Superb — Pillowy Mashed Potatoes
    • Recovers 600 HP and increases Defense for two turns (medium area of effect)
  • Standard — Chunky Potato Salad
    • Recovers 500 HP and increases Defense for two turns (small area of effect)
  • Peculiar — Shield Chips
    • Recovers 400 HP and increases defense for one turn (large area of effect)
  • Unique — Crispy Potato Croquettes
    • Recovers 600 HP and increases defense for four turns (small area of effect)

Chapter 1 Recipes

Piled Onion Rings (April 16)
  • Location: Talk to Barney at Barney's Cafe in Leeves; buy the special
  • Best chef: Elliot
  • Worst chefs: Kurt, Jusis, Fie

Effects and Variations:

  • Superb — Glistening Onion Rings
    • Cures K.O. and recovers 800 HP
  • Standard — Piled Onion Rings
    • Cures K.O. and recovers 600 HP
  • Attack Dish — Onion Tear Gas
    • B-class power rank; reduces speed by 50%
  • Unique — Onion Trio
    • Cures K.O., recovers 300 HP 60 EP, and 30 CP
Fluffy Chiffon Cake (April 22)
  • Location: Speak to Nash at the April Cafe in Saint-Arkh, and buy the special
  • Best chef: Fie
  • Worst chefs: Rean, Ashe, Sara

Effects and Variations:

  • Superb — Summertime Fruitcake
    • Recovers 700 HP and increases speed for two turns (medium area of effect)
  • Standard Fluffy Chiffon Cake
    • Recovers 600 HP and increases speed for two turns (small area of effect)
  • Peculiar — Hollow Cake
    • Recovers 500 HP and increase speed for one turn (large area of effect)
  • Unique — Airy Meringue Cookie
    • Recovers 700 HP and increases speed for four turns (small area of effect)
Southern Punch (April 22)
  • Location: Dyna, the stall proprietor in Saint-Arkh's Cathedral Square
  • Best chef: Rean
  • Worst chefs: Juna, Elliot, Gaius

Effects and Variations:

  • Superb Sunshine Punch
    • Recovers 300 HP, restores 20 CP, and cures poison, blind, and burn
  • Standard — Southern Punch
    • Recovers 200 HP, restores 20 CP, and cures poison, blind, and burn
  • Peculiar — Orange Liquid
    • Restores 100 EP and 20 CP and cures poison, blind, and burn
  • Unique — Yuzu Honey Soda
    • Recovers 100 HP, restores 40 CP, and cures poison, blind, and burn
Hearty White Stew (April 22)
  • Location: Speak to Bertrand at the Footpath Inn in Parm; buy the special
  • Best chef: Laura
  • Worst chefs: Altina, Machias, Fie

Effects and Variations:

  • Superb — Silky White Stew
    • Recovers 800 HP and increases Strength for two turns (medium area of effect)
  • Standard — Hearty White Stew
    • Recovers 700 HP and increases Strength for two turns (small area of effect)
  • Peculiar — Cold Stew
    • Recovers 600 HP and increases Strength for one turn (large area of effect)
  • Unique — Regal Beef Stew
    • Recovers 800 HP and increases Strength for four turns (small area of effect)

Chapter 2 Recipies

Juicy Ham Sandwich (May 14)
  • Location: Purchase the special from Recette Bakery and Cafe in Leeves
  • Best chef: Kurt
  • Worst chefs: Altina, Machias, Jusis

Effects and Variations:

  • Superb — Nostalgic Sandwich
    • Recovers 1,500 HP and cures freeze, petrify, and faint
  • Standard — Juicy Ham Sandwich
    • Recovers 1,300 HP and cures freeze, petrify, and faint
  • Attack Dish — Electro Sandwich
    • B-class power rank, 50% chance of inflicting seal status
  • Unique — Croque Vader
    • Recovers 1,000 HP, restores 100 EP, and cures freeze, petrify, and faint
Fresh Tomato Noodles (May 20)
  • Location: Purchase the special from Orzel at the noodle stall in Crossbell's Harbor Sector (in front of the Crossbell News Service building)
  • Best chef: Alisa
  • Worst chefs: Musse, Elliot, Laura

Effects and Variations:

  • Superb — Champion Noodles
    • Recovers 800 HP, restores 30 CP, and cures seal, mute, and stat down
  • Standard — Fresh Tomato Noodles
    • Recovers 700 HP, restores 30 CP, and cures seal, mute, and stat down
  • Peculiar — Scorched Noodles "Misery"
    • Restores 70 HP and 70 CP, but 50% chance of near death (reducing HP to 1)
  • Unique — Vegetable Double Noodles
    • Recovers 500 HP, restores 50 CP, and cures seal, mute, and stat down
Dragon Fried Rice (May 20)
  • Location: Purchase the special from Feng at the Old Dragon Inn on Crossbell's East Street
  • Best chef: Machias
  • Worst chefs: Altina, Alisa, Emma

Effects and Variations:

  • Super — Heavenly Rice
    • Recovers 1,500 HP and increases Defense and ADF for two turns (medium area of effect)
  • Standard — Dragon Fried Rice
    • Recovers 1,300 HP and increases Defense and ADF for two turns (small area of effect)
  • Attack Dish — Fiery Riceball
    • B-rank power class, 50% chance of inflicting burn
  • Unique — Special Garlic Rice
    • Recovers 1,400 HP, and increases Defense and ADF for four turns (small area of effect)
Cafe Macchiato (May 20)
  • Location: Purchase the special from Vingt-Sept Cafe in Crossbell Central Square
  • Best chef: Altina
  • Worst chef: Musse, Jusis, Millium

Effects and Variations:

  • Superb — Special Macchiato
    • Recovers 700 HP, restores 150 EP, and cures nightmare, sleep, and confuse
  • Standard — Cafe Macchiato
    • Recovers 550 HP, restores 150 EP, and cures nightmare, sleep, and confuse
  • Peculiar — Brown Liquid
    • Restores 200 EP and cures nightmare, sleep, and confuse
  • Unique — Rich Chocolate Parfait
    • Recovers 300 HP, restores 150 EP and 30 CP, and cures nightmare, sleep, and confuse
Honey Bagel (May 20)
  • Location: Purchase the special from Morges Bakery on Crossbell's West Street.
  • Best chef: Emma
  • Worst chef: Ashe, Fie, Gaius

Effects and Variations:

  • Superb — Golden Bagel
    • Recovers 1,200 HP, restores 60 EP, and increases ATS for three turns (medium area of effect)
  • Standard — Honey Bagel
    • Recovers 1,000 HP, restores 50 EP, and increases ATS for three turns (small area of effect)
  • Peculiar — Mirror Bagel
    • Reflects magic once
  • Unique House of Sweets
    • Recovers 1,200 HP, restores 60 EP, and increases ATS for five turns (small area of effect)

Chapter 3 Recipes

Juicy Hamburger (June 10)
  • Location: Purchase from Gina in the Branch Campus cafeteria
  • Best chef: Ashe
  • Worst chefs: Rean, Altina, Laura

Effects and Variations:

  • Superb — Artisan Hamburger
    • Recovers 1,800 HP and increases Strength for three turns (medium area of effect)
  • Standard — Juicy Hamburger
    • Recovers 1,600 HP and increases Strength for three turns (small area of effect)
  • Peculiar — Indestructible Burger
    • Immunity to one physical attack
  • Unique — Spicy Loco Moco Rice Bowl
    • Recovers 1,800 HP and increases Strength for five turns (small area of effect)
Colorful Bouillabaisse (June 17)
  • Location: Purchase the special from Edmond at the Sea Breeze Inn in Ordis
  • Best chef: Millium
  • Worst chef: Juna, Elliot, Jusis

Effects and Variations:

  • Superb — Passionate Hot Pot
    • Recovers 1,200 HP and 50 CP and cures freeze, petrify, and faint
  • Standard — Colorful Bouillabaisse
    • Recovers 1,000 HP and 40 CP and cures freeze, petrify, and faint
  • Peculiar — Envious Hot Pot
    • CP regeneration (30 points) for three turns
  • Unique — Yogurt Hotpot
    • Recovers 1,000 HP and initiates CP regen by 20 points for five turns
Fisherman's Paella (June 17)
  • Location: Purchase the special from Miranda at Miranda's Tavern in Ordis
  • Best chef: Sara
  • Worst chef: Kurt, Alisa, Fie

Effects and Variation:

  • Superb — Big Catch Feast
    • Recovers 2,000 HP and cures seal, mute, and stat down
  • Standard — Fisherman's Paella
    • Recovers 1,800 HP and cures seal, mute, and stat down
  • Peculiar — Scorched Rice
    • Restores 600 EP, with a 50% chance of near death
  • Unique — Spicy Jambalaya
    • Recovers 1,600 HP and 60 CP and cures seal, mute, and stat down
Purple Heart (June 17)
  • Location: Purchase the special from Julia at the Hermit Bar and Inn in Raquel
  • Best chef: Jusis
  • Worst chefs: Musse, Machias, Emma

Effects and Variations:

  • Superb — Purple Cloud
    • Cures K.O. and recovers 2,400 HP
  • Standard — Purple Heart
    • Cures K.O. and recovers 2,200 HP
  • Peculiar — Purple Liquid
    • Cures K.O. recovers 100 HP, and restores 250 EP
  • Unique — Esmelas: Rain
    • Cures K.O., recovers 2,000 HP, and restores  200 EP
Stuffed Meat Pie (June 17)
  • Location: Purchase the special from Morley at the Decken Pub and Diner in Raquel
  • Best chef: Juna
  • Worst chefs: Rean, Machias, Fie

Effects and Variations:

  • Superb — Master's Meat Pie
    • Recovers 2,200 HP and increases Strength and Defense for three turns (medium area of effect)
  • Standard — Stuffed Meat Pie
    • Recovers 2,000 HP and increases Strength and Defense for three turns (small area of effect)
  • Attack Dish — Badly Smelling Pie
    • A-class power rank, 100% chance of poisoning the target
  • Unique — Lovely Apple Pie
    • Recovers 2,200 HP and increases Strength and Defense for five turns (small area of effect)
Aquamarine Ice (June 18)
  • Location: Speak to Jacqueline at the Crepe Stall in Ordis' Business Sector
  • Best chef: Musse
  • Worst chefs: Kurt, Ashe, Gaius

Effects and Variations:

  • Superb — Grand Blue Gelato
    • Recovers 1,600 HP, restores 80 EP, and cures poison, blind, and burn.
  • Standard — Aquamarine Ice
    • Recovers 1,400 HP, restores 70 EP, and cures poison, blind, and burn
  • Attack Dish — Explosive Snowball
    • A-rank power class, 30% chance of confusion and freeze
  • Unique — Elegant Snowflake Pastry
    • Recovers 1,600 HP, restores 80 EP, and cures poison, blind, and burn

Chapter 4 Recipes

Piled Spaghetti (July 8)
  • Location: Purchase the special from Barney's in Leeves
  • Best chef: Rean
  • Worst chefs: Musse, Millium, Sara

Effects and Variations:

  • Superb — Shining Spaghetti
    • Recovers 2,500 HP and increases Speed and Movement for three turns (medium area of effect)
  • Standard — Piled Spaghetti
    • Recovers 2,300 HP and increases Speed and Movement for three turns (small area of effect)
  • Peculiar — Salted Vongole
    • Recovers 2,100 HP and increases Speed and Movement for one turn (large area of effect)
  • Unique — Hunter's Carbonara
    • Recovers 2,500 HP and increases Speed and Movement for five turns (small area of effect)
Tomato Curry (July 15)
  • Location: Purchase the special from Arendt at the Foresta Inn on Heimdallr's Westa Street
  • Best chef: Musse
  • Worst chefs: Kurt, Laura, Jusis

Effects and Variations:

  • Superb — Special Tomato Curry
    • Recovers 3,000 HP, restores 50 CP, and cures sleep, nightmare, and confuse
  • Standard — Tomato Curry
    • Recovers 2,700 HP, restores 50 CP, and cures sleep, nightmare, and confuse
  • Peculiar — Super-powered Curry
    • Recovers 2,100 HP, restores 60 CP, and cures sleep, nightmare, and confuse
  • Unique — Aged Shrimp Curry
    • Recovers 1,800 HP, restores 180 EP and 50 CP, and cures sleep, nightmare, and confuse
Pure White Shortcake (July 15)
  • Location: Purchase the special from Nancy at the Lucien Cafe in Heimdallr's Reica sector
  • Best chef: Altina
  • Worst chef: Ashe, Gaius, Sara

Effects and Variations:

  • Superb — Supreme Shortcake
    • Recovers 2,700 HP and increases Defense and ADF for three turns (medium area of effect)
  • Standard — Pure White Shortcake
    • Recovers 2,400 HP and increases Defense and ADF for three turns (small area of effect)
  • Peculiar — Hard Cake
    • Recovers 2,100 HP and increases Defense and ADF for one turn (large area of effect)
  • Unique — Noir Mont Blanc
    • Immunity to one physical attack
Croquette Burger (July 15)
  • Location: Purchase the special from Oscar at the Lafite Bakery in Heimdallr's Westa Street
  • Best chef: Ashe
  • Worst chefs: Kurt, Altina, Alisa

Effects and Variations:

  • Superb Angel Burger
    • Recovers 1,000 HP and regenerates 20% HP for five turns
  • Standard — Croquette Burger
    • Recovers 1,000 HP and regenerates 20% HP for three turns
  • Attack Dish — Devil Burger
    • S-rank power class, 30% chance of death or nightmare
  • Unique — Steak Burger
    • Recovers 1,000 HP and regenerates 20 CP for five turns
Hearty Skewer (July 17)
  • Location: Purchase the special from Brecker at the Imperial Meat Stall in Heimdallr's Dreichels Square.
  • Best chef: Gaius
  • Worst chefs: Juna, Musse, Elliot

Effects and Variations:

  • Superb — Dynasty Grill
    • Recovers 4,000 HP, restores 50 CP, and increases Strength and Defense for five turns (medium area of effect)
  • Standard — Hearty Skewer
    • Recovers 3,500 HP, restores 50 CP, and increases Strength and Defense for five turns (small area of effect)
  • Peculiar — Attack Grill
    • Recovers 3,000 HP, restores 50 CP, and increases Strength and ATS for one turn (large area of effect)
  • Unique — Nordic Kebab
    • Recovers 4,000 HP, restores 50 CP, and increases Strength, ATS, and Speed for seven turns (small area of effect)


That's every recipe in Trails of Cold Steel 3 to help see you through the many trials awaiting Class VII. Be sure to check out our other Trails of Cold Steel 3 guides for more tips on your journey through Erebonia.

Trails of Cold Steel 3: How to Get All Vantage Masters Cards Mon, 21 Oct 2019 10:37:40 -0400 Joshua Broadwell

Trails of Cold Steel 3 improves on the previous Cold Steel games' card mini-game, Blade, with a much expanded, more strategic card game called Vantage Masters. The game goes in-depth about how to play Vantage Masters early on, but what it doesn't tell you is how many card types you can collect, how to get the cards, and what happens when you do.

There are 34 Vantage Masters card types in total. If you collect at least one of each type, then successfully defeat Orie in a Vantage Masters match at the Vander Training Hall in Heimdallr, you win the Chevalier Master Quartz. Chevalier is one of the best Master Quartz in the game, with highly useful arts, stat augments, and abilities all around.

This guide shows you how and where to get all the VM cards, including all of the possible Vantage Masters opponents and when you can (and should) challenge them to a match. It's divided into two sections, one detailing cards earned through Vantage Masters matches and cards you can purchase outright.

There are a couple of points to make before getting into the nitty-gritty about who you can challenge to Vantage Masters, though.

Most main characters (Branch Campus characters, Class VII, and other important characters) can be challenged in Heimdallr towards the end of the game, should you either miss their initial challenge or lose and not feel like trying again.

Those who are location specific, like random people you'll meet during your Field Exercises, cannot be challenged to a rematch. However, the reward you would have gotten from winning against them is usually available in the Neinvalli Exchange Bargain Bin in Leeves at the beginning of the next chapter.

Chapter 1 Vantage Masters Opponents

April 16 (Leeves)


  • Where: Carnegie Book and Game in Leeves (this is your first VM match and is a tutorial)
  • Reward: Magic Crystal
  • Available in the Bargain Bin: Yes


  • Where: Carnegie Book and Game
  • Reward: D-Alma
  • Available in the Bargain Bin: Yes

Rachel is a challenging opponent, but she can be challenged any of your free days in Leeves, so you don't have to defeat her immediately.

Sydney (Evening)

  • Where: Thors Branch Campus Clubhouse
  • Reward: Hepitus
  • Available in the Bargain Bin: No
  • Rematch: Dreichels Square, Heimdallr (Chapter 4)
April 21-23 (Saint-Ark)


Juna is only available on the night trip aboard the Derfflinger. Once you arrive at the Ex Camp, you can't challenge her again. Even though you can try for a rematch in Chapter 4, Ranger is a very useful Master card to have, so it's best to go ahead and challenge her on the Derfflinger.

  • Where: Derfflinger Car 3
  • Reward: Ranger
  • Available in the Bargain Bin: No
  • Rematch: Karel Imperial Villa, outside Heimdallr (Chapter 4)


  • Where: Marquis Hyarms' Mansion
  • Reward: Guene-Foss
  • Available in the Bargain Bin: No
  • Rematch: Heimdallr Cathedral (Chapter 4)


  • Where: Parm
  • Reward: Zamilpen
  • Available in the Bargain Bin: Yes
  • Rematch: No

Chapter 2 Vantage Masters Opponents

May 13 (Thors Branch Campus)

Major Michael Irving

  • Where: Branch Campus Cafeteria
  • Reward: Wall
  • Available in the Bargain Bin: No
  • Rematch: Future Ex Camps or Rieveldt and Co., Reica Sector of Heimdallr (Chapter 4)
May 14 (Leeves)


  • Where: Recette Bakery and Cafe
  • Reward: Dullmdaler
  • Available in the Bargain Bin: No
  • Rematch: Karel Imperial Villa, outside Heimdallr (Chapter 4)

Munk (Evening)

  • Where: Outside Barney's Tavern
  • Reward: Uptide
  • Available in the Bargain Bin: No
  • Rematch: Dreichels Square, Heimdallr (Chapter 4)
May 19 (Aboard the Derfflinger)


  • Where: Derfflinger Car 4
  • Reward: Knight
  • Available in the Bargain Bin: No
  • Rematch: Dreichels Square, Heimdallr (Chapter 4)
May 20 (Crossbell)

Wendy (Morning)

  • Where: Orbal Store Genten (Crossbell Central Square)
  • Reward: Da-Colm
  • Available in the Bargain Bin: Yes
  • Rematch: No

Xin (Afternoon)

The time transition for this one is a bit vague, but the afternoon of May 20 is basically after you meet with the Epstein Foundation Chief at the RF Group building and deal with one of the investigation missions on Ursula Highway.

  • Where: Heiyue Trading Company (Crossbell Harbor District)
  • Reward: Currier Bell
  • Available in the Bargain Bin: Yes
  • Rematch: No

Chapter 3 Vantage Masters Opponents

June 10 (Leeves)


  • Where: Recette Bakery and Cafe
  • Reward: Ae-Ferrion
  • Available in the Bargain Bin: No
  • Rematch: Le Sage Boutique on Vainqueur Street in Heimdallr (Chapter 4)
June 11 (Branch Campus)

Stark (Morning/Afternoon)

  • Where: Branch Campus Cooperative Store
  • Reward: Thief
  • Available in the Bargain Bin: No
  • Rematch: Lucien Cafe in Heimdallr's Reica Sector

Randy (Evening)

  • Where: Branch Campus computer room, second floor
  • Reward: Oonevievle
  • Available in the Bargain Bin: No
  • Rematch: Vainqueur Street in Heimdallr (Chapter 4)
June 16 (Derfflinger)


  • Where: Derfflinger Car  3
  • Reward: Vanish
  • Available in the Bargain Bin: No
  • Rematch: Foresta Inn on Westa Street in Heimdallr (Chapter 4)
June 17 (Ordis and Raquel)


  • Where: Outside Alisha Casino in Raquel
  • Reward: Gia-Bro
  • Available in the Bargain Bin: Yes
  • Rematch: No


  • Where: Egret Mansion in Ordis' North Street
  • Reward: Amoltamiss
  • Available in the Bargain Bin: Yes
  • Rematch: No

Chapter 4 Vantage Masters Opponents

July 8 (Leeves)

Musse (Evening)

  • Location: Branch Campus Dormitory, second floor
  • Reward: Tarbss
  • Available in the Bargain Bin: No
  • Rematch: Le Sage Boutique on Vainqueur Street in Heimdallr (Chapter 4)
July 9 (Leeves/Branch Campus)

Rosine (Morning/Afternoon)

  • Location: Leeves Chapel
  • Reward: Fifenall
  • Available in the Bargain Bin: No
  • Rematch: Heimdallr Cathedral (Chapter 4)

Dr. Schmidt (Evening)

  • Location: Branch Campus Hangar
  • Reward: Witch
  • Available in the Bargain Bin: No
  • Rematch: Imperial Museum in Heimdallr's Reica Sector (Chapter 4)
July 15 (Derfflinger and Heimdallr)


  • Location: Derfflinger Car 3
  • Reward: Greon
  • Available in the Bargain Bin: No
  • Rematch: Imperial Racecourse in Heimdallr (Chapter 4)

Freddy (Afternoon)

  • Location: Westa Street in Heimdallr
  • Reward: Neptune
  • Available in the Bargain Bin: No
  • Rematch: Herschel's General Store on Westa Street in Heimdallr (Chapter 4)
July 16 (Heimdallr)

Jingo (Morning)

  • Location: Watson Armory on Vainqueuer Street in Heimdallr
  • Reward: Swordsman
  • Available in the Bargain Bin: No
  • Rematch: Heimdallr Airport (Chapter 4)
July 17 (Heimdallr)

Orie — Final Opponent (Afternoon)

  • Location: Vander Training Hall in Heimdallr's Reica Sector
  • Reward: Chevalier Master Quartz; if you win and challenge Orie again, you get Dragon Incense for winning
  • Available in the Bargain Bin: No
  • Rematch: Same place, but do it on the same day; July 17 is the last time you can freely chart your own course in the game.

Vantage Masters Cards You Can Buy

These are all of the Vantage Masters cards you can purchase. All of these cards are initially available at the Carnegie Books and Games store in Leeves, the day you first pick up Vantage Masters (April 16). However, they're also available at any general store throughout the game.


  • Cost: 700 Mira


  • Cost: 200 Mira


  • Cost: 1,000 Mira


  • Cost: 500 Mira

If you've been counting, you'll notice all this adds up to only 28 cards, not 34. That's because the remaining six are the cards you automatically start with in your first Vantage Masters deck.


That's it for how to find all the Vantage Masters cards and get one of the best Master Quartz in Cold Steel 3. Be sure to check out our other Trails of Cold Steel 3 guides for other tips and tricks to make the most of your return to Erebonia.

How to Go AFK in GTA Online Sun, 20 Oct 2019 15:38:08 -0400 Ty Arthur

Want to play GTA Online but need some time away to deal with real life stuff? Normally going AFK will get you booted quickly, but there are ways go away from the keyboard or controller and still stay online.

Players have come up with some pretty ingenious ways to not get kicked, like using a rubber band to hold down a controller button, but that's prone to unexpected failures and way more effort than we care to engage in while playing.

There is one super simple and easy way to do it, and it doesn't require anything special beyond your apartment.

Going AFK Without Getting Kicked In GTA Online

So what's the secret? Just watch TV. Yep, that's all there is to it, although you need to watch TV in certain ways or you may still get kicked. 

The most sure fire way to make this work (and avoid getting killed by other players) is to start a contact solo mission, then sit down and turn on the TV in your apartment where you are safe. You have to actually press the button to start the shows though, or you will still get kicked.

Depending on your platform and your console's notification settings, this can potentially work with any TV even if you aren't in a mission. Just head into your apartment, garage, or any location with a computer screen like the gas station.

Sit down on a couch or chair and tap the button to turn the TV shows on. The game considers you to be engaged in an activity and you won't get kicked for doing nothing over an extended period. Players with upgraded security in their business or bunker can also watch the CCTV security cameras as well.

Note that there is a catch on the PC version. If you minimize the window to tab away and chat it Discord or check your Facebook or whatever, the game still considers you to be AFK even if your character is watching TV, so you will get kicked after 15 minutes.


Looking to make extra cash, buy the best properties, or fix casino missions that aren't working properly? Check out our other GTA Online guides here!

How to Get the Dream Breaker Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Sat, 19 Oct 2019 11:26:11 -0400 John Schutt

We saw a new Nightmare Hunt in Destiny 2 this week, and with a new hunt comes a new weapon: the Dream Breaker fusion rifle. For the current Iron Banner and possibly those to come, you'll need a good fusion for one of the quest steps, and fusions are good for PvP in general.

Follow this guide for all the steps you'll need to take to acquire the Dream Breaker.

The Quest

Your first order of business is to complete a run of Nightmare Hunt: Servitude. Remember that hunts rotate weekly, so this particular hunt won't always be up.

Once you've killed the Nightmare of Zydron, Gate Lord, you'll receive the Essense of Servitude quest item. 

There are three parts to the quest, two easy, one a little more complicated. They are:

  • Destroy 100 Vex on the Moon
  • Defeat enemies with fusion rifles
  • Acquire Ehrath'Ur's Horned Wreath

To complete the Vex kills, hop into a Vex Offensive match and kill everything that moves. You'll be done in one or two runs, maybe 20 minutes. Pair those efforts with a fusion, and you'll be done in a flash.

The K1 Revelation Lost Lector (described in our Luna's Calling guide) also has plenty of bunched-up Acolytes you can slaughter.

Finding Ehrath'Ur's Horned Wreath takes a little more effort, but we've got you covered.

How to Find Ehrath'Ur's Horned Wreath

You'll find Ehrath'Ur's Horned Wreath in the Catacombs deep below the surface of the Moon, and there's an easy way to get there if you're willing to do a little walking.

To start, fast travel to the Sorrow's Harbor area at the top of the Moon area. Make an immediate right and head to the Hellmouth.

Once you arrive in the Hellmouth, head to the large structure in the north and go inside.

Run past the enemies you find and descend through a greenlit doorway.

Make your way through the halls and caverns (there's only one path), keeping right until you reach a larger chamber filled with Acolytes, Wizards, and Knights. There will be a large doorway to your right. Continue through it.

Keep making your way down until you reach a circular, orange lit room. Pass straight through to the doorway opposite where you came in.

Descend further, making a jump to the left, and shortly you'll reach the Circle of Bones.

Continue straight, past the knight in the circular chamber just ahead of you as you entered. You'll reach a balcony overlooking a huge pit. Turn to your right, and you'll see a white lit opening in the wall. That's your entrance to the Catacombs. 

The Boss

Descend into the darkness of the Catacombs, and you'll reach a set of broken bridges. After the second gap, you'll encounter Malura, the Fated, surrounded by Acolytes. 

Kill them with extreme prejudice. Or fists. Your call.

Once they're dead, you'll receive Ehrath'Ur's Horned Wreath, and you're one step closer to the Dream Breaker fusion rifle. 

Dream Breaker

Once you have Ehrath'Ur's Horned Wreath, complete the other quest steps if you haven't already. Then, as with every other piece of Moon gear, head to the Lectern of Enchantment in Sanctuary and craft your fusion rifle.

And that's it. You're free to farm Dream Breaker to your heart's content.


While you're here, check out our other Destiny 2 guides:

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Fortnite Hideouts Locations and How to Use Them Fri, 18 Oct 2019 14:31:21 -0400 Ty Arthur

We've gone from being a bush to hiding out in dumpsters with the battle royale re-launch of Chapter 2. Fortnite Hideouts are the latest way to get the drop on your opponent and snag a Victory Royale -- if you know where to find them!

It may not be Call Of Duty's Prop Hunt mode, but you've now got to be on the lookout for potentially killer objects when heading into any area with buildings and certain outdoor locations with hay.

Finding Fortnite Hideouts

For now, there are only two types of hideouts: hay bales and metal dumpsters. We can probably expect other objects to join the list in later seasons and the new Chapter 2 mechanics are tinkered with in the coming months.

To use a hideout, just face the object and press the interact button to hide inside, then press it again to pop out when an enemy's back is turned and you are ready to start shooting.

Now you need to know where to find them though, as they are necessary to complete several weekly challenges.

Frenzy Farm is the best place to find hay bales, and lots of 'em. If you land there, you should be able to see several from the air as you make your way down to the ground.

Nearly any location with buildings is where to look for dumpster hideouts, but your best bets are business type locations such as the gas station in Salty Springs.

Hideouts popping up at random across the map is leading to paranoid game of cat and mouse, with players now shooting hay bales and dumpsters out of habit. It's not a bad idea just to be safe... except that the sound will reveal your location to anyone nearby who isn't hiding in the garbage or hay.

Have you managed to get a kill using a hideout yet or avoided a squad of enemies with these nifty new additions to the game? Sound off in the comments below.

If you need more help navigating the updated mechanics in Fortnite Chapter 2, and for more Fortnite guides, check out the list below:

Fortnite Chapter 2 Weapons List and Stats Fri, 18 Oct 2019 10:57:55 -0400 Sergey_3847

A new chapter in Fortnite battle royale has begun, and it's brought a bevy of changes to the game's weapons list. Many weapons have been vaulted, while a few have been taken out of the vault and thrown back into play. 

In this guide, you will find a complete list of all available weapons in Fortnite Chapter 2 battle royale, including their stats and rarities. Some weapon rarities have been added for certain models, while others have been removed by Epic Games.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Weapons List and Stats

Assault Rifle (SCAR)

Fortnite Chapter 2 Assault Rifle (SCAR)

Stats Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
DPS 165 170.5 181.5 192.5 198
Damage 30 31 33 35 36
Fire Rate
5.5 5.5 5.5 5.5 5.5
Magazine 30 30 30 30 30
Reload Time
2.3 2.2 2.2 2.1 2.1
Structure Damage
30 31 33 35 36
Burst Assault Rifle (AUG)

Stats Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
DPS 132.57 142.39 147.3 157.12 162.03
Damage 27 29 30 32 33
Fire Rate
4.91 4.91 4.91 4.91 4.91
Magazine 30 30 30 30 30
Reload Time
2.9 2.7 2.6 2.5 2.3
Structure Damage
27 29 30 32 33
Submachine Gun (P90)

Stats Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
DPS 204 216 228 240 252
Damage 17 18 19 20 21
Fire Rate
12 12 12 12 12
Magazine 30 30 30 30 30
Reload Time
2.42 2.31 2.2 2.09 1.98
Structure Damage
17 18 19 20 21

Stats Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
DPS 162 168.75 175.5 189 195.75
Damage 24 25 26 28 29
Fire Rate
6.75 6.75 6.75 6.75 6.75
Magazine 16 16 16 16 16
Reload Time
1.5 1.5 1.4 1.3 1.3
Structure Damage
23 24 25 26 27
Tactical Shotgun (M1014)

Stats Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
DPS 106.5 112.5 118.5 124.5 130.5
Damage 71 75 79 83 87
Fire Rate
1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5
Magazine 8 8 8 8 8
Reload Time
6.3 6 5.7 5.4 5.1
Structure Damage
50 53 55 58 60
Pump Shotgun

Stats Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
DPS 49 56 63 70 77
Damage 70 80 90 100 110
Fire Rate
0.7 0.7 0.7 0.7 0.7
Magazine 5 5 5 5 5
Reload Time
5 4.8 4.6 4.4 4.2
Structure Damage
45 46 50 54 55
Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle

Stats Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
DPS 31.35 33 34.65 36.3 38.28
Damage 95 100 105 110 116
Fire Rate
0.33 0.33 0.33 0.33 0.33
Magazine 1 1 1 1 1
Reload Time
3.4 3.2 3 2.8 2.6
Structure Damage
95 100 105 110 116
Rocket Launcher

Stats Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
DPS 74.25 78.75 82.5 87 90.75
Damage 99 105 110 116 121
Fire Rate
0.75 0.75 0.75 0.75 0.75
Magazine 1 1 1 1 1
Reload Time
4.7 4.1 3.6 3.1 2.5
Structure Damage
356 356 375 394 394
Six Shooter

Stats Uncommon Rare Epic
DPS 170 180 190
Damage 34 36 38
Fire Rate
5 5 5
Magazine 6 6 6
Reload Time
2.42 2.3 2.19
Structure Damage
34 36 38
Hunting Rifle

Stats Uncommon Rare
DPS 68.8 72
Damage 86 90
Fire Rate
0.8 0.8
Magazine 1 1
Reload Time
1.9 1.8
Structure Damage
86 90
Double-Barrel Shotgun

Stats Epic Legendary
DPS 216.6 228
Damage 114 120
Fire Rate
1.9 1.9
Magazine 2 2
Reload Time
2.8 2.7
Structure Damage
87 90
Infantry Rifle

Fortnite Chapter 2 Infantry Rifle

Stats Common
DPS 144
Damage 36
Fire Rate
Magazine 8
Reload Time
Structure Damage


These are all available weapons in Fortnite Chapter 2 battle royale. For more Fortnite guides, check out the list below:

Fortnite Chapter 2 Medal Punchcard Explained Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:42:35 -0400 Ty Arthur

Now that Fortnite is officially back with Chapter 2, many of the upgrade, progression, and weapons systems you've gotten to know have been significantly altered. And some, like the medal punchcard system, are brand-new. 

The Fortnite medal punchcard system is separate from the XP missions, which can be cycled at your leisure. But they still help you earn XP faster so you can level up your battle pass. Here's what you need to know about the new system. 

Fortnite Medal Punchcard System

The medal punchcard system is new to Fortnite Chapter 2, and changes player progression.

Before we get into how the punchcard works, its worth noting that as of this writing, the punchcard can get stuck on the screen on the PS4 version. Unfortunately, at this point, there's no fix except to wait for a patch to resolve the issue. Closing and re-opening won't fix it, and neither will uninstalling and reinstalling.

Now, onto the punchard.

The medals essentially serve the role of daily missions for earning experience and increasing your battle pass rank, but they are a little more flexible and can be earned by newer players who aren't as skilled yet.

The punchchard can be filled up with any of the medals you don't have to do one of each type, for instance  and you can bump up the ranking of the medal from bronze to silver to gold by completing it again with higher numbers.

There may be more based on other types of actions, but here are all the medals we've discovered so far:

  • First Match Medal: Play your first game of the day
  • Scavenger Medal: Search 3 / 7 / 10 chests, supply drops, or llamas
  • Battle Medal: Get 1 / 4 / 8 eliminations in a match
  • Survivor Medal: Survive to top 50 / 25 / 10 players in a match
  • Sniper Medal: Get a long-distance sniper kill of 100m or more
  • Fishing Medal: Go fishing using the new poles

While these medals are for solo matches, note there are also teamwork medals for earning assists in duo or squad modes. The medals reset each day after 24 hours, which means you'll get more rewards if you keep logging in each day and repeat the medals over and over.

How To Change CC In Mario Kart Tour Thu, 17 Oct 2019 17:36:22 -0400 Ty Arthur

With tours swapping out every two weeks and 16 cups that all feature four separate tracks, Mario Kart Tour is overflowing with race options, and that number increases with the ability to change the cc of every track.

Want to swap out to a different cc for varying rewards or to speed up the track and have a bigger challenge? You can choose between these four options:

  • 50cc  
  • 100cc
  • 150cc
  • 200cc (locked without spending money)

Changing Mario Kart Tour CC Settings

Rather than going to the game settings, the cc is changed during the actual course selection.

After selecting your racer, kart, and glider, tap the cc option in the middle of the screen just below the image of your track selections.

If you are just starting the game, the 100cc and 150cc versions don't unlock until you've completed the first six cups of the current tour. 

At this time, you can only play the 200cc versions of a track if you have the $4.99 a month gold pass subscription service.

If you cancel your gold subscription, you won't be able to play the 200cc version anymore, and you won't get the extra bonus rewards from tour gifts and weekly challenges.

Now that you know how to change the cc, you might be wondering why you'd want to change the cc of a track?

50cc moves slower and has less aggressive AI driver opponents, which makes it easier to complete certain weekly challenges where you have to hit specific objects or complete 30 mini turbo boosts in a row.

If you want to hit higher scores to unlock more stars, however, it's usually better to switch to the faster 150cc option.

What's your favorite track and cc option so far? Sound off in the comments section below!

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Fortnite Upgrade Bench Locations: How to Use Stations to Upgrade Weapons Thu, 17 Oct 2019 14:16:46 -0400 Sergey_3847

Every Fortnite player knows that there are five types of weapon rarities in the game. Previously, each weapon could be looted in one of these rarities, but you couldn't upgrade these weapons. Now Epic Games has introduced special upgrade bench locations. These stations allow players to upgrade their weapons in Fortnite Chapter 2.

The process is rather simple, but it requires a lot of resources. So, if you want to know how to upgrade weapons in Fortnite Chapter 2, then keep on reading our guide below.

Fortnite Chapter 2: Upgrade Bench Locations

Fortnite Chapter 2 Upgrade Bench Locations map.

Currently, there are six weapon upgrade benches on the brand new Fortnite Chapter 2 map. Here are their locations:

  • Craggy Cliffs: In the northern part of the map
  • Pleasant Park: On the northeast at the gas station
  • Between Steamy Stack and Dirty Docks on the eastern side of the map
  • Dirty Docks: Inside a small workshop in the northern part of the area
  • Weeping Woods: In the eastern half of the forest at a camping site
  • Retail Row: Inside a building in the southeastern part of the area

Walk up to any of these upgrade benches and choose your weapon and rarity you wish to upgrade. The system will require a certain amount of resources, such as wood, brick, and metal. The higher the rarity you choose, the larger the number of resources you will have to pay.

Here is a complete breakdown of resources you need to pay for each consecutive weapon upgrade:

  1. Common to Uncommon: 50x wood, 50 x brick, 50x metal
  2. Uncommon to Rare: 150x wood, 150 x brick, 150x metal
  3. Rare to Epic: 250x wood, 250 x brick, 250x metal
  4. Epic to Legendary: 350x wood, 350 x brick, 350x metal


That's it on how to upgrade weapons in Fortnite Chapter 2, and for more Fortnite guides, check out the list below:

How to Take Out Pipes in Mario Kart Tour Thu, 17 Oct 2019 14:10:19 -0400 Ty Arthur

Trying to finish all the weekly challenges in Mario Kart Tour before the next tour swaps out? One of the most difficult is taking out 3 pipes, because the game doesn't explain how or where this can actually be done.

The challenge doesn't mean pulling the prize pipe, which has some players confused as they dropped 15 rubies and didn't complete the challenge.

You can, in fact, destroy the short green pipes in some tracks, but only in two very specific ways. Normally, they serve as an obstacle that slows you down, and unlike the traffic cones, you don't even get points for hitting them.

How And Where To Take Out Three Pipes

All of the various Mario Circuit levels have destructible pipes, with Mario Circuit 2 being the best option to complete the challenge. There are three pipes just before the tunnel towards the finish line, and two more immediately afterward. 

So, how do you actually take them out? If you have Bowser or Dry Bowser, you can destroy them by hitting a pipe using the Bowser's Shell skill.

Going that route is entirely dependent on randomly pulling one of those two characters, however. If you don't have either of the Bowsers, then any driver can take out a pipe by using the Mega Mushroom.

Since items are randomized, this may take several tries while you try to pull the right mushroom. Your best bet to land the Mega Mushroom when hitting an item box is to stay in last place, so don't use the rocket start, and just keep hitting the sides until you land in 8th place.

To recap, here are the two best options for taking out a pipe in Mario Kart Tour:

  • Mario Circuit 2 (Lakitu Cup in the Tokyo Tour)
    • Musician Mario  Favored Course 3 items
    • Lakitu  Favored Course 3 items
    • Bowser  Bowser's Shell
    • Dry Bowser  Bowser's Shell
      • Any other driver  Wait to pull a mega mushroom (Kimono Peach, Rosalina, and Iggy all get 2 items at a time, everyone else gets 1 item at at time)
  • Mario Circuit (Rosalina Cup in the Tokyo Tour)
    • Peachette  Favored Course 3 items
    • Kimono Peach  Favored Course 3 items
    • Bowser — Bowser's Shell
    • Dry Bowser  Bowser's Shell 
      • Any other driver  Wait to pull a mega mushroom (Wendy, Rosalina, Peach, and Toadette all get 2 items at a time, everyone else gets 1 item at a time)

Let us know when you finally manage to take out 3 pipes and be sure to mention which driver and kart you used!

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How to Find the Trove Guardian in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Thu, 17 Oct 2019 12:17:34 -0400 John Schutt

Step 3 of Destiny 2's Luna's Calling quest sees you discovering a new journal of Toland, the Shattered. Your first step is finding the location of the Trove Guardian enemy, a yellow-bar Knight, who appears in one of three places on the Moon.

This guide shows you where each spawn location is as well as what you'll need to do to progress the memory pursuit to its next step.

Trove Guardian Locations

You can find the Trove Guardian in one of three places: Archer's Line, the Hellmouth, or the Anchor Light. Where he spawns appears to rotate weekly; as in my investigations for this piece, I found him solely at Archer's Line. However, he appeared at the other two locations as well, which I've noted below.

Archer's Line Location

You'll run across the Archer's Line Trove Guardian near the entrance if you're coming from Sanctuary. He's tucked behind a small dome in the bottom corner of the area. If you follow the large causeway running the length of Archer's Line back toward the entrance, you should see him on your right.

Hellmouth Location

In the Hellmouth, head towards the structure at the northernmost point on the map. If you're coming from the Anchor of Light, head straight through, and if you're coming from Archer's Line, head right up to said structure. You should see the Trove Guardian near the Witch's Ritual public event area.

Anchor of Light Location

You'll find the Anchor of Light Trove Guardian located to the west of the Fallen Ketch (the big ship). He'll be walking along the wall and in the open area near the entrance from Sanctuary, so hang around that area and he should appear if he's due to spawn at Anchor of Light.

The Jumping "Puzzle"

Once you've killed the guardian, you'll receive a message above your abilities bar about the way being clear or something similar. At this point, head to a nearby ledge to activate the small jumping section of the quest. 

You'll need to head to the end of each platform that appears and listen for the next one to spawn in. They won't always be in front of you, so if you don't see them, look around a little bit. 

Eventually, you'll come across a chest — also marked on your HUD — and once opened, you'll receive the Toland, the Shattered's Notes quest item. 

That's all you need to know about finding the Trove Guardian in Destiny 2

Check out our Luna's Calling guide for a full rundown of how to complete this and the rest of the quest as the steps become available.

How to Play Gun Game in CoD Mobile Thu, 17 Oct 2019 11:28:13 -0400 Sergey_3847

Activision has just added a new limited-time event in Call of Duty Mobile: Gun Game. This is somewhat of a classic mode as it was available in many of the game's previous iterations, all applied under different rules. In this guide, you will learn everything about Gun Game in CoD Mobile, including some tips to get your started on the right boot.

Gun Game will be available in CoD Mobile until November 15, 2019. So use every possible opportunity to play this incredibly fun event.

How to Start Gun Game in CoD Mobile

Since Gun Game is not a default mode in CoD Mobile, you may find it difficult to start playing. But don't waste your time looking; just follow these steps:

  1. Tap on Multiplayer menu
  2. Tap on Game Mode tab
  3. Select Featured tab
  4. Tap on Gun Game option
  5. Press Confirm

This simple procedure will allow you to enter your first match-up of Gun Game. Just remember that you need to be at least Level 8 to be able to enter the event.

Gun Game Tips and Tricks

Gun Game mode pits 10 random players against each other over and over again until a player reaches 20 kills. After each kill, your weapon changes automatically, so it's a pretty frantic mode.

If you want to kill and win fast, then follow these tips and tricks:

  • Use the mini-map to identify the position of your enemies
  • Always use cover and stay behind walls
  • Move from one piece of cover to another, and never expose yourself
  • If you get a knife, stay in cover and wait for an enemy to approch for a surprise attack. It's the only viable way to kill with a knife.
  • If you get a sniper rifle, aim for headshots, but if you get an AR or SMG, it's fine to hit the center of the body.

Each match takes no longer than 2-3 minutes, so play again and again until you master every single weapon.


That's it on how to play Gun Game in Call of Duty Mobile, and be sure to check out other related guides right here.

Destiny 2 Iron Banner: How to Complete the Scour the Rust Quest Thu, 17 Oct 2019 11:20:54 -0400 John Schutt

With a new season in Destiny 2 comes a new iteration of Iron Banner. Things are a little different this time. If you want to collect the Iron Banner armor sets, you have to complete the Scour the Rust questline. Also, because the quest is character-bound, you have to complete it on every character you want to have access to the armor.

Thankfully, the quest isn't nearly as large a grind as Year 2's. Instead, the six-part questline is made up of simple steps you can complete in about 10 hours of gameplay. 

Your primary objectives will be to complete a total of 15 matches while capturing 50 zones and getting kills using various weapons and abilities. Also, each quest step builds on the one previous, so if a step requires a certain number of matches, it will count those you've already played.

Here are the quest steps and some quick tips on how you can complete each of them.

Note: Per a recent tweet from Bungie Help, the third, bottom-most portion of the Conviction section of Scour the Rust quest will auto-complete. Previously, that part of the quest step was glitched to say you needed super kills but showed Grenade Launcher kills and accepted SMG kills. You will still need to finish the other two parts of the quest.

Scour the Rust Part 1: Spectacle

For the introductory portion of Scour the Rust, you need to:

  • Defeat 30 opponents.
  • Capture 10 zones
  • Achieve 3 Super kills

The first two steps are easy enough. For opponents defeated, stick with your teammates and nab whatever kills they can't land. If you're having trouble capturing zones, wait until you respawn and walk toward the nearest one. The game will attempt to place you close to a safe area near a zone, and with a little patience, you'll be done before you know it.

For super kills, your best bet is to equip one of the following supers:

  • Bottom tree Dawnblade (the Solar super) for Warlock,
  • Bottom tree Striker (the Arc super) for Titan
  • Spectral Blades (middle tree Void super) for Hunter

Any of these roaming supers grant impressive armor and plenty of killing power, making three kills a breeze. Be smart, and you won't have any issues.

Scour the Rust Step 2: Intent

For the second step of Scour the Rust, you must:

  • Complete 6 Iron Banner matches
  • Capture 20 zones
  • Achieve 25 pulse rifle final blows

Completing matches is, well, completing matches. Play any match to the score or time limit, and you'll progress that step. Zones are zones, too. No tricks here or at any other point.

Pulse rifle kills are straightforward, as well. The same advice stands here: stick with your team and keep your distance from the enemy. Pulse rifles are strong in the current meta, so pick up the one you like best and shoot. One or two matches should be all you'll need.

Scour the Rust Step 3: Timing

For step three of Scour the Rust, you'll need to:

  • Defeat 100 opponents
  • Capture 30 zones
  • Achieve 20 kills with fusion rifles

The first two parts here are as always. Fusion rifle kills will require a little more finesse, and you'll need to be in your enemy's face a lot more. My best advice is to learn to pre-charge your fusion when you expect an engagement, so you're ready to shoot the instant an opponent comes into your sights. Sticking with your team is, again, worthwhile.

Scour the Rust Step 4: Execution

For the fourth part of Scour the Rust, you must:

  • Kill 15 enemies with an SMG
  • Kill 15 enemies with your super
  • Capture 40 zones

SMG kills are all about intelligent aggression. You won't be able to take distant fights at all, and medium-range engagements are out of the question as well. Stick with your team as they move on a flag and pay attention to your radar. When you see a teammate push, push with them. Stick to close quarters and be careful. Shotgun rushers are everywhere.

Super kills and zone captures are as ever.

Scour the Rust Step 5: Conviction 

For the fifth — and last in-match — portion of the Scour the Rust quest, you'll need to:

  • Complete 15 Iron Banner matches
  • Capture 50 zones

As noted, right now, that's everything. The third part of this quest auto-completes due to a glitch in Scour the Rust.

Scour the Rust Step 6: Forgeborne

No more Iron Banner matches required for you in Scour the Rust. All that's left is to visit Lord Saladin and claim your ability to grind for armor. By this point, all armor pieces will be available out of Iron Banner Token engrams from Saladin, costing 20 tokens per engram.

Remember, you'll need to do this all over again on your other characters to unlock their armor. Hopefully, the grind wasn't too terrible.


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Mario Kart Tour Guide: 20 Jump Boosts Using A Driver With A Ribbon Wed, 16 Oct 2019 14:32:38 -0400 Ty Arthur

With so many weekly challenges swapping out, there's always something new to try in Mario Kart Tour, like doing 20 jump boosts in a single race with a driver with a ribbon.

Not sure where or how to complete this challenge? It's much easier than you think, although you'll need to have lucked out and pulled one of only three drivers.

Mario Kart Tour Driver With A Ribbon

Here are the three drivers, in particular, you want to use:

  • Wendy
  • Peachette
  • Peach Kimono (her ribbon is on her back, and can be seen when driving behind her)

If you haven't nabbed these characters through a pipe pull, hitting account Level 12 gives you the best chance of buying one of them directly with coin, since you get nine rotating shop slots instead of just three. 

With any of those three drivers, head over to Toad Circuit T to complete the challenge.

It's almost impossible to NOT get 20 jump boosts in one race because most of the boosts span the entire length of the raceway.

The long green pipes extending halfway out into the road also count as jump boosts, so it's extremely easy to hit most or all of them on your way through.

If you missed a few somehow, make sure to skip the final multi-colored jump just before the finish line, because it will make you glide, and you may end up flying over the last three jump boosts.

If you have Wendy, you can also rack up a very nice score and complete the 20 jump boost challenge at the same time by using her 3-item favored course Choco Island 2.

Unfortunately, this one takes more practice and effort, as you can miss the brown jump boosts in this level if you aren't lined up properly. Here are the best options to take for a great score with Wendy:

  • Course: Choco Island 2 (Toad Cup in the Tokyo Tour)
    • Kart 1: BiddyBuggy get bonus points for Slipstreaming
    • Kart 2: Royale  get bonus points for Slipstreaming
    • Glider 1: Droplet Glider  bonus points for using Blooper item
    • Glider 2: Peach Parasol  bonus points for using red shells

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How to Fish in Fortnite Chapter 2 Tue, 15 Oct 2019 17:30:32 -0400 Ty Arthur

After getting sucked into a black hole, global gaming sensation Fortnite is back, and this time its got boating, swimming, and yes, even fishing. How do you fish in Fortnite and why would you want to?

For starters, you can now chomp down on a fish to regain health. Fishing can even let you pull out a weapon. 

That latter option is actually quite helpful, as the new Chapter 2 map features fewer indoor locations for finding goodies. 

Below, we'll go over how to get a fishing rod, as well as how to catch Floppers, Slurpfish, and weapons. 

Fortnite Chapter 2 Fishing Guide

Fishing Rod barrel near a pond in Fortnite

First up, you need to grab a fishing rod. These can spawn randomly on the ground or in chests. The most sure-fire way to grab a fishing rod is to look for barrels near bodies of water or on beaches as they usually have a fishing pole or two inside.

Luckily, water is practically everywhere now. A few good places to look are: 

  • Misty Meadows
  • Dirty Docks
  • Lazy Lake
  • Sweaty Sands
  • Weeping Woods

Next, switch to the rod in your inventory just like you would with any other weapon or item. Then cast your line into a body of water by pressing "fire." Wait a few seconds for something to nibble, then reel in and see what you got.

Look for bubbles in the water. That's where you'll find fish and loot. Here's what you can potentially catch by casting your line at any given water location:

  • Flopper (heals ~15HP)
  • Slurpfish (+50HP and shields)
  • Rusty can 
  • Random resources
  • Random weapon
  • Nothing (absolutely nothing!)

Much like challenges to find coins in specific map locations, you can expect other players will be camped out near bodies of water ready to snipe anyone who wants to take a leisurely fishing trip in the middle of a battle royale match.

Either try to stay hidden while fishing or stay mobile (yes, you can move while the line is in the water). Keep an eye on any high ground locations where an enemy might suddenly appear.

What's the best weapon you've pulled from a fishing spot so far? Let us know in the comments!

Stay tuned for many more Fortnite Chapter 2 guides coming soon, and check out what we've got so far in our list of Fortnite strategies here.

Where to Find the Fangs of Shun'Gath in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Tue, 15 Oct 2019 10:53:21 -0400 John Schutt

If you want to create the One Small Step shotgun in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, you need to find the Fangs of Shun'Gath to cleanse the Essence of Rage quest item.

In this guide, you'll learn where to go, what to kill, and what additional steps you'll need to take to get what might be the best PvE shotgun in Shadowkeep.

The Path 

To start your journey to the location of the Fangs of Shun'Gath, you need to travel to the Temple of Crota. You can reach the Temple via a path leading away from the Anchor of Light area on the Moon, as shown here:

Take the path all the way down until you reach a large archway guarded by a few Hive Acolytes and a Wizard.

The Temple of Crota

Head inside the room the Hive were guarding and descend into the pit beyond it. Continue following the hallway until you reach a room with a large central structure with bridges leading in four directions.

You want to proceed beyond and to the left. You can jump on the rocks and bypass the hallway that leads around the structure, as shown below.

You'll know you're on the right track if you see a greenlit hallway leading further down. It looks like this:

Continue down the hall until you reach a large, open room, also lit dingy green. To your right will be a doorway. Go through it.

Beyond the doorway is the World's Grave, where you'll locate the Fangs of Shun'Gath. If you're in the right place, a marker on your screen will tell you you've transitioned into the World's Grave.

The World's Grave

Stick to the left side of the room and go through the hallway on the lower floor. You should reach a room that bends back around. It is guarded by six or so Acolytes and a Knight.

Your goal is the doorway at the back left of the room (noted with an arrow). 

The Boss

Once you go through this final doorway, you'll be greeted by a wave of red-bar Thrall and a boss-level Thrall named Shun'Gath, the Excised. He's your man.

Kill him by any means (probably by shooting), and you'll receive the Fangs of Shun'Gath item.

The Weapon

Now that you have the Fangs, you need the Essence of Rage. You can locate the Essence by killing the Nightmare of Ghaul in the Rage Nightmare hunt.

Be aware that, as the Nightmare Hunts rotate weekly, this Hunt won't necessarily be up every week. 

Once you have the Essense of Rage, you need to cleanse it, but thankfully, the hard part's done. All you need now is to land Super kills, grenades, or melee abilities until you fill the progress bar.

The Essence of Rage in Destiny, required for the One Small Step shotgun

Once that's done, you're all set to claim your One Small Step shotgun.


And that's the location of the Fangs of Shun'Gath and how to find the Essence of Rage and craft the One Small Step shotgun in Destiny 2.

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Mario Kart Tour Drivers: Best Character Tier List Mon, 14 Oct 2019 17:59:09 -0400 Ty Arthur

Want to get the most points possible in any given track and smash through the ranked cups in Mario Kart Tour? Like any gacha game, some drivers you'll pull are much better than others, which we've broken down below with a complete and definitive Mario Kart Tour tier list.

Wondering how we arrived at our "S" to "C" rankings? We had two main considerations when picking the best to worst MKT drivers: the driver's special ability, and how many favored courses they have that allow for 3 item pickups at once.

More favored courses means higher starting points and more opportunities for frenzies, which results in more gold stars for unlocking additional cups.

Mario Kart Tour Driver Tier List

Note that we only listed out the 3-item favored courses below, since those are the only tracks where you can get a frenzy. Some of the "S", "A", and "B" ranked drivers also have a large number of 2-item favored courses, making them extra versatile before you gain a larger roster of drivers. 

Finally, keep in mind that Pauline has far fewer favored courses than other "A"-ranked characters, but her Lucky Seven ability more than makes up for that shortcoming.

Tier Rank Driver Ability 3 Item Favored Courses
 S   Metal Mario  Fire Flower Rainbow Road
Rainbow Road T
Rock Rock Mountain R
Mario Circuit 2R
Shy Guy Bazaar
S  Hakama Mario  Coin Box Bowser's Castle 1T
Mario Circuit T
Mario Circuit 2
Tokyo Blur
Tokyo Blur R/T
S  Dry Bowser  Bowser's Shell Dino Dino Jungle
Dino Dino Jungle T
Bowser’s Castle 1R
Neo Bowser City T
Shy Guy Bazaar R
S  Musician Mario  Double Bob-Ombs Daisy Hills
Yoshi Circuit R
New York Minute T
New York Minute R
A Kimono Peach Mushroom Cannon Mario Circuit
Mario Circuit 2R
Tokyo Blur R
Tokyo Blur T
 A  Peachette  Mushroom Cannon Dino Dino Jungle R
Mario Circuit
Toad Circuit
Toad Circuit T
 A  Pauline  Lucky Seven New York Minute
New York Minute R/T
 A   Peach  Heart Koopa Troopa Beach R
Koopa Troopa Beach T
Yoshi Circuit R
Mario Circuit 1T
 A  Daisy   Heart  Daisy Hills
Daisy Hills T
Cheep Cheep Lagoon R
Shy Guy Bazaar R
 A  Mario  Fire Flower Koopa Troopa Beach
Mario Circuit T
Mario Circuit 1
Cheep Cheep Lagoon T
 A  Bowser  Bowser's Shell Dino Dino Jungle T
Bowser’s Castle 1
Bowser’s Castle 1T
Neo Bowser City
 A  Bowser Jr.  Bowser's Shell Bowser's Castle 1R
Neo Bowser City
Neo Bowser City T
Choco Island 2R
 B  Wario Double Bob-Ombs Kalimari Desert R
Kalimari Desert T
Choco Island 2T
 B  Diddy Kong  Banana Barrels Dino Dino Jungle R
Toad Circuit R
Rock Rock Mountain R
 B  Donkey Kong  Giant Banana  Dino Dino Jungle
Rock Rock Mountain
 B  Yoshi  Yoshi's Egg  Rock Rock Mountain
Yoshi Circuit
Yoshi Circuit T
 B  Toad  Triple Mushrooms Mario Circuit R
Toad Circuit
Rock Rock Mountain T
 B  Toadette  Triple Mushrooms Daisy Hills R
Toad Circuit
 B  Lakitu  Triple Green Shells Toad Circuit T
Mario Circuit 2T
 B  Rosalina  Dash Ring Mario Circuit R
Rainbow Road
 B  Dry Bones  Triple Green Shells Bowser’s Castle 1T
Shy Guy Bazaar T
 B  Lemmy  Bubble Rainbow Road R
Mario Circuit 2T
 B  Ludwig  Dash Ring Bowser's Castle 1
Kalimari Desert
 B  Baby Rosalina  Bubble  Rainbow Road T
Choco Island 2T
 B  Baby Daisy   Bubble Daisy Hills T
(nine 2-item favored courses)
 C Koopa Troopa Triple Green Shells Koopa Troopa Beach
 C  Baby Mario  Boomerang Flower Mario Circuit 1T
 C  Baby Peach  Bubble Cheep Cheep Lagoon
 C  Roy   Double Bob-Ombs Kalimari Desert T
 C  Iggy   Triple Green Shells Choco Island 2R
 C  Shy Guy  Double Bob-Ombs  Shy Guy Bazaar
 C  Morton  Giant Banana Kalimari Desert
 C  Larry  Boomerang Flower Kalimari Desert R
 C  Wendy  Heart  Choco Island 2


Mario Kart tour Racer Tier List

What do you think of our rankings, and which Mario Kart Tour driver is your top "S"-ranked choice? Sound off in the comments below!

Need to figure out how to complete any other challenges or earn extra coins? Take a look at our growing list of Mario Kart Tour guides here, including: