Learn how to survive and effectively use resources in this beginner's guide to Osiris: New Dawn.

A Beginner’s Guide to Osiris: New Dawn

Learn how to survive and effectively use resources in this beginner's guide to Osiris: New Dawn.
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Osiris: New Dawn is the latest space survival game from Fenix Fire. It has entered an Early Access at Steam just a couple of weeks ago and is already gaining massive attention from the community.

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The game takes place in the future — a time when people discovered an interstellar travel. Many expeditions have been sent to research the new worlds, but one of them has gotten into trouble. Your task is to help your expedition to survive on an unknown deserted planet and make it your new home as quickly as possible.

This guide will focus on the basic tips of survival that are necessary to succeed in Osiris: New Dawn.

Use your weapons carefully

Osiris: New Dawn

There are several types of weapons in Osiris: New Dawn that can protect you from all sorts of dangerous alien species, but you won’t need more than that. You can even use your Chisel (mining tool) as a melee weapon, if you’re suddenly out of ammo.

The best weapon to use is your default Pistol, which is an energy weapon and has an infinite number of charges. However, if you meet larger and more dangerous monsters, it may not be enough and you will have to use your other heavier types of weapons.

You will have access to an Assault Rifle, which deals more damage, but be careful using every single shot, as the ammo in this game is scarce. Also, every time you recharge your rifle, you will lose the remaining shots, so make sure to use all 20, and then recharge by pressing the “R” button.

The rest of the weapons are modified versions of your Assault Rifle and a Sniper Rifle, which are both quite effective for dealing with bigger threats. But if you see a giant sandworm piercing through the crust of the earth – just run and don’t try to kill it.

In order to craft ammo for your weapons, first, you need to build a forge. Here is the recipe:

4 Iron, 2 Titanium, 4 Plutonium.

Know where to look for resources

Osiris: New Dawn

In order to be able to build structures and craft new items you need resources. Some of them are rarer than others, so in order to save you time looking for them, here are the coordinates to some of the most sought out materials in Osiris: New Dawn.

You can follow the exact coordinates by using your map tool from the menu of your character:

  • Chlorine: 8.3 -2.7, 8.2 -2.8, -5.1 -0.2, -10 -19.4
  • Lead: -0.3 9.5, -6 13.8, -5.3 14.1, 9.2 13.4
  • Oxygen geysers: 0.8 2.3, 0.7 -2.5, 0.9 -12.9, 2.1 -13.2, -9.9 15.6, 15.1 -9.2, 15.6 -26.5, 15.7 -26.8
  • Plutonium: 0, 2 2.1, 12.4 -27, -17 -3.7, -1.3 2.7, 8.2 -2.8, 15.4 -2.7, -9.6 19.7, -5.7 12.2, 12.4 -26.9, -14.1 -11.1
  • Titanium: 9 11.8, -9 12.4, 1.5 9.5, 9.3 -9.5, 2.5 -13.3, 0.9 -12.9, 2.1 -13.2, -3.3 14.4, -9.1 -12.6, -2.2 -20.3, 15.7 -26.8, -12.2 17.8
  • Diamonds: 2.5 14.0, -1.5 9.4, 2.6 14.2

Building your first settlement

Osiris: New Dawn

The number of structures that you can build for your settlement in Osiris: New Dawn is constantly updated. Currently, in addition to the default Inflatable Dome, you can set up the following structures: Airlock, Bio-Dome, Barracks, Habitat, Hallways, and Laboratory.

Barracks is your most important structure, as this is where you will basically live. However, without an Airlock none of these structures will be habitable, as it is your only source of air. So, start with these two using the following recipes, and then you can expand:

  • Barracks recipe: 5 Lead, 20 Steel, 10 Rubber, 10 Copper, 20 Plastic, 10 Aluminum
  • Airlock recipe: 2 Glass, 5 Copper, 10 Steel, 20 Aluminum

After that you can build the Bio-Dome – a farming utility where you can grow food and other useful resources.

  • Bio-Dome recipe: 12 Steel, 22 Glass, 15 Rubber, 10 Plastic

If you want to craft something more advanced, such as a new mech or even a spaceship, then you need to build a Laboratory.

  • Laboratory recipe: 10 Wire, 20 Gold, 32 Steel, 5 Diamond, 5 Lithium, 12 Aluminum, 3 Circuit Board

Also, you can connect all these structures with hallways that each must have a separate airlock.

  • Hallway recipe: 3 Iron, 1 Copper, 2 Aluminum

Now, when you have everything that you need, you can travel farther than ever before. You will be well-prepared for any kind of danger, and maybe even find some new and unusual resources for your base.

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