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Alan Wake 2: Best Saga Weapon Upgrades Ranked

We've got you covered with which weapon upgrades to go for in Alan Wake 2.

With five weapons to choose from and a limited number of manuscript pages, it can be tough to decide which to focus on. Here is our ranking of the best weapon upgrades for Saga in Alan Wake 2.

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The Best Saga Weapon Upgrades Ranked in Alan Wake 2

More Bullets (Pistol)

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More Bullets does exactly what you’d expect, providing more ammo for your Pistol by increasing the magazine size by 50%. This bumps it up from a maximum of 12 to 18.

Whether you’re dealing with a lot of enemies or stronger ones, it always helps to have additional bullets. I can attest it makes a big difference to be able to fire off six more shots before needing to reload, which easily makes this one of the best weapon upgrades in Alan Wake 2.

Again and Again (Pistol)

Although the Pistol is on the weaker side, that can be mitigated with quicker shooting. Again and Again adds an auto-fire mode if you hold down the button.

At the expense of stability, this allows you to pump enemies with a lot more bullets. As long as you can keep your crosshair on the target, this will speed up most enemy encounters.

Two Shots (Crossbow)

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The Pistol isn’t the only weapon that can be upgraded to take more shots. Two Shots allows you to fire two bolts with your Crossbow instead of just one.

If you’re a fan of the Crossbow, this is a vital upgrade to pursue. The lengthy reload time can make the typically one-shot weapon quite unwieldy in battle. This simple change can provide a lot more flexibility in use.

Fluid Motion (Sawed-off Shotgun)

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Saga’s Sawed-off Shotgun is a great early weapon balanced by a two-shell capacity and a long reloading time. The Fluid Motion upgrade aims to improve the latter detriment by increasing the reload speed.

This won’t make as much of a difference early on, but I can assure you it makes a difference later. Combat can get hectic and you don’t want to be caught off-guard due to putting in new shells.

Faster and Faster (Pump-action Shotgun)

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Saga will find a Pump-action Shotgun near the endgame which is even stronger than the Sawn-off. Similar to the Again and Again upgrade for the Pistol, Faster and Faster adds an auto-fire mode when the button is held.

Paired with the high damage, it becomes easy to melt enemies in no time at all. Just make sure to not miss any of your shots.

Under Control (Pump-action Shotgun)

A big disadvantage of the Pump-action Shotgun is how little you can move around. Under Control increases your movement speed while aiming.

There are a lot of open areas that make it easy for enemies to surround you. This upgrade ensures you can stay a step ahead and dish out damage to everyone.

Another Headshot (Pistol)

The Taken are relentless and it can’t be overstated how helpful it is to have some time to breathe. Another Headshot makes it so that landing two headshots within a small amount of time will stun the enemy.

I had a lot of success using this upgrade to take out the quick flanking Taken that throw axes at you. It also turns your Pistol into a great tool for managing a group of enemies if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Feedback Loop (Hunting Rifle)

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The Hunting Rifle is a powerhouse weapon that can make short work of even the strongest foes, but the rate of fire is certainly on the lower side. Feedback Loop makes it so that repeated successful hits will reduce the time between your shots.

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It’s immediately noticeable how much more effective the rifle is with an improved rate of fire. Keep a steady aim and you’ll be able to deal out high damage in a quick fashion.

Ready For More (Sawed-off Shotgun)

One of the best weapon upgrades is for the Sawed-off Shotgun. Ready For More makes it so that killing an enemy with it will restore your health. How much is restored further depends on how strong the enemy is.

Healing yourself in the middle of combat can be tough in Alan Wake 2, especially when dealing with multiple enemies. This won’t outright replace healing, but well-placed shots will allow you to focus more on the offensive.

Way Home (Hunting Rifle)

The most standout upgrades are those that provide one-of-a-kind mechanics for your weapons. Way Home is a unique upgrade that allows you to damage enemies while ignoring their darkness shield.

This effectively allows you to ignore the typical combat loop and blast away as you please while keeping flashlight charges. As strong as the hunting rifle already is, this upgrade makes it incredibly better.

You’re free to choose which weapons you want to use, but that does it for our ranking of the best Saga weapon upgrades in Alan Wake 2. For additional tips, including how to get every weapon, check out our AW2 guides page.

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