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All Base Invasions You Can Face in Palworld

Here are all the base invasions you can face in Palworld and how to deal with them.

Base invasions or base raids are some of the most unpleasant surprises in the game. Enemies will leave your structures in ruins and your Pals wounded if you don’t defend them. In this guide, I’ll show you how to deal with all base invasions you can face in Palworld.

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All Base Raid Types in Palworld

There are two types of base invasions that you can face in Palworld: Faction Invasions and Pal Invasions. When a faction invades your base, you need to deal with both humans and their Pals. But at higher levels, random Wild Pal invasions occur as well. Both can be very dangerous, so it’s important to prepare beforehand.

How to Defend Your Base From Faction Invasions

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During my research, I discovered that only two of the five factions are actively attacking player bases in Palworld. The most notorious ones are the Rayne Syndicate members. These include such enemies as Syndicate Thugs, Syndicate Gunners, Syndicate Grenadiers, Syndicate Elites, Syndicate Hunters, and Syndicate Crushers.

These enemies appear at different levels with varying weapons. For example, I’d have to face Syndicate Elites at Level 25, who carry assault rifles. They’re often accompanied by Level 15-20 Pals that can rush through any base and destroy everything in their wake. That’s why I had to figure out how to protect my base.

Build a Wooden Wall

The very first thing that I came up with was building defense walls around my base. I decided to build a simple wooden wall around my base. This construction would prevent faction enemies and Pals from instantly ruining everything I’ve built. It also allows me extra time to equip weapons to help my Pals repel the unexpected raid.

I unlocked the recipe to build a wooden wall at Technology Level 2. At this point, I have to simply research the Wooden Structure Set in the Technology menu. Once that’s done, I can open the “Building Menu” and select the “Foundations” tab. In the process, I also discovered that I couldn’t simply build a wall without a foundation. So, after building a foundation, I can finally build the wall with a few windows for practical reasons.

Build an Alarm Bell

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Another very important thing I decided to include in my base is the Alarm Bell. This small addition plays a huge part in how your Pals behave during a base invasion. I can set their behavior to focus on work when there’s no danger or switch to a defensive position when my base is being attacked. In the latter case, as soon as my base is invaded, my Pals will drop everything and start furiously protecting the area.

Building an alarm bell requires x5 Paldium Fragments and x20 Stone. I found this recipe on the Technology tree, which unlocks at Level 4.

How to Defend Your Base From Pal Invasions

Slaying a raiding Relaxaurus in Palworld
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Early on, I faced Wild Direhowls and Bandwagon Fan Girl Lovander raids. They caused minimal damage, but that’s no reason to take these invasions lightly. There’s a big chance that your base could be invaded by high-level Wild Pals.

Imagine a couple of unhinged Relaxaurus Lux Pals storming through your base out of nowhere. I consider this type of scenario far more dangerous than the faction invasion, which is easier to repel. But no worries, here’s how I suggest defending against Pal invasions.

Build Sandbags and Craft Traps

As I figured out, the best way to repel unexpected base invasions is to set permanent sandbags around the base perimeter. It takes two Technology Points to unlock. And the recipe is really simple, requiring only x10 Wood and x10 Stone. After crafting it, assign a few Pals to these sandbags to constantly watch over the area.

But there’s one more thing that I really wouldn’t survive without in Palworld, and that’s Hanging Traps and Bear Traps. I’d typically set Hanging Traps (x10 Wood, x5 Stone) against human invaders and small Pals. But larger creatures require a Bear Trap (x20 Ingots) for sure. With these traps protecting your base, not a single enemy can pass by.

Tame Stronger Pals

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I know it’s easier to tame weaker Pals and assign them to various jobs on your base. But when it comes to defensive tactics and strategies, I can’t stress enough how important it is to have strong Pals. In my experience, the three best defensive pals for any base would be Penking, Grizzbolt, and Mammorest.

The main reason why I chose these three Pals is that they all add more value to their defense. For example, Penking deals AoE Ice damage with Blizzard Spike. Grizzbolt has a minigun, allowing him to quickly deal with a whole group of invading enemies. And Mammorest is a large Pal that can prevent other giant Pals from smashing your base to smithereens.

Hopefully, my guide helped you protect your base from all base invasions you can face in Palworld. If you want to avoid raids completely, you can always turn them off. Stay tuned for more PW tips and tricks articles, including how to get and use beautiful flowers and how to catch and breed Lyleen Noct.

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