How to Get and Use Beautiful Flowers in Palworld

Craft more medicine with Beautiful Flowers in Palworld!

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Beautiful Flowers are useful for multiple crafting recipes, but they’re tougher to get compared to other resources since you can’t farm them at your Ranch. Instead, you farm them through a killing spree of specific Pals in the wild. Here’s how to get and use Beautiful Flowers in Palworld.

Where to Find and How to Use Beautiful Flowers in Palworld

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Beautiful Flowers aren’t a necessity, but they’re ingredients in Medicine items that are useful to have on hand. They’re quite rare, though. You can forage Beautiful Flowers on the grounds of Wildlife Sanctuary No. 1, Wildlife Sanctuary No. 2, or Wildlife Sanctuary No. 3. However, this method puts you in danger of fighting high-level Pals, and it’s considered criminal activity to visit these locations. The easier way to find Beautiful Flowers is by catching or defeating certain Pals that drop it.

Which Pals Drop Beautiful Flowers in Palworld?

As mentioned, the best way to gather Beautiful Flowers is by killing Pals that have a chance to drop them. Of the options, I find Ribbunies easy and quick to use as a method for Beautiful Flowers. They’re low-level — usually around Level 5 — and tend to cluster together. My biggest problem fighting them is their tendency to run away, so having ranged weapons helps a lot. But here’s a full list of Pals that drop them:

  • Lyleen
  • Petallia
  • Ribbuny
  • Special Flower Gumoss
  • Wumpo
  • Wumpo Botan

How to Use Beautiful Flowers in Palworld

Suspicious Juice recipe in Medieval Medicine Workbench
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Only a few pieces of Technology use Beautiful Flowers: Flower Bed and Wumpo Botan Saddle. However, you mainly use it to craft Medicines. Each of the following requires them to create:

  • Suspicious Juice
  • Strange Juice
  • Memory Wiping Medicine
  • Mind Control Meds

So, they don’t make Medicines that heal Pals in the way you might expect. Instead, they create Juice that increases Work Speed at the cost of Sanity. Then, the Memory Wiping Medicine resets your Stats that you use while leveling, so putting your points in the wrong Stat isn’t permanent. And finally, the Mind Control Meds remove negative statuses like Depressed or Weakened while refilling the Pal’s Sanity.

And that’s how to get and use Beautiful Flowers in Palworld. During early game, they seem unimportant since you only make Juice with them. In late game, they become highly useful for handling Pals and adjusting Stats. From here, check out our guides hub for more topics like how to find and use skill fruit or where to find huge eggs.

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