Fighting a Mongrel in Fallout 76
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All Canine Locations in Fallout 76

Here are all Canine locations in Fallout 76 to quickly complete the Kill a Canine timed challenge.

Completing timed challenges in Fallout 76 is how you earn Season Tickets to spend on themed loot. One of those timed challenges requires you to kill a specific amount of canines. Here are all canine locations in Fallout 76 so you can quickly complete the Kill a Canine timed challenge.

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All Kill a Canine Locations in Fallout 76

Fighting a wolf in Fallout 76.
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You can find many Canines that spawn in the various locales of Appalachia or that you will encounter during public events. The following animals in Fallout 76 will count for the Kill a Canine timed challenge:

  • Dogs
  • Mongrels
  • Mutant Hounds
  • Wolves

Here are the best locations to Kill a Canine in Fallout 76:

  • Aaronholt Homestead: You’ll reliably find five Canines at this location.
  • Big Bend Tunnel: You’ll find 11 basic Mongrels and 2 Alpha variants at this location.
  • Blood Eagle Camps (Eagle Icon on Map): Most Blood Eagle enemies will summon dogs that will attack you after sounding the alarm to your presence. Heading to one of these camps is an easy way to complete the Kill a Canine and Blood Eagle timed challenges.
  • Flatwoods and Oveer’s Camp: You’ll find a pack of Mongrels roaming the road between these locations, making it easy to server-hop to see the amount you need.
  • Free Range (Public Event): You must protect Brhman from packs of wolves that try to attack them. You can start this public event by visiting Big Fred’s BBQ Shack, Groves Family Cabin, or the Southern Belle Motel.
  • Isolated Cabin: You’ll find this location just southeast of Vault 76. There will be 3 to 5 Mongrels at this location.
  • Leader of the Pack (Public Event): You’ll face off against a pack of wolves during this public event in the Tyler County Fairgrounds.
  • Summersville: Head Northwest of this town to a small bridge. This location will spawn 3 to 5 Sorch or 3 to 5 Mongrels.
  • Whitespring Golf Club: Head to the north area of this location to find a pack of Mongrels.

Now that you know all Canine locations in Fallout 76, you’ll finish the Kill a Canine timed challenge to earn valuable Season Tickets to help unlock Season Pages. Check out our Fallout 76 hub for more guides like All Overgrown Locations, another common enemy to kill for timed challenges.

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