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Crabs in Crab God
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All Crab God Roles Explained

Enlist in the Crab Army today!

Crab God is a pretty fun, eco-friendly, and enjoyable Indie RTS game in which you command a crab colony. Each of the crabs in your colony can take on one of the five available roles, each serving a specific purpose. I’ll explain all of Crab God‘s roles to you.

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Every Crab God Role And What It Does

There are 5 Crab God Roles at the moment, from left to right:

  • Gardener
  • Scavenger
  • Worshipper
  • Builder
  • Hunter

When you click a specific Crab, whether directly or through the portrait list in the bottom-right corner, and by pressing the “Q – Change Role” button, you can change the purpose of the Crab in your colony. Here’s what you need to know about each of these roles.

Gardener Role in Crab God

The Gardener is the housekeeper in your colony, and you’ll certainly want to have at least 1 (later, maybe even 2) Crabs that are specialized Gardeners.

  • Can clear the weed that spawns on the map.
  • Can plant and upgrade plants and corals as well as remove them.
  • Can nourish and cultivate plants and corals and extract resources.

Scavenger Role in Crab God

Scavengers are necessary at the start of the level to pick up the hidden treasure and near the end, when you wish to gather food and progress to the next level. I had one Crab specializing in Scavenging, and I feel that this role is the least important one to build on.

  • Can loot the food and bring it to the base.
  • Can loot the hidden treasure on the bottom of the ocean.

Worshipper Role in Crab God

The Worshipper role is potentially the most important role as it generates favor, your main resource for building anything, and changing the roles of your Crabs. I’d recommend that at least half of your Crab colony has perks related to the Worship role, as you’ll spend a lot of favor in your runs.

  • Gathers favor when praying outside of your base, which you later spend to fund role changes, plants, buildings, etc.
  • Cleanses Ritual Stones that you can use to upgrade your colony once you complete its quests.
  • If you obtain the perk, Worshippers can heal other Crabs.

Builder Role in Crab God

Not a really important role during a level, so perhaps not worth specializing many of your Crabs into it. Builder is necessary to tear down the barricades at the start of each level. It’s also good to know that it can serve as a defender, so no need to spend additional favor points to convert it into a Hunter if you’re running low.

  • Breaks clams open to uncover loot in them.
  • Builds walls for protection against the hordes of threats.
  • Tears down rock barricades to allow you to control more of the “map.”
  • Can swing their mighty hammer and defend against hordes of threats.

Hunter Role in Crab God

A vital role in your colony if you want to defend your base successfully. I’d specialize at least half of my Crabs to be Hunters with the attack/defense-based perks.

  • Builds spiky traps to hurt the hordes of threats.
  • Bravely and fiercely fights the threats by tossing spears at them.
  • Attacks the threat settlements on the map at your command.

How Many Of Each Role Should I Have in Crab God?

You will find yourself changing your Crabs’ roles an insurmountable number of times, and this will get more often the more you manage to reduce their role change costs. Every Crab will do everything that is necessary for your colony to survive and thrive.

As mentioned above, you will have some of the Crabs that are better suited for some roles for optimization purposes, but it is quite normal that during night time, every Crab is a Hunter, and during the morning, a Worshipper, and later, during the day, a Builder, Scavenger or Gardener. It’s all situational, and this game forces you to adapt your strategy on a minute-to-minute basis.

If you are looking for more tips about Crab God, check out our beginner tips at our Crab God guide hub.

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