You still collect Halos in Bayonetta 3 but they can be hard to come by. These are the two best places to farm for the currency.

Bayonetta 3: The Best Way to Farm Halos

You still collect Halos in Bayonetta 3 but they can be hard to come by. These are the two best places to farm for the currency.

Halos are the rarest currency you can earn in Bayonetta 3. They can be used to purchase cosmetics from Rodin’s Shop, mostly consisting of new costumes for Bayonetta and Viola. 

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Since these are harder to come by playing through the game regularly, getting Halos requires a little more time investment than you’d put in for other currencies. If you want to see all of Bayonetta’s costumes and color variants, you’ll have to farm for Halos after completing the game. Luckily, there is more than one great place to revisit to grind for them.

How to Farm Halos Fast

To farm for Halos in Bayonetta 3, you’ll need to fight Angel-type enemies. Angels are only found in specific Verses, and they aren’t as common as you might hope. Verses that contain enemy Angels will be marked with a glowing golden light that you can see as you approach the encounter. 

The best place to farm for Halos is Chapter 3, Verse 1. This Verse is a little ways off the beaten path but worth the journey. From the main highway you spawn on, look down and to your right to find a roof with golem cube. Jump down, and hit the cube until platforms appear in front of you. Follow the floating platforms to a bus, then jump on top of it and follow until you see the Angel light of Verse 1. 

Once you’ve defeated these enemies and collected the Halos, you can then return to Chapter Select without losing your earned currencies. Then all you have to do is restart Chapter 3, and it’s only less than a minute’s journey to get back to the Angel fight. 

The other reliable way to earn Halos is by playing Jeanne’s mini-game. After you complete all four of Jeanne’s side missions, you’ll unlock the ability to play the pixel art mini-game version of the same type of gameplay. Each time you play, it will cost a nominal 300 Seeds to play a stage.

Halos are rewarded for beating the arcade game, and the higher the difficulty, the more you’ll earn. The payoff is huge, but there is also a risk of wasting your time (and Seeds) and getting nothing in return should you fail. 

Those are the two best ways to farm Halos fast. For more Bayonetta 3 guides and lists, such as how to get the secret ending and our best weapons tier list, click the links or visit our dedicated guides page for the game.

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