Best PvP Base Locations in Ark: Survival Ascended Across All Arks

Here are some of the best PvP base locations in Ark: Survival Ascended, including their exact coordinates.

A wooden base in the snowy mountains in Ark ASA
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When looking for a place to dig in and settle down in PvP, it’s vital to find spots with natural defenses, such as caves, underwater caverns, and high mountain ranges (or at least hills and cliffs). Here, I’ll highlight the best Ark: Survival Ascended base locations for PvP servers.

Where to Find the Best PvP Base Locations in Ark: Survival Ascended

PvP Base Location 1: Central Cave

Central cave location on the Ark: Survival Ascended map
Image via Ark Unity

Found at coordinates: 41.5 Lat, 46.9 Lon, Central Cave is probably the most famous spot for setting up a PvP base in Ark: Survival Ascended. The tight corridors make it hard for anyone with ranged weapons to hit you, so it creates natural defenses. The ledges are steep, making inexperienced players fall to their demise. It’s also a labyrinth with a closed loop, which you can use to your advantage.

However, there are two problems with this cave. First, there are tons of Piranhas, which makes it hard to move through the watery areas. Second, the cave is visited by Megalosaurus at night, and this dino hits like a truck, so be well prepared.

But it also contains the Artifact of the Clever, which is required to summon the Broodmother Lysrix, and there are a lot of metal and rich metal nodes around the cave, which makes it perfect for setting up a crafting shop.

PvP Base Location 2: Tek Cave

Tek cave location on the Ark: Survival Ascended map
Image via Ark Unity

The Tek Cave is located in the same quadrant as the Central Cave at coordinates: 42.8 Lat, 39.2 Lon. But I wouldn’t recommend the Tek Cave to beginner players. Veteran PvP survivalists, on the other hand, will love this spot, as it’s located right at the top of a volcano.

You can use the lava pits to throw your enemies off the narrow bridges. But be aware of the wild dinos swarming this area, such as the T-Rex, which are far more aggressive than the ones roaming other Arks.

Very high temperatures are also important to remember, so be sure to equip the Ghillie Armor or Tek Armor. I also highly recommend using only ranged weapons here to keep a safe distance from other players.

PvP Base Location 3: North West Cave

North west cave location on the Ark: Survival Ascended map
Image via Ark Unity

The North West Cave, found at coordinates: 19.3 Lat, 19.0 Lon, is famous for being the narrowest cave on The Island. Most dinos can’t enter the cave, which is a great natural defense against larger mounts.

If you want to get a mount of the right size to move around this cave, then tame either an Araneo spider or an Onyc bat. This cave also has extremely deep pitfalls that can insta-kill heedless enemies.

Since this cave is located in a cold biome, be sure to bring warm gear, such as Fur Armor. Also, be aware that there’s Mega Rabies inside the cave, so prepare antidotes before coming here. Beyond those two caveats, it’s a great place to build a PvP base in Ark: Survival Ascended, with plenty of resources around, including crystals, oil, obsidian, and silica pearls.

PvP Base Location 4: Blue Obelisk

Blue Obelisk location on the Ark: Survival Ascended map
Image via Ark Unity

Of all three Obelisks in Ark: Survival Ascended, the Blue Obelisk is considered the best spot at coordinates: 25.4 Lat, 25.6 Lon. It has the highest concentration of resources in the area of Whitesky Peak, and it allows you to transfer your character profile from one PvP server to another. This just makes things so much easier, although be mindful of raids and attacks from other players, as this is quite a hot spot for PvP bases.

Once again, I don’t recommend this location for new players, but I wouldn’t recommend beginners play on PvP servers in the first place. This area can serve true survivalists really well — but only if you know what to do and how to use the location to its m maximum potential.

PvP Base Location 5: The Caverns of Lost Hope

Caverns of lost hope location on the Ark: Survival Ascended map
Image via Ark Unity

Found at coordinates: 45.9 Lat, 88.9 Lon, this is one of the best underwater caves on The Island. It can function as a well-protected PvP base because some sections are actually above the water. I like this cave because it’s naturally well-lit, and many underwater caves aren’t, requiring you to wear a Scuba Mask to see. Although this cave is located in a warm biome, it’s still pretty cold inside.

It also spawns high-level aquatic dinos, such as Mosasaurus, Plesiosaur, and Tusoteuthis. I wouldn’t attempt setting up a base here under Level 40. But one thing that makes it excellent for PvP is the presence of those dinos and plenty of small hiding spots in its walls, where you can ambush other players.

PvP PBase Location 6: Lava Cave

Lava cave location on the Ark: Survival Ascended map
Image via Ark Unity

Although this cave, found at coordinates: 70.6 Lat, 86.1 Lon, is full of lava, I have to say that besides the Central Cave, it’s probably the only other place suitable for beginners wanting to test their skills on a PvP server. You can use White Crystals to reduce the temperatures inside and bring lots of antidotes against the Mega Rabies. But other than that, it’s located in a rather isolated place where other players and dinos won’t bother you for quite some time.

Those are my choices for the best PvP base locations in Ark: Survival Ascended. Check out our other ASA tips and tricks articles, including our list of the 10 most useful dinos to tame and how to get Bio Toxin.

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