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Top 10 Best Arrows to Get in Baldur’s Gate 3

Fill your quiver with the best ammunition this top 10 best arrows in Baldur's Gate 3 list has to offer.

Longbow and Crossbow users have plenty of ammunition options, from elemental offerings to ones that debuff. With so many to choose from, I wanted to outline some of the best options for damage and utility effects. Here are my top 10 best arrows in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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What are the Best Arrows in Baldur’s Gate 3?

10. Arrow of Ilmater

One of the most common arrows outside of the elemental variety is the Arrow of Ilmater. It provides a small damage boost of 1d4 necrotic damage. More importantly, it stops healing. It’s a very useful effect for certain boss fights, where enemies use Health potions, Second Winds, or other healing abilities.

For example, I recommend ambushing True Soul Gut in her room and debuffing her with this arrow. She can’t heal as you burst her down before reinforcements arrive. You get them from Dammon at the Druids Grove and Cyrel at The Risen Road.

9. Elemental Arrows

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Some of the cheapest and most accessible arrow options in BG3 are elemental arrows like Fire, Acid, or Lightning. They boost damage and come with unique effects. I suggest using Fire for a DPS burn effect or Lightning on a wet surface like water or blood. Acid is also great for lowering enemy AC in an AoE.

That said, be careful. These BG3 arrows harm allies engaged in melee combat, unless the ally has a Reach weapon. Get them from Arron, Cyrel, Dammon, Roah, and many other merchants. They also drop from enemies using ranged weapons.

8. Arrow of Darkness

While the Arrow of Darkness is a decent crowd control option to limit enemy vision, it shines with Warlocks. I like to take the Devil’s Sight invocation, then shoot this arrow with an ally Ranger or Rogue, having your Pact of the Blade Warlock with Devil Sight engage the enemy. Darkness doesn’t affect the Warlock. They have Advantage on the enemy. Buy these from Dammon.

7. Arrow of Roaring Thunder

The Roaring Thunder arrow is highly situational but works wonders in the right circumstances. If the enemy fails a saving throw, they’re pushed 15 feet or about 3 meters from your chosen point. You can knock multiple enemies off ledges or into lava with these arrows. I used it by baiting Goblins up scaffolds in the Dror Ragzlin fight and in the Nere fight to push enemies into lava. Dammon, Arron, and Roah sells these.

6. Arrow of Salving

Who says you can’t use arrows to help allies? This rare BG3 arrow cures allies from the Poisoned, Paralysed, and Blinded conditions with a single zero-damage shot at 18m/60 feet. There aren’t that many Arrows of Salving in the game. Lady Esther in front of the Monastery sells them, as do Talli, Dammon, and Barcus at the Last Light Inn.

5. Arrow of Transposition

This is a fun option that teleports you to the point you shoot at. Arrow of Transportation opens a variety of movement options for ranged characters — Archery Fighters, Rogues, and Rangers — that don’t otherwise have a teleport. It’s also cheap. Buy it from a variety of merchants. I recommend visiting Auntie Ethel’s Teahouse in the swamp for a free one above the door.

4. Smokepowder Arrow

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Smokepowder Arrow is one of the most powerful arrows in Baldur’s Gate 3. It focuses on straight-up damage. It has a range of 18m/60 feet, and once it hits its target, it explodes to deal 4d6 fire and 4d6 force damage in a 5m/17-foot radius.

That’s a straight-up Level 3 Fireball at the end of an arrow that even pushes your target. The best thing is that Smokepowder Arrows aren’t expensive. Barcus Wroot, Fytz the Firecracker, and Enthral Danthelon sell them. I always go for these on my Rangers or Archery Fighters because it gives them an AoE damage option.

3. Arrow of Many Targets

Speaking of AoE damage, a more reliable way to get it is through the Arrow of Many Targets. It deals half its damage to an additional three targets within an 18m/60-foot range. The neat part is that while its base damage is halved, bonuses from the Sharpshooter feat, Sneak Attack, or Titan Weapon aren’t.

It allows you to deal flexible AoE damage to targets not standing near each other. Moreover, it also ignores Sanctuary on secondary shots. I usually get it from Talli and Dammon, but Lann Tarv, Roah, Popper, and A’jak’nir Jeera also sell it for cheap.

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2. Slaying Arrows

While Slaying Arrows offer a straight-up double damage effect against their respective creature types, some are more useful than others. I always stock up on Humanoid Slaying and Monstrosity Slaying. These are the most common enemy types. Furthermore, I find the Dragon Slaying arrows highly effective against Ansur. Stocking up is worth the extra gold. Get them from various merchants depending on the type you want.

1. Arrow of Arcane Interference

One of the most notable and important BG3 arrows is the Arrow of Arcane Interference. It can instantly break concentration on powerful enemy spells in the late game just by hitting a caster. Furthermore, that caster can’t speak or cast spells with verbal components. Barcus Wroot sells thems, and I would save them for mid to late-game spellcaster fights.

That concludes my list of the top 10 best arrows in Baldur’s Gate 3. For more BG3 tips and tricks, check out our best solo builds and how to play solo.

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