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Best Elder Faerie Cookie Toppings & Build in Cookie Run Kingdom

Find out which toppings are the best for Elder Faerie Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom.

Edler Faerie Cookie is one of the best defense-type cookies in both PvP and PvE modes of Cookie Run Kingdom. But you can always improve its incredible resistance stats even further. Here, I’ll provide you with a short list of the best Elder Faerie Cookie toppings for the most effective build in the game.

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Cookie Run Kingdom: Best Toppings & Build for Elder Faerie Cookie

The best position for the Elder Faerie Cookie would be the frontline. This means that you need to make it as damage-proof as possible with the help of these toppings:

  • Searing Raspberry
  • Solid Almond
  • Swift Chocolate

You can choose either Searing Raspberry or Solid Almond, as they both provide high damage resistance. Although Searing Raspberry’s main stat is ATK, it actually has a higher damage resistance (23.6%) than Solid Almond (20.5%), although not by much.

I also selected the Swift Chocolate topping for this build, as it reduces your cooldown times by 5%, which is always important no matter where you position your cookies. Elder Faerie Cookie’s skills include Taunt and Debuff Purification, which are very important for taking all the incoming damage away from the allies and removing any possible negative status effects. On top of that, you can summon an HP Shield, which absorbs 15% of the target’s HP, and even use Prism Shards to negate all incoming damage.

Note that Elder Faerie Cookie also carries an explosive Guardian’s Valor Sword, which can deal tons of damage (63.8%). That’s also one of the reasons why I chose the Searing Raspberry topping as your main one for this build since it can boost your ATK by 31.3%. With this type of build, you’ll be able to overcome various limitations when playing.

That’s all I wanted to tell you about the best Elder Faerie Cookie toppings in Cookie Run Kingdom. Stay tuned for more CRK tips and tricks articles right here.

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