Here are the three best builds for Priest in Bless unleashed, including the best builds for both PvE and PvP.

Bless Unleashed Guide: Best Priest Builds

Here are the three best builds for Priest in Bless unleashed, including the best builds for both PvE and PvP.
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The Priest class in Bless Unleashed blesses its allies by channeling the holy energy using various blessings and smites, and is viable in both PvE and PvP. This guide will provide you with some of the best Priest builds in Bless Unleashed.

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The main strategy for each build is to increase the attack power, which directly influences Priest’s healing abilities. The first two builds in this guide focus on PvE, while the last one is mainly focused on PvP.

The Crescent Moon Build

This build is based on The Crescent Moon blessing, which is universally regarded as the best blessing for the Priest class.

It gives 2% bonus to all your attacks for each consumed mana crystal. If you manage to stack up all of your 10 mana crystals, then you will have a 100% critical hit chance, plus 20% boost to your overall damage.

This is undoubtedly the most powerful option for Priest players who want to be both effective in battle and at healing.

The best weapons for The Crescent Moon build is following:

  • Staff of Epiphany
  • Old Legion Halidom

As for the gear, here is what you should opt for in this build:

  • Truth Seeker’s Circlet
  • Robe Annihilation
  • Leg Armor of Annihilation
  • Grandseer’s Boots
  • Gloves of Desire
  • Grandseer’s Shoulders
  • Belt of Eternity
  • Desert Song Ring
  • Horde Necklace

Mark of the Wolf Build

The Mark of the Wolf blessing is not as strong as The Crescent Moon, but is easier to get, and thus can be utilized alongside a more budget-friendly set of weapons and gear.

The mana regeneration ability that comes with the blessing can be well used for some serious damage output, which equals effective healing as well.

You can use the following weapons to a great effect with Mark of the Wolf blessing:

  • Reinforcement’s Staff
  • Ancient Priest’s Halidom

This gear can be very useful in the current build:

  • Eyepatch of Ancient Eternity
  • Robe of Desire
  • Leg Armor of the Strategist
  • Boots of Ancient Eternity
  • Placid Mage’s Gloves
  • Shoulderguards of the Seer
  • Belt of the Strategist
  • Chief Priest’s Ring
  • Shiny Necklace

Night Wind Build

While the previous two builds have been mainly focused on the PvE aspect of Bless Unleashed, the Night Wind blessing gives you more power in the PvP mode, if that is your main preference.

The Night Wind build gives extra 5% to your attack power in PvP battles, which can accumulate into huge amounts of damage and healing power.

The two best weapons for your primary and secondary slots in this build should be:

  • Protection of Demea
  • Halidom of the Ancients

As for the gear, here is what you can opt for:

  • Hat of Eternity
  • Robe of the Prophet
  • Leg Armor of Eternity
  • Grandseer’s Boots
  • Gloves of the Prophet
  • Shoulderguards of Desire
  • Belt of Desire
  • Ring of Arrogance
  • Roisa’s Necklace

These are the best builds for Priest class in Bless Unleashed. Be sure to check out the rest of the Bless Unleashed guides on our dedicated hub page.

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