Quick tips & tricks to get you started on farming Science and Blue points in Graveyard Keeper.

Blinded By Science: How to get Science Points in Graveyard Keeper

Quick tips & tricks to get you started on farming Science and Blue points in Graveyard Keeper.
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While Lazy Bear Game’s Graveyard Keeper gives players the opportunity to curate specific skills through its technology trees, not all of the points for the technologies are so easy to get — like Science. Each technology in the game requires a set number of points to unlock, either Red, Green, Blue or a combination of two or all of them.

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Though Red and Green points are easy to obtain through farming materials and crafting items, Blue points and Science points are a bit more elusive and hard to come by. However, there are some tricks to help you boost your supply! So to spare you the pain of wasted hours, we’ve put together a small guide on farming all the Blue and Science Points you need.

Everything is Blue

As discussed in our Graveyard Keeper Beginner’s Guide, Blue Points represent your spiritual knowledge of the immaterial world. That means you can get most Blue Points through research and study. The catch here is that you can’t actually start researching things until after you’ve opened the church.

Once the Bishop has approved your cemetery overhaul and you’ve been tasked with giving regular sermons, you’ll find you have access to the Church Blueprint Board or Workbench as well as the Study Desk. From there, you’ll be able to do research and craft the items you need to help you get Blue Points.

But before all that, you need to get your first Science points.

Science points made easy!

Getting your first Science points in game can be a bit confusing, but is actually very simple — you have to study and burn Clean Paper on the Study Table in the basement of the Church. However, before you can make Clean Paper, you need to build the Church Workbench.

How to make a Church Workbench

To build the Church Workbench, you need to unlock Research and Paper Crafting under the Book Writing technology tree. You will also need to craft an Anvil at your home to make Complex Iron Parts. The Anvil will take 4 Iron Parts to build.

Crafting Complex Iron Parts will take one Iron Ingot and one Simple Iron Parts (you can get the Simple Iron Parts from the Wood Anvil). Once you have 9 Fitch, 10 Nails, and 4 Complex Iron Parts you can make the Church Workbench.  

Getting those Science points

On the Church Workbench you will be able to take Human Skin and turn it into Pigskin Paper, which you can then turn into Clean Paper. This should give you 4 pieces of paper that you can take over to the Study Table in the Church, study, and burn. Voila! You should have your first Science points.

After that you can also get Science points from:

  1. The Astrologist: After you complete the Astrologist’s first quest, he should give you 2 Science points
  2. The Bishop: Complete the quest to give the Bishop 20 bowls and he will give you 5 Science points

Further Blue points

The Study Table can also be used to farm Blue points you want! You can study body parts and various other items at the table to get them. Just keep in mind that you can only study a type of item once, though some can be decomposed into Blue points. And if you find you’re still struggling, here are some extra ways to earn them –

  • Farm sand and clay to create glass, which you can also study
  • Buy books & science papers from the Astrologist to study
  • Craft Church benches

That’s all for this Graveyard Keeper guide, but be sure to stick with GameSkinny for more helpful guides like this. And if you’re just starting out and haven’t already, be sure to check out our Graveyard Keeper beginner’s guide for tips and strategies on starting off on the right foot!

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