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Can You Meet Delilah in Firewatch?

Get ready to learn if you'll get to meet Delilah in Firewatch.

In Firewatch, Delilah is the only other person you get to interact with constantly in your playthrough, and many gamers starting the game want to know if they’ll ever get to meet the stranger who keeps talking to you throughout the game. If you are here, you must have the same question in mind, so get ready to learn if you can meet Delilah in Firewatch.

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Firewatch: Can You Meet Delilah?

No, unfortunately, players can’t meet Delilah in Firewatch. Your interaction with Delilah only happens throughout your radio, and sadly, it stays there as the game doesn’t let you meet her face to face. At one point throughout the story, you can even go to her tower and see all the stuff she had with her while she guided you.

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If you look closely at her tower, you can see a small drawing about Henry featuring his trademark shorts and a friendly turtle named Bucket Jr. Besides her drawing and a few items, her tower is fairly similar to yours.

At one point throughout the game, the possibility of meeting Delilah seems likely, but this ends abruptly toward the end of Firewatch.

Throughout Firewatch, you build a relationship with Delilah every time you go outside the tower and a few times through some cutscenes, and most players believe meeting her is a real possibility as both characters seem fond of each other and enjoy the company. Your relationship with Delilah goes from friendly to something more romantic toward the end of the game, so for most players, meeting Delilah was a tacit objective they would get to complete before the end of Firewatch.

For most fans, meeting Delilah was something needed to bring some closure to the story, but unfortunately, that does not happen at the end of the game.

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