Candy Crush Saga: Busting Levels Without Breaking Bank

Tips to make your Candy Crush experience sweeter.
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Becoming addicted to Candy Crush Saga is a lot like falling asleep – a little at first, then all at once. Millions of people are downloading the game that’s a little less saga and a lot more a brilliantly colored bejeweled. The game includes hundreds of levels with increasing difficulty, equipping you with many power ups that help you to get the one up on that frustrating level you’ve been dying to beat – for a price. $39.99 for a charm? Ain’t anybody got time for that! Eventually, you will have to have time (and money) for that, but following these tips and tricks from helped me to advance a little bit further without pulling out my wallet.

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Move guides aren’t always the most helpful choice

After a couple seconds of inactivity, candies that are potential moves will flash for you to use. However, these moves are not always the most strategic and can lead you away from smarter ones. There are places where you can match up 4 or even 5 candies , creating insanely helpful power ups, you just have to look carefully for them. While we’re at it…

Take your time

If the level isn’t the timed kind I mean. Be sure to look around for the best moves you can possibly make. I don’t know how many times I’ve lost out on great boosts by trying to be fast.  A little patience can save you from a lot of future frustration.

Milk it

When you have yourself at the end of a level with extra moves remaining, a little stalling may be in order. Try to get your final move in order and not disturb it, matching all the remaining combos with your left over moves, just make sure that you don’t run out of moves while shooting for those 3 stars.

These may seem like simple tricks, but when actively incorporated into your game, they can be the difference between clearing boards and having this app drive you overboard.

Have any tricks that can help fellow Candy Crushers out? Comment below with your tips! 

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