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CoD MW3: How to Get the Ghost Perk

Ghost is as powerful as its ever been in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Here's how to unlock it.

In a fast-paced multiplayer game, catching your enemy unawares is one of the most powerful strategies you can use. The Ghost Perk, alongside a suppressed weapon, lets you stay completely off the enemy minimap and take everyone by surprise. Here’s how to get the Ghost perk in CoD: MW3.

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How to Get the Ghost Perk in Modern Warfare 3

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Like many of the best perks and equipment in Modern Warfare 3, Ghost — called Ghost T/V Camo in-game — is locked behind the Armory system. You can’t get the perk by leveling alone. Instead, there’s a three-step process you need to follow to get Ghost.

  • Reach Rank 25. You gain access to Armory Unlocks at Rank 25. Before that level, the only gear you can use is either in the default classes or earned via leveling up.
  • Go into the Armory Unlocks screen, reachable in the lobby screen by pressing Y on Xbox, Triangle on PlayStation, and X on PC by default. Once there, activate Ghost T/V Camo as your chosen Armory Unlock by selecting it.
    • It will be in the menu if you don’t have it. My screenshot was taken after I’d unlocked Ghost.
  • Complete three Daily Challenges or win three matches. To unlock anything in the Armory, you need to either complete Daily Challenges or win matches. Both award a single point, and they stack should you complete more than one in a match.
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How Does the Ghost Perk Work in Modern Warfare 3?

One thing to note about the MW3 Ghost perk is that it only works when you’re moving. While the perk makes you invisible to UAVs, radars, and Heartbeat Sensors, it does nothing if you’re parked in a corner or holding a sightline.

After moving for about a second, the perk kicks in and automatically disables after you’ve been standing or sitting still for the same amount of time. The one thing Ghost doesn’t do is remove the red nametag above your head. Nothing removes that.

Call of Duty veterans will remember Ghost first worked this way back in Black Ops 2, as well as every Treyarch game to follow. Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer games haven’t adopted this methodology until now. It’s refreshing because while I know camping and slow play is a legitimate way to play Modern Warfare 3, you will get called out if you spend too much time in a dark corner.

I can relate to both sides of that argument, as when I was first learning how to play first-person shooters, my butt was firmly planted on the best vantage point I could find as I waited for that one guy every minute. Nowadays, I play way too fast and could benefit from Ghost, but there’s a strategy in not running it. So long as your enemy has a UAV up, you can assume they always know you’re coming and can account for it. Ghost can put a wrench in both your enemy’s and your own plans if you don’t play it right.

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That’s how to get the Ghost perks in CoD: MW3. For more tips and tricks, check out our guides on the loadout bug fix, how to deploy to Dr. Jansen’s coordinates, and more in our Modern Warfare 3 guides hub.

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