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Cookierun Tower of Adventures: Every World 1 Treasure Chest Location

Learn where to find all the hidden treasure chests in World 1 of Cookierun: Tower of Adventures

Cookierun: Tower of Adventures is a new Gacha Action-RPG title from Devsisters, the developers of endless runner Cookie Run and its sequels. In Cookierun: Tower of Adventures, players assemble a team of cookies to send through combat-focused levels, racing through them and trying to find all the collectibles, including the occasional treasure chest.

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If you’re looking for every treasure chest in World 1 of Cookierun: Tower of Adventures, this guide is for you.

How to Find Every Treasure Chest in Cookierun Tower of Adventures

The treasure chests in World 1 of Cookierun: Tower of Adventures are hidden, but you should be able to find them if you follow those tricks.

  • You can use the level selection screen to check if a level will have a chest.
  • Blue birds are always present near the chest.
  • The birds can be heard singing (you might want to lower the music volume).
  • You can replay levels to focus entirely on finding the chest.

If you still can’t find all the chests in World 1, here is a detailed guide to all of them. Chests in World 1 are hidden in Levels 1-1, 1-4, 1-6, and 1-8.

Chest Location: Level 1-1

The first chest in Cookierun: Tower of Adventures is hidden on the very first level, not counting the tutorial. Being the first, this chest is nearly impossible to miss. Simply turn right as you see the Blue bird, go up the stairs, and click on the action button to open the treasure chest.

Chest Location: Level 1-4

The chest on Level 1-4 could be harder to find than the previous one if your cookie friends didn’t inform you that there is, in fact, a treasure chest behind the waterfall. The camera’s position hides the entrance to the tunnel, but only slightly. Simply walk towards the wall that the Blue bird is resting upon, and you’ll find the entrance. And with it, you’ll find the chest.

Chest Location: Level 1-6

Level 6 is much better at hiding its chest. Finding this secret requires ignoring the game’s literal road signs, in particular, the white-on-yellow arrow seen in the screenshot above. Instead of following the sign north, move south.

Continue moving south for a few seconds, and you’ll see the chest protected by a gate. The switch that unlocks the gate is hidden below one of the crates you’ll find nearby. Destroy the crates, press the button, and open the chest.

Chest Location: Level 1-8

The chest on Tower of Adventures’s Level 1-8 is quite easy to miss. This stage is full of windflowers that make it impossible to take this slowly, and that’s exactly where the chest is hidden. To be precise, the chest is located in the south-most section of the second large track full of windflowers and spike traps.

You can see the Blue bird pretty easily if you progress slowly through the maze. Make sure to run against the wind to reduce your movement speed. This level does not have any time trial stars, so take your time. Once you see the bird, drop down or use the ladder to descend towards the chest.

That concludes our guide on where to find every World 1 chest in Cookierun: Tower of Adventures. For more Cookierun: ToA guides, visit our Cookie Run: Tower of Adventures hub. And if you’re looking for codes, there’s always our Cookie Run: Tower of Adventures Codes article.

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